Another World Recaps: The week of November 24, 1997 on AW

Vicky married Jake despite Shane interrupting the wedding. Felicia had plastic surgery. Toni, Tyrone, Nick, and Sophia played a game of Truth or Dare. Shane's health continued to deteriorate as he attempted to leave Bay City.
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Another World Recaps: The week of November 24, 1997 on AW
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Monday, November"24

The Ceremony
Jake and Vicky walk down the aisle. As they approach the altar Marley was seated next to her parents. Jake and Vicky hold true to form and have a non-traditional wedding. They exchange their rings first, pledging their body, minds, and souls to each other forever. As they exchange vows, Vicky, Jake, Steven and Kirkland hold hands(they are marrying each other). Jake starts by asking the kids to listen to the promises he his making to their mother because he was making them promises too. Meanwhile Shane staggers into the hospital lounge. Tomas sees him and insists he check himself into the hospital. Shane told Tomas Vicky and Jake's wedding must be stopped. Shane opens the door and was served with a restraining order which he shreds. Tomas tries to dissuade Shane but Shane insists on going. Back at the wedding Jake completes his vows and as Vicky was about to say I Do Shane enters the church. Everyone was left in awe. Grant waits with baited breath and a grin from ear to ear. Shane told Vicky not go through with it.

Tuesday, November 25

The Ceremony
Vicky has a flashback of Shane asking her when she was going to see she could not marry Jake - before or after she says I Do? Jake waits for her response. After a moments hesitation Vicky turns to Jake and told him she chooses him, she chose him a long time ago and more than ever she's sure she wants to marry him. Lila coaxes Shane away. The ceremony was finalized. Vicky and Jake are pronounced husband and wife, they kiss. Jake introduces Mrs. Jake McKinnon. Everyone claps, especially Lila. Shane storms off and Lila follows him.

Lila finds Shane at his boat house feeling sorry for himself and staring at a leaf he picked up at the ceremony. Lila notices he was getting worse and begs him to not to give up. She told him to go on with his life as she has. Lila finds lab reports which seem to indicate Shane was doing better; but, Shane does not confirm this. He told Lila he was getting worse. They share a few tender moments. Lila was clearly concerned for Shane's health, she insists on helping Shane. He finally agrees to let her help if she continues to promise her vow of silence about his illness. Shane then asks Lila to leave him alone; and, although she would rather not she leaves Shane to himself.

At the reception Paulina spills some shrimp sauce on her dress and becomes distressed. She continues to criticize herself about her looks as Joe tries to support her and calm her down.

During the reception there are a few instances when Nick catches Sofia with Matt. Once he glimpses her looking at Matt and asks what it's about. She brushes it off. Sofia was trying to get to the bottom of the letter writing and tries to confront Matt during a dance they are having; but , Matt does not seem to bite. Nick asks Sofia what the dance was about. Sofia answers she wishes she knew. Finally, Sofia was about to confront Matt outside on the terrace when Nick walks in. Sofia makes it seem as though she was looking for Nick; but, he doesn't buy it.

Tomas shows up at the wedding with his reply letter in hand. During the festivities he loses it. Nick picks it up and was not pleased to read it's contents. Later on Tomas realizes he lost the letter.

Grant manages not to get kicked out of the reception. He also gives the wedding gift to Jake who jokingly asks if it will blowup. Jake places the box on the table with all the other gifts.

Amanda was clearly having a difficult time watching Jake and Vicky. She does congratulate the groom; but he seems more interested in Alli than he does in his mother and promises to send Alli pictures. By the time the couple cuts the cake Amanda can no longer stomach it and she leaves the party. She ends up at Pandora's.

Etta Mae/Tyrone
Etta Mae told Tyrone she sees what was going on between him and Toni. She wants him to back off because Toni was finally settling down with Chris and she doesn't need any complications right now

Lila returns to the reception to apologize to Matt for running out on him. He told her he was okay and then invites her to Thanksgiving dinner at the Cory's. Lila clearly upset about something thanks Matt but insists she wouldn't be very good company. Too upset to stay at the reception Lila excuses herself and leaves Matt again. .

