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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of November 10, 1997 on GL
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Monday, November 10, 1997

Most of today's show was pre-empted due to coverage of the Louise Woodward sentencing. Special thanks to LaCapal for helping fill in the blanks.

Dinah was extremely upset yesterday when she was confronted by Hart about using the birth control pills. She insisted they were from a long time ago, and stated that the druggist probably made a mistake about the date on the prescription bottle. Finally, she admitted she had been taking them all along because she was not ready to have a baby and she told her Hart she was extremely afraid she would lose him.

Dinah told her they had worked out so many things before during the time they had been together and she was sure they could also work out this betrayal on her part, but he only laughed and said she had to be "kidding." He stormed out of the room and left her sobbing on the floor.

Rick stormed out of Blake's house, saying that he loves Abby with all his heart, but will stop at nothing for his son, Kevin. Ross comes home, and Blake tries to tell Ross about her confrontation with Rick, and asks him if there is any way he can reason with Ben Warren, Roy's attorney. Ross said that they were not only to about become worst enemies, but Ben is his real brother.

Vanessa and Matt share a cozy evening by the fireplace. Matt mentions something about how he wished Dinah hadn't upset her, and he is worried about the baby. Vanessa feels the baby kick, and puts Matt's hand on her abdomen. He is absolutely elated!

Cassie is with Hart, and is crying because she fears that she will never have Tammy again. She says that all her life she has been alone, and made a mistake by getting married, but admits to the best thing that came out of the broken marriage; Tammy. Hart comforts and assures her that he will always be there for her. She agrees to crash there for the night, and they will talk more tomorrow.

Dinah comes into Company and looks for Ross, but the party has already ended. Ben is at the bar, and overhears her asking for Ross and asks to buy her a drink, since he is one of Ross's old friends. Dinah declines and says she'll look forward to taking a raincheck, as she will probably not be good company. Ben walks away from her table, and whispers that he will look forward to it also.

Monday, November 11, 1997

Hart wants Cassie to tell the Lewises about the plan that she is to carry out in order to ruin their company and family. (She still has not told him that Alan & Annie are behind it all!!). Cassie is so afraid of destroying her chances of regaining Tammy, and refuses go along with him. Hart says that he will go talk to them anyway, because he knows they are good people who will help her out, and do not deserve to be on the receiving end of what Cassie has been ordered to do.

While Hart is out of the room, Cassie fixes him a cup of coffee containing some of the sleeping powder, ensuring that he won't go to the Lewises. She takes his car keys and leaves.

Ben arrives at Blake and Ross's house with a box of danish, wanting to "break bread among friends." Ross is infuriated, especially since this is the morning of the first day of Roy's trial. Dinah bursts in, and demands to speak to her father alone. They step outside and Dinah tries to confide in him about her troubles with Hart. Ross brushes her off, and says that they will have to talk another time, as he is in a hurry because of the trial.

Meanwhile, Ben is alone with Blake, who tells him that she wants to try to reunite him with Ross, since they are half-brothers. Ben lets Blake know that he is aware of her "not so lily white past" and even asks her to go to bed with him, and he will stop the court proceedings. Blake refuses just as Ross comes back in, hears what is going on, and throws Ben out!

Annie is still doting on Tammy, and doesn't even want the maid Nettie, hanging around while they are together. Alan tells a reluctant Annie that it is time for her to say her goodbyes to Tammy. She finally tells Tammy that she has to leave for a while, and agrees to let Tammy hold on to her mother's cameo. Tammy keeps begging to talk to her mother on the phone again, but Annie keeps telling her that Cassie is too busy.

Alan and Annie meet up with Cassie in the hotel room that has been rigged with the video cameras, when Cassie demands to speak with Tammy to make sure she is okay. Annie tells her that she is calling the shots, and she better keep her mind on the job she is to perform.

Abby receives a bouquet of rotten wilted flowers (from Roy, of course), and becomes even more determined to go through with the prosecution of Roy.

Dinah goes to Hart's farmhouse, and find him completely passed out on the sofa. She nudges him to wake him, and he mumbles "Cassie...." She then sees a lipstick-stained coffee cup on the table, smashes it into the fireplace, and storms out.

