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Brooke bordered on the edge of a nervous breakdown. Adam and Liza shared a spontaneous and passionate kiss at the Couple of the Year banquet. Erica finally returned Sonya to Maria.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of June 23, 1997 on AMC
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Monday, June 23, 1997

Erica told Sonya stories of how her life would be different now that she was the new princess at Wildwind. As Erica told her story, Peggy entered the main room. She told Erica that Edmund and Maria were our for the day. The news didn't phase Erica and she insisted on sitting in the room until the couple returned. Peggy offered to heat up a bottle for Sonya, but she never expected to be lectured on the proper way to prepare a baby's bottle. Peggy raced to the phone in a desperate attempt to locate the Greys.

In the park, Edmund and Maria came to an agreement that they have a very happy life and are blessed to have Sam as their son. Plans of adopting additional children were put on hold until the time was more suitable. Peggy's call came through on Edmund's cellular phone. He ordered Peggy to get rid of Erica, but Peggy said that no one could make Erica leave. Besides, Erica was acting a bit odd. Maria stepped in to handle the matter. She told Edmund that he should continue on to his business meeting and she will return to Wildwind and handle Erica.

Tad called Brooke to advise her of Jamie's disappearance. In a lightning flash, Brooke hopped in her car and arrived at the lake. Her frenzy was justified and she feared the worst. Trevor received a thorough tongue lashing for allowing Jamie to wander off. Even Tad was faulted for not being at the picnic like he had promised. Every spread out to locate the missing boy. Brooke issued Trevor a stern warning: If anything happened to Jamie, she'll forgive him. A few minutes later, Jamie was located fishing by the lake. He explained that he did not reply to anyone's cries because Pierce had told him that loud noises scare aware the fish. Brooke's nerves were far from eased and she flipped out at Jamie. She scolded him for running off by himself, for listening to Pierce, and the reminded him of how he almost drowned two years ago. Jamie dropped his head and asked to be taken home.

Amanda was disturbed by Brooke's irrational behavior. Janet and Trevor, on the other hand, cast their thoughts back on how they felt when Amanda turned up missing. Trevor said that he never would have lost sight of Jamie if Janet hadn't been scared by the spider that had found it's way in her blouse. Janet declared that she was not afraid of bugs. She lived in the woods for goodness sake! Trevor teased her, but when Amanda heard what she thought was fighting, she ordered Janet and Trevor to put an end to their feud. The duo indicated that they were not yelling, but Amanda didn't buy it. She asked Trevor and Janet to kiss and make up. A handshake sufficed in lieu of kisses and hugs, but Amanda expressed her desire for her, Janet, and Trevor to be a "family." It has to be confusing for the young girl to see her best friend Carrie's parents being chummy and then seeing Trevor and Janet with their invisible wedge between them. Trevor and Amanda went home, but not before Trevor quipped a few remarks at Janet, calling her "Miss Muffet."

Dimitri went to Linden House to confront Erica, but Erica, obviously, was not home. Esther had been packing suitcases of Sonya's belongings until Dimitri arrived. Dimitri jumped to the conclusion that Erica and Sonya were going on a vacation. Esther denied knowing where "Miss Kane and L'il Honey" were going. Something about that seemed strange and Dimitri called Esther on it. He suggested that Esther is not really Sonya's birthmother. Esther tried her darnedest not to spill the beans, but she eventually told Dimitri that his suspicions were right. The next logical thought for Dimitri was that Esther kidnapped the baby. Esther swore that she had not kidnapped the baby. In fact, she had done everything in her power to save the baby.

Adam disbelieved Liza's claim that she purchased WRCW. She simply doesn't have the assets to but the multi-million dollar television station. Liza Colby doesn't, Liza agreed. But Liza Chandler has a world of money at her fingertips. Liza reveled in the way she duped Dimitri out of the station. Adam looked on in awe. Of course Adam couldn't tell Liza that he applauded her chicanery. That would make him look vulnerable. As it turned out, he was vulnerable to Liza's big move. Liza told Adam that he needs to do as she says or risk being exposed as the most inept businessman in Pine Valley. She asked him what the media would do if they learned that Adam had lost his chance to own WRCW not once, but twice! Liza's plan included a healthy dose of sexual innuendoes. In the end, though, she used her marriage as a tool to keep Adam in line. She wants Adam to allow her to be his happy wife. In return Adam will reap the glories of a happy and healthy marriage.

