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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of June 30, 1997 on GL
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June 23, 1997

Monday, June 30, 1997

JENNA and JEFFREY arrive at the club for their dinner party (with Harley and Phillip). Jeffrey-- "Our new partner is going to show us what she can do." Jenna is not happy. As Harley is getting ready to leave the diner (all dressed up), Buzz quizzes her about where she is going. He assumes that she is going out with her girlfriend. Then PHILLIP comes to pick her up. Buzz suggests that Mallett might have a problem with this. Phillip says to Harley that she and Jenna might need to rethink their plan about Jeffrey. She says that they will get rid of Jeffrey Morgan so that he will never come between Jenna and Buzz again. Later, at the Country Club, Phillip and Jeffrey decide to talk business (away from the ladies). The ladies interrupt them and we see that Buzz arrives to spy on them.

MICHELLE is screaming at JESSE because he has picked her up after she fell and hurt her ankle. He puts her down and says that he was going to take her on his motorcycle to a hospital. She doesn't know whether she should believe him or not. He tells her that she shouldn't have been there in the first place.

MARCUS and DAHLIA are discussing Michelle and assuming that she has gone to Point Lester to find her mom's heart donee. They go to find her and just as Jesse is picking her up to take her to the hospital, they spot her. Marcus is ready to fight, but Michelle stops him and goes back with them. They lecture her about going off on her own in dangerous territory. Michelle realizes her billfold is missing. They (of course) suspect that Jesse has lifted it. Later, we see Jesse picking up her wallet off the ground and removing a picture of Michelle.

MATT and DINAH are still at the graduation party. VANESSA is observing them. Michael has told her that he thinks Matt and Dinah are a couple now. She thinks he misinterpreted. She quizzes him about what he heard. She does a lot of "maybe's." They are going someplace together, he says. They do not want Bill want to know. Michael says that he heard Matt say that he loved Dinah. Vanessa listens to Matt and Dinah's conversation that makes it sound like they are a couple. Vanessa watches Matt and Dinah leave the party arm in arm. Vanessa wants to go back and see her house. While they are watching, Matt and Dinah go into the house and turn out the lights so they can be on the plan to Lucerne at 5:00 a.m. They both say they felt closer all day to Vanessa.

Tuesday, July 1, 1997

Wednesday, July 2, 1997

by Sarai

Harley & Phillip went to dinner with Jeffrey & Jenna. Jeffery is planning to swindle a large amount of cash from Phillip, even though Jenna is begginh him not to. Phillip is becoming wise to what is going on, but is still willing to help with Harley & Jenna's plan. Buzz meets up with Jenna and she tells him that it won't be long until they are together. They then share a passionate kiss.

Michelle returns home after spraining her ankle and her family is upset that she would go to such a bad part of town. She dreams of being rescused by Jesse on a motorcycle; she is convinced that he is a pretty good guy, contrary to what her Aunt Mayta has told her.

Not much else happened; pretty slow day for ol' GL.

Thursday, July 3, 1997

Dinah and Matt go to the St. Augustine convent to look for Vanessa and her PT, Michael. There they speak to a nun, telling her they have an ill aunt (they describe Vanessa's illness) that requires they speak to the convent's resident Physical Therapist.

Vanessa is crushed because she thinks Matt and Dinah are a couple. She cries to Michael, deciding that she should leave Springfield so as to not ruin her daughter's future with Matt. Michael tells Vanessa she should go back to Switzerland with him and start a new life there. She agrees.

The Bauer barbecue assembles -- Blake and Kevin, Harley, Phillip, Abigail, Aunt Mayda, Rick, Holly and Fletcher, Roger and Amanda are all in attendance.

Matt finds Vanessa's empty room in the convent. He sneaks in and finds pictures of himself, Dinah, and Bill. He is now certain Vanessa is alive. He is overjoyed, looking around the room and smelling her clothes. He also finds her laptop. He tells Dinah that her mother is alive and she is also ecstatic!

Michelle goes to see Jesse. He is suspicious of her visit and is hostile towards her. She thanks him for helping her the other night and invites him to the Bauer bar-b-que. He blows her off, telling her he has a hot date that night.

Matt and Dinah are told that Vanessa is not at the convent, that she went away with Michael. Matt wonders immediately about the possibility of Vanessa having become romantically involved with her Physical Therapist.

Ross returns from his trip and runs into Blake at the bar-b-que. He tells her that they need to have a serious talk.

Michael has a mysterious change of heart, and tells Vanessa he will not be returning to Switzerland with her.

Jesse shows up at Michelle's house for the barbecue and Rick threatens to kick him out.

Friday, July 4, 1997

Michelle invited Jesse to the Bauer BBQ, but when he shows up, Rick has a fit and throws him out. Michelle follows Jesse back to Point Lester where he lives and tells him that she doesn't believe that he stole her wallet and she belives in him; Jesse says that he did indeed steal her wallet, and he in fact returns her money. Michelle insists that she wants to be his friend, and they end up in a long kiss, only to be interrupted by Jesse's probation officer. Jesse is then taken off to jail since he has violated parole 2 times.

Annie downs a few shots of vodka at the Spaulding mansion before going to the Bauer BBQ. By the time she gets there, she is drunk and is nursing a beer. Phillip reminds her of her miserable withdrawl time and asks hger to stop drinking. Annie then sees Shane & Marah in the hottub, and starts causing a scene asking them to "come see their Mother." Reva pulls Annie away from the kids and she & Josh tells Annie to leave. Meanwhile, Amanda calls Alan to come help, and he comes to the BBQ and takes Annie away.

Amanda volunteers to help Nola with food preparation and is embarrased when Holly has to come help her. Holly also snidely mentions that she has noticed that Amanda is no longer wearing her engagement ring.

Blake & Ross have a talk; Ross says that he forgives her, but Blake says that is not enough; she wants Ross to tell her that he will love her unconditionly. Ross says that he can't do that; Blake is immediately distressed and asks her mother to watch the twins, and says that she is going on a vacation; destination unknown.

Matt & Vanessa are at the convent in Switzerland and are posing as a married couple who are interested in Michael/physical therapist. After their plot fails and they enter Vanessa's room, seeing some of her personal items, they decide to come clean and admit to the Sisters why they are there; they s/w a nun who tells them that Michael no longer works there, but tells them where Michael lives. Matt & Vanessa go to Michael's home, and Matt finds a file folder that shows Michael to be on parole. After a few calls to Chicago, Matt finds that Michael was an MD who had his license suspended after murdering on of his female patients.

Vanessa & Michael are still in Springfield, when Michael tells her that he is not returning to Switzerland. Certain that she will not stay in Springfield, Vanessa says that she wants to live out by the lake where she and Matt first met. Michael persuades Vanessa to invite him to live with her at the lake.


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