One Life to Live Recaps: The week of November 10, 1997 on OLTL

Téa, Todd, and Starr arrived at Viki's cabin but found Kevin and Cassie there. Blair set Ian up and caused him to miss his date with Kelly. Mel asked Dorian about 'The Game.' Max's twins were kidnapped. Kelly refused to get involved with Joey again.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of November 10, 1997 on OLTL
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Monday, November 10, 1997

Today's show opens with Bo and Nora getting along much better than they have in a long time. As Nora leaves to put some of her law files away, she falls and sprains her ankle. They call Georgie, her new assistant, who wraps the ankle and helps Nora to a comfortable position. Nora then gives her pointers from her past defense case experiences especially the mistakes she made with the Todd and company rape case.

Talk about tension and fireworks! On Llantano Mountain, at the Lord's family cabin (now belongs to Viki), Téa, Todd and Starr arrive to spend some time only to find Kevin and Cassie in residence already. Kevin refuses to leave since he was there first and the cabin belongs to his Mom. Todd argues that the belonged to his father, Victor Lord and Viki had given him permission to use it at any time and that time is now. Téa tries to convince Todd to leave, but he refuses. They all remain stubborn and stay at the cabin together, but, not for long. Todd and Kevin start with the insult trading, first with the Banner beating the Sun in sales etc. Cassie jumps in and Téa immediately follows suit. Téa calls Cassie on her morals regarding her marital status and walking out on her son for a boyfriend. Cassie puts Téa in her place and gives her a thorough wash-down by re-iterating the fact that Téa sold her soul for money and takes an innocent child from her devoted mother and breaking up a family unit. Also tells her that she and Todd can never create or make a good family for Starr since they don't know the meaning of love. All this leaves Téa speechless and Cassie tells Kevin they need to leave and they walk out.

After they leave, Téa tells Todd Cassie is right. They are not a family and Starr needs a real one. Todd says they'll fake it and mouths off how big a castle he'll build and buy a dog etc. Todd doesn't get it.

In the meantime, on the yacht, Blair is trying her possible best to seduce a very willing, but, unyielding Ian. They hear the Coast Guard horn and Ian tells her that they have been rescued. As he leaves to work with the Coast Guard on getting them off the yacht, Blair lets Max out his hiding place in the closet and he starts looking for his lost keys while Blair complains about not being able to get Ian where she wanted him and she was just getting close. As he found the keys, he had just enough time to hide as Ian comes back to let Blair know they can get off the yacht now. Ian also tells Blair that he knows she set him up to get stuck on the boat because she knew he had a date with Kelly. She does not deny it and confirms his suspicions.

Meanwhile, back at the Palace Hotel, a very beautiful, dressed up Kelly waits for Ian. Joey comes by to see Renee and spots Kelly. He takes advantage of the situation and tries to discuss their past relationship. He begs for her forgiveness. As they seem to be getting closer to an understanding, Ian and Blair show up to interrupt the moment. Ian apologizes and explains that he was helping Blair with a marketing project on Melador and it took longer that expected. He tries to convince her to stay and have dinner with him. Joey jumps in and asks Kelly to go to Rodi's with him and Blair puts her usual destructive comments in. Kelly finally rips into all of them:

To Ian - "You just had to eat your cake and have it"
To Joey - "You had me and then you didn't want me. I'm going home"
To Blair - "If you don't wipe that smug look off your face, I'll wipe it off."
She walks out on all of them. Joey leaves also and Blair tries to make fun of the way Kelly handled the situation. To her chagrin, Ian defends Kelly and says he thinks she was magnificent. Ian further tells Blair that he won't fall her tricks again. This does not phase her and she continues with her usual antics.

Back at Bo and Nora's, Bo comes back from getting ice for Nora's sprained ankle (you'd think they would have an ice maker in that mansion they live in). He smells something delicious and Georgie tells him she's cooking dinner for them. Bo is so excited that he won't have to eat out and will get real home cooking. Nora is besides herself with laughter.

At Club Indigo, Rachel pleads R.J.'s case with Jacara. She says she can't trust R.J. anymore, but she'd like Rachel as a friend and invites her to Rodi's as a friend NOT as a betrayal to R.J. R.J. himself walks in at this moment, greets Jacara warmly and assumes that she has changed her mind on their dissolved partnership. She corrects him that she came to return his flowers and that Max came through with the money needed for the partnership. From now on, Max is officially her new partner and she leaves. R.J. is upset to say the least.

Max makes the announcement at Rodi's that he is formerly in partnership with Blue Jay Records and invites Jacara to open by singing. Most Llanview residents are present including Rachel. R.J. also walks in and listens to Jacara sing.

While Jacara sings, Kelly is on the rooftop at the Palace Hotel gazing at the stars and Joey comes up to try to talk to her. She reminds him of the star he named for her and as he gazes at it, she quietly leaves.

