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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of November 10, 1997 on ATWT
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Monday, November 10, 1997

VIC and JACK are both lying unconscious on the floor of Vic's hotel room. As CARLY is leaving with the diamonds, she goes back to make sure that Jack is OK and, when he groans, she goes to the door, but Vic grabs her ankle. As he tells her she is going to pay for double-crossing him, HAL and some of his officers come in. Carly hands Hal the bag of diamonds and asks if she can have a little credit, Jack grabs them and says, "Not if I have anything to do with it." Jack tells her she was in a tight jam with Vic and if he (Jack) hadn't walked in when he did... Carly lays it on thick for Hal and asks him if he would go get something to eat with her but he says he has a wedding to go to. Hal asks Jack to give her a ride home. After Carly goes off on her own (to hitch a ride), Jack finds that one of the diamonds is missing.

BEN tells LEW (at the church) that he won't need to have him look after Camille now that the racial problem is settled. Lew says that things have changed-Ben just promise never to hurt her again. When Ben is called away, Lew tells Camille there is no way he is going to let her go after what they shared last night. She tells him that last night was a mistake. He tells her it will never be over between the two of them. When Ben walks up, Lew tells him there is something he should know. With Camille thinking he is about to tell about last night, he switches gears and says that Teague's hatred is not going to go away. Ben tells him the stalker is in jail. When Camille thanks Lew for not saying anything to Ben, he says all it would have done would be to hurt her. Jessica comes in and invites Ben to dinner but he tells her that he and Camille are back together again. As she leaves, Lew sees that she is teary-eyed.

KIRK is acting very lovey-dovey with Sam (after drinking the water that Molly had put her medicine in). SAM wants to know what is going on. She has found a note that fell out of his jacket pocket. "Kirk--This is the start of something beautiful." He admits that he is seeing another woman--but not in the way Sam thinks. She is a new investor in the club. Sara Ruth (Camille's mother) comes in and starts telling him all the things that are wrong with the stage arrangement. Kirk introduces her as their new investor. Later Lew is at the club and Sara Ruth thanks him for putting up the money that allowed her to buy into the club. He doesn't want anybody to know. He tells her that he will not give up on Camille.

HOLDEN is telling LILY that his ring looks good on her finger. The next scene shows them after they have made love in front of the fireplace. Lily says nothing will ever come between them ever again. She suggests that they could elope. Holden has already bought a dress for her to wear--and her honeymoon wardrobe (a black peignoir set). She comes back into the room wearing the black outfit.

MOLLY is calling to reserve the bridal suite for Lily Grimaldi and says to herself that she hopes her pills have the same effect on Holden that they did on Kirk. Later she is coming into her motel room with a new camcorder (saying she hopes the credit card people won't want their money any time soon). She calls and asks for a bottle of champagne to be in the bridal suite (while holding the pills behind her back). Then we see her wearing a wig that is somewhat similar to Lily's "do."

MARGO is helping JOHN with his bow tie (for the wedding). Will and Jennifer come in dressed in their wedding outfits. In another room, BARBARA and LISA are talking about the wedding, After Barbara has her gown on, KIM loans her the earrings Bob gave her for their 5th anniversary. Lisa gives her something new and blue and a penny in her shoe. Margo comes in and hands her John's cross-country medal from high school. He had given it to her when she was institutionalized. She thanks Barbara for making her father so happy.

The wedding begins--and they say their vows. Suddenly John says there are two other people who should be involved in his vows. He brings Jennifer and Will up to the "altar" and promises them (and Barbara) that he will always love them and will make them his first priority. His love for them will grow more and more. As the reverend asks for anyone to speak up, Barbara suddenly says "No." It is just the baby kicking. The reverend pronounces them husband and wife.

Tuesday, November 11, 1997

CARLY tells LISA that she is looking for an apartment; Lisa will try to get her a good deal if she knows the landlord. After Lisa leaves, Carly pulls the diamond out from her bra and talks to it. Then the doorbell rings and it's Jack--"Hand it over, Carly." She says he must have mishandled the evidence or Vic only brought in nine diamonds. He doesn't buy it and she offers to let him search the penthouse, but he knows it is not hidden there so he looks at her and talks about searching suspects. She turns her back on him, pulls the diamond out of her bra and puts it under her tongue, then tells him to go ahead and search her (which he proceeds to do). She begins to choke--Jack does the Heimlich maneuver, at which time Carly falls to the floor and out comes the diamond (which she grabs without Jack seeing it). Jack goes back to the station and tells Hal that he thinks Carly stole one of the diamonds. Carly comes in and listens to their conversation, then leaves without being seen. She then reenters and tells Hal that Jack barged in and frisked her this morning. She plays the victim and Hal says he is starting a formal investigation.

