One Life to Live Recaps: The week of November 24, 1997 on OLTL

Max blamed R.J. for being behind the twins' kidnapping. Max thought his children were dead. Bo blamed Nora for keeping the kidnapping a secret. Melinda heard music in her head. Melinda disappeared from Dorian's Thanksgiving dinner.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of November 24, 1997 on OLTL
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Monday, November 24, 1997

After Max shows the kidnapper the money, he is hit on the back of the head. The kidnappers grab the money and run. Max recovers quickly, gets in his car and follows them. It's pouring rain and he has trouble keeping them in sight. The car he's following spins out and goes over a ravine. Thinking that the kids are in the car, he tries to reach them, but is unable to. He calls for help and soon Bo, Nora and the EMT arrive. They all go into the ravine except Nora, who remains on the edge of the ravine, praying that the children will be alright. At Club Indigo, Rachel comes in and tells R.J. and Wendi about the accident and Max's children being kidnapped. She was at Bo and Nora's when the call about the accident came in.

Joey tells Kelly, Cassie and Kevin about a phone call he remembers Dorian receiving from Miss Stonecliff. Not only did Dorian know that she was alive, she has been supporting her for years. Miss Stonecliff is living in the house where Dorian, Melinda and Addie grew up. That's about all Joey can remember. Kelly and Cassie thank him for his help, it explains a lot. Joey offers to give Kelly a ride home since she can't drive because of the accident. Kelly accepts and the two of them stop at Club Indigo to get a drink before going home. Kelly is surprised to find the Club almost empty when it's usually so popular. They run into Téa and Andrew there and join them at their table. Things are tense and Téa asks Kelly why she is being so hostile and suggests that they talk things out. Kelly is more than happy for the opportunity to blast Téa for making her take the stand against Blair and also for taking Starr away from her mother and the rest of the Cramer family. After she's finished, she and Joey go back to their own table. Joey doesn't quite understand all of Kelly's anger at Téa. He would if he had been around, she accuses. She was the one who was supposed to meet him in Paris, Joey reminds her. Their argument is interrupted by a phone call from Dorian. She need Kelly to come home right away, it's about Melinda.

Mel comes over to visit Dorian for a romantic evening. Dorian tells Mel her own version of her lunch the other day. Of course, Viki becomes the villain who upset Melinda. Next, Dorian admits to Mel that she has been supporting Miss Stonecliff for years. They are interrputed by Melinda, who comes down the stairs in a panic, calling out for Kelly and asking where she is. Dorian explains that Kelly is visiting Cassie, several times, but Melinda seems to keep forgetting. Melinda begs Dorian not to play the game with Kelly, it would scare her. Dorian tries to get Melinda back to reality, to convince her that they are all grown up now. She succeeds for a while, Melinda even recognizes Mel, but soon she starts hearing music playing, although Dorian assures her that there's no piano in the house. Something's wrong with mother, Melinda insists, she's not playing the music right. Melinda gets more and more agitated, rocking back and forth, as Dorian calls Kelly and asks her to come home right away.

Tuesday, November 25, 1997

Written by: Marcia Bryant

At the Cramer House:

The storm has Melinda in a state of extreme agitation. She's hearing her mother's music and calling for Kelly. Dorian manages to calm her down by invoking pleasant memories of a time when they went strawberry picking as children. Kelly races home with Joey asking what's wrong? Melinda is happy to see her daughter is "safe" and continues ranting about her mother, "the game" and how Dorian "hurt" her. During her more lucid moments, Melinda says that she knows that she is getting worse and that her medication isn't working anymore (no surprise since Dorian tampered with it!). She says that she can feel the changes within her. Kelly calms Melinda down and along with Dorian they go upstairs to put Melinda to bed.

