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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of November 17, 1997 on ATWT
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Monday, November 17, 1997

Jack's date is on the phone at Yo's saying, "Tell the boss I've got Jack Snyder exactly where I want him."

After JESSICA tells BEN about Camille and Lew sleeping together, he gets up and leaves Yo's. At the hospital LEW and SARA RUTH are talking about what Camille is going to do when Ben confronts her. Meanwhile Camille comes into her apartment with a new gown she has purchased for the Paris trip. She picks up the jasmine candle Lew gave her, then drops it in the trash. Ben arrives and she sees something is wrong. He tells her that staying away from her was one of the hardest things he ever had to do. He asks her how she felt when he broke up with her. Then he tells her that he heard the craziest thing about her and Lew--that they slept together. He wants her to tell him that isn't true. She can't do it but wants him to give her a chance to explain. He walks out angrily and leaves her crying.

JOHN asks LEW for a "paternity leave," but Lew turns him down. They have a big argument and when John walks away, Lew goes to the phone and calls Camille. She answers but says (while crying) that she can't talk right now.

HOLDEN opens his eyes and realizes that MOLLY, not Lily, is on top of him. He pushes her off and gets up unsteadily. She is begging him to remember what it was like when they were teenagers. He figures out that she drugged him and was the one who sent him the flowers. He falls back on the bed but then manages to get up and out of the room. He stumbles to a pay phone in an alley-like area but can't get a call made, then collapses on the ground. In the hotel room, Molly says she just wanted to make things right between them, then remembers the camcorder and gets the tape out of it, saying, "It's not over yet. When Lily sees this... When she is gone, Holden and I will be together."

LILY goes to Yo's to meet SAM and finds Jack sitting at an empty table waiting for his date to return from the ladies' room. Lily is excited to find that he has a date and when the date comes back to the table, he introduces her to Lily as Betty Butler. After Lily goes to the bar, Jack asks Betty who she was talking to on the phone. She says it was her mom--that she was worried about Betty since she had her purse stolen. Jack suggests that since she has had a rough day, she might want to go home, but she surprises him by saying, "Let's go to your place." When they get there, he goes to the kitchen to get a couple of beers and she takes something from her purse and puts it down between the pillows on the couch. He comes back and says he is out of beer. She says that she ought to go anyway but kisses him after he offers to drive her home.

CARLY and HAL are in the parking lot of Yo's talking about the kiss they shared. She tells him that she liked the kiss but it might get a bit awkward since he is her boss. He says this is just what they both need right now and that there is only one person he is concerned about and that is Nikki because she thinks Carly is too young for him. At that point the bartender brings Hal something in a brown paper bag and Hal says there is some place he needs to go and it will be a place he is sure she has never visited before. Before they leave, they kiss again and Jack and Betty come out and see them. Hal and Carly then go to a dumpy-looking area where he introduces her to Charley who is apparently a homeless person. He hands the bag of food to him and visits with him, asking him how the job search is going. Hal tells Carly that Charley was a star witness for him once and they have been good friends ever since. Hal brings him food twice a week.

SAM arrives at Yo's and Lily tells her about their marriage plans. She asks Sam to be her maid of honor. She then tells her that she is a little worried because she can't locate Holden. She has left messages at the farm and at her house.

Tuesday, November 18, 1997

DAVID is asking SUSAN to put Emily on the phone, but Susan says she is asleep. EMILY then comes to the phone but hangs it up. Emily tells Susan that Lucinda came between them--she could disinherit him. David comes to the house and tells Susan that he respects and loves Emily who then tells Susan to let him come in. David admits to Emily that he failed her. He says he is going to call James' bluff and then he and Emily will either win or go down in flames. They declare their love for one another but she says she doesn't know what she will tell her mother (who sees them embrace).

LUCINDA visits JAMES to congratulate him on a job well done--Emily has moved out of her home and hopefully out of David's life. She wants to know what James told David to get him to change his mind. James says he and David talked about Lucinda when he visited. Lucinda tells him she put David in her will and she wants James to know what David will lose if Emily remains in his life.

MOLLY and "Steve" are watching the tape which he has edited for her. She pays him and tells him to deliver it to Lily.

HOLDEN is lying unconscious when a guy comes along and lifts his wallet. As he is looking at the photo of Holden and Lily, Holden somehow regains consciousness fast enough to grab the guy and tell him to drop it. A police officer interrupts the fight but suspects Holden of being the criminal because of his appearance. Then Holden changes his story and says he was at a party last night and had too much to drink and slept there in the alley. The officer lets him go.

LILY is at home when the doorbell rings. She expects Holden but it is Emma. Neither of them has seen Holden since last night. Lily calls the City Times and asks for Molly but no one has seen her for a few days. Lily notices the flowers that Molly sent Holden and sees there was no note or explanation. She says that a night wouldn't go by without Holden calling her. She calls the Lakeview to make reservations for an engagement party but she is told that Holden left his watch in the honeymoon suite when he was there last night with her. They will send it over with a bellboy. Lily figures out what happened and asks Emma to go to Cal's to pick up Luke. Steve delivers the tape which Lily immediately puts in the VCR. She can't believe what she is seeing and just as Holden opens the door, he hears his voice saying, "I love you--Molly."

