All My Children Recaps: The week of October 27, 1997 on AMC
Brooke vowed to find the man who had taken Laura's pictures. Bianca remained wary of food after being released from the hospital. Dimitri threatened to kill Skye if she told Edmund the truth about Maddie's paternity. Erica figured out that Maddie was really Edmund's baby.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of October 27, 1997 on AMC
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Monday, October 27, 1997

The mere thought of Skye having a friend sent shivers up and down Erica's spine. You see, she was worried that the person Skye had been meeting with was Dr. Jonathan Kinder. Of course it wasn't. Gillian assured Erica that Skye's acquaintance was docile and posed no threat to anyone. Gillian also informed Erica that the "nerd-man" kept talking about "Pine Cone." Erica clued Gillian, who thought that Pine Cone was the latest drug of choice, in on the Pine Cone Motel. After giving Gillian the directions to the dive, Erica told her that she'd reward her with a week at a luxury hotel in New York if she managed to dig up dirt on Skye's friend. Gillian worried about encountering vermin at the motel, but was won over by the promise of massages and facials at Erica's expense.

With their triathlon battle only a few days away, Jake and Allie's playful competitiveness grew in magnitude. They managed to put the contest aside for a few minutes and discussed Bianca's health. Things were improving---but very slowly. Bianca had downed a three-course meal, which Jake later revealed consisted of some spinach, a lettuce leaf, and a few carrot sticks. Jack dropped by the hospital to visit his niece and asked the two doctors for an update on Bianca's condition. It wasn't so much what they did say as opposed to what they didn't say that worried Jack. Allie confessed that they had given Erica false hopes on Bianca's recovery. Yes, she was showing signs of improvement, but she was still nowhere near the finish line. Jack decided to go to the correctional facility and clue Erica in on Bianca's status. Allie felt that some alternative medicine might make a dent in Bianca's weight loss and asked Jake to meet her at Holiday's after work.

Liza asked her husband what he and Mateo had been arguing about. Adam told her that he and Mateo do not see eye-to-eye on the TransGlobal matter. Liza pointed out that Mateo lost his sister in the crash and that his rage is to be expected. Adam nodded, but felt that Mateo was going too far in his crusade against the airline. Adam told Liza that he wishes he could go back in time and spare the plane from its ultimate fate. Liza worried that her husband was being too hard on himself and reminded him that the crash was not his fault. The two mused over their new relationship and Liza asked Adam what they did for amusement before they got along. "Argued," Adam smiled. Liza remained concerned that Adam was working himself towards a meltdown. She reconsidered Adam's offer to get away to New York. Now, she said softly, she'd love to hit The Big Apple. Adam was overjoyed that Liza had taken him up on his offer and told her to pack her bags. While she was gone, Adam placed a call to Barry. He learned that the Corview sale was finalized and that his name appeared nowhere in the sale documents. All mentions to the owner were named as "The Corview Group." Liza returned downstairs and caught her hubby in the act of business. The getaway to New York, she sighed, was supposed to be relaxing. They both agreed to leave their cellphones at home so that no one could bother them.

Mateo looked over the Corview sale agreement carefully. He wondered who would buy a dying airline. More importantly, why would Adam have a copy of the sale agreement? Hayley took a seat at his table and asked him what he was up to. Mateo tucked the paper back in his briefcase and claimed it was nothing important. Tad entered the restaurant and told The Santoses that their appearance on The Cutting Edge had drawn a huge response from viewers of the show. He asked them to make a return appearance if they learned anything new. Mateo lied and said that he knew no more now than he did before. Tad was called away to return a page from the office. While he was gone, Mateo and Hayley had a heart-to-heart talk. Hayley told Matt that she's worried about him. All he does, she said, is spend his waking-hours looking for ways to fight Corview. Mateo took his wife's comments as a showing of her lack of support. Hayley promised her continued loyalty to Matt, but asked when they'd be able to move on with their lives. The discussion had no resolution, and Hayley went back to work. Mateo picked up his cellphone and called Charles Renwick, the name that was listed as the new buyer of Corview. Mateo reached one of Mr. Renwick's associates. Matt dropped Adam's name several times to try to get an "in." He claimed that he was working on an article for a business magazine and wanted a quote from Corview's new owner. Mateo managed to determine that Chandler Enterprises somehow played a part in the sale, but that was it. Before Matt could scramble to get more information, the associate hung up on him.

