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Hayley realized that something had happened between her and Tanner during their time in the cave. Pierce determined that he was responsible for Christina's death. Everyone believed that Maria's baby was dead, but Erica found the newborn and prepared to return her to Wildwind.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of March 10, 1997 on AMC
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Monday, March 10, 1997

Brooke urged Pierce to open up to her. Finally, Pierce confessed that his "headaches" are actually flashbacks of his days in the military. With a little additional prodding, Brooke also was able to get Pierce to admit that Christina is a frequent image in the flashbacks. A certain sense of relief echoed throughout the house as Brooke hugged Pierce and told him that she is glad that he has opened up to her. She also assured him that he has nothing to feel embarrassed about. There was another problem. Pierce informed Brooke that Dr. Tolan chalks up the return of his flashbacks to his having Brooke in his life.

Hayley again demanded to know what happened during her blackout period. Tanner shrugged his shoulders. Hayley's voice grew louder and she told Tanner that when she returned home she noticed that her camisole was inside out and her blouse wasn't button properly. Tanner suggested that Hayley had gotten dressed in a hurry to get ready for the plane flight to Texas. He uttered those all too familiar words, however: "Don't blame yourself for what happened." He then made a rather vague comment about how the were both under the blanket and "needed to keep warm." Before Hayley could drag out exactly it was that she was not supposed to blame herself for, Trevor knocked at the door. Tanner scurried from the apartment to avoid any further questions and Trevor gave his niece a head-to-toe inspection. Hayley asked Trevor if it's possible that the Dillon women are cursed to spend time in dark, damp places. Hayley was upset when she learned that Trevor told Amanda about the plane crash because she felt it put even more unnecessary burden on the young girl. When Trevor proposed a plan to take the kids to Florida, Hayley urged him to rush back so that they would not miss the wedding. Needless to say, Trevor was overjoyed that "Tinkerbell" was going to tie to knot.

Skye typed a few lines of text onto her new laptop computer. Mateo teased her that he might charge her rent for spending so much time at Holidays. Skye asked a few questions about Hayley and Tanner's plane disaster and hinted that it might make a great story for Tempo." Mateo suggested that Skye get permission from Hayley before she goes to print, but did fill her in on the rescue attempt. He said that he and Adam flew to West Virginia and spotted the plane from a helicopter. He added that he found Hayley and Tanner---wearing only his underwear---in a cave. A funny look wandered across Skye's face and when Tanner showed up at the bar for his workshift, Skye decided that she'd press him for details on the ordeal. Tanner insisted that nothing happened, but when Skye began asking pointed questions, he began to offer little tidbits of information. He told Skye that he blames himself for Hayley's run-in with alcohol. Skye, also an alcoholic, was stunned that Hayley drank. Skye asked Tanner if anything sexual happened in the cave (after reminding Tanner of his comment about Hayley having "an itch" for him). Trevor overheard the conversation and yanked Skye from her seat. He blasted her for trying to cause trouble and warned her to stay away from Hayley. Later Tanner told Matt and Hayley that he was going to check out Myrtle's boarding house for vacancies.

Erica was quickly raced into an examination room. Maria insisted that Erica was not seriously hurt and that she could tell them where the baby had been placed. Maria then turned her wrath on the man that had brought Erica to the hospital. She demanded to know where the baby had been taken. He said that Erica had been talking about a baby and that he found her taking repeated dives into the lake before she passed out from hypothermia. Maria and Edmund asked that the man drive them back to the exact spot where he had found Erica.
Erica's heart began to beat erratically from her exposure to the elements. When Erica's condition stabilized, they asked her if she'd like visitors. Erica mistakenly assumed that Myrtle was waiting to see her, but when she learned that the visitor was Dimitri, she nixed the idea. Ruth went outside and broke the news to Dimitri that Erica did not want to see him.

At Willow Lake, Jack told The Greys that the police had searched every inch of the shoreline and that there was no sign of the baby. Maria remained vigilant and displayed indefatigable will power. She said that she will find her baby even if it means "knocking on every damned door" herself. After a trip to all of the nearby houses turned up nothing, it was time for Maria and Edmund to face the horrible truth that their baby had been killed in the crash. Maria hoped that the basket in which the baby had been placed might have floated down river. Jack told her that the basket was strapped into the car's front seat and that the baby was not inside. Maria's composure broke. She clutched Edmund's shoulders and shook violently as she sobbed about never being able to hold her baby.

