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Dimitri kissed Gloria after she helped him get out of a bind. Bianca returned to town and quickly ended up in the hospital. Marian plotted to get Adam and Liza closer to each other. Brooke allowed Pierce and Christina to bond. Liza had her sights set on owning WRCW.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of June 2, 1997 on AMC
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Monday, June 2, 1997

Liza returned home and immediately demanded an explanation for Adam's stern glare. Adam wasted no time in calling Liza a traitor and asked her how her day at work went. Did she find it difficult to clear out her desk and quit? He added that it was "awfully nice" of Dimitri to take his ex-station manager out for drinks. Liza and Adam sparred over the incident. It appeared that Liza was trying to give Adam a message, but Adam wasn't listening close enough to hear it. Scott picked a bad time to drop by. He asked to speak to Liza and tore her apart for working with the man that swindled his dad. Liza sat Scott down on the sofa and told him that she isn't being nice to Dimitri because she likes him, she is trying to find his weak spot. Then, when the moment is right, she can pounce on Dimitri and claim victory. But shh! she warned her step-nephew. This is top secret information. Scott was pleased that Liza hadn't defected to the enemy's side.

Skye begged the police to return her money, but the money was considered evidence. If Skye wanted the money returned to her, she'd have to meet with the district attorney and show proof that the money is hers. Mateo was told that he could not leave the police station until he gave a statement. Fortunately for him, Belinda showed up at that exact moment. She handed the police a stack of papers that showed that the gun that killed Tanner was actually Tanner's gun. Apparently, he had purchased the gun in San Antonio (before he had been convicted on drug trafficking). Skye raced to Belinda's side and begged her to help her get back her money. Belinda shook her head. She blamed Skye's cowardice as the reason why Hayley was raped and why Mateo faces murder charges. Skye pleaded her case, but no one wanted to hear her "I'm a victim too" story. Hayley slipped out of the hospital and showed up at the police station. She explained that Maria left for the evening and she got dressed and slipped past the nurses. Tired by the cat and mouse game, Belinda flat out asked if Mateo would be charged with murder. Since Tanner died by his own gun, it lent credibility to Matt's claim that Tanner was killed in self-defense. The police concluded that Mateo had done no wrong and allowed him to leave.

Brooke called a hotel on Central America to see if Pierce had checked in. She struggled with her Spanish, but was able to determine that neither Pierce nor Trevor had checked in. She left a message asking that Pierce call her as soon as possible. Christina overheard the phone call and told Brooke that it was not wise for her to leave her name and number. It might look suspicious, she reckoned. In the future, Christina said that she would make the phone calls.

Christina drifted into deep thought. She asked herself if it was her fate to have pined away in jail for nearly two decades for the father of her child only to have her heart broken by him choosing another woman.

Gloria was surprised by her surprise party, but even more surprised when Tad invited Dimitri to join the celebration. Most everyone at the party was uneasy by Dimitri's presence and Opal took many, many pot shots at The Count. Opal told Ruth that Dimitri is out to grab the brassy, golden hair ring.

Brooke arrived at the party, but stayed only a short while. It was too painful for her to have to answer questions about her wedding plans. First Ruth asked if a date had been set and then Gloria asked Brooke if they could go wedding gown shopping together. A messenger dropped off a package for Gloria, a gift from Dimitri. The nicely wrapped package contained a note "To Gloria... who stood by me when the chips were down." The box contained over twenty thousand dollars in gaming chips from the casino in Monte Carlo. It would come in handy since Tad and Gloria were honeymooning in Paris. Tad refused the gift and Gloria nicely said that the gift cost far too much money. Dimitri shrugged his shoulders and insisted that the gift be accepted. Jake decided to duck out of the party and Brooke followed closely behind.

After the party ended, Tad and Gloria got into a fight over---no surprise here---Dimitri. Gloria said that Tad's attitude toward Dimitri reflects very poorly on her. She said that Tad should no how much she loves him by now and then proceeded to walk out on him.