Allie and Jake showed up a short time later. Allie ordered one of her special shakes for Bianca. Jake pulled a concert ticket from his jacket and presented it to Allie. She was thankful that Jake had gone out of his way to get her a concert ticket. She wasn't surprised to learn that Jake was going to be sitting next to her. They could go together, she stated, but it was not a date.

Gillian arrived at the Pine Cone and found the housekeeping services tidying up Andy's room. Gillian claimed that she needed to speak to the person who'd rented the room because he had her keys. The housekeeper showed little interest. That was until Gillian flashed some cash. The housekeeper snatched the bill from Gillian's manicured hands and dashed off. Gillian poked around the room until she found a stack of business cards. She looked over the business contacts and determined that she could learn more about Andy Fowler by doing a little sneaky undercover work. She called one of the contacts from the cards and claimed that she was calling from a company where Andy had applied for a job. She said that Andy had left off his former job positions and that she was calling to get the information. The person on the other end gladly gave out the information---including the news that Andy worked at Center City Labs.

Mateo showed up at Chandler Mansion and demanded to speak to Adam. Winifred told Matt that both Adam and Liza had gone away. There was no forwarding number. Mateo was determined to find Adam and called the millionaire a "stinking coward."

Erica expected Gillian to return to jail and give her the information she'd found out on Skye's friend. She was slightly disappointed to see that her visitor was Jack. Erica told Jack that she'd enlisted Gillian to dig up dirt on Dimitri. Erica also told Jack that she feels Maddie is not getting the love she needs from Dimitri and Gloria. Dimitri has changed, she said seriously. He is not the same man she married a few years back. Jakc let it slip that Bianca was not as far along the road to recovery as once thought. Erica flipped out and feared that Bianca had relapsed. Jack assured her that Bianca was making progress, but reminded Erica that the girl has little control over her life. The only thing she can control, he sighed, was what food she consumed. Erica felt that she was the blame for Bianca's condition. He she fought the court order than allowed Travis sole custody of the girl, this wouldn't have happened. At least that's what she believed. Jack told her that it was not her fault and refuted her claims that "Stalin and Hitler" were raising Bianca. Jack agreed that Travis and Barbara are not perfect parents---but no one is perfect. Jack returned home. Soon after he left, Erica received a phone call from Gillian. The princess told Erica that she'd managed to find out where Andy works. Erica was pleased with the news and asked Gillian to find out exactly what Center City Labs does.

Dimitri hauled Skye to a nearby park and asked her what she was doing at Wildwind. Skye explained that she was going to tell Edmund the truth and make him see that she never meant to hurt him by switching the lab results. Dimitri called Skye "Satan incarnate." He told her that she twisted a knife in Maria's heart and stabbed Edmund in the back. How can she put a "positive spin" on that? Skye could tell the truth, Dimitri sneered. But look where the truth got Erica. Dimitri claimed that he "owns" Skye and that she needs to forget all about telling Edmund the truth. Skye begged Dimitri to let her tell Edmund the news. It would be easier coming from her, she rationalized. Dimitri laughed condescendingly. He called Skye "na´ve" and accused her of "not thinking." Slowly, Skye deciphered Dimitri's hidden meaning. Skye asked Dimitri why he wants a child that is not his. He can have oodles of children with Gloria. Dimitri nodded. He could have plenty of children of his own. But thanks to Skye, he growled, his whole life had gone topsy-turvy. Had Skye not altered the results, Dimitri might still be married to Erica, the woman he called his "soul mate." Skye tried to turn the tables on Dimitri. She implied that Dimitri only want Maddie because he knew that it would keep Gloria in his life. If Maddie were returned, Gloria would walk. Dimitri told Skye that she can have her "deepest desire," which, in this case, is Edmund. All she has to do, he stated, is to keep her mouth shut. Skye said that she couldn't remain silent anymore--- Edmund deserves to know the truth. Dimitri walked behind the woman and slowly wrapped his arm around her throat. He told Skye that they were very much the same except for one thing: Success. "I have what I want. You can too. All you have to do is be silent." He warned Skye that if she even hinted that he is not Maddie's real father, he'll have no choice but to kill her.