Back at Rodi's, Jacara finishes her set amidst a loud applause and praises from Blair and Max. R.J. in incredible anger, and unable to contain himself calls one of his goons to order an attack on Max - "I'll pay top dollar. I don't wanna kill him, I just want him broken, stripped to the bone."

Stay tuned for more.

Tuesday, November 11, 1997

Written by: Marcia Bryant

At the Cramer House:

Mel stops by to ask Dorian to spend the night with him. Before Dorian comes downstairs, Kelly tells him that she managed to get a little more information from Melinda about "The Game." She tells how Dorian would make Melinda pretend to be hurt and Dorian would accept the punishment. Mel says he plans to investigate the matter with Dorian. Just then Dorian comes down the stairs and Mel asks her to spend the night with him. When Dorian expresses her fears of leaving Melinda alone, since Kelly will be going out to dinner with Ian. Mel reminds her that Melinda said that she found solitude to be a luxury. Dorian finally gives in. She tells Mel to give her a chance to get Melinda settled in and she will meet him at the houseboat.

Nora and Georgie:

Nora is laid up at home with her bad ankle going over contracts and talking to the dog. Georgie shows up at the door with all the fixings for this evening's dinner. In an obvious attempt to fix up Georgie, Nora calls Max to come over under the pretense of going over the contracts for his new partnership with Jacara. Max is wise to what Nora is doing but agrees to come over anyway.

Kelly and Joey:

The doorbell at the Cramer home rings. Kelly answers it in her robe only to find Joey standing there. She invites him in and he tells her that he feels like things were starting to go somewhere between them last night. Kelly stops Joey and tells him that she appreciated his apology for the way he left things. She's glad that he feels guilty and he should, but Joey needs to realize that she is over him. Joey says that he doesn't want to go back to the way things were, but he would like a chance to start over again. Will Kelly go out to dinner with him tonight? Kelly tells Joey that she already has a dinner date...with Ian Armitage. Joey can't hide his anger and tells Kelly that he thinks that Ian is just another "rich, charming guy who came along and dazzled" her, like David Vicars or that make-believe Duke in France. He suggests that Ian is a fraud who is after Kelly for her money. He's running a game on her and that's the reason that he stood her up for Blair last night and now he's after her again. "You don't even know this guy!" screams Kelly "That's not what he's doing!" She makes it very clear to Joey that she is "not the naive little featherbrain" that she used to be and that she doesn't need "this warrior thing that" he's doing. Kelly shouts that she can take care of herself ."..just like I've been doing ever since you left for Europe!" She then tells Joey to leave so that she can continue getting dressed for her date with Ian. "Sorry, I interrupted you," Joey says, then leaves.

Rachel and Georgie:

Georgie thanks Rachel for recommending her for the job. "I love coming to work every day," she says. Rachel says that she used to have a job like that. Georgie suggest that Rachel join Jacara in her new gig at Rodi's.. She's sure that Jacara would be glad to have her along. Rachel says that she could never do that and besides Club Indigo is going to be in the music business one way or another. Georgie gives Mud the command to sit and he does. Rachel mentions that Georgie has the gift of taming the untamable. Your mom's not that hard to handle. "She's not your mother." Rachel tells tell Georgie that Nora's micro managing behavior is one of the reasons she dropped out of law school. Georgie had no idea that Nora was such a control freak.

Kelly and Melinda:

It's a rainy evening when Melinda finds Kelly in the living room of the Cramer house and comments that she doesn't look happy. Kelly tells her that she just got another visit from Joey. She keeps telling him it's over but he refuses to let go. "Why would he?" asks Melinda. What man wouldn't want a bright, beautiful, fabulous woman like Kelly? Joey didn't, answers Kelly . But now he's changed his mind and she doesn't think it's fair. Melinda tells her daughter that she can have any man in the whole world. She doesn't need to settle and that she shouldn't let Joey make her feel pressured. Kelly is happily stunned to hear someone completely on her side. Melinda says that she hopes it's not to late to be Kelly's mother. The two hug and share a tender moment. Melinda is visibly shaken by the storm and begins to pull at the sleeve of her sweater, an old nervous habit that she hasn't done since she started her new medication. Kelly offers to stay home, but Melinda tells her daughter to go out and have a good time. Dorian prepares to leave for her evening at Mel's and Melinda stares out the door at the pouring rain, obviously becoming more nervous with each crack of thunder.

Nora, Bo, Max and Georgie:

It's dinnertime at the Buchanan's. Max arrives and Nora proceeds to list all of Georgie's attributes in yet another attempt at matchmaking. Bo then tries to convince Max to take Mud (the dog) and Georgie shows Max all the neat tricks that Mud can do. Nora and Bo are elated when Max agrees to take the dog, figuring that it will be good for the twins.

