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Joe tried to talk Jake into returning to Pine Valley. Mateo zeroed in on Tanner and Hayley's location. After a struggle, Tanner was shot and later died.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of May 12, 1997 on AMC
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Monday, May 12, 1997

The last thing Liza wanted to hear was Ruth give her a scolding. She told Ruth to make an appointment if she wants to speak to her, but Ruth wasn't about to leave without speaking her mind. She rose from her seat and blocked the exit. What type of demented games is Liza playing with her children, Ruth asked. It seems that every time Liza gets involved with one of her boys, disaster follows. Ruth accused Liza of breaking up Tad's marriage and ripping out Jake's heart. With biting sarcasm, Ruth asked if Liza would next set her eyes on Joe! Liza didn't squabble over the last two comments, but she did take issue with Ruth's continued insistence that Tad had no part in breaking up his marriage to Dixie. She pointed out that it takes two to tango--or have an affair in this case---and asked Ruth to get out of her office. Ruth would eventually leave, but not before issuing an advisory: Make sure your marriage to Adam lasts, because you are not getting anywhere near my sons again!

Joe managed to locate Jake at the Sleepy Hollow Inn and tried to convince his son to return to Pine Valley. "Don't let your pride tear you away from you family," spouted Joe. Jake said that he had dreams of sailing around the world on love. Those dream are now history. He still wanted to become a doctor, but wasn't sure that he'd "make a difference." Joe gave Jake a pep talk, issuing a statement that the world of medicine has evolved in recent years and that Jake will have a chance to do great things. Dr. Martin then plugged Pine Valley University's medical program, Pine Valley's clean air, and Ruth's baked goods in an attempt to get Jake to return home.

Joe and Jake returned home to Pine Valley and told Ruth that Jake has decided to move back home. Ruth was overcome with emotions and hugged her son tightly.

Erica told Adam that she wants to begin a test run of her new show immediately. Adam thought it better that they do some research and development on the show before doing anything technical. Erica didn't really mind, here spirits were too high. She, Sonya, and Opal were headed to New York for a shopping spree. After Erica left, Adam told Tad that Erica would be co-hosting The Cutting Edge. Tad was furious by the decision. He said that he had built The Cutting Edge into a top rated program and doesn't want Erica to turn it into cotton candy. Adam and Tad's bickering grew so loud that they began drawing a crowd of on-lookers. One of the gapers, Liza, ordered Adam and Tad to shut up. When she learned what Adam was up to, she lashed out at her on-again-off-again hubby for usurping the boundaries of his power. Now the three of them were embroiled in a feud. Phoebe and her cameraman showed up for one of the spontaneous film sessions. She encouraged the couple to continue fighting, but Adam explained that they were not fighting with each other, they were fighting over ideas. Liza began praising her work and tried to make a few statements about powers Adam had given her so that they'd be immortalized on tape. Then she'd be able to use the videotape as "evidence" against Adam if he decided to take away some of her duties at the station. To shut her up, Adam planted a big kiss on Liza's lips. Phoebe was pleased with the filming session and departed. Adam blasted Liza for trying to cause trouble and she yelled at him for kissing her. After they split up, both Adam and Liza reflected on the kiss.

Mateo figured out that Hayley must have went to the cave by herself. Skye thought otherwise. She said that Hayley is smarted than that and told Mateo to forget about the cave. Mateo insisted on going to the cave and asked Skye to head to the police and issue a statement against Tanner. But he really didn't expect her to do it.

Dimitri and Gloria went to New York to learn more about Erica's stay at the hotel. Dimitri bribed nearly everyone in the hotel. The manager was reluctant to help, citing the hotel's very strict code of privacy. A few greenbacks changed his mind. The trio ducked into another area just as Erica and Opal entered. After signing in, Opal, Erica, and Sonya went on one of the most extravagant shopping sprees in daytime television history. To Bonnie Raitt's "You Got It," the women bought clothing, stuff animals, shoes, and anything else little Sonya could ever need. When they returned to the hotel, Erica claimed that Sony had developed a rash on her hands and that she needed medical attention. Opal didn't see anything, but didn't argue with her gal pal. Erica said that she'd head to the pediatrician and have Sonya examined.

