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Monday, October 10, 1997

Ben's House
Ben carried Meg upstairs where they made love. Ben asked Meg for a short engagement... she'd be surprised with what he can throw together in 24 hours. Meg wanted it all...a big church wedding with all the trimmings and a honeymoon that would last longer than a lunch hour. He promised she could have whatever she wanted. Meg wondered why Ben was so eager to marry her. When Ben went to shower, Meg stumbled on a secret compartment in Ben's closet while she was looking for a shirt. She was horrified when she found the same "bloody" sheets and scissors that she had seen when Maria's studio had been messed up. Meg blurted out that Ben really did kill Maria.

South Bay Hospital
Bette tried to comfort Olivia who was feeling guilty. Olivia said Cole's only crime was that he loved Caitlin. Olivia cried that Caitlin had died hating her and that now Sean hated her too. Olivia's baby started going into distress. After examining Olivia, Dr. Tyus Robinson determined that Olivia would need surgery to hopefully stop her internal bleeding and keep her from going into premature labor.

Sean asked Bette for help in breaking Cole out of jail. She was hesitant because she was worried it would be too much stress on Olivia.

In the hallway, Tyus warned Gregory that Olivia's surgery could have the opposite effect and cause her to go into labor. The odds weren't good for Olivia's baby if she delivered now. Bette overheard Tyus tell Gregory that he needed the father's blood in case a transfusion would be needed. This alarmed Bette because she knew that Cole could also be the father. Bette talked to Tyus privately, and he told her it could be crucial for her to get the other prospective father there to donate blood. This made up Bette's mind and she agreed to help Sean.

Gregory told Olivia about him giving blood for the baby just in case. This freaked Olivia out, but she was too drugged to get out what she wanted to say about Cole before they wheeled her into surgery.

Gregory ordered Eddie to get a name and number for him so he can personally take out a contract on Cole. Gregory explained he wanted Cole dead. Eddie tried to talk him out of it to no avail. Later when Eddie returned with the number, he warned Gregory that once the number was dialed there was no turning back. Gregory called and told the hit man he knew exactly where the target was.

The Police Station (The Old Switch-a-roo)
If something terrible must happen, Cole prayed to God for it to happen to him and not to Caitlin and their baby. Bette and Sean showed up and busted Cole out of jail. Sean took Cole's place in the jail cell. Before Cole could take off to find Caitlin, Bette stopped him.

The Convent
Caitlin dreamt that an angel came and took her baby away. The silent man was taking care of an ailing Caitlin while she slept. When Caitlin woke up she was in a strange room. She kept picturing the angel.

 Tuesday October 11

The Police Station
Cole was desperate to go look for Caitlin, but Bette convinced Cole that he had to go to the hospital to donate blood to Olivia's baby in case the baby is his.

South Bay Hospital
Gregory hired a hitman to kill Cole. Gregory explained that Cole is the only prisoner at the jail.

Gregory told Olivia she has to pull through the operation because he can't live without her. He promised her that they wouldn't lose Sean and that the person responsible, Cole, would pay dearly.

Bette warned Cole to steer clear of Gregory for everyone's best interest. Despite Bette telling him to stay put, Cole left the hospital lab and went to see Olivia. Cole came because he was worried about her and the baby. Olivia apologized for causing him so much pain. Cole said it was time they forgave each other.

Dr. Tyus Robinson was angered when Gregory threatened him that nothing had better go wrong with Olivia's surgery.

Tyus came out of surgery and told Bette that Olivia had gone into labor. Bette realized they'd know who the father was if the baby was born that night.

Gregory and Cole both have their blood taken. Gregory saw Cole and was shocked that he wasn't in jail.

The Police Station
The hitman posed as a policeman to gain access to Cole's jail cell, which Sean was now in. The other guards left on a coffee break leaving the hitman alone with Sean. Much to Sean's surprise, the hitman entered his cell and started strangling him.

The Convent
Caitlin kept envisioning an angel that had came and taken her baby away. A nun came in the room that looked like the angel. Caitlin, who was very sick, asked the nun to please bring her baby boy to her. Caitlin fell back asleep and dreamt of how wonderful it would be to be married to Cole and have their baby. When Caitlin woke up the nun told her that everything would be okay. Caitlin wanted to know where Cole and her baby were... she couldn't be in heaven without them.

