One Life to Live Recaps: The week of November 17, 1997 on OLTL

The twins' kidnapper asked for five million dollars. Jessica mistakenly took Viki's therapeutic sex tape. Max asked Renee to buy Serenity Springs for cash. Carlotta and Hank discussed their differences. Viki happened upon an awkward Cramer family lunch.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of November 17, 1997 on OLTL
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Monday, November 17, 1997

After he get the phone call, Max races up the stairs to check on the twins. They are gone, there's a window open and a ladder leaning up against the house. On one of the beds there's a ransom note, Max is to have 5 million dollars in ransom money ready in 48 hours and he's not to contact the police. Blair wants to call Bo, but Max refuses, they are going to do everything the kidnappers want. As Max desperately tries to figure out where he can get the 5 million dollars, the doorbell rings. It's Bo and Nora come to pay them a visit. Max does his best to get rid of them quickly. Blair tries to get Max to tell Bo what has happened by prompting him to "tell Bo", but Max evades the topic and rushes Bo and Nora out the door. Bo and Nora are still sitting in their car outside Serenity Springs when Max rushes by them in his car. Bo is sure that something is wrong, he has a gut feeling about it and looks determined to find out what's going on.

Viki avoids Jessica's questions about what she's watching, she claims she messed up the VCR and it didn't tape what she wanted. She slips the tape out of the VCR and puts it into a case, unfortunately it's the wrong one. Jessica later takes the tape, marked Romeo and Juliet, downstairs to watch with Cristian. As Jessica makes popcorn in the kitchen, Cristian pops in the tape. He's surprised by what he sees, at first he thinks Jessica's trying to tell him something. When Jessica returns, she sees the tape and demands he turn it off right away. She's a little shocked he left it running so long. She's upset and asks Cristian if he could leave. She goes upstairs to tell Viki what happened, she thinks the video store made a mistake. Viki admits the tape is hers and has a heart to heart talk with Jessica about her therapy and sex and making love in general. Jessica now has a much better idea why Viki wants her to wait until everything is right before making love.

Todd is very upset when he sees Téa with her hand on Andrew's arm while they were playing chess. Téa insists nothing's going on, at least nothing that should concern him. Todd goads Andrew and Andrew grabs Todd by the shirt. Téa gets between them and orders Todd out in the hall for a talk. She reminds him of their agreement, that they are free to see other people discreetly, but it's obviously not what she really wants. Téa's made a big commitment to this whole situation, obviously a far bigger one that Todd is willing to make, she says sadly. "Don't you think I would if I could", Todd replies and walks away, leaving the feeling that he really wishes he could change things with Téa, but doesn't know how. Back inside, Andrew counsels her that sometimes you have to be selfish, to do what's best for *you* and it will all work out in the end. Like Cassie did, Téa points out. Téa later goes back to the penthouse to confront Todd. Get out of the way, she tells Moose(the bird) because the feathers are really going to fly.

Tuesday, November 18, 1997

Written by: Marcia Bryant

Club Indigo:

Club Indigo is nearly empty. Rachel sees a tense R.J. staring out the window and asks if there is something she can do. R.J. snaps at her, telling her to change the music that is being piped into the club because it reminds him of Jacara. Rachel beats a hasty retreat, deciding to leave R.J. to his nasty mood. Just then Hank walks in. When R.J. asks Hank why he is there, Hank tells him that they are both in the same boat. Carlotta and Jacara are both doing their own thing and that leaves Hank and R.J. "cosmically aligned." That thought finally makes R.J. smile and they agree to share a couple of drinks. While on the other side of town...

Bo and Nora are following Max as he speeds through town in search of the ransom money. Bo is suspicious, noting that Max was nervous and scared. Nora agrees that Max's behavior was unusual. They see that Max is out at this late hour and that it can't be good. Bo says that Max is going to get their help whether he wants it or not.

