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Jim threatened to end his fling with Brooke. Gillian learned that her father's gambling debts had left them with nothing. Jack talked Erica out of her plan to escape from prison. Janet took a polygraph test to prove her innocence after Tim claimed that she had locked him in a meat locker.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of December 1, 1997 on AMC
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Monday, December 1, 1997

Joe took time out to introduce Dr. Hayward to Ruth and Jake, but when it came time to introduce Allie, Allie told Joe to spare the formalities. Allie informed Joe that she and David were already acquainted. She stopped short of telling him just how acquainted they were. David smiled and told Allie that it's "always a pleasure" to see her. Allie extended a handshake to her one-time friend. David took her hand and gently stroked her index finger. Allie's face shriveled up and she yanked her hand away from the doctor. Joe was impressed by the fact that David had earned the honor of director---associate director, David chirped modestly---of cardiology at Stanford by the age of 32. Typical of Ruth, she asked David if he was married. David bowed his head and commented that some people are meant to be alone. Ruth and Jake finished clearing off the table and Joe went into another room to make a phone call. This provided enough time for Allie and David to partake in an awkward moment. David told Allie that he is tired of having to pretend that they are only casual acquaintances. He asked her to stop by his hotel room, but Allie flat out refused. Joe returned and informed Jake that someone had called off at the hospital and asked his son if he could cover. Allie leapt to her feet and volunteered her services, but Joe insisted that Allie get some sleep. David walked out with Jake. David did, however, offer to give Allie a lift to wherever she was going-she turned him down. Joe wished that he could coax David away from Stanford, but was content in knowing that David would be in town for a few weeks. Allie was also pleased, but not in the same way. She decided that David had had enough time to get far enough away from the house and started to make her way home. Outside, David was hiding in the bushes. He blocked the path and wouldn't let Allie get past him. She accused him of stalking her and informed him that she was less than thrilled in knowing that he'd be in town for about two weeks. "Get used to it," David snapped. He applauded Allie for realizing her life long dream of becoming a small-town doctor. His dream was apparently never realized. He told Allie that his life went downhill after she left him. Allie argued that he was upset because of the way she left him and demanded that he stay away from her. She stepped aside and took a few steps before David grabbed her and refused to let go.

Erica clued Jack into just how desperate she really is; She said that she'd dig a tunnel from his jail cell to the outside with her bare hands. Before Erica ruined her fingernails, Jack asked her to sit down and think about what she was saying. If she were to escape jail, what kind of life would she lead? Patience was no longer an option. Sure, she could wait until her next to her parole hearing, but Erica was facing a more important crisis: Her daughter. Apparently Erica had been in touch with some leading physicians and learned that Bianca could be dead by the time she was released from jail. It wasn't a pleasant thought, but this was the grim prospect that she was facing. A guard entered the room and told Jack that he had to honor the visiting hours. He asked Erica to promise him that she'd do nothing foolish, but Erica told him that she was not making any more promises.

Trevor didn't buy Tim's story. Tim played the part of a victim quite well, but he looked more and more like the Little Boy Who Cried Wolf. Tim's recent lack of credibility was the reason for Trevor's disbelief. Tim recounted his tale for his father. He said that he and Janet had gotten into a big fight and that he needed to get away from it all. Someone he "just ended up" at the old warehouse and inside the meat locker. He heard a noise, spun around, and saw Janet standing before him. He claimed that Janet tried to apologize to him for telling at him, but when he refused to accept her apology, she pushed him to the ground and locked him inside the meat locker. Trevor still was unconvinced. His detective skills were still sharp and he found many holes in Tim's story. Why, he asked, would Janet follow Tim across town only to lock him up in a meat locker? "Because she's still a whack job," Tim replied.

Outside the room, Janet arrived at the hospital. She asked Mateo and Hayley if they had heard anything on Tim's condition. They told her that Tim was going to stay overnight, but never mentioned that Tim had accused her of locking him in the meat locker. Janet asked how Tim ended up in the meat locker, but her question was greeted with a non-response. Matt "remembered" a phone call that he had to make. Janet worried that she was somehow responsible for Tim's disappearance. It was no secret, she admitted, that Tim wasn't happy with her spending time at his house. Trevor exited the room in a trance-like state. Janet noted that Trevor was in Tim's room for a long time and asked why he and Tim were arguing. Trevor stated that Tim was "not a happy camper," but said little else. Janet knew that something wasn't quite right and asked Trevor if he was keeping something from her. Before Trevor could respond, Janet's cellphone rang---it was Erica.

