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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of May 12, 1997 on ATWT
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Monday, May 12, 1997

by Jeannae Dickerson

LUCINDA gives the baby picture (taken from Mrs. Thompkins' home) to a private detective (Mr. Webster) and wants him to try to locate a birth record and have the picture "morphed" to find out what he would look like 30 years later. Then SAMANTHA comes in and tells her that she had dinner with one of the most intriguing men she has ever met. Lucinda wants to hear about her date. Sam says she first met him in Monte Carlo but he is now in Oakdale. She says she stopped caring about Kirk a long time ago. Lucinda spies the bundles of cash in Sam's purse and wants to know if she has found a new system or if she has been pulling a scam again. Sam says she borrowed it from Lily to pay off her debts.

LILY and HOLDEN are getting passionate in Emma's kitchen as the pressure cooker starts to steam. Holden goes up to check on Emma and returns to the kitchen just as Lily is lifting the last jar of preserves from the cooker. They begin to kiss again but then decide to stop and take Lily home.

MOLLY tells JACK (in Lily's house) that she is worried about Lily; that is why she doesn't want to tell Lily about Holden. She says she doesn't want to answer questions about where she has been and how she got there. She says she will be gone in a couple of weeks anyway. Jack says he will keep quiet on one condition. He wants her to go out with him; he tells her he will call her and leaves.

MARGO tells TOM she will be leaving the sanitarium soon. After he is gone, JAMES suddenly appears. He says, "Margo, lover, it's been a long long time." He tells her, "James is alive. Touch me." He puts a package of mints on the table for her. At first she thinks she is imagining it, but then she realizes that he really is there. He tells her he has been there for a while waiting for the crowd to thin out. He tells her to imagine what a pair they make--she is crazy and he is dead. He wants to know if she has missed him. Of course she is terrified; he tells her that he'll be back and leaves. Margo asks Camille for help; she wants her to get Tom. She insists to Tom that James Stenbeck is still alive and just paid her a visit. She says he is real, he is back, and up to something. Tom doubts her.

DAVID visits KIRK in the hospital. Kirk says he is not guilty. He said he confessed for Sam's benefit. He found the murder weapon outside the church in the bushes. He realized it was Margo's gun and picked it up to protect her. David will accept Kirk's not guilty plea. He wants to reduce Kirk's charges but Kirk says he's just trying to make a name for himself. Kirk says noone wins in the Santana case.

Lily and Holden get back to her house. They kiss just inside the front door with Molly hiding around the corner. Holden leaves and then calls Lily to tell her he had a good time. Lily goes to bed and tells Molly she will see her in the morning. Molly then sneaks out of the house carrying a bag.

James tells Jack that he needs Jack to take care of someone for him--a private investigator whose name is Webster. He has been snooping around the medical examiner's office looking for James' death certificate. James wants him to disappear permanently.

Mr. Webster then enters Lucinda's house with an envelope. He says the child was probably related to Mrs. Thompkins--perhaps her sister's child. He was unable to locate an exact birth date but did get a copy of the adoption record and the computer picture of what he probably looks like as a grownup. As Lucinda pulls out the picture, it bears a strong resemblance to David Allen.

As Mr. Webster leaves the Walsh estate, Jack grabs him and says, "I have a message for you from my boss," and holds a gun on him.

Tuesday, May 13, 1997

by Jeannae Dickerson

JOHN and BARBARA prepare to eat Chinese food at his place and realize that they both like the same things. They decide to go to bed instead of eating. In the meantime LUCINDA puts in a call to the hospital trying to get hold of John. He is not there, so she attempts to call him at home but realizes that she does not know his phone number. She goes to see him and finds him with Barbara. Barbara gets dressed and goes angrily out the door when she is asked to leave so Lucinda and John can talk. Lucinda shows John the computer picture and he said, "This is David Allen." Lucinda tells him about Mrs. Thompkins. She says this child was raised by Mrs. Thompkin's sister and was adopted. Lucinda tells John that the father was a wicked person. She thinks maybe the father (James) concocted the whole thing to get back at her. She says she does not like David Allen; therefore he can not be her son. John tells her it could be true that he actually is her son. He suggests that she go talk to David and be friendly and find out if he knows he was adopted. She decides that she will find something to care about in David.

MARGO and TOM are talking at the sanitarium. He wants to know how this sighting of James is different from when she thought she saw Diego after he was killed. She wants to know why she is seeing James now since he had nothing to do with the plane crash. Tom reminds her of all the proofs they had of James' death. He says she is going through a process of clearing the bad stuff out of her life. He gets her calmed down and she asks him not to tell anyone. After he leaves, she spots the mints James left.