Maria returned to Wildwind and found Erica still sitting in the main room. Erica rose to her feet and smiled at Maria. At last, the long suffering both women have endured is about to end.

Tuesday, June 24, 1997

Dimitri continued his dogged pursuit of the truth. He accused Esther of stealing Sonya from another family and warned her that she'd be an accessory to Erica's kidnapping charges. Esther insisted that Erica never did anything to harm Sonya. In fact, Esther claimed that "Miss Kane loved Sonya ever since" she saw her at Willow Lake. Dimitri caught Esther's slip and reminded Esther that she had claimed to have given Sonya to Erica in New York City. Dimitri flew off the handle and asked every question his mind could conjure up. Did Esther see Maria's baby at Willow Lake? Did someone save the baby from drowning? A white knight saved Esther from the dragon of Wildwind. Stuart dropped by Linden House to pay Esther a visit and he ordered Dimitri to leave Esther alone. Stuart is hardly a man of aggression, but when Dimitri's relentless questioning sent Esther into a panic attack, Stuart warned Dimitri that he'd do whatever he had to do to get Dimitri to leave---including punching him!
Esther thanked Stuart for helping her out, but hinted that he'd hate her when the truth about Sonya came out. Esther dashed off leaving Stuart to scratch his head in wonder.

At Holidays, Jack asked Janet if he could change their plans for the banquet. Janet assumed that gentleman Jack was letting her down easy. Jack continued, telling Janet that he will have to meet her at the banquet rather than pick her up. He's concerned about Erica and wants to drop by Linden and see what she's up to.

Dimitri entered and told Gloria about his confrontation with Esther. Dimitri told Gloria that he thinks Sonya is Maria's baby. He explained why he jumped to that conclusion. Gloria nodded in agreement, but pointed out one big flaw in Dimitri's theory: Maria delivered a baby boy. What if the ultrasound was wrong, Dimitri asked? Gloria confirmed Dimitri's speculation that an ultrasound is not one hundred percent accurate. The only thing left to do, thought Dimitri, was to go to Wildwind and speak to Maria.

Trevor stopped by Brooke's house to offer an apology for not looking after Jamie responsibly. Brooke said that she was the one who should be offering an apology. She did her best to explain why she acted so irrationally, but Trevor said he completely understood. Brooke felt as though she let down Laura and Jamie by allowing them to get close to Pierce. By allowing the bonds to develop, Brooke said she was promising her children that Pierce would always be there for them. Now that Pierce was on a child search with Christina, it would only be a matter of time before Pierce and Christina rediscover their love for each other. It ain't over til it's over, Trevor spouted as philosophically as he could. He asked Brooke to accompany him to the Couple of the Year banquet. Brooke said she'd rather not leave Jamie with a babysitter. Trevor suggested that Jamie go to his house and stay with Tim and Amanda. Brooke countered by saying she wanted Jamie to sleep in his own bed. So let Amanda and Tim stay at Brooke's house, right? Brooke exploded at Trevor and told him to back off.

After Trevor had left, Brooke heard the familiar sound of her and Pierce's song. Brooke, calling out Pierce's name, ran to the direction of the stereo. Jamie stood there with a smile and told his mother that it was he who had played the record, not Pierce.

Janet showed up at the banquet and searched everywhere for Jack. He was nowhere to be found. A few minutes later Trevor arrived and couldn't help but notice how stunning Janet looked.

Esther fled to the boathouse. Stuart followed after her and offered her some comfort. He told her that he knows she loves Sonya and is sure that whatever she thinks she did wrong isn't that bad. He then wrote his phone number on Esther's finger so she could call him. Neither one had a piece of paper to use. Stuart invited Esther to accompany him to the banquet, but Esther felt ill at ease about being around a group of strangers.