Jack downed several glasses of liquor at the Valley Inn. Belinda saw him sitting by himself and asked if she could join him. She knew that Jack was upset with the denial of Erica's parole and encouraged him to remain vigilant. Jack sighed and told Belinda that he can't sit idly by because he's not sure what Erica is going to do next.

Janet excused herself and took the call from a frazzled Erica. Erica asked Janet to help her learn more about the ins and outs of the prison system. It might become necessary, Erica said seriously, for her to take matters into her own hands. Janet was shocked at what she heard. She told Erica that they could both get into a lot of trouble for discussing such things. Erica was furious with Janet and accused her of turning her back on her. Where was the Janet who had helped her bury Dr. Kinder's body? Erica slammed down the phone. As two guards talked amongst themselves, Erica noticed that a small knife had been left on the table. The knife, no larger than a paring knife, fit perfectly into Erica's pocket. She looked around to make sure that neither of the guards were looking and smiled devilishly to herself.

Hayley called her uncle "the artful dodger," for tiptoeing around Janet's questions. Mateo told Trevor that Tim had mumbled something about Janet being involved in his disappearance. Janet returned and resumed her line of questioning. She said that she and Trevor had been through a lot together and wanted the truth. Again there was a distraction to prevent a response. Derek showed up to file a report on Tim's disappearance. He claimed that it was department policy to file a report on the disappearance of any minor (who'd been missing for more than twenty-four hours). Trevor was called away to sign admissions papers for his son. Janet paced back and forth. She asked Hayley for advice on how to get closer to Tim, but she had no advice.

Inside the room, Tim prepared to tell his story to Derek. He blasted Trevor for not telling Derek about Janet's antics. He told the detective that Janet had locked him up. Derek scratched his head. He didn't seem sure of Tim's story. Fortunately for Tim, he got the chance to add a little icing to the cake. Janet entered the room to ask Tim if there was anything she could do to help. Tim pulled back and yelled for Derek to make Janet go away because she was there to finish him off.

Tuesday, December 2, 1997

With David's hand on her arm, Allie was unable to walk away. She turned abruptly around and fired off a piercing glance directly into her ex-lover's eyes. She insisted that their relationship was over. The sound of a car door startled them. David took Allie by the hand again and led her off into the darkness.
Gloria walked up to the Martins' front door and rang the bell. She apologized for dropping by unannounced, but wanted to ask Ruth if she could get her job back at the hospital. A loud belly-laugh sounded from the kitchen. The door swung open and Tad raved about a bottle of wine that he had found. It was a good thing he had a firm grip on the bottle, otherwise he might had dropped it when he looked up and saw Gloria standing in front of him. Tad took great delight in knowing that Gloria had asked for her job back. He mused that he had thought Gloria resigned from nursing to be "a full-time Countess." Joe scolded his son for being mean. Tad commented that Gloria deserves a better man than Dimitri and turned to walk away. Before he was out of sight, Gloria told Tad that he was wrong about Dimitri. Ruth agreed to call human resources at the hospital and have them look for a new position for Gloria. She thanked Joe and Ruth for their continue support. Joe smiled and said he hopes that Dimitri knows how lucky he is. Gloria quickly corrected Joe; She's the lucky one, not Dimitri. Gloria left, Joe and Ruth were left to believe that Gloria was setting herself up for heartbreak.

Allie and David ended up in the park. David decided to tell Allie the reason he had stopped in Pine Valley. Allie thought she knew the answer: David wanted to be the shining star of another cardiology seminar. Not so, according to David. He claimed that his life fell apart after Allie left. Finally, Allie revealed why they split up. She accused David of having many "other women" while they were dating. She touted her fidelity. That led David to remark, "Wait a minute. I seem to remember..." Whatever David was about to say upset Allie and she reminded him that he'd promised never to mention that. The cardiologist asked Allie if she'd fallen in love. Allie remained silent. David was disgusted by the prospect that Allie had fallen for "that kid... Jake Martin." Allie didn't give him an answer. Instead, she told him that he'd blown every chance she'd given him. Now, it was over once and for all. Allie finally managed to get away, but David wasn't done with her. Under his breath he muttered, "You and I were meant to be together---and we will be."

