All My Children Recaps: The week of April 7, 1997 on AMC
Esther agreed to stay quiet after learning the truth about Erica's baby. Adam squashed a deal that would have sent Liza to San Francisco. Marian asked Ruth to help her keep Jake and Liza apart. Someone watched as Pierce proposed to Brooke. Jack learned that Erica had not adopted the baby from Russia.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of April 7, 1997 on AMC
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Monday, April 7, 1997

With Amanda's birthday approaching, Janet couldn't resist purchasing a special party dress for her daughter. Janet dropped by the Dillon House to present the wrapped package to Trevor, but she met with some unexpected resistance. Trevor reminded Janet that she can't drop by the house because Amanda had declared it off limits. Janet suspected that the coast would be clear because Amanda was in school. When Janet suggested that Trevor give the present to Amanda and claim that he bought it, Trevor refused. Janet begged Trevor not to force her to return the gift, but said that she could always give the dress to Amanda next year. Trevor nearly cracked a smile as he pointed out that the dress would no longer fit Amanda in twelve months! Janet sort of cast her head down in embarrassment and moved her feet nervously. Trevor then agreed to give Amanda the present. As he took the package, Amanda and Michael called out from inside, asking Trevor why he was at the front door. Trevor explained that he was talking to a messenger who had brought over some work. He asked Mike to take Amanda into the kitchen. Janet quickly apologized for her intrusion. It seems that Amanda had off from school due to a teacher conference. He then told Janet that Amanda's birthday party is going to be a flop because none of Amanda's playmates are allowed over to Trevor's House. They had been allowed over, but that all changed when WRCW exposed Janet as Amanda's biological mother. Not even Amanda's best friend, Carrie was allowed over.

Janet left the house and Trevor presented Amanda with her new birthday dress. He asked her to race upstairs and put it on so they could all go to Holidays.

Skye refused to let Tanner intimidate her and said that she will not collaborate with him in his plan to destroy Hayley. Tanner advised Skye that she had better do everything he orders her to do. After all, she really has no choice. Do as he says or be exposed as a paternity test swapper and home-wrecker. He then commented that following his orders was the very least Skye could do for her "future brother-in-law." Skye was taken aback by the statement and quickly retorted that Tanner might be able to "bed Hayley," but said that he'll never marry her. Not so according to Tanner. He argued that he and Hayley are meant to be together.

Tanner exited Chandler Mansion and headed for the Santos house. Isabella gladly allowed Tanner into her house as she was unaware that he was the reason her son and Hayley did not get married. Since she considers Tanner to be one of her children, Isabella showed immediate concern for Tanner's black eye. Tanner tried to dodge the question on how he received the shiner, but his refusal to answer the question upset Isabella. She said that her children are sheltering her like an old woman and that she needs to be involved in her family's life. Finally, Tanner explained that he and Mateo had a fight after the almost-wedding. As they talked, Anitaraced into the house with great news. She told her mother that she was headed to Mateo's apartment when she noticed that Hayley's car was parked outside. She said that she listened outside the door and heard them talking, but heard nothing more. She hinted that this could be a sign of reconciliation.

At the apartment, things were not going as smoothly as Anita had reported. Hayley apologized for her intrusion, saying that she had thought Mateo was out of the apartment. Mateo explained that he is screening his phone calls because his family has been driving him crazy with a flood of phone calls. Hayley suggested that she leave, but Mateo encouraged her to stay. He asked her if she knew where they went wrong. A genetic predisposition became the scapegoat of the rift as Hayley claimed that she has a gene that forces her to destroy everything that is good in her life. Mateo then asked his could-have-been-wife if she ever considered that he was the source of the problem. He said that he was raised by a demanding tyrant of a father whose ways rubbed off on him. He said that he was continually asking Hayley to do things for him and strong-arming her into making decisions. Hayley begged Mateo not to talk himself down because their problems are not his fault. In a stunning turn around, Mateo nodded. He agreed that he was not the problem and that he never did anything to hurt Hayley. Quite simply, he said that everything was Hayley's fault. Hayley expressed her desire to be the woman that Mateo needs, but said that she obviously can't be that person. She took of her engagement ring and offered it to Mateo. He refused the ring because he said he'd never give it to anyone else. The blame for the problems then became Hayley's alcoholism. This enraged Mateo and he told Hayley that he is tired of her blaming all her problems on alcohol. He then told her to take everything from the apartment and leave. Mateo fled the scene. Tears flowed freely from Hayley's eyes as she recalled meeting Matt for the first time and falling in love with him. Coupled with the memories and another sad love song playing in the background, the scene proved truly emotional. Hayley aroused from her daydream at the sound of the front door being opened. She had hoped that Mateo had returned, but instead she saw Matt's mother, Isabella standing at the door. Hayley grabbed some things and rushed from the apartment, but not before telling Isabella that she will no longer be a part of her son's life. Isabella sat on the sofa and looked at the diamond ring on the coffeetable.

