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Passions Recaps: The week of January 30, 2006 on PS
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Monday, January 30, 2006

Fancy tells Noah that it's over for good...again. She then goes looking for Fox at Tabitha's. While Kay tries to comfort her Fancy figures out that Fox has yet to propose and gives Kay an emotional speech about not wasting one minute by not being with the person you love.

Noah in the meantime is meeting Maya on the wharf, telling her he loves Fancy now and that he must tell her their secret. He then goes back and finds Fancy out in the cold in Tabitha's yard and tells her he will tell all his secrets.

Fox is bombarded in his office by Ivy and Valerie who are giving many reasons why now is not a good time to propose to Kay. Kay having heeded Fancy's advice shows up at the office just as Fox starts to think they may have a point.

Hannah Nicola gives Theresa a crash course in power control while in the sauna. Theresa starts believing she may have some say-so as to what goes on in the Crane chain of command.

Gwen is floored when Ethan tells her Theresa will be part of Jane's life no matter where they are living. He tries to soothe her by saying it won't happen until Theresa starts acting like a normal person. Theresa shows up at the door as they are leaving for the airport to hop on the Crane jet to India. Smiling, she tells them they aren't going anywhere!

Maya's mysterious female phone contact is very displeased that Maya was not able to win Noah back and gain his help in whatever their plan is. Maya says she may be able to sway him and win him back but it will take more time. The person on the phone says she has no more time and hangs up. Maya is then approached from either side of the deserted wharf by two very big and sinister looking men.

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

At the Crane mansion Theresa blocked Ethan and Gwen from leaving for the airport. Fresh from a pep talk by Hanna Nichola Smythe, Theresa was feeling her oats as the de facto head of the Crane household. Julian told her that despite the fact that she is Alistair's wife, he'd never give her any power to run Crane Industries whether her son is his heir or not. Ethan and Gwen squeezed past her and made their way to the Crane jet. After they left, Theresa called the jet captain and demanded that he keep the jet grounded or she'd fire him. Julian told her that she had no legal right to make any demands so she called Alistair's attorney to file "an injunction or whatever you call it" to keep the plane from taking off. When Gwen and Ethan got aboard, they were excited to be leaving Theresa behind only to find out that they were being held back by her. Finally the captain told them to get ready to take off and to get comfortable because it is a long flight to India.

At the waterfront, Fancy and Noah talked about their relationship. She wanted him to tell her everything about Maya and he wanted to come clean about the man killed in the attic as well as how he felt about Maya. As he started to tell her the story, they heard a woman yelling that she was being attacked. They ran to her assistance and Noah gave chase to the assailants. While he was gone, Fancy and a woman bystander gave comfort to the woman that Fancy recognized from the Blue Note and when Noah arrived back he gasped, "Maya."

Fox took Kay to a romantic mountain inn and she had stars in her eyes figuratively and literally. Fox pointed out constellations to her in the night sky and Kay told him she recognized them as astrological markers. She asked him if he paid attention to his horoscope, whether he believed in magic, and whether the planets could be aligned in favor or against true love. Tabitha watched all this in her water bowl back home and clucked that Kay would give them all away. She also worried that Kay would get engaged while the planets are unfavorably aligned and lose Fox forever.

Chris and Sheridan arrived in Hawaii and checked in to their hotel under an alias to keep her father's henchmen from finding them. Sheridan felt apprehensive as they made their plans to find Beth and Marty as well should she. Otto, the worst of all cohorts was sitting in the lobby, watching them from behind a newspaper.

Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Theresa stops the jet from leaving. She's accompanied by Julian and another of Alistair's lawyers. This lawyer has a DVD that Alistair made on New Year's Eve. The DVD shows a tuxedoed Alistair laughing as he informs everyone that Julian has no control of anything Crane and that the only person that does is Little Ethan. Since Little Ethan is a minor, that means his mother will be in control. Laughing in the video so much his eyes are tearing up, Alistair confirms that yes, his loving and devoted wife, Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald Crane, is the new head of the Crane Empire. Gwen asks Ethan if this can be true and Ethan confirms that yes, it is legal. Julian has a few choice words to call his father and a happily stunned Theresa informs an equally stunned yet not-so-happy Gwen, that Gwen will not be taking Jane to India and that she now has control of Gwen's entire life.