In the living room, Mel and Joey have a tense conversation. Joey expresses his surprise at how well Kelly is handling her mother. Mel does little to hide his dislike of Joey and mentions that Kelly learned how to handle a lot in the past few months. The reporter explains that he has seen Kelly go through a lot recently and tells Joey that she doesn't need him back in her life "to stir it all up again" Joey, once again, explains that he realizes his mistake and just wants a chance to earn Kelly's forgiveness. During Joey's speech the subject turns to Dorian and Mel suggest that they not go in that direction. Joey says that he doesn't blame Dorian, but that his ex-lover's attempts to protect the people around her are often disastrous. He couldn't handle it, but maybe Mel can because he does want Dorian to be happy. Dorian enters the room and give Joey the signal to leave. Dorian finds comfort in Mel's arms and says that it is obvious that Melinda isn't as stable as the doctors thought and maybe she should go back to the institution. Afterwards, Mel leaves and Dorian gazes at Melinda's medication and says that she will do anything she has to in order to "protect all of us"

At Club Indigo:

Rachel is visibly upset at the news of the Holden kidnapping. R.J. is also unusually concerned, pressing her for details. He finally tells her to call Nora on her cell phone while he places a desperate and angry phone call to "Claude" demanding to speak to him. Rachel mentions that she wonders if this will keep Max from fulfilling his partnership with Jacara. After placing a call to Nora, Rachel briefs R.J. on the loss of the children. He is so upset that he knock a glass off the bar and tells Rachel to go home.

By the Llantano River:

Bo, Nora, Max and most of the Llanview Police department are searching the accident site for any sign of Max's children or the two kidnappers, Max berates himself for not calling the police and for allowing this to happen. Blair shows up asking about the children and Bo wants to know why everyone knew about the kidnapping but him. Max explains the events of the last two days leading up to the accident. Just then a member of the search party pulls Bo to the side and tells him that the divers have finally reached the car. Both the doors have been torn off and water is rushing through it. There is only one body inside of it. No sign of the other kidnapper...or the kids. But they did find one of Frankie's stuffed toys wedged under the seat. It is doubtful that the children could survive. Bo gives the order to drag the river and then the commissioner and his wife take the grief-stricken Max back home.

At Max's home:

Bo asks why Max or Blair or Nora didn't come to him about the children. He could have done something and now they are all responsible for what happened. Bo gets a call saying that the twins were spotted in the kidnappers car earlier that evening. This convinces everyone that the kids are probably dead. After Bo and Nora leave, Max blames himself and wonders to Blair how he is going to tell Al that his brother and sister are gone. Blair attempts to comfort the grieving man are useless as Max realizes that he has lost anything and everything he has ever worked for Luna, Maggie, Al, Frankie and Leslie, Serenity Springs, the ski lodge and Rodi's. He is a man with nothing...

The home of Bo and Nora Buchanan:

Bo rips in to Nora about keeping Max's secret. He says that she should have done what was right instead of hiding behind attorney-client privilege. Nora defends her actions saying that Max trusted her and she had no choice but to abide by his wishes. Bo blames Nora for the twins' deaths and walks out, leaving Nora shocked and wounded in the middle of their living room...

In a dark alley somewhere in Llanview:

R.J. meets up with Claude and begins the conversation by putting a knife to the other man's throat. R.J. demands to know if Claude stole Max's kids. Claude admits to the crime and says that he did it at R.J.'s request. After all, R.J. did want Max "broken and broke." R.J. says that was true but he didn't say anything about kidnapping and now two kids are dead. No they aren't, says Claude. The twins are alive and well and in Canada. Apparently, the #1 guy, changed the plans at the last minute and sold the kids to a childless couple. R.J. demands to know who this person is. He intends to track down Max's kids and if Claude knows what is good for him, he will completely deny any involvement with R.J. Otherwise, he's a dead man...

