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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of November 24, 1997 on ATWT
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Monday, November 24, 1997

HAL and CARLY are sitting on the blanket outside in the evening (because his car battery is dead). She tells him that he is a very considerate man. He says he doesn't like people who play games. He says it comes down to who you are and the important stuff. They kiss and Hal starts moving fast but Carly slows him down and tells him that she wasn't expecting how kissing him would make her feel. When they start to kiss again, she tells him he doesn't know much about her. He tells her about a friend's cabin about 2-1/2 hours from there and suggests that they go up there and tell each other their life's stories. He asks her how she feels about him right now. She says he is a pretty incredible guy. His beeper goes off and he finds that the church is on fire. They set off on foot. When they get there Jack tells Carly that she should probably get to the hospital because of Molly.

LUCINDA and EMILY are worried about David because of his asthma. Lucinda tells Lily that David saved her life. They put him in the ambulance and Lucinda goes with him. At the hospital Lily encourages Lucinda to let Emily go in and see him.

BEN is bandaging JESSICA's arm and tells her to drive to the ER where she gets stitches and a tetanus shot.

The paramedic tells JACK that MOLLY is in very serious condition. He goes to get a doctor. When Holden and Lily get there, Jack says that the fire didn't do this to her; somebody beat her up. Holden thinks back to his argument with her and remembers telling her that he will kill her if she comes near him. At the hospital Holden tells Lily that he and Molly had an argument before the fire.

LEW and PAMELA try to take a run for it but they both get knocked out by beams from the ceiling. Then Lew rouses and tries to tell Pamela that he can't move and she needs to get out of there but she doesn't move. At the same time Sara Ruth is looking outside for Lew. Camille tells her that he was in the basement arguing with Pamela. Firemen find them and then Ben apparently determines Pamela is dead (but does not tell Lew). Lew says he can't feel anything below his waist but keeps telling Ben to take care of his wife first. They put him on a board and take him out of the building. Ben tells the paramedics to load Lew in the ambulance and just before they do, Lew sees them pull a sheet up over Pamela's face. Lew goes ballistic!

JOHN is trying to get BARBARA to breathe with an oxygen mask, then gets her in an ambulance telling them to put a ventilator on her. At the hospital they get her stabilized but she is still unconscious. Dr. Samuels tells John they could do a C-section but she is only 25 weeks pregnant. She says Barbara is having contractions and the placenta is torn. She says Barbara will have a better chance of coming out of the coma if they deliver the baby now. So it will be John's decision whether to take a chance on Barbara's life or the baby's.

BOB, MARGO and TOM still haven't located KIM. Chris tells them that he asked her where the bathroom was just before the fire and they realize that the bathroom is in the basement and she must have gone down there looking for him. Margo kicks in one of the basement windows and goes in and finds Kim, picks her up and calls for help. When they get Kim out, Bob sees he can't get a pulse and she has stopped breathing. He does CPR. Chris says it is his fault because she was in the basement looking for him. He thinks about the cigarette he dropped on the floor. When she starts breathing, they put her in the ambulance and Bob and Chris go with her. At the hospital Margo tells John about Kim. She has a severe head injury. Bob explains to Chris about all the monitors hooked up to Kim and says they need to pray.

At the hospital Ben and Hal talk about how the fire might have started. Ben says if it was arson, all these people got hurt because of hate. We see Teague listening in and then leaving.

Tuesday, November 25, 1997

CARLY is at Molly's bedside. JACK comes in and hears Carly blame herself. She says she should have taken Molly home when she was at the station. Jack says he will find the person who did this. Carly suspects Holden but Jack says Holden could never hit a woman. Holden and Lily come in and ask how she is. Carly tells them she hasn't awakened at all. Carly questions both Lily and Holden about what went on last night. Holden says Molly followed him to the church and he told her to leave him alone.

Teague is reading the newspaper article about the fire and finds that Molly is expected to recover. As he opens the door to go out, he finds Hal there who wants to talk to him about the fire. Hal wants to know where he was last night. He says he was in Peoria with some old friends. He gives names for Hal to check. Hal tells him not to leave town until this thing is over, then leaves. Teague grabs his coat and tells himself that he has to shut her up for good.

At the hospital Carly tells Jack, Holden and Lily that she is worried that someone will try to finish the job on Molly. She says if Holden shows his face at Molly's room again, she will call security. When Hal arrives, Carly tells him to hold Holden so he can't do any more harm to Molly. At the same time, we see Teague (in hospital clothing) enter Molly's room.

TOM and NANCY listen to Chris blame himself for his mother's condition. Tom tells him that they don't know who started the fire but they know Chris didn't do it (as Chris is thinking of the cigarette he dropped). Bob comes out and tells Chris his mother is unconscious because of the head injury. He sends Chris to the cafeteria with Nancy to get some breakfast.

CAMILLE finds out from BEN that Pamela died at the scene. He says LEW won't give his consent for surgery which he needs right away. He is in shock because of Pamela's death. Camille questions the fact that Ben is his doctor, but Ben says he is the only one who knows the procedure. Ben goes into a tirade about this being his fault. Camille goes in to see Lew who tells her he doesn't want to hear about the surgery. He says it should have been him who died in the fire--not Pamela. She did everything for him and how did he repay her? By cheating on her. He says he should have been honest with her and she would still be alive. He says Ronnie (his son) will never forgive him. As Ben starts to enter the room, he sees Camille and Lew holding hands.