Janet dropped by Holiday's for a bite to eat. She was pleasantly surprised to see Laura sitting at a table. Janet was going to sit down for a bite to eat, but she noticed Amanda's friend, Carrie, and her mother sitting at a nearby table. Janet walked over to the table with a few words for Jeannie. She told the woman not to keep her daughter from playing with Amanda just because she had an arguably undesirable mother. She said that Amanda is hurting because she is not allowed to have playdates with Carrie. The words seems to hit home with Jeannie.

Janet returned to her table with Laura, but when she saw Trevor, Mike, and Amanda enter Holidays, she ran off to hide. Jeannie approached Trevor and told him that their plans had changed and that Carrie would attending Amanda's party after all. Amanda excused herself to go to the ladies' room. When she got there, she bumped into you-know-who: Janet!

Maria and Frederick talked outside Linden for several minutes before deciding to ring the doorbell. Frederick detected a vibe of mass confusion within the house. He then felt a distinct feeling of fear from Maria. Maria explained that she sometimes worries that Erica intentionally harmed her baby. When Erica looked out the peephole and noticed that Maria was outside, she ordered Esther to hide upstairs. Esther agreed and then Erica answered the door. Erica was not pleased by Maria's presence and tried to get her to leave. But when Maria explained that Frederick was a psychic who was trying to help Maria locate the body of her baby, Erica seemed to soften a bit. Erica mused at Maria's decision to enlist a psychic in her search. After commenting that she does not believe in "swamis," Erica allowed Frederick and Maria to enter and set up their "tarot cards" and "crystal balls." Frederick asked Erica to recall the night of the car accident that claimed Maria's baby's life. Before she could offer an answer, Sonja began crying. Erica raced upstairs to comfort the baby, but while she was gone, Frederick seemed perplexed by the fact that Erica now has a child. Erica returned downstairs and told the psychic the story of how she lost Maria's child. Unbeknownst to anyone in the house, Esther was listening from the top of the staircase. After answering his questions, Frederick and Maria left the house. Outside, Frederick assured Maria that Erica did not willfully harm her baby--but added that she is not telling them the whole truth about what happened either! Esther fumbled down the steps and approached Erica. Now that she had heard the story of how Erica had crashed into Willow Lake, Esther told Erica that she knows that Sonja is not Erica's baby!

Tuesday, April 8, 1997

Ruth confronted Jake about his relationship with Liza. It isn't that Ruth dislikes Liza (she does, but that's not the reason we're looking for here), she is just concerned that the lady manipulator will rip out her son's heart. Liza's destruction of Tad and Dixie's marriage bolstered Ruth's claims that Liza is a woman who cares only about herself. The tearing down of Liza's character greatly pained Jake and he said that he finds it difficult to tolerate his parent's praise of Tad and Gloria's engagement while they blast his relationship with Liza. Jake informed his mother that Liza is in the process of getting a divorce from Adam. Ruth didn't believe the story, but she was somewhat pleased to learn that Jake had imposed a one week time frame for Liza to part Adam.

Liza learned of Tad's engagement through Jake and she was quite pleased with the news. In fact, she went to her office at WRCW and congratulated Tad in person. Tad doubted Liza's sincerity, but she insisted that she really did wish him the best. A phone call from San Francisco patched through to the office. Liza took the call and seemed pleased with the discussion. After she ended the phone call, Liza broke the news to Tad that he'll soon have a new boss: She's quitting her job at WRCW. The news floored Tad, but he didn't get many opportunities to ask questions. Belinda arrived at the station to discuss divorce strategies with Liza. Belinda, of course, had no idea that Liza was interested in Jake, the man Belinda thought she was dating! The divorce process could take months according to Belinda. It's in Adam's best interest to drag out the separation as long as possible in the hopes that Liza grows weary of fighting for his cash and give up.