In Central America, Pierce and Trevor waited in a saloon for a mysterious "contact." But after several hours of no-show, Trevor suggested that it was time to leave. Suddenly, a woman wearing an orange and green outfit caught Pierce's eye.

Brooke returned home to wait for a call from Pierce. She fell asleep on the sofa waiting for the call. As she slept, Christina walked down the steps as if she were in a trance. She was, sort of... she was walking in her sleep.

Mateo and Hayley returned to Hayley's hospital room to spend a little "quality time." Hayley giggled nervously as Mateo nuzzled up to her, fearing that a nurse might walk in on them. Over the hospital bed, two inflated rubber gloves hung on the wall with the words "Just" and "Married" written on them.

Skye returned to Pine Valley and walked into a bar. She ordered a Virgin Mary, but knowing her past battles with alcoholism, no one believed that her drink was alcohol-free. Jake entered the bar and suggested that she try a milkshake to drown her sorrows. Jake took a seat at a nearby table. Adam walked up behind his daughter and blasted her for always turning to booze. Skye didn't set her father straight. It would have been easy to tell him to taste the drink.. perhaps too easy. She rose from her stool and joined Jake at his table. He asked her if she was looking for something to tick of her father. Skye nodded, expecting that Jake would order her a mixed drink. Instead, he leaned over and planted a kiss on her lips!

Tuesday, June 3, 1997

Special note: This was originally Friday's episode

Tad took a turn watching Amanda, but he was having little luck in keeping Amanda from thinking of anything but her missing dad. So Tad called in the cavalry, Janet. When Janetshowed up, a smile exploded on Amanda's face. While Amanda was out of the room eating some custard, Tad told Janet that Trevor was in Central America with Pierce. Janet wasn't happy. She said that romping in the jungle was too dangerous, especially for the father of a girl who had lost two mothers.

Skye protested Jake's kiss, but Jake noted that Skye was reciprocating the kiss. Not so, said Skye. Jake must have been imagining her returning the kiss. Skye sat back in her chair and swigging some water before sighing that she was bored. Jake was peeved by Skye's callous attitude and walked out on her. Skye tried to stop him to tell him that he'd left a book behind, but Jake didn't look back.

Brooke was aroused from her sleep by shrills of terror. Christina, walking in her sleep, began crying out in agony. Brooke woke the woman from her nightmare and tried to learn what Christina had been dreaming. The same dream as always, Christina said: The moment when Pierce was asked to shoot to her. Brooke took Christina in her arms and tried to comfort Christina. Through the woman's tears, one could catch a very brief grin... or even a diabolical smile.

In Los Rios, Pierce got little information out of the contact. She told Pierce that Amelia had run away from the orphanage several months back. The young woman did see Amelia, but it was from afar. She then smiled seductively and asked Pierce if he like to "dance." Pierce offered the girl some money so that she could buy herself a decent meal, passed her a scrap of paper on which his phone number was written, and told her not to hang around bars. Pierce momentarily lost sight of the woman's identity, mistaking her for his daughter, and Trevor had to tell Pierce to let the young woman leave.

Esther noticed that Erica was acting strangely and asked if Erica had decided to give Sonya back to the Greys. Erica shot down Esther's idea and said that in the morning she and Sonya would be posing for pictures that would end up in her forth-coming book. Esther headed for bed, but said that she'd say a prayer for Miss Kane. Erica's conscience again got the best of her. She placed and urgent call to Myrtle and asked that her mother's long-time friend rush over to talk.

When Myrt arrived, Erica asked if "I am a bad person." The question caught Myrtle off guard. Erica said that she has always been a spontaneous person and that while her actions are impulsive, she doesn't set out to hurt people. Something tipped Myrtle off that the conversation was about Sonya. She pressed Erica for the reason behind her sudden worry, saying that she would not judge Erica. But Erica said that she couldn't tell Myrtle... it was something that she needed to come to terms with by herself. Myrtle left Linden House and Erica sat up---all night. She was haunted by the voices of her late mother, Janet, Trevor, and Maria. The voices echoed recent conversations and pushed Erica toward the realization that she needs to give Sonya back to Maria.

