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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of November 3, 1997 on GL
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Monday, November 3, 1997

Cassie arrives home and keeps thinking back to what Alan told her...she must get Josh in bed, cause rivalry in the Lewis family, so their company will weaken. Reva shows up later and demands to know why Alan was in Chicago at the same time that Cassie was there. Cassie denies meeting up with Alan in Chicago, but tells Reva about what happened with her failed attempt to get Tammy. She evens tells Reva of sneaking Tammy out in a suitcase, but doesn't tell her about Hart or Dinah. Reva agrees with what Cassie did, and said that she would probably do the same thing herself. Once again, Reva offers help, and Cassie refuses.

Annie is delighted to be able to be with Tammy, but is distressed when Tammy keeps asking for her mother. Annie does her best to keep Tammy occupied with the plethora of toys that fills her room, even though she remains uninterested, She also asks Tammy if she can be her mother for a while. Alan tells Annie that the woman who will be responsible for taking care of Tammy will soon be there, so they can both go home. Annie says that there is no way she will leave Tammy alone with a stranger. She goes back in the room with Tammy and convinces her to play this delusional game, in which Annie comes in the door, and Tammy runs up and hugs her, and calls her "Mommy", which results in Annie having tears streaming down her face.

Hart comes to talk with Dinah, and before she answers the door, we see her birth control pills in her purse. He initially says that he thinks they need some time apart, but changes his mind when Dinah tells him that there may be a possibility that she is pregnant with his child. They wind up in bed together, and Hart is ecstatic that she might be pregnant.

Abby wrongly answers the door for one last trick-or-treater, and finds him to be Roy. Since she is alone, Roy pushes his way in, and chases her around the kitchen, begging her to read his lips. He says that he is a normal guy, and it she would only rethink that terrible night, she would remember that she freaked out and misconstrued the whole situation. Abby ends up yelling that she knew exactly what happened, and he would pay for it. He finally leaves, and Aunt Mayta comes in from her bridge game. She can tell that Abby is visibly shaken, but Abby covers for Roy, and says that she scared by the last trick-or-treater's mask.

Tuesday, November 4, 1997

Vanessa meets up with Jenna at Cedars hospital, where Jenna admits that she may never tell Buzz that she is really pregnant with Jeffrey's baby.

Nola confesses to J that she was Buzz's stalker. J is forgiving, but disappointed when she says that she is going to move away to another place, where she can sort her thoughts, and figure out how she became so obsessed with him. Nola also says that she plans to tell Jenna what she did, and hopes that she will be forgiven.

Harley find Buzz sitting on a porch stoop drinking coffee. She tells him the story about when the diner was on fire, and he refused to come off the rooftop until the fire was under control. They actually grow a little closer, and Harley offers Buzz her help whenever needed.

Nola goes to the firehouse to talk to Jenna, but overhears her telling Vanessa that she is scared about Buzz leaving her if he knew about the paternity of her baby.

Abby tells Rick about the episode with Roy on Halloween night. Rick immediately takes her over to Ross's and demands that something be done before he takes matters into his own hands. While Ross is questioning Abby, Rick pretty much loses it, and asks Abby to marry him (so she can move in with him and he can protect her). Abby turns down his proposal and says that she doesn't want to marry just to escape Roy. Ross calls Frank and asks Roy to be arrested since he violated the Order of Protection.

Michelle and Jesse have dinner together, and again, Jesse begs her to be safe and leave town for a while. Michelle refuses, and says that she would never leave him. He gives her a crystal heart on a chain. Roy is hiding outside the restaurant in the bushes.

We see an unknown well-dressed man looking over a Springfield newspaper that shows Ross on the front. He calls for plane reservations for the next flight to Springfield.