At the hospital, Gloria overheard Joe telling Palmer that Dixie called for advice on treating a nasty skin disorder that Junior had developed. I again reiterate my initial diagnosis: The boy has tetter! Gloria, who was flashing her new engagement ring to Maria, overheard the discussion and gently eased herself into the chat. She asked how Dixie was doing. Joe said that all is well---if you take out Adam Jr.'s rash---in Pigeon Hollow. Gloria seemed composed when she learned that Dixie had been asking questions about Tad. Of course at the time of Dixie's call, the news of Tad and Gloria's engagement had not yet been made public.
Palmer tried to discuss a business transaction with Dimitri, but Dimitri seemed distracted and otherwise uninterested in talking about business mergers and corporate take-overs. This lead tp a rather nasty comment from Palmer about how Dimitri frolics around town impregnating other men's wives! Gloria managed to save her former employer from the discussion. She then asked for any updates on Dimitri and Erica's relationship. Of course nothing had changed and Dimitri's face displayed signs of many sleepless nights. A pep talk to keep Dimitri's spirits high didn't offer much help.

Liza met up with Jake at Tad's house. The two reviewed their plans to head to the West Coast. Everything began falling into place except for one important aspect: a legal divorce from Adam. But this didn't dampen their spirits. The two shared a passionate kiss, unaware that Tad had just returned home.

Laura told Trevor that the only reason Jeannie had allowed Carrie to attend Amanda's birthday party was because Janet assured the mother that she would not be present at the fete. Janet's gesture surprised Trevor, but he was not about to let her good deed go unnoticed.

In the ladies' room, Janet and Amanda exchanged some small talk mainly about Amanda's recent trip to Disney World. The sun had apparently bleached Amanda's hair and when Janet tried to run her fingers through her daughter's hair, Amanda pulled away. Janet insisted that she would never harm Amanda. She then turned the conversation to Amanda's upcoming birthday party. Janet explained that she knew Amanda's birthday was approaching and naturally assumed that she'd be having a party. Amanda still did not understand how Janet knew of her birthday. Janet explained the story of Amanda's birth and how her sister, Natalie, helped deliver Amanda. She also said that she allowed Trevor and Natalie to raise Amanda while she was in jail. Janet then reminded Amanda of the keychain with a photo of her "little girl." She said that Nat often sent photos of Amanda to her while she was in prison. Janet wished Amanda well and allowed her to go on her way.

Trevor thanked Janet for convincing Carrie's mom to allow Carrie to attend the party. When Amanda returned from the restroom, she asked her father why he was talking to Janet. He replied that Janet had done something for a friend and that he needed to thank her for it. Janet returned to her table and chatted it up with Laura. Trevor then recited some fatherly advice in the form of a lesson to his young daughter. He made her see that she cannot be mad at Janet forever. Trevor and Janet were about to leave Holidays when Amanda turned around, walked to Janet's table, and said "goodbye" to Janet. Janet was moved to tears that her daughter might one day allow her into her life.

Esther threatened to expose Erica's scheme to the police. Fortunately, Erica's mind whirled into overdrive and she formulated a tale to explain Maria's claims. Erica said that Maria is one of her fans, a fan who recently lost her baby. She said that Maria read of the car accident in the paper and has had delusions that she lost her baby in Willow Lake ever since. Esther nodded as she recalled that Maria referred to the baby as a "boy" when Sonja is actually a girl. Edmund arrived at the house to confront Erica. Esther hid upstairs while Edmund bickered with Erica over her quickie adoption. He told Erica that there was no way she could have adopted a child so quickly and accused her of turning to illegal tactics to obtain the infant. The only way Edmund said that he would believe Erica is if she would show him the adoption papers. Erica agreed---but quickly added that the papers were being translated into English and that she doesn't have them. Edmund said that he wouldn't hold his breath to see the papers. AS he was on his way out the door, Esther barreled down the steps and ordered Edmund not to leave.