Ben's House
Meg was terrified when she found the same "bloody" sheets and scissors from Maria's studio in a secret compartment in Ben's closet. When Meg heard Ben yell for her she hurried and put the items back. Meg was then frightened of Ben because she believed he must have killed Maria. She had a vision of him murdering Maria. Ben noticed that something was wrong with her, but he thought she was having second thoughts about the wedding and tried to assure her that it was right. Meg agreed to move in with Ben and said she wanted to go pack right then, but she was really just trying to get away from him. Ben told her he wanted her to feel comfortable there. She would have to forgive him because he had been living by himself too long and the place was a mess. He said that Annie had tried to organize around there shortly after Meg had left for Kansas. That was a relief for Meg as she realized that it must have been Annie that planted the sheets and scissors. Meg said that Annie was going to get it. Ben didn't really want to hear what Annie had been up to, but Meg insisted. Meg decided to put on a little show and tell about Annie's latest trick, when Ben went to get more champagne. Meg felt bad about doubting Ben, until she wondered why Annie would plant the sheets and scissors after she had thought Ben and Meg were broken up for good. Meg told herself that there must be a rational explanation for all of this. She had to get out of there and figure out what it was. Ben came in and caught Meg gathering her clothes. He asked her if she was going somewhere because she'd have to move a lot faster than that to get away from him.

 Wednesday October 12, 1997

Ben's House
Meg had a nightmare about Ben killing Maria. When she woke up Ben wasn't in bed with her. Meg thought that there must be a reasonable explanation for the "bloody" sheets and scissors that she found. When Meg got dressed and went downstairs she found a note from Ben saying that he would be right back with breakfast. Meg decided to use the chance to get out of there. She wrote him a note saying that she was going to the office, but before she could leave Ben came in. Ben told her that she didn't have to go to work because Gregory had cancelled their meeting. He said they'd have the perfect day to follow up their perfect night. Making love to Meg was all Ben had dreamed it would be. Meg said she felt the same way, but she was noticeably shaken by her doubts. Ben asked if she was scared of getting married to him. Meg denied it. She explained she was just excited. Ben told Meg he had never been this happy. She kept having flashbacks of her nightmare about him. Joan called Meg and was very happy when Meg told her that she and Ben are getting married. After Meg got off the phone, Ben told her he couldn't wait to get married. She didn't understand why they needed to rush. Ben assured Meg that she is his life and that they would have a wonderful life together. That was enough to calm her fears. Ben just wanted to prove himself to her. He kissed her and carried her back upstairs to bed. Meg realized that someone as tender and caring as Ben couldn't kill anyone. She decided Annie must have planted the sheets and scissors. Maybe even before she had left for Kansas. Meg then told Ben that she loved him heart and soul... he had all of her. Ben was touched. They then lose themselves in each other.

The Convent
Caitlin called out for Cole in her sleep and had nightmares about Gregory taking her baby away. The nun watched over Caitlin as she slept. Vincent, the stranger that had saved Caitlin, came in to check on her. The nun told him that he had done the right thing by bringing her there so quickly. Later on, when Caitlin woke up the nun explained to her that she was in the Convent of St Anne and introduced herself as Sister Beatrice. Caitlin recalled the car crash. She then recognized Sister Beatrice as the angel that took away her baby in her dream. Caitlin was devastated when she realized it wasn't a dream and that her baby was gone.

The Police Station
The hitman strangled Sean until he was motionless and limp. He then apparently left Sean for dead.

South Bay Hospital
Olivia went into labor while she was in surgery. Tyus told Bette it was a good thing that she got the other potential father of Olivia's baby to donate blood. It could be crucial.

When Gregory ran into Cole, he grabbed him and demanded to know how he got out of jail. Cole gloated that Sean helped him get out and was now in his cell pretending to be him. Gregory freaked out and ran out.

Bette caught Cole trying to flee before he had given blood, because Gregory had found him. He had to get to Caitlin. Bette explained it was more important than ever for Cole donate his blood because Olivia was in labor. Cole agreed he would and said that he really does care for Olivia and the baby. Cole worried that the baby would turn out to be his, and he'd have to stand by and watch someone like Gregory raise his kid. Bette said that Cole truly is one of the good guys. She warned him not to get his hopes up about finding Caitlin. He said he just knows she is alive. After Cole finished giving blood, Bette gave him her car keys. Eddie came in and found them there. He let Cole slip past him, but called security. Bette tried to call off security, but Cole had to struggle with them to get out of the hospital.

Olivia and the baby came through the surgery and were both stable. Tyus had been able to stop the labor. Bette visited Olivia and told her that the baby was fine. Olivia asked to see Gregory.