Kelly and Ian:

Kelly and Ian are having dinner at the Palace Hotel. Kelly brings Ian up to date an her relationship with her mother...and her visit from Joey. Kelly becomes very angry as she fills Ian in on Joey's opinion her and his opinion of Ian. Ian observes that Kelly is still "somewhat involved" with Joey and suggests that she might not be ready for a relationship with him. Kelly panics and says that all she needs is some time alone with Ian. At that, she suggests that they go up to Ian's room ...together.

Mel and Dorian:

Dorian arrives at Mel's houseboat and the two prepare for an evening alone together. Dorian apologizes to Mel for he preoccupation with Melinda. She remarks how nice it is to be away from her own house and all it's accompanying tensions. Mel sympathizes, saying that he knows how tough it must be for Dorian, walking on eggshells and always wondering if her next step will be the wrong one. Dorian looks at Mel and asks what he is talking about?

Bo, Nora, Max and Georgie:

While Georgie is in the kitchen cleaning up, Nora grills Max on his opinion of her amazing new assistant. Max, feeling backed into a corner, comments that he thinks she is bright and interesting. But, he says, he's not in the position to pursue a relationship right now, because his life is a mess. Bo apologizes for the pressure. It's okay, says Max. He's flattered that they would want to fix him up with someone they obviously care so much about. Max thanks Georgie for dinner and leaves. The matchmaking twosome then turn their inquisition on George who says that while Max is cute, fascinating, etc..., this isn't the right time to get involved with that. She has to concentrate on school and work. The meddling Buchanans thank Georgie for dinner and she leaves. In spite of their failed attempt at playing Cupid, look on the bright side, says Bo, at least we got rid of the dog!

Ian and Kelly:

Ian gently turns down Kelly's invitation to go upstairs, saying that it isn't the right time. It was the right time on the beach in California, says Kelly. Let's go back there. Ian says that it isn't easy telling a beautiful woman that he doesn't want to go up to his room. But, they could fly back to California and the problem would follow. Just like it would follow them upstairs now. The "Sir Galahad" thing can go to far, says Kelly. He doesn't have to protect her. Ian says that he wants their time together to be right and Kelly needs to wrap up her relationship with Joey before that can happen. Kelly, angry and embarrassed, gets up to go home. Ian tells her that with the weather as bad as it is he will see her to her front door. "Why," says Kelly, I can't seem to get past yours!" Ian endures Kelly's childish behavior and tells her that he wants her to understand how difficult it was to turn down her invitation to bed. However, he is interested in her and will continue to be. "You have such a funny way of showing it." says Kelly.

Mel and Dorian:

Mel asks Dorian about "The Game." Dorian tells him that when she and Melinda were children, Dorian would always want to be the Wicked Witch or Evil Queen. Melinda would get upset and their parents would ask them to stop. Dorian claims that she doesn't know why "The Game" has taken on such importance to Melinda. But that she is sure that she has been badly influenced by her therapy. Dorian says that although Melinda may seem stable, she isn't. Dorian then changes the subject.

Back at the Cramer House...

Melinda wanders the halls in the dark calling out for Dorian, apparently losing touch with reality, while the storm rages on outside.

Wednesday, November 12, 1997

It is a stormy night in Llanview and the reactions of the residents are very different. For some, the lightning and thunder are cause for terror, for others, they are a celebration of life. Sometimes enlightenment occurs in the midst of darkness and the truth shines through the black of the night.

Dorothy's Apartment-Joey, Dorothy, and Mary Hayes

Joey is helping Dorothy unpack her things. He tells her that the way his life is going he shouldn't be allowed to organize anything. She is curious what happened with Kelly. He explains that the evening before he saw Kelly at the Palace. She was cooling her heels waiting for Ian, who was very late. Naturally, Kelly was on edge already, so his timing was really bad. So Kelly let him have it. He hurt her badly. When Ian showed up with Blair, he asked Kelly to go to Rodi's and take in the show. Dorothy says she can't believe he asked Kelly to choose between him and Ian. But she what she really doesn't understand is why he came over tonight. Was he having a delayed reaction to last night?

Joey admits he went to see Kelly at Dorian's tonight. Of course, he had no personal agenda when he told his ex that Ian was not for her. Dorothy says that while Kelly is not her favorite resident of Llanview, this time she is in her corner. Here she had Kelly pegged as a self absorbed Valley Girl and she was wrong. Kelly has spine, as her grandfather would say. Joey says this is not going according to plan. Dorothy was suppose to convince him he was not hopeless. Dorothy asks him if he came to her for honesty or fantasy. OK. He admits it. He messed up big time when he sent Kelly the dear jane letter, but what is he to do now. He could let it go. Joey insists that he was good for Kelly and maybe she was good for him, too. He is frightened by the thought that she could be out of her life forever. Dorothy quotes a poster her brother, Roger, had on his wall while he was in junior high- If you love something, let it go and if it is meant to be, it will return to you. Joey is beginning to hate Roger and the poster. Dorothy admits she hates the saying too, but Roger, on the other hand, Joey would like. He is a computer whiz. Dorothy advises Joey to stick it out if he wants Kelly.