Back at the hospital, Joe asked Erica if she'd like to speak to a counselor. Erica seemed a bit confused by Joe's question. He told her that she had been muttering apologies to Dimitri for losing his baby. Erica, not wanting Joe or Ruth to know that Maria was actually carrying Dimitri's child, said that she was dazed and did not know what she was saying. Joe and Ruth left the room. Suddenly, Maria entered. She looked coldly at Erica and her words chilled the room: "Thanks to you, my baby is gone!"

Somewhere in some remote part of Pine Valley, a woman held a crying baby in her arms. She tried her best to comfort the baby, a baby who bore the same birthmark as the child that Erica tried to race to the hospital.

Tuesday, March 11, 1997

A cancellation by one of WRCW's key sponsors left Rudy doing the work of "a hundred men." Unknowingly, he interrupted Liza's daydreams of Jake. He told his boss that he needed some assistance or they would not be prepared for the next day's shows. Liza suggested that Rudy ask Jake for some help, but Rudy informed her that Jake had left for the day and that the last he heard, he was skating with Belinda Keefer.

Belinda took a tumble on the ice and injured her ankle. Jake took her back to the Martin home and gave her a thorough examination. He told her that she'd be okay, but she might be tender for a day or two. As the two sat and talked, Liza placed a call to Belinda and concocted a story that some legal documents needed to be prepared immediately. Belinda reluctantly agreed to end her date, saying that she would have to stay up all night to get the work done in time. On the other end of the phone, Liza's mouth formed an evil grin. Belinda bid Jake goodnight, but he told her that he'd be seeing her soon.
Shortly after Belinda left the grounds, Liza arrived at the house and asked Jake why he was not at work. Jake insisted that he was not going to let WRCW take over his life. Liza was disgusted by Jake's noncommittal attitude towards his work and said that he'll never succeed in television without a strong work ethic. Unfortunately, she blew her cover when she commented that his fancy-free skating session forced Rudy to work by himself. Jake saw through Liza's supposed reason for visiting and accused her of forcing him to put his social life on hold. He said that he will not sit around his house just because Liza is temporarily unavailable. He also instructed her that her marriage bars her from interfering in his personal matters. Liza's face saddened. She asked Jake if he really meant what he had said to Tad earlier in the day. Jake nodded. He reaffirmed his statement that he wants nothing more to do with Liza while she's married. But that didn't mean that he doesn't still want her. He ordered her to return home to her husband and that he'd see her in the morning.

Ruth told Tad why Gloria had to cancel a dinner date. Needless to say, Tad was very understanding that Gloria wanted to remain on duty until she was certain that her friend's (Dimitri) family was okay. Tad seemed pleased that Ruth praised Gloria's work as a nurse and said that it will make things easier now that he and Gloria are ready to "take the next step." Ruth automatically assumed that Tad was going to propose to Gloria and when she learned that the planned next step was "co-habitation," Ruth voiced her disapproval. Ruth indicated that she would rather she Tad and Gloria live apart rather than having to explain to Jamie why Tad and Gloria were living together. She also hinted that it was a little too soon after Dixie's departure to have someone else move in.

Erica was stunned to hear that the baby had not been found. Maria disputed Erica's concern and suggested that Erica must have practiced her grief in order to make it look genuine. Erica insisted that she tried her best to save the baby, but that she could not find him (She still has not told anyone that the baby was a girl). Maria asked Erica why she didn't kill her instead of doing in her baby. Erica tried her best to recount the events leading up to the crash. She told Maria that her car his a patch of ice and that the car flew off the road and into the lake. Maria growled as Erica showed signs of emotion, "So help me. If you cry, I'll strangle you!" Even though she was laying down in her hospital bed, Erica was not about to take the insult laying down. She flipped the blame and said that if Maria had not committed adultery there would have been no baby to lose. So, she replied, it was Maria's fault that the baby died. Maria fought back tears and rather than letting Erica see that she had gotten to her, Maria turned and ran away.