Wednesday, November 5

Phillip and Harley are talking on the steps outside. Phillip asks Harley if she is jealous of Beth because Beth had called the other night. Harley denies being jealous at first and then admits to comparing herself to Beth. She asks Phillip if she is as pretty as Beth, does she kiss as good as Beth and she wants to know if the sex they have together is the best sex in his life. He says, "yes, yes, yes to all of her questions. While Harley is getting her dog, Phillip does a little remembering. He is daydreaming about the christening of his and Beth's daughter, Lizzie. He is remembering all those sweet things that they said to each other. Phillips assures Harley that he loves everything about her and they start kissing. They are on their way home to do "it."

Jenna and Vanessa arrive at the firehouse and Vanessa doesn't shut the door all the way. Jenna and Vanessa are talking about Buzz. Jenna tells Vanessa that she is not going to tell Buzz that it is not his child. Nola goes up to the open door of the firehouse and is listening to the whole thing. Later the next morning, Nola goes to Matt and Vanessa's house and tells Vanessa that she knows about the baby and that Buzz should be told the truth. Vanessa tells Nola that she knows that she was the stalker, Nola denies it. She accuses Nola of living in a fantasy world and tells her that she needs to give up those feelings for Buzz. Nola tells V. that if Jenna doesn't tell Buzz than she will. V. tells Nola that it is none of her business. Later after Nola leaves, Matt comes home and Vanessa tells him the whole story.

Buzz and Jenna are looking through a photo album. Nothing is jogging his memory. he tells Jenna that he had a long talk with Harley and he doesn't want to be the man that she described. He also tells her that the pictures and this house mean nothing to him. Jenna is trying to seduce him and he starts kissing her neck and lips. Then Jenna pulls away. Buzz knows that she must feel like she is kissing a stranger. He yells that "you people are all strangers to me" He doesn't want to be "that guy" again. Buzz says "I'm outta here!" and slams the door behind him as he leaves. Jenna leaves a desperate message on Harley's answering machine asking for her help.

Josh and Reva are in bed. They obviously just finished "the deed" and they are holding each other telling each other how wonderful it was. They start talking about the "mole" at Lewis Oil. Reva still thinks that it could be Cassie. She lied to them about Tammie and it seems that her and Annie knew each other when they were in the bathroom that night. Reva believes that there is something that Cassie is not telling her.

Cassie is in the file room at Lewis Oil. She is looking for a folder, finds it and then puts it in her briefcase. Billy walks in and she said that she was just getting some files together for the upcoming convention. Billy tells her that he wants to talk to her about her job. Cassie speaks right up and tells him that "it must be obvious to you and everyone that works here." Billy is confused and Cassie tells him that Josh has been paying a lot attention to her lately. Billy assures her that that is the way the family is. Cassie tries to blow it off by saying that she is just not used to the hugging, touching and being so friendly. She didn't have that in her family. Billy wanted to talk to her about how the have not seen much of each other since she started working for Josh. She blames that on her trying to get Tammie back. Cassie also tells Billy that she is worried about this convention. She is to be the convention Hostess. Billy tells her that the old goats there may be aggressive but they are harmless. Later Reva and Josh come to work and Josh asks Cassie to bring him a file. In his office alone with him, Cassie tells Josh that she is worried about this "hostess" thing. He calls Reva in and tries to get her to do it but Reva can't and besides she hated it when she had to do it to. Cassie assures Josh that it is okay and she will do it after all.

Reva is out at Cassie's desk and is looking through a personnel file. She has discovered who the spy is. She believes that it is the Personnel Director. He has a nice car, a huge house and she can't believe it was so obvious. In Josh's office Cassie drops a file and Josh and her lean over to get it at the same time, the bump heads. Josh has Cassie's head in his hands when Reva walks in to tell them about the spy.

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Thursday, November 6, 1997

by Angela Vogel

Cassie and Josh bump heads in the office and Reva walks in on Josh rubbing Cassie's head. She apologizes to Cassie for thinking she was the spy at Lewis Oil, especially since she now knows it was the Personnel Director who was the plant. Reva still thinks Cassie is holding something back though. Over champagne, Josh and Reva tell Cassie stories about Reva's mother, Sarah. When Josh must go, Reva asks Cassie what it is she's holding back. Cassie says it's nothing, that she's just not an open book like Reva is. Then she hugs her, thanking Reva for having faith in her and reminding her "not to ever forget it."