Wednesday, November 26, 1997

Penthouse- Todd and Téa

It is the morning after Téa's "date" with Andrew. Téa comes downstairs and wishes Todd a good morning. He has his nose buried in the paper. Finally, he asks if she is off to work, even on Thanksgiving. He is curious about her whereabouts the night before, but is trying to be casual as he asks her why she cam home late last night, maybe he should have bought her an American made car, foreign cars can be difficult to handle. Téa says the car is fine. He wants to know if she drove anywhere special, but she does not answer him. He says, Ok so where are we going to carve up the bird. Moose squawks. Todd says he is sorry. Then he turns to Téa and reminds her that she said she likes holidays. She replies that is true, but theirs is a business arrangement and they are not a real family, so what is to celebrate? Todd tries to hedge the question by giving a fractured history lesson of the first Thanksgiving and how the Indians and Pilgrims just ate together and gave everyone a Thursday off. Téa persists that family and Thanksgiving go together. She shares with him fond memories of a five year old Téa in Abuelita's kitchen with all the steam simmering from the pots, and her grandmother asking her opinion if she was cooking good. Téa names a lot of Spanish dishes, rice and noddles, plantana etc. What about turkey, Todd asks. A mere side dish compared to the pork her grandmother seasoned and boiled. Todd is beginning to get hungry. For what, she asks, a business dinner. He asks her to give him a break. She replies that they will stick to the terms of their deal. Todd insists holiday dinners were a part of the deal. No, Téa answers, family goes with holidays and they are not a genuine family. Todd says for 5 million dollars every day should be a holiday. Téa concedes that she will show up but the rest is up to him. She will not do the cooking. Dinner is up to him. She tells him there are two kinds of plantana and she likes the sweet kind. Now she is off to the police station.

Serenity Springs- Max and Renee

You hear that, Max says to Renee as he clutches a family portrait of him with the twins, that is the sound of nothing. No laughs or shouts coming down from the ceiling, letting him know the twins have awakened. Renee comments they sure look like Luna. Max caresses the picture and replies that they are with her now. Renee now realizes why he wanted her to buy Serenity Springs. If he had only told her. To Max, nothing makes a difference without his kids. Renee says he must listen to her. He has to stop blaming himself. He confesses that he was sitting right there in the living room when they were taken. Renee replies he would never do anything to hurt the twins. Max begins to cry and puts his head in his hands while Rene strokes his shoulders. He asks what he does now. She says whatever is next. For Max, what is next is to find out who did this. That is the only good that can come out of the situation.

Bo and Nora's House- Rachel, Bo and Nora

Nora tells Rachel that Bo is still angry. When he came home, still smelling of the river, and she asked him what happened, he pretended he was asleep. Bo comes downstairs and says that any news about the kids is bad. He says that the car was intact when it hit the boulders and the doors were torn off. No one could have been flung clear. They could not have made it to dry land and further down the current was too strong to swim. He is now dragging the whole river for bodies. That is what you look for when no one survives.

Rachel says that even R.J. is shook up over this. Bo's antenna is up. Really, he replies, exactly how shook up was he. Rachel says when she told her uncle about the kids drowning, he knocked his drink over. Nora interjects that even R.J. would be moved by such a tragedy. Rachel adds that R.J. is no different from anyone else. Bo says don't get carried away. Rachel is concerned for Bo and how hard he is taking this. Is there anything she can do to help? He says if her mother had asked HIM that question yesterday, he could have done something. Nora wants to know why Bo thinks keeping Max's confidence makes her responsible for the death of the twins Rachel can see it is time to leave them alone, but before she leaves, she reminds them that it is times like this that they need each other the most.

Once her daughter is gone, Nora says that Rachel is right. Bo asks, Is she? He thinks they have a big problem. Nora agrees but says that does not cancel out their loving or needing each other. Come on, Bo, she cajoles, this is Nora, your wife, companion, buddy. He tells her to go down and look at the car and think what the kids went through and ask if she suffered enough. Does he think she wanted them dead? No, I don't think you did enough to prevent it, he replies with an edge. Max was her client and he exacted her promise as his attorney to follow the kidnappers instructions and not tell the police. She did everything to change his mind. Bo says he wishes she had, because Frankie and Leslie would be alive instead of the last two names on a police report. Nora replies he is being unfair. Bo answers, What's unfair is that her professional scruples are more important than the lives of two children. This is a tragedy and they are all the losers. She tries desperately to connect with him. She asks what about Thanksgiving. He replies that he doesn't know when he will be back. Maybe when he is thankful for something.

