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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of May 5, 1997 on ATWT
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Monday, May 5, 1997

by Jeannae Dickerson

HOLDEN and LILY are moving a mattress into her house to be ready for Molly. They have a discussion about what happened in the bell tower. Lily feels guilty about it; they didn't think about the consequences. They talk about the idea of Holden getting Aaron back. Holden asks Lily what her friend's name is. He says he knew a Molly when he was a kid, but the last name is not the same. In the meantime, MOLLY has been released from jail earlier than expected. Instead of waiting for Lily to pick her up, she goes to Cal's farm and looks around at the barn. She remembers (at the same time as Holden is remembering) a night in her barn when they confessed their love for each other; she told him she would never love anyone else. CAL finds Molly in the barn and she tells him that her family had once lived there. She says that her parents had worked very hard but they lost the farm by foreclosure. He tells her that she is welcome to visit there any time. Later Molly calls Lily to tell her not to go to the jail--that she will get to Lily's house by herself. She asks that it just be Lily, Luke and herself at dinner tonight. Lily asks Holden to come back after dinner to meet Molly.

DAVID ALLEN finds JAMES in his room and wants to know who he is. James says he is a friend. David recognizes his voice as the one who called him at the Falcon Club and told him he would be the best friend he would ever have. James tells David that he thinks what has been going on at the DA's office is a disgrace--that he has not been treated right. James says it doesn't matter what the press says about you as long as they spell your name right. James mentions what happened to David with the Moore case when he was working for Rhodes and McKnight; he says that David had cut a few corners, but all lawyers do. David doesn't understand how James can know so much about him or why he is so interested in him. James tells David that in a few weeks he (David) is going to be offered the DA's job on a temporary basis. David thinks that James will be the force behind this offer and tells him that he does not want to be indebted to him. James says, "I believe in you and that is why I want to help you. You were pointed out to me as a rising young attorney." James wants to be considered a friend with no strings attached.

LUCINDA goes to the hospital where she had the baby 30 years ago and says she wants to take a look at a death certificate of a baby. The name "Guest" is not in the computer. They then look for the birth certificate; it is not there. The clerk tells her that the paper records are in storage in Texas. Lucinda suddenly remembers that the doctor's name was Rupert Thompkins. As the clerk is looking up the retired doctor's address, Lucinda has a flashback of the night of the birth. She hears the doctor's and nurse's voices talking to her and the nurse is calling her, "Ducky." Later she arrives at the doctor's house, but his wife tells her that her husband died seven years ago. Lucinda wants to know if Mrs. Thompkins has any medical records or memories of her as "Mrs. Martin Guest." Mrs. T. insists that she can't help and as Lucinda is leaving, Mrs. T. says, "I'm sorry I couldn't help you, Ducky." Lucinda recognizes her voice and says that she has only been called "Ducky" twice in her life. Mrs. T. admits that she was a nurse who sometimes helped her husband; she says she remembers Lucinda and that the baby was dead at birth. As Lucinda is leaving, she spots a baby picture on a table near the door and turns around and offers her $10,000 if she will tell her what happened to the baby.

Tuesday, May 6, 1997

by Jeannae Dickerson

MARGO is waiting impatiently for TOM'S visit to the sanitarium. When he arrives, she tells him she can't spend another night there without seeing her boys. He says that Casey is on an overnight but he will go home and bring Adam back. Dr. BEN comes in and tells her he does neurological evaluations there. She asks him about her condition. He tells her to be patient; she can and will get well. He backs into the nurse's aide who is bringing Margo her dinner on a tray. She apparently knows him. Tom brings Adam in and Margo shows him around and discusses her activities. He asks her when she is coming home; she tells him, "Very soon."

