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Blair's crime is putting way too much trust in Spencer and not having an ounce of faith in Todd, the father of her children.

As this week's events unfolded in LLanview, I couldn't help but think that two's company, but three and four is a crowd. The Spencer, Blair, and Todd plot is a prime example of this line of thought. If Spencer wasn't always around giving Blair his duplicitous shoulder to lean on perhaps she could find it in her heart to have more faith in Todd. When the guilty verdict came in for Todd I found other residents of LLanview to be guilty as well, and Blair was one of them. Blair's crime is putting way too much trust in Spencer and not having an ounce of faith in Todd, the father of her children. Blair and Todd have been through way too much for her to even consider the fact that he could've actually killed Margaret and his unborn child. For once, I would like to see Blair remain steadfast in defying all odds and discounting any and all critics to stand by her man. Now that he has been sentenced to death I would like to see her character seriously rethink her position and stop at nothing to prove his innocence.

On that note, Kevin and Kelly were doing fine until the meddling third party Spencer Truman stuck his nose into their business. He has single-handedly seen to it that Kelly and Kevin experience contention in every facet of their marriage, especially the bedroom. Because of Spencer's manipulation Kevin is supposedly sterile and he and Kelly cannot have the baby they have always wanted. Talk about a downer! Kevin tried to drown his disappointment in alcohol and accused Kelly of spreading his impotent status around to his son Duke and anyone else who would listen. It was heartbreaking to watch. This couple doesn't deserve this tragic turn of events. However their portrayal of what these characters were going through was genuinely felt. Hopefully some conflict resolution is in the near future for these two.

Similarly, the scenario playing out with Nash, Antonio, Jessica, Nicki, and Tess proved to be overcrowded as well. I'm not sure how much more of this I can stand. (Tell me the secret already!) Now it seems the writers want viewers to believe that Nash might actually have feelings for Jessica. This is a good direction to take this storyline in because I want so desperately for Nash to be exposed as the gold digger I'm starting to believe he is. Besides, I'm a long time fan of the Antonio-Jessica match. I want them to overcome this battle and form a loving family with their two children. Nash hanging around as the fifth wheel is only prolonging this process. What Nash should be doing is focusing on his vineyard and his life in California. Give it up Nash! You can't win in this situation. Cut your losses and go find another sucker!

And what is up with the Christian, Evangeline, Natalie, and John scenario. It was interesting to see these four in a room together, but give me a break. I was uncomfortable for them all. However, it was nice to see the old Christian at play. I especially like what he had to say to Natalie about his calendar for the New Year. According to Christian she (Natalie) wasn't penciled in for that day, Evangeline was. Good for you Christian. Natalie had better make up her mind. If she doesn't want Christian as she claims, then she shouldn't worry or care about who he dances with. As he pointed out, Evangeline believed in him and saved his life. I think she was certainly owed a dance, how come you don't Natalie!

Other points of interest:

So Margaret is truly alive! What a turn of events! This storyline has been driven into the ground. I am so tired of Margaret and her baby I don't know what to do. But what does this mean for Todd and Blair? When will the writers bring this travesty to an end? How long will Spencer get away with this? It will be interesting to see how this all unfolds. My only hope is that when the dust settles Blair and Todd are back together.

Adriana and Rex are a pleasure to watch; however the plot between these two needs to progress into a whirlwind romance. How about placing these two in a setting outside of LLanview? The place-- Rex in Miami Beach in search of Paige's son or tracking down leads in Todd's defense. After he arrives in Miami Beach let him bump into Adriana, who is on the beach in a bikini posing for another photo shoot for Craze's magazine. From there, let the fire works begin?

Until next week,
Remember you only have One Life to Live, so make the best of it
Janet Smith

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