Wednesday, April 9, 1997

Tad interrupted Liza and Jake's "make out" session. Had Jake heard Tad's car pull up in the driveway, he said that he would have made sure that he and Liza were not kissing. Needless to say Tad was stunned by the display of affection. For months Jake had told him that there was nothing between him and Liza. Liza received a phone call from Belinda and learned that Adam's attorney had called a summit to discuss the possible divorce setting. After Liza left, Tad's big brother instincts flipped into high gear and he found himself lecturing his younger brother on the dangers of dating Liza Colby. Jake turned a deaf ear to the advice, commenting that Joe and Ruth had already given him a sermon. Insisting that no one wants to see Jake get hurt, Tad said that not only is Liza a dangerous person to cross, but Adam will not be pleased by his wooing away of his wife! The two bickered back and forth for several minutes. Eventually tempers flared and Jake suddenly grabbed Tad by the collar and started to choke him! Jake broke his grip and decided that he'd better leave the scene before a brawl breaks out.

Erica explained that Esther was one of her fans and wanted Edmund to give her an autograph because of his work on Erica's new book. Edmund seemed to recall Esther's face and after a few minutes of heavy thought, he remembered her as the baby toting woman from the Willow Lake rest stop. Esther quickly pointed out that the baby was not hers: She was just baby sitting. Erica chimed in that Esther is a professional nanny and is interviewing for the position as Sonja's nanny. Edmund told Erica that he was going to make some phone calls to the adoption agency in Russia and track down the adoption papers.

After Edmund left, Erica sat Esther down on the sofa and gave her some important advice. She explained that she will give Esther lessons on how to be a nanny in return for her permanent silence on the baby's true identity. Esther reluctantly agreed to the scheme. Erica bid her new nanny farewell--- She was off to Wildwind for the next step in her plan.

When Edmund returned for Wildwind, he told Maria that he has decided to begin an intensive search on Erica's adoption of the baby. Maria warned her husband that he was pursuing the matter as if it were a personal vendetta. Seeing her concern, Edmund agreed that he'd give Erica space and stop hounding her for information. Just as Erica's name was mentioned, she poked her head through the front door and said that she had decided to come clean on a lie. No, it's not what you're expecting. She told Maria that she now takes full responsibility for luring her to the cabin. She explained that she was hurting and wanted someone else to hurt, thinking that it would make her feel better. Maria seemed ready to accept the apology, but Edmund intercepted the apology and told Erica that she spoke her peace and that she now has to hit the road. Erica was furious that her "heart felt" apology didn't cause the Greys to break out into song and dance. In a snit, Erica turned and walked from the room.

Brooke and Trevor continued following leads on "Miss Vargas," but they were getting nowhere fast. Pierce received word of Brooke's investigation and tracked her down. He wasn't upset with her, he was just a little hurt that she was keeping her search for Amelia from him. Trevor then received a phone call from an inside source in Central America saying that Miss Vargas had suddenly been released from prison. He then commented that finding someone with the Central American equivalent of the surname "Smith" would be like looking for a needle in a haystack. But the news turned good as Pierce told Brooke that he has a surprise for her that's "bigger than a bread box."

Marian told Adam that she wants to help him hang on to Liza. The discussion was cut abruptly when Barry entered Adam's office. Marian swarmed to Barry, telling him that she cannot wait for their next date. After Marian scattered, Adam told Barry that "the old bag" might finally "be earning her keep" by joining forces with him. Barry was puzzled, but after thinking about what Adam had said he realized that Adam does not want to divorce Liza! Liza and Belinda showed up a short time later. The two lawyers immersed themselves in legal wrangling to help their client get the best out of the separation. Liza offered to cancel all claims to alimony as long as Adam lived up to his side of the bargain and gave her the monetary equivalent to half of WRCW's net worth. Barry refused the offer. Liza suggested that she and her husband speak in private. While both attorneys warned against the tête-à-tête, Liza's request was granted. Liza tried to get Adam to concede to her terms, but Adam wasn't about to budge. He told her that she should take him to court and do her "worst." This declaration of marital war enraged Liza, but she made no comment. She grabbed her coat, gave Adam an evil stare, and turned and walked away. Adam gleefully scurried to his phone and asked his secretary to summon Jake Martin for him.

