All My Children Recaps: The week of December 8, 1997 on AMC
Ricky overdosed on heroin and died. Brooke told Jim that he was the only man whom she wanted in her life. Erica got a harebrained idea to have a hooker take her place in jail. Janet told Amanda that Amanda's dream of a happy family would never come true. Adam suffered a mini-stroke...or did he?
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All My Children Recaps: The week of December 8, 1997 on AMC
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Monday, December 8, 1997

For Janet the results of her polygraph test were not what she had anticipated. No, she wasn't a liar. But she wasn't telling the truth either. Trevor frowned as he determined that the results were inconclusive. Janet hoped that Trevor would give her the benefit of the doubt and lean towards believing that she was telling the truth. His response was delayed, leading Janet to believe that Trevor had sided with his son. Trevor admitted that it was difficult to believe that Tim would lie about being locked in the meat locker. He added that it was also hard to believe that Janet would try to do harm to Tim. It was unfair for her to do so, but Janet put Trevor on the spot and demanded that he make a decision as to who is right and who is wrong. It wasn't an easy request and Trevor refused to make such a decision. He asked Janet to accompany him out for a few drinks, but Janet wouldn't go out with a man who couldn't trust her. Before Janet could leave the station, Derek reminded her to stay within city limits. He was going to ask her to hang around and answer a few more questions, but when he saw Janet and Trevor arguing he decided to let her go home and get some sleep. Janet told Trevor that their relationship was effectively over and didn't hang around to hear Trevor's response. Trevor tried to stop her from leaving, but it did no good.

Jack summoned Opal to Linden to give her the opportunity to make up for trying to assist Erica in her bribery scheme. Opal was relieved that Jack still wanted to speak to her and pledged to do whatever she could to help out her gal pal. Jack informed Opal that she'd be taking Bianca to the prison to visit with Erica. Opal was happy that Jack had changed his mind about allowing Erica and Bianca to spend time with each other. Bianca ran down the steps and was ready to go at the drop of a hat. Her face was pale and her speech a little slurred, but Bianca chalked it off to her excitement. On her way to the door, Bianca passed out. The seriousness of Bianca's condition forced Jack to postpone the visit to Franklin Hills. Instead, he asked Opal to go to the prison anyway and to tell Erica the truth about what had happened. Opal worried that the news would devastate Erica, but agreed to follow Jack's orders.
Dr. Wyman checked out Erica and presumably felt that Bianca was well enough to remain at home. Jack asked Bianca to make a promise to love herself more. Bianca quickly changed the topic and asked her uncle if he planned on marrying her mother once she's released from jail. Jack had no forewarning of the question and told Bianca that it was a little too early to discuss a marriage. Bianca, however, had wedding bells ringing in her head. She told Jack that she's pictured their wedding for months. She stopped abruptly and noted that the marriage will probably never take place because she wants it to happen. Nothing, the girl sulked, ever comes out her way.

At Wildwind, Gillian searched desperately for a way to tell her grandmother that she needs to curtail her frivolous expenditures. Gillian promised Edmund that she'd keep Eugenia's spending in check. Edmund nodded and said that he'd allow Eugenia to keep the coat she bought, but that she'd have to return everything else. Gillian poked around for information on Edmund's finances, asking him about the power and clout of a magazine editor. Edmund assured Gillian that he is not a pauper, but didn't approve of the way she asked her questions. He felt that she was trying to manipulate him into giving her and Eugenia some money. Scott arrived at the castle with a look of astonishment on his face. After just an hour's worth of studying, Gillian aced her economics exam. Scott was dumbfounded, Edmund was moderately proud, and Gillian was... well, Gillian could've cared less. Eugenia returned to the room and extended her hand to Scott. Luckily Edmund whispered into Scott's ear that he was supposed to kiss the duchess' hand or he would not have known what to do. Eugenia got it in head that the stage was set for a débutante ball. The ball, Eugenia gushed, would serve as a coming out party for Gillian. Gillian called the plan extravagant and convinced her grandmother that a party was not needed. Eugenia's mind then turned to finding a husband for Gillian. When her eyes gave Scott the once over, Edmund rescued Scott from the room on some trumped up Tempo business. When Eugenia learned that Scott was not Adam's son (and possibly not the heir to the vast Chandler fortune), she decided that Scott was not a suitable candidate for marriage. Then it hit her. Eugenia noted that there was a handsome, charming, and recently widowed gentleman who would be perfect for Gillian. Edmund and Scott returned to the room. Gillian spun around and smiled broadly at Mr. Grey.