Fox and Kay continue their romantic evening at the B&B. Fox plans on popping the question after dinner in the room. Tabitha watches from her bowl and frets about Kay saying yes before the planets are aligned. Endora takes control and zaps Tabitha to the B&B outfitted as a bellhop ready to deliver their room service dinner. As Fox is wooing Kay, in crashes Tabitha the bellboy and ruins the moment. An irritated Fox hustles her out of the room and gets on bended knee to finish his proposal. Having fits in the hallway Tabitha calls out to Endora for more help and suddenly gets turned into a housekeeping maid. Just as Fox is about to ask Kay to be his wife a knock at the door interrupts him again and in comes maid Tabitha and much slapstick follows. She does get a moment to remind Kay not to say yes before Fox pushes her out the door and the locks and barricades it with a chair. Flustered and irritated he tells Kay that the moment was ruined and he'll finish what he was about to say another time. Kay tells him it's fine and to please finish what he was going to say...still not knowing herself how she'll answer his question. He asks...and she says no and runs out the door. A crushed Fox stares after her.

Chris and Sheridan go to the hall of records in Hawaii to get a lead on Otto. Otto had followed them from the hotel and was planning on shooting Sheridan until the clerk said they were closing and they would have to come back in the morning. Chris and Sheridan then go back to the hotel and have a romantic dinner in their room, complete with candlelight, dancing and many rose petals. In the meantime Otto is pouring gasoline throughout the records office and lights it on fire to keep his whereabouts a secret.

Noah insists on bringing Maya back to his house instead of waiting for the ambulance. Fancy follows after him as he carries Maya away and instructs Fancy to call Dr. Eve. In his room he frantically and lovingly cares for Maya as Fancy watches. Eve tries to talk him into taking Maya to the hospital but he insists that he'll take better care of the battered, bloody and bruised Maya himself. Fancy is very distressed, seeing how he still obviously cares for Maya.

Thursday, February 2, 2006

At the hospital, Rachel and Katherine visited Alistair and though he was in a coma it didn't keep him from hearing them talk about him and him make snide comments in his head that nobody could hear. Katherine got uncomfortable being in the room with him and decided that she needed to talk to Martin to see if he'd leave Pilar for her. She said she couldn't just stand by as he renewed his vows with Pilar and Rachel told her that she deserved to be happy. Rachel stood there making digs at him and he laughed hysterically at her in his mind.

While Martin and Pilar ordered coffee upstairs at the Book Café', Paloma and Simone searched through Alistair's archive boxes in the basement. They were hoping to find Alistair's secrets, but all they found were old accounting and tax records. After searching for awhile and not finding anything, they decided to go back upstairs, but they'd go back later because they were sure there was something down there that could solve some of the mysteries about Alistair's dealings with their families. After Martin ordered cappuccinos for them, Pilar flipped through a Bride magazine, Martin went over to her and chuckled when he saw it. Pilar was very unsure of herself as she asked him if he really wanted them to renew their vows. He reassured her that he was 100% behind the concept and looked forward to it. The girls came back upstairs and Pilar asked Paloma if she'd come to the renewal ceremony. Paloma said that she would but she still loved Katherine and thought of her as a mother. Katherine opened the café' door and seeing the Lopez-Fitzgeralds, she stepped back outside. Pilar and Paloma decided to talk about ceremony plans, so Martin went to sit by himself. Katherine approached and asked him to talk about what she'd asked him, so they went outside. He asked her if they hadn't agreed to stay apart and she huffed that it was before when Alistair was blackmailing them with the false knowledge that Sheridan had killed Rachel. She told him that they were free to be together and she loved him. She asked him if he still loved her and he said if course he did, but that wasn't the point. He said he'd never stopped loving Pilar. She asked him to call of the renewal ceremony now that they had a chance to be together. He told her he needed to go inside and she asked him to think about what she'd said. He said that Pilar deserved happiness and Katherine said that he could call her selfish, but she didn't want to spend another day without him. Inside, as Pilar talked to Paloma about Katherine being able to move on with someone who wasn't her husband, Paloma noticed Martin hugging Katherine through the window.

Theresa, Ethan, Gwen, Julian and one of Alistair's lawyers watched a DVD codicil to Alistair's will that gives Theresa power of the Crane family and corporation while Alistair is incapacitated. He told them all how proud of Theresa he is because she goes after what she wants and that what she says goes. He was only sad that he couldn't see the looks on their faces. She refused to let them take off in the jet or for Ethan to be transferred to India. She did offer him a job as her advisor in Harmony, but he decided to go it alone. Theresa asked them to go home with her and they swore that they wanted to be away from her so they said they'd stay at a hotel. Then Theresa reminded them that without a job, he had no money and Ethan reassured Gwen that he'd just put the charges on a credit card. Theresa then pulled what she thought was the trump card-she asked for Ethan's corporate credit card since he no longer works for Crane. In addition, the rest of his credit cards and Gwen's trust fund are all in Crane banks and Theresa indicated that she'd freeze their accounts. Gwen commented that Theresa was just as ruthless as Alistair. Ethan resourcefully told Gwen that they could probably stay in Sheridan's room at the Bed and Breakfast since she and Chris are in Hawaii. After Ethan, Gwen and Jane left the jet, Julian remarked that Theresa hadn't gotten exactly what she wanted and she barked at him to shut up. He told her that he wouldn't be taking orders from her and he thought she was making a colossal mistake. She told him that if she wanted his opinion, she'd ask for it.