Tuesday, October 28, 1997

Armed with a complete rundown of Andy's past jobs, Gillian called the Center City lab where Andy was last employed and tried to learn a bit more about Skye's mystery man. She claimed that she was a long-lost friend of Mr. Fowler's and wanted to have a reunion with him. The person on the other end of the phone informed Gillian that the lab no longer employed Andy. Gillian was forced to cut her call short because Dimitri returned home. The phone call's abrupt end looked suspicious to Dimitri and he threatened to press the REDIAL button to find out who Gillian had been talking to. Gillian decided to tell "the truth" and confessed that she'd been talking to Tad. Gillian explained that she knew that her cousin would be upset with her, so she hung up on Tad. Dimitri informed Gillian that she wouldn't have to worry about upsetting him if she just stopped talking to Tad. Gillian remembered that she'd been invited to some "occult" worshipping festival and asked for permission to borrow Dimitri's convertible. Dimitri chuckled at Gillian and told her that the "occult" event was a Halloween party. Gloria returned home and thanked Gillian for keeping an eye on Maddie. Dimitri told Gillian that he doesn't mean to come across as an iron fist. Gillian's parents, he explained, had entrusted her to him---the same way Gloria had allowed Gillian to watch after Maddie. Gillian headed off to her party and Dimitri and Gloria were allowed a few moments of quiet. Before going to check on Maddie, Gloria told Dimitri that thanks to the little bundle of joy in the other room, she's never been happier in her life. Dimitri sat down on the sofa and thought about what could happen if it was ever learned that Maddie was not his child. In his vision, his loft filled up with an eerie fog. Edmund stormed through the front door and demanded his child back. Gloria obliged and blasted Dimitri for stealing Edmund's baby from him. Gloria stomped into her bedroom and packed her bags. She then dashed to the front door and walked out of Dimitri's life. Dimitri chased after her and yelled "Gloria! Don't leave me!" but his pleas did no good. Dimitri didn't know it, but Gloria had been talking to him. When Dimitri snapped out of his fog, he noticed that Gloria had changed her clothing and was walking towards the door. She told him that she was going to Myrtle's to help her bake Halloween cookies. Dimitri convinced her that her presence was needed at home and she agreed to back out on her agreement with Myrtle.

Skye returned to Wildwind and showed herself in. She poured herself a glass of soda water and reflected on Dimitri's threat. While her mind wandered, Edmund entered the room and called out her name. Skye was startled and dropped her glass. Edmund worried that Skye was worked up over something. Skye lied about what was making her so nervous, saying she was nearly in a car accident on her way to the castle. Edmund was grateful that Skye wasn't harmed. He told her that he could not bare the thought of losing another loved one. He embraced her and helped ease her jangled nerves. "You're a wonderful man," Skye smiled, "and you don't deserve what's happened to you." Skye showed signs of cracking and her eyes echoed the internal struggle she was battling to hold back on telling Edmund about the altered paternity test. Just as Skye seemed ready to tell Edmund, she "heard" Dimitri's voice remind her that he'd kill her if she spoke the truth. Edmund worried that Skye might be more unnerved than necessary and offered to take her to the hospital for an examination. Skye assured Edmund that a check-up was not needed. But to be on the safe side, she was going to attend an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. Edmund praised Skye's transformation into a responsible young woman, quite a difference from the way she'd been when he first saw her!

Hayley tried to pry Scott away from his studies with a Halloween-theme cupcake. When it didn't work, Hayley asked Scott if he was concentrating on his work... or just upset about The Intruder's article on Laura. Scott claimed that he was no longer worried about Laura because they'd agreed to stop seeing each other. In a desperate act to get her cousin to smile, Hayley asked Kevin and Kelsey if they would invite Scott to a Halloween party they were attending. They agreed and after some gentle nudging, Scott agreed that a party might lift his spirts.