Ross and Blake hold Kevin and Jason's birthday party in a restaurant. Rick and Abby attend much to Roger's disapproval. Ross goes as far as to include Rick in the family pictures with the twins. He makes his best effort to make Rick feel included in the big events of Kevin's life. Roger makes no bones about it, telling Blake that it will never work, that the Bauer's have a history of pushing for more and that time will prove Rick to be the same. Holly tells Roger to stay out of it. Later, after the party, Rick tells Ross that he's not sure that their arrangement is going to work out -- being the "kindly godfather", he puts it -- but that he wants to wait until after Abby's trial to discuss it. Ross is puzzled, because he thinks things are working out well.

At the Spaulding mansion, Annie takes care of Tammy, brushing her hair and arranging it in a ponytail. She is clearly obsessed with the little girl. She shrieks to Alan, "Look at the resemblance between us -- how much we look alike!" Alan is worried and warns Annie that she could get hurt if she becomes too attached to Tammy. Annie reminds him that she has love for a child and nowhere to put it, and promises that she just wants to pretend for a little while that Tammy is her child. When Alan tries to refocus her on their plan to get revenge, she says while she wants the money and the fame and the mansion, she also wants a home. Then she asks Alan, "Do you have to give Tammy back?" Earlier, Tammy found her mother's cameo pin among Annie's jewelry and asks her why she has it. Annie tries to deny that it's Cassie's, telling Tammy that all cameos look the same. But Tammy knows this is her mothers; it has an identifying mark on it. When Annie takes it away from her, Tammy asks her, "Did I do something bad and that's why I'm not with Mommy?" Annie is touched and answers, "No, honey, no," and lets her have the cameo back for a little while.

Hart and Dinah leave the party for a romantic encounter at the penthouse. Dinah has told him she threw away her birth control pills in an effort to not stop herself from getting pregnant. Hart is elated, thinking she could be pregnant right now. But back at the house, Dinah pulls the pills out of a drawer and says to herself, "No, I'm not ready to have a baby." She hides them back in the drawer. Playfully, Hart blindfolds Dinah in the bed and runs to prepare her surprise. But he runs right to the drawer containing the birth control pills and is surprised himself at what he finds.

Outside the twins' party, Roger gives Holly a "grandmother's" ring -- a topaz -- to celebrate their legacy. As he puts it on her finger, Fletcher walks out. He says he understands, and takes Holly back inside. But as they leave later, he tells her he doesn't understand and asks her if anything is going on between she and Roger. Holly adamantly says no.

Roy Meachum walks into the restaurant where the twins' birthday party is taking place and approaches Abby. He says, "You look good today." Scared, Abby calls to Rick who lunges at Roy, stopped only by Ross's quick thinking. Ross tells Roy he's breaking the law by being there, but Roy says he's meeting his attorney there. When his attorney enters, it's evident from the look on Ross's face that they've had some unpleasant dealings in the past.

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Friday, November 7

Dinah is waiting for Hart's surprise. She lays on the bed blindfolded. Hart opens the dresser drawer and finds the packet of birth control pills. What is taking so long? asks Dinah. She removes the blindfold to find Hart holding the pill packet. She acts surprised. She tries to explain that they are old pills from before she stopped taking them. She finally convinces Hart that she has not been taking the pills and she could possibly be pregnant. They begin making love but Hart looks at the pill packet one more time. He finds the date of refill as only last week. He is furious at her lies. Finally she admits that she lied but claims that it was because she was afraid of losing him to Cassie. At last Hart sees the light: Cassie was right. Dinah deliberately caused Cassie to lose her daughter. Angrily he walks out on her. Dinah is left crying that she will get even with Cassie if it is the last thing she does.