Tim quaked in his hospital bed and begged Derek to save him from Janet's wrath. Derek shook his head and wasn't quite sure why Tim was so bent out of shape. Janet still had no idea that Tim had accused her of tossing him in the meat locker. She explained that she wanted to help him and make sure that he felt okay. Trevor put his ear up to the door and overheard Tim break the news. He told Derek that Janet hated him and wanted to kill him. Janet's jaw dropped. She couldn't believe what she was hearing. Trevor entered the room and asked both Janet and Tim to be quiet. Derek escorted Janet outside to talk to her about what had happened. Tim yelled at Trevor for believing Janet over him. He claimed that Janet had told him that Trevor would believe her story. Trevor insisted that he wasn't taking sides. He assured his son that he'd love him no matter what. He informed Tim that he'd be kept overnight and asked his son to think about his charges during the night.

Outside, Jake told Trevor that Tim was doing fine and that he would be released in the morning. He also informed him that Derek had taken Janet to police headquarters for questioning. Allie rounded the corner and smacked into Jake. Jake noticed that Allie was distracted, but she claimed that she had "a difficult case." Jake told her to take a breather and gave her a big hug. From across the room, David watched on with a frown firmed planted on his face.

At WRCW, Dimitri waited in Liza's office. He looked over a copy of the newspaper that blared of Marick Industry's sudden slump. The slump, the article claimed, was brought on by the baby scandal. Liza wasn't pleased to find Mr. Marick on her office. He claimed that he could do her a big favor. Liza was still not interested. Dimitri explained that he and Liza shared a common bond---they'd both lost a child. There was no similarity in Liza's mind; She had lost a child. He stole his brother's daughter. Dimitri touted an on-air interview as a ratings winner for The Cutting Edge. Liza finally agreed that the idea was enticing, but forced Dimitri to agree to several terms. The first term was that the show would be broadcast live and that no questions were barred. The second term required Dimitri to square off against Tad. Speak of the devil and the devil shows up at your door selling used encyclopedias. Tad entered the room and asked Dimitri why he was hesitant to accept Liza's terms. Dimitri asked Tad to keep an open mind. He insisted that he did not know that Maddie was not his biological daughter prior to fleeing the country. Once Dimitri had left, Tad closed the door to make sure that Dimitri was not eavesdropping on his conversation with Liza. Tad told Liza that he has no proof that Dimitri is lying. The only way he could dig up some evidence would be to locate Skye. Easier said than done. Liza realized that there were only two questions Tad needed to answer before confronting Dimitri; How and when did Dimitri find out that Maddie was not really his daughter. Tad decided that he would have to track down Skye---and that was exactly what he was going to do.

Dimitri and Gloria both returned home. When Gloria told Dimitri that she'd decided to return to nursing, he took the news surprisingly well. In fact, he actually encouraged her to go back to work. Gloria explained that she'd have too much free time on her hands and that going back to work would be a blessing. Dimitri looked forward to the future when he and Gloria would have a child of their own. Gloria bowed her head and said that the time would come---"someday." Dimitri took her hand and told her that he wants to start on their family immediately. He gave Gloria a passionate kiss on the lips.

At the station, Derek offered to get Janet an attorney. She told him that she didn't need one because she was not responsible for Tim's disappearance. Derek didn't accuse her of any crime, but he told her that her criminal record makes her a prime suspect. Janet gave Derek a blow-by-blow account of her whereabouts on the day of Tim's vanishing act. Unfortunately, she had no eyewitnesses and no proof that she'd been where she said she was. Janet told Derek that she went to the cemetery to talk to Natalie. She quickly assured Derek that she wasn't "talking to ghosts." Derek hoped that Janet might have stopped for coffee along her travels, but Janet had no alibi. She professed her love for Tim and insisted that she didn't enjoy seeing Tim suffer. Trevor showed up and asked Derek if he could listen in on the conversation. Derek excused him self to handle a call. While he was gone, Janet begged Trevor to talk some sense into the detective. Trevor said nothing and Janet's references to Tim as "the kid" didn't help her cause. Janet feared the worst---Trevor believed Tim's story.