In Noah's bedroom at the Bennett house, Eve checked out and cleaned up Maya's wounds and she finally became conscious. Noah and Fancy left the room to talk while Eve talked to Maya. He told Fancy that he would tell her everything about his past with Maya. He told her that he'd run into Maya earlier in the evening and that Maya had asked for his help, but he'd turned her down and now he regretted it. Fancy wanted to know why he hadn't told her earlier and he said he just wasn't ready. She wanted to know what else he was hiding and he tried to bluff it away. He started to tell how he'd met Maya and then Eve called him to talk to Maya. Fancy stood in the hall stewing about what they could be talking about and why he wasn't telling her. He asked her who the goons were and she indicated they were after her because of their past with the man being killed in the attic. She told him to forget about her and take care of his new girlfriend. He told her that he had to tell Fancy everything and Maya was terrified as she insisted that he couldn't tell Fancy any of it or she'd be in danger too. He told her that he owed Fancy the truth. She started coughing and Eve insisted that he leave Maya alone and let her rest. Fancy pounced on him the second he went out into the hall and he said that Maya had wanted to talk about their past. Fancy asked him if he was ready to tell her everything and he apologized and told her that he couldn't tell her anything. Fancy got angry at his refusal to talk and stormed out of the house.

At the Bed and Breakfast Ethan and Gwen wearily arrived to take up residence. He'd called Sheridan and they were able to stay as long as they wanted. Gwen was upset that Theresa continued to govern their lives and Ethan told her not to worry about it, because he'd make everything right for her. She embraced him joyfully for being her loving, protecting husband.

Theresa arrived home at the Crane mansion and found little Ethan making a picture at the kitchen table. She sent him off to bed and gazed at his "I love mom" picture and muttered to herself that she'd get him Ethan as a father soon enough. Then she stood there cutting up Ethan's credit card.

Friday, February 3, 2006

A perky Theresa assures Fancy at breakfast that she will not have to leave the mansion as her thanks to Alistair for putting her in charge and to Noah for helping her kidnap and keep Ethan alive. Seeing that Fancy is upset and figuring it has to do with Noah she offers sympathy and advise which Fancy flatly turns down. Theresa reminds her that her offer to keep living in the mansion still long as Fancy doesn't get on her bad side that is. Theresa also informs Rebecca that it may be in her best interest to start packing her bags and looking for another place to live...having said this after shoving a half grapefruit in Rebecca's face when Rebecca ordered her to fix it for her, not yet knowing that Theresa had just been given control of Crane the night before.

Theresa invites Martin, Pilar and Paloma to live in luxury at the mansion which they all turn down. Paloma thinks back to the hidden file boxes under the Book Cafe before declining the offer. Martin and Pilar despair over how quickly the power is going to Theresa's head. Theresa threatens one of the maids with being fired if she doesn't continue her search for the proof that Gwen and Rebecca sold Ethan out to the tabloids.

Chris and Sheridan find the records office burned, along with all the files and computer data. They are told by a fire fighter that it was confirmed as an arson fire. Chris and Sheridan start fearing for their safety knowing that Otto must be watching their search for him.

Paloma confronts Martin about seeing him hugging Katherine outside the Book Cafe. He confesses his love for Katherine is still strong but he will still follow through with the renewing of his vows with Pilar. Paloma says she has finally forgiven Mama but still loves Katherine too.

Gwen wakes from a bad dream of Theresa giving Ethan the proof and hopes it isn't a premonition of what's to come. Ethan gets ready for a job interview. While he is gone Gwen and Rebecca plot on how to keep Theresa from finding the proof. Rebecca implies that she'll do anything to keep Gwen safe and with Ethan even if it means killing Theresa. Gwen says she has no problem with that if it comes down to it. Ethan comes back from the interview and says he was hired and they will be moving to New York.

Maya pleads with Noah to keep their secret from Fancy, even if only to keep Fancy safe. She then asks to take a shower. Fancy, having eaten a container of ice cream for breakfast, decides to forgive Noah and be supportive of whatever he is keeping from her. She arrives at the Bennett's just in time to see Noah holding Maya in the shower...even though he is only in there because Maya had screamed out she was in pain and falling from her injuries. Noah is wearing his pajama bottoms but Fancy doesn't see that and jumps to the wrong conclusion.

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