Another World Recaps: The week of November 10, 1997 on AW

Marley returned to town. Toni tried to work things out with Chris and ignore her kiss with Tyrone. Rachel faked continued amnesia, hoping to lure Alexander out of hiding. Vicky and Jake's wedding began, but was the bride Vicky or Marley?
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Another World Recaps: The week of November 10, 1997 on AW
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With all the excitement about meeting 'Jake' at the boat Vicky realizes she left the pizza at Carlino's. She runs into Jake and they quickly realize Shane was the one who extended the invitation. Jake was less than pleased. Before Jake heads home, as he promised Vicky he would, he meets up with Shane and told him to stay away from Vicky. Vicky tries to reassure Jake that Shane was in the past and told him that she will speak to patty. Vicky feels that if anyone can convince Shane to back off it's his sister. Later Vicky pays Patty a visit not realizing that Shane was in the other room. Vicky begs Patty to tell Shane to stay away, when Patty told Vicky she will speak with her brother Vicky insists Patty call at that moment. Before Vicky was able to leave Lila stops her hoping she'll be able to get Vicky to say something that will convince Shane (who can hear everything from behind the door) to move on. The plan backfires when Vicky says the passion she shared with Shane was something Lila never shared with him. Shane was left hopeful.

Gary manages to send Popper to jail when he concocts a plan of entrapment. Gary meets Popper in the alleyway. Popper believes Gary came prepared to buy Rain. Gary came prepared: but, he came prepared to to have Popper arrested-after he incriminates himself.

Grant foolishly believes Popper was out of town and uses this as an excuse to celebrate with Cindy

Carl was more determined than ever to exact his revenge on Nikos.

Tuesday, November 18, 1997

Things are awkward between Tyrone and Toni when they get ready for Vicky's shower. she continues to insist the kiss meant nothing but Tyrone asks if she really feels that way. they almost share another kiss but are interrupted by Chris's arrival who was annoyed with their chummy chummy attitudes. Matt sneaks into the house to have a secret conference with Amanda. She says Rachel was still furious with him and Matt continues to feel guilty. Amanda is shocked when Matt admits that he was responsible for bring Alex to bc and everything Carl said was true. He then told her that Amanda was much more appealing than Hadley and that he knows she wishes she could catch Jake's attentions. Vicky told Jake that she was going to talk to patty about convincing Shane to stop trying to ruin the wedding. Jake confesses his fears to Chris & later went to the Cory's to try and get Carl's help. Amanda told him that he doesn't' deserve the way Vicky was treating him. Lila and patty try and convince Shane to give up on Vicky but he was determined despite his raging fever. Vicky comes by and asks patty to help her. Even though he hears Vicky say she wants Shane to stay away, he was still convinced she loves him. Vicky almost catches Shane there but has a confrontation with Lila instead. Lila told Vicky to let Shane go but Vicky counters that Lila was just jealous she and Shane shared a burning love at one time before Lila's meddling. Shane was encouraged by her words and her worries about her health. He calls Amanda to try and find out where Vicky's shower was being held. Nick sadly prepares to move out, much to Sophia's dismay and Tomas's delight. Sophia was worried they are growing apart but was still determined to find out who was sending her the anonymous love letters. Tomas was shocked when Sophia announces that she thinks Matt was her secret admirer.

Wednesday, November 19, 1997

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Watching Grant cuddle with Kirkland, Cindy quietly reminds her husband that they both know the boy was not really his son. Vicky feigns surprise to find her friends waiting at the Lucky Lady with gifts and champagne. Meanwhile, Chris tries to dissuade Jake from crashing the shower but the bridegroom-to-be remains determined to protect Vicky from any intrusions by her persistent old flame. With his fever temporarily under control, Shane decides to make another attempt at convincing the woman he loves to come back to him for good. Vicky confides to Paulina how she can't seem to get Shane out of her head. Later, the bridal shower kicks into high gear when "Blues Brothers" Jake and Chris show up to let the good times roll. Shane told a puzzled Carl that Vicky will be sailing off with him to the Keys within twenty-four hours. Tomas manages to persuade Sofia not to confront Matt about the love letters. Feeling angry and left out as Grant focuses totally on Kirkland, Cindy wonders how she can become the center of her husband's world once again. As the shower guests ooh and aah at the sight of fireworks exploding into the night sky, Vicky realizes in dismay that Shane was responsible for the sudden pyrotechnics. Nick jumps to the wrong conclusion after reading part of a letter from Sofia to Matt. Amanda was amazed to bump into Marley at the Bay City airport.