Wednesday, December 3, 1997

Ricky paid a surprise visit to Jim's hotel room. As you might expect, he was looking for more money. His presence made Jim a little nervous. Even more upsetting to Jim was the realization that he might not be able to get his hands on Brooke's money. A knock sounded at the door and was followed by Brooke's voice calling out to Jim. Ricky ducked into the closet and Jim answered the door. Brooke told Jim that she needed to speak to him. Jim was icy. He told her that she picked a bad time and that he really had no interest in talking to her. Brooke determined that Jim was mad at her because she didn't want him to spend time with Jamie. Jamie argued that he embarrassed Brooke and that he was not good enough for her children. Brooke assured Jim that that was not the case. Jim advised her to seek him out when she is ready to have a true give and take relationship. He abruptly shut the door in Brooke's face. Ricky leapt out of the closet and applauded Jim's performance. When he noticed that Jim was not smiling, he asked if Jim was falling for Brooke. Falling in love with Brooke, Jim sneered, was not part of the plan.

Jim ended up in the Valley Inn bar. Brooke sat down beside him and apologized to him for making him feel unwanted. He was wanted---boy was he wanted. Brooke referred to Jim as a "dangerous man" who makes her do un-Brooke English kind of things. Jim was stimulated by Brooke's "dirty talk" and egged her on. Brooke leaned over and gave Jim a kiss. She told Jim that he is not Norman Rockwell material. He is the kind of man, she purred, that she can picture in her bed, the kind of man who she wants to spend in bed with all day long. Jim rose to his feet and asked her to join him back at his room.

Trevor wasn't sure just who to believe. He told Janet that he found it hard to believe that Tim would go so far in trying to get revenge on Janet. That, of course, led Janet to believe that Trevor still thought of her as a crowbar killer. Trevor dodged Janet's inference. She became more and more insistent and finally informed Trevor that she had doubts about their relationship. Derek returned to his desk and told Janet that she was free to go. Derek asked Trevor if he believed Janet's story. Trevor-as hard as it was for him---admitted that he is not certain that Tim is telling the truth. Derek decided that the best way to learn more about what happened was to ask Tim some additional questions.

Mateo yelled at Hayley for purchasing an expensive refrigerator. Only problem was that Hayley didn't order the refrigerator. Adam approached the bar and explained that he had ordered the merchandise as an early Christmas present for them. Mateo clenched his hand into a fist and walked away. Hayley was sympathetic to her father's plight. She apologized for not being able to join him for Thanksgiving. Adam accepted the apology and told her that it meant a great deal to him that she called him to wish him a happy holiday. Mateo returned and told Hayley that he "heard" someone in the kitchen calling her. Hayley lowered her head subserviently and walked away. Mateo hadn't heard anyone calling his wife. He wanted time alone with Adam. Mateo order Adam to take the fridge back and then to get out of his club. Adam explained that the refrigeration could not be returned, but agreed to leave.

On his way out, Adam encountered Scott and Gillian sitting on the couch. Adam smiled coyly at the attractive young woman sitting next to his nephew. Adam obviously approved any relationship they might have. He was even more thrilled when he learned that Gillian hailed from the royal Andrassy family. He encouraged Scott to "study hard," and left them alone. Scott lectured Gillian on her class-cutting. He told her that she'd missed nearly the entire semester of economics. Gillian claimed to be a victim of circumstance and begged Scott to help her cram for the approaching exam. Scot knew all about Gillian's arrest on prostitution charges and wanted nothing to do with the princess. Gillian, of course, denied that she was really turning tricks, but it didn't keep Scott from walking away. Once Scott had left, a man sat down beside Gillian. He stated that he recognized her from seeing her picture on the news and Internet. He offered Gillian five hundred dollars for some personal attention. Gillian was offended and told him that he didn't have enough money to buy her time. Au contraire. The man turned out to be a Wall Street wizard with megabucks. Scott returned to help bail his friend out of trouble. He informed the man that he'd have to pay five thousand dollars to spend a night with Gillian. The man rose to his feet and muttered that "no broad's worth that much money." Gillian and Scott cackled gleefully at the way they handled the situation. Gillian was surprised that Scott could have fun. Gillian again asked Scott to help her study. She told him that her student visa will be revoked if she does not pass the test. And even if she does pass the test, she could still be deported because of the whole call girl fiasco. Scott agreed to help Gillian study for her exams and she caught on very quickly.

