All My Children Recaps: The week of June 15, 1998 on AMC
Camille denied any involvement in the accidents that had been plaguing the Chandlers. Gillian was stunned when Ryan admitted that he had feelings for her. Jury selection got underway for Brooke's murder trial. Tad received the results of the DNA test that he had ordered.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of June 15, 1998 on AMC
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Monday, June 15, 1998

Camille fervently denied being involved any of the accidents that plagued the Chandler family. Mateo determined that there was no one else who could possibly be responsible. Adam wondered why Camille had been poking around the cabin in the first place. Her explanation that she was checking to see if Stuart had recovered from his injuries didn't wash with Adam. He vowed to use all his available resources to stop her before she struck again. Hayley reminded her husband and father that they had no proof that Camille was tied to the "accidents." Mateo wondered if seeing her father in a body bag would be proof enough. Adam accused Lee, Camille's father, of being behind the outbreak of violence. He explained that Camille must have inherited more of her father's sadistic ways than her mother's sincerity. Camille's face reddened as she blasted Adam for speaking poorly of her late father. Adam threatened to drag Camille to the police station---and he might have followed through on his threat if Stuart hadn't created a diversion to save Camille. He pushed a gurney through the crowd and whispered for Camille to run. She did just that and managed to elude the pseudo-mob. Mateo wanted to see if he could track Camille down, so he put an armed guard in charge of keeping an eye on his wife. Adam blasted Stuart for allowing Camille to get away. Stuart innocently stated that Camille was a good person. He claimed that he could look into the young woman's eyes and see that she was just like her mother. Adam cringed at the comparison between the woman he believed to be an angel and the daughter who was more like the devil. Surprisingly, Liza came to Stuart's defense. She trusted Stuart's perception of Camille, something that enraged Adam. Adam insisted that his brother let his heart, not his mind, do his thinking. Liza argued that Adam might be a much happier person if he were more like his brother. Stuart stepped aside to check on Scott and Liza followed right behind him until Adam called out to her. Adam claimed that he wanted to ask Liza what she thought Camille's next move would be, but Liza knew that he was trying to stall her. Why stall her? Because Adam knew that Liza would try to talk Stuart into forgiving Marian. Liza flashed her best Mona Lisa smile and watched as Adam tried to squirm his way out of the situation. When Liza stopped smiling, she revealed that her smile masked the devious plots that her mind had concocted. Liza warned Adam that he had found an enemy in her. In fact, she told him that she had replaced him as his worst enemy. A nurse told Adam that he had a phone call and Adam dropped his conversation with Liza to take the call. The call was from Dixie. She had phoned Adam because he'd left a message on her answering machine to warn her about Camille. Adam told Dixie that he'd feel better if a private security agent was stationed in Pigeon Hollow to keep an eye on Adam Jr.. Adam noted that "children are too precious to take chances [with.]" Liza overheard the conversation and spoke quietly to herself. "You're right about the children anyway," she said softly. By the time Adam hung up the phone, Liza had already left.

On the sun porch, Myrtle and Lee engaged in a very heated tete-a-tete. Myrtle ordered Lee to leave the hospital before she called security. Lee smugly noted that the hospital was a public place and that she did not have authority over who could visit and who couldn't. Besides, he was an outpatient. If he was looking for sympathy, he was looking in the wrong place. "Something fatal, I hope," Myrtle remarked. To that Lee nonchalantly remarked that everyone has a number as to when their time will be up on this world. "I hope you have a single-digit number," snarled the redhead. Lee quipped that Myrtle had not mellowed with age and asked her if she still runs her fortune teller con, an apparently reference to Myrtle's days in the carny. Myrtle, unflinchingly, asked Lee if he still beat up on defenseless women. Lee tried to summon up tears as he informed Myrtle that his wife, Joy, was dead. Myrtle's mouth gaped and she instantly accused Lee of beating Joy to death. Lee denied the charges, but Myrtle didn't believe him. Lee started to get a painful headache and he begged Myrtle to find him a doctor, but Myrtle sassed that he should find his own doctor---and then walked away. Hayley walked onto the porch a few minutes later and found Lee, who she called "John," clutching his head. She asked him if he needed a doctor, but Lee told her that seeing her beautiful smile made him feel better. Mateo and Edmund showed up a few minutes later and found Hayley and Lee chatting. Lee decided that he'd better get a move on and after he left, Mateo and Hayley commented about how nice of a guy "John" was.

