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Amanda tried to ruin Trevor and Skye's date because she wanted him to be with Janet instead. Dimitri went on The Cutting Edge to tell the public that Erica had kidnapped Sonya. Jack decided that charging Erica with kidnapping was his only option.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of June 30, 1997 on AMC
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June 23, 1997

Monday, June 30, 1997

Jack apologized to Janet for making her fly solo at the Couple of the Year banquet. Janet accepted the apology, but mused that Jack might have to give up his Southern Gentleman's membership for standing her up. Jack explained that he had a very good reason for passing on the date: an Erica emergency. This was no simple "bad hair day" emergency, he stated. Erica was in big trouble.

Trevor's dreams were once again infiltrated by Janet. This time, Janet was taking Trevor's order at holidays. But love, more than food, was on the menu. A sultry Janet sat down on the sofa next to Trevor and the two moved towards a kiss. As the kiss was about to happen, the ringing of Trevor's telephone woke him from his sleep.

Dimitri might have been able to sneak into Sonya's room, but it would be the last time that Dimitri got anywhere near the child if Edmund has his way. Edmund yanked Dimitri from the examining room and told him that their original agreement is still in effect. The fact that Erica kidnapped Sonya has no bearing on the matter; Sonya is Edmund's daughter, not Dimitri's. And just to clarify the situation, Edmund ordered his brother to "stay the hell away" from his family.

In the hospital corridor, Liza tried to pry information on Sonya from an intern. The intern wisely said that he could not offer up any information unless Joe Martin granted permission. It must have been terribly difficult to do because Liza offered the man a spot at WRCW as a medical analyst! Fortunately, Jake happened upon the scene and told Liza that he'd have her banned from the hospital if she doesn't leave immediately. Jake criticized Liza for cashing in on her relationship with Adam and losing sight of the human factor in the Sonya situation.

Gloria once again helped Dimitri put his shatter morale back together. She said that she knew that it was hard for him to let go of Sonya. Dimitri nodded in agreement. Seeing his daughter, however, was not an option. Therefore, Dimitri agreed to let go. Someone, though, would have to suffer for taking away his daughter from him.

The big high school graduation ceremony was minutes away for the Class of 1997. Scott, who graduated early and has been attending college for several months, was granted permission to walk down the aisle with his former classmates. Laura told Brooke that she and Scott had worked out their problems, but something else was about to pop up that would cause even more tense moments. WRCW asked Scott to go to New York and do some work at an affiliate station. Scott opted to use the event as a vacation for him and Laura. The topic of sleeping arrangements sent waves of confusion over Laura. She tried to get out of going on the trip by saying that she had to start looking for a job. It worked until Brooke stepped in and told Laura that she should pass on job interviews for a few weeks and have some fun. Scott was called away for a few minutes. It allowed Laura just enough time to tell Brooke that she did not want to return to New York because it brought back too many painful memories.

Kevin was crushed that his family skipped his graduation ceremony. Michael advised Kevin to give his parents some time to come to terms with his sexuality. Perhaps then his family will come back into his life. For Opal and Ruth, there was no explanation as to why The Sheffields missed the most important day in their son's life.

Edmund tracked down Jack at his office. He thought that Jack would have no idea why he was there. He was wrong. Jack claimed that he was gathering evidence before charging Erica with a crime. He asked Edmund if it would be better if he removed himself from the case. But Edmund didn't want anyone else prosecuting Erica. Jack was the best attorney in town and no one else would suffice.

Trevor found Belinda sitting in "his spot" at Holidays and jokingly told her to move. With a wry smile, Belinda told Trevor to make her move. The two were chatting it up when Janet approached and read off some new menu items for Belinda. Trevor became irked by Janet's presence and snapped at her. Belinda and Trevor adjourned to a table by the bar. There Belinda found that Trevor had been reading the personal ads. The two looked over some sample ads, but Trevor found nothing that appealed to him. He made a major faux pas by asking Belinda out on a date, saying that he does better dating people that he knows. Why was that such a mistake? It seems that Trevor had just given a thumbs down to a personal ad that Belinda had placed! Besides, Belinda said, Trevor has his eyes set on another woman. She motioned toward Janet. Trevor denied having any feelings for Janet. So Belinda pretended to read another personal ad from a "reformed" ex-con who loves her daughter, has brains and beauty, and asks that her gentleman suitors leave the crowbars at home. They both laughed as Janet walked by. Janet later came across Trevor's personal ads and commented to Belinda that personal ads didn't seem like Trevor's style. Perhaps not, but Belinda said that Trevor's eyes are definitely open to the ladies.