Gloria and Dimitri interviewed the babysitter that watched Sonya during Erica's stay in the Big Apple. Through her, they learned that Erica had Sonya upon her arrival to the city and that Erica did go tot he airport, but that she was gone only for a few hours. Now Dimitri and Gloria knew that Erica did not adopt Sonya from Russia... but that still left a lot of unanswered questions. Tad showed up at the hotel to find Erica. Imagine his surprise when he saw his fiancé and the Count chatting in the lobby.

Hayley slapped Tanner, but her attempt at holding the man off failed. The feeble attempt enraged Tanner even more. Tanner told Hayley that she had no way out of the cave because her had pushed her car over a cliff. So if she wanted to leave, she'd have to do everything he asked her. The two argued back and forth, but Hayley's constant mention of Mateo caused Tanner to lose his cool. He slapped her across the face, sending her falling backwards. Her head thumped against the wall of the cave and Hayley collapsed to the ground. Typical to the behavior of an abusive person, Tanner blamed Hayley, who remained unconscious, that she was at fault for being hit. Had she not pushed him, he claimed that she'd be having a good time. Tanner gathered a few loose rocks and "buried" Hayley in a rock-lined crypt. A few minutes after he finished, Mateo showed up at the cave. Mateo confronted his former best friend for staging the plane landing, killing Earl, transporting drugs, and raping Hayley. Tanner claimed that Mateo was just jealous because Hayley wanted him more than Mateo. That was the last straw. The two men came to blows. Mateo easily overpowered Tanner and nearly let his rage take over his mind. Mateo bowed to Tanner's pleas for his life. That was a big mistake. Tanner pulled a gun from his pocket and pointed it at Mateo's chest.

Tuesday, May 13, 1997

Skye and Jack boarded a plane bound for Virginia. Jack blamed Skye for waiting so long to tell him about Tanner's dirty deeds. Skye claimed that she did not think that Tanner was dangerous, a claim that Jack disputed with the mention of the blackmail Skye had been paying.

Even as Tad approached their position, Gloria and Dimitri had no idea that their lies were about to be exposed. Needless to say, Gloria was stunned to see Tad in New York. Dimitri accused Tad of following them and said that Gloria accompanied him to the big city as a friend. Tad requested that Dimitri find himself a new friend. Gloria ordered the two men to stop fighting, saying that she'd walk out on them if they didn't comply. Tad said that he would let Gloria walk because she lied to him. Explaining that she and Dimitri are in New York to check up on Erica's adoption didn't quell Tad's anger. Tad's domineering attitude forced her to lie, claimed Gloria. Had he not banned her from talking to Dimitri she would not have lied. The mention of control likened Tad to Adam, a comparison he did not appreciate. He stated that he had come to the hotel to find Erica, not to check up on his fiancee. Gloria again stated that she would not live under someone's rules. Tad turned and walked away.

Dimitri used his financial resources to elicit more information from the hotel manager. He said that the woman posing as his wife, Mrs. Davis, must have needed a doctor to care for her child. The manager checked his files and handed over the name and address of the pediatrician that he had previously recommended to "Mrs. Davis."

Tad went to Gloria's hotel room and knocked on the door. He demanded that she open the door or risk having him sit outside her door all night. No response. Tad took a seat in front of the door and when Gloria finally did answer the door, Tad fell backwards into the room. Gloria, rapped in only a towel, told Tad that she was still angry at him. Tad, looking up from the ground at Gloria's, um, towel told her that seeing her in only a towel had wiped his memory clear of any previous conflict. The two kissed and made up.

Erica had a hard time convincing Dr. Orsher's receptionist to allow her to see the doctor. The receptionist looked at Mrs. Davis carefully and said that she looks very familiar. She was, however, unable to determine the woman's true identity. The doctor agreed to check out Sonya. The rash was determined to be of little significance; It was due to the baby's extremely sensitive skin. He gave Erica some Blue Star Ointment to apply to the rash and told her that the condition should disappear upon application. While she was there, Erica asked if it would be possible to remove Sonya's birthmark. While the procedure is being used, Dr. Orsher recommended that Erica forgo the treatment. He felt that Sonya's birthmark was not large enough to cause concern and said that it's a benign skin disorder that will cause no harm to the baby. As Erica left the office, she saw Dimitri filling out a new patient application. He had told the receptionist that he wanted to speak with the doctor. Erica managed to flee the office without being noticed. Dimitri asked the pediatrician for information on "Mrs. Davis." The doctor cited his Hippocratic Oath and said that he could not breach his vow of patient confidentiality.