KIRK talks to SAM at the club but she plays "Silent Sam" for a while. SARA RUTH and LEW come in. She is hoping that Kirk and Sam have made the changes in the stage that she wanted (for her singing act). Sam tells Sara Ruth that she is taking out the stage. Sara Ruth then tells her she owns all the shares in the club. Sam fusses at Kirk--she says it is not about the club. It is because he didn't level with her when he presented her with a deed (illegal) to the club. Lew tells Sara Ruth that she has given him a place to put his money so he won't lose it all in the divorce. Later Kirk and Sam listen to a very short practice and they decide that maybe Sara Ruth won't drive away all the customers.

CAMILLE and BEN are walking in the park. She realizes that they are at the exact place where he was arrested and wants to leave. He brought her there on purpose so they could go back and start over again. Just then a police car shows up. Margo steps out and brings them a picnic basket. They try to eat the food while leaning against a tree with a blanket wrapped around them. He has arranged for the ice cream truck to come by so they can rewrite history. When Camille opens her cup, she pulls out a gold chain with a cross attached (because the church means so much to her). As they kiss, Camille pictures herself and Lew kissing, then pulls away and tells Ben that there is someone watching them. Ben searches and finds no one. As they walk away, we see that there is someone watching--Teague.

JOHN is telling BARBARA that when the child is born and old enough to travel, they should take a tropical honeymoon. Right now they are relaxing on their honeymoon at home. He tells her there is something he has to take care of and will be back. While he is gone, Lisa brings brunch from the Mona Lisa. Barbara asks her to be the baby's godmother. Later John returns and tells Barbara he sold his apartment. He put the money in a trust fund for the baby. He thinks they should continue living in Barbara's house because this is where the kids have lived since they were born.

Margo gets back to the station and tells Hal that she is tired of being a messenger. He tells her he put in for her reinstatement last week.

Wednesday, November 12, 1997

EMILY enters DAVID's office and tells him she knows he didn't sleep well last night. He tells her he met with his father last night. He tells her about James' wanting David to stop seeing Emily--that James will go to Lucinda and tell her that David is not really her son. But David wants to beat him to the punch--he needs to tell Lucinda himself. Emily tells him it is a choice between her and the money. He says he is willing to give up the money. Lucinda comes in and David tells her there is something he wants to tell her. Emily leaves. David tells Lucinda that she has been a terrific mother to him. She tells him that today is his birthday. He says his birthday is December 23. She insists that is wrong. She shows him her will and he is listed with her other children. She tells him he can always count on her. He says that the only thing that means more to him than anything is that he finally has a family. As Emily comes in, Lucinda tells him she has another present for him--the Walsh coat-of-arms. He says, "Thank you---Mother," as Emily looks on in astonishment.

MOLLY uses her key to get into Lily's house. She picks up gloves, a photo of Lily and Holden and some other things and puts them in a plastic bag. Just then Holden and Lily come in and see that the door is unlocked. Molly hides behind a door. Lily says she wants to get married right away. Holden says they can get a license today and get married tomorrow. Lucinda comes in and realizes they are engaged. Lucinda wants the two of them to celebrate something with her and David, but Lily says no. As Holden and Lily are talking about their lovemaking, etc., Molly spots her keys on the desk. Holden suggests that they start working on a little brother or sister for Luke and as they kiss, Molly sneaks in and picks up her keys. The phone rings and after answering it, Lily says she has to go somewhere for a surprise.

CARLY and JACK are arguing about the missing diamond. HAL says he is going to conduct the investigation himself and goes to the property room. Carly tells Jack the only reason she is interested in Hal is because he is a very nice man. Hal comes back and shows Jack that there are ten diamonds in the evidence bag. Jack accuses Carly of putting the diamond in the property room. Carly produces crocodile tears. Hal tells Jack to lay off Carly. Hal and Carly talk in private. Carly says Hal has never judged her by her past as others have. Hal tells her he used to hang out with a really bad crowd back in Kentucky. He stole a car but returned it within an hour. Carly wonders if he is telling her this because he suspects she actually took the diamond. They decide to have dinner together.