In the park or somewhere near to the park, Brooke took Dimitri by the arm and begin peeking at his sleeve. When asked what she was doing, Brooke mused that she was looking for the trick that Dimitri must have hidden up his sleeve. How could he expect to magically get Brooke out of her jam? Like he had done to Maria before, Dimitri offered Brooke the use of his private jet. The jet could take her to Pigeon Hollow to pick up Jamie and then off to a country which does not have an extradition treaty with the United States. Brooke thanked Dimitri for his concern, but she wasn't about to run around the world trying to escape the law. In Brooke's mind she still had not committed a crime. She asked Dimitri what would have happened if he had gotten his hands on Jim after he escaped from the viaduct. Without hesitation, Dimitri announced that he would have killed Jim. That's where Brooke and Dimitri differed. Brooke swore that she hadn't planned on killing Jim. It just sort of happened. She started to sob as she explained that any mother would have done the same thing to protect her child. The main point that "made" her shoot Jim was her fear that the law could not protect her son. A restraining order, she explained, wouldn't have prevented Jim from attacking her or someone she loved. She had to shoot him---and if it meant shooting Jim in the back, so be it. Dimitri agreed to honor Brooke's wishes, but he only hoped that her heartache would soon be over. When the pair returned to Brooke's house, they found Edmund waiting in the driveway. Edmund could tell that Brooke was shaken and pulled Dimitri aside to ask him what he'd done to upset Brooke. Dimitri insisted that he hadn't done anything to upset Brooke, but Edmund really didn't seem to believe him. Dimitri said goodnight and headed back to Wildwind. In a heart-to-heart chat, Brooke asked Edmund why he still distrusted Dimitri. Edmund explained that he had been hurt by Dimitri's comment that he needed to stop mourning over Maria. When asked if Edmund felt ready to end the mourning process, Edmund shrugged and said that he didn't know if he could. Brooke assured him that he would know what it was time to move on.

At Wildwind, Ryan confessed that he also cared about Gillian. Gillian was stunned partly because she didn't believe that Ryan could have feelings for anyone. Ryan explained that his feelings were more of a sexual nature, something that disgusted Gillian. She claimed that her concern for Ryan was more like the concern was has for his "fellow human being." Ryan announced his plan to buy back Eugenia's brooch courtesy of a get-rich-quick scheme: sperm donation. Gillian rolled her eyes and thought that the idea was a little of the wall. She also seemed somewhat disturbed by Ryan's remark that he never wanted to have a child of his own. Hayley and Mateo returned from the hospital and Hayley headed straight to the kitchen to rustle up some dinner. Ryan followed her, prompting Gillian to warn Matt that Ryan had eyes for Hayley. Mateo played along with Gillian for several minutes and even feigned concern. He finally ended his game by telling Gillian that Ryan is no match for the love that he and Hayley share. Gillian relished the idea of being genuinely in love with someone. When Ryan and Hayley returned, Gillian asked Ryan to join her in the bedroom. Ryan refused and wanted to stick around with Hayley and Mateo. Gillian yanked him by the arm and ordered him to follow her. Hayley wondered aloud where Camille had disappeared to. Mateo silenced his wife by giving her a kiss.

Camille returned to the cabin and looked over a few of her old pictures. She held a picture of her father in her hands and asked herself if it was possible that her father had done so many terrible things. She had no idea that Lee was watching her from a nearby window.