Llanfair-Viki, Kevin, Todd, Renee

Kevin and Viki discuss Thanksgiving. Viki comments that every year she makes a list of what she would like to make and then it is always the same dinner. Kevin says he is sorry that he will miss it, but he is spending it with Cassie at Dorian's. Viki was so hoping everyone would be there. She understands his relationship with Cassie and that he has obligations, but she doesn't have to like it. Kevin is hardly thrilled himself to be spending the holiday at Casa Cramer.

Renee comes in and says she can't spend Thanksgiving with them and eventually she tells them the reason why. They are shocked that Max's twins were swept away into the currents of the river. Kevin tells them he will honor the news blackout as enforced by Bo. But he must go to the police station and talk to his uncle. He sure hopes Todd hasn't found out about this yet.

After Kevin and Renee leave, Todd shows up with a wreath. He is trying to show that Viki has taught him good manners and that a guest must bring some kind of gift to dinner. The sight of Todd with the wreath soliciting an invitation for Thanksgiving dinner is too much for Viki. Of course, he can come. She is just relieved that Kevin will be at Dorian's. Todd asks if Viki can cook some Spanish dishes. She replies that this must mean that his wife and Starr are coming. Todd makes some lame joke about "Delgado" and Viki seriously reminds him not to take family for granted They can be taken from you in a second, she scolds. Todd knows instinctively there must be something afoot. Viki tells him that life is a learning experience and she has learned not to trust Todd Manning with any information.

Police Station-Téa, Linda, Bo, Kevin, Max

Téa asks Linda to pass along her business card. Linda wonders why a millionaire like Téa needs to make more money. Téa replies she needs to have a professional life as well as a personal life. Linda comments that considering who she is sharing her personal life with, this is not surprising. Linda walks away, leaving the case file on Frankie and Leslie Holden on the desk. Téa opens it and starts reading as Kevin steals up behind her. She realizes that he knows about it already. He tells her there is a press blackout and she should put it back where she found it.

Next, he goes in and tells Bo what he knows and how. Renee was pretty broken up about Frankie and Leslie. Kevin will honor the blackout, he just wants the green light when Bo is ready to inform the media. Bo says in a couple of hours, he will lift the ban. He has called off the search and as soon as Max signs his written statement, he will call a press conference and the story can be written. Of course there are always those members of the press who will love sinking their teeth into such a disaster. Téa is near the door and she has overheard their conversation. She ducks in a corner as Max shows up. Kevin assures Max that it won't hit the papers until Bo says it is OK. As he leaves, he tells Max to call him if he needs anything.

Bo asks Max if he got any sleep and then takes it back, with one look at Max's face. He hands Max the statement for signature and Max refuses to even read it. Bo suggests Max speak to Larry or Andrew. Max replies he does not need Drugs or God. All he needs to do is find out who set this up. Bo probes Max for clues. He mentions Tommy Gregory. He tossed him out of Rodi's. Jacara said he wouldn't be bothering them again. R.J. said he would take care of him. Bo is a little too interested in R.J. and how he fits into this. Max says he can feel there is something more. Bo tries to says that the police have been wrong about R.J. in the past. For instance, he did not kill Carlo Hesser, but he has a hunch. There was bad blood between Max and R.J. and things have gotten worse recently. R.J. is not gracious about rejection He tells Max what Rachel said about R.J.'s strong reaction to the news that the kids had been tossed into the river. Max is all for getting R.J. there and then, but Bo reminds him that his investigation needs to progress one step at a time. Max wants R.J. picked up. Linda comes in and informs them that the suitcase has been fished out with very little money left. The rest must have been swept away. She needs Bo to sign the evidence report. Bo tells Max to sit tight. Bo leaves and Max bolts out the door like a streak of lightning.