Erica claimed that she was not interested in meeting her supposed twin. She did, however, get to meet the woman a short time later. Erica entered the visiting room to await Bianca's arrival. While she was there, she got a lovely introduction to the woman who was said to bear an uncanny resemblance to her. The woman, one of Victoria's co-workers, was quite obnoxious and lacked many of the social graces. Victoria introduced Erica to her friend---Maggie. Maggie was not star-struck. In fact, she seemed bothered by her resemblance to Erica. As she belched and scratched herself in an unlady like manner, she accused Erica of passing off substandard cosmetics on the world. Erica defended Enchantment's reputation even though she is no longer affiliated with the company. Maggie excused herself to use the ladies' room. Erica begged Victoria to get rid of Maggie before Bianca showed up. Maggie returned just in time to hear Erica's comments and pointed out that Erica is not in a country club---so she cannot ask anyone to leave. "So much for having it all, loser!" Maggie snapped. Opal arrived a short time later and told Erica about Bianca's lapse in her health. Erica was frantic and again declared her need to get out of jail. She turned around and took a long stare at Maggie. She scratched her head and told Opal that her key to freedom has been staring her in the face.

Tim was upset with Hayley for her defense of Janet. Hayley explained that she has not taken anyone's side. She did, however, express how she's grown to care about Janet in the recent months. Amanda returned from her sundae-creating adventure and asked Tim if he'd help her chow down. Tim wasn't interested and excused himself to be with Oyster. Amanda was so upset that she couldn't finish her sundae. She told Tim that she was disappointed in how her brother has been reacting and that it was his fault that their family was having so many problems.

Across the room, Oyster asked Tim how far he planned on taking his scheme to get even with Janet. Tim rubbed his hands together and noted that everything was progressing nicely. That led Oyster to another question. When would it all end? What if Janet were to be arrested or put on trial? Would he lie under oath? Tim could only smile.

Tuesday, December 9, 1997

In her room at Myrtle's, Allie looked out her window and into the heavens. Jake knocked on her door and distracted her attention. Jake noticed that Allie's mind was elsewhere and offered her a temple massage to help alleviate her headache. While Jake gently rubbed her head, Allie "heard" David's obsession-laden comments of how their relationship was not over. Allie must have forgotten that Jake was in the room because she began repeating the word "stop" over and over. Jake followed her orders and stopped his massage. Allie confessed that she had a lot on her plate. Her ex-boyfriend, she said, was still putting pressure on her. Now was the time, she said assuredly, to dump her extra baggage. Jake tried to get Allie to join him for dinner or a movie to help cheer her up, but she turned him down. Allie explained that she would not be free until she got rid of her former lover. All the while she never dropped so much as a clue that David was her boyfriend. Allie gave Jake a kiss and told him that she'd handle her ex with a phone call.

Jim was in the process of developing some photos for Tempo when the door to the darkroom suddenly swung open. Disguised as a pizza deliveryman, Ricky cackled gleefully as he entered the room. Jim was ticked off for two reasons. The first was that Ricky's sudden entrance allowed light to infiltrate the darkroom, thus destroying the prints Jim had been working on. The second problem was that Jim didn't enjoy Ricky poking around. Jim was about to confront his partner in crime about his errant ways when a knock sounded at the door. Laura called out to Jim and told him that she needed to speak to him. Ricky ducked into hiding and Jim allowed Laura inside the room. Jim claimed that he was busy, but Laura detected that Jim wasn't telling her the truth. She was right. Jim confessed that he was upset over the way Brooke had treated him the night the English family gathered to look at some old photos. Laura tried to explain that Brooke was only out to protect Jamie from getting hurt, but Jim didn't buy it. He accused Laura of changing her mind and trying to keep him away from Brooke. Quite oddly, Laura insisted that she wanted Brooke and Jim together. Jim called himself "paranoid," and told Laura that he needed to get back to work. Once Laura was gone, Ricky emerged from hiding. He applauded Jim's performance, but the praise didn't last long. Ricky demanded that Jim give him more money. If he didn't, Ricky said that he's "rat" Jim out to Brooke. Jim pushed Ricky against the wall and ordered him to stop his threats. If Ricky were to tattle, Jim hinted that they'd be sharing adjacent cells in jail. The prospect of being locked up in jail actually appealed to Ricky. Anything, he said, was better than were he is currently living.