In the morning, Trevor and Pierce returned from their brief trip to Central America. Pierce told Brooke and Christina that he couldn't locate Amelia. Christina was crushed and ran to her temporary bedroom in Brooke's house. Pierce told Brooke that he had taken up enough of her time with his daughter quest and told her to return to work or, better yet, planning their wedding. The wedding wasn't a top priority to Brooke. She said that she and Pierce cannot possibly get married until the Amelia situation is resolved.

Skye returned Jake's book to him and told him that the movie version of the book was pretty good. She also confessed that Jake was right about their kiss. She said that normally she'd have slapped someone who suddenly kissed her. Before she walked off, Jake asked Skye if she'd like to rent the movie version of the book---when it's available. She smiled and nodded approvingly.

Trevor asked Tad if he could retrieve his daughter. Janet popped out of the kitchen and told Trevor that he had exercised poor judgment in running of to El Salvador. She told him that Amanda stayed up past midnight, laying awake in bed because she was worried about her daddy. Tad looked on, stunned by what he was hearing. Trevor later scolded Janet for making a scene in front of Tad. Janet said she feared that she'd have to tell Amanda that her father was killed, but Trevor still didn't see a reason for Janet to have been so upset. Janet turned to walk away, but Trevor grabbed her by the arm and prevented her from leaving. He said that they still had things to talk about.

Erica cancelled her photo session and told Esther that she had not slept all night. Despite Esther's attempts to get Erica to go upstairs and take a nap, Erica insisted on taking Sonya for an afternoon drive. Before leaving, though, Erica called Jack and told him that she needed to speak to him as soon as possible.

Erica to Sonya to Wildwind and told her tales of her happy days at the castle. As she held the baby, Edmund and Maria walked up from behind and asked Erica why she'd decided to return to Wildwind.

Wednesday, June 4, 1997

Jack finally got around to returning Erica's phone call, but by the time her called Erica had already left on her country drive with Sonya. Esther took the call, but her strange behavior and unwillingness to answer any of Jack's questions tipped Jack of that there might be a problem. And when he asked Esther if everything was okay, Esther said that he'd better ask Erica and hung up the phone.

Pierce tried to change Brooke's stand on the wedding, but she remained steadfast in her decision to delay their nuptials. Christina walked in on the couple, her presence ending their discussion In what has become par for the course, Christina's were opened wide, her mouth gaped, and she began spouting gloom and doom. Pierce tried to convince his former lover that they would one day be reunited with their daughter, but Christina was determined that the odds were stacked against them. She claimed to be heading to her room, but when Brooke went to check on her, Christina had run off to parts unknown.

Gloria told Tad that she hates arguing with him and said she wants to make amends for their argument the night before. Tad agreed that feuding with Gloria is not one of his most favorite activities, but hinted that the tiff made him realize something. He commented that their engagement is not "big enough" for three people and that Dimitri needs to be given the boot. Gloria wasn't about to sing the praises of Count Andrassy, Patron Saint of Hungary. She did admit that he has faults, but said that he had always been a good friend to her. But Gloria would not tolerate Tad's need to authorize who she befriends. Tad was called to work and the couple was again left hanging without mending fences.

Tad left Trevor and Janet in charge of watching the kids. Trevor tried to get Amanda to pack up her things and return home, but she didn't want to stop playing with Jamie. Janet apologized to Trevor for her outburst, saying that she is new to the parenting game and was just trying to do the best she could. Trevor nodded his head and said that Janet's outburst will not be repeated. He said that the "typical family" image they are trying to portray isn't working. So in the future, Janet will be able to spend time with Amanda... but not with Trevor. Janet scratched her head and blinked her eyes a few times. Trevor explained his decision by saying that he doesn't want Amanda to "get the wrong idea."
Outside, Amanda told Jamie that she wishes that her daddy and Janet liked each other more.