Maria didn't expect Erica to show up for the playdate because no plans were ever finalized. At least that's what excuse she gave to Erica. Erica asked why Edmund was not by Maria's side. Maria explained that he had to attend a conference in Center City. Erica said that she had something to say to Maria---something that couldn't wait. Maria let out a deep breath and warned Erica that she is not in the mood to get into an altercation. Erica nodded. She said that she would love to leave Wildwind with Sonya and never return. But that wasn't an option. This was the time for the truth, Erica sniffled. She needed to tell Maria what happened after she delivered her baby at the cabin at Willow Lake. Maria voiced opposition to Erica's tale. She didn't want to go down this painful road again. "You didn't believe your baby was dead," Erica stated calmly. "You were right." She then repeated "You were right" just above a whisper. Maria's eyes glowed when she asked if someone had found her baby. Erica nodded. She said that the reason she could not find Maria's baby after the accident was because someone had already jumped into the frigid lake and rescue the baby. All the while Erica refused to give a gender specific reference to the baby. The next obvious question was to find out what happened to the baby. Erica told Maria that her baby was "coming home tonight" and looked at the baby in her arms. "My little girl is your baby," Erica said with tears in her eyes. "This is the baby you gave birth to." Maria shook her head. She accused Erica of being sadistic and trying to cause more pain. Erica said that giving Sonya up was the hardest thing she's ever had to do. "This is what you've been praying for," Erica said with a slight growl as Maria repeatedly called Erica a liar. Maria replied that someone would have called the police if they found her baby. A normal person would have, Erica agreed. Not Esther. Esther planned on keeping the baby for her own until Erica showed up and claimed that she was the mother of the child. Erica told Maria of how she overheard Dimitri tell Maria that her baby was "better off dead" because Edmund could never love the baby as his own. Erica said that she had been raised by a father who resented her and didn't want Sonya to have to grow up that way. Maria still was in disbelief. She had a boy, not a girl. Erica removed Sonya's shirt and showed the baby's birthmark. Finally Maria knew the truth; Sonya was her baby. Maria sobbed uncontrollably as her hands rose to cover her mouth. Erica handed the baby to Maria, who went into a nervous laughter. She looked up and thanked God for looking after her child, a child she said she never gave up on. Erica watched the scene, her heart aching beyond belief. Maria cast a teary look in Erica's direction, but said nothing. Erica left and returned home.

When Erica saw Sonya's belongings on her sofa, she broke down in tears. Jack let himself into the house and found Erica bawling her eyes out. Erica told him that she had given Sonya back to her mother---just as she had promised.

Dimitri arrived at Wildwind and saw Maria holding Sonya, a baby he still believes is his.

Wednesday, June 25, 1997

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The AIDS benefit slowly worked its way into full gear. Joe and Kelsey arrived and wondered why the couple of honor was nowhere to be found. Ruth was forced to work at the hospital and was unable to attend. Gloria and Tad arrived a short time later. Gloria still harped on Tad for his plot to overthrow Dimitri as owner of WRCW. Liza told Marian that she forced Adam to choose between her and WRCW, a move she is beginning to regret. Trevor approached Janet and as his eyes moved up and down her body he said that he was "admiring the merchandise." A look of surprise appeared on Janet's face until Trevor clarified what he meant. Apparently Amanda had asked her father to take detailed notes on the gala. His notes, naturally, would include a description of Janet's frock. Belinda, Trevor's date for the evening, arrived and Trevor excused himself to be with his date. Stuart asked Scott why Laura had not come with him. He said that he and Laura haven't spoken since their Sleepy Hollow Inn sex debacle. The admissions officer from Pine Valley University waltzed over to Scott and introduced him to a transfer student. The student, an attractive young woman with flowing blonde hair, was new to the area and needed someone to "show her around." Adam arrived and told Liza that their marriage was over; He had decided to file for divorce.