Janet dropped by Brooke's house to ask if Jamie could go attend the circus with her and Amanda. Brooke was visibly nervous and didn't offer an answer. Pierce left the house to go to the nursery and pick out trees and flowers for his planned backyard garden. Janet told Brooke that she'd understand if she did not feel comfortable entrusting her with Jamie, but Brooke offered no response. Brooke stared into space. Janet asked Brooke if she was concerned about Christina's return. Brooke had no idea that Janet knew about Christina. Janet explained that she saw Christina's name in the guest book and that Trevor filled her in on the details so that she wouldn't blab the news to Pierce. Janet noticed that Brooke was upset and was about to leave when Brooke pulled her aside and told her to speak her mind. Janet told Brooke that she knows what it's like to "pin all your hopes on one man." Brooke said that she plans to go against Christina's request to keep her return a secret. Janet was confused by the decision. She commented that since Pierce thinks Christina has been dead for eighteen years there is no reason to bring up the past---especially if Christina asked Brooke to keep her lips zipped. Brooke said that neither she nor Christina want Pierce to know the truth and asked Janet if she's a bad person for "not wanting to lose Pierce to a ghost of the past." When asked for advice, Janet said that she's the last person someone should ask for advice on relationships. She said that she'd eventually tell the truth, but indicated that she'd "let the chips fall" in the meantime. Pierce has a right to know. Brooke tapped her foot and said she was going to tell him. Just then, Pierce returned home. Janet scampered out the door and said that she'd phone Brooke with details on the circus later. Brooke was visibly distraught and Pierce knew that something was wrong. Brooke parted with the truth she had been hiding for several days: Christina is still alive.

Matt begged Tanner to put down the gun. Tanner initially refused to bow to the "Great Mateo Santos" and told Matt that he was tired of living in his shadow. Again Mateo pleaded with Tanner. Tanner finally agreed to put the gun down. When he did, Matt lunged at his friend and tried to wrestle the gun away. Tanner won the battle, kicked Mateo in the ribs, and dashed out of the cave. Mateo composed himself and ran after Tanner.

Jack and Skye arrived at the cave and found nothing. Normally that would be a good sign. But Jack felt that the empty cave reeked of evil.

Outside the cave, Tanner cornered Matt behind a rock. In an effort to create a diversion, Matt picked up a small rock and tossed it in the bushes behind Tanner. Tanner turned and fired the gun in the direction of the noise. Now that Tanner's attention had been disrupted, Matt emerged from hiding and tackled Tanner to the ground. The two men struggled for the gun. In their battle, the gun fired. A look of shock crept across Matt's face as Tanner rose to his feet and walked away.

The sound of the gunshot made its way to the cave. Skye tried to think up other events that could have caused the noise--thunder or a car backfiring--but Jack told her to face the truth: Someone was shot.

Tanner suddenly fell to the ground, blood trickling from his chest. Matt pressed Tanner for Hayley's location and urged Tanner to hang on until the medics could be notified. Tanner laughed sadistically as he told Mateo that Hayley was "gone." Jack and Skye arrived on the scene just as Tanner fell into unconsciousness.

Wednesday, May 14, 1997

Tanner's condition deteriorated. Skye's surmisal that Tanner had died was incorrect. Jack dashed off to call the paramedics. Tanner needed to remain alive if Mateo were to have any hope of locating Hayley.

Laura studied at McKay's, all the while mumbling to herself. Not an uncommon occurrence, but it did scare off Diana. Laura looked up from her books and saw the woman standing nearby and invited Diana to join her for a cup of coffee. The two ladies talked about writing love letters as well as Diana's manuscript. Before she forgot, Diana asked Laura what she could buy Brooke for a wedding present. Laura shrugged her shoulders. It seems that her new mom has one of everything a person could ask for. And when asked what Pierce would like, Laura told Diana that what Pierce does not have he makes himself. The talk soon drifted to Diana and Pierce's individual battles in Central America. This lead Laura to tell Diana about Pierce's days as recluse after the war. Laura described the cabin at Willow Lake as if it were a magical house made of gingerbread. Diana asked if she could visit the cabin. Laura nodded and gave her directions to the cabin.

