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Tanner told Hayley that they had slept together, and Skye also managed to find out about the tryst. Erica revealed stunning news during Maria's child's memorial service. Erica later faked a trip to Russia to adopt a baby who turned out to be Maria's child.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of March 17, 1997 on AMC
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Monday, March 17, 1997

The misplaced engagement ring evoked a powerful and surprising reaction from Gloria. For several minutes she rambled on about how she loves Tad and how his wanting to spend forever with her makes her love him even more. But Gloria was not ready for another marriage. Since Tad was not actually proposing to Glo, he took the news quite well. This made Gloria wonder why he was not upset with her. The reason became quite apparent when the waiter showed up at their table and asked if he could have the ring back because it was meant for another table. Oops! Knowing that she had spent the last several minutes gabbing about something she shouldn't have, Gloria was upset that Tad hadn't interrupted her and told her that the ring was not his. She accused him of making her the "guinea pig." From there, Gloria began spouting off divorce statistics: One half of all marriages end in divorce. And that rate has got to be even higher in Pine Valley! Frustrated and embarrassed, Gloria asked if Tad could take her home.

The news of a divorce devastated Mrs. Chandler. Adam reminded Liza that they were never supposed to be married and that they both agreed to get a quickie divorce after a suitable period of time had passed. The waiter arrived with the ring Adam had purchased---a stunning diamond and sapphire knockout. Sapphires, Adam said, compliment Liza's fair skin. Tears flowed from Liza's eyes. She apprised that he had hurt her more than anyone else has ever hurt her before. Adam tried to appease Liza by offering her half ownership of WRCW, but that only made the situation worse. Liza bellowed that she was not a business transaction and that she wants to be with him---in every sense of the word! Adam looked over his shoulder sheepishly and warned Liza to keep her voice down because the other diners were beginning to stare. Liza suggested that perhaps, just perhaps, she and Adam were actually meant to be together. As Liza's tears began to fall again, Adam raced to retrieve his car. Marian suddenly appeared at the table and offered to comfort her daughter in her time of need. An evil smile replaced the frown and her tears dried; In her mind, Liza was not finished with Adam. Liza told her mother that she was not going to be a loser to her husband's dastardly deeds.

Back at home, Liza asked Adam to start treating her like a woman. She told him that when he touched her the night before, she knew how much she.... Adam waited for Liza to finish her sentence, but she didn't. And when Adam asked her to clarify what she meant, Liza began to cry again. She blasted Adam for knowing nothing about her feelings and ran off.

Pierce showed Brooke his secret love letters that he had written to Christina. During their love affair, Pierce was worried that Christina's father would punish her if he knew that she was having an affair with an American soldier. So he invented a secret hiding place where he could hide the letters from his heart. Brooke again told Pierce that he was not responsible for his lover's death and begged him to seek out the help of Dr. Tolan. Tired of the advice to seek a mental health expert, Pierce erupted. His face became solemn and he asked Brooke how she can be so certain that she is safe. If he could kill his lover once before, how can Brooke be certain that the specters of a war long gone would not come back and unleash their wrath on her? Brooke instructed Pierce not to "construct" memories. He'll remember only as much as his mind will let him remember. Again, Pierce asked Brooke to leave. He said that he does not want her within harm's reach should he finally remember what happened to Christina. Brooke refused to budge. She told him that she is going to remain by his side because she loves him.

Erica told the infant that she would soon be reunited with her mother. As she entered Wildwind, the baby would soon see that vow rescinded. Maria apologized to Dimitri for not taking his feelings into account. She said that between losing Erica's child to a miscarriage and his never being able to raise Anton, the loss of their baby must have been devastating. Dimitri implied that Edmund would have suffered far more than him had the baby not been killed. He said that every time someone said that the baby "had his eyes," a piece of his heart would crumble. Maybe it's a good thing the baby died. Maria was crushed that Dimitri would suggest that the baby's death was, of all things, a blessing. Erica was not happy with the comment either. She clutched the baby close to her chest and silently left the house. Edmund wandered down the steps and heard Dimitri and Maria discussion their situation. He looked coldly at Dimitri and ordered him out of his house. Dimitri bowed his head and lifted his suitcase. He told his half-brother that he'd have Peggy gather the rest of his things and that he'd be on his way. He did, however, ask to attend the Memorial Service being held in the morning. Edmund agreed, but told Dimitri that it would be his last time inside the castle known as Wildwind.

