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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of December 1, 1997 on GL
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Monday, December 1, 1997

by Soap Central

Annie and Alan announce their engagement to a less than thrilled Amanda, and Annie makes it clear that she plans to reap all the benefits of being a Spaulding. Beth evades Lillian's questions about her arrival and extended stay in Springfield as Frank and Harley have a heart to heart about Harley's relationship with Phillip and the effect Beth's presence will have on their budding romance. Abby, determined to face up to the harsh reality of what's happened, finds herself at the funeral home looking into the face of the man she killed. A happy and excited Phillip looks forward to a day with Lizzie and Harley, but things get a little crowded when Beth shows up at the house.

Monday, December 2, 1997

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Roy's mother shows up at the funeral home and lashes out at the devastated Abigail as they stand together in front of Roy's coffin. Ski and friends arrive and face off with Abby but Rick swoops in soon after. Lizzie begins to wield her power over her parents as she begs for Beth to stay with her at the Spaulding mansion. Annie meets Beth and sees there may be a way to get back at Harley after all. When Hart pitches in to resolve a conflict between Tammy and Shayne, Reva tries to get Cassie to come clean about her feelings for Hart. Alone, Hart and Cassie are awkward around each other. Jesse makes sure he's by Michelle's side to protect her from people who think the Bauers are partly to blame for Roy's death. Jesse and his father argue over Jesse's mother's grave, with both basically disowning the other. Michelle comforts Jesse as he kneels by his mother's grave.

Wednesday, December 3, 1997

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Dinah borrows a baby so Hart can see how hard she's trying to "prepare" for the time when she will be a wife and a mother. Annie sets up a lovely Spaulding "family" dinner and lets Beth know she has an ally if she wants to break up Harley and Phillip. Beth admits to Phillip that life hasn't been the same without him, but the words come too late...we see that Phillip is committed to and in love with Harley. Rick comforts Abby as she talks to him about seeing Roy in his casket. Ross arrives and makes Abby the best offer the D.A.'s office has - a plea bargain. Ben shows up and urges Abby not to take the deal, but to let him represent her and get the charges dropped. Abby wants to be punished. A bomb is dropped when Ben lets it "slip" that he and Ross are brothers and insinuates that Ross's desire to beat Ben lost them the case. Rick is furious.

Thursday, December 4, 1997

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Dinah attempts to make amends with Cassie in order to show Hart that she's willing to let bygones be bygones, but Cassie doesn't buy Dinah's act. Reva warns Hart not to play around with her sister's feelings. Later, Hart and Cassie find themselves thrown together in an emergency situation when a cleaning lady goes into labor. Jesse and Michelle talk about their lives without their mothers and Jesse tells Michelle that he wants to be with her forever. A woman visits Abby to confess that Roy attacked her too and to urge Abby to fight for her freedom. Ross agonizes to Blake about having to prosecute Abby and the miserable position Ben has backed him into. Ross decides to resign as D.A. and hopes that Abby will accept him as her defense attorney.

Friday, December 5, 1997

by Soap Central

An ecstatic Michelle is thrilled with Jesse's marriage proposal. Cassie and Hart go through the emotional experience of helping a woman give birth and fight the intensity of the feelings this brings to the surface for them. Abby is affected by Ross' impassioned plea to defend her Despite his intense dislike for Ben, Rick wants Abby to let Ben represent her since Ben's convinced Rick that he's her best shot at freedom. When Rick arrives, Ross begs him to rethink his position on Ben's role during Abby's trial. Dinah tells a gleeful Annie that she will broadcast the details of Annie and Alan's wedding for all of Springfield to see. Blake overhears Dinah telling Annie how she "pretended" to take care of a baby for Hart's sake.

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