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Monday, October 3, 1997

Richard's Communication Group
Annie, who has to settle a vote for the partners, kept stalling and stalling her decision. Ben and Meg got tired of waiting around and left. Annie was not unhappy that it was just she and Gregory left. Gregory left momentarily. While she was waiting on Gregory to return, an employee came in looking for Meg. The employee had printed out what Meg had been researching. Seeing that the article of Maria's accident was in the pages, Annie suggested that she have it sent over to Ben's house for Meg. When Gregory came back in, Annie talked him into having a business dinner with her. They would meet at the Liberty's Corporation's private suite.

The Java Web
Although Gabi claimed she is being truthful about Ricardo raping her, Eddie saw right through her. He said if there isn't a trial, then she wouldn't have to be publicly humiliated. Mark overheard Eddie telling Gabi that Ricardo is taking a lie detector test. Mark was happy for Gabi as he thought Ricardo would hang himself with his own words. Gabi worried what Mark would think if Ricardo's test looked like he was telling the truth. Mark would believe her no matter how the test came out.

The Police Station
Ricardo took the lie detector test. When asked if he had wanted Gabi before the night in question, Ricardo said no. After Ricardo completed the test, Gregory was upset that he hadn't waited on him to take the test. Gregory checked the results and Paula came in just in time to hear that Ricardo's test came out inconclusive. In other words, the results could be interpreted that he was lying. Ricardo was in disbelief and Paula was devastated. She had held out hope, but now she knew that Ricardo really did rape Gabi. Gregory explained to Ricardo that now they would handle the case his way.

Gregory told Eddie to step up the investigation on Gabi.

The Java Web
Paula came in and told Mark and Gabi that Ricardo's lie detector test proved he was lying. Later, Eddie taunted Gabi that it is just a matter of time before Mark figures out what a liar she is.

Annie and Bette's
Bette hoped that she did the right thing by telling Cole where Olivia and Caitlin were. Bette wanted to know why Annie was dressed to kill. Annie explained she is going to make Gregory an offer he can't refuse.

On the Road
Caitlin lost control of the car and it dove over a cliff with she and Olivia in it. Cole witnessed the accident and realized that it was Olivia's car. When Cole got down to the car, Olivia was there but Caitlin wasn't. Cole checked on Olivia and wanted to know where Caitlin was. They heard Caitlin calling for Olivia. Cole found Caitlin. She was pretty banged up, but okay. Caitlin and Cole noticed that Olivia's car was slipping and about to fall. Olivia was trapped in the car and panicking. Caitlin begged Cole to go save Olivia, but he didn't want to leave Caitlin. After remembering that Olivia's baby could be his, he went and rescued Olivia. Caitlin told him to take Olivia up to safety and she would follow. After he saw that Olivia was safe he turned back for Caitlin. What he saw was the car falling and blowing up. In the midst of that he heard Caitlin scream. Cole frantically searched for Caitlin.

The Liberty Corporation Private Suite
Gregory asked Annie what he would have to endure to get her vote.

Ben was not through showering Meg with surprises. He had a French chef flown in to fix them supper and had French dresses for Meg to pick from and wear. They both changed into their finery. A courier dropped off the papers that Annie had told them to deliver to Meg. Ben set them aside. Ben told Meg that seeing her smile was magical after all the tears he had caused her. This touched Meg and she started to cry. She explained they were the good kind of tears. Ben went to get her a tissue, but Meg told him she didn't need a tissue or a French dinner or fancy dresses. Ben asked her what she needed. Meg slowly and shyly went to Ben and they started to kiss passionately. Finally, Meg backed off a little and apologized. Ben understood. He wanted to take things slow too. Ben promised that this time he would get things right. Meg went to check on dinner. Ben decided to see what the papers were that were sent to Meg. He was angry when he saw the article on Maria's accident.

 Tuesday October 4, 1997

Ben was angry when he found the article about Maria's accident in the packet that had been sent to Meg. He tore up the paper and threw it in the fire. When Meg came back from checking on dinner, Ben pretended that nothing was wrong. He told her that nothing would come between them again.