LILY looks for MOLLY (after Molly left the house with a bag). Lily calls HOLDEN to come over because Molly is gone. He says he will go to the bus station to see if she is there. Lily looks for the picture of herself and Molly so Holden will know who to look for. As she finds it, she decides that Holden can't help because Molly won't let him get within two feet of her. She puts the picture away without showing Holden. She leaves Holden there with Luke as she sets out to find Molly. Later she returns and says she looked everywhere but could not find her. Lily thinks Molly is just afraid. She says she doesn't care about the $100,000 bail money; she just hopes Molly shows up for her hearing. Lily says she will continue to look for her and will not notify the court of her disappearance.

JACK is holding a gun on Mr. Webster (the private investigator). He tells him he doesn't want to shoot him. Jack tells the P.I. to drop the case he is working on, get out of town and never come back. Later Jack is talking to James on the phone telling him the matter is taken care of. Just then he sees someone stealing his car. It is Molly who has wired the car so she can get out of there. Jack says he will not call the police but he also won't let her leave. Jack wants to know what is so important that she can walk out on a friend (Lily) and cost her a bundle of money. She says she can't go back to Lily's. Jack says he has a place she can stay and he will trust that she won't run away. He takes her to the Snyder hayloft. She says she won't be able to leave the loft for fear of seeing Holden. Jack says that way he knows she won't run. She remembers how she and Holden kissed there long ago.

DAVID ALLEN asks HAL (at headquarters) how long ago the Kingsley-Malta crash occurred. He talks about Margo and insists she is dangerous. He wants to have an Internal Affairs investigation. Hal tells him that it will kill her career. They argue; David insists that he is doing is job. Lucinda walks in on the argument. She reports that her car was either stolen or towed. She says to herself, "David Allen--never!"

Wednesday, May 14, 1997

by Jeannae Dickerson

MARK gets a special delivery letter--the bid for the Wonder Building has been accepted. CONNOR admits that she put in the bid. Mark is upset and says he is not the right guy for the job. His company is not equipped for it. He says he would have to mortgage the company to get start-up funding. He asks her if she is doing this for him or for herself. She says she wants him to believe in himself. She says that the key to independence is financial success. She offers to help him financially, but he refuses.

DAVID ALLEN is on the phone talking to someone about Margo. JAMES comes in. David tells him that he has not heard from the governor yet; James replies that he will hear. James wants to know if the zoning commission has approved the Wonder Building. David says that the project will be approved unanimously with an early start date. James tells him that Kasnoff Construction has the job. David argues that that company is not large enough to do the job.

LUCINDA is talking to a friend in a law firm in Los Angeles about an offer for a job for David. She says she wants him out of Oakdale by the end of the week (for personal reasons). JOHN drops in and says, "Is that any way to treat your son?" Lucinda replies that she has no son. She says he has no good qualities--no heart and no soul. She tells him about overhearing David arguing with Hal about making a report to Internal Affairs about Margo. She says he has no compassion for anyone. John leaves angrily to find David. Lucinda makes a phone call instructing someone to put a rush on the DNA tests. James appears and hears her talking about DNA tests. She tells him that she is using two labs to make sure of the results.She asks James for a piece of his hair. He says David is going to need her to help launch his career. She thinks James wants her money; he tells her he does not want that. He wants David to have power and a family. Then James asks Lucinda which one of them is going to break the news to David about his parentage. She tells him if he tells David that she is his mother, she will finish James. He says that once the DNA test results are in, she will claim David as family.

TOM visits MARGO at the sanitarium. She tells him she feels fine and that the James Stenbeck thing was just an hallucination. He breaks the news to her that someone has released information about her to Internal Affairs and Commissioner Willis has dismissed her from the force and put her on disability. She reminds him of how hard she worked to be a cop. Tom says that they will fight this. She takes the responsibility for this happening to her because she broke the rules too often. She goes to her therapy session. John comes in and tells Tom who released the information to IA. Tom blames himself because he didn't accept David's resignation. John stays to wait for Margo while Tom leaves to find David. John leaves after he sees Margo. EMILY comes in; Margo shows her the tin of candy that James left. Emily asks where she got them; they're not sold locally. When Margo tells her about James' visit, Emily won't believe her. Margo says if the candy is real, James is real. She tells Emily that she touched him. Emily says that James is dead and buried; leave him that way.

Tom finds David in his office and blasts him for what he did to Margo. Tom tells him that he is never to start any Internal Affairs investigation without Tom's written permission. David asks Tom if he is going to fire him; Tom says, "Yes, consider yourself fired." After Tom leaves, David takes a call from the L.A. law firm and receives a very generous offer, saying that he would start next week.