Someone knocks on CAMILLE's door and she finds MARGO who has come by to see how the picnic went. Camille shows her the necklace Ben gave her. She then tells her that it is over--Ben knows about her evening with Lew. Margo says Ben just needs time. She asks Camille if she still has feelings for Lew. Camille says when she was separated from Ben, she remembered the good times with Lew but also the not-so-good times and how everything was always good with Ben. Margo tells Camille that she must tell Ben that she and Lew were involved previously.

BEN comes into the hospital where LEW is talking to a nurse and Ben decks him. Ben accuses Lew of taking advantage of Camille. Lew tries to tell Ben that it was mutual but Ben gets rough with him. Ben realizes that Lew wanted to keep him and Camille apart. Ben questions him about his wife. Is the reason she hasn't come to Oakdale because she knows about Camille? Lew tells Ben that he and Camille were attracted to each other long before the break-up. Lew tells Ben that he knows Camille--"much better than you think." Just as Lew was ready to spill the beans, he spots Camille and stops himself. Ben walks away and Camille tells Lew never to say anything to Ben about their past and then goes after Ben. She asks him if they can try to talk rationally about what happened. Ben is convinced that there was a chemistry developing between Camille and Lew before their break-up and he should have seen it coming. He asks her if she can look him in the eye and tell him she had no feelings for Lew before the break-up and, of course, she can't. A nurse hands him an envelope containing the tickets for France and he offers them to Camille saying he doesn't want them. He tears them up and drops the pieces on the floor. As Camille stoops down to pick them up, Lew walks up with a smirk on his face.

Wednesday, November 19, 1997

JACK brings a drug peddler into the station and Carly tells him he looks like hell. He has been on an all-night stakeout. He asks her why she is so late and she says she has been at the district attorney's office giving a deposition on Vic Robinson. Hal tells Carly that she is getting a lot better on the computer. Jack leaves to go home to get some sleep. Hal invites Carly to the church concert for Ben. She accepts.

At the hospital Nancy notices that LEW has a bruise on his face. He says he slipped and fell. Camille accuses him of telling Ben about their night together. He denies it and asks if she told anyone else about it. He says that he would never do anything to hurt her--he loves her too much.

MARGO is at the church to help get ready for the big unity concert tonight. BEN comes in and they talk about the break-up. Ben tells her that Lew knew he was faking it and yet he went after Camille. Margo says Lew seduced her and Ben agrees. KIM and BOB come in and say they are going to tape the concert for broadcast. As Ben looks out the window, Teague is watching through binoculars. He says that the unity concert is going to be a bigger blow-up than Ben bargained for. Nancy comes in to help. Kim and Bob talk about Kim's heart surgery a year ago and he says he doesn't know how he would handle losing her. Margo tells Ben that love is stronger than hate and pride and says, "Can't you talk to her?"

HOLDEN tells LILY that the tape is a lie. As she inspects it close up, Lily notices flaws in it and knows that it has been edited and that the whole thing was a set-up. She asks him to tell her exactly what happened yesterday and last night. He tells her about the flowers and the note and everything he remembers. They figure out that Molly broke into Lily's house and took some of her things--the photo, lingerie, etc. Lily says they need to ignore her and have a nice quiet evening at home together. Holden says they should go to the church concert to show Molly that she didn't win. Lily is going early to help Kim. Holden wants to track Molly down but Lily says no. He wants to talk to Molly but Lily says you cannot talk to Molly. He wants to make her understand that if she does this again, she will have to suffer the consequences.

Jack is having coffee at Al's Diner and Betty Louise happens to come in for lunch. They sit at the table and kiss just in time for Carly to come in and see them. Jack asks Carly if she is following him. She makes some derogatory remarks about Betty and Jack accuses her of being jealous. Carly says, "Nice Catholic girl, my foot, that girl is pure trash." Carly gets back to the station with the lunch and is super-angry at herself for forgetting Hal's pickles (so she says). Then she tells Hal that she is on edge because she is not used to a nice guy like him. Hal gets a call and has to take his lunch with him. MOLLY barges in and says, "This waiting around is making me crazy." "Oh, Molly, what did you do now?" After Molly tells Carly about the tape, Carly says it won't work--the tape isn't real. Molly says the tape proves that nothing can keep Holden and her apart. Molly thinks Lily will scream and cry and throw things and she will be there to pick up the pieces. Carly asks her why she thinks Holden will turn to her. Molly says eventually he will realize that he has loved her from the start. Carly tells her she needs to go see Dr. Michaels and get some help, but Molly won't listen. Carly tries to tell Molly that her dream is not going to come true. Jack comes back to the station and Molly asks him if he has talked to Holden or Lily lately. He says no and turns his back on her, telling her to get a life. Enter Holden!!

At Al's Diner Betty is telling Jack about how she came to go into marketing. She realizes that he isn't listening. He tells her he has been up all night and then leaves to go home to bed. She says on the phone, "Tell Vic good old Jack Snyder is going down."

Camille tells Lew that she is going to the church concert and he wants to go with her. She turns him down but he says he will be there to represent the hospital. As Camille leaves, Pamela appears and says she just saw Camille--"So that's what this is all about. You've taken up with that little slut again." Lew tells her that when he came to Oakdale he had no idea that Camille was here, but Pamela doesn't swallow it. Finally he admits that he came there because he loves Camille. Pamela says they will never get divorced and she will destroy "that tramp" if she has to.

