All My Children Recaps: The week of May 26, 1997 on AMC
Erica accidentally referred to Edmund and Maria's child as a girl. Hayley and Mateo got married. Adam lashed out at Dimitri for duping Stuart. Esther started to have second thoughts about making Maria believe that Maria's baby was dead.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of May 26, 1997 on AMC
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Monday, May 26, 1997

Due to ABC's coverage of the Indianapolis 500 (which was supposed to be shown on Sunday, but it was rained out and they decided to show it today), All My Children was not shown.

Monday's show was broadcast on Wednesday

Tuesday, May 27, 1997

Due to ABC's coverage of the Indianapolis 500 (which was supposed to be shown on Sunday, but it was rained out and they decided to show it on Monday. but that was rained out and they decided to broadcast the show today)), All My Children was not shown.

Tuesday's show will be broadcast on Thursday

Wednesday, May 28, 1997

Today's show is the broadcast of Monday's pre-empted show. No shows will be lost due to the coverage of the Indy 500. Shows will simply air two days later than normal.

In an attempt to get a leg up on her father, Skye called her Uncle Stuart to talk to him before Adam learned that it was her loan that cost him ownership if WRCW. Mike, a co-worker at Tempo, entered her office with the article she had written about Erica in hand. Mike called the article "fluff." He told her that it was recently revealed that Esther, the baby's nanny, was also the baby's biological mother. Before leaving, he told Skye that if her last name weren't Chandler, she'd never have gotten a job at Tempo.

Erica explained that she inadvertently referred to Edmund and Maria's missing child as a "she" because she was thinking about Sonya. She even went so far as to say that all babies are now "she"s because of Sonya. Before Edmund could continue the inquiry, Maria asked that he back off. Esther entered the room and handed Sonya over to Erica. She said that the pediatrician had given the baby her check-up and determined that Sonya was perfectly healthy. Esther and Edmund headed in their separate directions and Maria and Erica shared a few words. Maria told Erica that not a day passes when she doesn't think about Matthew. Erica again offered her thoughts that bringing a psychic into the matter might not have been the best idea. Maria told Erica that Frederick offered her a great deal of support and even told her that Matthew is surrounded by warmth and love. The comments created an air of uneasiness around Erica. Maria said that she cannot give up her search for Matthew.

Dimitri held his first brain-storming session at WRCW. He wanted out with the old and in with the new. Trevor dropped by the station on his way to Brooke's house to issue a few words of warning to Mr. Marick. Trevor said that Dimitri's plan to use Janet to make Erica jealous hadn't worked. Dimitri noted that Trevor was the one who appeared to be jealous. Not so, Trevor replied. He again used his claim that as a co-parent to Amanda, Janet's personal life is his business. Dimitri agreed with Trevor in his argument that Janet has made a sharp turn around in her life, but said that she doesn't need a "warrior guard" to look after her.

Hayley and Mateo were wed. Nothing fancy, but the ceremony was filled with true heart-felt emotions. Hayley told Mateo that she believes in "you... me... and God." Mateo said that he has learned to trust his heart and that nothing will ever come between him and Hayley again. Adam and Liza exchanged fleeting glances. The vows were recited and rings were exchanged. Adam proposed a toast to his daughter and her new husband, saying that "true love is rare." Liza put down her glass and slipped out of the room. When Adam noticed that his wife was missing, he chased after her. Liza insisted that she was okay and that she always gets choked up at weddings. Adam started to suggest that they utilize the priest from Mateo and Hayley's wedding to renew their vows, but he stopped short of completing his thought. Adam's pilot showed up at the hospital and said that the private jet was fueled and ready to fly back to Pine Valley at any time. Liza begged to tag along, saying that she does not want to miss the Adam-Dimitri feud.

Pierce packed his bags for his trip to Central America. While sifting through her fiancÚ's belongings, Brooke noticed that Pierce packed a hand gun in his suit case. The gun brought up a touchy subject and Brooke asked Pierce to reconsider the need for firearms on the trip. Since no one was sure of the political environment in El Salvador, Pierce said that he wanted to be safe. But if Brooke wanted him to ditch the gun, he said he'd agree to her request.