Thursday, May 15, 1997

by FemPerez

The Mona Lisa is full of action today as everyone is getting ready for Ben's big night. Lucinda is the first to show, as she is sitting by the bar she starts to remember the first time James told her about David, and guess who walks in, David. Later David accidentally takes Lucinda's drink, she confronts him and he asks her what is she going to do slap him again?.

Mark arrives at banquet, still very upset. Ben and Jessica notice Mark's bad mood and try to cheer him up. Just then Conner walks in, Jessica comments that maybe Conner is the trick to cheering Mark up but Conner disagrees. She tells Jessica that Mark is anger with her for a bid she turned in behind his back. Ben tells Mark that he agrees with Conner and thinks she did the right thing by turning in the bid for the Wonder Building . This makes Mark only more angry, he now thinks Ben and Conner were in a conspiracy against him, and he storms off. Later on Ben finds Mark, and explains he only found out about Conner's bid after the fact, he says Conner had come to him because she feared she had done the wrong thing. Mark asks him what did he tell Conner and Ben said it was about time someone kicked his butt into action. He told Mark what Conner did was out of love, that she wanted the very best for him and he was a lucky man. Just then Conner walked over and Ben excused himself, Mark said he was ready to take the job and he loved Conner and the confidence she has in him. They decided to sneak out of the party early.

Emily shows up at banquet with Susan and Cal. Emily and Lucinda have a quick confrontation about the paper, Lucy tells her to enjoy it while she can. Emily comments on Lucinda's mad mood, she tells Lucy she hopes she is the one that caused it.

John asks Lucy if she has received the DNA test results yet, she tells him she is expecting them later in the evening. He them wants to know if she has made a decision about the HMO who wants to buy out the hospital. He spots Barbara, who looks incredible, and leaves Lucinda to go talk to her. Barbara mentions there night together, and asks John if after the benefit he'd like to come to her house for a night cap, he declines , he explains he is on call with the hospital.

Lucinda goes over to Bob, and asks him to consider the offer from the HMO. He asks her if John put her up to coming to him and she explained she was only doing what she thought was best for the hospital. Bob is furious and storms over to John he asks, "what the hell are you trying to do?", he accuses John of trying to get Bob's job. John tells him he is being paranoid and he only wants what is best for the hospital. Lisa has to come break them up. Just then Amber comes up to confront John, she tells him it doesn't look like Bob will take offer, John said not to worry he'll take it!

Emily recognizes Amber. She keeps her eyes glued to Amber all night. When she asks David about Amber he asks her why she is so interested in this women, Emily tells him there is more to meet the eye then there seeing. Emily confronts Amber, she asks her if she is the women that she saw in Lucinda's stables. Amber admits to being in the stables, she tells Emily she is a HMO representative who wanted to speak to Lucinda, but with all the excitement that night the stables were her quickest way out.

David explains to Lisa why he turned in Margo to internal affairs. Lisa tells him she understands he was only doing what he thought he had to, she try's again to convince him to stay in Oakdale, she asks him if there was anyone who could change his mind about leaving Oakdale (and taking new job Lucinda set up for him). He remembers James words and tells her maybe there is someone.

Ben recognizes one of the waitress, she is an old friend of his back in college. He apologizes to her for being a jerk in the past, Camille tells him all is forgiven.

Barbara confides in Lisa about the night her and John spent. Lisa doesn't look pleased but Barbara tells her not to worry she is a big girl and she knows what she is doing.

Lucinda asks John to please go home with her that she needs his support when she gets the DNA results. John agrees and they leave together, Barbara sees them leave and is not pleased.

Bob gives a speech and makes a toast to Ben, everyone cheers and congratulates Ben.

Molly and Jack have spent the evening in the hayloft and the Snyder farm. Jack makes her an romantic picnic dinner in the hay. He explains he got the idea from a movie he saw as a teenager. After dinner he tells Molly he use to work for the justice department, she freaks out on him and asks him if he is a cop. He tells her he is only a manager for the Falcon Club, and his employment with the government was over. Molly tells him she is sorry for over reacting.

Lily and Holden spend the evening at Mable's Red Hots. Lily is really worried about Molly, Holden tells her that he will give Molly 24 hours to come back, if she wasn't back he was going to notify Jessica. Holden asks Lily to dance, they spend the night dancing and kissing. Holden asks Lily if it is okay if the stop by the farm before he takes her home, he needs to check on a sick horse at the stables. Looks like Molly and Holden will have a surprise...................

Friday, May 16, 1997



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