Kevin catches Téa with one eye on the report and the other toward the phone He says why doesn't she just read it over the phone to her husband and let the Sun's slash and burn brand of journalism violate the blackout. He comments that he always thought there was something decent about her that Todd couldn't tear out of her. Téa replies that before he tore into her, the only phone call she was considering was one to Judith to check up on Starr. Téa says he is being self righteous. After all, he is gong to cover the story for the Banner himself. He just went ahead and assumed she was spying for Todd. That makes him the irresponsible one. Kevin says he is admittedly a jerk, as she well knows, but he is right about Max not needing Todd to get this information. It is the right thing for Téa to do.

Bo and Nora's House- Nora and Georgie

Nora is sitting on the couch with a cup of coffee. She is crying as Georgie arrives. Nora says she feels like a murderer. After explaining what happened to her assistant, Georgie says that there is no way that Nora could have know what was going to happen. Georgie said she spent a whole weekend rereading every court transcript on Nora's cases. Nora is brilliant and scrupulous. Nora remarks that she must find better things to do with her weekends. Georgie replies that Nora was faced with a horrendous choice and no matter which she made, the children still could have died. Nora says she is not sure she did the best she could. She is awash in sinking hormones. Her judgment is suspect. Georgie asks if faced with the same situation would Nora have done anything different this time. No she would not have. So, Nora says, the good news is that she is not a hormonal basket case, but the bad news is that Bo believes she did the wrong thing.

Georgie says that Bo and Nora are intelligent, passionate people. Nora recalls last year when she thought their life together was coming to an end. Bo had been shot and was in a coma and she didn't think he would make it. On Thanksgiving Day, he squeezed her hand. She made a promise that this Thanksgiving would not be like the last. They would be happy and healthy. Maybe she should choose another holiday. Bo can't bear to be in the same room with her But she shouldn't be unloading herself on Georgie. No, Georgie replies, she is glad she told her. Now, she can do something.

Penthouse- Todd and Téa

Todd is on the phone with Briggs. the Banner scooped the Sun by an hour. It is a disaster, he tells Téa when she arrives. He remembers she was at the Police Station and asks her if she heard anything while she was there.

Indigo- R.J. and Rachel

Rachel arrives at Club Indigo in tears. She tells her uncle, it is no use, the twins are dead. He hugs her close to him and says it will be alright She can't believe he can be so calm. Max shows up and Rachel is giving her condolences, when Max grabs R.J. and pins him to the bar. HOW DOES IT FEEL TO KNOW YOU KILLED MY KIDS, he asks as he chokes him.

Thursday, November 27, 1997

Max, R.J., Bo, Benny and Rachel

Max has R.J. pinned against the bar and is choking him. Give me one good reason why I shouldn't kill you right now, Max demands of R.J. Just as R.J. is telling Max that he's making a mistake, Bo and Benny arrive and pull Max off of R.J.

Max is insisting that Bo arrest R.J. Max knows how furious R.J. was when Jacara dumped him and came over to partner with Max, he yells at R.J. That was business, R.J. would never hurt Max's children over some business deal, R.J. yells right back. R.J.'s not going to press charges for assaulting him this time, but he wants Max to leave immediately. Bo forces Max out the door, but not before Max threatens to kill R.J. with his bare hands if he gets one shred of proof that R.J. was involved. Outside, Max yells at Bo for not arresting R.J. I don't have any evidence against R.J., Bo reminds him. Bo wants to call someone to be with Max, but he refuses and walks away alone.

Max is sitting alone at the Mountain Sunset Inn, thinking about Luna and the twins being born there. Suddenly a wind moves the curtains at the window and the door opens, but no one is there. "Luna?", Max calls out.