Laura reported for work at Holidays. Kelsey, on her first day of work, was a nervous wreck. Her first customer was easy on her---it was Jake. Kelsey wondered why Jake was dining alone and made numerous references to Allie. Jake reminded Kelsey that he and Allie were not an item. He also confided in Kelsey that Allie has an ex-boyfriend. Kelsey was confident in her uncle's ability to win Allie's heart, telling him that the other guy doesn't stand a chance.

Allie traveled to David's hotel room to tell him that she wants him to leave her alone once and for all. When she got there, David was just getting dressed. This brought out a plethora of sexual innuendoes from the cardiologist. David claimed that the only reason Allie was trying to dump him was because he had hurt her. This was her chance to hurt him back. Allie disagreed. She said that she'd had enough of his two-timing and wanted to start a new life in Pine Valley. That new life brought forth an evil sneer on David's face. He said that he had the power to destroy her new life if she decided not to resume dating him. Allie trembled. The David broke the news that Allie had never gotten anything on her own merit. He, or so he said, had gotten her every raise and every promotion. Finally, he threatened to reveal that her under-graduation college records were all falsified!

Erica asked Opal if she and Maggie shared any resemblance. Opal took a quick look and told Erica that she saw no similarities. Opal watched Erica's facial expressions and was able to get inside Erica's mind and figure out what Erica was thinking. Opal begged Erica to get her cockamamie scheme of swapping positions with Maggie out of her mind. Erica claimed that she was desperate to be with her daughter and that she'd never stop thinking of ways to get out of jail. Somehow Opal managed to calm Erica down. After Opal left, Erica was informed that she had another visitor---the district attorney. Maggie was worried that Jack would be able to determine what type of woman she was just by looking at her. After all, not many doctors walk around in a low-cut and mid-thigh high, tight fitting blue dress. Maggie decided to scoot before Jack entered. Erica told Jack that she knew all about Bianca's fainting spell. Jack took up a quick defense posture and told Erica that Bianca was resting comfortably at Linden. Erica whispered that she could not spend another night in jail. Jack nodded his head and announced that he'd thought up a way to get Erica out of jail! He informed Erica that the governor has the power to commute sentences. If he could get the governor's attention, Jack felt that he could convince him to allow Erica to get out of jail early. Erica was overjoyed and thanked Jack for his help.

Back at the Tempo offices, Brooke met with Edmund in his office to discuss the newest issue of the magazine. The cover story was the crash of Flight 149. Edmund found that he was unable to read the article or look at any of the pictures. There were still too many painful memories. Edmund groused that Adam had gotten off to easy. Adam happened to be walking by the office at that exact moment and decided to offer a reply. He told Edmund that Liza had left him, his child had died, and that Hayley no longer wants to be around him. Wasn't that enough punishment? Edmund didn't think so. He ordered Adam to get out of his office. Adam was quick to note that he owned the building and ran the magazine. Edmund lifted a stack of work from his desk and handed it to Adam. He might have been able to buy the building, but Edmund argued that Adam would never be able to buy him. Edmund stormed out of the office. Adam coddled himself, saying that he has suffered many losses as a result of the TransGlobal incident. Brooke wasn't about to comfort Adam. Se reminded him that Edmund had lost his wife. Jim entered the office unobserved and noted that Adam was about to lose a whole lot more. Adam turned around and asked the photographer what he was talking about. Jim said that he had overheard numerous staffers commenting that they plan on leaving their jobs at Tempo because of Adam's involvement with TransGlobal. The only way Adam could save the magazine from its impending downfall would be to get rid of it---perhaps handing over control to Brooke? Brooke was awed by Jim's tactics, but said nothing for or against Adam. Adam surprisingly agreed to hand over control of the magazine, but only if it meant that there would be no lawsuits against him. Brooke also had terms of her own. She asked that ownership be divided in thirds---between Edmund, herself, and Jim. Adam was puzzled. How could Jim, a relative nobody, be given ownership of a big-time publication? Adam bowed to the pressure and said that he'd have his attorney draw up papers immediately. Adam left the office, allowing Jim and Brooke to celebrate their coup d'etat. The celebration was short-lived. Jim received a frantic call from Laura telling him that Ricky, the boy who had kidnapped her, had just showed up at Holidays!