The Police Station
Gregory was in agony when he found Sean. Gregory cried and lamented that it was supposed to be Cole... he had never meant for Sean to get hurt. He was holding Sean when Sean started moving. Gregory was overcome with joy. Sean said that someone had tried to kill him. Sean then put two and two together and realized that Gregory had sent a hitman there to kill Cole. Gregory swore he had nothing to do with it. Sean didn't buy it and was disgusted with him. Gregory smacked Sean when Sean accused him of killing Caitlin and of almost killing him. Paula came in and found them. Gregory told her that Cole had escaped and demanded that she do something. They are interrupted when Paula's police radio came on and said that Cole had been seen fleeing the hospital in an old model black Mustang.

The Highway (The Chase is On!)
Cole ripped down the highway in Bette's mustang, desperately trying to get to Caitlin. Police spotted Cole and started chasing him.

 Thursday October 13, 1997

The Deep
Meg pulled Ben into a kiss when he opened the door. She apologized for confusing him... she was confused also. They admitted that they couldn't stop thinking about each other. Meg explained she has become impulsive since she fell for him. Ben said that sometimes you just have to follow your heart and not think too much. She tried to explain why she left after dinner. She started going on about how she had felt so overwhelmed by what he was causing her to feel. Ben told her to shut up and kiss him. Meg did just that.

Meg stated that she felt happy, confused, scared, and excited all at the same time. Ben asked her how she felt when she kissed him when he opened the door. She said it felt right... like they belong together. Those were just the words he had been longing to hear. He felt the same way. They fall into a beautiful kiss.

Casey's Car
Casey tried to assure a worried Vanessa that there is a logical reason why Michael isn't back from the cabin. Vanessa agreed, but that logical reason is Virginia. Casey didn't believe that Virginia would be at the cabin. Vanessa told Casey of her suspicions that Virginia set the fire at the cabin. Casey had a hard time believing that. He said Virginia had nothing but good things to say about Vanessa and Michael. Vanessa didn't understand how Virginia could have everyone at Surf Central fooled.

The Cabin
Michael felt bad for stranding he and Virginia at the cabin. Virginia said they'd make the best of it. Michael made a fire and invited Virginia to come share body heat with him. Virginia pretended to be hesitant before she complied. Virginia told Michael she was proud he followed his dreams when he left the old neighborhood and grateful that he hadn't forgotten about her and Jimmy. Michael said it was the least he could do after what he did to her husband Jackson. Virginia commented that she hadn't been in any man's arms since Jackson, but that it felt right to her. Michael said she was too special to be alone. Just then Vanessa peeps in the cabin window and doesn't like what she sees. Vanessa busted into the cabin and confronted them. Michael explained what was going on. Virginia said she came to bring Michael dinner and to help him with the cabin since Vanessa was busy working. Michael and Casey left to get Michael's car started. Vanessa told Virginia that the patrolman who pulled Virginia over identified her. That proves that Virginia wasn't at Ms. Jones's all night. Virginia said that is all it proves. Vanessa offered to forget what she knows if Virginia backs off of Michael. Virginia didn't go for that. As they all prepared to leave Virginia said to herself that Vanessa just made the biggest mistake of her life.

The Woods
Caitlin woke up and was terrified to see a strange man. She told him she needed help. He picked her up and carried her off to another spot. He went to get her water when she said she was thirsty. She tried to leave when he was gone but was in too much pain to get up. She feared for her baby and begged God not to take her baby. When the stranger returned, Caitlin was unconscious again. He started to unbutton her sweater.

The Hospital
Gregory was so happy to see that Olivia was alive. He then realized what that meant... Caitlin was dead. Olivia was devastated when Gregory told her about Caitlin and Cole confirmed it. Cole said none of this would have happened if Gregory hadn't tried to split them up. Gregory accused Cole of killing Caitlin. A nurse found them fighting and called security. Olivia begged them to stop because it would not bring Caitlin back. Cole was choking Gregory when security came in and got him. Gregory yelled to Cole that he would never see that light of day after Gregory reveals all the information he has on him. Olivia told Gregory that Cole was right. They were to blame for Caitlin's death. Olivia explained that Sean told Caitlin that she and Gregory had been lying and scheming to keep Cole and Caitlin apart. Caitlin had died hating her. Gregory tried to comfort Olivia. He said it was all his fault and that he had forced Olivia into the plan. Later, Olivia grabbed her stomach. When Gregory asked her what was wrong she said it was the baby. Olivia tried to explain that she was really pregnant. Gregory thought that she was just delirious from grief. Olivia took his hand and placed it on her stomach. Gregory was shocked when he felt the baby kick!