JOHN is telling the unconscious Barbara that the fire is out and everyone is OK. He says there is a big decision to make. He says he can't risk losing her. He asks how he can choose between her and their son. "Wake up and tell me what to do." LISA comes in and suggests that he go rest and she will watch Barbara. He says he can't leave her because of the decision to be made. Lisa tells him that he will make the right decision. After Lisa leaves John continues talking to Barbara about how he can't lose her. Margo and Dr. Samuels come in and the doctor tells him she has taken another look at the sonogram and that there is a problem. She tells John what could happen to Barbara if the placenta tears more. She then explains to Margo that the baby's lungs are not well developed at this stage. She says the risk of complication for Barbara increases every day. John tells Barbara he is going to do what he thinks is the safest thing -- the best thing for her. He tells Dr. Samuels to get the baby out as fast as they can. Margo looks on in distress as he continues to talk to Barbara. Margo reassures John as they wait for the surgery to be done. The nurse calls for him to come to the OR stat! When he gets there he sees his son and hears him cry.

EMILY is telling the unconscious DAVID that everything is going to be OK. She tells him he overcame his fear about the fire and got Lucinda out. He comes around but starts coughing and having trouble breathing. The nurse comes in and adjusts his medication and says he is coming along OK. Lucinda comes in and pulls Emily out and says he doesn't need visitors. She says no one but family members are allowed in there--and she goes in. Susan talks to Emily and tells her to go home and get some rest but she can't. David wakes and talks to Lucinda who tells him he is a hero and she owes her life to him. Lucinda tells him she is going to nurse him back to health. She says it was like a test of fate. He could have left her there to die. He is already in her will, etc. He has another episode and Lucinda calls for the doctor. When Emily hears (over the speaker) the call for the doctor to come to David's room, she heads back immediately.

Bob talks to Kim telling her that she has to come back to him. He tells her about the Thanksgiving plans and how the whole family is counting on her being there. Then the members of the family all come in and each one talks to her (except Chris).

Wednesday, November 26, 1997

CARLY again accuses HOLDEN of beating Molly and tells HAL she wants him arrested based on the fact that she saw Holden threaten Molly at the station. Hal says they are most concerned about catching the sick-o who set the fire. Lily tries to convince Carly that maybe the same guy started the fire who beat Molly. As Hal leaves, he tells Holden not to leave town.

Teague is looking at Molly in her hospital bed and thinking about his confrontation with her at the church. As he starts to use the syringe on Molly, Carly comes in and asks him what he is doing. He tells her he is an orderly and was checking the I.V. flow. Carly tells him she is going to stay with Molly now. Hal comes in and tells Carly they need to wait and hear what Molly has to say about her attacker. Jack comes in and sees Hal holding a crying Carly.

BOB is talking to KIM and turns to find ANDY standing in the doorway. Bob tells him they owe Margo a lot for going back in the building to get her. He says they could lose her but Andy's being here will help and she is strong. Bob leaves Andy alone with her. He talks to her about his travels and photos he took. Outside the room Chris greets Andy with enthusiasm and then goes in to see Kim. As he talks to her, he thinks about the dropped cigarette. Bob tells him he is proud of him but Chris says he doesn't deserve it.

John is telling Margo and Lisa that Barbara is still in a coma but her chances are much better now that she is not carrying the baby. He says the baby is still hanging in there. Dr. Samuels says she is not making any promises because of the baby's lungs. She tells John he can scrub up so that he can see the baby. John talks to the baby and calls him "Johnny" and tells him about the nursery they have fixed for him at home.

EMMA and CAL have already cut the traditional hubbard squash, but Holden and Lily insist that they cut another one so Luc can see it done. Jack comes in just in time to see Holden use the hack saw on the squash.

SUSAN tries to reassure EMILY about DAVID's condition. BEN tells them they put David on a ventilator but his kidneys have stopped functioning. He is in critical condition. He says they are going to put him on dialysis. Emily goes to Samantha and asks for her help in getting to see David. Later Ben tells all of them that David is responding well to the dialysis but says he shouldn't have visitors now. Ben tells Lucinda they will probably start a search for a viable kidney. Lucinda says to start the tests because she will give him one of hers since they are mother and son.

John is talking to an unconscious Barbara and tells her about Johnny and that he is fighting. He says that what would really help is if his mom could be right there by his side. Hal comes in and they both stand at her bedside talking about her and the baby. John tells Hal he needs his help. He asks if Hal thinks Jennifer and Will should comes there to see their mother. Hal says he thinks it would be a good idea and says he appreciates the fact that John asked for his opinion. Then he asks John if he saw anything suspicious the night of the fire. John tells him Barbara smelled smoke and that he did see Holden arguing with Molly outside the church. When John goes back in to see Barbara he finds Andy there who asks to see his little brother.

Lisa goes to the coffee machine where Lucinda is sitting in the dark. When she can't get the machine to work, Lucinda gets up and beats on it. She asks about Barbara and Lisa asks about David. They share a very warm and friendly time.

Nancy tells Bob that the turkey dinner is ready at home. He suggests that she round everyone up and take them home to eat. When she wants him to go too, he gets pretty huffy with her about not leaving, then apologizes. Later Tom shows Bob that they have brought the Thanksgiving feast to the solarium for everyone to share. Hal gets Carly to join them which she does for a while. But she feels out of place and takes a piece of pumpkin pie back to Molly's room and while she is taking a bite, she sees Molly stir. Teague is watching through the window in the door.

As Bob gives a very touching invocation, we see two of Kim's fingers move slightly.

Thursday, November 27, 1997

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, As The World Turns was not shown today.

Friday, November 28, 1997

by Tammy Freeman



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