Wednesday, December 10, 1997

Jake headed back to Myrtle's to see how Allie's chat with her ex-boyfriend had gone. There was someone in Allie's room, but it wasn't Allie. Myrtle was putting away some linens when Jake rapped at the door. One thing led to another and Myrtle's natural curiosity put Jake on the subject of his relationship with Allie. Jake explained that he and Allie were just friends. Myrtle must have heard that same line a million times and she flashed Jake a look of disbelief. Jake confessed that he'd like to have more of a relationship but Allie, but noted that Allie declared herself off limits until after she'd dealt with a former flame. Myrtle suggested that Jake move on to another woman if Allie is unable to commit to him. Jake wasn't about to move on---at least not without Allie.

David's threats caused Allie's heart to skip a beat. How could someone who supposedly loves her threaten to expose one of her darkest secrets? If David were to follow through with his threat to divulge her dirty little secret, there would be serious repercussions. First, her medical license would be revoked, she could face fraud charges, serve time in jail, and be barred from ever practicing medicine again. David was unmoved by Allie's tears. Here was the woman he claimed to love and she was sobbing uncontrollably. In his defense, David claimed that life isn't fair and that Allie would have to reap what she sows. David continued his lecture, telling Allie that he doesn't mean to hurt her. He will, however, do whatever it takes to get her back into his life. Allie shook her head rapidly from side to side. Nothing she said convinced David that she wanted nothing to do with him. Allie walked towards the door, but David jumped in front of her and blocked the way. David told Allie to go home and rest and reconsider what he'd told her. He claimed that he's a change man and begged Allie to give him the chance to show her that he can be faithful to her. He asked her to forget about his threats and realize that she loves him. He was, according to him, the man that Allie never gave herself the chance to know. Finally, Allie was allowed to leave. She got out into the hallway and burst into tears.

Allie returned home and went straight to bed. Her dream was filled with nightmares of David. She yelled and screamed in her sleep, prompting Jake to run to her room. Allie lied about her dreams. She said that she was having a dream about one of her patients. The patient, she said, was in a battle for life her life. When she bent over and looked at the patient's face---it was her. Jake understood why Allie was upset. He explained that he thought Allie might have been having a dream about her obsessive ex-boyfriend. He offered to speak to the man on Allie's behalf, but Allie turned him down. She said that two macho men dueling it out was unappealing to her. Allie gave Jake a goodnight kiss and thanked him for his concern.

Edmund and Gillian made small talk about Edmund's life, his work, and his family. Gillian's mind wandered and she began having a fantasy, of sorts, about Edmund. In her vision, Edmund asked for her hand in marriage. In a move that would most likely be questioned by many women, Gillian turned him down. It wasn't until Edmund reminded Gillian that he had a vast fortune at his fingertips that she accepted his proposal. He then lavished her with oodles of cash, much to Gillian's delight. Gillian came back around and Edmund asked her about her daydream. Gillian only smiled. She jumped to her feet and said that she had something she needed to ask Edmund. Gillian returned several minutes later wearing a black-and-red silk kimono. She suddenly untied the strings and flashed Edmund. She sheepishly asked Edmund what he thought of her body. Edmund turned his head so that he didn't have to watch and sagely replied that he feels Americans are too preoccupied with physical appearance. Tad happened to be standing in the doorway and hooted and hollered at Gillian's, um, display. Gillian covered her body and thanked Edmund for his honesty. After Gillian left the room, Edmund asked Tad if he'd been able to track down Skye. Tad shook his head. He explained that Skye had disappeared and that either Adam helped to stash her away somewhere or Dimitri had done away with Ms. Chandler. Edmund argued that Dimitri would never resort to murder. Eugenia and Gillian appeared at the doorway. Eugenia waltzed towards Tad, once again referring to him as Alexi. Tad kissed her hand and told her how pleased he was to see her again. Eugenia reminded herself of her search for a husband for Gillian. She probed Tad for information on his family tree. He told her that he did not stem from royalty, but Eugenia didn't seem to mind. Edmund asked Tad to join him in another room to discuss some business. Of course it was just a way to save Tad from Eugenia's questions. Gillian agreed with her grandmother---Tad was quite a charmer and very handsome. One problem., he wasn't sitting on mountains of cash. Eugenia wondered aloud why the Bible calls money the root of all evil. Married couples with little money always argue over finances. Those with money seem to thrive. Gillian assured her grandmother that she was going to focus on a man with fine lineage and a handsome some of cash---Edmund.