As Nancy, Bob and Kim are talking about Thanksgiving plans, Lily comes in to help Kim. Bob tells Nancy that he has invited Ben and Camille for Thanksgiving dinner. Camille arrives at the church and Bob tells her that Ben has been moping around all afternoon. Margo is telling Ben that he must get this out in the open. He says he isn't ready to go to Camille yet and Margo says, "What if Camille comes to you?" as she sees her in the doorway.

Outside in his truck, Teague says, "The gang's all here." He pats a big gas can and says, "Burn, baby, burn."

Thursday, November 20, 1997

Today's recap was provided by Katya

HOLDEN bursts into the police department looking for MOLLY. She looks happy, even when Holden says that he and Lily saw the video tape. She starts to explain that she knew Lily would be upset, but that she'll get over it and that it's better for him now that she's gone. Holden yells at her to stay away - did she really think that would work?? Molly says that she had to prove to Lily that she loves him, but he says that all it proved was that she's sick and dangerous. Molly insists, "Didn't you see the video? Didn't you see how good we were together?" Holden yells, "Hello!! You drugged me!!!" JACK rushes over and separates the two of them, yelling "Calm down!"

Holden explains to Jack what she did and then shouts that he wants her arrested. Molly gasps, not understanding, "Why is he saying those things? I have to talk to him." CARLY tells her that she doesn't have to talk to Holden, and that she should just sit down.

Jack tells Holden to get a hold of himself - does he realize where he is? Holden tells Jack the whole story, and then gets mad, and runs at Molly, yelling that she is crazy and should be arrested. Jack says that he has no proof of the break-in, and doesn't have the champagne for toxicology - he has no legal case. Holden says he has the tape, but Jack says that won't hold up in court. HAL come in, demanding to know what's going on. Holden says nothing, and then leaves, saying that he has to go to the church to see Lily.

Molly gasps to Carly that he can't go to church with Lily, he can't leave her. Carly tells her to accept it, he's not hers, and to be glad he didn't put her in jail. Molly says she doesn't care where she is if she's not with him, and that she has to talk to him. Carly says that she doesn't have to talk to him. She tells her to go to Lisa's, take a shower, and lie down. Molly leaves in a daze, and as she is walking out the door, mutters, "I have to talk to him. He can't go back to Lily. He can't."

Carly starts to file some papers, and BETTY LOUISE comes in, asking to talk to an officer. Hal takes her into his office, and asks her what's wrong. She says it's about Jack. She was at his apartment last night, and he asked her to take some drugs. Hal gasps, "What? Are we talking about the same Jack Snyder?" She tells him that at first he tried to sell her some white powder, and when she said no, he asked her to just try some. Then he asked if she wanted pills instead, and got out a whole box of them, which is when she left. Carly overhears this conversation, grabs her purse, and runs out of the office.

Holden, outside, yells at Jack, "I'm fine! You don't have to follow me anymore!" Jack tells him that he doesn't look very good. He reminds Holden that Molly's plan didn't work, and he's OK now. Holden worries about what else she could do - she could break in again, she could go after Luc. Jack says that he thinks she has gotten it now, and that Carly sure won't let her near him again. He tells him to forget about her, and just leave her alone, because she could misconstrue anything at this point. Holden admits that he's right, and goes to the church, while Jack leaves to go change before the concert.

Jack gets back to his apartment to find Carly going through things. He asks her how she got in, and she says the door was locked, so she used the window. She tells him to give her a hand. He asks, "A hand with what?" and she tells him that she saw his little girlfriend at the station, telling Hal he tried to sell her drugs. She must have planted some here, so help look for them! He just keeps standing in the doorway, smiling. She asks him what he's doing, and he grins that she cares about him, she's trying to help him. She snaps, "Did you swallow a greeting card? I'm doing it for the force." She says that she just doesn't want another scandel for the OPD because g-man couldn't tell that a bimbo was setting him up. Jack says true, but she still sares about him. She says that he disgusts her, but he says he really likes this side of her. He then tells her to come on, he has something at the station to show her.

They get to the station just in time to see Hal bringing Betty Louise to the desk in handcuffs. She claims it's entrapment, but he says that it's just a bad set up. Good idea but the wrong guy. He announces that this is Betty Broderick a.k.a Betty Louise Butler - and also a good friend of Vic Robinson's. Jack turns to Carly and asks can she believe Vic was two-timing her? He turns in the drugs that she had planted at his place, and the videotape of her doing it. She is lead away and Hal high-5s Jack. Carly is angry at the fact that they were both in it and didn't tell her, but Hal says that it wouldn't have been a very good sting if they had told anybody. She asks when they knew, and Jack says not right away, but they got a good idea when she was so hot to date him. Hal and Jack explain that they suspected her, and so got his house on surveillance, caught her, and also found out that she had warrants for drug trafficking, money laundering, and a whole long list of charges.

Hal goes off, and Carly pouts that Jack was laughing behind her back the whole time. Jack says no, he was smiling at her face, that she surprises him, and that she's doing a good job. She asks him what he's trying to say, and he tells her that what she did today mattered more than anything. He's saying thank you. Hal comes back and tells Carly that he's ready to go, and she leaves to change.