Edmund returned to the hospital and briefed Maria on his meeting with Jack. After some discussion, the two finally agreed on a new name for Sonya: Madelyn Flora Grey.

Bianca called Jack out of concern for her mother. She stated that her mother had been acting strangely on the phone. As the two conversed, Dimitri barged into the office and ordered Jack to end his phone call. Jack made a point of mentioning Bianca's name during his conversation so that Dimitri would know who he was talking to, but it didn't seem to have any impact on Dimitri. Dimitri was livid in his demands that Jack have Erica arrested immediately. He accused Jack of being too soft to have Erica thrown in jail and demanded that Jack remove himself from the case.

With a tape recorder in her handbag, Liza knocked on the front door at Linden. Erica, expecting and perhaps hoping that Jack was at the door, answered the door promptly. She almost slammed the door on Liza. Until, that is, Liza claimed that Erica would not regret talking to her.

Thursday style="color: #c00">Canada Day Tuesday, July 1, 1997

Janet was very course with Trevor when she realized that he was reading the personal ads. Belinda told Trevor that he needs to stop fighting his feelings for Janet and ask the mother of his child out on a date. Trevor hinted that he'd rather let his dating practices up to the Dating Gods. He then declared that he would go on a date with the next eligible woman to enter the restaurant. With that, Skye walked through the door.

The front door to Linden slammed shut in Liza's face and Erica walked away. Liza informed Erica that Dimitri was no longer running WRCW. She was the new owner. Liza can now "champion" Erica to WRCW's viewers and help salvage Erica's sagging career. Erica insisted that her career was never better. She has a new book ready for the bookstores and she's more popular than ever. Liza announced that she had run into Edmund and Maria at the hospital and noticed that they were carrying Sonya. Erica's mind drifted to Sonya's welfare. Erica allowed Liza to enter and talked about how she bonded with Sonya from the moment of the baby's birth. Erica felt justified in her decision to take Sonya from Maria. A click and a conspicuously placed bag caught Erica's attention. She leaped from her chair and pulled Liza's camcorder from the bag. After removing the tape, Erica ordered Liza to leave her house. Liza agreed, but warned Erica that the "wolves are circling" and that her friends will desert her when she is charged with a felony. The word felony echoed sharply in Erica's mind as she raced to the phone to call Jack.

Jack and Dimitri bickered over what to do about Erica's crime. Dimitri claimed that Jack could not be impartial and ordered that he remove himself from the case. Jack turned the tables and said that the only reason Dimitri is concerned about Erica's fate is because he's jealous. When times were hard, Erica turned to Jack rather than Dimitri. Belinda arrived at the office, but waited at the door. As Dimitri turned and caught sight of Belinda, some evil glares were exchanged. Belinda instinctively knew that Jack and Dimitri were arguing about Erica

Laura, Scott, Kelsey, and Kevin celebrated their graduation at Brooke's house. No one expected Adam to make an appearance especially not with a present. Adam presented an elegantly wrapped package to his nephew, commenting on how proud he is of Scott. The present, a black leather backpack type tote bag, contained a special gift in one of its pouches: a pendant for Laura. Brooke questioned Adam's motives for presenting Laura with an expensive gift. Wasn't Adam the same man who had called Laura "a thief" only a few months earlier? Adam claimed that he was trying to make amends for his bad behavior. Since With Pierce's departure. Brooke was in a painfully stressful time. There was no need for Brooke to apologize, Adam said with a smirk as he walked off.

Opal dropped off a present for Kevin along with a letter from Pine Valley University (PVU). Opal had been making the present rounds all day. She'd just left the Valley Inn where she presented Bobby with a computer from Cortlandt Electronics as well as matching watches for Bobby and Anita. Kevin passed over the present and opened his letter from PVU. Apparently Kevin's would-be roommate, Tate, requested that Kevin be given another room assignment. Opal rejoiced that Kevin would have a room of his own and touted the benefits of a single room. Both Kevin and Kelsey knew why the room assignments had been altered: Tate didn't want a gay roomie.