Esther packed her belongings and began to recall her brief encounter with Maria's child. Without warning, Erica showed up at the mobile home asking for Esther's help. Erica told her that her husband was unsympathetic to the baby's ordeal and that he even suggested that things would have been better if the baby had been killed. Esther was stunned. She asked Erica what she was going to do. Erica shrugged her shoulders. She asked Esther if it would be possible for her and the baby to spend the night until they can decided what to do. Esther happily agreed.

In the morning, Erica asked Esther if she would be able to keep an eye on the baby while she ran an errand. Esther was more than happy to spend some time with the child. Before leaving, Erica stole Esther's keys so that she could be sure that Esther was not going to run off with the infant.

Liza informed Adam that she cannot be bought with a ring. Adam was surprised that Liza had vested so much energy into the marriage and even more surprised that she wanted the marriage to continue. Liza smiled and advised Adam that if their marriage is to continue, there will need to be some new guidelines. She told him that from this point forward, she wants "bedroom privileges".

At the memorial service, Brooke offered her support to Edmund. She told him that she knows how he feels and that it is the most difficult thing in the world to lose a child. Edmund asked Brooke if when she was next talking to Laura (Cudahy), she could ask her to keep an eye on his little boy. Pierce overheard Maria and Isabella discussing the loss of the baby. Something in their story--be it the mention of a cabin or their Spanish accents--triggered one of his flashbacks. Suddenly Pierce ran from Wildwind. Gloria asked Dimitri if he had heard from Erica. He shook his head and mentioned that he might stop by Linden House to check on her. Heads in the room turned a Erica entered the room.

Tuesday, March 18, 1997

Looking for a safe haven, Pierce returned to his Willow Lake cabin. The building showed little damage from the fire caused by Laura knocking over a candle. He looked over several books on the bookcase. One title caught his eye. He removed the book from its position on the shelf and paged through it. He then walked over to another location in the cabin where his eyes fixated on a huge military-style knife. He unsheathed the knife, obsessed on the eight inch blade for several minutes, and then stabbed the table top with such force that the knife was left standing vertically from the table. Concerned for the welfare of her lover, Brooke entered the cabin and asked Pierce if he was okay. "100% fine," said Pierce. He then asked Brooke why she is not tired of dealing with the ghosts of his past. After being asked what triggered his abrupt departure from Wildwind, Pierce said that he overheard Maria and Isabella talking about "something about a choice." Pierce's explanation was curtailed by a warning to Brooke: Leave now. Pierce said that he does "not feel safe around people" he loves. Brooke's advice to seek out professional help fell on deaf ears. His brow wrinkled and his voice deepened. He told Brooke that there is someone inside him that is very violent and very dark. "You cannot help me. No one can," said Pierce. He again ordered Brooke to leave. Brooke silently agreed. When she reached the cabin's porch, she quietly vowed to Pierce that she loves him too much to let him go.

Tanner arrived at Holidays toting Cuban cigars for Hayley and Mateo's wedding. Hayley was furious with Tanner for arriving late for his shift at work. Because of his tardiness, Hayley was unable to attend the memorial service at Wildwind. She hinted that Tanner's actions could merit some sort of action, possibly a demotion. Hayley was no longer convinced that Tanner was being truthful with her. She commented that every time he looks at her there is something in his eyes that leads her to believe that he is harboring a secret. Now was the time for the secret to be revealed. After some forceful probing, Tanner admitted that he was responsible for removing Hayley's clothing during the stay in the cave in West Virginia. He told her that she was cold and therefore needed to take her clothes off so that she could enjoy the warmth of his skin pressed against her. In Hayley's mind the explanation held no water. She then asked if Tanner did anything else while he was trying to "keep her warm." Tanner told Hayley that she was fully aware of his actions and that she actually helped him take of her clothing and was speaking to him. Hayley's fears were even more heightened and it is safe to say that she doubted Tanner's claims that there was nothing sexual between them.