JOHN is dreaming about Barbara. Dr. Samuels comes in and he tells her Barbara's water has broken (at home). When he starts to take the baby to Barbara, the baby, Barbara and Dr. Samuels all disappear. KIM awakens him. Later Barbara leaves and John tells Kim about his bad dream. He has had the same dream two or three times. Kim tells him that he is used to being in control of everything but now Barbara is more in control. She tells him that there are no guarantees for anything.

EMILY goes to see MARGO at the station and tells her about David's visit with James. Margo tells her that she hopes to get her shield back soon. Later Jack tells Margo that by this time next week Carly will be running the whole department. Margo says it really bugs Jack that Carly is paying so much attention to Hal. Jack says he doesn't need to get involved with someone like Carly again. Margo suggests that he needs to go the Milltown Church concert--she and Tom are going and Jack might meet someone there. Betty Louise Butler comes in and says someone just stole her purse. Margo introduces her to Jack. Margo asks her if there is a husband, etc. to call. She says there is no one--she is new in town. She would like to meet some people. Jack tells her about the church concert and suggests that they could go together. Carly hears this and has a disappointed look on her face.

TEAGUE finds a racial unity poster and burns it.

Holden gets a delivery of flowers (he thinks this is Lily's surprise)--the message says, "SURPRISE--I can't wait for tonight. Meet me tonight at the Honeymoon Suite. Love, Lily." Molly (with the Lily wig on) is dressed in the black nightgown on is preparing for Holden's visit (with the camcorder aimed at the bed).

Thursday, November 13, 1997

LUCINDA is giving DAVID the Walsh family coat of arms, and David, despite astonished looks from EMILY, who is standing in the background. David thanks Lucinda and says that he'll hang it in his office at Worldwide. Lucinda suggests that she hang it above his bed so that it's the first thing he sees in the morning. David looks at Emily and adds, "Well, maybe not the first thing." Lucinda tells David how proud she is to have him in the family and tells him not to sully the Walsh name. She almost cheerfully tells Emily not to distract him from his work, and then leaves. Emily starts to storm out too, but David stops her, wanting to explain. She, very upset, tells him that he said he was going to tell Lucinda that he's not really her son, but that he couldn't give up the money and the power. "You chose it over me."

Emily tells David that she wanted to believe him when se said that he wanted her over the Walsh money. He says that he does, but she says the Walsh name is what matters. "Why are you doing this to me?" she cries. He insists that he was telling the truth, but she says that if he was, he would have told Lucinda. What, she asks, 'you didn't want to turn down the chance of a lifetime?' He agrees - but that the chance is for both of them. Emily asks why he got her hopes up? David insists that it was just bad timing, but she says the timing was perfect, he lied, and she fell for it. She cries that he made his choice and that now she knows all she needs to know about him and their relationship by what he did.

Emily starts to leave again, but David tells her not to judge him. He can't deny his feelings for Emily any more than he can turn away the fortune that's fallen in his lap. That it will be for them, if they can just pretend a little longer. Emily cries no, that it was a lie. David asks how he can prove it to her, and she says by telling Lucinda the truth and forget the will. David says no, he can't do that, he'd be losing too much, and she says fine. She's leaving.

LILY is at CAL'S, and she's asking him "You're serious?" Cal explains that it's time to make some changes. He's not going anywhere, but there are places to go and people to see. He then tells her that he's giving all his land to Holden and Lily as a wedding present.

EMMA has joined Lily and Cal and they are discussing how great the place will be with Holden and Lily there. LUCINDA arrives. She says that she was putting flowers on Mr. Walsh's grave, and stopped in because life, and the world are so beautiful. She tells them about David's birthday party, but when Lily starts to object, she says that's not why she's there, she's there to talk about the wedding. Lily says that they were going to get their license today, but Lucinda points out that City Hall is almost closed. So Lily goes to call Holden to let him know, but he's not there. Cal tells Lucinda about his gift to the couple, and Lucinda wonders how she's going to top that one.