At Chandler Mansion, Adam ordered Winifred to make sure that the mansion was bedecked to his specifications because he was planning a special evening with Liza. Marian strutted her way down the steps and asked Adam who they would be dining with this evening. Adam looked at her with a cross look and said that they would not be eating with anyone---he would be eating with Liza and she would be eating in her room. Marian took the hint and obviously wanted to anything in her power to get Adam and Liza to consummate their marriage.
Barry was in the neighborhood and thought he'd drop by and see how Adam is doing with his plan to dump Liza. Adam checked to make sure that Marian was nowhere to be found before bringing his attorney up to date. Rudy interrupted the meeting with a call to ask Adam if he had heard from Liza. Rudy explained that Liza went over to Jake's place to talk shop, but that they are not answering the phone. Barry was elated that Liza and Jake were succumbing to their passion. Adam wasn't so thrilled. He told Barry that he would handle to matter later because he was too busy to check into things now. Barry asked Adam if he was falling for Liza. Adam insisted that he had no feelings for Liza. Barry was pleased and warned Adam that they longer he takes to divorce Liza, the more money she'll be able to snap up. As the two talked, Marian listened intently from behind a potted palm. Liza returned home and Marian quickly pulled her aside. She asked her daughter where she had been and was not satisfied with her response that she was "at work." Marian warned Liza that she'd need to come up with a better excuse if she plans on sneaking around with Jake!

Maria returned to Wildwind with Edmund. Their few moments of peace were disrupted by Sam's cries> Maria asked Edmund if it is possible that Sam can pick up vibes from their sadness. Edmund nodded. He said that he feels very fortunate in spite of the loss of their child because he has a wife and son who love him dearly.

Gloria tracked Dimitri down in the hospital's chapel. She said that she knows Dimitri is in an awful lot of pain and does not want to intrude on his affairs. Dimitri allowed Gloria to stay and confided in her that his life is falling apart because of the mistakes he made. Gloria assured her friend and former employer that that Edmund does not "despise" him, as Dimitri thinks, he is just upset about losing his child. Dimitri looked Gloria in the eye and told her that the baby was not Edmund's, it was his. Gloria told Dimitri that she was not going to pass judgment on him because she was in no position to judge. Outside, Erica was about to enter the chapel, but when she heard Dimitri's voice, she hovered at the doorway and listened to the conversation. Gloria reminded Dimitri that he had forgive Erica for her mistakes and assured him that Erica would one day forgive him. Erica was furious that Dimitri had told Erica about his affair. She continued listening long enough to hear Dimitri explain the whos, whats, wheres, whens, and hows of his fling with Maria, but soon after that she ran back to her room.
When she returned to her room, she received a visit for Myrtle. Erica raced into Myrt's arms and gave her a big hug. She broke down in tears as she told Myrtle that she tried desperately to save the baby, but that she couldn't accomplish the task. She told Myrt that she even prayed to her mother to be a guardian angel for the baby and it did no good. Now, she said that she wishes that she had stayed with the baby even if it meant dying with the child. Myrtle tucked Erica into bed and praised her for doing the best she could. She suggested that she track down Dimitri, but Erica begged Myrt to keep Dimitri away from her. After Myrtle left, Erica donned her clothing and left the hospital bound for parts unknown.

Somewhere near Willow Lake, a woman named Esther clutched Maria's child and told her that she'd be okay now that she has a mother.

Wednesday, March 12, 1997

Tad and Gloria sat down for a romantic night of Cheez Doodles and retro-television under the instruction that Tad would be "taking care" of Gloria as she as been taking care of others all day at the hospital. Just as things were about to heat up, Jake entered the room, snagged the bag of Cheez Doodles, and parked himself in front of the television. He must have felt the burning of Tad and Gloria's eyes on the back of his head because he quickly realized that his presence was not welcome. He apologized for the interruption and made his way to the door. Tad and Gloria returned to their amorous ways, but they soon had another interruption: Belinda Keefer. Belinda begged for a few minutes of Tad's time. She informed him that she had been contacted by the station's legal department and told that she had to put the pedal to the metal on the business contracts. With a funny look on his face, Tad told the attorney that he had spoken to the legal department only a short time ago and had been told that the contracts were not needed until the next quarter. Belinda gave Tad the familiar "Oh, is that so?" expression, apologized for her intrusion, and stormed off to take care of business.