Trevor dropped Amanda off at Brooke's house. Trevor was set to accompany Pierce on his excursion to Central America. Amanda worried that her father might be entering a dangerous situation. Knowing that Amanda had already lost her mother (actually two of them), Trevor did his best to ease his young daughter's fears. Christina thanked Pierce for his help with an embrace. Needless to say the display of affection and thanks made Brooke very uncomfortable. With a final kiss, Pierce said goodbye to Brooke and he and Trevor left for the airport.

Skye dropped by Linden to dig for dirt on Esther and Erica's adoption situation. At first Esther didn't want to allow Skye into the house because of Erica and Skye's recent fall out. Skye lied that she and Erica had patched things up and that all was fine and dandy again. Skye quickly apologized to Esther for their meeting at the park when she was writing her article on Erica. Esther accepted the apology, rationalizing that being a writer is a stressful job and that Skye meant no harm. That was all that Skye needed to hear before pursuing with a line of very personal questions. When Skye asked Esther what it would be like to have Sonya call Erica "mommy," Esther flipped out. She put her hands over her ears, shook her head back and forth, and rapidly approached the breaking point. When the doorbell rang, Esther hoped that Erica had returned home. But when she opened the door, she saw Edmund. This further added to Esther's breakdown. Edmund explained that he was there to retrieve Skye, not to persecute Esther. Edmund claimed that Skye was not interested in work because she had been AWOL from Tempo for the past few days. Skye told Edmund that she had been in Virginia with Hayley. This was the first time that Edmund had heard about Hayley's near death experience. Erica finally returned home and demanded that Edmund and Skye leave her home. Esther stood up for Edmund, explaining that Skye was the one who was causing trouble. Erica apologized to Edmund, but still asked that he leave. Edmund agreed to leave, but he warned Erica that her adoption situation is a big story and that she cannot expect the media to ignore the story.

Adam returned to WRCW and went to Dimitri's office. He told Dimitri that he should not get comfortable because his stay at WRCW will be quite short.

Maria and Edmund hopped a plane bound for Virginia so that they could be with Hayley and Mateo.

Erica and Esther had tea together. Erica thanked Esther for her continued help with Sonya and told her that everything would soon settle down and they could have a peaceful existence. Edmund isn't evil, Esther snapped. At least not the way Erica had said. Esther said that the situation was not over and that keeping Sonya from her real parents is "a sin."

Thursday, May 29, 1997

Because of the loan he'd given her, Stuart told Skye that he lost ownership of WRCW. Skye's face paled. She worried that her father would find out that she was the reason that Dimitri got control of the station and began laying plans to avert the discovery. Stuart managed to coax part of the truth out of Skye: She didn't need the money for a lawsuit, she was being blackmailed. But that was all the farther that Skye would go with the story. Perhaps, Skye suggested, if they were able to raise $500,000, Dimitri might consider Stuart's debt paid in full and give him the station back.

Maria and Edmund arrived at the hospital. Too bad they didn't arrive earlier, Hayley smiled as she waved her newly placed wedding band. Maria and Edmund were extremely happy for Hayley and Mateo and weren't concerned that they missed the wedding. They were simply happy that Mateo and Hayley didn't waste any time in getting back together. The doctor wanted to examine Hayley and Maria, being a doctor, was allowed to stay in the room. The doctor gave Hayley a good review and hinted that she might be able to go home in a few days. The police called the hospital room trying to find Mateo. Maria took a message for her brother and later told him that the police located Tanner's car and wanted Matt to identify Tanner's belongings.

After the men left. Maria and Hayley talked about married life. They also mused at the type of woman that Isabella had picked for Mateo: A woman with a little white lace apron, a pearl necklace, and someone who grinds her own corn to use in tortillas.

Adam accused Dimitri of swindling Stuart in order to obtain the station. Dimitri claimed that he didn't do anything that Adam hadn't done to Stuart in the past. Using Stuart's name as owner on the station was a devious way to cheat the IRS. Adam vowed to fight Dimitri's acquisition of the station, but Dimitri said that Adam will never get the station back.