Mateo showed up at Miles' office and demanded answers. He walked sure-footedly into the office and sat down in a chair. He placed his briefcase on the floor and immediately asked Miles about Corview's real owner. He was sure that Miles didn't run things himself. Miles refused to answer, saying that not only was he not a liberty to discuss those matters with Mateo, but if he did, Mateo's head would be swimming in the complexity of the company's infrastructure. Mateo was infuriated by the implication that he wasn't smart enough to understand what was going on. Mateo hoped that suggestion that Corview was owned by the Mafia or a drug cartel might force Miles to cave. It didn't. Mateo tried another tactic; He told Miles that Hayley thinks he's an okay job. As it turns out, he said snidely, Miles is just a corporate scapegoat who is taking the fall for someone more powerful. Mateo showed himself out of the office. Miles immediately raced to the phone and placed an urgent call to Adam's suite in New York. He told Adam that Mateo was poking around and that it was only a matter of time before Mateo found out the truth: Adam is the owner of Corview. Adam angrily said that he'd take care of the problem and hung up the phone. A few minutes later, Mateo knocked on Miles' office door. He bashfully admitted that he'd forgotten his briefcase. Mateo grabbed the briefcase and dashed out of the office. In the hallway, Mateo opened the briefcase and pulled out a small pocket tape recorder. He hit rewind and then listened to what his makeshift bugging device had recorded. With Miles clearly spelling out that Adam was the owner of Corview, Mateo now knew why Adam had such a vested interest in wanting a settlement.

Liza asked Adam if everything was okay. He assured her that all was calm on the home front and thanked her for her concern. They two engaged in some passionate kissing until Adam pulled away. He told his wife that he had a confession to make. And until he bared his soul he could not move on. Liza hushed Adam. Se told him that they are "soul mates" and that she knows what he's thinking. Sure they'd had their differences in the past, but that was all behind them now. There is nothing that Adam could do that couldn't be forgiven. Adam asked her to remember that, saying that her commitment might be put to the test one day. Adam stood up and retrieved a small box from one of the dresser drawers. Liza opened the box and looked curiously at its contents: Several medals. Adam chuckled at Liza's expression and assured her that they were not medals for enduring life with him. These medals belonged to Liza's father. Apparently he was a decorated soldier in World War II, a war for which he had lied about his age in order to fight in. The precious mementos of her father moved Liza to tears.

At the boathouse, the fraternity Halloween party was in full gear. Kevin was dressed as a character from the movie Men In Black and Kelsey was dressed as Xena: Warrior Princess. When Gillian arrived, she asked Scott if he'd like to leave the beer-drinking knuckleheads behind and go to a party of their own. As it turns out, Scott was one of those beer-drinking knuckleheads. Several of the frat brothers challenged him to a "chugging" contest. Kevin escorted Gillian back to her car. While he was gone, an inebriated Scott walked over to Kelsey and began flirting with her. Kelsey offered him some coffee to help sober him up, but Scott wasn't interested in coffee. He bent over and gave Kelsey a kiss.

Skye walked in to Holidays and asked Hayley for her help. She told her half-sister that she needed to attend an AA meeting, but she was too late for the one at the hospital. Hayley told her that she could catch another meeting in Center City. Skye thanked her for her help and told her that she was about the make a major decision that could affect her life forever. Hayley offered to tag along with Skye, but Skye felt it best that she go alone.

Mateo returned to Holidays and replayed his tape recording several times. His eyes widened and eyebrows formed a sinister expression. "Adam's behind this," he growled. "He killed Maria."

Wednesday, October 29, 1997

After talking a co-worker at Holidays to close up for them, Hayley and Mateo returned to their cozy apartment for a nice of passionate lovemaking. Hayley felt a need to justify her Corview-related comments from earlier in the day. Mateo put his finger up to her lips and told her that until the sun rises they should not let anyone else into their lives. Hayley agreed and slinked off to the bathroom to "slip into something a little easier to slip out of." While she was gone, Mateo visualized her reaction to the news that Adam owned Corview. In his "dream," Hayley was devastated by the news and refused to believe that her father could be responsible for the deaths of innocent people. Mateo splashed back in to reality and knew that breaking the news to Hayley wouldn't be easy. In an effort to enhance the mood, Mateo reached for a CD of romantic music. Instead of seeing the CD's real cover, he saw the cover-jacket as "Adam Chandler's Greatest Lies." Hayley sauntered out of the bathroom and she and Mateo fell into each other's arms. After making love, Hayley wanted to discuss their future together. But Mateo asked that she remain in the here-and-now and not look too far ahead.

Kelsey pulled away from Scott and informed him that "bobbing for lips" was not on the party's list of events. Scott claimed that Kelsey had been kissing him back, but she vehemently denied the allegations. She tried to convince Scott to lay off of the beer and down a few cups of coffee, but he refused. Scott was more interested in putting the moves on Kelsey. She tried to push him away, but Scott insisted that she kiss him. Kevin returned to the scene just in time to pull Scott off of Kelsey. A brief scuffle ensued, but Scott's drunken state didn't make it much of a challenge for Kevin to subdue him. Scott staggered back to the party. Kelsey thanked Kevin for helping her with Scott. As much as the two wanted to leave the party, they decided that they should stick around just in case Scott got into any more trouble.