It looked like Esther was going to try to make a run with the baby. She told the infant that she was tired of the area and wanted to get a move on. She then asked the baby if she was a "travellin' girl." But instead of making a move, she waited patiently for Erica to return.

Dimitri raced to Erica and told her that he was on his way to find her. That offered little comfort to Erica who asked him where dozen red roses were hidden. Erica asked her former husband if he remembered the gift he gave her in the form of a golden key to the hunting lodge. She then asked if Maria had been given a platinum or diamond key to the lodge for their midnight flings. In the main room, Isabella bobbed her head around like a chicken and continually asked if anyone could hear what Dimitri and Erica were saying on the other side of the double-doors. Dimitri asked Erica to meet with him in private so that they could discuss the situation. He insisted that he wanted to tell Erica about his affair many months ago, but that Edmund ordered him not to part with the secret. His voice became urgent as he informed Erica that both their loves are riding on his explanation to which Erica advised him to make his explanation good. Dimitri explained that he slept with Maria on the night that he found Erica in bed with Jonathan Kinder. Bad move. Erica asked Dimitri how she is supposed to forgive him for sleeping with Maria when he could not forgive her for sleeping with Jonathan. She then merrily pointed out that she actually had not slept with Jonathan that night. From the other side of the doors, Erica could hear Isabella ask if Erica was too ashamed to show her face at the service. That was all that needed to be said to spark Erica into to motion. She burst through the oak doors and confronted Isabella about the claim. Erica told the assembled crowd that she wants to tell them what happened, but that Dimitri prefers to spill his soul in private to the morally challenged. Erica then cast a glance to Gloria and apologized for her comment. She said that Dimitri obviously confessed his sins to Gloria because she is in no position to "cast stones." Jack begged Erica not to say something that she'd regret. Erica smiled and cocked her head to one side. "I don't do regret any more," she replied. Erica professed her innocence in the death of Maria's child. She insisted that she did everything in her power to save the child including delivering the baby. Isabella tired of Erica and Dimitri's bickering and asked Erica what her marital problems have to do with her grandson. Finally, Erica revealed the unpleasant truth: Dimitri and Maria slept together and Maria's child was Dimitri's, not Edmund's. No one believed her. Erica enlisted Gloria to bolster her claim, but Gloria remained quiet. At the most inopportune time, Skye dropped by Wildwind. Erica was pleased to see her on-again-off-again friend and asked Skye to tell everyone what she had tried to say at the wedding. This time, Skye remained silent. Dimitri broke the silence and announced that everything Erica had said was true. A stunned gasp emanated from the room. Skye paced back and forth as everyone kept referring to the baby as "Dimitri's child." The Santoses left the room, but not before Mateo gave a piercing glance at Dimitri. Dimitri left the house with Skye in toe. She tried to tell him that she had something that would "change everything." Dimitri lashed out at Skye and told her that he does not want to hear her confess her sins. Dimitri stormed off after telling Skye that she had no more cards left to deal. Under her breath, Skye refuted the claim. She said that she is holding the ace and that it could have been Dimitri's had he not been so mean to her. A phone call from the Russian Adoption Agency rang through. Erica took the call. The news from Russia was grim. The adoption agent told Erica that do to the inundation of interest in adopting a child from Russia, there was an eight to twelve month wait. Erica faked an air of jubilation and covertly pressed the receiver to hung up the phone. She continued talking for several minutes before placing down the receiver. She then told everyone that good news has found her and that a baby is waiting for her in Russia. She said her good-byes and told everyone that when she returns from her trip, she'll be a mother.