Adam headed to the gallery to talk to Stuart about the sale of the station. Stuart apologized non-stop for letting his brother down. He even suggested that Adam have him declared incompetent so that he can regain control of the station. Stuart repeatedly called himself "stupid," and Adam finally stepped in to stop Stuart's self-mutilation. Adam said he would not treat his brother badly any more and insisted that Stuart was not stupid. But Stuart refused to part with the identity of the secret borrower. Scott overheard the raised voices and ran down the steps. There, he told Adam that it was Skye who needed the money.

Skye phoned the Virginia State Police to see if any news had broken on Tanner's case. When she learned that Tanner's car had been located, she made plans to head to Virginia, hoping that the money she had given Tanner was still in the car.

As she left for the airport, Skye bumped into Adam. He demanded to know what was so important to Skye that it resulted in her giving control of WRCW to Dimitri.

In Virginia, Edmund and Mateo learned the answer to Skye's question. No drugs were found in Tanner's car, but a suitcase full of money had been retrieved. Edmund and Matt turned their backs for one second and agreed that the money was definitely Skye's. Liza had overheard Adam and Dimitri's discussion and entered Dimitri's office. Dimitri was surprised to see that Liza had not tendered her resignation. When asked what Adam thought of her continued work at the station, Liza revealed that Adam did not know that she was still working at WRCW. Dimitri warned Liza about keeping secrets, but Liza said that Adam would find out about her work on her terms.

Scott arrived at the station a short time later to drop off a letter of resignation. He blasted Dimitri for treating his father so poorly and said that the transaction has left Stuart feeling sub-human.

Liza returned a short time later and asked Dimitri if he was up for a little dinner date.

Esther explained that it was wrong for Erica to allow Maria to believe that her baby is dead. She added that Edmund seemed like a "prince," completely the opposite of the way Erica had described him. The only possible explanation for Erica's behavior, Esther commented, was that Erica was using Sonya to get back at Maria for sleeping with Dimitri. Erica vehemently denied the claim. Now, Erica said, it was time for her to tell Esther the "whole story." Esther scratched her eye and said that Erica had told her the "whole story" before. Erica gave her word that this time she'd tell Esther the truth. And she did. She told Esther that she was going to return Sonya to Maria and Edmund, but overheard Maria and Dimitri discussing how it was better for the baby to be dead than alive. Do you think of Maria and Dimitri's affair, Esther asked, when you look at Sonya? Of course not, Erica smiled. Then why would Edmund? Men are different, explained Erica.

Janet arrived at Linden to clear the air. She told Erica that she and Dimitri were not dating and said that Dimitri was only trying to make Erica jealous. Erica said that she could care less about Dimitri. Janet also indicated that she was upset that her friendship with Erica had crashed. Friends don't keep secrets, said Erica. But Janet countered that comment by telling Erica that she's been keeping secrets about Sonya for months. Erica's face dropped. Janet said that she feels Erica did the right thing by allowing Esther to help raise Sonya. "Every mother has a right to know her child," Janet said.

Janet left and Esther raced down the stairs. Esther told Erica that Janet was a wise woman for saying that Sonya deserves to know her mother. She empathized with Erica for missing Bianca, but said that Bianca knows that Erica, not Barbara, is her real mother. "You're wrong this time, Miss Kane," Esther frowned. Erica was left to mull her decision to take Sonya. For the first time, Erica seemed convinced that everyone was right: Sonya should go back to Maria and Edmund.

Friday, May 30, 1997

In the wake of Erica's departure as co-host of The Cutting Edge, WRCW has been receiving mail begging for Miss Kane to return. Dimitri assigned Tad to the task of reeling Erica back into the station. If she doesn't return, the station will be forced to sue her to make her honor her contact. Liza strolled into the room and asked Dimitri if they were still on for their dinner date. As Tad looked crossly at Liza, Dimitri nodded his head affirmatively. Dimitri left the room to pursue some other station matters. Immediately Tad demanded to know why Liza was cavorting with the enemy. Liza explained that her contract does not have an "out clause." That means she'll have to stick around the station and work under the new station owner. So rather than start off on the wrong foot, Liza said that she's decided to be as nice as possible to her new boss.

Dimitri phoned Gloria and asked if she'd like to join him for drinks. Gloria scrapped the idea in less than a minute. She blasted Dimitri for being "gutless" and "heartless" in his duping of Stuart.