Jack tells Hal that he owes him for being so quick onto Betty Louise. Hal asks him to thank Carly, she took a risk for him, and Jack says that he has - he knows to give credit where it's due. Hal muses that he doesn't get the two of them - he just never gives her a break. Jack says he is now. Hal spills coffee on his shirt, and Jack offers him his extra shirt - he owes Carly one too because she's made him more cheerful lately. He leaves to change, and Carly comes back in. Jack apologizes for acting like he has to her lately. Carly asks if he's OK with her and Hal. He asks, "Shouldn't I be?" After a pause, she says yes, of course, and thanks him for the apology. Hal comes back, and the two of them leave. Jack sits on his desk with an audible sigh.

LEW is at the hospital, and suddenly sees LEW. He asks what she's doing here, and Pamela snaps back, "Don't insult my intelligence." She says she knows he's here because of Camille. She tells him to admit it, and he gives in and says that yes, he is here because of Camille. Pam replies that Camille is not going to steal her husband. He says he loves Camille. She says that he's not going anywhere. They've been through this before, but he knows where his heart belongs. He tells her that he lied to himself and to her when he said that they could make it work, he didn't want to hurt her. He's getting a divorce.

Lew insists that it's the only chance for everybody to be happy, and asks her if she's really been happy the past few weeks. She says that he promised her things would work out, and then adds that she paid for his medical school, she got him his practice, and that he can't dump her. Lew promises that he won't want much, and that she can have the house. "And everything in it," she adds, including his practice, his son, his reputation, and Camille's as well. He tells her to leave Ronnie out of it, and says that he'll fight for him if he needs to. She asks him what kind of judge will buy that from a man who moves to another state for another woman while he's still married. He warns her to be reasonable, because if she wants ugly, that's what she'll get. The divorce will happen. "Not while I have breath," Pamela retorts.

At the church, the concert is all ready to go and everybody's there:

Margo tells Camille to just go talk to Ben. She goes over, and he says that he's surprised she came. She says that she wouldn't be anywhere else, and that she thought they could use her help. She asks if there's anything that she can do, and he tells her to go ask Reverend Dansby, who suddenly appears to tear Ben and Bob away for some last minute changes to the program.

Teague is outside in his car, muttering to himself that Ben and his "black-loving white friends" took his job, but they will see now how hot the melting pot can be.

Lucinda arrives and sees Emily. Lucinda remarks that she's surprised to see Emily in church - "In need of some solace?" Emily says that she and David are there - together. Lucinda looks surprised but then asks where he is. Emily admits he hasn't shown up yet, but promises he'll come. "And then guess who'll need solace," SUSAN adds.

Margo keeps urging Camille not to give up on Ben. She says that you can tell he wants to talk, and she should just go apologize. Camille says that she has been, but she'll keep trying. Sarah Ruth enters, and asks Camille where she's sitting. Camille tells her mother not now, and when she asks what's wrong, Camille explains that somebody told Ben she slept with Lew, and that she has to find him and talk to him. Sarah Ruth tells her to give it some time and space, and that she should actually look at it as a blessing. Camille gasps, "How can you say that?" Sarah Ruth explains that now she can make a decision freely. Lew's free now, and so is she. She's just trying to be realistic.

Jessica goes up to Ben and apologizes for telling her about Camille sleeping with Lew. She shouldn't have interfered with their business. He says that it's ok, it hurts a lot, but she sure wasn't going to tell him.

Kim, Barbara, John, and Lisa arrive and talk about Barbara's pregnancy. Barbara says she's loving being pregnant, but Kim says there's a time soon she won't be feeling so happy about it. John quips that she's doing a great job, and after all, they only need one or two more and they'll have a whole basketball team!

Molly runs up, shouting, "Holden, wait." Holden tells her to leave - "Are you stalking me now?" Molly says, "Of course! You have to understand... how much I love you" John, on his way into the church, stops and asks if there's a problem. Holden says no, and he goes inside. Molly cries that he can't go back to Lily, she'll turn him against her. Holden tells her that he doesn't ever want to see her again. She says that she has nowhere to go, and grabs his arm. He shouts for her to let go, but she says no, they have to be together. Holden loses his calm, and shouts at her that he doesn't ever want to see her again, or he'll kill her! He shoves her to the ground. >From the bushes, Teague sees her crying, and says, "Perfect." Holden rips her off of his leg and storms off. Teague comes up as Molly is about to follow him, and warns her, "I wouldn't do that Missy, your boyfriend looks mad enough to kill" Molly asks who he is, and he responds that he's here to make all her troubles go away, then punches her in the jaw, knocks her out, and lays her by the shed. We see a can of gasoline in the shed knocked over, and leaking out.

Emma arrives, and Lily is telling her about what Molly did. Emma asks where Holden is, and she tells her that he's off telling Molly to stay out of their lives forever.

David arrives, and Lucinda rushes up, saying she saved him a seat. Emily comes up and asks him to sit with them. David tells Lucinda no thanks, he'll see her after the concert. John comes in, and tells Lucinda he saw Holden finally having it out in the parking lot with Molly. Lucinda says good, maybe she'll finally get the message.