Asa's Home:

Asa is doing his usual overbearing businessman routine on the phone when Nigel comes in and tells him that Max is there to see him. Asa says he is too busy to see Max, but Nigel proceeds to make drinks because, he says, Mr. Holden is not taking "No" for an answer. Just then a desperate and panicked Max bursts into Asa's office and demands that Asa buy the waterfront property from him right then and there! Asa says that he doesn't buy anything from anyone with that kind of wild look in their eye. What's wrong with the lots that Max would want to sell them so badly? Max yells at Asa and tells him that there's nothing wrong with the lots. Take the offer or pass on it , right now! Asa says he won't accept any offer until he finds out what got Max so spooked. Max confesses that he is in trouble and that if he doesn't get some help, innocent people are going to get hurt. Asa believes him and agrees to buy the lots, a move that Nigel anticipated by already filling out the check. Nigel knows how much Asa has wanted those lots. Asa gloats at the suffering Max and agrees to pay him $75,000 per lot. Max says that there is one condition-Asa can't tell anybody about this deal until it is over. Asa balks saying that he needs to move on it fast and besides he wants to gloat about how Max cam to him crawling. Agree or no deal, says Max. Just the Bo and Nora show up on the pretense of paying Asa a friendly visit. Bo asks what is going on. Asa brags that Max is in such a tight spot that he came to Asa for help.

Back at the Holden home...

Blair paces the living room waiting for Max's return. When the doorbell rings, Blair cautiously answers to find Renee standing on the other side. What are you doing here?, Blair asks. Renee just stopped by to tell Max that Rodi's is booked up. Where is Max? Blair lies and says that Max just ran out for milk and she's watching the kids, but she will be sure to give him the message. Just as Blair is about to shut the door in Renee's face, Renee pushes her way in and says that Blair looks awfully nervous and that she thinks that she will just wait for Max to get home. In the meantime Renee will pop upstairs and check on the twins. "You can't do that!" shrieks Blair.

Club Indigo

Hank mentions to R.J. that the club is awfully dead. R.J. says that's because he has been advertising Blue Jay acts for months and that when people show up to see these acts he has to inform his customers that there's no show. Hank tells R.J. that he could sue Jacara for pulling the acts out of Indigo. But R.J. says that he doesn't want to do that. He is confident that Jacara will come back to Club Indigo and he doesn't want to stir up trouble. Hank asks why R.J. is so sure she will be back. R.J. wants to know why Hank is asking so many questions? Hank says that it is unlike R.J. to put so much faith in a possibility. R.J. tells him that what happens between Jacara and himself is none of Hank's business. R.J. storms off as Rachel comes over to the table. Hank grills his daughter about R.J.'s reaction and Rachel says that it is all just a front and inside he is really upset. Hank tells Rachel that he admires her loyalty to R.J. After all, it would be easy for her to jump ship. Rachel states that the situation at Indigo will get worse before it gets better, but it will get better. And she would never abandon her uncle. Hank finishes his drink and makes his way home.

At the Holden home:

Renee demands to know why she can't see the twins. Blair regains her composure and tell Renee that the twins have the flu and she just got them to sleep. Renee comments that Blair seems to have moved in and taken over everything in Max's life, including his children. That worries her, since Blair was judged to be a danger to her own child. Renee swears that she won't let Blair hurt Max again like she did before. Blair blurts out that she isn't hurting Max she's trying to help him! With what? Renee wants to know what kind of trouble is Max in?!

Asa's office:

Asa tells nosy Bo and even nosier Nora that Max came over to ask his advice on a private matter. About Blair? Asks Nora. Max assures Asa that his problems have nothing to do with Blair. Asa secretly slips Max a check out of sight of Bo and Nora and tells Max to leave. Max thanks Asa and prepares to leave, but not before telling Bo and Nora to mind their own business. Bo turns his attention to Asa and asks once again what is going on? Asa tells the couple that whatever is going on between himself and Max is between himself and Max. He tells them to "get a life." Bo says that he is worried about Max and is determined to find out what is wrong. Asa tells them to "beat it" so he can make a conference call, but he also asks Bo to keep him informed if he finds out anything about Max.