Stuart dropped by WRCW with a check for $500,000 plus interest. He hoped that he offer to pay back Dimitri would result in her brother regaining ownership of the station. But it's was not to be. Dimitri refused the check and said that Adam got what he deserved because he had been using Stuart as a tax shelter. Stuart couldn't believe that Dimitri had his sights set on the station all along. After all, Dimitri was his friend, right? Stuart begged Dimitri to reconsider, saying that he knows Erica hurt him but asked that he fight another outlet for his frustration. Tad entered the office and told Stuart that his words wouldn't make Dimitri reconsider. Dimitri apologized to Stuart for hurting him, but the words meant little. Stuart left the station more upset than when he entered. Dimitri ordered Tad to attend an affiliates meeting, but Tad refused. He said that his contract requires him to host The Cutting Edge, not act as a poster boy for WRCW. Gloria was poised to enter the office, but she ducked out of sight until after Tad had left Dimitri's office. When he had finally left, Gloria entered the office and said that she needs to speak to Dimitri about an urgent matter.

Erica told Edmund and Maria that Sonya had been fussing and she pulled the car off the road to comfort the baby. She asked if she could go into the house. Edmund and Maria agreed.

When they arrived at the house, Erica acted more strangely than Christina! She began apologizing to Edmund and Maria for the death of their baby, a fate, she said, she would not wish on anyone. Edmund and Maria could have been knocked over with a feather. They were stunned, perplexed, and otherwise taken aback by Erica's ramblings. When one of the housekeepers entered the room to tell the Greys that Sam had apparently come down with a case of the chicken pox, Erica grabbed Sonya and dashed from the house. She told Maria and Edmund that the health of her baby comes first and that she cannot stick around to finish her tale.

Edmund and Maria were left to unravel Erica's story. Neither one could effectively determine what the heck she was talking about, but Maria came up with two possible scenarios. Perhaps Erica was trying to get back in Dimitri's good graces. She did, after all, say that she wanted to make amends for things she'd done. Or maybe she was concerned that Esther would take Sonya back from Erica.

Erica returned to Linden House and told Esther that she decided not to give Sonya to Edmund and Maria because Sam had come down with the chicken pox. Esther couldn't see why a child's diseases would alter Erica's plans. Erica blasted Esther for her uncaring attitude and claimed that Esther must not be her friend after all. Esther's nerves frazzled under the pressure. She told Erica that she doesn't want to see Sonya go back to Edmund and Maria either---but said it is the right thing to do. She added that if Sonya goes back to Wildwind, she'll lose her "little honey" and Erica's friendship. Esther ran out the front door just as Jack was about to ring the doorbell. Jack asked if everything was okay. Erica did her best to cover for the situation. Jack asked the all too familiar question: Does Esther want to take Sonya back? Erica shook her head and told Jack that she had Trevor drop up an adoption agreement. Jack noticed that Erica look tired and advised her to get some sleep. Erica said that she couldn't rest because Bianca was coming to town. Jack told Erica to call him if she needs anything... anything at all. She smiled and saw Jack to the door. She then returned her attention to Sonya. She held Sonya in her arms and cast a glance to a picture of her mother. She told Mona that she loves Sonya with all her heart... but knows that she has to give Sonya back to Maria. She announced that as soon as Sam's chicken pox disappeared she'd take Sonya to Wildwind. But for the next few days, it would just me "Sonya and her moth---." Erica paused mid-sentence, wiped her eyes of a few tears, and corrected her statement. "Sonya and me," she finished.