Camille finally asks Ben if they can talk, but just then, Lew enters. She says that she didn't invite him, but Ben leaves quickly, saying that Reverend Dansby wants to start soon. Camille asks Lew what he's doing there. He says that he told her he'd come. She says to leave her alone, because she's trying to talk to Ben. As she walks away, she runs into Pamela, and asks, "What are you doing here?" Pamela answers that she came looking for her husband, but look what she found. How dare Camille show up in the house of God? Camille insists that it's not what it looks like. Pamela asks her how long it's been going on, and how can she look at herself in the mirror. Camille says that Lew said they were divorced. Pamela asks how many times he said that through the years. "Trouble is, this time he told me too." Camille says that she didn't want to break up their marriage, but Pamela thinks she has a heck of a way of showing it - that Lew loved her until Camille did her number on him. Camille insists that she left him, not telling her where she went, and started her life over in Oakdale. She says that she was sick of living that way, it's not what she wanted. And now she's fallen in love with someone else.

"This is better than Christmas," Teague is saying to Molly, who is still knocked out. "I don't need my gasoline, I don't even need my alibi." He says how her boyfriend was so mad, that he beat her up, and knocked her into this shed, and this stuff spilled all over the place, as he pours the gas over the shed and the ground. "You ever heard of felony murder? Well now you never will. But your boyfriend will know all about it. And there'll be justice for all!" He lights a match

Reverend Dansby starts the concert, and introduces Ben, who thanks them all for being there - "We all have a reason to be happy." Then Bob takes the stage to introduce the choir made up of people from churches, synagogues, and mosques all over Oakdale. They sing, as Teague sets the shed on fire.

Friday, November 21, 1997

by Tammy Freeman

PAMELA, CAMILLE, and LEW are in the lobby of the church. PAMELA threatens CAMILLE, "I should go in there and tell them all that you've been having an affair with my husband for the last five years." CAMILLE looks sheepish. Cut to inside the church where BEN thanks BOB for all of his help organizing the concert. BOB says that it was nothing but a few phone calls. A few pews back, LILY wonders where HOLDEN is and looks to the back of the church worriedly. Outside the church, MOLLY is laying unconscious, the garden shed attached to the church is fully engulfed in flames. TEAGUE stands watching the flames and smiles saying, "Now we're cooking!" He begins to clap in tune to the choir which you can hear from inside the church.

PAMELA asks LEW and CAMILLE why she shouldn't go in and tell everybody, reasoning "If it's good enough for in the bedroom, then why isn't it good enough to talk about in church? Well now, look at that. Look at the fear in your eyes. What's the matter, Princess, afraid he won't want you once the whole town knows you're a slut?!" CAMILLE responds shakily, "Lew, would you please tell her it's over -- that there's nothing going on and there's no reason to go saying anything?" LEW turns to PAMELA, "Listen, Sweetheart, stop this so we can talk this out..." PAMELA asks LEW if getting his mistress to say it's over is some strategy that he and his divorce lawyer came up with to get PAMELA to take it easy on him in the divorce. LEW asks CAMILLE to go back into the church so he and PAMELA can talk. CAMILLE leaves and LEW tells PAMELA to stop all of these hysterical threats right now! PAMELA says this isn't hysterical, this is his wife angry that she's been cheated on and lied to and laughed about behind her back. She tells him that he may think he has it made, but he'll get none of her money and threatens to jeopardize his job by telling them what a lying cheat he really is. Cut to inside the church where CAMILLE is sitting in a pew next to SARAH RUTH, who asks is all is okay. CAMILLE nods her head. In her pew, LILY worries again about HOLDEN and wants to go call him. LUCINDA stops her because REV DANSBY is speaking and tells LILY that HOLDEN will never grow up until he learns how to handle MOLLY. LILY looks worried. Outside, TEAGUE bends down to MOLLY and says, "See what happens when you go to a black church, Honey. You get turned into a piece of charcoal." Flames are climbing the church wall now. TEAGUE laughs and leaves. The fire has now spread to the roof. .

CHRISTOPHER walks into a gathering room in the basement of the church where his friend JOEY is lighting a cigarette. CHRIS wants to know what he's doing. JOEY says that he started without CHRIS and hands him a cigarette. CHRIS asks where he got them. JOEY says that he stole them from his parents, that they go through three packs a day and won't miss them. CHRIS says that he can't do this. JOEY tells him that it's cool, that everyone in high school does it. CHRIS is worried because of his dad. JOEY ribs CHRIS saying, "Lots of doctors smoke" and tells him not to be such a wimp. He then dares CHRIS to take a drag. Just then, CHRIS hears KIM calling and tells JOEY that she's looking for them and they have to go. He throws the cigarette on the concrete floor and thinks he stomps it out but he misses. The boys run out. In the church, the choir is singing and the camera pans over the congregation clapping and enjoying the music. We see smiles from DAVID, EMILY, BARBARA and CAMILLE. In his pew, BEN turns to look at CAMILLE, who is a few rows back. He then looks away uncertainly. The choir finishes their song and are rewarded with boisterous applause. REV DANSBY stands and praises the choir, inciting the congregation to cries of "Amen!" and "Alleluia!" He goes on to say that they "must have gone and got those voices on loan from the heavenly angels. Praise the Lord!! But we're not through by a long shot! Tonight is special. We can feel the joy in the air. The world would be a better place if we could get the whole town to sing together in joyous harmony like the choir. And we can. But, enough from me. I'm not here to preach a sermon tonight." A parishioner chimes up, "Amen!" Laughter erupts and REV DANSBY waggles a finger and says, "I'm gonna remember that Brother Samuel!" More laughter. REV DANSBY says that there are many who want to speak tonight and introduces MARGO. She takes the stage and congratulates BEN on his victory and says that it's a victory for all of them because it's what's right. BEN shakes hands with ERROLL, who is sitting next to him in the pew. MARGO speaks of BEN and CAMILLE having to suffer because of one man who is now, thankfully, off of the Oakdale PD. "It's behind us now and it's time for the healing to begin." BEN turns and looks at CAMILLE. MARGO says that she's also had to get through tough times and she made it because of her family, friends and "this wonderful community." She looks at BEN and tells him that he's made it, that he's given them a gift, a lesson, by taking something so hateful and making it right. "We're all stronger for it and thank you so much!" The congregation erupts into applause and MARGO takes her seat. Several rows back, JOHN leans over to BARBARA and says, "She's really something, isn't she?" BARBARA agrees with him and JOHN goes on, "I'm lucky to have a daughter like that." BARBARA scrunches her nose and looks up, "John, do you smell something? I think I smell smoke." .