Lucinda says that she wants a big elaborate church wedding, but Emma volunteers to have it at the farm, it's no burden to them, and that the farm is special. Lucinda retorts that her house is special too, Holden and Lily met there. Emma says that her farm has had lots of weddings, that all have lasted. Lucinda asks when they were going to have it, around Christmas time? Lily emphatically says "Sooner!" Lucinda asks if they can at least have the reception at her house, and Emma says she'll bake the wedding cake. Lily cuts in that maybe they should just elope. Cal and Emma excuse themselves, and Lucinda tries to bring up David again, but Lily doesn't want to talk about him. She says that she's glad Lucinda's happy, but she can't embrace him.

Lucinda has left, and Lily tells Cal and Emma that she left a lessage for Holden, but she'll be at her mother's house to smooth things over. They tell her they'll tell Holden where she is if they see him. Emma adds that maybe the two of them should just elope, but Lily says that they made it this far, they can risk another day or two.

Meanwhile, MOLLY is at the Lakeview, in her black slip and faux-Lily wig, on the phone with the florist, making sure they delivered the flowers, and that Holden Snyder signed for them. Meanwhile HOLDEN is downstairs at the front desk, reading the note. 'Surprise! Happy early honeymoon. Meet me in the suite at the Lakeview. -Lily" The receptionist sends Holden up, telling him that "Lily" had to go out, but told them to let him in when he got there. The bellboy takes Holden up, and the receptionist calls Molly, telling her that he's on his way up. Molly opens the champagne, and puts some of her medication in the bottle. She checks that the video camera is on and pointed at the bed, and then hides in the next room. Holden and the bellboy come in, and the bellboy tells him to have a drink and make himself at home while he waits for "Lily" to get back. Holden looks at Lily's slip lying on the bed, and picks up the champagne.

Molly is in the meantime spying on Holden as he wanders around, lying on the bed, looking at the picture Molly brought of Holden and Lily, etc. Holden then turns down the lights and drinks some champagne.

Holden gets dizzy and lies down face first on the bed. Molly emerges from the closet, and stands there, as Holden, with blurred vision looks at her and asks, "Lily?" Molly looks triumphant.

CAMILLE is in the lab, doing a chemistry experiment. BEN comes in, to help her, because he knows she hates doing chem labs. They flirt a little and talk about the "double replacement" experiment, but clearly are referring to their own "chemistry." Camille says that she's always nervous with chemistry, but he says that she's doing fine, just take it slow and give it a little time. She asks, "Do we have time?" and he assures her, "Absolutely." The experiment is reversible, so if you don't like where it's going, you can just go right back to the beginning, and it's safe and sound. She apologizes for being jumpy at their picnic, and thanks him for being patient. Ben suddenly tells her "I love you."

Ben tells Camille to just trust him, and she says she does, and it's good to have him watching over her. They do the reversing of the chemistry experiment and Camille notes that it went back to the beginning, and she wishes life worked that way. He tells her that he understands if she still doesn't trust him, and she tells him that it's not him, it's nothing about the lawsuit, that it's her. He tells her that he knows something's wrong, and that he just wants to help. Camille flashes back to her and Lew having sex. Camille tells Ben that they'll take it slow, and she'll be fine.

LEW answers his cell phone and it is PAMELA, telling him she misses him and that she wants him to come back. Lew says that he made a commitment to Memorial, but Pamela reminds him that he also made a commitment to her too. SARAH RUTH enters, so Lew quickly gets off, but not before Pamela makes him say "I love you" to her aloud. Sarah Ruth asks Lew who that was, and he tells her an distributor. Sarah Ruth: "You love your distributor?" Lew says yes, when he says him $10 thousand in shipping fees, you bet. Lew tells her that he asked her there to say goodbye. Camille chose Ben and there's nothing left for him in Oakdale. Sarah Ruth urges him not to give up, that Camille still wants him. Lew says that it does seem so right, especially after the night they spent together, but that now Camille is denying her love for him, and she's terrified that Ben will find out. Sarah Ruth says that maybe Ben _should_ find out. Lew insists that no, Camille would be devastated, but Sarah Ruth says he should know.

Lew says that he thinks Ben's actually not that bad of a guy, but Sarah Ruth doesn't agree - she's sick of hearing about that selfish man, and that Camille better watch herself. Lew hypocritically notes that Camille and Ben's relationship is based on deception, since she never told him about Lew. Sarah Ruth tells Lew to tell Ben about their past, but Lew says no because he wouldn't believe him and Camille would never forgive him. If anybody tells him, it has to be Camille. He then changes the topic, telling her that he bought the Falcon Club in her name, but she should really have a lawyer to watch the business matters. He suggests that she give Jessica a call. Sarah Ruth once again tells him not to leave town, and not to give up on Camille.