Later in the evening, Edmund was about to turn in when Gillian ran downstairs and asked him for some help on a school project. He agreed to help her in the morning. Gillian asked if Edmund had told Tad about her financial situation. He told her that her secret was still safe. For that she gave him a kiss on the cheek and then darted off to bed. Edmund shook is head and chuckled. "Someone," he laughed, "has to find her a millionaire very soon!"

Ricky had paid his tab at Holidays and was about to leave. Laura knew that she had to detain him somehow, so she chased after him and offered to buy him a beer. Ricky was stunned by Laura's change of heart. He reminded her that he'd kidnapped her. Laura told him to "let it go" and move on with his life. Ricky decided that he knew why Laura had had a change of heart---she liked being tied up. Laura nodded her head and said that he turned her on. The two sat at a table and talked of doing drugs and having sex. Ricky caught wind of Laura's scheme and made a beeline for the front door. By the time he got there, Brooke and Jim were on their way inside. Ricky turned and ran through the kitchen and out the back door. Jim followed in pursuit. He eventually caught up to the boy and scolded him for showing his face all around town. Ricky apologized for his actions and said that he'll disappear forever if he gets a large chunk of cash. Jim said that he'd find a way to get some money for him. The sound of footsteps sent the two into hiding. Derek and another police officer, their guns drawn, searched the alley for Laura's abductor. Jim reached into a dumpster and grabbed an empty glass bottle. He tossed it in a direction away from his hiding spot. Derek took the bait and ran in the other direction. Once the coast was clear, Jim warned Ricky that he was spending far too much money on drugs. Ricky somewhat agreed and repeated his claim that he will eventually quit taking drugs. Jim was pleased and noted that Ricky could get into some serious trouble if he ever got a bad batch of drugs.

Back at Holidays, Derek told Brooke that his search came up empty. He also blasted Brooke for not reporting Laura's kidnapping. Brooke explained her reasons, but none of them made Derek feel any differently. Jim returned and told Brooke that he is concerned for her and Laura's safety. Ricky is a dangerous young man, he proclaimed. Brooke asked Jim if he'd spend the night at her house to make sure that nothing bad happened. Laura also asked Jim to stick around. He obliged them, saying that he wouldn't be able to sleep otherwise.

Back in the alley, Ricky shot himself up with another batch of heroin. For a few short seconds, he was high as a kite. Then something went wrong---terribly wrong. His breathing became shallow and he tumbled to the ground.

Thursday, December 11, 1997

Laura and Brooke didn't sleep too well. They were haunted by visions of Ricky. Jim smiled slyly as he assured the two women that he was sure Ricky was long gone. The ring of the telephone proved Jim to be a liar. Derek told Brooke that a young man had been found in an alley near Holidays suffering from a heroin overdose. It was possible, he said, that this was the same person who had kidnapped Laura.