Annie and Bette's
When Eddie turned up on the doorstep, Bette knew there was more to it than Eddie's claim that he just wanted to hang with Annie. Eddie said it was important that he know where Annie is. If Annie was in trouble, Bette wanted to know about it. Eddie admitted that someone was tracking Annie. He revealed that it was Gregory when Bette threatened to write gossip about him in her newspaper column. Bette exclaimed that Annie was in the lion's den and the two of the left to go help her.

The Resort at Sunset Beach - The Liberty Corporation Private Suite
Annie proposed to Gregory that they form an alliance. Annie sent sexual messages to Gregory thinly disguised as business talk. Gregory told her business is not a game. Why should he value her as a partner? Annie actually impressed Gregory when she cited a law case. She didn't go to law school for three weeks for nothing. Gregory said that she just reminded him of her father and meant it as a compliment. Annie spilled wine on her dress and excused herself to the bathroom. Annie realized she was going to have to try a different tactic with Gregory than sex. After all, it had never worked with Ben. Thinking of Ben, Annie wondered how sending Meg's papers over to Ben's house went over. Annie called Meg just to taunt her.

After dinner, Ben told Meg about the package that came for her. She explained she wouldn't need it that night. Meg took a phone call from Annie while Ben went to dismiss the chef and waiter. Annie pretended like she was looking for some papers and wondered if they hadn't ended up in the packet she sent to Meg. Meg looked through the papers and said no. When Meg didn't mention seeing the article on Maria, Annie asked her about it. Meg didn't know what she was talking about because the article wasn't there. Annie suggested that Meg ask Ben about the article because she had sent it. Meg wanted Annie to quit trying to mess with her head. Annie said that just because Maria is dead doesn't mean she'll stop haunting her. Meg decided that Annie was just playing games with her.

Meg poked around the fire and narrowly missed seeing a piece of the Maria article that didn't get burned. Ben came back in and reminded Meg that they forgot one thing, dessert. They started kissing. Ben noticed the article in the fire and pushed it back further into the flames. Meg said this day would always be special. She wished the night didn't have to end. Ben said that it didn't. They began kissing passionately again. Meg backed off and said that she needed to take it slow. Ben agreed that she was probably right, but that didn't mean she had to leave. Meg explained she had to leave before she completely lost all her will power. She told Ben she loved him and left.

The Resort at Sunset Beach - The Liberty Corporation Private Suite
Annie was surprised when Bette came tapping at the bathroom window. Bette warned Annie that Gregory was having her investigated. Annie said to tell her something she didn't already know. Annie could take care of herself.

The Resort at Sunset Beach - Bette and Eddie's room
Bette climbed back out of Annie's bathroom window and went to the next room where Eddie was waiting on her. She told him Annie wouldn't listen to her. Bette noticed that Eddie had a fancy dinner waiting on her. Bette got the wrong idea and accused Eddie of treating her differently since he found out that she had been Cole's lover. Eddie was upset as he only meant it to be a snack. He was just grateful to her. She apologized for being so cautious. Eddie said they are just friends. Bette had to excuse herself as she was worried about Olivia and wanted to find out what was going on. Eddie told her to call if she needed him. Bette was touched. Eddie claimed to care for both Annie and her.

The Resort at Sunset Beach - The Liberty Corporation Private Suite
Gregory mentioned that Annie must be happy that Del had actually came through for her. Annie said she was grateful, but Gregory sensed her hesitation. Annie explained it was too little, too late from her father. She claimed she had always been jealous of Gregory's relationship with his daughter Caitlin. If Gregory had known, he would've said something to Del. Annie commented that it was silly for her to feel that way since Caitlin was all grown up and they probably weren't so close anymore. On the contrary, Gregory said there is nothing he wouldn't do for his little girl.

The Crash Scene
Cole searched for Caitlin after the car blew up. All he could find was her necklace. Olivia was in pain and started yelling for Cole. He comforted her and called for help. Olivia begged for him to stay with her because she couldn't feel the baby moving anymore. She finally admitted that the baby could be his. Cole reminded her that help would be there any minute and that he had to look for Caitlin. Olivia panicked when she realized that Caitlin wasn't there. She told Cole to find her. When the paramedics arrived Olivia pleaded with them to look for Caitlin. As Cole is looking for Caitlin he slips off a ledge and falls. Knocking him unconscious. The paramedics see no sign of Caitlin, but come across Cole. They would have to get a helicopter to get him out.