JAMES is in DAVID ALLEN'S room. James is offering David his faith and all he wants in return is David's friendship. James is going to put in a call to the governor and David will be offered the job of district attorney temporarily. David says he wants to manage his own career. James wants David's opinion about the Wonder Building which he is going to construct. He wants to know if Mark Kasnoff is trustworthy. David says that Mark could not handle that big a job. James says that he is willing to take a risk and that Mark would have to turn down any other jobs if he takes on the Wonder Bldg. David says he cannot help James with the zoning board or anything else. James says, "After you become district attorney, you might view the world differently." Later LISA comes to David's room. She asks him about his lip and about what kind of fight he was in. He talks to her about leaving Oakdale. Lisa says, "Stay here for Tom's sake. He needs someone he can depend on in the DA's office because of Margo's problems" She tells him to relax and get to learn the job. She says he is tenacious and ambitious. She says that if he doesn't want to work with Tom, look around and find something else to do. He asks who owns large amounts of real estate in town. She says she does not know who is putting up the Wonder Building but that she herself owns quite a bit, so does Cal and of course, Lucinda. He is not thrilled about the idea of working with Lucinda. David thinks about what James has been telling him and he then tells Lisa that he has decided that he will stay in Oakdale.

LUCINDA is in Dr. Thompkins house. She offers Mrs. T. $10,000 in return for information about the survival of the baby. Then she threatens to send her to prison for kidnapping the baby. Mrs. T. remembers that Lucinda didn't even let her hold her hand during the birth. Then she admits that Lucinda's son was alive when he was born, but she insists that she doesn't know what happened to him. Lucinda snatches the baby picture on the way out. When she gets in her car, James pops up from the back seat. She accuses him of coaching Mrs. T. He tells her that he offered David some career opportunities but that David doesn't trust him. Lucinda says that she has no proof that David is their son. James says that she is resourceful and that she will find the proof.

MOLLY knocks on LILY'S door but hides when she realizes that HOLDEN is in the house. He leaves but says he will be back later with a surprise for Luke. Lily takes Molly on a tour of the house and tells her that Holden is coming by later. Lily and Molly play with Luke. In the meantime Holden has gone to the Snyder farm and finds JACK just after he has finished a telephone conversation with someone, saying, "When I get what you want, I'll be in touch." Holden tells him that Lily is having a house guest and tells him about Molly. Back at Lily's house, the doorbell rings. Lily says that it must be Holden. Molly disappears before he comes in. He brings Luke a toy barn that he and Jack have made. Lily puts Luke to bed and tells Holden that Molly must be asleep because her door is closed and the lights are out. They kiss and dance in the living room with Molly lurking just outside the room.

Jack is again talking on the phone and tells someone that if James gets even a hint of what he is doing, he will be a dead man.

Wednesday, May 7, 1997

by Jeannae Dickerson

MOLLY, Luke and LILY have been out looking over her property. They have picked some wildflowers and Lily leaves Molly to put them in a vase while she puts Luke down for his nap. LUCINDA walks in and finds Molly. They introduce each other and Lucinda speaks rather unkindly to Molly. Lily enters the room, Molly leaves to start lunch, and Lily asks Lucinda why she was being unkind. She says that she knows Lily withdrew a sizable amount from her account recently and wants to know why. She thought she might have given it to Molly. Lily won't tell her; she says it is personal. She asks Lucinda why she is acting so strangely. Lucinda says she is worried that something might happen to Lily and Luke. When Lucinda hears that Lily is thinking about selling her shares in WOAK to someone from Chicago who has made an offer, Lucinda insists that Lily keep the station in the family. She talks mysteriously about knowing things that Lily doesn't know. Later Molly tells Lily that when Jessica gets her off, she is going to leave town. She says she has memories in Oakdale, that she has to get far away. Lily tries to tell her she needs to stay and find the guy she was in love with. Molly says that it is time to tell Lily the truth. She tells Lily that she saw the guy when she first got to town and that he is in love with someone else.