The Youth Center's board of directors planned a special meeting to discuss whether or not Laura should continue to work at the center. Laura wasn't looking forward to going. In fact, she'd already decided that her job was going to be taken away from her. Jim gave her a pep talk to spur her into fight mode, but Laura ignored his rally cry. Brooke entered the room and echoed Joe's comments. She urged Laura to stuck up for herself. Brooke offered to accompany Laura to the hearing, but Laura told her that she had to learn to take her medicine on her own. After Laura left for the center, Jim and Brooke both confessed that they'd missed each other. Brooke thanked Jim for encouraging Laura to face the board's questions. Jim decided that his message to Laura was nothing special. Who hasn't messed up at some point in their childhood, he asked.

At the Youth Center, Laura tried to explain herself to Dawn, one of the girls who's she'd been counseling. Dawn wasn't the least bit interested in what Laura had to say. Dawn tapped her foot against the floor as Laura struggled to summon an explanation. An explanation, Dawn said, wouldn't change anything. She asked Laura if she was going to claim that she wasn't the girl in the photos. Before Laura could respond, Dawn called her a "fake out" just like the rest of the counselors at the center. Janet was standing at the door and overheard Dawn's comments. She entered the room and tried to piece Laura back together. Laura explained that she deserved Dawn's criticism. Janet disagreed. She tried to make Laura see that she could get past the embarrassment of the moment. And this was coming from "a former town pariah." Laura rose to her feet and fought back tears. She told Janet that she needed to be alone and ran out of the room. Still seated in the room, Janet sighed that she knows exactly how Laura feels.

Bianca "helped" spot train Allie for her triathlon. Jake offered the two ladies some healthy concoctions from his juice bar. He escorted them to an examining room where he had set up a quasi-juice bar. As Allie ribbed Jake about their upcoming battle, Jake whipped up a banana smoothie. He poured one glass each for Bianca and Allie. Allie and Bianca toasted to what they saw as her soon-to-be victory. Allie gulped down the smoothie. Bianca, however, stared into her glass and commented about how high in calories bananas are. Allie quoted nutritional informational about the fruit, but it had little impact on Bianca. So Jake took drastic measures to win Bianca's trust. He rolled up Allie's pants leg and showed Bianca that bananas help build lean muscle. Convinced that Allie was in top shape, Bianca downed her smoothie. Allie escorted Bianca back to her room and Jake was asked to take care of a new patient---Scott Chandler. Kelsey and Kevin helped Scott walk into the emergency room. They told the doctor that Scott had been drinking and that they were concerned for him. Jake praised their decision to have Scott checked out, citing the rising number of teens that are killed by alcohol poisoning each year. Scott was given the once-over and allowed to rest in an examining room. . Later Allie asked Jake about his impromptu "touchy feely" leg display. Jake confessed that he was stimulated by Allie's legs, but before anymore could come of the two doctors' flirting, Jake had to rush into the examination room because Scott was vomiting.

Jim and Brooke shared a few tender moments and were engaged in a kiss when Laura returned home. To the best of their knowledge, Laura did not see their smooching. Laura told Brooke that she did not stick around to hear the board's verdict---she was sure that she was going to be given the boot. That was all that Laura was to say on the matter and headed off to bed. Brooke vented her frustration on Jim. She told him that it was not fair that Laura was suffering because of some pervert's desire to see little children engaged in sexual acts. She vowed to use all of her resources to make sure that the person who took the pictures is hunted down and "nailed to the wall."

At Holidays, Trevor looked all around for a familiar face. But no one he knew was anywhere to be found. A few minutes after his search began, Janet showed up at the restaurant. Trevor asked her why she hadn't contacted him. She reminded him that she'd decided that they should not see each other anymore. Trevor told her that they should not stop seeing each other just because of Tim. Janet recalled Tim's threat to tell Amanda about her murderous past if she didn't stop seeing his father. Janet responded by telling Trevor that Tim was not the sole reason she stopped seeing him. "It just won't work," she said unconvincingly. She told Trevor that she had to go home and "write some letters." She raced out of the building. Trevor realized that she'd left behind her briefcase and tried to catch up to her. But his two left feet got in the way and he fell to the ground sending the contents of Janet's briefcase all over the floor of the restaurant. As he picked up the papers, he came across the blackmail note that Tim had sent to Janet.