Tuesday, June 16, 1998

A new day dawned in Pine Valley. Acting on a hunch, Stuart headed back to the cabin in the hopes of finding Camille. He slowly opened the door to the cabin. Camille hid behind the door holding a crowbar. Had she not second-guessed herself, she might have walloped Stuart on the head! Stuart understood why Camille was jumpy. Camille, however, couldn't figure out how Stuart knew that she'd be hiding out in the cabin. Stuart explained that the cabin always reminded him of Joy's cabin. Since hem like Joy, enjoyed spending time at the cabin, he figured that Camille would probably take after her mother in that respect. Camille was glad to hear that Scott was making a recovery, but she felt kind of bad that Stuart had left Scott's bedside to search around for her. Stuart assured her that he wouldn't have left Scott alone at the hospital if Scott weren't in good shape. Camille still held a picture of her father in one of her hands. She cast a glance down at the photo and commented that she had apparently been wrong about her father. Stuart once again reiterated that he doesn't like speaking ill of the dead, but he couldn't think of anything nice to say about Lee. Stuart didn't want Camille to feel badly or dwell upon her father's evil deeds. Instead, he told Camille that they needed to find out who was trying to hurt his family before someone ends up dead.

Peggy flagged Ryan down in one of the corridors and told him that Dimitri wanted to see him. Ryan meandered his way through the passageways until he ended up in Dimitri's office area. Dimitri, his glasses pushed down to the end of his nose, looked over a mountain of papers that were placed on his desk. Without looking up, Dimitri hollered at Ryan for littering his personal space with junk mail. Ryan picked up the stack of envelopes and reviewed each. Most of the letters were bills or letters from collection agencies. One stood out from the rest: a summons to serve jury duty. Ryan opened the letter and learned that he'd been called to serve later in the day. Ryan decided that he hadn't been given enough warning and prepared to think of a way out of serving. Dimitri knew that it was very possible that Ryan could be asked to serve on Brooke's trial and ordered Ryan to do everything in his power to get seated on the jury. Ryan reminded Dimitri that he had a personal conflict---the night Brooke had joined them for dinner. Since he knew Brooke personally, it was unlikely that he'd be allowed to serve on the jury. Dimitri didn't care about legal technicalities---he wanted Brooke to be acquitted. He told Ryan that he would make it worth his while to have a seat on the jury. The mention of financial compensation caused Ryan to smile.

Donned in all blue and wearing sunglasses and a blue scarf over her head, Marian strolled into The Pit for an early morning shot of vodka. Within a few minutes after sitting at the bar, Marian found herself being approached by one of the bar's regular patrons. The man, Hank, wasn't big on small talk. He got right to the point and asked Marian to join him back at his place. By now Marian had had more than her fair share of booze. Her speech was slurred and she accidentally called the man "Stuart" when he began kissing her neck. The alcohol got the best of Marian causing her to tumble off the barstool and onto the ground. When she got up to brush herself off, Marian tripped and twisted her ankle. She called out in pain and the bartender announced that he was going to get her some help.

In court, Belinda, Janet, Trevor, Tad, and Brooke waited for the first wave of potential jurors to entered the courtroom. Tad felt that Brooke shouldn't be forced to face the possible jurors. Belinda explained that having Brooke in the courtroom would allow the potential jurors to see Brooke up close and personal. When the first potential juror was called to the stand, Keith asked the man how he felt about "vigilantism." The man calmly explained that it depended on the situation. In some situations, he commented, it might be necessary to seek justice by any means. When asked how he felt about child pornography, the man had a surprising response. He claimed that he didn't like child pornography, but he felt that it was protected by the Constitution. He also wondered why Brooke didn't fight for Jim's right to publish his pornographic photos since they were both had vested interested in freedom of the press. The gentleman was excused. The next potential juror was Mrs. Newman, a woman with three children. She was quite vehement in all of her answers and seemed overly anxious to say the "right" things. She announced that she wanted to see all tabloid magazines burned. Keith thought that the woman would make a good juror as did Trevor and Belinda. Janet, however, had her doubts. Janet had, of course, had many dealings with the legal system in the past. She told Trevor that the woman's answered seemed too good to be true. She urged him not to select the woman. The final decision rested with Brooke, but Brooke felt comfortable in taking Janet's advice. It was a decision she would not regret. When the judge told the woman that she was dismissed, she nearly went through the ceiling. She raced out of the witness stand and headed for Brooke. She was furious that she'd been dismissed and warned Brooke that she would not get away with murder. This incident didn't exactly make Brooke feel any better about her chances. The second batch of jurors were sent into the courtroom. One of the candidates turned out to be Opal! When she took the stand, she raved on and on about how Brooke did what she had to do. She was up in arms about Jim's threat to "hurt my little Jamie." Keith asked her what she meant by "her" little Jamie. When Opal explained that Jamie was her grandson, the judge told her that relatives were not permitted to serve on a loved one's jury. Opal was disappointed and argued that knowing Brooke would actually make her a better juror. Protocol couldn't be breached and Opal was dismissed. The second batch of potential jurors came and went and still no jurors had been seated. Trevor was beginning to agree that maybe Brooke shouldn't be present during the selection process. Tad agreed to take her home.