Wednesday, March 19, 1997

Brooke visited her friend, Steve Wescott, a man who just happens to be a psychiatrist who specializes in retrieving repressed memories. She explained that the man she loves is "reliving" dark images from his past. Steve immediately recognized Brooke's concern for her lover and said that he would try to help.

More visions of her "blackout" time crept into Hayley's mind. As she tried to deal with the new visions of Tanner passionately kissing her, Tom Cudahy strolled into that bar. Hayley was pleasantly surprised by her good friend and teased him that if he were not already married and she were not going to be getting married.... Well, you know the rest. Tom was surprised that Hayley is able to work around alcohol all day without feeling any temptations. He commented that when he worked at The Goalpost, he was constantly tormented by the presence of alcohol. Hayley pulled Tom aside and told him that she fell off the wagon. After hearing Hayley's explanation, Tom assured Hayley that she had not "fallen off the wagon" because she did not willingly drink the booze. But that was not the most pressing item on Hayley's mind. She told Tom that during her lost time, she is afraid that she might have had sex with Tanner. Tom was perplexed that Hayley could not remember being intimate and told her that her story has a lot of ifs and maybes and that she should not be so hard on herself. In an overzealous analogy, Hayley compared her possible affair with Tanner to Jason Sheffield's murder of Laurel Dillon: both were done while under the effects of alcohol. Again Tom stepped in to lift Hayley's spirits. He gave Hayley a big hug and cast an evil glare at Tanner. On Tom's advice, Hayley headed to the hospital to attend an AA meeting.

Fresh off the fiasco at Wildwind, Skye showed up at Holidays. She told Tanner that she has a craving for a drink... but that she would not give Tanner the satisfaction of seeing her get drunk. Instead she opted to go to a place where people actually care for her: Alcoholics Anonymous.

Adam told Barry that he was forced to give Liza "bedroom privileges." He said that this action will lead Liza into a false sense of security that the marriage is in good standing. Barry was stunned. The attorney was somewhat relieved when Adam announced that he'd be out of town on business and far away from Liza's temptation. As Adam and Barry were on their way out of the office, they overheard Jake making plans for a date. Both men kept their fingers crossed in hopes that this would be Jake and Liza's "big moment." Barry suggested that a private investigator be put on Liza's tail since Adam will not be in town to keep an eye on his wife and her beau.

Scott and Laura chatted it up at the Gatehouse. With Stuart away, the two teens had more than enough room to speak freely. Their conversation about their feelings for each other quickly turned into a display of their feelings for one another. Laura broke off a passionate kiss that involved some intimate contact, saying that she was not ready. She then apologized for not being ready to take the next step. Scott laughed at her comment and assured her that she need not be sorry for wanting to wait. But the wait was short lived as they began kissing again. Without warning, the front door swung open and in walked Uncle Adam. Adam was furious that Scott was giving into the temptations of "trash." Scott blasted his uncle for making snide comments and as Laura ran out of the house, Scott "disowned" his uncle. Adam warned Scott that he risks throwing his "bright future" away if he continues with the likes of Laura. The warning fell on deaf ears.

Hayley told the AA meeting of her unintentional encounter with alcohol But more than the alcohol, she told them that she was afraid she cheated on her boyfriend while under the effects of the alcohol. A gasp sounded from behind Hayley. She turned and found that Skye had entered the room behind her. Hayley stopped her speech in mid-stream and yanked Skye out into the hallway. There the two woman bickered over what had just occurred. Hayley accused Skye of spying on her and knowing that she was in the meeting. Skye denied knowing that Hayley was in front of the group and insisted that she wanted to attend the meeting. Skye then turned the tables and began lambasting Hayley for her affair with Tanner. Skye said that it was not a "slip" but rather a calculated event that Hayley had been planning for months. Then came the ultimate insult: Skye told Hayley that she was just like Arlene. Hayley reached back and slapped Skye across the face. Stunned, Skye stood motionless for several moments before dashing off.