The Reception
(backtrack) Vicky and Jake arrive at the reception. Before they get a chance to dance Donna pulls Vicky aside and told her daughter she hopes this was her final wedding since Donna can't handle anymore of this. Donna also asks Vicky where she went before the wedding; but, Vicky avoids the question. She does manage to assure her mother that Shane won't be bothering them again. Jake asks his bride to dance. While Jake and Vicky dance she told Jake she has no doubts-she LOVES HIM. Michael notices Shane outside on the terrace and went out to talk to him. Shane asks Michael for a leave of absence, Michael was only to pleased to give him one. Vicky comes in and wants to talk to Shane. Shane apologizes to her and wishes her well, telling her she made the right choice; but , before he leaves he hands her the leaf he's been holding.( Shane ends up at Pandora's where he sees Amanda) Jake enters and wants to have Shane thrown out. Vicky insists he won't be bothering them anymore because Shane just said goodbye to her. Jake hopes so. They go back inside. It's time to throw the garter. Tomas catches it. Sofia catches the bouquet. As Tomas puts the garter on Sofia, clearly enjoying himself, Sofia confides in him she's glad it wasn't Matt who caught the garter. Jake and Vicky cut the cake. Donna and Michael say goodbye to Marley who must leave for the airport without saying goodbye to her sister for fear she might miss the airplane. Jake walks in on the goodbye and was left alone with Marley. The moment was awkward but tender. Marley gives Jake a letter to give Vicky and leaves. When Vicky returned from changing she's upset she missed her sister. She reads the letter. The letter says Vicky made the right choice and that Marley always knew Jake to have a good heart. The letter clearly pleases Vicky. Jake and Vicky leave the reception; as they leave the leaf Shane gave Vicky falls out of her hand and was left abandoned on the ground.

Wednesday, November 26, 1997

It's Thanksgiving at the Cory's, Paulina tries unsuccessfully to bring peace to the family although she's miserable Joe had to return to work on Thanksgiving. After dinner plans are made for Paulina and Matt to meet at Pandora's so they can discuss his unwillingness to make amends with Carl. Before Matt arrives at the bar Paulina shares a few drinks with Shane who was drowning his sorrows in Scotch. Shane asks Paulina about her travels. She told Shane about a trip she made to Big Sir, Shane invites Paulina to go there with him. She reluctantly refuses but was clearly flattered by the offer.

Josie desperately wants to keep Rain. She realizes she has to meet Rain's grandmother and see for herself if this relative was suitable and/or willing to care for Rain. Josie takes the trip alone.

Felicia and Cass are at the hospital celebrating the success of Felicia's plastic surgery. She looks better than ever. Cass was called out of the room to take a phone call (set up by Alexander). Alexander enters Felicia's room professing his undying love. He begs Felicia to come back to him . She insists their relationship was over. Alexander disappears; but, manages to leave a not behind. The note asks Felicia to meet him where they had their first date. When Cass returned to the room Felicia hides the note from him.

Thursday, November 27

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, Another World was not shown today.

Friday, November 28


Jake brought Vicky back to their house where everything was set up for a perfectly romantic honeymoon. Noone knows where they are. Chris helped Jake set up the bedroom with candles dinner and of course champagne. Chris helped Jake set up the bedroom with candles dinner and of course champagne. Vicky and Jake talk about how lucky they feel to have each other and that taking this long has only made them better. Vicky assures Jake that she was totally fulfilled. They sink into a luxurious bubble bath in a two-person tub, the room also lit with candles. After dinner they make passionate love again.

Nick passes by TONI'S house after thanksgiving dinner Toni leaves the room and nick was left to answer the door. It's Sofia. Neither of them expecting the other. Sofia asks nick why he was avoiding her and when he's about to tell her about the anonymous letter he found at the wedding Toni returned into the room. By this time Tyrone also comes home. The four begin a truth or dare game. Sofia asks Tyrone what his most embarrassing moment was he replies that it was when he was 15 years old and had to admit to his friends he did not know who his father was. So far the game was off to bad start. Next Tyrone asks nick how it feels to live under the same roof with the women he loves. Nick answers he wouldn't know since he no longer lives with Sofia and excuses himself from the table and leaves TONI'S house Sofia in hot pursuit. When Sofia finally catches up to nick she asks him what was going on. Nick shows Sofia the letter. She says she has no idea who was writing her, nick wants to know why she didn't tell him there was an admirer.

Meanwhile Toni and Tyrone can't figure out what happened between nick and Sofia. Tyrone wants to continue the game. He asks Toni tell reveal her feelings for him she refuses so he dares her to kiss him when she gives him a friendly kiss on the forehead he insists that she has to play by the rules or reveal her feelings. As they kiss etta mae walks in on them.

Shane realizes the woman in line at the airport was not Vicky. He purchases a first class ticket to San Francisco. While on the plane he thinks about all the good times with Vicky. He begins feeling worse and has a very bad attack. In Bay City while lying in the afterglow of her lovemaking with Jake, Vicky has a very bad feeling that something terrible has happened.

Cindy tries to cheer up her husband whose only thoughts are of getting custody of his son. He confides in Cindy that he feels closer to her since she said she'd like to have Kirkland stay with them. Meanwhile Cindy dreams of sending Kirkland off to boarding school and having grant sign a power of attorney. Nikos calls grant and told him he was in la. Grant later finds out that Carl was on his way to la and calls Nikos with this information. Grant assures Nikos that someday he'll be asking for something in return


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