Another World Recaps: The week of December 1, 1997 on AW

Matt became the third largest shareholder of Cory stock. Felicia returned Alexander's engagement ring. Joe confronted Paulina about her drinking. Lila forged a note from Vicky to Shane in hopes of luring Shane back to town. Alexander left town but planned revenge.
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Another World Recaps: The week of December 1, 1997 on AW
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Monday, December 1, 1997

Today's recaps was written by Joey Redmon

Paulina and Matt discuss family matters while Paulina drowns her sorrows in a bottle of wine. Matt tries to strike a deal with Paulina, if she lays off lecturing him about Carl, Matt will lay off Paulina about drinking so much. Paulina then pleads with Matt to hide his real feelings for Carl and make peace in order to keep the family united. Matt finally agrees to do so when Paulina stresses the point that the only one tearing the family apart was Matt, not Carl. However, Matt keeps mum to Paulina that he has just become the third largest shareholder in Corey Stock. The first and second largest shareholders are none other than Rachel and Carl.

Rachel discovers an interesting surprise in her daily mail - that of a skeleton hand. Carl comforts Rachel over her discovery and explains that he had requested it from the police. He had intended for it to be delivered to the office at Corey, he explains, so that he may be able to give it to Alexander.

Amanda begs Rachel to forgive Matt for bringing Alexander into their life and for causing havoc in Rachel and Carl's marriage. Amanda once again tries to bring herself to confess to Rachel that it was she and NOT Matt who was to blame for the problems created by Alexander. Rachel stops Amanda's pending confession when she smashes her glass of brandy into the fireplace. Rachel then explains to a tearful Amanda, that despite everything that Matt has done or ever will do, Rachel will always love Matt. Shortly thereafter, Rachel receives an informative call from Corey that Matt has become the third largest shareholder in Corey Publishing. As Rachel questions Amanda as to where Matt could have ever gotten that much money, Matt walks in.

Tyrone confesses to Toni that he has deeper feelings for her than just that of friendship. As they explore these new feelings with a deep kiss, Etta Mae, walks in and interrupts them. When Toni leaves the room, Etta Mae lectures Tyrone about the dangers of playing with Toni's heart and warns him to stay away from these feelings. Later a confused Toni looks to Etta Mae for advice about Tyrone. Etta Mae advises Toni that Toni should not throw away her relationship with Chris for a short lived fling with Tyrone.

Tyrone heads to Gary's to pick up his mothers' personal affects. Tyrone discovers among his baby pictures a mysterious lock box to which Etta Mae had given him a key for from his mother. Tyrone discovers a handful of love letters to his mother with her nickname as Satin from Etta Mae's old flame, Artie. Tyrone confronts Etta Mae about Artie and asks her to read these letters. Etta Mae refuses, telling Tyrone to let the past be. Tyrone insists on knowing what happened to the baby that his mother was carrying by Artie. Who was this man that she had an affair with, he wants to know. Etta Mae keeps quiet about what she knows and told Tyrone, once again, to let the past be.

Cass keeps a close eye on Felicia during her recovery and her long awaited return home from the Plastic Surgeon. Felicia feigns exhaustion after confronting her feelings of confusion over Alexander to Cass. Cass will not understand her need to put a closure on the chapter of her life with Alexander. Once Cass leaves, Felicia sneaks out to meet Alexander. Felicia meets Alexander who was ready to take her away. Felicia explains to Alexander that for all that he has done to those that she loves, and to her, she could never love him. Alexander tries to change her mind by telling her how beautiful she was and how that fate brought them together. Felicia does not care to listen and instead gives him back her engagement ring. At the same time, Cass, Carl, and Gary discover that Felicia was missing and track her down to Alexander's and Felicia's meeting place.

Tuesday, December 2, 1997

Grant and Cindy plan a future in the White House assuming Nikos' help. Donna interrupts them, showing Grant the picture he left for Jake. She warns Grant not to mess with her. Grant worries about his position when Nikos calls to say he'll be lying low for a while; but, will be back to get what he wants contrary to what others may say. Grant and Cindy dance around their feelings for each other(as usual).