Trevor dangled crepe paper in the livingroom of his house to prepare for Amanda's birthday party. Janet dropped by to drop off a gift for Amanda's party. Trevor told Janet that she had already given a gift (the party dress) and need not give anything more. Janet explained that the dress was never revealed to have been given to Amanda by Janet. Amanda was not too keen on Janet at the time of the gift. This way Amanda would not think that Janet forgot about her. Trevor's decorations were a flop. They didn't quite look like he had planned; It resembled a multi-colored spider web. It just so happened that Janet stopped by the party store before her visit and picked up everything that was needed for a Hawaiian theme party. Janet went hog wild as she pulled out poi and grass skirts from her shopping bags. When she realized how excited she was getting, she quickly apologized to Trevor and said that she'd be on her way. Trevor told Janet to keep her apology. After all, she was acting like a typical parent. Janet talked of the birthdays she celebrated as a child and how disappointing they usually turned out. Trevor revealed a dark secret from his past: His mother died on one of his childhood birthdays. Janet didn't know that Trevor's mom passed away on his birthday and told him that she was sorry for his loss. The work on readying the place for the party wrapped up and Janet was about to go on her way. Trevor stopped Janet from leaving and asked if she'd join him for a bite to eat. He no longer called her "The Planeteer." Now she was "The Parenteer." Janet wasn't sure if Trevor could cook, but he indicated that he watches The Main Ingredient (Robin Mattson, the actress who plays Janet, hosted the cooking show The Main Ingredient)

You did not kill Christina. Those were the words of assurance that Brooke offered Pierce. She told him that he had been given a second chance. The woman Pierce fell in love with nearly two decades ago was not buried in Los Rios: She was alive and in Pine Valley. Pierce couldn't believe his ears. He learned that the woman at the gallery who wanted to speak to him was, in fact, the woman from his past. The fact that he could not identify the woman mystified and even scared Pierce. This was, after all, the woman he had a child with. Pierce determined that he had to see Diana and find out if she really was Christina Vargas.
Laura returned home and overheard Pierce and Brooke's discussion. From the bits and pieces she heard, she knew that they were talking about "Diana Martinez." Laura told the couple that she had just left McKay's where she had a cup of coffee with Diana. She also told Pierce that she gave her directions to the cabin. Pierce knew that this was his chance to see Christina. He gave Brooke a kiss on the forehead and left for the cabin
Pierce arrived at the cabin, hoping to find Christina. Pierce walked inside. He heard a noise and instinctively spun around. There stood Diana. "I've been waiting for you," she said.

At the hospital, a doctor told Mateo and Skye that Tanner's condition was serious. He was unconscious and hovering just about death. Mateo was whisked off to answer questions from the police. Thankfully, there would be no charges pressed as they were handling the shooting as an "accidental shooting." Skye slipped into Tanner's room and wished for his speedy demise. As she talked, Tanner suddenly opened his eyes, grabbed her by the collar, and told her that if he goes down, she's going down with him. Skye panicked and called for help. Tanner closed his eyes and either "played unconscious" or really did pass out. Matt grabbed Tanner and began shaking him. He asked for Hayley's whereabouts, but he received no answer. The police entered the room and escorted Mateo out of the room. Jack arrived a few minutes later and told Mateo and Skye that he news on Hayley. A search team discovered her rental car at the bottom of a ravine. The car went over a cliff and exploded on impact.

Thursday, May 15, 1997

The sound of silence crept over Brooke's new home. Brooke sat on the sofa in a feeble attempt to pass the time until Pierce returned to arms. A sound at the door raised her hopes. Even though the sound marked the safe return of Laura, Brooke couldn't help but show a bit of disappointment. It was easy for Laura to notice that Brooke was distracted, preoccupied by something else. Brooke tried to convince Laura that nothing was wrong, but the truth eventually found its way out. Brooke told her daughter that Diana Martinez was really Christina, the woman that Pierce had fallen in love with in El Salvador. The news stunned Laura and a host of questions rolled off her tongue as she tried to comprehend the news she had just received. The first sign of emotion from Laura showed her rage. She wondered why Christina had come to town under false pretenses and demanded to know what type of game she was playing. Brooke insisted that Christina's presence was "a good thing." It meant that Pierce would no longer have to be haunted by visions of Christina's death. Laura agreed, but asked what would happen in Christina wanted Pierce back in her life.