Thinking that it would make his mom feel better, Jamie asked Brooke to dance. Brooke couldn't go through with it. The memories of dancing with Pierce were too painful. When Brooke started to cry, Jamie ran off, now in tears himself. Upstairs, Jamie placed an urgent call to Tad's cell phone. he asked his dad to pick him up and take him to his house. He couldn't stay with his mother, he explained, because she was too sad.

Erica told Jack that her actions over the past few months were inexcusable. She'd been trying to play God and deserved the feelings of "loneliness" and "emptiness" she's earned. Jack tried to make her feel better, but Erica didn't allow herself to be consoled. In tears, she fled to her bedroom.

When Tad arrived at Brooke's house, Jamie told him that he made Brooke cry. He felt bad for making his mother cry. Brooke tried to control the damage, but it didn't do that much good. She said that Jamie had done nothing wrong. She misses Pierce. Tad agreed to take Jamie for a few days until Brooke had time to rest her mind and get over Pierce. Something disturbing happened before Jamie left. He asked his mother if she'd miss him. Brooke wiped tears from her eyes and said that she misses him every time he's not with her. Jamie promised to call home first thing in the morning. After Tad and Jamie had left, Brooke sat on the stairs... alone and broken-hearted.

Stuart told the assembled crowd that he is thankful that society puts one day aside each year to remember those affected by AIDS. Scott also said a few words, words that were so moving they caused the transfer student to plant a kiss on him! Laura see the kiss and ran off. Scott chased after her and the two managed to patch up their differences. Scott said that he still wants to make love to Laura, but he'll wait until she's ready. Laura told Scott that she loved him and flashed the class ring he had given her.

Out on the patio, Adam and Liza feuded over their pending divorce. Liza said that she wants to know the reason why Adam is acting so peculiarly. Unbeknownst to the couple, Phoebe was on-stage calling for their presence. She walked onto the patio and scolded the Chandlers for "deliberately trying to sabotage" the event. Adam and Liza agreed that they needed to put on a good face and get in front of the audience. When they entered the room, Phoebe announced that the gala had raised over $800,000 for AIDS charity. Phoebe ascribed the huge amount to the pull of Adam and Liza. She took it upon herself to appoint Liza and Adam as the Couple of the Year until the year 2000! Adam winked to Phoebe and then puckered up and gave Liza a passionate kiss! Marian led the crowd in a chant of "Three more years," to show approval for Phoebe's decision.

After the ceremony had ended, Trevor caught up with Janet and told her that Jack lost out by standing her up. Janet shrugged her shoulders and said that Jack must have gotten tied up somewhere. Trevor suggested that he and Janet go out for a drink. Janet saw Belinda approach and said that she'd better call it a night and go to her room. Belinda looked almost stunned and flashed a smile---almost as if she was proud of Janet.

Liza asked Adam what they were going to do now that the banquet had ended. "At the risk of being redundant," Adam said calmly. He leaned over and again kissed Liza.

Dimitri asked Maria why she was holding Sonya. Maria said that a "miracle" had taken place; Sonya was her baby. It took a few seconds before Dimitri figured out that Sonya was also his baby. No one knows that Dimitri isn't the biological father. Dimitri fumed over the fact that Erica was going to keep the news a secret from him. Maria explained that Erica had overheard Dimitri say that the baby was better off dead and took it upon herself to keep the baby. Maria's composure stumped Dimitri. He couldn't believe that she was not out for blood. How many nights did Maria lay awake in bed, crying because she thought her baby was dead? As the two talked, Edmund returned home.

Jack followed Erica upstairs. Erica was curled up on her bed, sobbing uncontrollably. Jack took her hand and told Erica that he didn't think it was wise to leave Erica alone. Erica expressed a desire to tell Jack the truth, but he put his finger over her lips and called for her silence. He moved closer to Erica and gave her a kiss. Erica claimed that Jack had saved her life. But why? Jack took on a serious tone. "Because I love you," he responded.

Thursday, June 26, 1997

Erica warned Jack that his feelings for her would change when he learned of her bad deeds. Jack again hushed her with a kiss on the lips. Jack remained convinced that he loves Erica... and always has. But Erica's premonition would come back to haunt her when the sun rose the next morning.