Scott recited his getaway plans with Laura. The New York affiliate sprung for a spiffy hotel right off of Times Square. The mention of Times Square didn't sit well with Laura. She tried to get Scott to change hotels, but he insisted that they take the station up on its generosity. Then Laura tried to get out of the vacation by telling Scott that she'd only get in the way of his WRCW business. Nonsense replied Scott. Finally Laura told him to drop the whole vacation scenario and stormed off. Back in the room, Brooke told Myrtle that she fears something bad happened to Laura during her time in New York.

Back at Holidays, Skye begged Janet to let her assist at Holidays. Janet didn't see Skye as a fit waitress, but Trevor backed up Skye's application to lend a hand. Janet then headed off to celebrate Laura's graduation. Trevor and Skye began chit-chatting and found that they both had something in common: An inability to do well in the dating game. Trevor found it hard to believe that and attractive woman like Skye could have a hard time finding a date. Skye said that all of her men are either ill-suited for long term relationships---or they're married. Trevor chuckled as he told Skye not to fret over her past crush on Edmund. A tide of embarrassment washed up on Skye as she realized that her secret crush was a little less than secret. Skye came up with a surprising idea. Since she and Trevor are both available, why don't they go on a "practice date" together. Trevor accepted, but said that they'd need to do the date at his house because he has to watch over his kids. Skye smiled and went to show some customers to a table. Trevor placed a call to Tim and told him to clean the house. He had a date--- "a real date".

Dimitri showed up at WRCW with a request for Liza. He claimed that he did not care that Liza had taken over control of the station. Now, however, he wants to get on the air and tell his story---the story of how Erica stole his daughter.

Belinda and Jack went out for a bite to eat at the Valley Inn. There Belinda learned what charges were facing Erica: kidnapping. Belinda told Jack that she knows how difficult a position he's in. She once brought a loved one up on charges---her brother, Noah. She loved him dearly, but didn't want to see his gang affiliations get him into even more dangerous situations. Madelyn (or Sonya if you prefer), was quite fussy and cried a lot. Maria blamed Erica for the baby's discomfort. She said that Madelyn is looking for something familiar to put her at ease. And that certain something is Erica. With that Erica arrived at the restaurant looking for Jack. As she approached Jack and Belinda's table, she saw Maria, Edmund, and the baby. She was concerned by Sonya's crying and asked Maria if everything was okay. Edmund ordered Isabella to take Madelyn outside and out of Erica's sight. Edmund held Maria back as Maria huffed and puffed at Erica. Maria demanded that she be allowed to tell Erica exactly "what's wrong."

Wednesday, July 2, 1997

Now that Sonya had been given back to Maria, there was no use for the oodles of toys and baby items left behind at Linden House. Esther packed up the items in a box and asked Stuart to deliver the items to the hospital. Stuart did his best to comfort Esther. She was suffering not only from the "loss" of her Li'l Honey, but also a feeling of remorse for hiding Sonya from her real mother. The two agreed to meet up at the gallery in an hour for a bite to eat.

As ordered, Amanda and Tim readied the house for their dad's big date. Amanda rejoiced that her dad had finally seen the light and asked Janet out on a date. So you can imagine Amanda's horror when Skye walked through the front door. You have to give Skye credit for attempting to cozy up to Amanda. How was she to know that she had the forces stacked against her even before she stepped foot in the house? Tim went out to play a game of basketball, but before he left he told Amanda that she should go upstairs and work on her "special project." The project, of course, was the effort to get Trevor and Janet together. Trevor went into the kitchen to get some drinks. While he was gone, Amanda gave Skye the hard route to go. She commented that since Trevor is a lawyer, Skye must be in some kind of legal trouble. Skye chuckled and replied that she and Amanda's dad share an interest in Laurel and Hardy. Amanda adjourned for the night. Once upstairs, she placed an urgent phone call to Janet tell her to "come quick" and that there was "no time to talk."