Joey replies that Dorothy is good at what she does as he continues to help her shelve her psych books. He is sorry to make her work outside the office. Dorothy comments that they have the books and the wonderful storm to share. Her grandmother taught her to love both. She tells him that the first edition Wizard of Oz books were a gift from Mary Hayes. She was named for Dorothy and she is a dreamer like her. Joey replies he thought she was a realist. Dorothy does not believe being a dreamer and a realist are mutually exclusive of each other. Joey remarks that Dorothy begins her trip to OZ in a storm. Dorothy never saw the connection before. Joey tells her how he has always loved storms. When he was a kid, he would watch the worms swarm onto the sidewalk afterward. Dorothy admits that she did the same thing, even went as far as to carry them back to her grandmother's garden. Joey thinks he sees an opening and invites her on a worm search party, but she declines saying she is "booked" for the evening. However he can come back and talk to her any time.

After Joey leaves, Mary Hayes arrives with a present for her granddaughter- a copy of Catcher in the Rye, a book Dorothy says she could read every day. She never got over teenage angst, she guesses. Mary is wise to her and wants to know what she has been up to. She tells her about Joey and that he is still in love with Kelly. They have agreed to be friends. Mary probes further, but Dorothy reminds her that they have an agreement that her conversations are with her grandmother and not Dr. Maude. Mary replies that Dorothy's grandmother couldn't help but notice the initial attraction her granddaughter had for Joey. Mary grabs her hand and they race out on the balcony to greet the storm. Mary had told Dorothy when she was little that the rain would make her grow like plants do. Mary corrects her and says what she meant was that her soul would grow. They practice counting between lightning and thunder "one thousand, two thousand" and then they laugh, as Dorothy recalls how Mary said miracles happen between the lightning and thunder.

Mel's Houseboat-Dorian and Mel

Dorian's reaction to the storm is quite the opposite of Mary, Dorothy and Joey. It awakens memories of childhood when Melinda would crawl into her bed. Mel asks why hers and not their parents' bed. Dorian replies that there were three things the children never interrupted when it came to their mother- her music practice, her conversations with their father and her sleep. So Melinda would turn to Dorian for comfort. Dorian would tell her that the stars were creating a heavenly symphony. The lightning flash was the trumpets and the thunder was the drums. The thing was she could never comfort her enough so Melinda could get rid of her fear. Dorian is worried about her sister being alone on this stormy evening. Mel thinks that she shouldn't be. After all, Melinda is on medication and there have been many storms since childhood and Dorian wasn't always there. Dorian insists she must go to her. Mel suggests that he is more in need of mothering than Melinda. She teasingly asks about Mary, but he says it is not Mary's mothering he is in need of. They begin to get cozy, but something happens to Dorian when the lights go out.

Dorian's House-Melinda, Ian and Kelly

Melinda is sleepwalking down the stairs with a candle in her hands. She passes the portrait of Dorian which looks eery in the sudden flashes of lightning piercing the pitch black shadows. Melinda is begging Mrs. Stonecliff, their nanny, to let Dorian go. Then she is telling Dorian not to cry and to pretend she is not there. Think of the beautiful things outside in the light. Everything will be alright. Kelly and Ian arrive just in time to witness Melinda's strange behavior.

Back at the Houseboat- Dorian seems very scared and child-like when she says, GET ME OUT OF HERE and it doesn't seem like she is saying it to Mel but to something she is remembering.

AT THE SAME MOMENT-AT Dorian's House, Melinda seemingly answers her in her sleep. "I will get you out of here, Dorian", then she comes out of her trance and tells Kelly and Ian she hasn't done that in years. She forgot how scary it was. California doesn't have many thunderstorms. Ian lights some candles and asks Kelly if she wants him to stay. She tells him she can handle this herself. She promises him the next date will be about him and only him. After he leaves, Melinda is sure it is because of her, but Kelly assure her that is not so and at the moment she wants to concentrate only on her mother. Melinda sounded so scared when she was sleepwalking. What was the dream about?

Melinda says it is always the same. She has to pretend she is being hurt by Dorian. Her sister tells her to scream loudly. Then Mrs. Stonecliff walks in and scolds Dorian. She is disturbing her mother's practice. Now she will have to tell their father and he will be upset. Melinda says that Dorian would never allow Melinda to tell them she wasn't being hurt. And Dorian would be punished time and time again.