Hank's apartment:

Hank arrives home and is startled to find Carlotta sitting in the dark on his sofa. Carlotta apologizes for lying to him about Eli's vandalizing the statue in Angel Square. She's afraid that she may have broken down the trust Hank had in her. Hank forgives her but says that they have a bigger problem

Max's home:

Blair and Renee are in full cat fight mode when Max races into the living room. Renee asks Max what has him and Blair so upset and she wants the truth. Max asks Renee for a favor...will she buy Serenity Springs from him tonight! Renee demands to know why he wants to sell his future, especially since he is already mortgaged to the hilt. Max tells her that he could lie to her and say that the money is for gambling debts, but he won't. At the same time, he can't tell her the truth. He begs her to trust him. Renee says that she wishes he could tell her the truth but she will accept the fact that he can't. Renee agrees to help him and looks at Max with shock as he asks her to pay him in cash.

Carlotta and Hank:

Carlotta and Hank discuss their differences. Hank sees the law as black and white, Carlotta doesn't believe in always going by the book. The two agree that they see things very differently, but there is common ground. Hank says that they have an even bigger problem. He and Carlotta both have grown children and he thought it was going to be just the two of them, but now that she has adopted Eli they don't have the freedom that they used to, but despite, or maybe because of that, Hank loves and respects her all the more. He asks Carlotta to spend the night, but she has to get home to Eli.

Nora and Bo:

Bo and Nora return home to find a snack tray full of their favorite foods laid out for them by Georgie. As they begin to partake of their surprise snack, there is the distinct sound of howling outside. Bo opens the door and in walks Mud, the prodigal puppy returns and parks himself right next to Nora on the couch.

Max and Blair:

After Renee leaves, Max and Blair take stock of their situation. Even with Renee's cash and Asa's money, Max is still short $1.5 million dollars and has no idea how he is going to raise that money. Just then the phone rings. The voice on the line asks Max what he has been doing this evening. He tells them that he has been getting the money they asked for. The voice then tells him that he observed the police commissioner's visit and reminds him that when they said no police, they meant it. The line then goes dead, while Max is on the verge of hysteria...

Wednesday, November 19, 1997

The House Boat-Kelly, Mel and Cassie

Kelly meets with Mel and Cassie to discuss what she learned about the Cramer family secret during and after Melinda's sleepwalking episode. She tells them that Melinda confided that her dream was about Dorian being locked up and Melinda was trying to free her. She also told Kelly about Miss Stonecliff, the family's nanny. Cassie comments that she knows a little about Charlotte Stonecliff herself. Miss Stonecliff was their grandmother Sonia's nanny as well as manager of Sonia Cramer's early musical career. When Sonia married their grandfather, Miss Stonecliff was part of the package. She eventually became nanny to Addie, Dorian and Melinda. Mel remarks that it sounds as if Miss Stonecliff could fill in the gaps of Melinda's story. Kelly replies that Dorian thinks she is dead. Kelly and Cassie have a luncheon date with Melinda and hope to get more information, provided Dorian does not invite herself.

Dorian's House-Melinda and Dorian

Melinda is shaky and she is hearing classical music in her head. Her vision is distorted like she is looking through a fun house mirror. Suddenly she clutches her ears and attempts to soothe herself by chanting a mantra. Dorian comes in the living room and sees Melinda's state and inquires what is wrong. Her sister says that their mother's music follows them everywhere. A moment ago, it was cascading through her head. Dorian tells her not to think about it now. Melinda replies that she wants to think about her mother, the piano and Miss Stonecliff and Dorian keeps shutting the memories out. In the hospital, she was taught to express her feelings so they would become like ghosts and not have as much impact. Dorian say she has worked all her life to forget those memories. Melinda wants to know why their parents did not wait for her to be discharged from the hospital after her riding accident and before they went away on vacation. Dorian replies that their mother was frantic and that their father had to take her away to take care of her. Melinda becomes agitated and demands Dorian tell her if the children were ever important to their parents. If it was Cassie who had the accident, would Dorian have left? Dorian says, like Melinda, she was also a child and does not know what motivated their parents behavior. Melinda apologizes. She realizes Dorian was a child too, but she must have questions herself. Dorian says she lives in the present. She hovers over Melinda because she loves her. Melinda worries why she is so agitated, like she was before she started taking her new medication. Maybe she is building up a resistance to it. Should she call Dr. Angel for a new prescription. Dorian replies that maybe she shouldn't have brought Melinda to Llanview. It is too big an adjustment for Melinda to make. Dorian suggests that she should come along with her to the luncheon. Melinda confesses she is very scared. Dorian holds her sister and tells her that she will protect her as she always has and as she will continue to do for the rest of her life.