Thursday, October 30, 1997

At Holidays, Edmund, Skye, and Tad continued work on their plan to topple Dimitri. The key to Dimitri's downfall, Edmund insisted, was proving that Dimitri was responsible for switching his painkillers with amphetamines. Edmund hinted that Gloria might have been Dimitri's "pill connection." She is, after all, a registered nurse. Tad insisted that Gloria would never do something so unethical. In an attempt to clear Gloria's name and to get to the bottom of the switched pills, Tad told Edmund that he could go to the hospital and tap into Joe's computer to gain access Dimitri's medical records.

Across the room, Gillian got on the phone and called Center City Labs. She pretended to be a worker from a Belgian pharmaceutical company that was interested in hiring Andy Fowler. She asked for background information on Andy and learned that he had performed paternity tests for the lab. Armed with this knowledge, Gillian headed to the correctional facility to tell Erica what she'd learned about Mr. Fowler. Erica listened intently to Gillian's news. At first it made no sense to her, but then she remembered that Maria had had her paternity test performed at the same lab. Slowly but surely, Erica began to piece together the different parts of the mystery. If Skye and Andy had talked about their fears of being "found out," that must have meant that they did something illegal. "Oh no," Erica gasped. "Not that." Gillian asked Erica what she was thinking, but Erica wouldn't divulge her thoughts to the princess. Erica told Gillian that she needs to speak to Skye. She asked Gillian to do whatever it would take to get Skye to pay a visit to the prison. That included telling Skye that she wanted to repair their broken friendship. Gillian smiled and told Erica that she'd get right on it.

Jack called Erica to tell her that Bianca was being released from the hospital. Erica wished that she could see her daughter to Linden, but she knew that there was no way she could get out of jail. Things were going along smoothly for the release until an unforeseen pothole popped up. Barbara had been in New York on business and used the opportunity to visit her daughter. Bianca looked like someone had popped her little red balloon when Barbara entered the room. Barbara must have detected Bianca's disappointment and it set the stage for a battle between them. Barbara suggested that Bianca return with her to Seattle. Bianca refused, saying that she wants to stay in Pine Valley. Barbara backed down and offered to help Bianca settle in at Jack's apartment. With sass in her voice, Bianca proudly boasted that she was going to be staying at Linden House. "Over my dead body," Barbara snarled. Jack took Barbara by the arm and escorted her to the hallway. Jack cited medical evidence that Bianca's recovery would be expedited if she were allowed to be in a familiar and safe environment. Barbara took Jack's statement as a knock against the home she'd created with Travis. Her feelings her, Barbara lashed back at Jack. She accused him of not being interested in Bianca's health. The only reason he is pretending to be concerned, she snapped, is so that he can impress Erica. The insinuation infuriated Jack. He professed his feelings for Bianca and said that he was determined to make sure that Bianca made a full recovery. Barbara softly admitted that she and Travis was what's best for the girl... and that she will allow Bianca to live at Linden. Bianca was elated by the news and thanked Barbara for changing her mind. Barbara muttered an unenthusiastic "yeah," and went to sign Bianca's release papers.

Somewhere on another floor, Tad bumped into Gloria while on his way to Joe's office. Gloria was bedecked in a Halloween costume, the same costume, Tad noted, that she'd worn the year before. Gloria was touched that Tad remembered her outfit. She told him that Joe was not in his office and said that she'd leave a note for him. Once Gloria was gone, Tad slipped into his dad's office and tapped into the hospital's database. He pulled up Dimitri's medical records and sifted through the entries. He found what he was looking for; one of the entries noted that Dimitri was prescribed an amphetamine, the same amphetamine that had been switched with Edmund's painkillers. As Tad poked around, Allie stumbled into the office and caught Tad in the act of espionage. Tad tried to cover for himself, saying that he was in an Internet chat room trying to seduce a lady. Allie didn't believe him and threatened to report him to Joe. Jake entered the office and heard Allie accusing Tad of "unethical and illegal" tactics. Allie didn't spill the beans on Tad. She told Jake that Tad was in a chat room and that she didn't approve of some of his macho remarks. Tad later thanked Allie for not exposing him. She warned him that if she caught him again, she would have to tell Joe. Foolishly, Allie allowed Tad to hang around Joe's office unsupervised. This allowed Tad to print out the prescription information from Dimitri's records.