Erica showed up at Willow Lake and immediately battled visions of her car accident that claimed the life of Maria's child. Jack was still on the scene and walked over to her former lover and advised her to go back to the hospital. Erica would not budge from her position. She said that she was not going to leave the lake until she could prove that she did everything in her power to save the baby. She recounted the story of the crash for Jack. She said that she hit a patch of ice and began to skid out of control. Being that the car she was driving was a rental car, she was unfamiliar with the layout of the instruments and could not find the emergency break. She said that after the car hit the water, she reached for the baby, but it was missing. She claimed to have repeatedly dove into the water to find the baby, but found nothing. Jack seemed surprised that anyone would hold her liable for the accident, but Erica explained that Maria accused her of murdering the baby. Jack asked Erica for an explanation of the animosity between her and Maria, but Erica did not want to go into what she called "an ugly" story.

Palmer called Dimitri to ask if he would be joining him for their previously scheduled contract signing deal. Dimitri explained that he was at the hospital with Erica and could not make it. Palmer was only slightly concerned for Erica's health and said that any delay in signing the legal papers would result in a loss of millions of dollars. Dimitri refused to leave the hospital and told Palmer that he could give a damn about the contract or the loss of money.

Marian quizzed Liza on what exactly she had done with Jake. Liza insisted that she did not do anything with Jake because they were "anti-soulmates." Marian actually made her daughter swear that nothing went on between them. She then explained that Adam has been trying to thrust Liza and Jake together to force Liza to commit adultery. That way, she continued, Liza could not lay claim to any of Adam's fortune. Liza was stunned. She said that there are many things in life that she might not be able to accomplish, but that getting half of Adam's vast wealth was not one of those things. His ears ringing, Adam entered the room and commented that he'd love to be "a fly on the wall" during Liza and Marian's conversations. Liza helped her mother to "remember" a pressing engagement. Marian took the hint and dashed off. Adam asked Liza where she had been all evening. She explained that she was at Jake's house looking at some Cutting Edge tapes. Adam suggested that Liza keep her dealings with Jake at the station because people might "talk." Liza assured her hubby that Jake had not made a pass at her, but said that it would make no difference if he had made a pass because she and Adam were married in name only. Liza said that being married in name only is a bit of an aphrodisiac and that she knows that Adam wants her as much as she wants him. How, Adam asked, did Liza come to that conclusion? She reminded him of their passionate kiss a few nights prior. And then they resumed where they had left off. Liza ravaged Adam's body and began taking of her clothing. A knock at the door put a damper on their festivities. Adam was very much into the passion, but the knock at the door acted as a "cold shower." He answered the door and allowed Belinda to enter. He left the two women to talk and headed for parts unknown. Belinda was furious with Liza... and Liza was furious with Belinda. Liza lashed out at Belinda for interrupting her "big chance" to bed Adam and consummate her marriage. Belinda smiled fiendishly and commented that she, too, had her evening interrupted by Liza's bogus workload. Belinda said that she knows Liza has the "hots" for Jake. She said that Liza might sign her paycheck, but said that that does not give her claim to meddling in her private affairs. Before leaving, Belinda warned Liza that if she continues to disrespect her, she'll be forced to find another attorney to help her with her fake marriage scam.

Marian found Palmer sitting along at a table in the Valley Inn and invited herself to the table. Palmer was somewhat pleased to see Marian and tried to elicit details of Adam's business practice. Marian, seemingly a bit tipsy, said that she would not divulge details of her son-in-law's affairs... well, unless she really had to.
Belinda walked into the dining area and saw Jake sitting by himself. She walked over to the table and took a seat. Jake was concerned that Belinda might have trumped up the legal wrangling earlier just to get out of the date. She assured him that she had taken care of the problem and that they would not be interrupted again. Jake and Belinda exchanged "lawyer jokes." Belinda knew the answers to all of the riddles, but there was one that stumped her. Jake asked what one would call an "articulate and beautiful" attorney. The answer? Belinda!