Just then, Blair arrives and asks if Melinda and Kelly are alone. Kelly says, yes, Dorian is out with Mel. Blair says she overheard Melinda speaking of Miss Stonecliff. She remembers Addie and Dorian mentioning her. She was also nanny to the three sister's mother. She would have to be quite old. Melinda says that Miss Stonecliff was quite young when she was a nanny to their mother, but Blair emphasizes that she is surely dead by now. Melinda wonders whether she died. She would have liked to have known about it. Melinda tells Kelly she feels strange. Kelly offers to hold her hands, especially the injured one. Melinda is rubbing at them, like she used to do before she had medication. She wants Kelly to tell her about what happened to Ian. Kelly says she will tell her later and leads her upstairs as Blair wishes her aunt sweet dreams.

Houseboat-Mel and Dorian

Mel lights a lantern. He asks Dorian if she is afraid of the dark, but she denies it. He does not believe she is leveling with him. He takes note of the fact that the black out is affecting her and that she always sleeps with a night light. She replies she is just worried that the power is out in her house too and Melinda is all alone. The phone is working. She can call, he tells her. No, she wants him to come with her and lie in her arms. With the night light on, he replies, sarcastically. She thinks he resents Melinda. He says he is not in competition with her. He just wanted to give her a break, some time to enjoy being together. She replies she feels closer to him than anyone in her whole life. Funny she should say that, he comments, because all he feels is the gulf widening between them. Dorian remarks that he is reading too much into it. She has a house guest in need of special attention. Is that hard to understand? Yes it is, for him, but he will drive her home anyway.

THE PALACE-Joey, Rene and Ian

Joey is drinking beer at the bar. He asks Renee about Ian and what she thinks of him. She knows it is not what he wants to hear, and may be hard to swallow without a whiskey chaser, but Ian really is a nice guy. Joey replies that he is disappointed, but relieved Ian is not a jerk. Kelly deserves to be happy. Renee knows that she may be indiscreet, but that has never stopped her before, so she wants to advise Joey that there might be a complication between Ian and Kelly. Blair is armed for bear and seems to have made a little progress with the billionaire. Ian strolls in and orders a cognac. Joey asks him why his date with Kelly over so soon. Ian replies that Kelly's mother is in town and he is trying to make her life easier. What would Joey suggest that Ian do like him and write her a letter? Joey is certain that Kelly just used her mother as an excuse. Ian says that he is just being considerate of Kelly's feelings, something Joey knows nothing about. Joey replies that he knows what is best for Kelly. Ian comments that Kelly know what is best for her. Joey takes that to mean that they agree that Ian does not know what is best for his ex. Ian tells him to get out of his face and retreats to a table for a moment, but Joey won't leave the discussion alone. Ian reminds him that Kelly has grown up and this time around she wants a man. Joey says he agrees and it is not Ian. He leaves in a huff and Renee picks up the hefty wad of bills left on the bar by Joey. Ian comments that the tip matches Joey's highly inflated opinion of himself. But he admits that Kelly can't seem to forget Joey and he is headed toward unfamiliar and rocky seas with the girl. Perhaps he should leap back in a more familiar pool.

Dorian's House-Blair, Mel, Dorian and Melinda

When Mel and Dorian arrive, Blair lies and says it has been a quiet evening. Mel excuses himself by saying she is in control mode and he is in questioning mode. It is better for him not to stay the night. He has a story to write and the research is back at the house boat. He promises her he will call her the next day.

After he leaves, Blair confesses her fib and explains to her aunt that there has been a lot going on behind her back. Dorian is upset to find out that Kelly knows about Miss Stonecliff. The nanny is the keeper of all the secrets. Blair can attest to that. She is the one who told her about Addie. Dorian says that she is still alive and has been supporting her all these years. Blair replies not to worry. She planted the thought with Melinda and Kelly that the nanny was dead. Blair swears Dorian's secrets are safe with her.

Dorian goes to check on Melinda. She looks through the pill box and rearranges the dosages. She climbs onto the bed and tells her sister the storm is over. She covers her and says she will take care of her, she will take care of all of them.

Thursday, November 13, 1997

The Penthouse

Todd and Téa have a discussion about their dinner plans for the evening. Téa volunteers to cook dinner and include Starr, therefore making it a "family" thing. Todd rains on her parade by informing her that he has a business meeting with Ian and plans on picking his brain about anything Guy Armitage may have passed on to his heir about being a media mogul. Téa gets frustrated and says something to the effect that their marriage has always been a sham and the goal they set out to achieve (Todd gaining sole custody) has been met. She tells Todd that he doesn't need her anymore. She says she always knew she was a disposable commodity, but needs some time to herself to think about the way things have turned out. Todd blasts her for walking out on Starr. She says she's not walking out on Starr, she has to get away from him.