Cole was furious that the rescue team was not doing more for Caitlin. He was told that they couldn't see through the fog. Paula came in and told Cole he was under arrest. He pleaded with her that he needed to help Caitlin. He couldn't believe she was dead. There was nothing Paula could do.

Ben's House (The Proposal)
Meg teased Ben about where the night was going. He said no where in particular. She promised it wouldn't be like that forever. He would wait forever if he had to because he had never wanted a woman more or loved a woman more. She explained she had come back from Kansas because she had never felt this way about anyone else. Ben told her that he swore to himself that he'd be patient, but he'd been waiting to make sure she wanted to be with him as much as he wanted to be with her. He was convinced they would have a wonderful future together... he felt it stronger than he had ever known anything. She wanted to know what he was saying. He explained that the day she came back from Kansas he had made a purchase to save for just the right moment... and that moment was now. Ben pulled a little black box from the desk drawer and opened it. Inside was a fabulous diamond engagement ring. Meg was stunned, speechless, and misty eyed. Ben had spent half of his life running away and now he wanted to run to someone. All Meg could blurt out was Ben. He had done everything he knew how to show her what she meant to him, but what better way than to ask her to spend the rest of her life with him. Ben got down on one knee and asked Meg to marry him.

 Friday October 14, 1997

The Highway (Non-Stop Action!)
The police chase after Cole continued. Paula pleaded with Cole to give up via car phone. Cole declared he wouldn't stop for anything. Paula didn't understand why Cole would put his life on the line. Ricardo understood... everything that mattered to Cole was on the line.

Ben's House
Meg seemed ready to tell Ben about what she found in his closet, when Mark's arrival interrupted them. Meg gave Mark the news about her engagement to Ben. When Ben excused himself to take care of some business, Mark wanted to know why Meg didn't look as happy as Ben. Meg explained she feels guilty for doubting Ben because of something she found. Mark encouraged Meg to talk to Ben about it, but she didn't think it was the thing to do. Mark tried to reassure Meg that Annie and Tim must have had something to do with it. Meg wasn't sure, but she knew she had to talk to them and find out.

The Seabreeze
Annie was surprised to see Tim so upset about Caitlin. Tim remembered Caitlin fondly and said she was like a little sister to him. Annie commented she had never seen Tim so hurt. Tim told her that she just hadn't really looked at him then. The reason he had helped her try and break up Ben and Meg was because he needed Meg back in his life so much that it hurt.

When Annie realized that Ben probably didn't know about Caitlin she left in a hurry.

Meg visited Tim to get some answers. When Tim told Meg about Caitlin, she comforted him. Meg questioned Tim about messing up Maria's studio. He swore he didn't know what she was talking about. Tim asked Meg if Ben had done something. Meg said no... and as a matter of fact they were now engaged. This crushed Tim and he told Meg to get out.

Ben's House
Annie went to see Ben with the intent of telling him about Caitlin. When Annie learned the news of Ben's engagement to Meg, she was visibly shaken and hurt. She fled without telling Ben about Caitlin.

The Convent
Caitlin told the nun she didn't want her family contacted. She explained how her parents planned to tell her that her baby was dead. The nun was shocked and told Caitlin that she needed to let go of her anger. Caitlin agreed, because she felt it was her own fault that she had lost the baby.

South Bay Hospital
When Sean accused Gregory of hiring a hitman to kill Cole, Gregory told him that it was not the time or the place to get in to it. Sean turned on Olivia's television and showed her the police chasing Cole. Sean declared he was going to do something to help.

Gregory promised Olivia that they would do better with this baby than they had with Caitlin and Sean. Olivia asked Gregory if it was true that he hired a hitman to kill Cole. When Gregory lied and said he didn't, Olivia believed him.

Gregory and Olivia watched the chase on the television and were shocked to see Sean's car. Olivia feared Sean was going to kill himself to punish them.

The Highway
Cole was surprised when Sean pulled along side him. Cole told him to get out of there over the car phone, but Sean wanted to help. Sean then slid in front of the police, cutting them off. This bought Cole some time to get ahead.

Annie and Bette's house
Annie was in the middle of taking out her frustrations on all the glassware; when much to her chagrin, Meg showed up on her doorstep.

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