Jack walked around the airport bound for parts unknown. He put his briefcase and a copy of Tempo magazine on a table. As he walked to the ticket counter, a woman picked up the magazine and began to page through it. He walked towards her and mused that he would have her thrown in jail for theft. A look of sheer terror crept across the woman's face and she begged him to be lenient on her. Jack explained that he was joking and offered the magazine to the woman. The woman's fear was probably due to her many years in a Central American prison. You guessed it: It's Senorita Vargas!! She told Jack that she is trying to contact Brooke English because she has a story that she might find interesting. Jack tried to phone Brooke, but reached her answering machine. He then tried to phone Pierce. When Jack asked information for a listing for "Pierce Riley," the woman again began to tremble. Jack told the woman that Pierce and Brooke were "good friends." He then turned his back to pluck a piece of paper from his briefcase. When he turned around, the woman was gone.

Pierce took Brooke to a beautiful house somewhere on a tree-lined street around the corner from Brooke's current residence. He showed off the house and then told Brooke that this was just not a "house," it was a "home"---her home! Brooke was floored by the news. She began envisioning how she, Laura, and Jamie would utilize the house. The two were unaware that they were being watched by the probing eyes of Senorita Vargas.

Thursday, April 10, 1997

On the spot and without warning, Adam fired Jake. WRCW's owner cited Jake's recent misplacement of a video tape as the reason for his walking papers. Jake insisted that he does a decent job at the station, but Adam felt otherwise. According to Adam, Jake's "ambitions outstrip [his] abilities." While Adam claimed that the firing was "nothing personal," Jake implied that Adam was taking out his anger on him. Adam said that he Liza was not a factor in the decision, but on a personal note Adam warned Jake that he's a fool to tangle with Adam. Jake professed his love for Liza, but Adam said that Liza did not love Jake, he was merely a passing fancy.

Pierce proposed to Brooke in the livingroom area of their new house. Brooke happily accepted. Pierce said that he had been a prisoner for nearly two decades, but Brooke had set him free. The mystery woman looked on with pain in her eyes as Pierce and Brooke kissed. The woman ran off, unable to take any more of the spectacle. Pierce then told Brooke that he's upset that Senorita Vargas disappeared and hinted that his search for Amelia might be called off. Brooke was not as pessimistic as her lover. She said that even if it takes years, she will find his daughter.

Wondering if Liza's intentions toward his brother were sincere, Tad set up a head to head confrontation with Liza. Liza insisted that Jake had changed her for the better and that Jake makes her very happy. That might be the case, but Tad was adamant in his claims that Liza cannot make Jake happy. Their likes and dislikes, Tad said, are completely different; They have nothing in common. Liza revealed her plan to move to San Francisco with Jake and start a new life and discounted Tad's claim that she and Jake are two different birds. Maybe they do not have the same interests in everything, Liza agreed, but she said that when it comes to the "important things" they are in agreement. Tad grabbed Liza by the arms and forced her to look him in the eyes. He said that she can't fool him because he knows her too well. "From what I've seen," Tad told Liza. "[She's] incapable of loving someone." Liza had a quick explanation for her sometimes frigid exterior. She said that her cold heart was caused when the first man she ever loved slept with her mother. Ouch! Taking Liza's words and turning them around, Tad implied that Liza still has feelings for him. Not so, said Liza. She blasted Tad's bigger than life ego and suggested that he still loves her or he would not put up such opposition to her relationship with Jake.

Miss Vargas took up residence at a table in Holidays. Once again she crossed paths with the District Attorney. Jack was quite pleased to see the woman again. She allowed him to join her at the table, but first made sure that as District Attorney he had no close affiliation with the government. In a disturbing account of her life, Miss Vargas talked of how everyone in her life was killed by her country's anti-government rebels. Actually, she said that she wrote a fictional story about a woman who had faced these obstacles, but Jack knew that the work of "fiction" was most likely an autobiography. The woman handed Jack a hand-written manuscript and asked if he could pass it along to Brooke. Jack skimmed the manuscript and praised the woman for her emotional story. Jack then said that he might show the manuscript to Pierce because he had served time in Central America while in the military. The woman began shaking again and decided that it was time to leave. She told Jack that she would contact him to arrange another meeting.