Nick and Sofia bump into each other at the Xmas tree lot. Nick questions Sofia and told her she may still have feelings for Matt. Sofia denies this and told Nick she has no second thoughts about their relationship. Unfortunately, Nick can't say the same and leaves. Tomas meets up with Sofia and they go home. Tomas tries to tell Sofia the truth but gets side tracked. Sofia insists she loves Nick; but, she can't deny the letters are romantic. They try on costumes for the school play and practice their lines. Tomas can't stand the pretending and leaves the apartment when they get to the kissing scene. Matt stops by after a run in with a very upset Nick. Sofia realizes Matt was not the writer of the love letters. Nick comes by and misinterprets Sofia and Matt hugging, he leaves without being detected. Nick sees Tomas on the street and told him he and Sofia broke up-she loves her pen pal. Tomas smiles.

Matt lies to his mother when he told her he was sorry and wants to make amends with Carl. Rachel wants to believe him; but, won't allow Matt back into the house until he speaks with Carl. Amanda tries to convince Matt he's wrong about Carl and to stop the fighting; but, Matt continues to believe they must protect their mother.

Meanwhile Carl and Gary find Felicia. Alexander disappeared. Felicia told her friends Alexander wont be back-he promised he won't hurt anyone else. Carl can't believe her. Felicia, Carl. Gary and Cass go home to Bay City where Felicia sees Rachel. Although Felicia believes they are no longer in danger Carl insists on finding Nikos and bringing him to justice for everyone's safety. In the meantime Alexander was planning Carl's surveillance. He calls the Cory residence and feigns his defeat promising never to return to Bay City again. Carl doesn't believe him; and,it was a good thing because after the phone call we hear Nikos swear he will return to get everything he wants.

Wednesday, December 3, 1997

Lila desperately searches for Shane's whereabouts, knowing how sick he really is. She asks Tomas for help but he says he doesn't know how to contact Shane. Lila wonders what the one thing was that will bring Shane back to Bay City. Jake and Vicky come home early from their honeymoon and revel in their domestic bliss. Jake gets a jump on Christmas, saying he wants to enjoy their first holiday as a family. Donna comes by with the boys who happily watch Jake carry their mom over the threshold. Vicky finds out from Donna that Shane has taken a leave of absence from the hospital. Donna is dismayed to find out Vicky really did kiss Shane before the wedding but Vicky changes the subject to what she can get Jake for Christmas. As Paulina prepares for her dinner party, Joe gets worried that her eggnog has a lot more "nog" than "egg." Jake and the boys stop by Paulina and Joe's bearing gifts. Jake brought some old snapshots of him and Paulina. Paulina gets very upset when Kirkland innocently remarks how beautiful Paulina used to be. Meanwhile, Nick comes by to break things off with Sophia, thinking she wants to get back together with Matt. She stops him from leaving and he finally reveals to her that he wrote the letters. She was surprised but happy that he could be so romantic and she informs him that she tried to tell her secret admirer that she loved someone else. They enjoy making up until they realize that Tomas must have been screwing with the anonymous notes. The three roommates have a confrontation at Paulina's house when Tomas gives Sophia a letter that he says explains how he feels. Nick and Sophia leave to talk to Tomas and Paulina blasts Joe for quickly taking away the wine bottle Tomas brought over. Joe sadly told his wife that he thinks she has a drinking problem. Vicky was surprised to find Lila at her door, saying she needs help concerning Shane.

Thursday, December 4, 1997

Lila plants a seed of concern in Vicky's mind about Shane's state of mind and disappearance. Vicky quickly disregards Lila's remarks. Before Lila leaves Vicky's home she manages to confiscate a not hand written by Vicky along with some of Vicky's stationary. Lila arrives at the hospital and speaks with Tomas who has little hope for Shane's recovery. Lila decides desperate times call for desperate measures. She pulls out the note paper and writes a letter to Shane from 'Vicky". In the letter 'Vicky' asks Shane to come home because she realizes she made a mistake marrying Jake. Lila brought the letter to the airport in order to send the letter to Shane via overnight express. Lila hopes this will bring Shane back.