Mateo stopped by Dimitri's room at the Valley Inn to issue him a stern warning: Stay away from the Santos family or risk death! Dimitri admitted that it was his fault that he and Maria slept together, but the admission meant little to Mateo.

A short time later, Gloria paid a visit to help lift Dimitri's spirits. Once again she assured Dimitri that Erica would forgive him. In fact, Erica was already on the road to recovery, Gloria informed him, because she was flying to Russia to adopt a baby!

Laura arrived at Holiday's and told her buddy Tanner that she had had a run in with the evil Adam Chandler. As the two talked, Adam entered the establishment and motioned to Tanner. Tanner excused himself and walked to Adam's side. Adam groused that neither Hayley nor Mateo were around to oversee the operation of the club. When Adam learned that Tanner and Laura were friends, Adam began applying pressure to Tanner to make him "interested" in the young woman.

Janet paid a surprise visit to the cabin to do some thinking. needless to say, she was surprised to find that Pierce was back at the cabin. He told her that he is thinking of moving back to the cabin full time. Janet then explained that she uses the cabin as a quiet spot where she can do her heavy thinking. Currently, she was thinking about Amanda and how badly Amanda took the news that she was Amanda's mother. Pierce did his best to convince Janet that things would get better, but whether or not Janet believed him remains to be seen. As Pierce was beginning to explain that he is moving back to the cabin because he fears harming Brooke, Brooke and Dr. Wescott entered. Janet quickly excused herself. Pierce must have picked up psychiatric vibes for Steve because almost immediately he knew that the man was a mental health expert. Steve explained his profession as well as his methods of retrieving repressed memories. Pierce agreed to undergo hypnosis to unlock some of his inner secrets, but warned the doctor that previous attempts at hypnosis had failed. Under hypnosis, Pierce began to recall Christina's final moments. He and Christina were fast asleep in his cabin in El Salvador when a gaggle of rebels barged into the cabin and grabbed Christina. He fought off several heavily armed men to get to Christina, but the rebel's leader held a knife to Christina's throat and warned Pierce that Christina would be killed if he made any sudden moves. Then another soldier appeared holding a baby. Steve snapped his fingers and Pierce came out of his trance. Then Pierce made the stunning revelation that he and Christina had had a child together!

Mateo returned to Holidays and told Tanner about Maria and Dimitri's affair. As he ranted on about how immoral it was for "her" to sleep with another man, Hayley returned. Upon hearing the mention of the anonymous "her," Hayley's heart pounded in her throat. She was left in a state of panic for several moments before Tanner clued her in that they were talking about Maria. Matt wrapped his arm around his fiancee and told her that he'd fill her in at home.

Erica returned to Esther's mobile home. But when she got there, there was no sign of Esther... or the baby!

Thursday, March 20, 1997

To Pierce, the revelation that he had a child with Christina did not stun him as much as the realization that he forgot that he had a child. His eyes squinted together, Pierce suddenly recalled that he had killed his daughter, whose name was Amelia. Steve urged Pierce not to jump to conclusions and concentrate only on the facts of his flashbacks. Pierce's mind transported him back to the time when he believes he shot Christina. After being dragged out of the cabin, the leader of the pack of guerrillas asked Pierce if he would sacrifice his own life for that of his lover. Pierce frantically shook his head. Then another soldier emerged from behind the brush holding a baby. The leader handed Pierce a gun with one bullet in its barrel and ordered Pierce to choose who would live: his "lover" or his "bastard child." Christina begged Pierce to spare her child and asked him to kill her. Forced with the most difficult decision in his life, Pierce honored Christina's request to allow the child to live. Pierce pulled back on the gun's trigger. A single shot echoed through the jungle and Christina slumped to the ground. Pierce was prevented from cradling his lover's body as Christina's limp body was dragged off into the jungle.