Wednesday, November 12

Cassie, Alan and Annie are in Cassie's hotel room. Cassie is assuring them that she will keep up with her end of the bargain. She just wants them to keep theirs. She also wants proof that Tammie is okay. Annie shows Cassie a picture that Tammie has drawn. She tells Cassie that the picture is of Tammie and herself. She also warns Cassie not to screw up. The plan is to drug Josh, bring him back to her room and when he falls asleep, call the photographer in. Once those pictures get out, Lewis oil stock will fall and Alan will buy them up.

Tammie has left the mansion and is walking through the park. She sits beside a tree to cry and two older girls find her. One of them is Mara. Mara takes Tammie home because Tammie can't tell her where her mommy lives. Tammie shows Mara the cameo that belonged to her mother.

Reva and Josh are at the convention center and they are still wondering what Cassie is up to. Billy overhears them and yells at Reva because she always has something to say about Cassie. She tells him that she just loves him. Billy wants her to "love him less" and let him live his life. Reva leaves to be with Abby.

Rick and Abby enter the courtroom. Roy walks in and he is all cleaned up. He has a suit on, hair greased back and he is freshly shaven. The judge warns the lawyers not to fight with each other. This is only about a crime and a victim. Ross starts his opening statement. He describes how Roy tore at Abby's clothes, beat her and left her for dead. He also shows the mug shot of Roy. That is the person that did this!! When Ross sits down, Abby and Rick thank him. Rick also says that he is sorry. Reva shows up and sits down next to Abby.

Ben starts with his opening statement. He claims that Roy didn't do this horrible crime. It is simply a case of mistaken identity. Ben also brings up the fact that he had to get a restraining order against Rick because Rick attacked his client the previous night. Ross was totally unaware of this and gets angry at Rick. The judge calls a recess. Outside the court room, Abby is mad because the defense lawyer twisted everything that happened around. Ross tells her not to worry. She later talks to Holly and she tells her not to worry too. This is just the game the lawyers play. Ross tells Rick that he should have stayed away from Roy. "Now haven't you done enough." Later Rick takes the stand and Ross shows pictures of the beaten unconscious Abby. He also describes her emotional state since the beating. She is not the same ole Abby. When Ben cross exams Rick, he gets Rick to admit that Jesse is the one that was standing over Abby when Rick first got to the apartment. Michelle stands up in the back of the court room and yells NO!

During the recess that the Judge called. Reva is outside the courtroom with Abby. The personnel director that she thinks (I don't know his name) is the spy runs up to her and wants to know why he has been locked out of his office and his desk. Reva tells him that she knows about the missing files that were found in Annie's dresser drawer. He denies any wrong doing. All he does is hire and fire. Reva then puts 2+2 together and then asks him who he hired for Alan. He tells her that Alan wanted him to hire someone for the executive offices. Reva knows who that is... Cassie.

Cassie and Josh meet in the hallway. Several men in town for the convention are there and one says that he knows Cassie from somewhere. Josh and Billy rush the men off to the bar and Billy and Cassie are talking together and they kiss. Josh sees them and stops them. Cassie acts like she doesn't feel good. The man that seems to know Cassie comes over and tells her that he remembered her from the strip club.

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Thursday, November 13, 1997

by Angela Vogel

Dinah returns everything of Hart's that he left at her apartment. She finds him napping on his couch and dumps it on him, saying "It's trash. Why don't you dump it like you did our relationship." Hart follows Dinah outside; they are both confused about why he is sleeping in the middle of the day. He realizes suddenly that Cassie has drugged him and stolen his car. He asks Dinah if he can borrow her car to go after Cassie to stop her "from doing something she'll regret" but Dinah says no way! Dinah demands to know why Hart needs her car and he explains how Cassie's daughter is being held hostage by some bad people who are making Cassie sleep with someone against her will. Dinah thinks it sounds like Hart is just jealous that Cassie might be going to bed with another man, and offers him her car keys with the caveat that if he takes them to rescue Cassie, their relationship is definitely over. Hart takes the keys. As he leaves, Dinah vows that no one dumps her and gets away with it.