Maria accused Erica if stealing more than her child. The memories, the first smile---they're all gone. Erica urged Maria to toss all the regrets aside. She has the rest of her life to spend with Sonya and she should not waste time worrying about the past. Erica turned to leave, but she was prevented from making an exit. Edmund grabbed Erica's arm and demanded that she allow Maria to finish speaking her mind. Erica's ill-effects on the baby live on, Maria exclaimed. The baby knows Erica's face, her voice, even her perfume. Everything else is foreign, a reason to be afraid. Maria wondered how Erica could hate someone so much as to take their child from them. Erica again stated that hatred played no part in her decision. She recounted overhearing Dimitri's announcement that the baby " was better off dead." Maria was condemned to think that her child was dead, Edmund snapped. If that wasn't bad enough, Edmund reminded Erica of how she passed Sonya off as her baby in a house of God during Mateo and Hayley's almost-wedding. Finally, Maria ended with a correction. "My baby is Madelyn," Maria growled before she turned away. Adam offered to give Erica a ride home, but she turned him down. She went over to Jack and asked for a moment of his time. She asked if anything she said made him change his mind. Surprisingly, it had. He seemed to apologize to Erica for letting her down. Later Belinda shook her head as she recalled Jack's apology. It was Erica who let herself down, she said.

At WRCW, Dimitri and Liza went to tape on Dimitri's tell-all of Erica's kidnapping scandal. Dimitri said that he can in no way justify Erica's decision to steal Maria's child. He could and did, however, offer an explanation on why Erica took the baby: Revenge. He stated that Erica has always detested Maria and would do anything to see her suffer. Tad barged onto the set and interrupted the taping. He blasted Liza for using a biased person to tell of Erica's deeds. Besides, all the facts on the case weren't available. Dimitri threatened to take his story to a rival station. Liza couldn't allow that to happen and returned to taping the interview. Her final question to Dimitri asked him if he still loved Erica. Dimitri took a deep breath as the cameras faded to black. Liza thanked Dimitri for his interview, but Dimitri offered no reply. He bowed his head and walked away.

The Laurel and Hardy flicked rolled, the buttered popcorn sat on the coffeetable, and Amanda was tucked away in bed. The start of a perfect date, right? Amanda ran down the stairs and told her father that her nightlight had burned out and her room was "spooky." Trevor reminded his daughter that her nightlight had burned out nearly eight months ago, but Amanda remained adamant that she needed the light to get to sleep. While Trevor was upstairs fixing the lightbulb, Janet arrived. She was shocked to see Skye. The shock grew when Skye told Janet that she and Trevor were on a date! Janet referred to Skye as champagne in a crystal glass and to Trevor as coffee in a cardboard cup. Hardly a perfect match. Skye did her best to justify her wanting to date Trevor, but she lacked in the convincing department. Amanda once again raced down the steps and into Janet's arms. If you were to look closely, it almost looked like Amanda stuck her tongue out at Skye while she was embracing Janet! Janet explained that Amanda had called her. When she noticed that Amanda had her fingers crossed behind her back (from the age-old if-you-cross-your-fingers-it-nullifies-a-promise philosophy), Janet knew that Amanda had some sort of secret plan. She backed her up and said that she had dropped by to see some of Amanda's new artwork. Janet decided that it was best if she left, but not before Skye asked her why she is so interested in her dating habits. Janet offered no explanation.

Adam escorted Erica home just as he had promised. Adam praised Erica for admitting her wrong doing, something that he could never do. As they talked, Opal placed a phone call to Erica to tell her to turn on the television. Dimitri was on The Cutting Edge claiming that Erica stole Maria's baby. Erica hung up the phone and turned on the television. Adam defended Erica and said that his wife had no business putting the interview on the air. She went too far, Adam grimaced as he stormed out of the house.

Dimitri's interview was set to air. Liza asked Tad for his opinion on the show. Tad changed the subject and asked Liza for her ideas on the type of wedding ceremony he should have. A few minutes later Adam arrived at the station with two words for Liza: Great show!