Steve ended the session and asked Pierce to see him in his office in the morning so that they could continue his therapy. After Steve left, Pierce told Brooke that he feels he could have saved both Christina and Amelia. Brooke told Pierce that he did all that he could and that the heavily armed soldiers could have killed them all. Now, Brooke said, maybe Pierce can finally begin the healing process.

Liza and Marian chatted about the recent changes in Liza's marriage to Adam. With a broad smile, Liza told her mother that Adam had asked her for a divorce. The smile on Liza's face perplexed Marian. Liza quickly clarified that she played the woman scorned and sobbed uncontrollably to get Adam to change his mind. She added that the following morning Adam no longer wanted to talk about a separation. Instead, he was offering up "bedroom privileges." Liza picked up her cell phone and called Winifred to request a romantic dinner with Adam. It was then that she learned that Adam was out of town on business. Needless to say, Liza was furious. She now knew why Adam allowed her into the bedroom: He would not be there! Marian could not help but notice an air of jealousy surround her daughter when Jake and Belinda entered the restaurant. Marian warned her daughter that she is "courting danger" if she thinks about getting together with Jake. Liza laid out her plans; She would consummate her marriage wit Adam, divorce him, get millions of dollars, and then tackle her Jake obsession. And if Jake was no longer available? Well then she said that she'd still be terribly wealthy. Liza excused herself from the table to seek out Hayley and find out Adam's location.

Belinda told Jake that she had had a terrible day at work. Not only had she lost her case, but she was also fined for contempt. Belinda asked Jake to dance, but he said that he doesn't dance due to a traumatic event from his high school days. Belinda said she needed to "powder her nose." As soon as she left, Marian filled her seat. It seems Mrs. Colby wanted to update Jake on Adam and Liza's marriage. She told him that Adam had refused plans for a divorce and that the newlyweds were blissfully happy. Jake shrugged his shoulders and replied that Liza's love life is of no interest to him. Marian slipped out of the chair just as Belinda was returning. The topic of Liza did not sit well with Lindy as she told her date that she does not know whether she is still Liza's lawyer or not. She did seem particularly interested in the news that the divorce plans were scrapped.

Janet sat alone at a table until Jack showed up at her side and asked if she had seen Erica. Janet said that she had tried to call Erica, but that her calls where never returned. Jack informed Janet that Erica had left Dimitri and that she has not been seen since. Jack had little time to explain the situation and dashed off. When Janet saw Skye enter, she immediately confronted her friend about destroying Erica's marriage. Skye denied that she had spilled the beans. The past simply caught up with everyone. Janet seemed to relax and the two women sat down. Jack and Opal showed up a few minutes later. Opal said that she was worried about Erica's state of mind... especially now that she was adopting a child. Janet was floored by the news, but thought that adopting might help Erica ease her pain. Opal and Janet then sparred over who knew what was better for Erica. Opal caught a view if Liza out of the corner of her eye and quickly intercepted her. Opal warned Liza to stay out of Erica's business because her plans to fly to Russia and adopt a child was no one's business. Liza insisted that anything Erica does is news because she is a public figure. Thanks to Opal, Liza now knows Erica' plans. She placed a call to Elyse Flynn, WRCW's Gossip Diva, and told her that she needs to find Erica immediately!

Edmund and Maria paid a trip to Willow Lake. Maria was overcome by emotions when she saw that someone had set up a memorial shrine at the site of the car accident. The two retreated to the rest stop just down the road. There they encountered Esther and the baby. Esther claimed to be the child's babysitter. When asked if she could hold the baby, Esther allowed Maria to hold the child for several minutes. She then plucked the baby from Maria's arms and raced back to her trailer.

At the trailer, Erica was frantic. She feared that Esther had taken off with the baby. She knew that she could not call the police and enlist the help. How would she explain the presence of a baby? Esther's safe return quelled Erica's fears. Esther explained that she heard voices outside the mobile home and raced to the rest stop for protection. Erica took the baby and asked Esther to swear that she would not tell anyone that she was there. She explained that her husband is still anti-baby and that she doesn't want anyone to know where she is. Erica then offered Esther a check to cover her expenses. Esther refused, but Erica insisted. Esther asked if she would ever see Erica or the baby again. Erica could not answer. After Erica and the baby departed, Esther broke down in tears.

