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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of November 24, 1997 on GL
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Monday, November 24, 1997

The scene is repeated in which Abby grabs the gun off a police officer, and uses it to shoot Roy. Dinah leads the WSPR TV cameras into the court room, and they are just in time to tape the shooting, but Reva pushes the camera man down. The videotape falls out of the camera, Jesse grabs it, and puts in into this jacket pocket. Abby is whisked away in handcuffs, while Rick desperately tries to save Roy's life, so Abby won't be charged with murder. A massive traffic accident prevents an ambulance from getting to the court house, and Rick does an emergency tracheotomy. Reva talks Ross into letting her go comfort Abby. Abby demands to return to the court room, where she sees Roy being taken out on a stretcher. He goes into cardiac arrest, and dies. Abby is horrified.

Ben congratulates Ross, as he now will have the "pleasure" of prosecuting Abby with murder, which is destined to be a sensational case for Ross's career. Ross tells Ben that he will never forget all this, and Ben tells him that he doesn't intend for him to forget. The judge calls Ross and Ben to the bench, and Ross confirms that the D.A.'s office has no choice but to charge Abby with murder.

Phillip and Harley are surprised to see Lizzie come through the door, and with Beth accompanying her! Harley is especially embarrassed, since she is wearing one of Phillip's shirts. (Remember, Harley got coffee all over her dress while in a passionate moment with Phillip, and had to change clothes). Beth and Harley get along well, and make small talk about Harley's private investigative business. Harley ends up inviting Beth to Thanksgiving dinner at the diner. As Beth leaves, Harley whispers to herself that she forgot how pretty Beth was!

Jesse and Michelle flee to the lighthouse, when Jesse hides the incriminating videotape under some floorboards. Michelle convinces him to stay there at the lighthouse, because she is afraid that Roy's friends will come after him.

Meanwhile, Vanessa falls ill right after the shooting with abdominal pains. Hart, Dinah, and Matt rush her to Cedars Hospital. Michael takes care of her in the emergency room, even after Lillian reminds him that he is not a licensed physician anymore. In the midst of administering medicine to Vanessa, which happens to be three times the normal dosage, Charles Grant drags him out of the emergency room. Michael explains that because of Vanessa's underlying medical condition, she requires additional dosages of medicine. He proceeds to inject her I.V. line, and afterwards, Charles fires him. Vanessa appears to be in good condition, and the premature labor has been stopped.

Monday, November 25, 1997

Alan and Josh, along with their attorneys, meet with the judge for Tammy's custody hearing. The judge asks the attorneys to leave, and ask both Alan and Josh to present their cases. Of course, Alan points out that he can provide Tammy with many material things, and feels like a void was being filled when he was around Tammy. Josh shows that Tammy needs to be with her real mother, and around her new loving family.

Rick persuades Ross to ask for bail to be set for Abby, so she may come home for Thanksgiving dinner. He is surprised and hurt to find that Abby does not want to leave jail, and face all her friends who know that she took another man's life.

Josh returns home with the good news that Cassie now has full permanent custody of Tammy.

Billy tells Cassie that he hoped that she loved and cared for him in the way that he does for her; Cassie says that she wished that she returned his feelings, but they are better as friends.

Alan has to break the news to Annie that he lost custody of Tammy. Annie had previously been picking out wall paper for Tammy's room. She is absolutely crushed, and turns on Alan; says that she will never forgive him for playing God with her life.

Michelle tells Jesse that Roy has died. She tries to get him to come to the Bauer home for Thanksgiving dinner, but he refuses, feeling responsible for Roy being set free.

Reva opens the door to find a panic-stricken Annie there, obviously eyeing Tammy.

Dinah wishes her father a happy Thanksgiving, and gets a cold reply.

Hart and Dinah are together at the Bauers', and he admits that he never stopped loving her. Then, Dinah answers the door to find Cassie, and they both become immediately angered at seeing each other.