Ruth and Gloria had a chat session at the Martin House. Ruth said she was happy to have Gloria as a soon-to-be daughter-in-law because it would mean she'd have an ally against Joe and his sons. The giggles quieted as Ruth told Gloria of Jake's involvement with Liza. Gloria concurred that Jake should get away from Liza, but neither woman knew how to convince Jake that Liza was dangerous.

Tad interrupted the "girl talk," with news that he feels Liza still has the hots for him.

That mystery woman continued her whirlwind tour of Pine Valley, this time ending up at the art gallery. She took specific interest in Pierce's work. Stuart told the woman that she showed good taste in her art preference because Pierce was one of his best sellers. Miss Vargas took on a slightly demonic expression as she unhappily commented that Pierce is "lucky to find success and love."

Jake met up with Liza and told her of his meeting with Adam. He said that Adam had not only fired him, but claimed that the only reason Liza had married him was to make Tad jealous. Surprisingly, Liza confessed that Adam's tale was correct. She continued on and said that once married to Mr. Chandler she decided that she might as well feather her nest with some of the Chandler fortune. While looking for this financial security, Liza said that Jake came along and helped her gain her life back. The two talked about their move to San Francisco and how happy they'd be together. As the two kissed, a frowning Adam popped his head through the doorway and looked on.

Friday, April 11, 1997

A pleasure visit from Marian was not exactly near the top of Adam's wish list, but nevertheless, Marian dropped by his office to offer him some cheer. Adam was still upset over seeing Liza and Jake kiss the day before and no amount of cheer from his mother-in-law was going to make him feel better. He yelled at her for barging into his office and warned her that her "free ride" was over.

In San Francisco, Liza met with a station owner in hopes of landing a job on the West Coast. The interview consisted mainly of questions about Liza's planned separation from Adam Chandler. Liza smiled deviously as she said that the terms of her divorce will be made public at the appropriate time. In what had to be the quickest job interview in history and the scoop out of the way, Letitia offered Liza a job as station manager. Liza gladly accepted the position, thanked Letitia for her time, and raced to a phone to call Jake and tell him the good news.

Jake was quite pleased to learn that things were looking up for them and told Liza that he couldn't wait until she got back to town. Kelsey overheard Jake talking and asked him who the lady on the other end had been. Jake confessed that he was in love with Liza and that they were going to be moving to the West Coast. Kelsey felt a mixed bag of emotions. She was pleased that her "buddy" was in love, but she was unhappy that he'd be leaving town. Jake suggested that they keep in touch via Email. The word "Email" struck a tone of concern to Ruth's ears as she returned home. She was definitely surprised that Jake and Liza were moving. I assume she thought that Liza would come up with and excuse to get out of leaving town. Kelsey picked up on her grandmother's vibe of unhappiness and lashed out. She asked Ruth to show some support for her son's return to medical school and his new love. She added that since she had been given a second chance to redeem herself after the adoption debacle, she feels Liza should be given a second chance. Jake stepped in and stopped Kelsey from stepping over the line, but did thank her for her support. The two headed upstairs to do some busy work.

Ruth was about to make a phone call when Marian, of all people, swished into the house begging Ruth for help. Marian explained that they share a mutual disapproval of Liza and Jake's relationship and suggested that she and Ruth team up to keep them apart. After all, Marian said, they'd make a very unlikely pair of mothers-in-law! Ruth seemed interested in the proposal, but Jake returned downstairs and broke up their scheming session. He blasted the two women for trying to destroy his relationship with Liza and said that in one week he and Liza will be moving. After that time, he added, they'll be out of everyone's life.

Adam learned of Liza's interview in San Francisco and made a call to Letitia. He told her that she has no business hiring his station manager. Letitia was quite amused by Adam's antics and enjoyed holding her new acquisition over his head. Her joy was short lived. Adam's voice grew serious and he asked Letitia how her career would suffer if her previous "profession" were revealed to the public. He then asked her if she would be doing a reunion show with her "Johns." Letitia was furious that Adam would try to blackmail her... but in the end Adam won out. He ordered her to cancel any agreement she had made with Liza or risk a professional collapse.