No one could say for certain that Hayley was in her car when it plunged over the cliff. But every feared that Tanner had taken Hayley's life as some sort of sick plot of revenge on Mateo. Matt called Adam to tell him to get to Virginia as soon as possible. He also placed a phone call to Trevor, but Trevor was entertaining Janet and decided not to answer the phone. Skye expressed a desire to help, but Mateo told her that she could do nothing. It was her fault, he said, that Hayley was killed. If she had gone to the police to report Tanner's extortion plot, Tanner would have been in jail rather than in Virginia.

Janet and Trevor nibbled on the chicken nugget shishkabobs. Trevor made a comment that implied that he had wasted time from Janet's bust social life. With a smile and a bit of a sigh, Janet said that she has no social life. She was, however, content with a "hum drum" life. Tim returned from a baseball game and caught Janet and Trevor on the couch together. Janet rose to her feet and headed to the door. She reminded Trevor to give Amanda the present she dropped off. Rather than do that, Trevor told Janet that she should bring it by herself after Amanda's party. After Janet left, Tim, with a macho tone to his voice, asked Trevor "What's up with you and Janet." Trevor fumbled for words to describe that he and Janet were decorating the house for Amanda's party. Tim nodded his head in an "If you say so" manner. Trevor asked Tim why he was interested in Janet. After all, the last time Tim and Trevor discussed Janet, Tim had told Trevor that he'd ask for a "parental divorce" if Janet was allowed anywhere near the house. Tim explained that Janet saved Amanda's life... and he'd "grown up" since their last discussion. He then wanted to know if Trevor and Janet were dating. "N-n-n-no. No way," stuttered Trevor. Tim went upstairs to his room and Trevor was left to talk to himself. "Me dating the Planeteer," he muttered. "Kids!?"

The cabin at Willow Lake must have bore an eerie resemblance to the cabin Christina and Pierce shared in Central America. Christina wondered how Pierce could have survived in a cabin that should have brought back so many memories. "Who are you?" Pierce repeated. The woman claimed to be "what's left of Christina Vargas." Pierce insisted that Christina was dead---he shot her! Christina shook her head and walked the floor of the cabin. She explained that her life was spared. She didn't know why, but she was thankful that a divine power intervened and allowed her to continue living. Had Pierce recognized her at the gallery, she might have said something. But she did not feel that she could take away Pierce's new found happiness, especially if he did not remember her. The next obvious question would be to find out what happened to their daughter, Amelia. Painfully, Christina said that she had no idea. She checked the birth and death certificates in Los Rios, but there was no record of their daughter. Even with all of the personal information the woman knew, Pierce remained unsure that she was really Christina Vargas. Diana looked him in the eyes as she unbuttoned her blouse. There, as it should have been, was a gun shot wound in Christina's abdomen. "Say my name," Christina pleaded. "Tell me you know who I am." Pierce did as she said, calling her Christina for the first time in over eighteen years. The two embraced, tears flowing down their cheeks.

Skye and Matt were told that Tanner's condition had improved and that he was now expected to survive his wounds. Skye couldn't believe her ears. She slipped into Tanner's room and closed the blinds that allowed the outside to see into the room. She took a pillow in her hands and prepared to smother the life out of Tanner/ Before she could enact her plan, Mateo entered the room and caught her in the act. "Your sister is not coming back," Mateo called out. And if Skye kills Tanner, Adam will lose another daughter. Mateo begged Skye not to let Tanner destroy her life. Skye cried and apologized to Mateo, saying that everything was her fault.

Adam arrived on the scene and demanded to be filled in on what happened. How did Hayley end up in Virginia when she was supposed to be on the beach? Mateo told how Tanner staged the emergency plane landing and how he sexually assaulted Hayley. Now, Hayley was presumed dead. Adam roared at Mateo's statement. He told him never to assume anything. Adam rose to his feet and walked over to the observation window. There, he stared coldly at Tanner.

In her rock-lined crypt in the cave, Hayley began to regain her senses. She called to Mateo and Tom to come to her rescue... but no one raced to her side.