Tad called Gloria a short time later. Gloria asked Tad if he wanted to go to the movies, but Tad said he was too busy to do anything with Gloria and abruptly hung up the phone. Myrtle was hosting a bridge game later in the evening and asked Gloria if she'd mind running to the store to pick up a few items. Gloria agreed.

Adam apologized to Skye for not supporting her in her battle against the malpractice claims against Jonathan. In an attempt to learn more about the situation, Adam asked his daughter what lawyer she'd used to settle the lawsuit. Needless to say, Adam was furious when Skye said she'd paid off the claim under the table. The information led Adam to believe that Skye was not honest about why she needed the money. Any competent attorney, Adam reckoned, could have gotten ten times the amount Skye borrowed in a lawsuit. Obviously the money was "hush money." Skye yelled at her father for not trusting her and commented that perhaps she can convince Erica to adopt her too.

Adam called Marian to try to locate Liza. Marian told him that Liza was at WRCW. Adam jumped to the conclusion that Liza was clearing her desk, but Marian wasn't so sure. She said she thinks Liza will stay on at the station.

Maria showed up at the police station and learned that Tanner had been blackmailing Skye. Edmund, however, saw things a bit differently. He labeled Skye a co-conspirator in Tanner's evil deeds. Everyone agreed that they needed to learn why Tanner was blackmailing Skye. A smug detective entered the scene and told Mateo that he's needed for questioning. Mateo looked amused by things until he learned that the district attorney's office was considering indicting Mateo on murder charges. Edmund raced to the phone to call Belinda and ask her to represent Matt.

At The Valley Inn, plans were being made for the senior prom. Kevin, the prom chairperson, asked his fellow classmates for theme ideas. Bobby wasn't interested in helping out. He was spouting off his after-prom plans. Palmer allowed him use of a beach house and he and Anita were going to slip off together after the prom. Scott asked Laura if she'd join him at the Sleepy Hollow Inn. Kevin, on the other hand, didn't have a date. But then again neither did Kelsey. She entered the restaurant and told her classmates that she had decided to skip to prom all together. Rather than stay at home, Kevin suggested that he and Kelsey go together. Kelsey happily agreed. After some heavy thought, Laura told Scott that she was nervous about spending the night with him. Scott vowed to move slowly and only go as far as Laura wants. He also commented that he'd be quite happy spending the night talking. Laura was moved by Scott's words and agreed to go to the inn with him.

Across the room, Dimitri and Liza smiled away. They toasted Dimitri's acquisition of WRCW and appeared quite cozy. Too cozy. Liza confessed that she is happy that Dimitri bought the station because working with the man she's married to caused a lot of problems. And speaking of the man she married, Adam entered the Valley Inn and saw Liza charming the enemy. He didn't make a scene. His face red as a beet, Adam turned and walked away.

Adam returned home and was greeted by Marian. He told her that Liza would not be allowed back in the house. Marian criticized Adam for picking fights and blamed Adam for causing the latest batch of problems. She said that when Liza owned the station, he wouldn't let Liza leave. Now that Dimitri owns the station, Liza is controlling her own destiny. Marian's question to Adam: What do you plan on doing about it?
Marian adjourned for the evening and Adam poured himself a glass of brandy. If looks could kill, Liza would have keeled over as soon as she entered the foyer as Adam was waiting for her.

Skye made it to Virginia and tried her darnedest to retrieve the money from Tanner's personal affects. She was denied. Mateo, Maria, and Edmund cornered her and asked her why she gave Tanner half a million dollars. Skye tried to dodge the question, but she said that keeping the secret was killing her. She claimed that Tanner drugged her and took her to the Pine Cone Motel. There, he took pornographic pictures of her and threatened to send the pictures to the tabloids. That's why, she said, she was paying Tanner.

Gloria returned from her trip to the market. As she was about to enter Myrtle's house, Dimitri approached her and asked if they could talk. She agreed and said that they could have a cup of tea together. As they walked inside, the lights suddenly flashed on and the word "Surprise!" sounded out. Everyone had a broad smile on the face. Everyone, that is, except Tad. He was less than pleased to see Dimitri by Gloria's side.

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