Hayley told Mateo that she was upset with Adam's attempt to "buy" them. She still loved her father, though Laura, Jamie, and Amanda entered the club fresh from a dinosaur flick at the local cinema. Amanda was worried about her brother and didn't really have her heart into the movie. Hayley worried how Amanda would react when she learned about Tim's accusations. Amanda asked how her brother ended up in the meat locker. Hayley stooped down to eye level with the little girl and told her that she doesn't know the answer. The important thing to note was that Tim was going to be fine. That appeased Amanda and she asked no more questions. She still wished that hospital policy did not prevent minors for visiting patients. Jamie unintentionally rubbed salt into Laura's wounds by pointing out how much fun Scott and Gillian were having. Laura faked a smile and claimed that she was very happy for Scott and his new friend. Amanda asked if she could be taken home so that she could get plenty of rest. She explained that she wanted to get up early so that she could fix a big breakfast for her brother's homecoming. She added that she wanted to invite Janet. After the trio had left, Hayley asked Matt if he believes that people can change. She was, of course, trying to find out if she was crazy for not believing Tim's story. Mateo shrugged and said that life would be meaningless if no one could change. Hayley asked Matt if he believes that their love for each other will ever change. Unconvincingly, Mateo answered that some loves never die. He took Hayley into his arms and gave her a hug. Hayley was at peace with the world. Mateo on the other hand, was looking up at the ceiling.

At the hospital, Tim rested comfortably in his bed until he heard someone enter his room. Janet confronted him about his tall tale and pleaded with him to tell the truth. Tim found pleasure in seeing his aunt squirm. He called Janet a "walking nut case." Janet told Tim that his lies would eventually be exposed and at that time his worst fears would become reality---she, Amanda, and Trevor would be happy together and Tim would be left out in the cold. Tim argued that it would never happen that way. Janet agreed; She said that she loves Tim too much to cast him aside. Tim wasn't buying into Janet's picture of a happy family. He brought up the past and how Janet had treated Natalie so poorly. Janet told him that she's always loved her sister and that she only acted so off-kilter because she was living in an altered reality. Nat has forgiven her, she said, and she asked Tim to do the same. She picked up the phone and begged Tim to call Derek or Trevor and to tell them that he'd made a mistake. Tim didn't budge. He told her that he wants to see her get what she deserves. Janet's composure faded away and she began yelling insults at Tim. Trevor and Derek walked in on the display and asked her what was going on. Janet explained that she was trying to get Tim to tell the truth. She decided it was best to leave. Derek advised her not to leave town. Trevor was about to chase after Janet, but Tim continued to pit himself against Janet. He asked his father not to chase after Janet and pleaded with Trevor to tell him that he believes his story.

Thursday, December 4, 1997

Seeing Bianca's continuing downward spiral, Jack became even more concerned for his niece's well being. He sat her down and pleaded with her to try her best to eat more food. As already demonstrated by the girl, she wants nothing to do with food. She called herself "a disaster," who doesn't deserve to live. Jack was devastated by the statement and found himself fighting back tears. He took Bianca in his arms and told her that she was a beautiful young woman. Normally compliments would boost someone's self esteem, but it caused Bianca to feel even worse about herself. Jack told her that her feelings of inadequacy were caused by her disease. He told her to run upstairs and write a letter to Erica. Once Bianca was out of hearing range, Jack picked up the phone and placed a call to a doctor's office. He informed the doctor that Bianca's therapist felt that a feeding tube might be necessary to prevent Bianca from becoming gravely ill. The doctor concurred and as much as Jack didn't want to see his niece hooked up to a feeding tube he knew he had to go along with the doctors' wishes---or risk losing Bianca.