Friday, May 16, 1997

A provision in the loan contract between Stuart and Dimitri allowed for Dimitri to demand payment in full on the debt at any time. He decided that there's no time like the present and, with Lila Stevenson by his side, showed up at the gallery to ask Stuart to pay off his debt. Confused, Stuart said that he didn't have the money to pay off the loan. No problem, smiled Liza. Dimitri would nullify the debt and in return Stuart would hand over ownership of WRCW. Stuart knew that the station was worth far more than half a million dollars and confronted Dimitri about the station's value. Dimitri said that in addition to nixing the debt, he'd give Stuart the value of WRCW (minus the loan amount) in cash. The mention of selling the station, the money, and other legal matters boggled Stuart's mind. He said that he'd have to talk to his brother before agreeing. Dimitri insisted that he could take care of Adam and would break the news for Stuart.

Brooke waited for Pierce to return, but he remained a no-show. Phoebe did, however, drop by to offer her niece a present. She said that she could not wait until Brooke held the house-warming party and decided that now was a good time to drop off a gift. The gift, a ceramic pair of ice skates, brought tears to both women's eyes. The figurine belonged to Phoebe's grandmother. Phoebe, on the verge of crying aloud, explained that now that Brooke no longer lived on "Wallingford ground," she needed a piece of the Wallingford family in her house.

Pierce said that he believed that Diana was really Christina. Now that the identification was established, Christina wondered where she fit in in Pierce's life. After all, Pierce was engaged to be married to Brooke. Pierce didn't offer an answer. Instead, he said that he wishes he and Christina had never met. That wasn't meant to hurt Christina, though. Pierce reckoned that Christina's life would have been much, much better had they never met and fallen in love. But Christina said that she'd do it all over again---but things would end up happier than they did in the past. The next mission was to locate Amelia, their missing daughter.. Christina explained that she had no money and could be of little use to Pierce. "I need you," Pierce replied. "And I'll never abandon you again."
Pierce eventually returned home to Brooke, but both knew that things had changed.

Erica showed up for taping at WRCW and learned that she'd be a co-host on The Cutting Edge. Erica didn't seem upset by the news, but Tad remained insistent that The Cutting Edge was a one man show. Myrtle, who accompanied Erica to the station, was perplexed by Erica's attitude. Erica explained that if she does not get to host the show with Tad, the press will chastise Tad and The Cutting Edge. If she does do the show, sponsors will line-up at her door to sponsor her new show. So it was a win-win situation. Liza yanked Tad aside and told him that Erica is a "media darling" and that WRCW will suffer if Tad backs out on the show. Besides, Liza promised fireworks. The topic of the show was adoption... and Liza pointed to the special guests for the show: Edmund and Maria. Neither Erica nor The Greys knew that they'd be appearing on the show together. When Liza broke the news, Edmund was against the idea. Maria suggested that they put their differences aside and do the show. She explained that millions of people could be educated on adoption through their appearance on the show. Erica saw the idea as an ambush and said that they could not do a credible show with Liza overseeing the production.
The show began with some mutual praise from Tad and Erica; Erica told Tad that he's done a good job with the show considering he's a new to television and Tad told Erica that she inspired him. The show rolled and ended without a hitch. But after the show, there were those fireworks that Liza promised. WRCW's new owner was introduced. No one knew anything about the new owner. When Dimitri strolled onto the set, Erica claimed that Dimitri was out to get her. She implied that he'd try to ruin her career , a career that allows her to take care of her baby. She shouldn't have mentioned the baby. Under the watchful eyes of the entire station, Dimitri told Erica that he baby that was supposedly "From Russia, With Love" was really "as American as apple pie." He demanded that Erica come clean and tell the truth about where she adopted the baby.

Adam asked Skye if she had any part in Hayley's disappearance. Skye was noticeably offended. Nothing she said appeased her father, who found fault in every explanation that Skye offered. Matt and Jack returned tot he hospital with good news: The police had managed to navigate their way to Hayley's wrecked car and determined that the car was empty. There was a little rejoicing at the good news, but the celebration ended when they realized that they still did not know Hayley's whereabouts. Matt raced into Tanner's room and pressed the Aussie for information. Tanner refused to offer a single syllable. Jack decided that it was his position to get the details from Tanner. he hovered over Tanner's bed and told him that Tanner faces life in prison for Hayley's disappearance coupled with the murder of Earl Boyd. Tanner began to speak. He said that he will not go to jail for life. Jack offered a plea bargain, but Tanner said he wanted the deal in writing. Adam accused Tanner of stalling. Tanner came around and said that he would tell them where Hayley was at... but he never got the chance. His condition deteriorated and he went into cardiac arrest. The heart monitors showed no heart beat.

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