Jack returned Erica to her hospital bed and tucked her into bed. On his way out of the room, Jack bumped into Dimitri. Dimitri was surprised that he had not been told that Erica was allowed to have visitors. Jack advised Dimitri to stay away from Erica because she had said that she does not want to see Dimitri "now... or ever." Dimitri didn't take Jack's word on the situation and walked into Erica's room. Erica was fast asleep in her bed... until Dimitri left the room. Then she opened her eyes and looked towards the door.

In the morning, Marian tip-toed through Chandler Mansion hoping, as she said, to catch Liza and Adam "in the act." Liza told her mother that she need not be quiet because nothing was going on. Marian was definitely disappointed.

Adam met with Barry and told him that they need to move fast on the divorce proceedings because he "almost slept with [his] wife" last night. Barry said that he has come up with a contingency plan that will get Liza out of Adam's hair. It will mean, however, that Adam will need to part with a large sum of money. But Barry said that parting with the cash now will be much better in the long run.

Dimitri fell asleep in the hospital's lobby. He entered Erica's room, but learned from an orderly that Erica had signed herself out of the hospital.

Esther told the crying baby that it had to stop crying because she could not take her to the hospital or someone would try to take her "angel" away from her. She told the infant that as soon as the rescue workers and police have left the scene, they'll be able to leave their hiding. She referred to her trailer home as the baby's "forever home." The child still refused to eat. A knock at the door sent a chill up Esther's spine. She hid the baby and then opened the front door. At the door was Erica.

Thursday, March 13, 1997

Summoned by Hayley, Brooke showed up at Holidays to discuss what Hayley called an "emergency." But when Brooke arrived at the restaurant, Tanner ran interference and did his best to get Brooke to leave. He denied knowing where Hayley was and implied that Brooke must be exaggerating because there had been no "emergency" to speak of. Tanner didn't get rid of Brooke soon enough because Hayley returned to the scene and readied for her girl talk session with Brooke. Brooke purposely ordered a cappuccino because she knew it would "keep Tanner busy" for a while.
Brooke wasted no time in asking Hayley about her plane "crash" with Tanner. Hayley explained that their gas tank sprung a leak over West Virginia and that they had to make an emergency landing. When Brooke learned of their use of a cave as shelter, Brooke asked if Tanner tried to "put the moves" on Hayley. Hayley shook her head and asked "what kind of sicko" would save someone's life only to try to bed them. Hayley's eyes wandered past Brooke and onto Tanner, who stood at the bar watching them. Brooke suggested that Hayley get some much needed rest. A broad smile on her face, Hayley said that rest will not make her feel better: But a wedding will. Brooke was overjoyed that Hayley and Mateo had set a date--well, almost a date. Hayley said that the wedding would be "soon-ish" and requested that Brooke be a part of the wedding ceremony. Brooke was more than happy to accept the offer. As Brooke told Hayley how happy she was for her, Hayley began to recall a conversation she had with her mother. In the chat, Arlene told Hayley that "a con man or a bad guy" will always find her and that a relationship with a "good guy like Mateo" will also get "messed up because deep down [Hayley and her mom] don't believe [they] deserve" a good man. Hayley advised Brooke not to be too proud of her because it's only been 48 hours since she last had a drink. Hayley explained how she had come to drink. Something in Brooke's face made me think that she does not believe that the drink just happened to be spiked. Hayley said that she will go to talk to her AA sponsor, but said that saying she drank "by accident" seems like a lame excuse.
Mateo filled Tanner in on Hayley's mother and how Arlene has slept with Hayley's husband on their wedding night. Matt said that his wedding with Hayley will be the "wedding to end all weddings." As Mateo walked away, Tanner warned his buddy to be careful what he asks for.
Mateo walked over to Hayley and told her that he had been working on plans for their honeymoon. Hayley hoped for a warm destination and even agreed to vacation in Texas so that Mateo would be near his father's company's headquarters. Mateo nixed the idea of a business-honeymoon. Before they could finish the discussion, Maria phoned Mateo and said that she needed him. Matt raced off to his sister's side leaving an opening for Tanner. Tanner told Hayley that he might not be able to be best man at the wedding after what he had done to her.