The Country Club-Cassie, Kelly, Melinda, Viki

Cassie promises Kelly not to push Melinda like she did Addie. Her cousin tells her that only now does she realize how much of what she does and doesn't do has to do with not having her mother. Cassie replies that she is obsessed with Dorian's past because she is not connected to it. She also grew up without her mother, as did Blair. Kelly wonders why Blair is not bothered by it. Cassie says that Blair already dealt with her past when she tracked down Addie. Besides, Blair has a lot of other things to handle right now.

Dorian arrives with Melinda and Cassie sarcastically remarks what a surprise it is to see her. It is an official mother-daughter luncheon, except for Blair and Addie, Melinda comments. They begin to discuss Miss Stonecliff and how she was no Mary Poppins. Her job was to keep the children quiet. She managed their mother's career, house, the children. Melinda says she had a perfect ear and not one wrong note went undetected when Melinda practiced. Dorian remarks that the woman would be over eighty, if she were still alive. Just then, Melinda spies Viki entering the dining room and calls her over. She seems excited to see her old friend and offers to have the waiter bring over another chair. Cassie excuses herself and offers Viki her seat. Viki cordially reminds Cassie to tell her eldest son not to be a stranger outside the office. Dorian questions Cassie as to whether she is off to see Kevin. Cassie replies she just has errands to do. After Cassie leaves, Melinda comments that she is worried about Cassie's divorce and how it will affect River. Viki says that Kevin looks out for Cassie and is helpful with River. Melinda agrees that Viki raised Kevin well, but as to her younger son, Joey, his relationship was hurtful to Kelly causing her in turn to her hurt her cousin, Blair. Viki mentions that parents can't protect their children from every hurt in life. Melinda becomes fierce, answering that she will do anything to protect Kelly because she has years of neglect to make up for. Viki doesn't reply and keeps quiet as Dorian interrupts her sister and says they do not have to talk about this now. Between clenched teeth, Melinda asks why Dorian is always trying to shut her up. Viki keeps her own counsel, but her eyes move back and forth and carefully scan the faces of the two sisters as they confront each other. Dorian tells Melinda she is embarrassing Kelly, but Kelly denies it. Melinda accuses Dorian of placing a wedge between her and her daughter. Dorian can shut her up about the past, but she will not deprive her of her present or her future. Dorian is just refusing to deal with anything.

Kelly takes her mother by the hand and suggests going back to the house. Melinda says she needs to meditate. Viki remarks that everyone has good and bad days. Melinda does not think her medication is working. Dorian says, Nonsense, she will be better once she gets home. Melinda apologizes to Viki and says they must catch up. Viki replies it has been nice seeing her. After Melinda leaves with Kelly, Viki stops Dorian from leaving too. She asks if Melinda is always this out of control. Dorian replies that she has been better and she has been worse. Viki thinks that Dorian should talk to Melinda's doctor. Dorian admits she hasn't done that, but it is not Viki's business. Viki replies that Melinda is her friend and she is concerned. Dorian asks if she ever even sent her sister a card while she was "away." Viki just mentions that she can suggest someone at the hospital to see Melinda. Dorian remarks that of course Viki is a mental health expert. But she, Dorian can take care of her sister. At least, Melinda doesn't burn down houses (like Viki did under the influence of her alters).

The Houseboat-Mel and Cassie

Cassie's errand was to report back to Mel. She tells him about Dorian's appearance at the Country Club and he is not surprised. Cassie's feeling is that Miss Stonecliff is still alive and that Dorian knows about it. Her quote about the nanny's age makes her suspicious that she is not dead. Mel calls directory assistance in Canton, Ohio and gets a listing for C. Stonecliff. Cassie says it may not be her or the listing could be old and she is dead. Mel replies there is only one way to find out and that is to call. Cassie worries that if they says something directly to the nanny, she will disappear like her father did in Austria after Dorian's call. Mel agrees that a ruse in order. He dials the number and a woman answers. He asks for a "Carol" Stonecliff. The woman replies her name is Charlotte. He apologizes for dialing the wrong number and hangs up. MISS STONECLIFF IS ALIVE! Now they must see her without Dorian finding out.