Caitlin lay motionless and alone.

 Wednesday October 5, 1997

The Java Web
Vanessa worried why Meg looked so down. Meg then told her all about the romantic adventure she had with Ben that day which confused Vanessa even more. Vanessa questioned Meg if she was crazy. Meg explained she felt bad because she had left. Vanessa said Meg just lived every woman's fantasy. Meg claimed she just needed to take things slowly. Vanessa doesn't understand why that is so if Meg loved everything he did. Vanessa advised Meg to think about how she must have hurt Ben when he did everything she wanted him to and she rejected him. Meg thanked Vanessa for being a good friend. Vanessa said the right thing at the right time.

Vanessa then told Meg how Virginia is still digging her claws into Michael. She even went into how she thinks Virginia set the fire at the cabin. Their discussion was interrupted when Vanessa spotted the patrolman she had been waiting to meet and excused her self.

The patrolman recognized Virginia in a photo that Vanessa showed him. He remembered pulling Virginia over. He couldn't confirm that it was near Ottawa, but he did patrol that area.

Meg started to send an email to Ben explaining her thoughts, but then realizes she should see him in person. On her way out Meg runs into Annie. Meg declared she would not let Annie, Maria, or herself come between her and Ben ever again.

The Sunset Inn - Liberty Corporation Private Suite
Gregory explained to Annie that watching Del taught him how not to be a father. Annie always just wanted Del to be proud of her, but it was never enough. Gregory said that maybe Del did a good thing by preparing her for the big, bad world. He commented that Annie is tough and that's what he likes in a business partner. They toasted to a successful partnership. As she was leaving, Annie couldn't help but think about the stipulation Del put in his will. Gregory checked his messages and ran out in a rush upon learning of Olivia and Caitlin's car accident.

The Crash Scene
The paramedics decided if there was a woman in the car with Olivia, then she went over the cliff and was in the car and when it exploded. They transported a sedated Olivia and an unconscious Cole to the hospital.

A strange man found Caitlin and carried her off. Caitlin, who had only been unconscious, screamed when she woke up and saw the man.

Surf Central
Virginia overheard Michael tell Casey that he was going to the cabin and would have to take his untrustworthy car. He hoped it wouldn't break down.

The Hospital
Cole woke up in the hospital and was frantic when he found out Caitlin wasn't brought in. The doctor informed him that search and rescue combed the area and never found her... apparently Caitlin hadn't survived. Cole refused to believe it. He started to leave to find Caitlin when the doctor pleaded with him to calm down Olivia as she was in danger of going in premature labor. Cole gave in when the doctor asked him to do it for the sake of the baby.

Cole tenderly comforted Olivia. He lied to her that Caitlin was okay and was just being treated. He told Olivia that everything would be okay. She thanked him. Cole convinced Olivia to think of the baby and get some sleep.

The Cabin
Virginia surprised Michael when she showed up with a picnic dinner for the two of them. She explained she felt bad about him working there all alone so she had a friend drop her off. After they got through eating, Michael went to start the car and discovered that the battery was dead. The cabin was getting cold. Michael said they have no car, no heat, no light, and no phone. Virginia was silently pleased when Michael said they were stuck there for the night.

Surf Central
Vanessa came by looking for Michael. Casey told her about Michael going to the cabin in his car. Jimmy came in and commented that he hadn't seen his mother in hours. Vanessa put two and two together and asked Casey to take her on a road trip.

The Deep
Meg knocked on Ben's office door. When he opened the door, she grabbed him and pulled him into a passionate kiss.

The Hospital
Gregory got some shocking news at the hospital. The doctor explained to him that Ms. Richard's was okay and they were taking a wait and see approach on the baby. Gregory mistakenly thought they were talking about Caitlin, because he didn't know Olivia was pregnant. Then the doctor told him the other woman didn't survive. Gregory was distraught because he believed Olivia to be dead. He lamented that he had killed her by forcing her to go through with his plan.