Edmund was called away from the table to take a phone call. While he was gone, Skye's mind drifted. Over and over she heard Dimitri's threat to kill her if she revealed that Maddie was really Edmund's daughter. When she dropped out of orbit, she got the scare of her life: Dimitri was standing in front of her with a sneer on his face. He explained that he'd seen Edmund's car out front and worried that Skye might be thinking about saying something she shouldn't. He accused Skye of wanting to become the next Mrs. Grey. Skye tried to rise to her feet, but Dimitri pushed her back into her chair. "It's a nice day outside," he commented. "The kind of day that makes you feel happy to be alive. You want to stay alive, don't you, Skye?" Dimitri's onslaught might have continued had Edmund not returned to the table. He accused Dimitri of trying to incite more problems. Dimitri disagreed. He claimed that he was on his way to his lawyer's office to have Gloria declared as Madeline's legal mother. Edmund opted out of the brewing confrontation and joined Stuart at another table. Skye blamed Dimitri for making Edmund feel even worse. Before leaving, Dimitri told Skye that she should be thanking him. If it were not for him, she wouldn't have to help Edmund pick up the pieces. In a moment alone, Stuart urged Skye to tell Edmund her "secret." Skye said that she couldn't do that because it would killed Edmund---and she loves him too much to do that. Tad returned from his mission and presented his printout to Edmund. Edmund still felt that Gloria was somehow tied in with Dimitri's plot. Tad disagreed. As if on cue, Gloria strolled into Holidays and Edmund commented that this was their chance to find out once and for all. Gillian returned from the prison and told Skye that Erica wants to see her. As instructed, Gillian laid it on thick and had Skye convinced that Erica wanted a full reconciliation with Skye. A wide smile appeared on Skye's face as she headed off to visit Erica.

Trevor summoned Janet to his house intent on telling her that he knows why she is giving him the cold shoulder. With Tim's blackmail letter right in her face, Janet remained adamant that she and Trevor could not see each other. It wasn't just about Tim's threats, Janet explained. She told Trevor that she's worried that Tim will rebel if they don't stop seeing each other. She reminded him of Tim's experimental drug use after Natalie's death. She urged Trevor to use compassion and love to help Tim get through a difficult time in his life. "I've waited a long time to be happy," said Janet softly. "I guess I can wait a little while longer." Trevor apologized for having to temporarily end his relationship with Janet. Janet smiled weakly and told Trevor that they'll managed to get through it---together.
Tim returned home a short time later and found his dad sitting quietly at his desk. Tim asked if everything was okay. Trevor stood up and walked slowly towards Tim. He dropped Tim's blackmail note on the coffeetable and asked Tim if he'd like to explain himself.

Friday, October 31, 1997

Bianca's release from the hospital was celebrated with a Halloween party. Partygoers Myrtle, Stuart, and Esther all got into the spirit dressing up as Alice In Wonderland's The Queen of Hearts, The Mad Hatter, and The White Rabbit respectively. Esther and Stuart weren't in the know of Bianca's eating disorder and they continually offered the girl candy, cookies, cake, pie, and other goodies. Bianca finally surrendered to their wishes and said that she'd eat a Halloween cookie. But Bianca didn't eat the cookie. Instead she hid the cookie in an oversized coffee mug and went about her business. Jack caught Bianca making a phone call to her mom and reminded her that she'd agreed to abide by Travis' rules: No contact with Erica. Jack assured the girl that he was trying to change Travis' mind, but said that it might take a while to make any progress. Bianca offered a plea bargain; She'd eat food if Jack let her call her mom. Jack told her that he would not trade her health for a phone call. He asked that she eat her food because she knows it's what's best for her body not because it was part of some deal.

Allie helped Jake decorate Myrtle's place with Halloween decorations. Jake gave Allie a copy of a CD that would let her review the lyrics for their upcoming concert. They were both looking forward to going... until Jake stuck his foot in his mouth. He told Allie that she puts a lot of time in at the hospital and always seems to get things done before anyone else. He asked her if she used her feminine wiles to pull favors. The implication that Allie used her good looks to get things done infuriated her. She told Jake that he'd be going to the concert alone and walked out on him.