BEN and BOB are scrubbing up for surgery, and Ben is telling him how he wanted to take Camille away for the weekend, maybe to Paris. Bob says that he and Kim have done that, and gives him tips on what to do that's romantic in Paris. Ben says he wants romance, but Camille has been so distant. He wishes he knew what was wrong.

He is hesitant about Paris, is it too much? The nurse interjects that any woman would love Paris, so Ben agrees. He'll call the travel agent after work. They go into surgery, and after they go into the room, Teague shows up lurking in the hall.

LEW comes into the lab where Camille is still working, and comments, "a double replacement. How appropriate." Camille tells him to go away, but Lew won't. He asks her if she really thought his feelings would just go away? Camille tells him that their night together was a mistake, but Lew presses that no, she knows she loved it. Camille says that she was hurt and vulnerable, but he doesn't believe her. He pours something into a beaker, causing the liquid to bubble over, and says that that's their relationship. He tells her it might scare her, but she can't stop it, and she can't deny it.

Camille tells him that he's wrong, but Lew says that she'll always love him. She's said this before, but it's not over yet, and it never will be. Camille insists it's over, and he better not tell Ben anything. Lew says that he doesn't have to tell Ben, he will realize the truth sooner or later. She yells at him to leave, and he finally does.

SARAH RUTH is talking to JESSICA, who's telling her that she does have controlling interest in the Falcon Club. Sarah Ruth says that she's naive about business, and Jessica asks her why she bought into this. Sarah Ruth asks her if this is confident, and then tells her that the money is Lew's. He was always so good to her, and took care of her, and now that she's living in Oakdale, he wanted her to have a place where she could be seen and heard. Jessica says, "I see," and Sarah Ruth quickly adds that there's nothing going on between her and Lew. In fact, the real reason he's doing this is because of the relationship between him and Camille.

Jessica looks properly stunned as Sarah Ruth gets a phone call from LEW, and proceeds to tell him not to give up on Camille and that she loves him. Jessica's jaw drops when Sarah Ruth mentions the night they shared together.

Friday, November 14, 1997

by Tammy Freeman

JESSICA and SARAH RUTH are still sitting together in the hotel room. JESS asks SARAH RUTH about LEW and SARAH RUTH explains that LEW and CAMILLE go way back. JESS is confused and says that she thought that LEW had just been going along with BEN's plan. SARAH RUTH realizes too late that she's said too much in front of JESS, who she now realizes is interested in more than friendship with BEN. SARAH RUTH apologizes and asks JESS not to mention it to anyone. JESS asks again if LEW and CAMILLE slept together, "Isn't LEW married?!" SARAH RUTH tells JESS that LEW is getting a divorce and that he and CAMILLE are trying to get back together, but that CAMILLE is confused. SARAH RUTH begs JESS to let BEN/CAMILLE/LEW work this out for themselves, but JESS excuses herself and leaves. SARAH RUTH is distraught and picks up the phone to make a call. LEW is standing right behind her, smirking and ducks away when his cell phone rings. Later, LEW walks in and pretends that he hasn't been there all along. SARAH RUTH apologizes saying that she had to call him. LEW tells her to calm down, that it's not good for her to be so worked up. SARAH RUTH explains to LEW that she spilled the whole story to JESSICA and that "she practically jumped all over me when I got off the phone with you." LEW says that it's his fault because he knew that JESS and BEN had dated and should have told SARAH RUTH. She says no, that she had no business blabbing about her daughter's love life. LEW tells her to calm down but SARAH RUTH is upset. LEW says that JESS may keep it to herself. SARAH RUTH responds, "You didn't see the look on her face." LEW says, "Was it bad? Do you think she'll tell BEN?" SARAH RUTH responds "Yes and I don't think CAMILLE will ever forgive me." LEW says that CAMILLE will forgive her, that they have to take this one step at time. He also says that she shouldn't admit anything to CAMILLE because JESS may not say a word. He goes on to tell SARAH RUTH that she can't jump in the middle because CAMILLE and BEN will only blame her besides, CAMILLE may get a chance to find her own feelings. SARAH RUTH still feels horrible but LEW tells her that everything will work out for the best.