At the hospital, Lee somehow managed to get his hands on a doctor's uniform and a stethoscope. He slipped into Scott's room and began fiddling around with Scott's IV. Fortunately before he could do anything, Kelsey showed up. She didn't recognize Lee and asked him if he was new. Lee began visibly shaken when Kelsey innocently announced that her grandfather was the Chief of Staff. Lee quickly headed for the door, but his escape plan had an unexpected kink---Stuart and Jake were chatting in the hallway just outside the room. Lee hid his face and hurried past the two men. After he finished talking to Jake, Stuart headed towards his son's room. A few seconds later, Hank carried Marian into the emergency room. Still drunk, Marian gushed endlessly about how Jake was her favorite doctor. She leaned over and whispered to Jake that she needed help in getting rid of Hank. When Jake learned that Hank was afraid of blood, he claimed that Marian had broken her ankle in several places. The thought of setting the bones back in place caused Hank to turn green. He "remembered" that his truck was parked in a tow zone and dashed out the door. Marian actually believed that her ankle was broken and prepared for the worst. Jake told her that he'd made up the injury and that she'd really only suffered a bad sprain. Marian gave Jake a big kiss to thank him for taking care of her. She looked up from the kiss and saw that Stuart was standing across the hallway looking at her. She felt awkward about having kissed Jake, but she tried to talk her way out of it. Stuart was worried that Marian was seriously injured. When told about Scott's accident, Marian offered her help to Stuart. Stuart wanted to get together with Marian for a cup of coffee or a bite to eat, but Marian lied and said that she had a dinner date. Both were sad that they were not going to be spending any time together, but neither was brave enough to speak up and admit their true feelings. Stuart returned to Scott's room. Scott had heard Marian's voice and wondered if his father and Marian had patched things up. Stuart bowed his head and sadly noted that Marian had moved on with her life and was already dating "smarter" men. Back outside, Lee continued to hover around.

Brooke and Tad returned home and found Phoebe schmoozing with Evangeline Foster, the wife of the judge that was presiding over her trial. Evangeline had been led to believe that she was eligible to join The Daughters of Fine Lineage. Evangeline was so pleased that she told Phoebe that she'd forever be in her debt. Once Mrs. Foster left, Brooke scolded her aunt for trying to bribe Judge Foster. Phoebe made it known that she actually hadn't tried to bribe Judge Foster---she was sort of hoping that Evangeline would do it for her. Tad knew that Phoebe was wrong, but he admired her devotion and relished her evil mind. Brooke, perhaps trying to lighten the mood, warned Phoebe that if she continued they both might end up sharing a cell in prison! Phoebe left the room to make a pot of tea. While she was gone, Brooke told Tad about Dimitri's offer to help her flee the country. Tad was furious that Brooke had even considered Dimitri's offer. He called Dimitri a con man who was making no attempt to redeem himself. Brooke wanted to have Jamie return to Pine Valley so that she could tell him the truth. Tad assured Brooke that Dixie was shielding Jamie from the media and that their son had no idea that she was in trouble. Brooke worried that if she was sent to jail she would have missed out on a chance to spend a few final weeks with her son.

Back in court, the next wave of jurors were sent into the courtroom. Among them was Ryan Lavery. When called to the stand, he said all the right things to win over Trevor and Belinda. From her spot on the gallery, Janet nodded her approval at selecting Ryan for the jury. Keith also appeared to want Ryan on the jury---until he learned that Ryan worked at WRCW. He told the judge that since Ryan works in the media industry, he might not be able to be fair. Also, Keith worried that Ryan would leak details of the trial to his co-workers. Ryan clarified that he doesn't actually work in television; he sells ad space. That seemed to appease Keith and he agreed to seat Ryan on the jury.