For the first time since her incarceration, Erica no longer had free reign of her jail cell. Now, she had a cellmate. Victoria St. James, the madam who had hoodwinked Kelsey and Gillian, was escorted to "the celebrity cell." Helping herself to a banana from Erica's fruit bowl, Victoria instantly recognized Erica as "the baby snatcher. Victoria read Erica her rap sheet. Erica was relieved that Victoria was "only" charged with pandering and not murder. Victoria asked to have a pillow and Erica nodded her head. When Victoria pulled the pillow off of Erica's cot, the knife that Erica had stashed tumbled to the ground. Erica raced to pick up the knife and told Victoria that she had seen nothing. Victoria was a little shaken-up and rattled off a series of apologies for fear that Erica might slice-and-dice her! Victoria said she was sorry for calling Erica "the baby snatcher" and now referred to Erica as "a freelance child care volunteer." Erica explained that she planned on using the knife to break out of jail. Victoria shook her head and told Erica that she didn't need the knife. So Erica told her all about Bianca's condition. Victoria remained insistent that Erica did not need the knife. She told her that she could buy off one of the guards. She explained that the guards are terribly underpaid and that a women with her resources could bribe one of them.

Gloria was roused from her sleep by a nightmare. She never said exactly what she was dreaming about, but She repeated Maddie's name over and over. When she woke, Dimitri confessed that he has had bad dreams about Maddie as well. A gentleman by the name of Andre phoned Dimitri and gave him some very bad news. Dimitri hung up the phone and told Gloria that Gillian's life will never be the same again.

Dr. David Hayward presented his first demonstration of experimental heart surgery to a captive audience at Pine Valley Hospital. Joe, Ruth, and Jake were riveted by the procedure. Allie, however, was conspicuous by her absence. She later explained that someone had to hold down the fort while everyone was watching David. Allie couldn't wait to get rid of David and even offered to find someone to drive him to the airport. David smiled cockily and informed Allie that he'd been asked to stick around a little while longer and do some additional lecturing. Allie faked a smile and wished him well. Joe insisted that Allie take some time off from her rounds so that she could attend one of David's lectures. She again was forced to play nice and said that she'd see if she could alter her schedule. On her way to her rounds, Allie bumped into Gloria---literally. The two collided while rounding the corner. Gloria asked Allie if she was feeling okay. Allie replied that she felt fine, but her trembling hands signaled otherwise. She had to lie and say that she'd skipped breakfast and was suffering from lack of sugar. Allie welcomed Gloria back to the hospital and offered her condolences on "losing" Maddie. Gloria walked over to Ruth and jokingly asked if anyone needed a nurse. Ruth had pulled some strings and managed to land Gloria a job within twenty-four hours of her request to rejoin the hospital staff. Gloria was more than ready to get back to work and Ruth was equally glad to have her back.

David probed Jake for information in his relationship with Allie. He didn't learn much. Joe returned to the nurses' desk and informed Jake that the hospital's head of cardiology had decided to retire. That left a hole in the staff roster. David smiled broadly and told Joe that he was in luck. Joe agreed and asked David if he could recommend a dozen or so doctors for the spot. David shook his head---he could only come up with one name: his! Allie returned to the scene and was given the wonderful news; Dr. David Hayward was going to be the new head of cardiology. Allie was floored by the news, but once again feigned happiness. Joe and Jake walked off to tend to a patient. This once again allowed Allie and David some time to face off. Allie blasted David for joining the staff. She told her that their relationship was kaput and demanded that he leave her alone. David disagreed. Their relationship was not over, he said. It is only beginning.

Erica summoned Opal to the correctional facility and filled her in on everything that had happened since they last spoke. Erica told Opal that Bianca was wasting away and that she feared that her little girl would die. Erica asked Opal to sneak into Linden and locate her secret safe. Inside the safe, Erica stated, were all of her jewels. She instructed Opal to sell all of them---hock them if necessary. Opal saw no reason for Erica to ask for cash. What was she gonna buy in prison? Erica whispered that she was going to buy "a ticket to freedom." Opal's neck snapped back and she politely informed Erica that she could not buy her way out of jail. Erica told Opal about Victoria and begged Opal to help her out. She tossed in a few references to Jenny, Opal's daughter, and Opal was won over.