Jacara's going over the acts that are booked at Rodi's through the end of the year and Max is really anxious to get involved and Jacara tells him to hold on, he isn't involved with the music yet. He asks when he will be and she informs him that as soon as he writes her a check, she puts it in the bank and it clears the bank, then he be involved. He claims he can do that and that she will get it next week. A courier arrives with a package for Max. As he excuses himself to go sign for it, a mysterious man approaches Jacara from behind. He addresses Jacara by name and introduces himself as Tommy Gregory. He wants to discuss Blue Jay's newest artist, Charlie Patterson. Jacara tells him there is no longer any partnership between herself and R.J. because R.J didn't discuss signing Charlie with her first. Therefore, his deal is with R.J. and has nothing to do with her. She then asks him to leave since they do not have any business together. He starts to get a little pushy with her and Max walks up behind Tommy and says that if she said to leave, then he should leave. Tommy turns and faces Max and comments that that did not sound very friendly. He asks Max his name, turns to leave and states that that wasn't a very good idea since Tommy knows a lot of distributors. Since R.J. created this problem, he's going to be the one to solve it, Jacare declares. She leaves and goes to see R.J.

The Stables

Ian arrives at the country club stables to do a little horseback riding. Blair's there trying to decide if she wants to tackle this last hurdle since her accident. She and Ian banter back and forth a little and Ian pulls out a set of keys from his pocket. He asks her if she recognizes them and she says no. He points out that they're the "conspicuously missing" engine keys from the yacht. Blair feigns surprise and asks Ian if he's going to return them to the owner. He claims that he already has - he bought the yacht. Of course Blair gets all excited and asks Ian if he's thought of a name to christen the yacht with. He tells her that she was his inspiration and is naming it "The Fortune Hunter." Blair is tickled even further when Ian asks her to come aboard tomorrow at noon for the christening. She asks him about Kelly and Ian tells her that Kelly still has some "Joey" issues to work out. Blair offhandedly comments that she always thought Kelly would get back together with Joey.

Club Indigo

Rachel and R.J. are discussing what they're going to do without Jacara and Blue Jay Records. R.J. has confidence in Rachel's ability to book class-acts for Indigo. Rachel expresses her lack of confidence and that she didn't do it all by herself. Through their discussion, Rachel explains that even though she may not agree with what Jacara has done, she still respects her and wants her as a friend. Jacara knocks on the door and R.J. asks her if she made a wrong turn on her way to Rodi's. She tells him no, she has a problem thanks to him and he's going to solve it. She tells him what happened at Rodi's and he assures her that he'll take care of it. Besides, he really does think Charlie Patterson is a good act. Jacara points out to R.J. that he's not in the music business. Much to Jacara's surprise, R.J. informs her that she's not going to have the only musical business in town; that he's going to stay on and besides, Charlie would be good competition for the two of them. He states that hopefully, in the future, they can even become friends again.

The Diner

Carlotta tells Andrew that she confessed to Hank about knowing Eli was the vandal in Angel Square. She's feeling pretty bad about lying to her own son and for sending a double-standard message to Eli - you can't lie, but I can. Cristian enters the diner and Carlotta decides to tell him the truth. Cristian goes ballistic. He can't understand why she would put Eli who is "nothing" above her own flesh and blood. After a few more choice stabs, he storms out of the diner. Andrew comes over and asks if he can do anything to comfort Carlotta. She asks him to watch the diner for a few minutes, she's going for a walk. Téa passes Carlotta outside and Carlotta doesn't even say hello. Téa goes into the diner and asks Andrew what's up. Andrew remarks that Carlotta's learning how difficult it is to live with a lie (zing!!!). (I apologize - there was a little more to this clip, but I missed it.)

Max's House

Max is at home playing with the twins when there is a knock at the door. When he answers it, Blair saunters in with two T-Bone steaks and a bottle of champagne. When Max asks what's going on, Blair informs him that she's there for them to celebrate that she hasn't lost her touch to get what she's after. In her excitement they hug, and it's very obvious that the sparks are heating up between the two of them. They take a step backwards and stare into each other's eyes.

Friday, November 14, 1997

I would like to thank Ann Calhoun for providing the recap for the scenes interrupted by the presidential news conference.

Max and Blair

In a scene reminiscent of the time Blair and Max nearly trashed a hotel room having sex, they are all over each other, against the wall, on a chair, tearing at each other's clothes. They are interrupted only by the appearance of the nanny, who Max tells to take the rest of the night off. Max is ready to pick up where they left off. They start kissing again, but Blair calls a halt to it. They need to find out what's happening and why, she insists. Max doesn't think it needs much explaining, he says, as he crosses the room toward her.