Marian remembered that she'd left her purse behind at The Pit. She returned to the dive to fetch her handbag---and to down another few shots of alcohol. The bartender worried that Marian had already had too much to drink. From behind a man's voice announced that he hates "to see a beautiful woman drinking alone." Marian turned around and saw an unfamiliar face smiling back at her---Lee Hawkins.

Wednesday, June 17, 1998

Knowing that Dimitri had offered to help Brooke flee to country was eating away at Tad. He stormed into Wildwind and interrupted Dimitri's newspaper reading session. He snatched the paper out of Dimitri's hands and ordered him to "stay the hell away" from his ex-wife and his son. Tad let it be known that he did not appreciate the negative influence Dimitri was having on the mother of his child. Dimitri insisted that his conversations with Brooke were none of Tad's business. Tad argued that any actions that directly or indirectly affect Jamie were his business. Dimitri conceded defeat on that point, but he insisted that he wasn't trying to harm Jamie---or Brooke for that matter. Dimitri tossed a manila folder on the coffeetable. He told Tad that the folder contained news clippings about Brooke's case from various newspapers and magazines. Nearly all of the articles, he stated, spoke out against Brooke and her "vigilante justice." If the articles accurately represented the sentiment of the people of Pine Valley, then Brooke didn't stand a chance at a fair trial. Tad insisted that asking Brooke to flee the country is like trading in a small jail cell for a larger one. Besides, he added, there were hardly any civilized countries without extradition treaties with the United States. Tad reminded Dimitri of his failed attempts to "protect" women in the past including his most recent fiasco with Gloria.

Erica found Mike snacking away in her livingroom. For a secret agent, Erica felt that Mike was spending far too much time on her sofa. Mike explained that he'd put a hold on his mission because he was concerned that Erica might still be reeling from Jack's sudden split. Mike offered to help find Jack, but Erica felt that she should be the one to track her fiancé down. Erica called Jack her "top priority," but Mike was able to think of other more important things in Erica's life---like relaxation. Mike explained that Jack was in need of "RT," A Mike-ism for "recovery time." He offered to ready one of Erica's convertibles for a ride through the country. Erica thanked Mike for trying to take care of her, but she decided that finding Jack was something that she had to do.

Brooke shelved her own problems and headed to the hospital to visit Scott. Both Scott and Stuart were surprised to see Brooke and, in a nice way, asked her if she shouldn't be at home thinking about her case. Brooke stated that her mind was overloaded with her court case and was relieved to be out of the house. Brooke was stunned to learn that Scott's accident might not have been accidental. Hayley suddenly burst into the room and asked if everything was okay. She'd received an urgent message from Adam telling her that she needed to show up at the hospital for a matter of "life and death."
In the hallway, Adam engaged in a heated debate with Jack over the possible legal action that could be taken against Camille. Jack explained that until there was physical proof to tie Camille to any of the accidents there was nothing that he could do. That was not the answer that Adam wanted to hear. He argued that Jack had been chomping at the bits when he believed that he had killed Joy. Now that Camille was the suspect, Jack seemed to be dillydallying. Jack became infuriated by the allegations and reminded Adam that he had been the one to urge Camille to back down from her charges until there was enough proof one way or the other. Before Adam could continue his tirade, Hayley exited the nearby room and reminded her father that he was in a hospital. She led her father into Scott's room and asked him to explain his emergency. Adam didn't want to discuss personal matters in front of Brooke. Stuart scolded his brother for being rude. Adam, however, wasn't nearly done being rude. He told the gathered crowd that they needed to decide how to handle Camille and that Brooke could not be of any service to them. Then he stopped and thought about what he'd said. "Unless [Brooke] wants to give us pointers on how to shoot Camille in the back," Adam added. Brooke insisted that she had never planned to kill Jim. Adam hadn't meant to imply that she had. He claimed that he was actually praising Brooke for killing Jim because she did what she had to do in order to protect her family. Hayley decided to spare Brooke from any more of her father's remarks and took her for a cup of coffee. Once alone with the other Chandler men, Adam told Stuart that they needed to act swiftly in order to find out who was attacking them. Scott found it odd that both his father and uncle believed that the incidents were the work of one person. Adam coldly stated that all the "accidents" were the work of one person---the same person who had camped inside the walls of his house, the same person who had trespassed at his office, and the same person who had been "floating" in the air.