Georgie, Bo, Nora and Rachel

Georgie's promising Mud his very own Cornish game hen for Thanksgiving when Bo comes home. Nora's upstairs and she's got dinner all under control, she tells him. Bo tells her not to take this the wrong way, but he's not in the mood for Thanksgiving. He hasn't slept for two days, he had to tell Max his kids were dead, he has to find out who did this and none of this would probably have happened in Nora had just confided in him. Surprisingly, Georgie agrees with him, Nora should have told him what was going on, the lives of those two kids was more important than confidentiality. Bo, without realizing it, then begins arguing Nora's point of view, the Max believed what the kidnappers said, that they would kill the kids if the police were involved and if Nora had told him, it would be like holding a gun to the kid's heads.... He stops, realizing that Georgie tricked him into taking Nora's side. You're good, he tells her.

Georgie manipulated Bo into taking Nora's side of things. She knew they weren't really too far apart, but Bo's anger was getting in the way. They love each other and Georgie just wanted to help them get back together. Nora hesitantly comes downstairs, unsure of her reception from Bo. Hey, Red, wanna help me carve a turkey, he greets her. Nora is so relieved, they call a truce and hug.

Rachel's come over to join them for Thanksgiving dinner. Hank's supposed to come, but he's probably still over at the diner with Carlotta. Rachel makes a toast about love and forgiveness, obviously directed at Bo and Nora. Nora then makes a toast, thanking Georgie for all her hard work.

Todd and Téa

Todd asks Téa again if she heard anything while she was at the police station about Max's kids. Téa evades the question and complains that she doesn't like Todd's tone. Téa didn't realize she was working for The Sun, she wasn't trying to pick up any news while she was there. What does Todd think, that she looked through confidential police files and then eavesdropped outside Bo's office? Todd doesn't realize how true that really is. He gives up questioning Téa and tells her to go get dressed, they have to be at Viki's for Thanksgiving dinner in about an hour. Téa is surprised that he went through the trouble of planning a family outing. So surprised, in fact, that she doesn't know what to say.

Dorian's house

"Happy Thanksgiving!", River greets Dorian as she opens the door to let them in. Kevin tries to be nice and give his hostess a bottle of wine, but of course Dorian can't accept it gracefully and has to comment that her maid once gave her the same wine. Kevin decides to ignore Dorian and heads into the living room to say hello to Mel. Dorian takes River in to show him off to all her guests. Blair comes down the stairs and Cassie mentions that she heard about what happened to Max's twins, she's so sorry. Blair doesn't understand how anyone could do something so horrible. Max is understandably a wreck and she heads out to go find him. Tell Dorian I'll be back in time for dinner, she asks Cassie. Cassie joins everyone in the living room, where River is busy showing off his dinosaur. Cassie asks Dorian when Melinda is coming down, she'd like to introduce him to River. Melinda's not coming down, Dorian explains, she's feeling a bit "fragile" right now. Cassie understands, maybe she and River will go upstairs to visit later. All conversation suddenly stops and all eyes turn to the doorway. Melinda is standing there, cradling the "Dorian" doll with it's missing eyes and fingers. "Dorian had an accident", she says, looking at the doll's broken fingers.

Dorian and Kelly rush to Melinda's side. Dorian tries to take the doll away, but Melinda pulls it away, saying she can take care of it herself. Next, Dorian asks Kelly to take Melinda upstairs, but Melinda has other ideas. She spots Mel and goes over to say hello to him. Next she turns to Kevin, he must be Viki Buchanan's son, he has her smile. Viki's such a lovely woman, Melinda says warmly. "She's even more confused that I thought", Dorian sarcastically comments softly to Kelly. Dorian quickly leads River from the room as Mel introduces Melinda to Dorothy and Mary. Over Dorian's objections, Mary asks Melinda what happened to her doll. "Her name is Dorian and she hurt me, so I had to hurt her back", Melinda explains to Mary.