At Holidays, Edmund told Tad that he feels Gloria is still not over the loss of her daughter. Tad agreed that it was hard for Gloria to accept Anna Claire's death, but saw no reason for Edmund to bring that up. Edmund explained that Gloria might be too attached to Maddie and hinted that the nurse might not want to accept that fact that Maddie is not Dimitri's child. Tad walked across the room to speak to Gloria. He told Gloria that she looks as beautiful as ever. Gloria knew that Tad wanted something and asked him to get to the point. Tad suggested that Dimitri was using Maddie to help fill in the void that Anna Claire had left in Gloria's life. Needless to say, Gloria didn't want to speak about Anna Claire. The topic was still too emotional for her. Tad handed Gloria the printout he'd obtained for the hospital and asked Gloria if Dimitri had been taking methamphetamines. Edmund walked over to them and told Gloria that she'd better tell the truth or she'd end up in jail with Dimitri. Gloria shook her head back and forth and asked why they'd be going to jail. Edmund told her that he has a strong hunch that Dimitri switched his painkillers with speed. Gloria denied the allegations. Dimitri, she said, would never do something like that. Gloria begged Edmund to think of Maddie's welfare. If he really loves her, he'd "just give it up." Dimitri returned to the restaurant and saw that Edmund and Tad were hassling his wife. When he approached them and asked what was going on, Tad and Edmund dispersed. The last thing either wanted was to get into a fight with Dimitri. Tad took the printout back and told Gloria to think about what he'd said. She did. Dimitri tried to lighten her mood by talking about returning home and spending time with Maddie. Gloria heard him, but her mind was elsewhere. Finally, Gloria asked her husband if he'd been taking speed.

Jocularly, Erica told Skye that under normal circumstances she'd offer her something to drink. Skye smiled and pulled a chair up to one of the tables. Erica asked Skye if she still cared about Edmund. Skye nodded and told Erica that her feelings for Edmund were one of the reasons she's so interested in reuniting Edmund and Maddie. But before Erica jumped to any conclusions, Skye said that her feelings for Edmund were completely platonic. Erica went on a speech about how love can blind people. She used her kidnapping of Maddie as an example. Skye listened, but she saw no logical progression in Erica's tale. She asked the prisoner how they were going to help Edmund. Erica corrected Skye's pronoun usage---"Not we. You." Skye wondered why she was the only one who could help Edmund. Erica explained that it was up to Skye to convince Edmund to have Maddie undergo another paternity test. Erica explained that it was possible that the paternity test was flawed. She went as far as to suggest that someone could have falsified the test results. Skye squirmed in her chair. The more Skye squirmed, the more Erica turned the screws. Finally Skye could take no more. She shouted out that another paternity test would mean that Maddie would have to be subjected to another needle-stick. Erica felt that a quick jab from the needle would be a lot less painful than being raised by Dimitri. Skye's uneasiness caused her to become unpleasant. She told Erica that she'd already caused Edmund enough pain and ordered to her to leave Edmund alone. Skye stormed out of the visiting room. Once she'd left, Erica "tsk-ed" Skye, saying "Poor Skye. You're cracking."

Trevor asked Tim about the blackmail letter. Tim accused Janet of squealing on him, but Trevor explained that he found the letter on his own. Tim griped that no one cares about his feelings. Trevor insisted that Tim, as his son, is his top priority. Trevor reminded Tim that he had taken a wrong turn a few years back when he started smoking marijuana. Trevor pleaded with his son not to go down that route again. Tim promised that he would not run off, but advised his dad that the friction between them would continue as long as he allowed Janet into their house.

Janet took Amanda trick-or-treating. After loading up Amanda's bucket with candy galore, they dropped by her hotel room to rest. A knock at the door sounded the arrival of trick-or-treaters. Janet sent Amanda into her room to get a bag of candy. Janet opened the door and gasped in shock at the display outside her door. A jack-o-lantern had been placed on the floor. What would have been the pumpkin's "head" had been smashed in with a crowbar and "blood" dripped down the pumpkin.

Allie visited Erica at jail and dropped off a card from Bianca. Her visit was turned into a research project. Erica asked Allie if a father with type AB-positive blood could have a child with O- negative blood. Allie shook her head and said that it was impossible. After Allie left, Erica realized that her fears were correct. Maddie is not Dimitri's daughter.

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