Dressed in black from head to toe complete with a hat and sunglasses, Erica got a room at a nearby hotel. She asked the bellboy to get some soy milk for the baby. Erica settled into the room and placed the baby in a bassinet. She then called a travel agent to arrange a flight to Russia. After completely the call, Erica walked over to the baby and told her that no one would ever know that she was not a baby from Russia. In fact, Erica even gave the baby a Russian name: Sonja. The bellboy returned with the soy milk. As Erica's back was turned to find some money for the milk, Olga suddenly appeared at the door. When Erica turned around, Olga asked Erica what she was doing in the "ridiculous outfit."

Maria and Edmund walked back to the lake. Maria tossed rose petals into the lake. She told Edmund that she has a strange feeling in the pit of her stomach. She said that when she held the woman's baby at the rest stop, she had a sense that she was "meant" to hold the baby. Somehow, she continued, she knows her baby is not dead.

Friday, March 21, 1997

Ruth summoned Tad to the house to fix a problem with one of the pipes on the kitchen. As he struggled underneath the sink, suddenly the pipe burst and he was soaked by a stream of spraying water. Dripping wet, Tad sat up and promptly badmouthed the nonsensical pipes and his mother for asking him to fix the pipe rather than calling a plumber. Ruth sensed something in his son's voice and asked him to come clean with what was bothering him. Tad told his mom about his awkward moment with Gloria and the misplaced engagement ring. Since that time, Tad said that he has not heard from Gloria. As frenzied as ever, Hurricane Opal stormed into the kitchen and asked Tad and Ruth if they had seen Erica. In what can best be described as a typical soap opera summary, Opal filled Ruth and Tad in on Erica's tirade at the memorial service. Ruth was stunned that Dimitri had slept with Maria. Opal then asked Tad if he could prevent Liza from broadcasting the news on Erica's trip to Russia to adopt a child. Tad said that he'd do his best, but did not make an guarantees.

At Holidays, Gloria was telling her buddy Michael about the incident with the diamond and sapphire ring. Mike seemed slightly perplexed by Gloria's reaction to the ring. She admitted that she was madly in love with Tad, so what was the problem? Gloria reminded Mike that he was by Dixie's side during Tad and Dixie's separation. It seems that Gloria is afraid to totally commit to Tad because she is worried that he will be unfaithful to her.

Tad arrived at Holiday's and found Mike sitting by himself. He sat down and was accosted for his ill-treatment of Gloria. Tad insisted that it was no his intention to hurt Gloria. Gloria returned to the table and upon seeing Tad announced that she would be leaving. Tad begged her to stay. Reluctantly, Glo agreed to stick around and listen to what Tad had to say. Tad felt hurt that Gloria does not trust him, but said that he hasn't exactly done anything to earn her trust. Gloria again professed her love for Tad and said that it isn't that she doesn't trust him---she doesn't know if she can trust him in matters of marital fidelity.

Maria and Edmund returned to Wildwind. Maria refused to give up on her baby and said that Jack and the police would not waste their time looking for a child that was definitely dead. This was her clue that the baby survived the crash Edmund went upstairs where he called Isabella and asked Mama Santos to help get through to his wife. Isabella arrived at the mansion a short time later. She told her daughter that she loves her even if she did make a terrible mistake by sleeping with Dimitri. Maria recalled a family friend named Frederick who had a "sixth sense." Maria asked if it would be possible to enlist Frederick to find the baby. Isabella was initially against the idea, but when she saw the look of urgency in her daughter's eyes, she agreed to contact Frederick.

Edmund returned downstairs where he received an apology from Maria for "scaring" him with her obsession over her child. Again, she stated that she has a feeling that their baby is alive, a feeling that she cannot ignore. She then told him that she wants to consult a psychic. Edmund was strongly against the idea. The baby is dead, he said, he has come to terms with the death and now it's Maria's turn. Maria was furious. She asked Edmund if he would have "come to terms" with the baby's death if it had been his baby and not Dimitri's!