Gregory pulled himself together enough to want to see Caitlin. The doctor warned him that she didn't know about the other woman dying. Gregory walked in Olivia's room and wasn't pleased to find Cole there. He was so happy when he discovered Olivia wasn't dead. He then wondered aloud, where was Caitlin?

 Thursday October 6, 1997

Vivian and Ivan finally decide they have had enough of Jonesy and his weird house. They're headed out the door, but it gets stuck. Vivian bangs on it, and suddenly, a panel in the wall next to the door comes open, revealing the only thing that could make Vivian stay - a treasure trove of exquisite jewelry and mounds of cash. Vivian grabs a big handful and went into ecstasies. Ivan almost convinces her to leave again, especially after Jonesy wakes up muttering about death and danger again. She decides to take Ivan to Chez Vous, using some of the cash, so she can eat caviar and drink champagne, which will help her to think clearly. They go and pig out, but while they are gone, Jonesy wakes up looking for his Flora Dora. When he doesn't find her, he decides to go out on the street looking, but he has the same trouble with the door, and the secret panel falls open again. Jonesy immediately notices that some of the jewelry and cash is missing. He panics, thinking that the man who owns the house will not like this at all. Vivian and Ivan come back and find him walking around muttering. Vivian shows him the jewelry and money she took and says she was just putting it away for safekeeping. Jonesy is relieved to find her safe and with the money and jewels, so he falls asleep again. Ivan told Vivian they should get out while they can. Vivian actually has one foot out the door, but the treasure calls her back. She decides she can't leave this much money alone.

Susan walks through the park with little Elvis, with Stefano and Bart a few shady steps behind. Stefano told Bart that they've followed her far enough, and that Bart needs to make himself scarce because he doesn't fit in with Stefano's clean new image. But Bart is to be on call 24 hours a day to do Stefano's bidding. Bart assures him he will be, and they go their separate ways.

Lexxie, Abe, and Celeste also go to Chez Vous. Lexxie is upset because neither Celeste nor Abe will believe that Stefano might possibly be turning over a new leaf. Things don't improve when Stefano suddenly shows up in the restaurant. Two police officers see him and immediately move to arrest him. Lexxie begs Abe to do something. Reluctantly, Abe gets up and told the officers that Stefano was pardoned and is free to go wherever he wants. Stefano thanks him and comes over to the table to talk to Lexxie. He asks if he can join them for dinner. Abe and Celeste look indignant, but Lexxie says that yes, of course he can. Stefano sits down and fields a few nasty comments from Abe and Celeste. Then Susan comes in, saying her stroller wheel broke and she needed to find a phone. Abe offers to go outside and fix it, since he needs a break from Stefano anyway. Susan starts rambling, and suddenly notices Stefano, who is looking very amused, sitting there. She screams "Vampire!" and starts to run, but Lexxie told her to calm down - it's only Stefano. At first Susan is very suspicious of him, but Stefano charms her by telling her how beautiful Elvis is. Susan told him that the baby's father is Elvis Presley. Stefano laughs and says the baby looks exactly like his father - like a king. Celeste watches the exchange very closely, certain that something is wrong. Susan decides that maybe Stefano is all right after all, and returns to the table. Stefano told Lexxie that he has to call it a night, but soon they will make up for all their lost time. Lexxie says she is looking forward to it, and looks uncomfortable when Stefano kisses her on both cheeks. They head outside, where Abe has fixed the stroller, and Susan is able to head home.

Caroline is waiting in the hospital when Sister Mary Moira approaches her and asks where her granddaughter is, so she can give her a rosary. Caroline replies that that is very sweet, and Carrie is on the terrace. Sister Mary says that she wants to give the rosary to Caroline's OTHER daughter, Samantha. Caroline is clearly startled, but says that perhaps a rosary would be a good thing to help Sami get back on the right path. Sister Mary says that she remembers the decisions that led her to become a nun, and although Sami is approaching it from a different angle...Caroline interrupts her and says she doesn't understand. Sister Mary says that they must be very proud of Sami's decision to become a nun. Caroline is shocked and asks Sister Mary how she got that idea. Sister Mary says that Sami herself told her. Caroline says that as far as she knows, Sami has no intention of becoming a nun. Sister Mary realizes she's been had. She then told Caroline that she learned this from Sami while Sami was wearing a nun's habit at the airport. Caroline, with a premonition of trouble, asks where the flight was from, and Sister Mary lets her know it was from Rome. Caroline is clearly furious, as is Sister Mary, who went off in search of Sami.