CARLY is sitting in the passenger seat of a dark car. HAL opens the driver's door and gets in, telling her that the battery is dead. CARLY asks, "Can't you get the spare?" HAL asks with amusement, "A spare battery?!" CARLY laughs and tells him that she's kidding. She settles back in her seat and tells him that it's okay, that it happens to her a lot. That it started in high school. The guy would take her to some nice secluded spot and tell her, "Carly, the battery's dead. Then after a couple of hours of wholesome American fun, the battery works again." HAL laughs and says that he must be losing his touch, that he hasn't used that one in years, but the battery really is dead. CARLY apologizes for joking when he really just wanted to be at the concert. HAL says that he wanted the department to make a good showing. CARLY asks if he could call for a tow. HAL says that if the battery's dead, then the radio's dead. CARLY asks, "Cell phone?" HAL replies, "Got one. On my desk, in the office." HAL offers to walk down the road to try to flag down some help. CARLY tells him there's an alternative, that they can stay there. "There's a beautiful moon, the stars." When HAL starts to object, CARLY points out that there's a lot of people at the church so there won't be many people driving down "Dickinson Road." "Besides," she says, "the concert started a while ago, we've been late for a long time. They've probably already sung my favorite hymn. In fact, the concert could be over by now." HAL looks at her with a smirk, "Your favorite hymn?!" CARLY sheepishly says, "Um hmm." HAL says, "You didn't really want to go to this concert, did you?" CARLY says that she just wanted to spend some time alone with HAL. She says, "If we go, there'll be all of your friends whispering how I'm no good and smiling to my face." HAL responds, "Nobody's gonna be doing that, they'll be thinking of themselves, celebrating and having a good time." CARLY says, "Maybe. But you've got a great excuse -- your car conked out! And maybe this was supposed to happen. You know, Fate. Maybe we're supposed to be alone together tonight. You wouldn't want to go against fate, would you?" Cut to outside shot on an empty street by a fruit stand. HOLDEN is obviously angry and kicks a box. JACK comes up behind him explaining that the church lot was full so he had to park all the way down Garland Street. He asks his cousin why he's not inside the church yet. HOLDEN angrily says, "Never mind! You'd better go on in. They've already started." JACK asks what's up then stops himself saying, "Oh no, don't tell me. It's Molly again!" HOLDEN looks at him, "That's right. It's Molly again. She followed me to the church and then she followed me here and went on about how Lily wasn't the right woman for me and how our love was perfect. She went on and on about it." He's shouting now, "What do I have to do to get her to shut up?! What do I have to say to her..." JACK interrupts him, "Calm down!" HOLDEN fires back, "She's insane!" JACK chuckles and says, "Yeah, she probably is." HOLDEN is a little calmer now, "Nothing stops her. I practically punch her out at the Police station and she still follows me to the church." JACK breaks in, "I got that part but what are you doing here? Why didn't you just tell her to get lost?!" HOLDEN is getting angry again, "Because I had to get away from her!" JACK asks, "Because you were mad?" HOLDEN yells, "So I didn't break her stupid neck!" JACK looks concerned. Back at the church, the parishioner Samuel is speaking of being proud of the town in which he lives. Applause breaks out and the camera pans the congregation and rests on JOHN and BARBARA who insists again that she smells smoke. JOHN says that it's probably coming from the kitchen, that they're preparing a meal. BARBARA says that she didn't hear anything about that. The choir begins another song and BARBARA looks up to the ceiling, worried. The camera pans to the window and fades to an outside shot where the fire is spreading. MOLLY is still laying on the grass, unmoved. .