Hayley caught Tanner in the act of packing his belongings. According to the Aussie, he had received a job offer in Texas and was moving out. The sudden exodus seemed like an excuse to avoid telling the truth about what happened in the cave and Hayley demanded that she finally be told what happened between during her "blackout" period. Tanner gave his typical "Nothing" response, but this time Hayley didn't settle for the reply. She told him that she remembers him kissing her. Apparently the lip-lock was a part of a little known Australian survival technique to produce body heat. Tears welled in Hayley's eyes as she told Tanner that she remembers thinking of Mateo before she unwittingly drank the spiked beverage. Tanner said that it was perfectly normal to be focused on her beau. As the two began to argue, Mateo returned home with a surprise package for Hayley. Mateo immediately sensed that something was wrong. Tanner informed Mateo that he would be leaving Pine Valley. Mateo refused Tanner's resignation and demanded that he stay in town or at least remain until after the wedding. He could, however, move out of the apartment as he had planned. Matt offered him living space somewhere at Holidays.

After Tanner left, Hayley opened her surprise package. The box, from Arlene, contained a wedding cake "topper" with a bride and groom that had an eerie resemblance to Hayley and Matt. A letter at the bottom of the box gave Hayley an uneasy feeling in the pit of her stomach. She read the note, a note that hit a little too close to home. In the letter Arlene wished her daughter and her soon-to-be-son-in-law the best. She said that she'd love to attend the wedding, but feels it would not be the best decision. Finally Arlene apologized for the comments she had made to Hayley in the hospital after her near death at the hands of Alec MacIntyre. Arlene said that Hayley could never be "like her" because she is a good person.

Still later, Hayley and Tanner again had some time alone. Hayley was determined to get to the bottom of the "cave incident." She began punching, slapping, and hitting Tanner as she demanded that he end the mystery and tell her what happened between them. It was then that Tanner told her that they betrayed Mateo by making love.

Olga told her longtime friend that she overheard Erica's voice in the lobby and decided to follow her to her room. The two quickly got to the topic of "babies." Olga overheard Erica mentioned something about a babysitting service and asked what it was all about. Erica was more than pleased to tell Olga that she was on her way to Russia to adopt a baby. When Erica mentioned that she had left Dimitri, Olga broke into laughter and said that she had "heard that song before." Erica hated to rush Olga, but she said that she needed to be on her way to the airport to get ready for her flight.

Later, Dr. Robert Orsher showed up at the hotel suite on Erica's request and gave the baby a thorough examination. He determined that the baby showed no signs of Thalissemia (they said he did a blood test). Erica nixed plans to have the doctor send the results of his examination to Erica's regular pediatrician and insisted that she be allowed to pay cash for the visit rather than be billed. The doctor found the incident slightly abnormal, but he agreed.

A professional babysitter, named Melanie, was the next to arrive at the room. Erica gave the sitter information on how to take care of the baby and then said that she had to run an errand and left the baby in the sitter's care.

Erica whisked herself to the airport and, after signing an autograph for the ticket agent, picked up her ticket and waited for her plane to board. Elyse Flynn and a cameraman showed up to tape footage of Erica's departure to Russia. Elyse mused that Erica could not possibly think that she can dump Dimitri and then fly half way around the world to adopt a child without the eyes of the world being focused on her. Erica gave an interview to avoid drawing suspicion and then excused herself as the flight attendant announced that her flight was now boarding. Erica pretending to board the plane, but when the coast was clear, she ducked into the restroom. There she once again donned her "disguise." Suddenly, an all too familiar squeal sounded from behind her. With a broad smile on her face, Opal raced over to Erica and told her that she had been looking all over for her. Opal then went on to announce that she would be accompanying Erica to Russia to give the baby a proper welcome.

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