Max and Blair are kissing again, when they are interrupted again, this time by the doorbell. It's Jacara, who came to tell them that R.J. is going to take care of Tommy Gregory. Max is suspicious, but Jacara explains it's in R.J.'s best interest, too. He likes Charlie Patterson and thinks he can make something of him. Jacara quickly leaves so he and Blair can get back to "whatever they were doing." Max isn't happy that Jacara noticed something was going on between himself and Blair. Now it's Max's turn to decide they need to get a grip, they were all over each other and he knows why. They're both just on the rebound, they're adults and they need to be sensible. Blair doesn't see any harm in two adults doing what they have to do for a little comfort, she says, running her hands all over him. Blair hears and noise and the dog starts barking, but they ignore both as they start kissing again.

Now on the couch, they are still kissing. They dog keeps barking and barking, but they keep ignoring the dog. They move to the floor, and Mud starts barking even more. He tried to pull on Max's shirt, barking all the while, but Max pushes him away. Blair pulls away suddenly, maybe it's a sign, maybe the dog is trying to tell them something, it senses something is wrong here. Blair has two priorities right now, to get Starr back and to nail Todd to the wall. She needs Ian's money to do that and doesn't want to risk it by having some wild, crazy fling with Max. Blair knows what she wants and she's not going to let Max or anyone else keep her from getting it.

Max and Blair are still all over each other, again. Max makes the comment that why shouldn't they fool around "we're friends, have a past and it doesn't mean anything." That finally stops Blair and she tells Max to keep his passion in his pants. Max then gets an phone call asking him "how are your kids?" Max then drops the phone and runs to the kid's room.

Todd and Ian

Todd and Ian are having drinks in the bar at the Palace Hotel. Todd is busy pumping Ian for information about Guy Armitage. Ian is well away of what Todd is trying to do, but goes along anyway. Guy had an uncanny knack of knowing what the public wanted before they did and providing it for them, no matter how vulgar, inane, or morally bankrupt. Ian then states that he knows that Todd is the one that killed Guy, or at least that Blair's convinced of it. "Blair's insane. She married me, remember?" is Todd's response. Todd decides to call it a night, but before he goes, he has one more question. Guy had billions and billions of dollars, how did he get his hands on all that money? He never wanted anything else, and he was willing to trample anyone in his mad rush to get more, including his own wife and son. Guy never cared one second in his life for anyone or anything but himself. "He's probably better off without all that touchy-feely junk", Todd says. Ian agreed that it may have been easier, but in the end he died (Guy) and no one cared, not even his own son. Ian leaves Todd in the bar.

Téa, Rachel, Todd and Andrew

Téa is at her and Rachel's apartment, lying on the couch eating cookies and enjoying the peace and quiet. It doesn't last for long though, Todd calls on her cel phone, demanding to know where she is. "I'm a cruddy person, I have a rotten temper and I often have food stuck in my teeth. Is that what you wanted to hear?", Todd asks. Téa doesn't want to hear anything from him for the next...oh...72 hours, she just needs some time away. Just as Rachel walks in the door, Todd tells Téa that she must be at Rachel's. Rachel stays quiet while Téa tells Todd she wouldn't go there, it's too obvious. If Téa didn't know better, she'd swear that he missed her. What's the point to this whole thing, Todd asks. "You're a bright guy, figure it out", Téa replies and hangs up the phone. This whole thing is getting to her, Téa explains to Rachel. Her marriage is merely a "mirage" and she wants them to become a real family. Not to mention the fact that she hasn't had sex in so long, she's probably forgotten how it's done. Neither have I, Rachel commiserates, but at least I have and excuse, I'm single.

Rachel thinks Téa should be glad to be spare the affections of Todd Manning. Téa joins Rachel on the couch and rests her head on Rachel's shoulder. Rachel's right, she needed to get away from Todd for a few days and assess the situation. She'll have the place all to herself to think tonight, Rachel says, because she's on her way back to Club Indigo. Téa's disappointed Rachel won't be staying and curls up by herself on the couch when Rachel goes to change her clothes. The doorbell rings and Téa goes to answer it, it's Andrew. He just came to check that she was there and that she was OK. He was worried about her after he ran into her at the diner. She's fine, Téa assures him and invites him in for dinner, which he accepts.

Téa and Andrew are eating dinner. Téa's surprised that she even remembers how to cook, ever since she moved out of her father's house, she's been 'Princess Takeout'. Andrew knows how she feels, he and River have been eating a lot of takeout lately too. She, Todd and Starr don't exactly sit down for any home cooked meals, they aren't exactly into the mom and pop thing. Andrew asks her what happened. Nothing Téa tells him, actually the problem is what *hasn't* happened. She tells Andrew about her and Todd's run-in with Kevin and Cassie up at the mountain cabin. They exchanged insults, but what Cassie had to say about Starr needing a *real* family had a grain of truth to it. On the way to the cabin, she actually felt like things were falling into place, that they were doing something that a real family would do. She had such a feeling of peace, of possibility, but then reality hit and she needed some time to think. She loves Starr and is committed to them becoming a family, but real takes two. Todd lacks the ability to take the leap of faith needed to form a genuine family. Andrew says that it's better to know where you stand, than to delude yourself into thinking you can change the impossible into a reality. Téa prides herself on being a cool, collected observer, but it's a lot harder when the client is herself. That's why she left for a while, she needs to assess everything and lay out her options. There's one thing she has to do this time, remember who she is. Andrew thinks he can help her with that. He knows who she is and he likes who she is, very much.