Thursday, June 5, 1997

Scott's plan to spend prom night at The Sleepy Hollow Inn ran into some unexpected obstacles: A proctologist convention. It seems that there is no room at the inn for Scott and his girlfriend. Scott left his name and number with the receptionist and asked her to call him if anything became available. Laura was mildly disappointed that their evening together might not take place, but within a few minutes Scott learned that a room had become available. He booked the room as Mr. and Mrs. Scott Chandler, a move that caused a great deal of concern from Laura. But Laura didn't tell Scott... she toed her foot on the ground and bowed her head.
Kelsey and Ruth, who had been out hunting for a perfect prom dress for Kelsey, joined Scott and Laura and chatted it up for a bit. Scott commented that Kevin was excited about the prom and made all kinds of plans to match with Kelsey's gown. Only problem was that Kelsey never told Ruth that she was going to the prom with Kevin. Scott and Laura dashed off, leaving Kelsey to field questions about her prom date. Ruth gave Kelsey a vote of approval for choosing Kevin as her date, saying he's a nice young man. She hoped, however, that Kelsey was not ashamed that she was taking gay man to the prom. Kelsey shook her head. She praised Kevin as a good friend and chuckled when she said that she and Kevin would both be checking out the guys.

Scott had a brush with honesty when it came to thinking up an excuse to explain where he'd be after the prom. He told Laura that his father had been hurt over the WRCW fiasco and thought it would be best to tell the truth about where they'd be. Laura seemed to have difficulty with the truth. She felt as though it would be hard to talk about sex with Brooke, but said she'd tell Brooke the truth.

Stuart found Esther sitting alone at the boat house. Esther rose to her feet and readied to scamper off before Stuart called the police on her. Stuart chuckled and told Esther that she wasn't breaking the law and asked her to stay and talk to him. Stuart tried to paint, but he lacked a subject. Esther pointed to a tray of flowers she had acquired. Apparently she was at a construction site and noticed that a bulldozer was about to squash the flowers. So she dug them up and took them to the boat house. Stuart told Esther that he feels he made a monumental mistake by selling his brother's television station. Esther comforted Stuart and told things probably weren't as bad as he thinks. She neared tears as she told her new friend that she might not be able to see Sonya any more. But before Stuart could press for answers, Esther said she had to leave. But both Stuart and Esther agreed that they would return to the boathouse so they could talk.

Pierce and Brooke could find no sign of Christina. Brooke offered to help Pierce search, but he insisted that it was something he needed to do by himself.

Phoebe's camera crew continued filming Adam and Liza, but they weren't finding very many exciting moments. How thrilling could an hour long documentary on Liza and Adam reading the newspaper and sipping coffee possibly be? Neither Adam nor Liza wanted to stick around and play nice for the camera, so they scattered... Adam in one direction and Liza in the other. Marian knew she could only chase after one of the two people so she chose Adam. But Adam wanted no part of Liza or Marian. Never conceding defeat, Marian told Phoebe to run along, but asked that the cameraman stick around. After flirting shamelessly with the cameraman, Marian asked him to help her install a hidden camera. That way, she explained, she could catch Adam and Liza in their natural environment without Phoebe hovering over them.

With the camera hidden, Marian sat Liza down on the sofa and began to ask her questions about her feelings for Adam. Marian professed her love for her daughter, but Liza didn't buy it. So in an attempt to shut her mother up, Liza said what her mother wanted to hear: That she loves Adam. But her confession wasn't heartfelt. She went on to say that her marriage to Adam was "as good as over" because neither one of them wanted to be married to the other. Marian waited until Liza stomped out of the room before running to her hidden camera and removing the video tape. With some careful editing, Marian determined that she might have a tool to get Liza and Adam together for good.

Pierce ended up at the art gallery, but Christina wasn't there. When Scott told Pierce that one of his paintings was missing, a painting he did of Christina and Amelia, Pierce suspected that Christina was the one who had taken it.

Stuart returned to the gallery and was met by his son. Scott decided that he needed to tell Stuart about his prom plans immediately. He described his feelings for Laura and told Stuart that he planned on spending the night with Laura at The Sleepy Hollow Inn. Stuart was silent for several minutes. When he found words, he said that he knows that asking Scott to wait will do no good. He reminded him about their talk on using a condom and Scott said that he remembered what he'd be taught. Stuart smiled bashfully as he recounted how he had slipped into the prom the year before to check up on his son. Stuart's eyes dropped as he said that he sometimes forgets that Scott is grown and not the same little boy in blue jeans who had poster paint all over his face. The two embraced, with Stuart telling his son that he doesn't need permission to go to the inn with Laura, he needs to do what feels right.