Annie tells Alan that she wants to keep Tammy once they have taken their revenge on Josh and Reva. Alan is shocked. You told me you were not getting attached to the child, he accuses. Tammy belongs with her mother, Alan tells her angrily. They are only keeping Tammy to make sure that Cassie does what she is told to do. While shouting at her, Tammy enters the room and is frightened at their quarreling.

After putting Tammy back to bed, Annie tells Alan that he will never talk to her like that again in front of the child. He says he is sorry, but how was he to know she would interrupt them. He tells Annie that she has to keep her sights on the prize. She cannot get side-tracked by getting involved with Tammy. When this is over, Alan promises, we will adopt as many children as you want. But Tammy has to go back with her mother. He asks her if everything is going according to plan. She tells him that she has messaged the sleeping power over to Cassie. Alan is going to the hotel to be sure that the cameras in the room are installed properly.

Ross is stunned to see who is defending Roy. Ben, he says. "What are you doing here?" It is obvious to Blake and the others that Ross knows this stranger but Ross won't introduce him. Ben introduces himself to Blake. He tells her that Ross was once his mentor. He got him into law school, tutored him when needed, and help him get established once he was out of school. He then tells Ross that he is representing Roy. Now it is clear to Ross how Roy managed the exorbitant bail. He can't understand why Ben would represent one such as Roy. But Ben tells Ross that everyone deserves a defense and that the law is out to get Roy. He claims that his client was nowhere near Abby the night she was attacked.

Annie is watching Tammy sleep when Tammy has a nightmare. Annie tries to comfort her but she wants to speak with her mother. Annie reluctantly dials the number at Cassie's office. Tammy tells her mother that she had a nightmare and Cassie comforts her over the phone. Tammy then tells her mother that the place where she is isn't too bad and that "your friend" is taking care of her. What friend? asks Cassie. Annie takes the phone and sweetly tells Cassie hello. She then asks if the little package has arrived. Yes, I got your little sleeping potion, Cassie replies. Annie tells her that it should make it easier to get Josh into bed. Cassie wants to speak to Tammy again. As she tries to tell Tammy that she loves her, Annie takes the phone. Whoops, she didn't get to hear that, laughs Annie. After hanging up the phone, Annie promises Tammy that she is going to take real good care of her. Back at the office, a frightened Cassie grabs her coat and runs out of the office.

Ben continues to toy with Ross. Abby insists that it was Roy who attacked her but Ben will not back down. He infers that Abby is persecuting his innocent client. Ross threatens that if Roy comes near Abby again he will see that Roy goes back to jail. Ross convinces Rick and Abby to leave; Ben makes it clear to Roy that he should not go near Abby.

Outside, Rick puts Abby in a cab and sends her home. In a few minutes, Roy emerges. Rick grabs him around the neck and tells him that he had better stay away or else.

After everyone has left, Blake gathers up the children. Ben makes a big fuss about Ross having such a beautiful family. Ross is unbending; he tells him that he is taking his family home. Blake offers to do it alone if Ross wants to stay and talk with his "old friend." Ross refuses and Blake is shocked to overhear Ben make a reference to Ross as "big brother."

Dinah goes to Lewis Oil to see Cassie. Reva tells her that Cassie has left already. Dinah tells Reva that Cassie is devious and underhanded. She says that Cassie broke up her and Hart. Reva finds this hard to believe. It doesn't sound like the Cassie she knows. Dinah tells Reva that Dinah and Hart were in Chicago pretending to be engaged in order to get custody of Cassie. She knows because she walked in as this was going on. She couldn't help it that she upset all Cassie's plans.

Cassie goes to a bar and orders Tequila. She downs it quickly and orders another. Someone tries to pick her up but she brushes him off. Hart walks into the bar and sees Cassie. He goes straight to her and begins accusing her of causing trouble between him and Dinah. Cassie tells him that she could care less about him and Dinah. She wants him to leave her alone. He follows her outside and continues to argue at her. He then grabs her and shoves her up against the wall. He kisses her. The two of them grab each other and begin passionate kissing.

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