Cassie is identified as a stripper by someone at the Lewis Oil convention -- in front of Josh. She denies it, saying it's a case of mistaken identity. As Josh is off handling it, Billy comes in and tells Cassie that Reva is trying to warn him away from her. Cassie knows Reva is catching on to her scheme, so she takes immediate action, slipping a sedative into Josh's champagne and proposing a toast for him to drink. He does...and starts to get dizzy. Cassie sneaks him off to a hotel room at the convention center and starts to undress him.

The Personnel Director/spy at Lewis Oil informs Reva of his orders from Alan Spaulding to hire Cassie Layne. Reva promises herself that Cassie will regret crossing the Lewis family. She tries to call Josh to tell him what she's learned, but gets Billy instead, who won't hear a word of it and hangs up on her.

Roy's attorney, Mr. Warren, makes mincemeat of Rick on the witness stand. He tries to paint a picture of Jesse Blue as the perpetrator of Abigail's attack. Michelle bursts out in the courtroom and is reprimanded by the judge. Rick tells Warren, "I'm trying to answer your questions, but you don't give a damn about the truth." Warren says that perhaps Michelle was covering for Jesse when she gave him an alibi?, and accuses Rick of "just wanting to make someone pay" for what happened to his girlfriend. During the trial break, Phillip and Harley discuss what a low-life lawyer Warren is. Abby agrees, calling him hateful. Jesse and Michelle then ask Ross to put Jesse on the stand in an attempt to finger Roy. Ross warns Jesse that his past will probably be addressed on the stand, but Jesse doesn't care. He has made up his mind -- he wants to help Abby.

Ross questions Jesse on the stand. Jesse testifies about the gang he and Roy belonged to; how their motto is "Diss me and die!" He recounts the broken window, the threat against Michelle, and how Roy was drunk and looking for trouble the night of Abby's attack. Ross congratulates him for coming forward and being so brave. Mr. Warren then cross-examines Jesse and assassinates his character, bringing up his criminal past. He says that Jesse was the attacker in an attempt to get back at the Bauers' for killing his mother. There is a collective gasp in the courtroom.

Maura has found Tammy in the park trying to catch a bus to find her mommy and takes her to the Lewis house. She keeps the little girl (who will only identify herself as "Madonna") busy playing dress up. In exchange, Tammy lets Maura wear the only thing she has -- her mother's cameo pin. Maura calls Reva and tells her about the little girl. Reva assures her she did the right thing and heads home to help. When she arrives, she sees the cameo around Maura's neck ("it looks just like Grandma Sarah's," she says) and asks her where she got it. "From Madonna," is Maura's answer.

Back at the hotel room, Cassie is slowly removing her dress. She tells a groggy Josh, "It'll all be over soon."

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Friday, November 14

The defense attorney is trying to rip Jesse apart on the witness stand. He practically accuses him of hurting Abby himself to get back at the Bauers. After much objecting and reprimanding by the judge, the witness is turned back over to Ross. Ross elicits testimony that even though Jesse hated the Bauers growing up, he has come to know them as good people. He even admits in court that he has Maureen's heart. NO! shouts his father from the audience. "I'll get you for this, Bauer!" he yells.

Josh is in the hotel bed drowsy and confused. Cassie is taking his clothes off and he is struggling with her. What are you doing? he keeps asking. As if he were a struggling child, Cassie patiently tells him that she is only doing what she has to do. Be still, she tells him. It will be all right. I am just doing what I have to do to get Tammy back.

During the short break in court, Dinah rushes up to Ross and begs him to help her get back at Hart. Ross hasn't time for this and tells her so. I am in the middle of a trial, he tells her impatiently. You are going to win anyway, she tells him. So you don't need to worry about that. Hart has hurt me, Daddy. That is not a given, Ross tells his nearly hysterical daughter. Abigail was attacked and almost killed. That doesn't compare to a lover's spat, Dinah. I don't have the time just now to hold your hand.