Serenity Springs-Blair, Max and Jacara

Max is desperate to get the money demanded by the kidnappers. He is on the phone selling his skiing lodge. Unfortunately, he is so desperate his prospect knows it and will only give him $750,000. He takes the offer and is scratching his head to come up with the other $750,000 when Blair arrives. She hands Max a rolled newspaper. Max says he doesn't get delivery. He opens the newspaper up and there is a note from the kidnappers. It says to be smart, his kids lives depend upon it. NO POLICE. Blair offers to go to Dorian for the remaining ransom money, but Mel does not want Dorian in on the secret. Blair mentions her date with Ian. They are going to christen his new yacht. But she will stay with Max if he wants. He tells her to go about her routine. He is expecting Renee with the money from his sale of Serenity Springs. Blair thinks he should tell Renee what is going on. She knows Renee would give him the additional $750,000. Max won't tell Renee what happened to Frankie and Lesley. He can't bear to think of it himself. His twins being terrorized. Blair says that she knows they are alive. They are valuable to the kidnappers and they are not going to hurt them. She tells Max she will be back soon. She leaves and outside the door, she dials her cell phone and tells Ian she will be by a little earlier. Sh has a big favor to ask him.

After Blair departs for the yacht, there is a knock on the door. Max is expecting Renee, but it is Jacara instead. She is all attitude. He has forgotten all about her bringing the tapes of Blue Jay's new artists. She wants to know if she has interrupted another romantic interlude with Blair. She applauds his stamina, but work comes first with her. Max really doesn't want her there, says it is a bad time, but just to prove Blair isn't there, he lets her in. She wants to listen to the tapes there and then, but he begs off and she says she will leave them. He brings up the subject of Tommy Gregory. Does she think Tommy has a grudge against him for throwing him out of Rodi's and just how dangerous is this guy?

Jacara fills him in on Tommy's influence of the music industry through his mob connections. She assures him that Tommy isn't looking to get even with him. R.J. took care of him. Jacara says she gets it now. He is not listening to the tapes because he is afraid that Gregory will muscle in on their territory. Well, if he is going to be afraid, like R.J. was, then they might as well end this partnership too. The phone is ringing and Max can't wait to get rid of her, so he says he is over his anxiety and he hustles her out the door, assuring her he will listen to the tapes. He runs for the phone. It is Renee. She has the money for him. He tells her she doesn't have to give him any more than the agreed upon selling price.

The Fortune Hunter (Ian's yacht)- Blair and Ian

Ian opens a bottle of bubbling to christen the acquisition and naming of his new yacht, but he can see Blair is distracted. Is she offended that he named the Fortune Hunter after her? She replies that his honesty is important to her. He asks what the favor is she mentioned on the phone? She wants him to loan her $750,000 in the spirit of honest friendship. She could lie and says she needs it for an ad campaign for Melador, but this money has nothing to do with business. It's strictly personal. He wonders what could have happened in her life to need that money. She says it is a matter of life and death and that if Maggie was here and knew why she needed the money, Maggie would beg her brother to give Blair the money. The connection between the money and his sister is a mystery to Ian. Blair says no connection, just that Maggie would understand. It is an act of faith. He says how could he turn down a life or death request. Blair calls him a gallant hero. He replies he is not completely sure she is not conning him. Blair says take her word for it. Ian recalls Robert Redford saying the same thing in the "Sting" but since she is considerably sexier to him than Robert Redford, he will take her word for it. Blair assure him that this is 100% serious. If she wanted to con him, she would have asked for much more than 3/4 million.

Serenity Springs- Blair and Max

Blair tells Max that she got the money. He is curious about how she got so much in so little time and whether it is clean money or whether she got it from Todd. Neither, she answers, it was from Ian. He doesn't want Ian's money, he replies. Blair is firm. He now has the 5 million he needs. His next move is to bring his children home.