Back at Linden, Opal showed up at her gal pal's house and had to beat off the media vultures with her hand bag. Opal cursed the media for broadcasting lies. Just last week, she said, one of the tabloids reported that a statue of Elvis had been found on Mars. "It's true," Erica replied. Opal scratched her head in bewilderment. As Opal began to question Erica's judgment for believing that the King had been found on another planet, Erica clarified that she meant the stories about her were true. Opal stopped in her tracks. Erica advised her closest female friend to take a "good look" at her because it might be the last time she ever sees her.

Thursday, July 3, 1997

Thursday's show started with a bang and ended with a bang. Jack phoned Edmund to announce that he had made the decision to charge Erica with kidnapping. Edmund must have detected the melancholy tone in Jack's voice because he responded by telling Jack that he had "done the right thing." Maria also had mixed feelings about seeing Erica face criminal charges. She accused Erica of being to easy on herself. Erica thinks that all is right now that she returned Sonya to the Greys. That's not the case said Maria. Madelyn still fussed and refused to drift off to sleep. Maria again blamed Erica for the baby's gretziness. Edmund proved that Maria was overstating her claims when he picked up Madelyn and her crying stopped instantly. With a smile on her face, Maria told Edmund that she believes he was put on this planet to be the baby's father. Genetics be damned! Maria said that she has always felt---and still feels---that Edmund is Madelyn's real father.

Opal blocked the door thus ending the possibility that Erica would bolt. Opal declared Erica mentally unstable and urged her friend to seek out professional help. She hated to ask, but she wanted to know if Erica had returned to drugs. Erica denied taking drugs of any kind and blamed all her problems on the media. She explained that if the media had not been circling her door, she'd be allowed a peaceful repentance. Opal wanted to make sure that Erica understood the grievous nature of her actions. Erica wasn't about to be reprimanded and ordered Opal to leave her house. Opal headed to the phone to place a call to Jack, but that proved to be the last straw. Erica warned Opal that if she even touched the phone she'd be booted out of her life forever. Opal sadly cast her eyes down and headed for the door. A glistening in Opal's eyes revealed tears. Erica looked painfully at her close friend. She wanted to say something to Opal---anything to help make their pain go away. But she couldn't... she just couldn't.

Skye told Trevor that she thinks Janet disapproves of their dating. Trevor, oblivious to the notion that Janet might have feelings for him, explained that Janet doesn't want another female figure entering Amanda's life. The VCR suddenly stopped working and Trevor suggested that he and Skye wait until Tim comes back home and then step out to the movies. Amanda, who had been eavesdropping on the conversation, seized the moment to race down the steps and toss a monkeywrench into her dad's plans. The young girl said that an evil octopus was hiding under her bed and could only be chased away by her daddy.

Janet, dejected by Trevor and Skye's blossoming romance, dropped by the Valley Inn for as chocolate fix. Belinda summoned Janet to her table and attempted to boost Janet's self-esteem. She informed Janet that Trevor and Skye were not an item. This was their first date and if Janet wants to be a part of Trevor's life she still has time to act on her feelings. Jack returned to the table, also down in the dumps over the day's events. As the trio talked, a promotional clip for Dimitri's appearance on The Cutting Edge came on the bar's television. Janet couldn't believe that the charges against Erica were true. She jumped to her feet and prepared to go to Linden. Jack refused to let Janet leave. But it wasn't like you might think. He wanted Janet to be by Erica's side, he just felt a need to thank Janet for her wanting to stand by Erica in her time of need. A short time later, Myrtle arrived to talk to Jack. She begged Jack to help Erica, but he said that there was nothing he could do. The response came as bitter medicine and Myrtle scolded Jack for his unwillingness to help.