LEW pushes PAMELA into a huge coat closet, telling her that he can't let her keep yelling out in the open like that. He tells her that all the yelling and name calling isn't going to do any good. Besides, he says, she shouldn't want to make a fool of herself in front of all of those people. PAMELA is incredulous, "What do I care? I don't know these people and they don't know me. I've already been humiliated. My husband's been parading around with his mistress on his arm for the last five years!" She says that she won't let him take the base years of her life, her money, name and reputation, connections and then dump her for some "cute little slut who makes you feel ten years younger!" LEW says that this conversation is over and PAMELA turns away, furious. LEW changes tacts and tells her that he's handing her the chance of a lifetime, that she doesn't need him. He says that she could have any man that she wants and pours on some more compliments when PAMELA slaps him across the face. She says, "I'm so tired of you slingin' manure around here and expecting me to say it smells good." Lew says that he was just trying to point out to her that she has a great future ahead of her. PAMELA says that he's right, she does have a great future -- with him. She says that she won't discuss the divorce any further. She goes on about all that she gave him when LEW asks if she smells smoke. She thinks he's trying to change the subject but LEW insists that he smells something. PAMELA gives him an ultimatum, "Either you stop this divorce or I march myself up those stairs and expose that skinny tramp for what she really is. What'll it be, Lewis?" When LEW hesitates, she throws up her hands and says, "It stops here!" She turns to leave but LEW grabs her arm. She tells him that nothing will stop her. She jerks open the door and steps out into a smoke-filled lobby. Back on the street, JACK says to HOLDEN, "I know you. I'm all for you coming out here to play it safe and cool down a little. But there's no way you could hurt Molly. No matter how wacko she's been lately." HOLDEN interrupts him, "It's more than that, Jack. Have you looked in her eyes? She's got this really weird glow and she really believes that we're gonna be together some day." JACK tells him that MOLLY needs time to see that LILY and HOLDEN belong together. HOLDEN says that she's had plenty of time and that it's only gonna get worse, that it's got to stop. Both look toward the church and JACK says, "What's that. Somebody burning leaves?" HOLDEN replies, "No, Jack, it's the church. It's on fire?" Both run off toward the church. In the church, the choir is singing. From the front pew, LISA stands, looking at the windows. She screams, "Fire! I see fire!!" All turn to look as panic starts. The lights flicker out. BEN turns in his pew to look at CAMILLE. BARBARA says, "I knew it!" JOHN tells her that they're gonna get her out of there. All begin to rise and file out. REV DANSBY urges all to stay calm. EMMA, LILY and LUCINDA start out but LUCINDA has forgotten something and goes back in. DAVID and EMILY are still sitting in their pew. EMILY tells a frozen DAVID that they have to go, that there's a fire. SUSAN is standing by, urging them to go. KIM asks one of the WOAK crew members if he's seen CHRIS. He tells her no. KIM tells him to get the equipment and get out. She walks to the lobby where LILY is protesting as people push her to the door, "Wait! My mother's in there!" KIM calls for CHRIS and goes looking for him. A crowd is gathered at a closed door inside the church and MARGO tells them that they have to check to see if it's hot before they can go through it. Panic rises as parishioner SAMUEL collapses in front of the choir. SARAH RUTH shouts for CAMILLE. JOHN takes BARBARA another way, away from all the people. CHRIS and JOEY run in. BOB is relieved that they're all right and says that they have to find KIM and get out of there. Burning debris begins to fall and people scream. LUCINDA rises from the floor, fear in her eyes. She gets pushed over by panic stricken people and hits her head. More burning debris falls by DAVID, EMILY and SUSAN. EMILY tries to get a paralyzed DAVID to move. BARBARA and JOHN are making their way out when BARBARA falls onto a pew, belly-side down. JOHN tries to help her up. TOM tries to help them both. BARBARA, obviously terrified and in pain, struggles to sit up. Burning ceiling starts to cave in. BEN rushes in and ushers JESSICA and SUSAN out. SUSAN protests that she's got to find her daughter, but she is pushed out the door. BOB, CHRIS and JOEY are near the door. BOB is saying, "I don't know where she is!" Cut to the gathering room downstairs where KIM is calling, "CHRISTOPHER! We have to get out of this building!!" She rushes further into the building. Cut back to BOB who says, "She must be outside! Come on!" They rush out. BEN rushes back in and shouts for CAMILLE. People are pushing out of the back door. JOHN and TOM help BARBARA struggle to stand. TOM calls for MARGO who's standing by the back door. The burning door jamb collapses. TOM and MARGO find each other. MARGO says, "We've got to get everyone out of here! The ceiling is falling!" TOM shouts, "Everybody use the front door!" BEN calls for CAMILLE and finally finds her. CAMILLE is worried about her mother. BEN tells her that he'll find her and pushes CAMILLE toward the door. Burning debris falls before that door. CAMILLE looks on, paralyzed with fear and confusion. .