Jake and the children find the perfect tree and bring it home. At home Jake surprises Vicky with a romantic getaway to Rome. He was trying to recreate an Audrey Hepburn movie- complete with dancing shoes for Vicky. The gods seem to be conspiring against Vicky and Jake. Grant comes by to pickup Kirkland and hides the picture of Shane and Vicky's kiss in Jake's stocking. Jake and Vicky get to the airport and see Lila; but, Vicky does not see the letter headed to Shane with her name on it.

Donna greets Cass at the airport much to his surprise. At first he seems less than enthusiastic; but, he quickly warms up to Donna's gesture. They go to Vicky's house to up Steven and find themselves under the mistletoe. Upon the children's insistence Cass kisses Donna leaving her breathless. It seems the buds of romance are blossoming.

There was tension between the two friends when Tyrone shows up at the precinct and asks Toni if she was avoiding him. She assures him she was not; and, told Tyrone she not certain about what will happen between them-she really cares for Chris. Toni does agree to help Tyrone find out the meaning of the contents of the box containing his mother's belongings. Although Tyrone asks Toni to go to Chicago with him, she insists she cannot and diverts Tyrone's attempt to kiss her.

Meanwhile Sofia talks with Tomas and tries to set the record straight. She sincerely wants to be friends; but, Tomas admits he loves her. He then told Sofia it was he not Nick who should move out.

Paulina and Joe argue about their problems. Joe expresses concern about Paulina's drinking-maybe she needed complete the full thirty days of her rehab. Joe seems to think Paulina may be predisposed to addictions. Paulina of course denies the allegations; but, she was left alone when Joe storms out. Later Cindy ( against Grant's wishes ) visits Paulina bringing with her a bottle of wine. Cindy wants to assume her friendship with Paulina. Paulina tries to resist the glass of wine Cindy pours for her but was easily persuaded to have some. The two discuss their friendship and realize their husband's will never like each other; but, it won't stop them from keeping company. Later Joe returns to an empty house and a note from Paulina saying she took Dante to the mall. Joe was not pleased Paulina took Dante out so late: and, he was less pleased when he notices an empty bottle of wine in the trash.

Friday, December 5, 1997

Joe and Paulina continue to argue about her drinking. Joe wants Paulina to play Mrs.. Claus with him for the pediatric ward; but, Paulina refuses. This does not sit well with Joe who wants Paulina to admit she has a hang over. Joe plays Santa alone. When Santa arrives at Carlino's he asks Rain what she wants for Christmas. Rain refuses for fear her wish won't come true. Gary told Rain Santa was the only person she can tell with confidence. She asks Santa for a family of her own. Santa was glad to see Mrs. Claus and they make up.

Meanwhile Tyrone and Toni are searching for his father. Toni reports Mrs. Gentry's memories of Irene bringing home a baby after being away for a while; but, she remembers there was no ring on Irene's finger. Tyrone speaks with a gentlemen at the bar of The Blue Note. He told Tyrone about Artie and Satin; but, he can't provide anything new. no one knew Satin's real name. When Tyrone says he'll have to speak with Artie the gentleman told him Artie was dead. Toni returned with information about Irene- she was Artie's first cousin.

Lila seems convinced Shane was headed back to Bay City and shares this with Gary. She becomes flustered when she finds out the letter she forged to Shane was headed back to the sender-Vicky. When Lila arrives at Vicky's hoping to intercept the letter she happens upon Donna who accepts the letter from the courier. Lila can't get her hands on it. Donna reads the letter and can't believe her daughter.

Matt went to his mother's house and offers his apologies to Carl. He does a great job. was it sincere? Carl told Rachel only time will tell. Rachel and Carl go to the hospital for a check-up. On their way out they get stuck in the elevator and Rachel has an attack of claustrophobia.

Alexander's plan begins to take shape. He insists Zoe go to Bay City; and, reluctantly she does as her father asks.


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