Kevin and Kelsey celebrated their graduation with a bottle of sparkling cider. Kevin expressed his disappointment at his parents for not attending his graduation. Just as he mentioned that, a mysterious woman rang the doorbell. "Do you remember me," she asked when Kevin answered the door. The woman turned out to be Judith Sheffield, Kevin's mother. Kelsey allowed mother and son a few moments in private. Opal returned, down in the dumps over Erica's predicament, but the news that Kevin's mom was in town lifted her spirits. Kevin thanked his mom for coming back to Pine Valley with a hug. His mother didn't return the hug. Instead her eyes bulged and she looked uncomfortable by her son's display of affection. Judith refused to take part in an apple cider toast to fete her son's graduation. Kevin and Kelsey headed to the kitchen to get some mineral water for Judith. While they were gone, Judith expressed her concerns over Kevin's sexual preference. She questioned why her son had chosen such a difficult road in life. She explained that life is "hard enough when you fit in." Opal rose from her chair and took a seat next to Judith on the sofa. She said that Kevin had gotten tired of having to lie and had come to terms with his sexual orientation. Kevin and Kelsey returned and suddenly Judith's attitude changed. She decided that she'd partake in the celebratory toast. She learned that Kevin had been the yearbook's editor-in-chief. She asked Kevin to show her the yearbook. Opal and Kelsey went to the kitchen to have the cook prepare a late night snack. While everyone was out of the room, Judith placed a call to "Sid." She told the caller on the other end that she had not had time to "discuss it." She did, however, say that she would discuss the special "it" in the morning.

Erica was on the phone making travel plans when Janet slipped in through the back door. "I thought you could use a friend," Janet smiled meekly as she approached Erica. Erica feared that Janet would judge her. Janet was quick to point out that she was in no position to judge someone's crimes. Erica requested that Janet seek out the media and tell them that she meant no harm when she took Sonya from Maria. Janet would have obliged, but she didn't think that The Crowbar Killer would be a good public relations person. Janet suggested that Erica hire an attorney to plead her case. Erica shook her head. She doesn't need a lawyer, she claimed. "Oh yes you do---trust me," Janet replied. She told Erica that she would go to Trevor's house and enlist his help. Trevor, a "salt of the Earth" kind of guy, would make a good impression on those judging Miss Kane.

Janet arrived at the Dillon House and asked to speak to Trevor. Skye became irritated by the frequent interruptions and called it a night. Janet begged Trevor to help Erica.

Back at Linden, Myrtle showed up at the front door and pleaded with Erica to let her inside. Erica made no comments, no movements. She looked at the front door but didn't budge from her position. Myrtle called out to Erica to phone her if she needs someone to talk to. Erica sat down on the sofa and looked at a picture of her mother. Then, a loud crash came from the back of the house. Erica tip-toed to the vicinity of the noise. Shards of glass laid on the floor along with a brick with the words "Prepare to Pay" scrawled on it.

Friday, July 4, 1997

At the Valley Inn, Jack listened as the television set blared Dimitri's interview on The Cutting Edge. Finally the news became some repetitive that he demanded the bartender to turn of the television set. By the time the order to turn off the TV has been issued, Tad and Gloria had already entered the bar and heard most of the interview. Jack caught sight of Tad and laid into him for allowing Dimitri to air his grievances on The Cutting Edge. Gloria defended the man she loves by telling Jack that Liza now owns WRCW and can broadcast whatever filth she desires. In aid of his defense, Tad added that he walked off of the set when Liza insisted on taping the interview. Myrtle, denied entrance to Linden, returned to the Valley Inn to once again beg for Jack's help. Jack repeatedly told Myrtle that he could do nothing to help Erica. He will, however, do everything in his power to ensure that Erica receives a "fair and equitable" trial. Myrtle's face fell. She urged Jack to reconsider his decision to charge Erica with a first degree felony. Jack remained convinced that he had no other choice. A phone call from Mayor Rothman echoed the urgency in Jack's voice. The mayor, up in her office watching the news, requested that Jack drop by her office immediately to discuss the "Erica Kane situation." After Jack had left, Myrtle, Tad, and Gloria sat down at a table and tried to evoke some pleasant conversation from each other. Then it hit Myrtle. In less than twenty four hours, Tad and Gloria would be walking down the aisle together. Nothing, Myrtle said, could make her miss the ceremony----not even Erica's disaster. Gloria jokingly told Myrtle that she may keep her room at the boardinghouse. That way if she and Tad get into a fight, she'll always have somewhere to go. Tad's eyes widened. What happens if he gets kicked out of the house? Where will he go? Myrt cracked a wry smile and told Tad that she has an old doghouse in her backyard that he can feel free to use. Myrtle returned home and allowed the two lovers to have some time alone. Gloria regretted that their courtship was nearly over. Tad rose from his chair and offered Gloria his hand. The two slow-danced around the bar as he told her that their fun together is just beginning.