At Wildwind, Gillian met with Mr. Pinkerton, a gentleman from the student visa department. Gillian started off on the wrong foot because she kept the man waiting while she soaked in the tub. Things got even worse when Gillian's flirtatious ways were confused with an attempt at bribery. Mr. Pinkerton, who said he had no first name, rose to his feet and told Gillian that the interview was over and that he was going to recommend that she be deported. Luckily, Gillian had Edmund in her corner. Edmund asked the man to sit down and took of a defensive posture. He explained that Gillian had been instrumental in helping him get his daughter back. Pinkerton was unmoved and suggested that Gillian's deportation would allow her to be closer to her parents. Gillian explained that her parents were rolling stones who spent no more than two consecutive weeks in any given country. Edmund went to bat as a sort of temporary parent who would keep tabs on Gillian and make sure that she walks to the straight and narrow. Gillian agreed to abide by Edmund's rules. That was good enough for the agent and he agreed to call off the hounds. Once the man left, Gillian thanked Edmund for saving her hide. Gillian's jubilance was short lived. She tried to phone her parents to tell them the good news, but the phone in their Rio flat had been disconnected. A knock at the door brought an onslaught of bad news. Edmund was shocked to see Dimitri at his front door. After all, he was the last person Edmund expected to see. Dimitri asked to speak to Gillian. Edmund, surprisingly, offered no resistance. Dimitri told Gillian that her father, Maxim, had run into a bad spell in Monte Carlo. Apparently, he'd lost over ten million dollars on one of the tables. A pittance, Gillian squawked. She commented that her father has lost ten million many times before. Not this time. Dimitri explained that the loss was at just one casino---he'd lost even more at other casinos. To pay off his debt, he had to sell the flats in London and Rio, the beachhouse, the house in Gestad, and even the family palace. In short, her father had lost everything they owned. Gillian was left penniless. The doorbell rang. This time there was much better news. Eugenia had made the trek from Europe to Pine Valley to see her granddaughter. Gillian was overjoyed to see her grandmother, but couldn't bear to tell Eugenia that they'd lost everything. Edmund escorted Eugenia upstairs. Dimitri asked Gillian how long she planned on keeping the truth from Eugenia. Gillian said that Eugenia didn't need to know the truth. She added that it was not until recently that she found out the all of the cards and letters she'd received from her father were actually written by Eugenia. She couldn't stand the thought of breaking Eugenia's heart.

Opal sneaked into Linden and went to Erica's bedroom safe. She grabbed the jewels and tried to sneak back outside. Before she could make her getaway, Jack caught her in the act.

Back at prison, Erica told Victoria that Opal was going to be helping her out. Without warning, a guard appeared at the cell's door and announced that she'd be searching the cell. Erica asked her why the search needed to be done so soon after a previous check. The guard snapped that someone had stolen a paring knife during Erica's turkey dinner.... And they were going to find out who had taken it.

Friday, December 5, 1997

The surprise cell inspection caught both Erica and Victoria off guard. Victoria handled things quite smoothly. It was easy to tell that she'd been in jail before. The guard ordered them to stop dawdling and layout their items for inspection. Victoria offered to handle the beds and Erica took the closet. Erica opened a container of powder from her cosmetics counter and prepared to lay it out for inspection. Victoria knocked into Erica and the powder was sent flying around the cell. The majority of it ended up in the guard's face. Oddly enough, the guard suffered from a powder-allergy and she was unable to continue the rest of the search. During the confusion, Victoria stashed the knife in her pocket.

At Linden, Opal claimed that she had dropped by to visit Bianca, but said that she was unable to find her. Jack told her that Bianca was in her bedroom. Jack complimented Opal on her outfit and noted that it looked even better with her new accessories---Erica's jewels! There was little space for Opal to concoct a story, but she did. She claimed that she was taking Erica's jewelry to get it professionally cleaned. Jack knew that Opal wasn't telling the truth. It took him little more than two minutes to deduce that Erica was planning on buying off the prison guards. Confronted with the truth, Opal cracked. She spilled the beans to Jack, but all the while insisted that Erica needed to be with her daughter.

Trevor dragged Tim down to the police station to give his statement to Derek. Tim was hesitant about giving the statement, but he agreed to follow orders. Before anything got started, Janet burst into the building and announced that she had proof that Tim was lying. She asked that she be allowed to take a lie detector test. Trevor didn't like the idea and urged her to reconsider, but Janet was intent on proving her innocence. Tim was escorted to another room where he gave his statement and Janet was told to return to the station in one hour's time. Again, Tim paused mysteriously when Derek asked him to sign his statement. Derek explained that signing the statement demonstrated that everything in the statement was the truth. Tim agreed to sign the document, but he turned down his father's offer to hang around and watch Janet's polygraph test.