At the hospital, Sami listens eagerly as Carrie told Mike that their time in Rome forced her to reexamine her feelings for Mike. Mike holds his breath and asks her what she means. Carrie says that although she is happily married to Austin, she has just begun to realize all that Mike has done for her, for her relationship with Austin, and for her father. She told Mike he is more than just a good friend, and she would like to remain as close to him as she has been for the past few months, because he means a lot to her. Mike tells Carrie she means a lot to him, too, and they embrace. Suddenly, they hear a shriek and rush inside to see what happened. They find Caroline, Sami, and Sister Mary Moira having a confrontation. The shriek was the sound of the nun dragging Sami off the terrace by her ear. Sister Mary told Sami she is wicked, and makes her admit she never had any intention of becoming a nun. Sami admits it, and sees Caroline there. Caroline begins scolding her, and Sami tries to deny she has anything to hide, but Caroline yells, "I know you were in Rome!", just as Austin, Carrie, and Mike show up. Carrie is shocked and fuming. She suddenly realizes that Sami manipulated her once again. She told Sami that she is wise to her little trick, and suggests very forcefully that they go have a private talk. Austin is left wondering what Sami did. On the terrace, Carrie shouts that she knows Sami read her diary and played that song to try to get Carrie to think of Mike. Sami tries to deny it, but Carrie told her it is time to get real and face the fact that Austin can't stand her, will never love her, and will be married to Carrie forever. Sami says she will never give up. Carrie says, "you bitch!" Sami shrugs and says that she will never give up on Austin, no matter what names Carrie calls her. Carrie stomps inside with a warning that Sami better not mess with her any more. Sami smiles after she leaves, thinking that sooner or later, Carrie's feelings for Mike are going to come out, whether Sami helps the situation along or not. Carrie told Austin that she has handled the situation and that Sami's tricks won't work. Austin is still confused, but says that Sami can never undermine their relationship because she can't change Carrie's feelings. Carrie agrees, but a little hesitantly. They head off to Chez Vous for their romantic dinner arranged by Kate. While they are there, Mike wanders in and sees them dancing and kissing. He walks away, looking depressed. Sami, meanwhile, has to face her punishment. Caroline threatens to tell Roman and Marlena what she did. Sami begs her not to, saying she will do anything, but her father is too weak and to be told of Sami's deceitfulness will break his heart. Caroline reluctantly agrees, and leaves Sami's punishment in Sister Mary Moira's capable hands. Sister Mary has the perfect penance - making Sami handwash nuns' habits in the basement of the convent, and iron them afterward. Sami protests furiously, but is stuck. She pretends she is repentant, but inside, she is just biding her time until she can put her next plan into action...

 Friday October 7, 1997

The Deep
Meg pulled Ben into a kiss when he opened the door. She apologized for confusing him... she was confused also. They admitted that they couldn't stop thinking about each other. Meg explained she has become impulsive since she fell for him. Ben said that sometimes you just have to follow your heart and not think too much. She tried to explain why she left after dinner. She started going on about how she had felt so overwhelmed by what he was causing her to feel. Ben told her to shut up and kiss him. Meg did just that.

Meg stated that she felt happy, confused, scared, and excited all at the same time. Ben asked her how she felt when she kissed him when he opened the door. She said it felt right... like they belong together. Those were just the words he had been longing to hear. He felt the same way. They fall into a beautiful kiss.