Erica gave Victoria a box of chocolates to help make up for the problems she caused with Maggie. Victoria's acceptance of the gift was like an open door to Erica. She pulled up a chair and asked Victoria for some background information on Maggie. Victoria said that Maggie was a secretive person and that she knew it was best not to poke her nose in the woman's business. Maggie entered the visiting room and instructed Erica to ask her questions to her face. Erica rose from the chair and walked across the room. She couldn't help but watch Maggie as she talked to Victoria. Maggie knew she was being watched and asked Erica if she had "a problem." Erica claimed that she was admiring Maggie's skin. Maggie offered Erica a free beauty tip, saying that her flawless complexion was brought on by not sticking her nose into other people's business. Victoria remembered that she'd been assigned to laundry duty and had to cut the visit short. Maggie was about to leave when Erica called out to her and asked her to stick around. Erica said that she wanted to have a second chance to make a first impression on Maggie. For some reason, Maggie stuck around and chatted it up with Erica. Most of the conversation was a game of cat-and-mouse, with each woman trading barbs. Erica offered to help Maggie "get set up," but Maggie turned down Erica's help. Maggie mused that she was the wayward daughter of a rich family who wanted to have a few kicks while living off of her trust fund. Erica chuckled at the woman's snide comment and praised her quick wit. The niceties struck a chord with Maggie and she listened to what Erica had to say. Maggie had claimed that she had everything she needed to become rich and famous. Then why hadn't she, asked wondered. Erica informed Maggie that she could help her, but before she could go into the details, Opal and Palmer arrived. Erica introduced the Cortlandts to Maggie. Maggie slinked over to Palmer and commented about what a pleasure it was to meet a man of his caliber. Palmer was quite taken by the scantily clad woman and was intrigued by her offer to give him some personal "services." Palmer asked the woman what line of work she was in, to which Opal said it rhymed with "door." Maggie pulled a business card from her garter belt and handed it to Palmer before adjourning to the far side of the room. Palmer and Opal's visit was quite short. Palmer told Erica how sorry he was to hear about Bianca's condition. Once Palmer and Opal left, Erica and Maggie resumed their discussion. Erica told Maggie that she'd like to talk more about her idea, but possibly at a later time. Maggie agreed to return to the prison to meet with Erica. Erica looked up towards the heavens and reveled in a delusion that she would soon be out of jail.

At Holidays, Liza and Tad held a "power meeting" to discuss possible show ideas for The Cutting Edge. Liza's concentration was shattered when Adam showed up at the restaurant. Hayley raced to the door to make sure that Adam was not there to offer another gift. Adam explained that he and Scott were going to discuss business. Over at Liza's table, Mateo asked that Liza not leave because of Adam's sudden appearance. He claimed that Adam was just trying to make a scene. Mateo had no way of knowing it, but Adam was about to make a scene. At their table, Scott and Adam bickered over Adam's plans for Scott to become more involved in Chandler Enterprises. Scott felt that Adam only wanted him to become involved because of the recent problems he'd been having as a result of the TransGlobal incident. Adam wanted Scott to take management courses to help him prepare for the day he takes the reigns from his uncle. Adam's speech became slurred and his hands shook violently. Scott asked Adam if he was okay. Adam rose to his feet, still acting peculiarly, but all the while proclaimed that he was fine. He stepped towards a table with several glasses of water on it. He reached out for a glass and tumbled to the ground. Hayley raced to her father's side and him if he was okay. Adam claimed that he was a little dizzy. That was enough to prompt Hayley to have Scott call the paramedics. Liza and Tad watched on in sadistic amusement. Botyh wondered if Adam had faked the episode to make people feel sorry for him.

Allie and Jake tended to Ricky and determined that he had a fifty-fifty chance of surviving. Derek asked the two doctors if he could have someone look in on the still unknown patient to make an identification. Allie agreed, saying that it as long as the patient's health is not compromised it'd be okay. Brooke wanted to accompany Laura into the examining room, but Laura insisted that she go it alone. Laura only had to nod if the patient was the same person who had abducted her. Ricky's eyes opened and he struggled to sit up. He squinted and looked towards the doorway. When he saw Jim, he began to repeat Jim's name over and over. Ricky's heart finally ceded defeat to the powerful drugs that were circulating throughout his body. His eyes rolled back into his head and his troubled life came to an abrupt end. Laura and Jim were hustled out of the room and Allie tried to revive the patient. It did no good. Allie was heartbroken over the loss of her patient. Fortunately, Jake was there to offer her a shoulder to cry on. David walked into the room, saw the two doctors hugging, and stormed out of the room.