Thursday, November 20, 1997

Bo told Hank that he thought something strange was going on with Max and wondered if it had anything to do with R.J. Hank defended his brother to Bo and said that R.J. was okay with Max and Jacara's partnership. Nora came by to give Max his partnership papers and found the ransom money. Max tried to lie, but Nora called him on it and became suspicious and asked about the children. Max had no choice but to tell Nora the truth and she immediately wanted to call Bo. Against her better judgment, Nora agreed to keep silent. Later, Bo noticed that Nora was distracted and asked if it had anything to do with Max. When Nora hesitated, Bo accused her of holding out on him. Todd told Téa that he was wrong to have followed her and to have made a big deal about her being with Andrew. As part of his apology, Todd gave Téa a new car. Téa wasn't satisfied and wanted to know what Todd meant when he said he would make more of their marriage if he could. When Todd had a fit about her question, Téa called Andrew and made a dinner date. Todd told Téa to have fun on her date and went into a rage after she left. Blair stopped by to see Starr and found Todd in an agitated state. After seeing Starr, Blair told Todd that she believed that Téa would keep Starr safe. Todd said that he would never let anything happen to Starr and Blair wished she could still believe that. Blair said that she once believed that Todd was capable of loving her, but she had been wrong. Cassie was upset when Téa came to pick up Andrew for their dinner date and remarked what a great marriage Téa must have if her husband allowed her to date other men. Téa told Andrew she believed that Todd was still in love with Blair. Andrew suggested that Téa think of herself for a while. Téa agreed and drew Andrew into a passionate kiss!

Friday, November 21, 1997

Andrew, Téa and R.J.

At the rectory, Andrew and Téa are kissing passionately when Andrew pulls away a bit, looking uncertain. Was I moving too fast, Téa asks him. Actually Andrew's been thinking about this for quite a while, it's even better than he imagined. The seem about to kiss when Andrew pulls away again, "this isn't right. I don't think I can do this", he says.

That's not what your body's saying, Téa says, confused. It's not the mechanics of the whole thing, Andrew replies. Then what's the problem, Téa doesn't understand. Andrew can't get past the fact that Téa has a husband. It's a business arrangement only, Téa explains, it's even in the contract that they can have other relationships as long as they are discreet. Andrew's been opposed to Todd and Téa's whole arrangement from the beginning. Téa's tying herself to a man that doesn't love her, who could never love her, Téa deserves better than that. Andrew's seen her trying to make something real out of the whole thing, but it's not working, he insists, Téa should get out now. I have more that I ever hoped for, Téa defends her choice. Then why are you so lonely? Téa has no answer. I know why I'm kissing you, why are you kissing me, Andrew asks. Your kissing me because your deal with Todd doesn't work and your using me to forget that fact. T&233a thinks that's ridiculous. "You don't really believe that, do you?" she asks.

Andrew just feels that Téa's arrangement with Todd is terribly sad. It would be if we both went into it expecting love, Téa agrees, but it has been strictly a business arrangement from the beginning. Think of it as a play, Téa suggests, they put on a production "happy family." Téa does what Todd wants when they are "on stage", but when the curtain comes down, she's Téa Delgado, not Mrs. Manning. It's in the contract and she plans to stick to it for the next 8 months, after that, she's a free woman. Starr can tell the difference, tell that Téa really loves her. Does Andrew think that she's pretending her feelings for him, Téa asks.

Andrew has no idea how Téa feels about him, he's just a guy recovering from a failed marriage. What if there comes a time when Andrew really needs her, but she's forced to take care of her responsibilities to Todd. Téa thinks he's making it far more complicated than it has to be, if they really want to be together, they will figure it out. Andrew is against sneaking around, even if it is in the contract. He decides that they must wait the eight months until her marriage is over to have any kind of romantic relationship. In the meantime, Téa can still lean on him when she needs to and they can still be friends. Téa, unable to convince him otherwise, agrees to the arrangement and the two of them leave to have dinner.