Téa and Andrew are finishing dinner, Andrew apologizes for maybe saying too much. (About how wonderful he thinks Téa is) He then says that he feels sorry for Todd, Téa quickly agrees saying how it breaks her heart that Todd doesn't know how to be happy. Andrew says that he was sorry for him because he doesn't know how lucky he is. (Followed by shy, embarrassed smiles from Andrew and Téa) Andrew then comments that he smells something burning, it's dessert.(Téa goes to the kitchen , Andrew goes to the front door, fanning it open to let out the smoke.) Téa mentions going out for more pie, but Andrew just wants to stay put. Andrew strolls around the room, coming to the chess board & game pieces on the bookshelf. Andrew then asks Téa if she plays, she say "a little." (coyly). Andrew tells of being a chess fiend as a kid, when he was 12, playing his brother William. And how their father, suspecting that William was gay, would want them to go play football, something more macho. Téa says that chess is very macho ...... "aggressive and territorial." (she strolls closely past Andrew, but not touching) Andrew asks if she would like to play a game, but quickly figures out, by that cat-like grin of Téa's, that he's being hustled. Later they're both on the floor, sitting VERY close, with Téa making slow sexy moves with her chess pieces. Andrew at first makes an aggressive (knock over your opponent's piece) move and then follows with a very sexy chess move (stroking his chess piece across the chess board.........All this is being done with deep meaningful sighs and breathy little laughs.) Téa then places her hand over Andrew's and asks if he's "sure that's the move he wants to make." He says that "it feels right." Téa then counters with "Then go ahead and make your move...... I dare you" (Both have begun to move closer towards one another, just a breath the camera pans to the open front door with Todd standing there in the doorway. (WoW!!!!!!!!!!!!! What is it about Todd's women and being on the floor with some other man?)

Viki and Dr. Maude

Viki arrives for her next therapy session with Dr. Maude, but she's not exactly happy to be there. Actually the whole thing sort of terrifies her. Dr. Maude mentions that she spoke to Dr. Susannah Hanen, who oversaw Viki's therapy for DID. Dr. Maude thinks that Viki has made a remarkable recovery. She must be very strong and courageous to have come so far. She thinks Viki has what it takes to make this current therapy successful. What they are there to look at is her current lack of libido. First they need to determine if the problem is emotional, physical, or a combination of both.

Viki has a good idea which it might be, but she'd like to start from scratch with Dr. Maude. For the last year or so, she's felt kind of short-circuited, disconnected from her sexual feelings, but she's still had an interest in the idea of having sex. It wasn't until she went up to the cabin with Clint that she found there was no spark. No arousal, in other words, asks Dr. Maude. Yes, an embarrassed Viki agrees. Dr. Maude wants to explore what did arouse her in the past, she asks Viki to close her eyes and think about it. Viki's unable to, ever since she recovered the memory of what her father did, she shuts down. She can only remember shame and guilt. Dr. Maude decides to take another approach, a technique which will help them learn what arouses her. What technique is that, asks Viki hesitantly.

Dr. Maude pulls out a video tape that she wants Viki to watch. Is that what you might entertainment, Viki asks. It's adult, Dr. Maude, agrees, but not primarily for entertainment. There are no storylines, it's just sex. Wonderful, Viki replies faintly. It's a clinical tape of sexual behavior. Viki is to watch it and write down what, if anything arouses her, and to what degree. Viki starts the tape, but is mortified to be watching it with Dr. Maude in the room.

Viki continues to watch, but keeps looking away from the screen. Finally she stops the tape, she can't do this with Dr. Maude in the room. Dr. Maude understands, she gives Viki tape to take home with her and watch while she's alone. Dr. Maude asks if Viki had any impressions on what she did see. Viki is absolutely shocked that people would do those things with cameras on them. So Viki has never seen anything like that before? No, such things were never discussed in her family. Everything was very proper, at least on the surface, hiding the hideous obscenity underneath. Dr. Maude's confident that with hard work, they can make good progress. Viki leaves.

At Llanfair, in Viki's bedroom, we get to see that Viki has a TV. She puts in Dr. Maude's sex tape and climbs onto the bed. Just as she's starting the tape and viewing it from behind her fingers. There's a quick knock, Jessica comes in (stopping at the door) with "Hey mom, what are you watching?" Viki is frozen.

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