Letitia summoned Liza to her office and said that the station manager's job would not be opening up as expected. She said that the current station manager decided to stay on and threatened legal action if the station hired someone else. Something didn't smell quite right, but Liza had no other choice but to accept Letitia's decision.

Letitia phone Adam and told him that the dirty deed had been done. She ordered him to "lose" her number and never contact her again. Marian overheard the phone call from the doorway and after Adam hung up the phone, she raced into his office. She told him that canceling Liza's job offer in San Francisco proves "beyond a shadow of a doubt" that he is in love with Liza!

Gloria dropped by Dimitri's room at the Valley Inn to accompany him to Erica's book signing at Holidays. Dimitri no longer felt that his presence would be required. After all, he and Erica were not exactly on the best of terms. Gloria pointed out that Erica's new book was dedicated to him (and Maria) for the support he offered during Erica's drug addiction.

The book signing was a huge media event. Isabella, Maria, Bobby, and Anita walked into Holidays completely unaware that the club had been chosen as the venue for the book signing. Isabella suggested that they eat elsewhere, but Maria insisted that they stay put. Maria then asked her mother to keep silent on the Hayley and Mateo break up so as not to hurt Mateo.

Erica arrived at the club in her usual pomp and circumstance. Mateo thanked Erica for opting to use Holiday's for the signing. Erica waltzed over to Maria and asked why Edmund was not present. She was furious when she learned that Edmund had went to New York on business. A comment made by Erica made Maria feel as though the only reason Erica had apologized for her actions at Willow Lake was to ensure that Edmund would be present at the book singing. Erica quickly explained that her apology was heartfelt and that she would never be so shallow as to offer an apology she did not mean.

Erica's crowd of supporters (Opal, Palmer, and Myrtle) arrived on the scene to offer their support to Erica. Elise Flynn also arrived. Miss Flynn had been given exclusive media coverage of the event. But she almost risked losing the ratings coup when she began asking Erica about Dimitri. Erica warned Elise not to utter Dimitri's name and not to ask any questions about him.
Also unaware of the publicity event, Janet and Skye stopped by Holiday's. They figured that with the crowds of people, Erica would not notice their presence. Skye was pleased to learn that Amanda and Janet were making some headway, but Skye was visibly distracted. She left her seat and headed over to Mateo . She told him that since he had recently lost some help, most notably Tanner and Hayley, she would be more than happy to fill in. Mateo couldn't envision Skye waiting tables, but said that he'd keep her in mind. Tanner slipped into the club and ordered Skye to meet him at McKay's in five minutes.

Trevor went to Chandler Mansion to speak to his "favorite niece." Hayley noted that she was Trevor's only niece. Uncle Porkchop tried to lift Hayley's spirits, but Hayley was to far down in the dumps to be lifted out. She began blaming herself for ruining Mateo's life while at the same time keeping exactly what happened to sour their relationship a secret.

At McKay's, Tanner told Skye that he has a new plan to woo Hayley. What Skye didn't know was that she was an intricate part in the plan. Tanner ordered Skye to become Mateo's support system in an effort to endear herself to the Latin heartthrob. This way, he reckoned, Mateo would fall for Skye and Hayley would then be ripe for the picking.

Back at Holiday's, the crowd silenced when Dimitri and Gloria entered. Elise began asking questions about Dimitri and his "blonde" friend. She implied that the two were seeing each other romantically, but Erica paid the comments no mind. Opal and Myrtle tried to ease Erica's frustration at seeing her ex-husband, but even they couldn't calm down Miss Kane. Opal reminded Erica that the book was dedicated to Dimitri. Erica agreed, but said that the book would be re-dedicated to her two daughters on its second printing. She then summoned Mateo and gave him an ultimatum: Give Dimitri the boot from Holidays or have the book singing cancelled and lose business. Mateo walked over to Dimitri's table and asked that he leave. Erica began ripping out the dedication page in the copies of her book, calling it a printing error. Dimitri agreed to leave, but said that he needs to have a few words with his wife. He approached the stage and bent over so that he could look Erica in the eyes. he told her that she does not own Holidays, him, or Pine Valley and he'll be damned if he'll let her control him.

Jack received a phone call from an investigator he had contacted to research Erica's Russian adoption. The man told Jack that the Russian Adoption Agency has no records of an Erica Kane or an Erica Marick making an adoption.

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