Janet begged Trevor for his assistance---but not for herself, for Erica. Trevor chuckled as he thought up ideas of how Erica could be in trouble with the law. Perhaps she was caught speeding or left her parking meter expire. It's more serious than that, Janet sighed. Erica faces kidnapping charges. She stole Sonya from Maria! Trevor stood motionless for several seconds while the information was absorbed into his mind. Trevor blasted Erica for her crime, saying that the kidnapping was a "horrible thing to do." Janet claimed that she knew how Erica must have felt. After all, she's been through the "desperate" times herself. The suggestion that Trevor represent Erica didn't sit too well with Trevor. He refused to "touch [the] case with a ten foot pole." Trevor then advised Janet to seek the help of a New York or Los Angeles attorney. A big money lawyer wouldn't help Erica, Janet explained. He or she would be in it for the money, a chance to write a tell all book after the conclusion of the trial, and could care less about Erica. Janet stated that she would represent Erica in court---if she could---but said that Erica's friendship with "the Crowbar killer" won't help her case. Trevor warned Janet not to talk herself down. He lowered his head and agreed to take on Erica as his client.

In New York just a few blocks away from Times Square, Scott and Laura sat in a hotel room. While Scott rejoiced a trip out of the humdrum life in Pine Valley, Laura mourned a loss bigger than most people could understand. Scott asked Laura why she looked so down. She pulled him over to the window and pointed out a run-down, shell of a charred building. This was the building where Laura's mother had died in a fire. Scott apologized profusely for bringing Laura back to the painful memories. He thought that everything had been rebuilt since the fire. Something about the return to New York seemed right to Laura. And she looked at today as the day she could face her painful memories. She asked Scott if she would accompany her to the building---she had to see it... to touch it... to confront her memories. Scott also knew the pains of losing a mother. Laura told him of the horrible living conditions in the building. The windows were painted shut and she often woke at night to find cockroaches crawling in her hair. She hung out in department stores until closing time so that she wouldn't have to return home. A woman strolled into the scene pushing a shopping cart. The woman, mussed and dirty from living on the streets, struck up a chord of familiarity for Laura. She took a step towards the woman and muttered but one word...

Mayor Rothman told Jack that several Pine Valley residents requested that someone other than Jack prosecute Erica. As the mayor spoke, one of Jack's critics emerged from hiding: Dimitri. Dimitri loudly exclaimed that Jack had slept with Erica recently and feels that Jack cannot be impartial. Jack couldn't hold back the wave of anger sweeping over him. He hollered at Dimitri for trying to sabotage his career. He did, however, assure the mayor that he can do a better-than-good job of seeing that justice is served. The mayor concurred, but warned Jack that she'd be watching him like a hawk to make sure that he didn't let his personal feelings get in the way of business. After the mayor left for the night, Dimitri also warned Jack that he'd be watching him... even more closely than the mayor.

Erica flipped out as reporters clamored outside her door waiting for an interview. Suddenly a familiar voice called out from outside. It was Adam. Erica allowed her former husband into the house. No sooner had Adam crossed the threshold and Erica wrapped her arms around him and begged him for help. Adam looked on in astonishment as Erica shook like a frightened bunny rabbit. Erica begged Adam to speak to Jack on her behalf and convince him that she didn't do anything wrong---or more importantly that she didn't do anything illegal. Adam explained that he and Jack are not very close and doesn't think that speaking to him would help in any way. Erica's next course of action was to beg Adam to phone his pilot and allow Erica to use his private jet to flee the country. Erica was desperate---that was obvious. Adam was not about to let Erica further jeopardize her case, but he did come up with a plan.

Adam went to the door and told the media that Erica had decided to give a press conference to put and end tot he rumors. The members of the press flooded the house just as Jack and Derek arrived. Jack told Adam that Erica would be arrested in a matter of minutes. Then Trevor and Janet showed up. Trevor told Adam that he would be representing Erica and needed time to talk to her before she opened her mouth to the media. Adam lashed out at Trevor and blocked him from going upstairs to see Erica. Adam went upstairs to fetch Erica. Dimitri showed up at the front door just as Adam returned downstairs to announce that Erica was missing.



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