Jamie was about to get ready for bed when Gloria arrived at his dad's house. Jamie wanted Gloria to sleep over, but she and Tad explained that they thought it wouldn't be appropriate to have Gloria sleep over until after the wedding. That caused Jamie to anxiously await the big day, for which a date has yet to be made. Tad and Gloria got into an argument over---yet again---Dimitri. As the two argued, Jamie returned to the room and begged Tad and Gloria not to fight. Gloria told Jamie that fights between friends are common. It doesn't mean that the two people don't like each other. It just means that they disagree on something.

Seeing Sonya without Erica hovering nearby was a sight that rarely (if ever) occurred. So it was perfectly natural for Edmund to ask Maria why she was holding the infant. Maria, tears still in her eyes, told Edmund that Sonya was their child. Maria explained how the baby had come back into their lives, but Edmund was even more confused. Had Erica knowingly kidnapped their child? Yes, according to Dimitri, who chimed in with some thoughts of his own. He accused Erica of being self-serving and vindictive.

Adam and Liza were still lovey dovey when they returned home. But the romance died when Liza brought up a taboo topic: the divorce papers. She suggested that Adam torch the documents. Adam returned to the world of reality and accused Liza of having a cash register for a heart. "Chu-Ching!" he exclaimed as he delved into Liza's mind and showed how she is only interested in his money. Adam stormed off and Marian swooped in to get Liza back on track. Marian pointed out to Liza that she had been on the verge of a night of passion with Adam. Then came Liza's mistake. "Didn't I teach you anything?" Marian asked her daughter. Liza demanded support from her mother, not a lecture. But a lecture was forthcoming. Liza left before her mother could spout her methods of getting a man into bed. Marian was left alone with a glass of brandy in her hand. She vowed to do whatever it takes to remain in the lap of luxury.

In the morning, Marian set out to enact her plan. Adam wandered downstairs and there, like a tiger, Marian waited to pounce. Marian told Adam that she and him are a perfect match. It seemed only natural, in Marian's eyes, for the two of them to get together in the boudoir. She applied jelly to a croissant with her finger and invited Adam to lick her finger clean. All the while Liza lingered around the corner. Well the spectacle was too much for her to take. She burst into the room, causing Adam to scurry. Marian accused her daughter of letting Adam down. She said that Liza had done nothing to make her marriage to Adam work. So it was her duty to get things done. Liza warned Marian that she would not let history repeat itself; Tad was a boy, but Adam is her husband. Marian caught a glimpse of Adam out of the corner of her eye. That allowed her to set-up Liza to confess her true feelings for Adam.

Gloria returned in the morning just in time to see Jamie before he headed off to camp. Tad and Gloria were able to patch up their differences. Tad suggested that they both adjourn to the bedroom to catch up on some "sleep." Once there, Tad suggested that they put an end to their days of sleeping apart by getting married---today.

Sonya wasn't used to her surroundings and put up a great deal of fuss throughout the night. Edmund blamed Sonya's discontent on Erica. Had Miss Kane not been hell-bent on getting revenge on Maria, this situation would never have played out. It was surprising that Maria stood up for Erica. She offered excuse after excuse as to why Erica did the things she'd done. Maria begged Edmund to let everything rest. Sonya was back in their arms. No, said Edmund. "Sonya doesn't exist." Maria agreed. They'd need a new name for their daughter, one that wouldn't remind them of their months of pain.

Jack and Erica's night was filled with passionate love making. In the morning, however, they were roused from their sleep by a loud pounding on the front door. Erica rushed down the steps and found an irate Dimitri waiting to sink his teeth into her. He blasted Erica for kidnapping Sonya. Erica tried to justify her actions. After all, she did give her back, right? Jack walked down the steps and asked Dimitri why he was causing trouble. Dimitri retorted that the trouble being caused was Erica's doing, not his. Jack claimed that he knew the truth about Erica's adoption. Dimitri was awed. Had Jack really "bedded Erica knowing that she stole Maria's child?" Jack's mouth dropped. He was furious. Only one thing came to his mind, a question. "Is this true?" he asked Erica.