Hart rushes into the hotel to find Cassie. Billy stops him and questions him about being there. He tries to explain to Billy that he is trying to keep Cassie from making a big mistake, but Billy tells him that she is busy. Where is Josh? Hart wants to know. He is around somewhere, Billy tells him. We are wheeling and dealing here.

Reva arrives home. Marah meets her at the door wearing the cameo. Reva examines it and tells her that her Grandmother Sarah had one just like it. "Where did you get it?" she asks her daughter. Marah tells her that she got it from her new friend, Madonna. Once she sees Tammy, she knows who she is. "Your name is Tammy, isn't it?" she asks. How did you know? Tammy asks surprised. I have seen your picture, Reva tells the child. I know your mommy. When Reva asks where she got the cameo, Tammy tells her that it belonged to her mommy but she got it from her mommy's friend, Annie. Lights come on! Tammy wants to go to her mommy, but Reva tells her that she will have to stay here until she finds her. She then tells the baby sitter that she is going to the hotel to find the little girl's mother. Tell her I love her, Tammy calls. Oh, I will. answers Reva. I will have a lot to say to her.

Meanwhile, Annie and Alan are taking a great deal of pleasure in planning the party they will throw to celebrate their success over Josh and Reva. Annie's tone of pleasure begins to turn a little desperate as she remembers all her real and imagined insults from Josh and Reva. Alan notices with alarm the way she is crushing the napkin between her hands and hastens to calm her down.

Back in the hotel room, Cassie has finally gotten Josh undressed and into bed. She is a nervous wreck in her preparations for the coming "photo op." She lets Alan know that she is ready for the photographers.

Blake notices that Ross is getting fed up with Dinah's interference. She pulls Dinah away and offers her help in Ross' place. Maybe you can talk to him, Dinah tells Blake. She begins to relate all her problems with Hart, telling Blake that he is going to be hurt badly by Cassie. Unable to listen to reason, Dinah begins to bad-mouth both her and Ross until, unable to listen any more, Blake tells Dinah that Hart is better off with Cassie than with her. The turns and walks back into the courtroom.

Alan and Annie arrive in the hotel room to make sure everything is right before calling the photographers. Annie rushes to Joshes side and accuses Cassie of overdosing him. I gave him exactly what you told me to, retorts Cassie. She then tries to reach Annie by talking about her caring and maternal side. I know Josh and Reva hurt you but those things happen. You can get over it. But what you are doing now is not just going to hurt Josh and Reva; it will hurt their children also. Surely you do not want to hurt those little kids? But Annie is not touched. She tells Cassie that sometimes the innocent get hurt right along with the guilty. She then threatens that if Cassie doesn't go through with this, she will keep Cassie's daughter for her own. As they leave Cassie tells them that they are evil; no one could love you, she blurts out. Annie swings back and tells Cassie that Tammy loves her. And if you ever want to see your little girl again, you better not mess up.

Hart is still trying to get Billy to tell him where Josh and Cassie are. He tells Billy that if he doesn't get to Cassie in time to stop her, she will ruin Lewis Oil. "She is going to sleep with Josh," Hart finally tells Billy. Billy grabs him and is about to punch him out when Reva rushes in. She sends Billy back to "wheel and deal" while she handles hart. She tells Hart that she is also looking for Cassie. Cassie is hurting Lewis Oil. He tells her that Cassie is being blackmailed into helping ruin Lewis Oil, but Reva isn't sympathetic. She tells Hart that Cassie is working with Annie and Alan. So that is why she wouldn't tell me who was blackmailing her, Hart says. Reva is disappointed that he, a person doing business with Lewis Oil, would keep something like that to himself. He is sorry; he thought he could keep things from exploding. He was on his way to tell them the whole thing when Cassie drugged him. Now he just wants to find her before she gets in any deeper. She is going to sleep with Josh, he tells a stunned Reva. Not if I can help it, she says as she marches off.

Dressed in a black trimmed red teddy, Cassie lays beside Josh. Suddenly she gets out of bed. I can't do this, she says. As she moves away from the bed, the door swings open and there is Reva. The two women stare at each other.

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