HAL is spreading a blanket on the grass as CARLY tells him that the car breaking down, the thermos of coffee and everything seems a bit much. HAL says that he's got kits and the coffee is leftover from the afternoon. CARLY says that she thinks it's fate. HAL says that he doesn't believe in fate, that he's not one for sitting back, accepting whatever happens. They sit and start to snuggle. CARLY says that she didn't mean it like that. She says she meant that sometimes people meet and they know things right away. HAL agrees. CARLY goes on, "Here we are. Alone. No radio, no TV, no CD's. Nothing to distract us. It seems more like 1897." HAL agrees, "Yep. Might as well be. Except that I'm sitting on my beeper." He laughs and pulls it out of his back pocket, laying it on the blanket. CARLY giggles and points out the moon and the twinkling stars. HAL says that he loves nights like this and tells her that when he was a kid he used to think of the night sky as some gigantic celestial connect the dot game and while his friends were busy pointing out the known constellations, he was trying to connect the right dots to make the perfect picture. CARLY says that maybe that's why he's a detective. "Always trying to find a way to tie the clues together to make the picture come out right." HAL looks at her and says, "That's good. I never thought of that!" CARLY says, "You see, ever since you were a kid it has been fated. You will become a detective! Then you will be the Chief of Detectives..." HAL laughs and breaks in, "Then my car will break down." CARLY finishes, "And then you'll be here. Alone with me." Cut to the basement of the church which is quickly filling with smoke, where KIM is frantically searching for CHRIS, calling his name and sobbing. Outside, BOB searches for KIM. It's pandemonium as everyone searches for loved ones. NANCY tells BOB that the kids are safe. He asks her to look around for KIM while he goes to help the others. LISA is sitting on the ground coughing. BOB asks her if she needs help. She says, "No! Go help the others!" MRS DANSBY is looking for the reverend. BOB tells her that he was helping others out last time he say him. HOLDEN and JACK rush up to EMMA and LILY, glad they're okay. LILY is worried about LUCINDA and HOLDEN tells her that he'll go look for her. He runs off and LILY wanders off, around to the back of the church where flames are climbing high into the sky. She finds MOLLY and tries to shake her awake. Inside the church, screams continue. BEN uses a fire extinguisher to get CAMILLE and a few others out of the front door. REV DANSBY rushes back inside, trying to get everyone out. DAVID is unmoving, in a trance-like state. JOHN is trying to help BARBARA. TOM is with MARGO. SARAH RUTH helps LUCINDA up. TOM is shouting to get DAVID up! All start toward the front door when more ceiling falls, forcing them to retreat back into the church. TOM and JOHN grab flag poles and try to move burning debris from the back door.

Outside, LILY rolls MOLLY over and tries to wake her. JACK comes up and stoops beside MOLLY, telling her to stay with him. Up front, BEN is checking CAMILLE, who apologizes for freezing up and almost getting him hurt. BEN tells here they're safe now. CAMILLE says that he saved her life. BEN is pulled away to look after an injured man. SUSAN comes up to CAMILLE to see if she's okay. CAMILLE says yes but asks if SUSAN has seen her mother. BOB is helping a man with chest pains. NANCY tells BOB that she hasn't been able to find KIM. BOB is worried. Inside, KIM continues to search for CHRIS when a light fixture breaks loose and strikes her on the back of the head, knocking her unconscious. Cut to the coat closet where LEW and PAMELA are sitting together. PAMELA is beginning to panic. LEW tells her that they have to conserve oxygen. PAMELA worries about their son and begins to shout for help. Cut to church where JOHN and TOM finally break the debris away from the back door jamb. JOHN gets BARBARA out, SARAH RUTH and REV DANSBY also get out. EMILY is begging DAVID to snap out of it, telling him that this isn't the same fire. Just then, a burst of flames erupts. MARGO screams and LUCINDA falls.

DAVID is on the floor with EMILY nearby. LUCINDA's legs are pinned under a fallen pew. EMILY gets DAVID up and he snaps out of his trance. He yells for EMILY to get out and TOM and MARGO half push, half carry her out. DAVID tries to pull the pew off of LUCINDA but can't. LUCINDA tells him to go and save himself. He ignores her and continues to try to move the pew. Cut to HAL and CARLY. CARLY tells HAL that this is the perfect date. HAL says it's not what he had in mind and says, "But, hell, what do I know about things that women think are perfect?" When CARLY asks him what he thinks that is, he says, "Flowers, candy, a romantic dinner with candlelight, dancing to a big orchestra, unlimited credit cards and big diamonds." CARLY laughs and says that she isn't saying that that isn't nice but this is perfect. HAL says it's good that his battery dies, then because he had been planning to go to Jasper's, a big old house that had been converted into a restaurant. It has a fireplace in every room and he had reserved a table by the window overlooking the lake. He thought CARLY might enjoy seeing the moon reflect in the water. And the food, he says, "is to die! But the best thing is the little funky juke box in the corner that plays nothing but Marvin Gaye!" He says that he thought it'd be a nice way to start and get to know each other, "BUT, if this is what you think is perfect..." CARLY interrupts him, "Then I stand corrected. This is second best. THAT would've been perfect." Cut to the coat closet where PAMELA is worrying that no one will find them. LEW tells her that they'll make a run for it and tells her to take his hand and find the stairs. PAMELA says that she loves him and LEW apologizes to her. Just then, the ceiling collapses, knocking them both out. Cut to the church where DAVID is still struggling to get the pew off of his mother. He finally succeeds but LUCINDA can't stand so he picks her up and carries her out. Cut to outside where it's chaos as the Fire Department arrives. SUSAN is working with EMTs on an injured man. LILY finds an EMT and asks him to go around to the back to check on MOLLY. She then asks JESSICA if she's seen LUCINDA. JESS says no. EMILY runs out and finds SUSAN. CAMILLE finds SARAH RUTH. All four are crying and happy to find each other. JOHN carries BARBARA out and lays her on the ground. BARBARA is worried about the baby. JOHN tries to reassure her but she loses consciousness and appears to stop breathing. BOB is patching up TOM and asks again about KIM. DAVID carries LUCINDA out then falls to his knees, coughing. LUCINDA flags down BOB, telling him that DAVID needs oxygen, that he's asthmatic. EMTs take DAVID away and BOB asks LUCINDA about KIM. LUCINDA says , "She's not inside! We were the last ones out and the wall came crashing down all around us!!" Cut to an unconscious KIM in smoke-filled basement.


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