NIKKI has arrived in South Beach. She calls Ryder from a pay phone and tells him she is coming right over. He tries to discourage her but she won't listen. She hangs up and turns around only to find HAL. They sit down and talk. Nikki says Hal doesn't listen to her. She says that now that she is 18, she can choose where she wants to live and she wants to live there with Ryder. Hal says he understands about first love and tells her that one day a young man who is worthy of her will come along. She asks for his blessing but he gives her money instead and tells her to call him. She runs off to find Ryder. He comes out of his room and tells her that he needs his space. He wants to explore the world without having to answer to anyone. He says that if he wanted to be with a girl, it would be someone older. She thinbks he is just trying to protect her. She opens the door to his room and finds a girl in his bed. When Nikki runs out, the girl gets up (with her clothes on), Ryder thanks her and she says she needs to go back to the desk. She says, "You must really love her." He says, "More than she'll ever know." Nikki goes back to where she talked to Hal, and he is still there.

LISA, BARBARA and KIM arrive at the Falcon Club. JACK has called Barbara and told her that the new owner wants her to design some new outfits for the waitresses. She wonders why they got rid of the ones they already had; she designed those too. Jack tells her the new owner wants a new look for the club. She says she is too busy but Jack gives her a check to pay for the preliminary sketches. It is obviously a very great amount. She decides that she might be able to find the time. JAMES is watching all of this from his office (with Amber). SAMANTHA comes in and tells the three women she needs to see the manager. Jack and Sam mention the first time they met. They have obviously been well-acquainted in the past. She quizzes him about "Mr. James." The three women are wondering who the new owner is. Lisa says that David Allen might be able to find out. Barbara's check is signed by Jack Snyder and the name Keystone Entertainments is on the check. Jack tells Barbara that she will be dealing with him--not the owner (who wants to remain anonymous).

EMILY is in her office and SUSAN comes in, asking why she didn't come home last night. Emily says she worked so late that she just slept in the office. They discuss the article about Councilman Warren having an affair with a topless dancer. Susan says it is garbage. Emily says her circulation has gone up 4% last week. Emily finally pushes Susan out the door saying she has too much work to do. Lucinda then comes in and tells Emily that she wants her paper back right now. She offers to buy it back. Emily declines, mentioning that she has already received an offer. Lucinda is adamant that Emily not accept that offer. She says that if she is right about who made that offer, Emily would be selling to the devil himself. Lucinda tells Emily that she is unaware of the forces that surround her. She tells Emily that if he contacts her again, let Lucinda know and she will match the price.

Thursday, May 8, 1997

by FemPerez

Margo gets a visit from her father, but his mind is else where. John admits his problems with Bob. Margo tells John he is never satisfied, she reminds him that last year at this time he wasn't even able to practice medicine. John goes back to hospital to confront Bob and tell him he was going to back off, but Bob isn't impressed.

    Conner goes to hospital to ask Ben's opinion about Mark. Conner tells Ben she went behind Mark's back and gave a bid for the Wonder Building. Ben tells Conner she needs to give Mark time, he has many walls that will take time to come down.

Bob goes to Kasnoff Construction, and asks Mark to bid on new clinic for hospital. Mark is thrilled about new job prospect. Before Bobs leaves Mark asks him what is the secret to marriage. Being friends, having a sense of humor, and not just loving your partner but liking them was Bob's advise.

Jack leaves Falcon Club early, so James can be alone with Sam. Jack goes back to farm and helps Emma with some chores. Emma admits to Jack she feels as if he is keeping secrets from the family. Jack tells her there is nothing to hide. He and Emma than reminisce about his earlier days at the farm. Meanwhile Sam is trying to con James out of his World Wide stock, with marked cards. James catches her in the act, he pulls out a clean deck of cards and challenges her to a game of black jack. Sam loses all the money Lily gave her, plus she still doesn't get her stock. James invites her for dinner, Sam declines but James tells her she will be able to get her money back and possible her stock.

Amber dressed as a representive for a private company, visits John. She hinted if he would help convince the members of the board to sell the hospital he may very well get the job of chief of staff. Later Amber tells James she doesn't think she got through to John, but James knows better.

Friday, May 9, 1997



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