Téa and Andrew arrive at Club Indigo to find it nearly empty. R.J. is clearly worried about the lack of business. Andrew tries to cheer him up, people not showing up happens sometimes in his line of work as well, chalk it up to the bad weather, Andrew suggests. R.J. thanks Andrew for the support and shows them to their table. Andrew actually thinks it's a good thing there's not a lot of people around, it means no one to misinterpret things, no one to gossip back to Todd about it. Téa requests that they not mention Todd's name, it kind of puts a damper on things. But they are just there as friend, Andrew reminds her. Yes, Téa says, reaching out to touch his hand, but she does think that it's very important that they keep exploring what is going on between them.

Téa has a question that she'd like to ask Andrew, to get his opinion on it. She's been wondering, when two people get married, is it ever possible to balance everything perfectly? Or does it always have to end up that one gives a little more and the other one takes? Andrew doesn't have all the answers, but he can tell her what he's figured out so far. When two people get married, they have to compromise, but the balance is never even. Which is not necessarily a bad thing, because when you're giving you're learning not to be selfish. That was part of what went wrong with his marriage, he was too selfish. He never realized that the demands of being a minister's wife were too big a burden for Cassie, he took her for granted. His marriage fell apart because they couldn't find some sort of balance. Then why do you think it's wrong for me to try to find the balance some other way, Téa asks. This way she takes what Todd is able to give and looks for what else she needs elsewhere. Andrew doesn't agree that it's a good way to go, she ends up with pieces of different people. That's what marriage vows are all about, committing yourself to one person, all of that person, the parts you like and the parts you don't like, he explains. But you and Cassie committed yourselves to each other like that and that failed too, Téa points out. Andrew is still convinced that complete commitment and complete honesty is possible. Téa thinks that's a lot to ask for.

Kevin, Cassie, Joey and Kelly

Kevin arrives home at the carriage house, sopping wet from the storm. After Cassie greets him with a kiss and a hug, she tells him that River is there staying with them tonight. Kevin is glad to hear it. Cassie next tells him what happened when she picked River up. Cassie was surprised when Andrew suddenly call her to ask if she'd like River to stay with her for the night. When Cassie arrived, she began to understand, Andrew was all dressed up to go out on a date. She was even more surprised when Andrew's date showed up, it was Téa. Kevin and Cassie think it's a little ironic that Andrew has been lecturing them on morality and now he's going out with a married woman. There's a knock on the door, it's Joey. He's upset about Kelly, he's not sure Kelly is ever going to forgive him.

Joey knows he was wrong to break up with Kelly in a letter. Cassie agrees, has Joey thought about what it must have felt like for Kelly to receive that letter. He's tried to apologize to Kelly, but she tells him it's too late now. Joey seems to think he deserves a second chance. He then tells Cassie and Kevin about his run-in with Ian at the bar in the Palace Hotel. He basically Ian that Kelly belonged to him(Joey) and that he wasn't giving her up. Kevin says he sounds like a caveman. But so was Ian, Joey tries to defend himself, Ian was just so full of himself, he even had the nerve to call Joey arrogant! Cassie can't disagree with Ian, Joey couldn't be Kevin's brother if he weren't a little arrogant, she jokes. Joey heads off to the kitchen to make a Joey Special. There's a knock on the door. It's Kelly, she wants to find out what Cassie learned about Charlotte Stonecliff. Joey comes out of the kitchen. Kelly wants to leave, but Joey asks her to stay, "Please."

Kelly tries again to leave, but is finally convinced to stay. Joey asks how Melinda is doing. Actually, she's not as strong as Kelly hoped, she was a lot stronger in the hospital. Joey tries to comfort her saying he's sure that after Melinda has been there for a while and gets used to everything, that everything will work out fine. He heads to the kitchen to get some popcorn. Cassie tells Kelly how she and Mel called Charlotte Stonecliff and found out she was alive without giving themselves away. Kelly mentions that Dorian seemed pretty sure that Miss Stonecliff was dead. But she didn't know for sure, Cassie adds. Then she was lying, Joey says, coming back from the kitchen and overhearing their conversation.