Dorian quickly suggests that Cassie and Kevin take River to see the Thanksgiving parade in town and they leave. Mary comments to Melinda that Dorian must have done something terrible to her to make Melinda want to hurt her this badly. Dorian tries to stop the discussion, but Mary thinks it would be best for Melinda to discuss whatever is bothering her. Melinda agrees, Dorian's tried to keep her silent since she got there. Melinda tells them about the horseback riding accident, that Melinda didn't want to do it, she was scared, but Dorian insisted that they had to ride very fast. Melinda fell off and broke her arm and lots of little bones in her hand and tore several ligaments. The doctors weren't able to put it together well enough for her to ever play like a concert pianist again. Melinda still doesn't understand why Dorian made her race. And how about the eyes, Kelly asks, why did Melinda pluck out the dolls eyes? Because Dorian never let her see what was really going on in that house, Melinda explains.

It wasn't just Dorian, nobody let her know what was going on. She didn't know what was a game and what was real, like when they told her about Mother and Daddy. After Melinda fell off the horse, Ms. Stonecliff came to see her and told her they were dead, they'd died in a plane crash. But that didn't make any sense to Melinda, why would her parents be going on a trip when she was hurt and in the hospital. What really made them leave, Melinda asks Dorian, was is my fault, were they angry at me? Dorian assures her that's not true and tries to shut her up and get her to go upstairs. Melinda gets very upset, she can't possible rest, she hasn't been the same since she came into this house. Her medication isn't working, she says, throwing the pill case across the room and spilling the pills everywhere. Dorian rushes to pick up the pills. Mel manages to hide one under his foot and later picks it up and puts it in his pocket. Kelly leads Melinda upstairs and Dorian follows after apologizing to Mary, Dorothy and Mel.

Blair returns home and just as she walks in the door, her cell phone rings. It's Max, he just wanted to tell her he's up at the Mountain Sunset Inn looking around one last time before the ownership transfers. Blair offers to go up there, but Max refuses, he wants to be alone. He just wanted to let her know he was OK. After hanging up, Max has a long flashback about Luna and how Frankie and Leslie were born at the Inn. At Dorian's, Blair learns about Melinda's 'incident' and tells Dorian she's leaving to go be with Max at the Inn. Dorian and Kelly rejoin the Hayes in the living room. Dorian and Kelly discuss the situation and decide it would be best for Melinda to go back to the institution in California. Kelly goes upstairs again to check on Melinda. Dorothy follows her and tells her it wasn't her fault, she was great with Melinda and Dorothy admires her courage. Kelly continues upstairs and the doorbell rings, so Dorothy goes to answer it. It's Joey.

Joey heard about Melinda and came to see how Kelly was doing. Kelly comes running down the stairs, calling out for Dorian. Melinda's gone.


Viki joins Clint in the library, saying that dinner is looking good. Clint wonders where everyone else is. Joey and Jessica are helping Andrew serve meals to the homeless at the community center, Kevin is having dinner at Dorian's(Viki makes a face), and the Mannings are expected soon, Viki explains. On his side, Bo is not really in the mood for celebrating and Asa has planned a business trip to avoid the holiday all together. Jessica and Joey, with Andrew along, arrive home. Cristian might be joining them later, but he was still busy giving out meals at the diner. They discuss the tragedy of Max losing the twins. Maybe they'll bring some food over to him later, Viki suggests. Jessica wonders how anyone could do this to innocent children. Human cruelty, Andrew says, he gave his sermon on it today, but he still doesn't have any answers. "Maybe some people are just plain evil", Joey says. As if on cue, Todd appears in the doorway, followed by Téa and Starr. Viki warmly greets them, Todd complains she's only in a good mood because the Banner scooped The Sun. Viki doesn't consider such a tragedy a "scoop", she replies. Téa says hello to Clint and Joey and accepts Clint's offer of a drink. Todd, meanwhile, has to go stir up trouble and ask Andrew how he liked riding in Téa's new car. Where did they end up going to dinner, he asks curiously. Téa comes over to get between them.