Friday, June 27, 1997
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Liza tells Marian to stop coming on to her husband, she says it doesn't matter if she loves Adam or not, he isn't interested. Marian says she wouldn't be so angry if she didn't care. Then Liza figures out that Marian set her up, but what no one knows is Adam is eavesdropping!! Liza tells her mother the reason she got WRCW back is she wanted respect from Adam and that she is the best thing that ever happened to him, but he'll never see it. After she leaves for work Marian calls Adam out of hiding.

Tad wants Gloria to marry him today, she comes up with excuses not not having a dress or flowers or invitations. He promises a big ceremony on their first anniversary. He says this is her home and he wants her there all the time. She caves in but says next week, he consents. As they are about to celebrate, she realizes she is late for work. He tells her not to worry, he has connections.

Edmund says Erica can't get away with kidnapping their daughter, Maria says she is just grateful to have her back. Edmund is too, but he can't forgive Erica for what she put everyone through, she should be punished. He reminds her of the day in the cabin and Erica's obsession with revenge, Maria says all this time she thought it was all her fault and that Erica had to be out of her mind to do this. Going public would be to hard and right now all she wants is quiet, and she is worried about the long term affects on the kids. Edmund reassures her it will all be okay and she says she wants to call Jack because he will be as discreet as possible. Edmund leaves Jack a message to call him.

Erica explains that she found Sonya with Esther and planned to return her to Maria, but overheard her and Dimitri talking. Dimitri was saying it was better that the baby died because Edmund could never love the baby and may one day end up hating the baby. Dimitri tells her no matter what her excuse it doesn't justify her actions. Erica swears she didn't keep the baby to get revenge, but to give the baby a loving home. Jack tells her she could have called him, she says she wasn't thinking clearly she just wanted to protect Sonya. Dimitri tells her he wants her to go to prison.

Tad tells Liza he is impressed with her take over of WRCW. She says it was like taking candy from a baby. She tells of her plans to make WRCW the best by hiring the best and asks him if he would join her.

Gloria gets to work and apologizes to Ruth. Then she announces her and Tad's plan to marry next week, Ruth asks if she doesn't think they should wait and wonders if she is speeding things up for the wrong reason. Gloria is paged so they agree to talk later

Maria and Edmund show up and tell Ruth about their daughter, Skye over hears and becomes nervous. They ask Ruth to keep it a secret for now and ask for a dr. to look at Sonya. Skye tries to call Andy, but he moved and left no forwarding information, Skye is relieved. Her secret is safe....for now.

Erica tells Dimitri to leave and Jack backs her up. After he leaves, Jack asks if their sleeping together was part of her plan. She reminds him that he came to her, none of this was part of any plan. She begs him to believe her, but he says he doesn't know if he can. He tells her she should have told him, she says she tried but he tells her if she really wanted to she could have. Erica asks Jack if he will stand by her and he says he doesn't know if he can and leaves.

Dimitri finds Gloria and tells her everything about Sonya, she is shocked. A reporter from WRCW overhears their conversation and calls Liza who tells him to stay on it. She is thrilled but Tad tries to convince her to keep it under wraps for now. She tells him they can't afford to, and makes plans to go ahead with it.

Adam denies eavesdropping and cuts Marian off when she tries to give him pointers on his relationship with Liza. She says the best way to find out Liza's true feelings is to make her jealous and offers to help. He says it won't work, but tries to think of someone else to help him.

Dimitri tells Gloria he wants to see his daughter, she suggests he asks, but he promised he never would. She says he doesn't have to ask and tells him to wait there. Maria and Edmund find out their daughter is perfectly healthy. Skye gets a hold of Sonya's medical records and Maria catches her. Skye says she thought they were papers for her article on the hospice. When Edmund shows up she makes excuses about a deadline and leaves.

Gloria sneaks Dimitri in to see his daughter. Edmund walks in and asks what he thinks he is doing.

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