Bo and Nora

At Bo's office, Bo's trying to find out what's worrying Nora. Nora just wants to drop the whole topic, insisting that it's not important. If it wasn't important, Nora wouldn't be working so hard to keep him in the dark, Bo persists. He knows Nora had a meeting that afternoon with a client, could it have been Max Holden? Whoever this client is, Nora tells him, they're in a lot of trouble, that's all she can say.

All that Nora can tell him is that she's got a client and he's in trouble? Or she, Nora reminds him, she never said it was a man. What has got her so, worried, Bo asks again. Maybe it's something that's going around, hasn't Bo noticed how everyone seems to be jumpy and nervous lately, like Max when they went to visit him the other night. And then Max went over to see Asa, his mortal enemy, Nora continues. She still wonders what that was about, she says, trying to lead Bo into figuring out what's going on without coming out and saying anything. Bo doesn't seem to take the hint. Do you think that it could have something to do with Max's new partnership with Jacara, she persists. Remember that Blue Jay was having some trouble with Tommy Gregory, maybe that trouble followed Jacara...? Bo has done a little checking on Tommy Gregory, his legal business is just a front for extortion, bribery, you name it. (You can almost see Nora wanting to add kidnapping to the list, but she restrains herself). Once Tommy got nowhere with R.J., do you think he just went back to NY, or stayed around.... Bo heard he went back to NY, unless Nora heard something different? No, no, Nora replies, she's just trying to puzzle the whole thing out. Tommy Gregory's putting pressure on Jacara, who's got this new partnership with Max. Bo still doesn't seem to get it, he brushes it off, saying maybe he'll check it out tomorrow. Nora gives up and goes home. She'll order some food to be delivered and have it waiting for him when he comes home. After giving Bo a tempting "appetizer" kiss to encourage him to hurry home, Nora leaves. Bo immediately grabs his coat and heads out the other door to his office.

Max, Blair and Bo

The kidnappers call asking if Max has all the money. When Max tell them that he does, they give him directions for the drop-off. Take exit 4 off of I-85 and go about half a mile to a rest area that is closed. Come alone, no police they warn him. Max only has 45 minutes to get there, that's all if he wants to see his kids again. "I'm not going to let you do this", Blair tells Max after he gets off the phone.

Blair sits on the suitcase, she's not going to let him go meet those kidnappers alone and get himself killed. And if he doesn't go, his kids will be dead, Max retorts. Blair wants to at least call Bo and get some help. Max refuses, the kidnappers said no cops. "I'm late, get out of my way", Max says, trying to brush by her. Blair begs him to call Bo, he doesn't have to tell Bo when the rendezvous is, just get some advice on what to do. Max can't do that, Bo will have to intervene because he's the police commissioner. Even if Max doesn't tell him where he's bringing the money, Bo will put and APB out on his car. "There's only one way to save my kid and that's if I leave right now, alone."

Max instructs Blair to call Bo if she doesn't here from him within 90 minutes. Blair will be at Max's house waiting for his call. Just as Max is about to walk out the door, the bell rings, it's Bo. Max reluctantly lets him in and tries to get rid of him quickly, claiming he's busy. Bo replies that he knows Max is in trouble and asks Max to let him help, before it's too late. Max insists that there is nothing going on. He grabs the suitcase and rushes out the door past Bo. After Max leaves, Bo starts pressing Blair to tell him the truth.

Out in the forest in the pouring rain, the two kidnappers wait impatiently for Max to arrive. They'll wait in the woods and watch, just to be sure that there are no cops following him. Don't worry, one of the kidnappers says, I have a little surprise for Mr. Holden.

What was in the bag, Bo demands to know. Blair claims she has no idea, she asked Max if he was up to something and Max told her he was just up to some wheeling and dealing. Bo doesn't believe a word Blair is saying. If she doesn't tell Bo the truth, he's going to arrest her as an accessory to whatever the crime that is going on. Blair still doesn't say anything. If you don't say anything and something really bad happens, how are you going to live with yourself, he asks Blair.

Max parks his car and gets the suitcase out. He walks into the woods and calls out to the kidnappers. One of them appears, dressed in black with a black mask on and a gun pointed at Max. Max throws the suitcase down and shows him the money. The second kidnapper appears behind Max and hits him on the head, knocking him unconscious.

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