If you're asking if Andrew and I went out on a dinner date, why don't you just come out and say it, Téa suggests. Todd denies any interest at all, he was just trying to make conversation. Téa then starts teasing Todd, suggesting that Andrew drive next time and see how it handles tight curves. Joey then interrupts them, calling for everyone's attention. It's a family tradition to go around the room and each tell what they are thankful for. "Oh Brother", Todd says and tries to leave, but Jessica asks him to stay, she'll go first. Jessica- "I'm thankful for my family, I love them a lot. That also includes Joey who traveled all the way across the ocean just to torture me. That also includes you, Uncle Todd, even though you forget my birthdays" Clint- "I'm thankful for Viki Carpenter, my best friend in the world and the terrific mother to three of the best kids a fellow could ever ask for. Viki- "Well, I guess I'm just going to echo sentiments that have already been expressed, but I want to say that I am overwhelmed to be surrounded by nearly all my family, both old and new, and I pray that none of us here ever takes for granted what a precious thing family is." Joey- "I'm thankful that Kevin is the one who has to spend the day with Dorian Lord. I'm also thankful I got to see the Basilica of St. Francis before it got hit by the earthquake." Andrew- "I'm obviously thankful for the health of my son, River, who is a constant reminder of what's really important in life. And I'm also thankful for the tremendous generosity and support of my friends who have seen me through a real difficult year." Téa - "I've spent most of my life feeling like an outsider, but my sobrino Jose has insisted on treating me like a member of this family, all of you have, and for that I'm more thankful than you'll ever know." Todd(looking like a trapped animal, glancing around for some means of escape)- "I'm thankful that.....we only have to do this once a year. Now can we eat please?"

Kevin, Cassie and River arrive at Llanfair just as Joey is coming down the stairs. When they tell him about Melinda's problems, Joey rushes over there to see how Kelly is doing. They go inside and Viki is happy to see them, Cassie and Andrew exchange glances and Todd's reaction is "Oh, goody."

Andrew gives River a big hug and then Cassie takes him out to the kitchen to play with Starr. Viki tries to get Kevin to come to the kitchen with her to keep him away from Todd. When he resists, Viki drags him over next to Todd and makes both of them promise not to do anything to destroy the holiday. After Viki leaves, Kevin immediately starts causing trouble by asking who Téa is there with, Todd or Andrew. Andrew's the one who looks like he's about to deck Kevin. Todd wants to leave, but Kevin tells him to grow up, sometimes you have to spend time with people you don't like. The topic turns to the Banner's scooping of the story about Max's kids. Téa holds her breath, hoping Kevin won't mention seeing her at the police station. Kevin, never one not to rub something in Todd's face, of course brings up the fact that Téa was there and knew all about the story and didn't call Todd. (Of course, he doesn't mention that he's the one that convinced Téa not to call.) After dropping his bombshell, Kevin walks away. "How could you do that to me?", Todd asks Téa.

Téa stands up to Todd, she says she never lied to him, she just evaded his questions. She doesn't work for The Sun, it's not her job to get him news. You would think 5 million dollars would buy him a little loyalty, Todd complains. You were the one that didn't want to go past the bounds of their contract, Téa reminds him. But I planned Thanksgiving like you wanted, Todd says. Yes, but that's not nearly enough, she says, turning back to Andrew. Everyone comes back into the room. Cassie rather jealously watches Téa talking to Andrew. Dinner is served, River announces. Todd's decides to leave and snaps his fingers at Téa, "Let's go." Téa snaps her fingers right back at him, she's not going anywhere. Todd grabs Starr and leaves.

Friday, November 28, 1997

Due to College Football, One Life to Live will not shown today.

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New mom Kelly Kruger shares experience with postpartum guilt
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