Wednesday, November 26

Buzz and Jenna are with Coop in the diner for the family Thanksgiving dinner. Buzz mentions that this is his and Coop's first Thanksgiving. Jenna tells Buzz that she knows how difficult it is for him and that they are just going to start over. Buzz says that he has the most beautiful woman in the world in love with him and then kisses her stomach. Nola walks in at that time. Buzz goes over to say hi to Nola and Jenna interrupts their conversation. She asks Buzz to go to the kitchen for something and then she confronts Nola. Nola tells her (again) that Buzz should be told the truth about the baby. Later sitting at the bar, Buzz "remembers" trying to stop Jenna from getting on a plane. She is so happy and they are kissing. Nola is glaring in the background and her son comes over and asks her if she is okay.

Dahlia and Harley are also part oft he festivities. Dahlia is questioning Harley about the fact that Beth is coming to the dinner. Harley tells her that it is no big deal and that Phillip and Beth are even going to be coming in two separate cars. She tells Dahlia to "Just drop it." Just as she says that Beth, Phillip, and Lizzie show up together. You can tell Harley is in shock. Harley walks up to them, Beth gives her a bottle of wine and thanks her again for inviting her. Harley offers Lizzie a cookie and tells Lizzie that she made them "just for her." Beth comes over and tells Lizzie that she can't have the cookie before dinner. Harley takes this the wrong way and then when Phillp walks over and tells Beth that she should let Lizzie have the cookie she immediately says okay. Later, Beth and Phillip are talking about old times and this upset the insecure Harley and she walks out. Phillip follows. They talk, make up, and Harley decides that she can tough it out because it is just for a couple more days. Phillip and Harley go back into the diner and Beth tells Phillip that she is staying until Christmas. The shock is displayed in Harley's eyes

Rick is at the jail trying to convince Abby that she should come home. She tells him repeatly to leave. She doesn't deserve to be let out or his love. Rick and Frank are talking outside the cell. Rick feels that the justice system blew it. He also tells Frank that everyone has their breaking point. Abby has just given up on herself. Abby is just kneeling on the floor and praying. Rick goes home for the Thanksgiving dinner. Vanessa and Matt, Ross and Blake, Ed Bauer and Aunt Mada, Holly and Fletcher, Dinah and Hart, and Jesse and Michelle are there. Rick tells the family that she won't come home. After talking about Maureen, they decide to pack up dinner and take it to Abby. At the jail, she is overwhelmed by everyone that she does agree to finally come home.

Before Dinah leaves to go to the jail, she is talking to Hart and the doorbell rings. She answered it. It is Cassie with biscuits for Abby for when she comes home. Dinah and Cassie exchange remarks and Blake sees Cassie and immediately invites her in. Blake asks Hart to get Cassie some cider. He does and Dinah is glaring at them the whole time. Cassie tells Hart that she got her daughter back. Cassie leaves very soon and Hart walked her to the door. Vanessa walks up to Dinah and tells her to pull it back in, your claws, pull them in! She said that Dinah needed to trust him and he'll love you much more for it. Dinah and Hart vow to make a fresh start.

Annie knocks on Reva's door and wants to see Tammie. Reva is furious and tells her to go away. Tammie sees Annie and runs over to her. Annie tells Tammie that she brought her presents. Tammie asks if Annie can stay and Reva tells her no. She wants her to stay. Tammie goes into the kitchen and brings back a cupcake for Annie. While Annie is leaning down, Cassie walks in and grabs Tammie back from Annie and tells her to stay the hell away from her daughter. Billy walks Annie to the door and she leaves. Cassie follows her out and tells her that if she comes near her daughter, she'll kill her!

Annie is outside as the Shane/Lewis clan say their Thanksgiving prayers. Alan walks up to her. She blames him. He tells her that she can have anything that she wants. She can have a husband and have a family. Then he asks her to marry him.

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Thursday, November 27, 1997

by Angela Vogel

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, Guiding Light was not shown today.

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Friday, November 28
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Due to technical difficulties, today's recap of Guiding Light is unavailable. We apologize for this inconvenience.

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