Back at home, Laura was disturbed by the news of Ricky's death, but she wasn't exhibiting a normal response. She said that she needed to get to work and ran upstairs to get ready. Jim told Brooke that he was going to leave so that he would not be hanging around when Jamie got home from school. Brooke told Jim that she wanted him to think of her house as his home. She told him that she wants him to celebrate birthdays and holidays with her in the house. The two were about to share a kiss when Laura re-entered the room. She freaked out and ran off. Brooke apologized for Laura's reaction. She explained that Laura was quite fond of Pierce and that she wasn't too accepting of new people. Jim took Brooke in his arms and told her that she need not apologize. His face out of view from Brooke, Jim flashed an evil snarl. He told Brooke that he'll have to "work harder" to help Laura come around.

Adam refused to be checked out buy a doctor. He groused that the hospital needed to focus its attention on sick people---and he was not one of them. David overheard the discussion and offered to have Adam examined. Hayley filled the doctor in on Adam's past health problems including information on a stroke he'd suffered years back. David worried that Adam might be suffering some more neurological problems and paged the hospital's chief of neurology. David asked Hayley to have someone pack her father a bag because he'd need to spend at least a night in the hospital. Hayley phoned Matt to tell him that she'd be staying with her father for a while. Mateo was concerned about Adam's health, but he was too stubborn to let Hayley know it. He started to tell Hayley, "tell you dad I---nothing. Never mind." The neurologist determined that Adam had suffered a mini-stroke and that it could be a warning sign that another, more massive stroke loomed ahead. Hayley went into her father's room and had a short discussion with him. She told him that she loves him and that she'd check in on him later. As she was walking out the door, the phone rang. On the other end was Liza and she wanted to know if Adam was okay.

Friday, December 12, 1997

At the hospital, Allie peered out a huge picture window as her mind replayed the encounter in which David threatened to reveal that she had faked her college transcripts. Allie turned away and walked back to the nurses' station. Jake walked up to her and asked her if she was having a rough morning. She nodded. Hopefully, she said, things would be better once she left the hospital and went shopping with Gloria. David joined the duo and told Jake that the neurologist wants to discuss Adam's condition with him. Jake walked away allowing David to have some one-on-one time with Allie. He asked her to join him for a cup of coffee, but she turned him down flat.

In their new loft, Dimitri whipped up a wonderful breakfast for his slumbering wife. Gloria had overslept by several hours. When she did wake, her face turned green at the thought of eating. Dimitri worried that she was going to go out into the cold without anything in her system, but Gloria assured him that she'd be okay. Gloria remembered her shopping date with Allie and scampered to get ready.

Hayley told Liza that Adam had suffered a mini-stroke. Adam snapped at Hayley for "broadcasting" his health to the entire town. Liza was concerned, but Adam was indifferent. He fumbled for his clothing and got dressed. Hayley told Liza that she'd have to call her back. Adam informed his daughter that he was leaving the hospital---and that no one could stop him.

A short time later, Liza dropped by the hospital to get a first hand look at Adam's condition. She asked David for any new information on her soon-to-be ex-husband's condition. He gave her a cold glance and informed her that he can only discuss a patient's health with immediate family members. Liza explained that she was married to Adam and David quickly apologized for his faux pas. David gave her a quick rundown of Adam's status, but told her that Adam had split. If Liza wants to help Adam, David stated, she needs to get him back to the hospital immediately.

Trevor, Amanda, Jamie, and Tad met at the mall to meet with Santa Claus. Amanda was concerned because Janet had not shown up as promised. Trevor told Amanda to stand with Jamie and to wait in line to see Saint Nick. He then walked over to Tad and told him how he thinks he "blew it" with Janet. Tad seemed to be on Janet's side. He pointed out that Janet voluntarily submitted to taking the polygraph test, but he also agreed that she has had a very rocky past. Never one to break her word to her little girl, Janet arrived and told her daughter that she's stand in line with her. Amanda couldn't wait to tell her daddy that Janet was there. Janet walked over to Trevor and was immediately confronted with a question: Has anything changed since their last meeting. Janet replied quickly with a resounding "no." Trevor led her over to a table and asked her to explain why she was being so stubborn. Janet explained that knowing that Trevor believes or believed that she tried to hurt Tim has been hard on her. Trevor's story changed; He said that for one nanosecond he believed Tim, but now he's not so sure. The news that Trevor had changed his mind hardly satisfied Janet. She noted that even if Trevor does believe her, it will not change the fact that Tim hates her. Trevor wanted Janet to forget about Tim, but that was easier said than done. Janet rose to her feet and walked over to Amanda. She told her that she loves her dearly and will never walk away from her. Near the end of speech, Janet said that Amanda's dream of having everyone live happily together as a family will never come true. With tears in her eyes, Amanda screamed that she doesn't "want Christmas any more." She ran off into the crowds.