Thursday, November 20

Shane kisses Marley thinking she was Vicky. Grant takes a picture of the kiss while hiding in the bushes hoping this will prove to be Vicki's demise. Marley was left confused and confronts Vicky about it when they see each other. Vicky seems jealous of the kiss prompting Marley to wonder why. Marley implores her sister to talk with Shane. Vicky needs to sort out her true feelings- she owes it to herself and everyone involved.

Toni and Chris have a heart to heart. Toni wants her relationship with Chris to work out. She conceals what she knows about Tyrone's feelings for her. She tries desperately to convince Chris he has nothing to worry about.

Grant realizes Nikos' involvement in Rachel's disappearance and tries to use it to reverse the tables with Nikos. Grant realizes with Alexander's connections there are infinite possibilities. Primarily, Grant wants custody of Kirkland and with this ace up his sleeve he feels quite confidant of his success.

In an attempt to flush out Alexander; and, have him believe in Rachel's amnesia, Carl moves out of his home.

Chris practices the speech he will give at Jake and Vicky's wedding. While he recites his speech about Jake and Vicky's relationship and going on about how they are meant for each other and that even God was in His Heaven we see Jake at the wedding site looking clearly worried; and, Vicky clutching her 'Rely on Jake' sign crying.

Friday, November 21

Vicky pulls herself away from kissing Shane and seems a bit confused. Shane insists she can't marry Jake after their kiss. Vicky stands her ground and told Shane although she loves him and some part of her always will, it's not the way she loves Jake. She draws this analogy- her passion with Shane burnt itself out; but, what she shares with Jake was a fire she can add to and build her whole life around. She loves and trusts Jake with her whole life. Shane told her to leave; but adds, she won't say I Do to Jake because she'll be seeing Shane. Vicky told him to believe what he will but she was becoming Mrs. Jake McKinnon today. She exits and realizes they are adrift. She storms out and we hear her trying to start the speed boat.

Jake/Chris/The Kids
Jake was getting ready for his wedding. He helps the Steven and Kirkland get dressed and realizes Kirkland cannot find his suspenders. Chris enters and told Jake Shane was off on an unscheduled trip for a little R&R. Jake was relieved and was convinced he will have a flawless wedding. Jake calls Vicki's house looking for the suspenders and speaks worth Paulina who tries frantically to get him off the phone; but, not before Jake has her tell Vicky he loves her.

Vicki's House
(backtrack) At Vicki's Grant insists on seeing his ex-wife. ' Vicky ' storms down the stairs and insists on knowing what Grant wants since not even he can ruin her wedding day. Grant shows her Kirkland's suspenders and was then quickly shuffled out the door. ' Vicky ' rushes back upstairs. Michael notices something different about his daughter. Donna convinces him all was fine. Michael to was shuffled out the door; but, not before he told Donna she looks sexy-he kisses her neck. Donna downplays the pass and rushes back to talk with Marley. Donna thanks her daughter. Marley was feeling quite uneasy, She told her mother she told Vicky to talk with Shane. Paulina and Donna can't believe their ears. Paulina told Marley Vicky loves Jake, Donna's concern was not about love, it's about Kirkland. She told Marley if Vicky or some facsimile thereof does not walk down that isle Grant will get custody of Kirkland. She storms out on a quest to find Vicky and told Marley if she loves her sister she'll help her out. Marley was truly concerned. Paulina convinces Marley Vicky and Jake are truly good together. Marley admits Jake doesn't deserve to be stood up. The two go upstairs to try on the dress.

Sofia bumps into Tomas on her way to delivering a letter to ANONYMOUS. Tomas intercepts the letter and decides to write back. He responds by reassuring her that although he has feelings for her he won't write again.

Grant meets Cindy on center street. She's dressed outlandishly. Grant comments on her Queen of Sheba look; but, Cindy insists it's perfect attire for crashing a wedding. Grant shows Cindy the picture of Shane and ' Vicky '(really Marley) kissing.He plans on giving it to Jake with the hope of ruining his wedding/marriage to Victoria. Grant asks Cindy to find out if Rachel was faking her amnesia.

Gary walks in on Josie packing a luggage. She told Gary Toni found Rain's grandmother. Gary knows Josie can't give up their little girl neither can he. Whatever investigating needs to be done they'll do it together. In the meantime he shows Rain the flower girl dress he bought her for the wedding. Rain was delighted and thanks her "daddy".

Wedding Site
Everyone was gathering around the fountain for the wedding. Donna seems nervous especially when she overhears Chris tell Jake Shane should be 1/2 way to Canada. The bride, walking hand in hand with her father, comes down the stairs leading to the fountain. She kisses her children and father and meets up with Jake. was it Vicky or Marley?...


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