Laura wasn't having such an easy time telling Brooke, though. She stumbled for words and finally said that she needed to know if she was expected to buy Scott a boutonniere. Brooke couldn't believe that a question about a lapel decoration was what had Laura so nervous. But Laura insisted that that was all she wanted to know.

Pierce returned home and told Brooke that Christina had taken a painting. He wasn't sure, but he assumed that Christina planned on selling the painting to get some money for a return flight to Los Rios, a trip that would put her life on the line.

Gloria ordered Dimitri to take back the casino trips. She explained that the high cash value of the gift implied that there was a special "closeness" between them. There wasn't, she said. She also demanded that Dimitri take up his differences about Tad with Tad and stop putting her in the middle. An out of breath Rudy raced onto the stage and told Dimitri that a model slated to appear on the show had cancelled at the last minute. Rudy nearly had a nervous breakdown as he worried that the entire show would flop. Dimitri, on the other hand, had the perfect replacement. "Uh uh, no way brother," Gloria replied. She said she did not intend to appear on the air. Dimitri claimed that Gloria is a woman that other women like, a woman who men love, and a woman that dogs would follow home. Gloria buckled under the weight of the heavy praise and headed back stage to get ready for her big shoot. Rudy returned to the set and told Dimitri that the model had reconsidered and showed up for her appearance. Dimitri instructed Rudy to get rid of the woman. After the photo shoot, Dimitri purchased the silver sequin dress that Gloria had worn on the show. He lied to Gloria by telling her that the designer gave the dress to her at no cost. Gloria smiled broadly as Dimitri told her to be herself. He then leaned over and surprised her with a kiss on the lips.

Friday, June 6, 1997

A kiss on the lips was not what Gloria had expected from Dimitri! She restrained from slapping Dimitri, but gave him a thorough tongue-lashing. Dimitri claimed he was trying to "push the envelope." Gloria quickly responded that Dimitri should push his own envelope, not hers. Dimitri swore the kiss was an accidental impulse and that he meant nothing by it. Gloria stomped away as Dimitri swore he would never touch Gloria again. Then, under his breath, he said "Unless you ask for it."

Erica requested that Esther stick around the house so that she can meet Bianca. Esther wanted to meet Erica's daughter, but feared that Bianca would inundate her with questions about Sonya. So, she said nervously, she'd better go for a long walk. The doorbell sounded Bianca's arrival. Erica told Esther to run upstairs and wait until she calls her before coming down to meet Bianca. That way, Erica can lay the groundwork on the adoption story. Bianca (now being played by Nathalie Paulding) rattled off a series of questions less than a minute after she walked through the doorway. Where's Skye? Where's Janet? How's Sonya? Erica did her best to field each question as it was asked. Janet and Skye moved out and Sonya was upstairs sleeping. Bianca demanded to see Sonya, but Erica said that she'd get to see her after the baby woke from her nap. The wait was a lot shorter than anticipated as no sooner had Erica claimed that Sonya was asleep a cry could be hear from upstairs. Esther carried Sonya downstairs and Bianca smothered the baby with hugs and feels. Bianca told her mother that Sonya looked just like her and that Sonya would become the new "little Erica." Bianca took to the phone to call Barbara and fill her in on her new sister. Barbara told Bianca to inform Erica that she'd be sending Erica a baby book as a present. That spurred Erica to show Bianca the baby book that she created for her. Bianca's interest oscillated between the book and the baby. Eventually the baby won out and Bianca told her mother that she knows why she is showing the baby book. The book will convince Bianca that her mother loves her, something Bianca said that she already knows. Bianca voiced his disapproval at Linden House being used as a hotel just because Erica cannot stand to be alone. First there was Janet, then Skye, and now "Nanny Strange," as Bianca called Esther. Erica explained that the situation would be resolved soon. This led Bianca to believe that Dimitri would be moving back in with Erica. But that wasn't the case. Bianca snapped at her mother for being mean to Dimitri. She said that she had forgiven her mother when she caught her and her Uncle Jack in bed... that was while Erica was still married to her father! Erica explained that Bianca had to forgive her. She was, in addition to being The Erica Kane, Bianca's mom. Besides, that was an entirely different situation and something that Erica would explain when Bianca was a little older. Bianca threw a fit when her mother implied that she was "a baby." She raced to the phone, called Peggy, and asked if it would be okay for her to go horseback riding at Wildwind. Peggy said that she'd pick Bianca up in a few minutes and Bianca stormed out of the house.