Gloria and Allie made their plans to tackle every store in the mall. Their goal was to find enough decorations to spruce up the hospital for the staff Christmas party. Gloria and Allie began their trek, but it nearly ended as quickly as it began. Gloria suffered a dizzy spell and Allie had to prevent Gloria from falling. Allie ranted on and on about a virus that was sweeping the town, but Gloria had a better explanation for her lightheadedness: She's pregnant! From across the food court, Jamie saw Gloria and made a beeline for his good friend. Jamie asked Gloria if she was going to wait in line to see Santa. She smiled and told him that she was doing a little shopping. Tad approached the scene and greeted both women. Allie asked Tad if he could suggest a gift or two that she could buy for Jake. Tad teased Allie about being in the "gift gifting phase" of their relationship before suggesting a gold-plated stethoscope and designer scrubs. The mention of the word scrubs reminded Allie that she needed to return to the hospital. From behind a pillar, Dimitri watched as Gloria and Tad chatted. Gloria asked Jamie if he was still upset with her for marrying Dimitri. Jamie shook his head and said that his father had explained everything to him. Sometimes, the young boy spouted, people who are in love with each other are not meant to be together. Tad and Jamie left the area and Gloria reached into a paper bag that she was carrying and produced a home pregnancy test. Dimitri walked up behind Gloria and put his hands over her eyes. She knew who it was and greeted him with a big smile. Dimitri looked at Gloria's bag and asked her if it contained a Christmas present for him.

Joe pulled David aside and told him that the Pine Valley Bulletin asked him for the names of the hospital's most promising interns. The two names that popped off the top of his head were Jake and Allie. Joe explained, however, that he didn't want to appear biased by submitting Jake's name. David defended the choice and told Joe that his son is doing a superb job. David dashed off to a patient's room and Jake asked his father what he'd been talking about. Joe filled his son in on the planned newspaper article and asked him to tell Allie about it when she returned. Allie was not pleased with the news that she was going to be the focus of a newspaper article. David overheard her objections and asked her why she was so afraid of having her medical career written up in a local paper. Allie claimed that it was additional stress, stress that she did not need. David left the scene and Jake was left to question Allie's comments. Jake pointed out that Allie usually thrives on stress. A voice over the intercom requested that Allie report to a room on the third floor. She didn't realize that she had a patient in the named room, but she scrambled off anyway. When she entered the room she found the room empty and dark. The door locked behind her and David's voice called out to her. "Do you remember our first time?" David asked. He told her that now was the time to make new memories.

There was no stopping Adam---he said he was going to go home and home is exactly where he ended up. Hayley lectured her father on the dangers of ignoring the doctors' advice, but he disregarded everything she said. Some business-related papers left on his desk further enraged Adam. His hair flopped back and forth as he hollered at Barry's inability to handle things. The doorbell rang, but Liza didn't wait for someone to answer the door. She entered the room and asked Adam how he was feeling. Adam blasted her for pretending to be concerned. Liza acknowledged that she was in the process of divorcing Adam, but she said that she doesn't want to see Adam get sick. Adam announced that he was leaving the room and he expected everyone to be gone when he returned. Hayley tried to convince Liza to stick around and talk some sense into Adam. Liza, however, was upset that Adam called her a phony. Adam tiptoed to the doorway and smiled as he overheard the two women's discussion. Over and over, Hayley explained that Liza was the only one who could get through to Adam. With that and a final grin, Adam returned to the room and put on more of his theatrics. Hayley left to allow Liza and Adam have a few moments alone. Adam told Liza that he was afraid and pleaded with her to be at his side if and when he returns to the hospital.

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