Scott and Laura discussed their high school days together. Laura confessed that while Scott is no longer in school with her, she is having the time of her life during her senior year. The two talked about how they constantly think of each other. Scott took Laura's hand and told her that he desperately wants to make love to her. Laura echoed the sentiment, but said that she doesn't think she's ready for sex yet. Scott had no problem with her reply. The two kissed passionately.

Trevor paid a visit to Pierce at the art gallery. He arrived just in time to save Pierce from a flashback. Stubborn Pierce refused to admit that he was having a flashback and blamed his contorted expression to a twenty-four hour virus. Trevor knew better and warned Pierce that he is "falling apart." Pierce was furious and reverted to his days in the military, telling Trevor to "Back off, Sergeant!" Trevor begged Pierce to seek out help for his condition. Pierce replied that Dr. Tolan cannot help him because she is a "civilian." Trevor asked that Pierce return to the Veterans' Hospital, but Pierce scrapped that idea as well. Trevor pleaded with Pierce not to make the same mistake as he had because he wishes he had his life back.
Pierce returned to chiseling his block of rock. Again he suffered flashbacks. He said he feels as though he learns more and more about what happened in El Salvador each time he has a flashback. The degree of intensity in the latest flashback was one that we'd never seen before. Pierce fell to the ground and covered his body with his arms. The sound of gun shots reverberated in Pierce's head. Brooke found her boyfriend huddled on the floor. She told Pierce that she can help him, but he did not seem to want her help. Pierce admitted that he was having flashbacks of his days in Central America and confessed that he has not been seeing Dr. Tolan as he'd promised. Suddenly, an odd expression trickled across his face. He told Pierce that he thinks he now knows what happened in El Salvador.

Erica introduced herself top Esther as a local businessperson. She told the woman of her car accident and asked Esther if she had heard or seen anything. Esther asked Erica if she was with the police and when she learned she was not, she ordered her to leave. Erica begged Esther to help her because she had lost a baby in the accident. Esther was furious that Erica had the baby in a basket in the front seat, citing a lack of thought on Erica's part for the child's safety. Erica insisted that she had done all she could for the baby. Then she realized that Esther had mentioned the basket. She made no mention of the basket in her description of the accident. Before Erica could ask for more details, the sound of two men talking approached the mobile home. Erica ducked inside the trailer and begged Esther not to tell anyone that she was there. The two men, Jack and Dimitri, knocked on Esther's door and asked her if she had seen a "dark-haired, slender woman" in the area. Esther was short on answers. She claimed to be just passing through the area and had not seen or heard anything. She then went back inside the trailer and slammed the door shut. Erica emerged from hiding and thanked Esther for keeping her location secret. Then Erica picked up the sounds of a baby's cry. Esther stopped her from touching the baby and claimed that he baby was hers. But when Erica noticed the birthmark on the little girl's shoulder, Erica knew that the baby was Maria's. She looked upward and thanked God for allowing the baby to survive.

Friday, March 14, 1997

The Santos family gathered at Wildwind to offer their support to Edmund and Maria. Jack arrived to offer his condolences and to bring the family up to date. There was actually no new news to speak, but he did announce that the dragging of Willow Lake failed to turn up the child's body. Opal also arrived at the mansion to offer her best to Maria and Edmund. Her good-faith gesture to babysit Sam should Maria and Edmund want to get away inadvertently opened a painful wound. Maria said that she will not be separated from Sam because he gives her the strength to keep going. Opal apologized for her comment and said that she understood Maria's position. Rosa asked big brother Mateo if the Santos family was cursed. After all they've had more than their fair break of bad luck over the past twelve months. Jack offered to contact Noah and Julia about the loss of the child, but Maria felt the idea was ill advised since the couple could not come to town to be with the family as they'd want. Dimitri arrived and immediately told Maria that he was sorry for her loss. Edmund entered the room, gave the twosome a cold look, and then walked upstairs without uttering a word. Dimitri then suggested that he leave Wildwind to avoid any further grief between him and Edmund.