CAMILLE is doing inventory at the hospital when she notices that two boxes of clamps are empty. NANCY pretends that she knows nothing about it and welcomes CAMILLE back to the Clinic. CAMILLE asks NANCY if she smells "that delicious buttery smell." NANCY answers no. BEN enters and NANCY takes her leave. BEN asks CAMILLE to help with a diagnosis for a case with the following symptoms: craving for rich foods, speaking rapidly while moving the hands about, compulsion to wear designer clothes and look chic. BEN suggests that CAMILLE take a look at the case. He takes her into an exam room where Parisian music is playing, a French flag is hanging, a print of the Mona Lisa is on an easel, and flowers are on the table. CAMILLE is overwhelmed and thrilled as BEN gives her the tour -- first is the Eiffel Tower made of clamps. CAMILLE laughs and says that she understands why NANCY was so nervous about the missing clamps. They then turn to "The Louvre" and BEN speaks to CAMILLE in French. CAMILLE laughs and tells him that he just said, "Please, with all my heart can I take you to Paris on a cow." BEN is frustrated and says that it was supposed to be "on a vacation." CAMILLE tells him that the vacation is wonderful and just what she needed after a rough day. BEN tells her that this in not the vacance, that he wants to give her the real deal and take her to Paris. Out in the lobby, NANCY answers the phone. It's JESS on a payphone at Yo's and she asks to speak to BEN. NANCY says that BEN is unavailable and asks if she can be of any help. JESS answers no and asks NANCY to have BEN call her on her cell phone. Back in the exam room, BEN tells CAMILLE that he doesn't need an answer right away. CAMILLE tells him that she didn't realize he was serious. BEN says that Paris is a place that everyone says you have to see. He goes on to say that he knows that she wants to take things slow so he'll leave it as a standing offer for whenever she's ready. CAMILLE smiles and says it's not too soon, "Give me an hour and I'll be packed and ready to go tonight." BEN says that he can't go tonight, that there's a lot to do right now. CAMILLE agrees and says that he'll love Paris. "Even on a cow?", he asks. CAMILLE smiles, "Even on a cow! There's so much I want to show you..." BEN is surprised that she's been there and asks who she went with. CAMILLE tells him it was with "a friend." They snuggle together and share a kiss. Later, in the lobby SARAH RUTH goes to see CAMILLE and tells her that she's made a decision about selling her place in Myrtle Beach to be near her daughters. THE SHOW WAS INTERRUPTED FOR A PRESS CONFERENCE ABOUT ACTIVITY IN IRAQ. NOW BACK TO OUR SHOW, ALREADY IN PROGRESS. CAMILLE is playing with a mini Eiffel Tower and smiles. SARAH RUTH comes up behind her and hugs her. CAMILLE is surprised but SARAH RUTH tells her, "You know I just want the very best for you, don't you?" CAMILLE says that she knows that and SARAH RUTH answers, "You've always been my special one. You're the one I have dreams for." CAMILLE smiles, surprised at the sudden display of affection. SARAH RUTH says that she wants CAMILLE to be happy. CAMILLE says that she's happier than happy and that it's all because of BEN. CAMILLE tells her mother about the trip to Paris. She rambles that she had worried that she had screwed everything up but that BEN still loves her and that she doesn't know what she would have done if she had lost BEN. SARAH RUTH is disturbed by her own thoughts.

NIKKI is in the living room at HAL's house reading when HAL bounds down the stairs dressed for a night out. NIKKI asks if she should change for a fancy night out. HAL tells her that "the old man" is on his own. NIKKI is amused to notice that he's wearing aftershave and wants to know who he's got a date with. When HAL tells her that he's going to see CARLY, NIKKI is less than thrilled. NIKKI says that it's her dad's business but questions the difference in his and CARLY's ages. NIKKI asks if she should wait up but HAL tells her that he won't be late. When she still acts unsure, HAL promises that he won't miss his curfew. NIKKI tells him to be careful and straightens his collar. She tells him to have fun and HAL kisses her cheek. He walks out leaving NIKKI looking melancholy.