Back at the correctional facility, Erica was called to the visiting room to meet with who she thought would be Opal. Opal never showed up. Instead, Jack entered the room and showed Erica that he was carrying her jewels. He led Erica to believe that he was going to help her go through with her plan. Erica was overjoyed. Then came reality. Jack asked her how she'll manager her escape. Will she have to pay off every guard inside the prison? What about the guards roaming the grounds and the sharpshooters perched atop the prison walls? And if she does get into the clear, will she be able to elude the law? Erica blasted Jack for tearing apart her plan. Jack insisted that he was concerned for Erica. He told her that he will not assist her in her escape plan, but he told her that he has another plan that might just work out for them. No, Erica would not have to tunnel out of her cell with a teaspoon. Jack told Erica that he would defy Travis' wishes and escort Bianca to the prison each day. That way Erica and her daughter could spend time together. Erica worried that Travis would find out and force Bianca to return to Seattle. If that happened, Jack stated that he would take his brother to court. Jack told Erica that he loves her and she returned the sentiment. It would have been a perfect time for a hug or a kiss, but the prison guidelines don't permit physical contact between inmates and visitors.

Erica returned to her cell. The guard returned and told Victoria that she had a visitor. Victoria was glad to have company and laughed when she realized that the visitor was a woman who believes that she's Erica's look-alike.

Edmund extended an offer to Gillian and Eugenia to stay at Wildwind until things could be sorted out. Gillian did not want to tell her grandmother the truth about what had happened. Eugenia ranted on and on about needing better bath salts and needing to go on a shopping spree to replace her clothing. Gillian did her best to create excuses as to why they could not go shopping, but Eugenia was stubborn and demanded that she be allowed to go shopping. Edmund told Gillian that she needed to tell the truth. Gillian started by saying that her father had become embroiled in a scandal. The news of another scandal sent Eugenia tumbling to the ground. When she came to, Eugenia was told that Gillian had misspoken and that everything was fine and dandy. Eugenia was escorted to the library to rest and Gillian tackled the task of rounding up ten million dollars to replace the money her father had lost. Gillian called in favors to all of her many friends, but no one came through for her. Gillian went to find her grandmother, but Eugenia had disappeared. A little while later, Eugenia entered the castle with bags and bags of merchandise that she'd picked up at local shops. She even purchased a sedan and a chauffeur! Eugenia explained that she used a credit card that her son had given her.

At Holidays, Amanda was on her way back from the bathroom when a dark-haired woman entered the restaurant. The woman approached Amanda and told her that she was a friend of Janet's. The brunette then began asking Amanda a series of questions about her home life, Tim, and other aspects of her life. She pulled a tape recorder from her and explained that she needed the tape recorder because she always likes to have souvenirs of what her friends say to her. The woman was a tabloid reporter, but Amanda was too naïve to know that. Amanda talked endlessly about everything including her love for her mother. The woman asked Amanda if it was true that Janet locked Tim in the meat locker. Amanda's jaw dropped and she denied the claim. Luckily, Mateo arrived just in time. He plucked the tape recorder from the reporter's hands, removed the tape, and ordered the woman to leave immediately. On her way out, the woman bumped into Janet. Amanda raced to her mother's side and asked if the rumors were true. Janet told Amanda that she loves Tim and that she would never hurt the boy. Amanda was content with Janet's story and nothing more was mentioned. Derek phoned Janet and told her that he was ready for her to take the polygraph test.

Shortly after Janet left, Tim arrived at Holidays. Amanda was happy to see her brother. She asked him about how he got locked up, but Tim dodged the question. He asked Amanda to run into the restaurant's kitchen and make him a sundae. Amanda knew that he was trying to get rid of her, but she agreed anyway. Tim told Hayley and Mateo that Janet was going to take a polygraph test. He asked a lot of questions about the test---like could it be beaten and were the results accurate. Hayley responded by saying that the test would show if Janet was lying.

The lie detector test was set top begin. Janet took several deep breaths and assured herself that everything would work out. The questions ranged from stating her name and address to her feelings about Tim. The first few questions went smoothly. Then Janet's mind began to wander. She remembered her confrontation with Tim on the day of his disappearance as well as Amanda's reaction to the reporter's questions. She began to panic and it showed in the polygraph results. After the test was complete, Janet was confident that she passed with flying colors. She didn't.



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