Hayley didn't understand why Tanner suddenly decided to back out of his Best Man duties. "It's not important," said Tanner. He added that the wedding was a time for family and that Mateo should get one of his brothers-in-law to stand up for him or possible Trevor. With Noah out of town, Edmund not being "close" to them, and Trevor being closer to Hayley than to Mateo, Hayley stated that Tanner is the only close male friend that Mateo has. With a less than enthusiastic attitude, Tanner agreed to act as Best Man.
Mateo returned from Wildwind. He told Hayley that Maria insisted that he return to be with Hayley because "time is precious." Tanner instructed the two lovebirds to return home because business was slow. You don't have to tell Matt and Hayley twice to take the night off. Shortly after the couple left, Tanner received a phone call from someone who demanded that Tanner pay the money he owes him.

Brooke asked that Pierce open up to her and that nothing he says will make her hate him. Now, Pierce said that his past---things that happened in El Salvador 8 years ago---are not important or even relevant to his life today with Brooke. Brooke disagreed. She told him that she loves all of him: his past, present, and future. The flood gate of emotions crumbled under a wave of repressed memories as Pierce told Brooke that he now remembers exactly what happened to Christina. In his flashbacks, Pierce saw himself holding a gun and Christina falling to the ground like a rag doll. The smell of gunpowder fermented in his nostrils as he realized that he was the one responsible for Christina's death; Pierce was the one who shot his love.. Brooke insisted that Pierce was incorrect on his recollection. Pierce loved Christina and was protecting her. Why would he shoot her? To Pierce it all made sense. After Christina's murder, he being a recluse and was afraid to be around people. The reason for his affection for a cloistered life was due to his inner battling with knowing that he murdered an innocent and helpless woman. Brooke phoned Laura to tell her that she would be spending the night at the gallery with Pierce. Brooke cradled Pierce's head in her arms and assured him that everything would get better.

Adam and Liza dined at the Valley Inn. Adam informed his wife that they were going to discuss a proposal that he has for her. He praised her a beautiful and intelligent woman who is trapped in a marriage that "was never meant to be." Before Adam could continue, Liza's cell phone rang and she asked if Adam could give her privacy. Adam slipped away and pulled one of the Valley Inn's waiters aside. He presented the man with a jewelry box and asked if the ring-toting box could be delivered to the beautiful blonde he is dining with at desert. The man nodded and asked Adam if he was going to "pop the question." Adam smiled devilishly and said that he would not be asking the question that one might think.
At another table, Tad was asking Gloria if she'd like to go away with him on a tropical vacation. Gloria accepted the proposal, but Tad said that their plans will not be final until he gets permission from "the boss lady" to take a few days off. Just as her name was mentioned, Liza rushed over to the table and told Tad that there was a budding crisis at WRCW. She took him to the lobby and told him that Tad is needed to host a spontaneous episode of The Cutting Edge. He unhappily agreed to postpone his trip and said that Liza owes him.
Adam and Liza sat back down to finish their meal even though Liza did not feel like having dessert. Again Adam told Liza that he does not want her to be trapped in a loveless marriage. He then summoned the waiter over to the table and asked for the "dessert." A look of horror displayed itself on the waiter's face as he looked over at Tad and Gloria's table.
Gloria and Tad took the stainless steel covers off their dessert. Gloria's eyes popped out when she saw the ring box and her mouth formed the words "Oh, Tad. No."

Mateo and Hayley returned home and began a little playful love making. As Mateo unbuttoned Hayley's shirt, she began to recall moments of her time in the cave with Tanner. The memories slightly blurred, Hayley saw Tanner removing her blouse.

Esther told Erica that she could not hold the baby... unless, of course, she was the child's mother. Erica nodded agreeingly and said that she was the mother of the little girl. Esther disagreed. She said that since she was the one who plucked the child from the icy water, she was now the girl's mom. Erica informed Esther that motherhood was not a "finders keepers" affair. Erica became concerned when she learned that the little girl had not eaten for two days. She urged Esther to take the baby to the hospital, but Esther would not leave the protective haven in her mobile home. Erica offered to take the child, but Esther nixed that plan, too. Esther tried to bottle-feed the baby again, but had no success. But when Erica took a shot at feeding the baby, the baby accepted the bottle. Erica begged Esther to allow her to take the baby with her and said that Esther will never have to want for money again. Two small tears formed in the corner of Esther's eyes. She told Erica that she does not want her money, she just wants the child to be taken care of. Erica was allowed to leave with the baby and returned to Wildwind. Before she entered, she remained outside for several minutes, holding and talking to the baby.

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