CARLY runs into JACK at Yo's and the bicker. CARLY asks JACK how he knew that she and HAL were going to be there. BETTY LOUISE walks up and says that she picked the place. JACK smugly explains to CARLY that he is on a date. JACK introduces the two women and BETTY LOUISE asks if she's the coworker that JACK told her about. When JACK says no, BETTY LOUISE says that she assumed that CARLY was the undercover cop posing as a prostitute. CARLY and BETTY LOUISE share some catty banter until JACK stops it, asking CARLY if HAL had "wised up" and decided to stay away from CARLY. CARLY tells him that she's early and excuses herself to the bar where she looks at the new couple jealously. When HAL walks up behind her, he's amused that she is distracted. Later, at a table, HAL is telling CARLY that the District Attorney seems pleased with VIC's bust but her attention is focused on JACK and BETTY LOUISE. When she realizes that she's been ignoring HAL, CARLY apologizes and HAL asks if she would like to join JACK and his date. CARLY tries to brush it off but HAL wants to know what's with her and JACK, that they always seem to be at each other's throats. CARLY blames it on JACK's "G-Man mentality" and says that he must have been undercover too long because he believes that everyone is guilty. CARLY admits that she's made mistakes but that JACK can't get past it, that he's not understanding like HAL. HAL asks her if she's referring to how JACK accused her of taking the diamond. CARLY gets pouty and says that she's "an easy target but being used as target practice can make a girl nervous." HAL tells her to relax, that she's got nothing to be nervous about, then asks, "Do you?" CARLY answers, "Not a thing" and moves her chair closer to HAL so her back is to JACK and BETTY LOUISE and says, "There. Now I can concentrate on you." Later, CARLY and JACK are near the bathrooms and the juke box and HAL says, "Well, at least I can pronounce everything on the menu here." CARLY tells him that he's sure that he could do the same at Chez Lourettes. She adds, "From what I hear, you're very helpful with your daughter's French homework." HAL smiles and says that they could have gone to Chez Lourettes if she had wanted. CARLY says that she likes Yo's because it's nothing fancy and feels like home. HAL asks if she feels that way because MIKE used to take here there. CARLY reminds him that MIKE's in Spain and says that all of that seems like a million years ago. She says that she thinks she likes it so much because it reminds her of a bar back home in Mussellshell. HAL reminisces over a place in Alva and they bond over poor childhood stories. CARLY recalls that she was 13 before she had a store bought dress and that in school "a little witch" with more clothes than Barbie tried to make her life miserable and that CARLY cried herself to sleep many nights. HAL points out that "Barbie" didn't succeed and that CARLY became a designer to boot. CARLY agrees and says that while in Hong Kong she would fantasize "that little Miss Barbie was fighting to get her hands on one of my designs." HAL laughs and says, "Hard as it was, I think I'd rather grow up as a coal miner's son than some rich preppy who doesn't have a clue about life." CARLY says, "Not me. Give me an inheritance." HAL says that he's not knocking money, that he just can appreciate it more now. JESSICA walks up and asks HAL how her "favorite detective is doing" and HAL asks about BONNIE. JESS asks if she and CARLY talk some "girl talk." HAL goes to the bar, leaving the two alone. JESS asks CARLY if this is what she thinks it is. CARLY tells her that it's really none of JESS' business. JESS is clearly on edge and says, "Tonight I've had to take a long, hard look at what's business and what isn't and I've come to the conclusion that when my friends are about to get in trouble, it IS my business. So I'm gonna step in and stop things before they get worse." CARLY smuggle tells JESS, "Get off your high horse. Has it ever occurred to you that I may be genuinely interested in HAL?" JESS asks if she's told him about Rosanna's trust fund. CARLY says no, that she doesn't want a guy who's just interested in her money. JESS laughs and tells her that she knows CARLY's past. CARLY throws ROSANNA's client confidentiality privilege in JESS' face. JESS tells here that it'll work tonight, but she's gonna see that some other people aren't so lucky. She storms off and CARLY looks after her, looking smug. JACK and BETTY LOUISE are sitting at their table laughing over JACK's "Bodacious Adventures in the G-Man Underground" and JACK asks about her. BETTY LOUISE says that her life has been very boring and uncomplicated. JACK says that he won't complain because it'll be a nice change of pace after what he's been used to. TEAGUE walks in the door and joins a booth where a man sits waiting for him. TEAGUE shoves one of the church flyers in his face and sneers about it. The guy tells him that TEAGUE might want to cool it to smooth things over for TEAGUE's family. TEAGUE responds, "Forget it. I'm not backing down to these bleeding hearts." Just then, BEN walks in and joins JESS at her table. She says that she "just had to talk" to him. THE SHOW WAS INTERRUPTED FOR A PRESS CONFERENCE ABOUT ACTIVITY IN IRAQ. NOW BACK TO OUR SHOW, ALREADY IN PROGRESS! HAL and CARLY are outside of Yo's, looking up at the stars. HAL says that CARLY has a beautiful smile. CARLY says softly, "But not warm." HAL responds, "Aw, I didn't say that..." CARLY interrupts him, "No, it's okay. No one's ever called me warm. I'll settle for beautiful." HAL turns to her and touches her cheek, turning her face to him and says, "Warm. I think you've got a lot of warmth in you." He starts to pull his hand away but CARLY puts it back. They share a tender kiss. Back at their table, BEN asks JESS what she meant when she said that she can't let him do that. "Why shouldn't I make a public dedication to CAMILLE?", he wants to know. JESS says, "This is hard for me to say. The last thing I want to do is hurt you." BEN says that he knows that, that JESS is a real friend to him. JESS braces herself and says, "That's why I've got to tell you...after all you've been through..." BEN tells her to just tell him. JESS looks him in the eye and tells him simply that CAMILLE slept with LEW while she and BEN were broken up.