A short time later, Erica received a call from the hospital. Bianca had been tossed from the horse and rushed to the hospital.

Joe and Ruth were talking about Dimitri's possible expulsion from the hospital when Gloria entered the staff lounge at the hospital. Knowing that Gloria and Dimitri were close, the quickly clamped their mouths shut so as not to upset Gloria. They nearly fell out of their chairs when Gloria said that she hopes that Dimitri is booted from the board. Joe was called away on some hospital business and Ruth was left to determine why Gloria's opinion of Dimitri has become so unfavorable. Gloria explained that Dimitri's attitude has been quite poor and while she is grateful for the help he's given her, "even gratitude has its limits." Is it possible, Ruth wondered aloud, that Dimitri is interested romantically in Gloria?

Brooke determined that Christina might be hiding out at the cabin. Because Christina talks to her, she suggested that she head to Willow Lake and try to communicate with the woman. Brooke's hunch was right, Christina was hiding out in the cabin. Christina told Brooke that she doesn't think its fair that she is still alive. She said she had given her life to spare Amelia... but she's still living. Brooke said that Christina survived her brush with death because she was meant to be reunited with her daughter. Brooke added that there was not a day that goes by when she doesn't wish she could see Laura (Cudahy) again. Brooke phoned Pierce to tell him that she located Christina. When Pierce arrived, Brooke said that she'd leave the two alone and returned home. Christina told Pierce that his place is back at home with Brooke, but Pierce disagreed. Until Amelia is found, he belongs by Christina's side.

Adam teased Marian about the film she wanted to show him, claiming that he was not in the mood for an afternoon porno flick. Marian puckered his lips and said that the movie was an intimate discussion between a mother and her daughter, in this case it was her and Liza. Adam said that he'd watch the film, but he needed a few minutes to get his belongings together. Liza ventured into the livingroom and asked her mother was she was up to. Marian tried nicely to tell her daughter to get lost, but Liza stuck around. When Adam returned to the room and saw the two women acting peculiarly, he sensed that something was up. Now both Adam and Liza insisted that Marian press the play button on the VCR. She had no other choice. The tape played (without any editing from Marian) and showed Liza's confession that she loves Adam and wants their marriage to work. Liza was stunned but what about Adam? Adam's expressed implied that he was moved by the home movie, but he really wasn't. He accused Marian and Liza of conspiring to make the film. You know, a fake. Adam stormed off and Liza lashed out at her mother. She gave her mom one chance to explain why she shouldn't kick her out of the house. "Mrs. Adam Chandler is a job title," Liza explained. She added that love isn't involved. The doorbell rang and Marian dashed into hiding. Dimitri had stopped by to discuss business with Liza. He pushed her onto the sofa and prepared to run over some numbers, but Adam returned to the room and found Liza plotting with the enemy. He ordered Dimitri out of his house and scolded Liza for inviting Dimitri into his home. Adam again stormed. Liza placed a call to a friend and learned that Dimitri's petition for a station license was about to go up in flames. That, Liza cackled, would leave him ripe for the pickings. Marian emerged from hiding and gushed over how sweet Liza was for trying to win back the station for the man she loves. Liza laughed in her mother's face. She wasn't trying to get the station for Adam... She's trying to get it for herself!

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