Casey's Car
Casey tried to assure a worried Vanessa that there is a logical reason why Michael isn't back from the cabin. Vanessa agreed, but that logical reason is Virginia. Casey didn't believe that Virginia would be at the cabin. Vanessa told Casey of her suspicions that Virginia set the fire at the cabin. Casey had a hard time believing that. He said Virginia had nothing but good things to say about Vanessa and Michael. Vanessa didn't understand how Virginia could have everyone at Surf Central fooled.

The Cabin
Michael felt bad for stranding he and Virginia at the cabin. Virginia said they'd make the best of it. Michael made a fire and invited Virginia to come share body heat with him. Virginia pretended to be hesitant before she complied. Virginia told Michael she was proud he followed his dreams when he left the old neighborhood and grateful that he hadn't forgotten about her and Jimmy. Michael said it was the least he could do after what he did to her husband Jackson. Virginia commented that she hadn't been in any man's arms since Jackson, but that it felt right to her. Michael said she was too special to be alone. Just then Vanessa peeps in the cabin window and doesn't like what she sees. Vanessa busted into the cabin and confronted them. Michael explained what was going on. Virginia said she came to bring Michael dinner and to help him with the cabin since Vanessa was busy working. Michael and Casey left to get Michael's car started. Vanessa told Virginia that the patrolman who pulled Virginia over identified her. That proves that Virginia wasn't at Ms. Jones's all night. Virginia said that is all it proves. Vanessa offered to forget what she knows if Virginia backs off of Michael. Virginia didn't go for that. As they all prepared to leave Virginia said to herself that Vanessa just made the biggest mistake of her life.

The Woods
Caitlin woke up and was terrified to see a strange man. She told him she needed help. He picked her up and carried her off to another spot. He went to get her water when she said she was thirsty. She tried to leave when he was gone but was in too much pain to get up. She feared for her baby and begged God not to take her baby. When the stranger returned, Caitlin was unconscious again. He started to unbutton her sweater.

The Hospital
Gregory was so happy to see that Olivia was alive. He then realized what that meant... Caitlin was dead. Olivia was devastated when Gregory told her about Caitlin and Cole confirmed it. Cole said none of this would have happened if Gregory hadn't tried to split them up. Gregory accused Cole of killing Caitlin. A nurse found them fighting and called security. Olivia begged them to stop because it would not bring Caitlin back. Cole was choking Gregory when security came in and got him. Gregory yelled to Cole that he would never see that light of day after Gregory reveals all the information he has on him. Olivia told Gregory that Cole was right. They were to blame for Caitlin's death. Olivia explained that Sean told Caitlin that she and Gregory had been lying and scheming to keep Cole and Caitlin apart. Caitlin had died hating her. Gregory tried to comfort Olivia. He said it was all his fault and that he had forced Olivia into the plan. Later, Olivia grabbed her stomach. When Gregory asked her what was wrong she said it was the baby. Olivia tried to explain that she was really pregnant. Gregory thought that she was just delirious from grief. Olivia took his hand and placed it on her stomach. Gregory was shocked when he felt the baby kick!

Cole was furious that the rescue team was not doing more for Caitlin. He was told that they couldn't see through the fog. Paula came in and told Cole he was under arrest. He pleaded with her that he needed to help Caitlin. He couldn't believe she was dead. There was nothing Paula could do.

Ben's House (The Proposal)
Meg teased Ben about where the night was going. He said no where in particular. She promised it wouldn't be like that forever. He would wait forever if he had to because he had never wanted a woman more or loved a woman more. She explained she had come back from Kansas because she had never felt this way about anyone else. Ben told her that he swore to himself that he'd be patient, but he'd been waiting to make sure she wanted to be with him as much as he wanted to be with her. He was convinced they would have a wonderful future together... he felt it stronger than he had ever known anything. She wanted to know what he was saying. He explained that the day she came back from Kansas he had made a purchase to save for just the right moment... and that moment was now. Ben pulled a little black box from the desk drawer and opened it. Inside was a fabulous diamond engagement ring. Meg was stunned, speechless, and misty eyed. Ben had spent half of his life running away and now he wanted to run to someone. All Meg could blurt out was Ben. He had done everything he knew how to show her what she meant to him, but what better way than to ask her to spend the rest of her life with him. Ben got down on one knee and asked Meg to marry him.

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