In the honeymoon suite of the Lakeview, a groggy HOLDEN sits up on the bed and looks at MOLLY in her Lily getup and thinks he's seeing LILY. MOLLY says, "I'm right here, HOLDEN. I'm ready for our honeymoon." But HOLDEN thinks he hearing LILY's voice. "I'm sorry I wasn't here sooner but I wanted this to be a night we wouldn't forget", MOLLY continues. HOLDEN holds his head and says that there's something wrong and lays back down. MOLLY goes to his side and rubs his cheek and tells him to leave everything to her. She takes the phone off the hook and dabs LILY's perfume on her wrists and puts on what looks like LILY's ring. She always turns the stereo on and romantic music fills the room. HOLDEN, clearly drugged, giggles that the music is nice. MOLLY turns on the camera and goes to the mirror to take off the "Lily Wig" when someone knocks on the door. She hides the wig behind her back and opens the door a crack to see the bellman. He says that they were concerned because the phone was off the hook. MOLLY snaps at him that they wanted some privacy. The bellman apologizes and says that the manager has sent them a fruit basket. MOLLY tells him to leave it at the door when HOLDEN bellows, "LILY!!!" MOLLY hushes him and tells the bellman that they want to be alone. He excuses himself and leaves. HOLDEN sits up and says that there's something wrong with the champagne. MOLLY readjusts the camera and slides onto the bed next to HOLDEN. She starts kissing his ear. HOLDEN smiles and says dreamily, "I always liked that perfume..." THE SHOW WAS INTERRUPTED FOR A PRESS CONFERENCE ABOUT ACTIVITY IN IRAQ. NOW BACK TO OUR SHOW, ALREADY IN PROGRESS. MOLLY is laying on top of HOLDEN (she's still dressed but he's shirtless) kissing him. HOLDEN is mumbling LILY's name and smiling. MOLLY takes full advantage.

LILY goes to see LUCINDA in LUCY's den. Both apologize about their disagreement over the wedding and are excited about the plans. LUCY says that CAL's gift will be hard to top. LILY tells her that it's no contest but that she's sure LUCY is already working on it. LUCY asks her how she would like "MOLLY CONLIN's head on a silver platter?" LILY smirks and shakes her head. ROSA has brought nachos and LILY takes one when LUCY offers. The pair share a laugh when LILY realizes too late how spicy they are. She takes a huge gulp of water. LILY asks LUCY hopefully if she was just joking about MOLLY and that she hasn't done anything to her. LUCY leads LILY on saying, "I can't tell you in case someone comes around asking questions", but laughs saying that there's plenty she'd like to do to her to make her suffer a bit but LILY insists no. LILY says, "It's over now. We don't have to deal with her anymore. Besides, the girl is not well!" (Understatement of the decade!!) LUCY yelps, "No kidding!" LILY wants not to forgive but to forget and get on with her life. LUCY says that she's a saint but that she thinks "you should finish a cockroach when it's under your foot!" LILY responds, "HOLDEN and I will handle MOLLY."


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