Jack headed to the sun porch to phone Derek. There he asked for the detective's help in researching the incident at Stuart's cabin as well as the apartment explosion and the elevator accident. After he was done with his call, he turned to leave the room but bumped into Erica. Erica told Jack that she'd been searching for him all around town. She asked him to return home with her so that they could eat some breakfast. She then brushed up close to him and asked him to smell her new perfume, "Forever Lovers." Jack sat on the edge of a table and told Erica that her tricks wouldn't work. He again ordered her to choose between Mike and him. Erica said that she couldn't make that choice. Suddenly Mike waltzed onto the patio and offered to make things better for Jack and Erica. Unbeknownst to Erica, Mike had slipped a tracking device in her purse before she left Linden. He'd been able to use his trickery to follow her every step of the way to the hospital. Jack obviously didn't enjoy seeing Mike. He let his disgust be known and walked out on Erica---again. Erica accused Mike of purposely trying to sabotage her relationship with Jack. Of course, Mike denied it. Erica announced that she was going to find someone who could tell her the truth about Mike and his supposed mission. On her way out of the sun porch, Erica saw Brooke passing by in the hall. She flagged down Brooke and pushed her towards Mike. Brooke walked slowly towards Mike with her eyes squinted. She knew that she'd seen the man somewhere before. When Erica announced that the man standing before Brooke was Mike Roy, Brooke's eyes suddenly widened. "You're dead," she said softly just before passing out. Erica wondered what type of tale Mike would tell Brooke, but she left before Brooke came to. Once awake, Brooke asked Mike why he wasn't dead. It seemed like a odd question, but under the circumstances it was perfectly logical. Mike said that he didn't have the time to answer any questions. He did, however, state that he'd been an undercover agent. Ruth walked by and caught a glimpse of Mike. She couldn't believe that Opal was actually right about Mike's "resurrection." Mike asked Ruth to examine Brooke to make sure that she was okay. Ruth escorted Brooke to an examining room allowing Mike ample time to reactivate his tracking device. Once Erica had arrived at her destination, Mike headed off to find her. He didn't know that Brooke was following behind him.

Lee helped Marian to a nearby table. When he joined her, Marian quickly noted that she hadn't asked him to sit with her. Lee, who introduced himself as "John Lee," said that he'd invited himself. Marian worried that if Lee sat with her long enough she might bore him with the problems in her personal life. Lee encouraged Marian to open up to him and she did just that. Marian claimed that the source of all her problems could be summed up in two words: Adam Chandler. Lee's face tensed. He knew he'd tapped into a gold mine. He said that he'd "heard" of Adam and wondered what the man had done to hurt such a beautiful woman like Marian. Marian went on with her tale, telling Lee that she knew the entire Chandler clan and that Adam was the only one who was pure evil. She remarked that Adam was like the devil while his brother, Stuart, was an angel. For some unknown reason, Lee felt a need to remind Marian that the devil used to be an angel. Marian replied that Adam had never been an angel. Lee could tell that Marian was "hung up" on Stuart. He asked her what Stuart had done to break her heart. Marian quickly cleared Stuart for all blame, explaining that it was Adam that had ruined their relationship. Marian's eyes glazed over. Her mouth began to twitch and started to form a smile. "I thought I was immune," Marian chuckled. Lee worried that Marian was sick. Sick, however, wasn't quite accurate. Marian told Lee that she'd just realized that she was in love with Stuart. Marian was upset that Stuart probably didn't have the same feelings for her. Lee told Marian that he was sure that Stuart "would die" if anything happened to her. Marian composed herself and apologized for talking Lee's ear off. Lee, for obvious reasons, enjoyed every minute of their chat. Marian offered to pay for their drinks as a way of thanking him for listening. Lee refused her offer. Gallantly, he offered to escort Marian back to her house. He then explained that he wasn't offering, he insisted on it.

Back at the hospital, Ruth tracked down Tad and handed him an urgent letter regarding a DNA test he had had performed. He opened the letter and nearly fell to the floor. "Wow!" he shouted. He could barely recover from the shock in time to flag down Jack. He asked Jack to assemble all of the Chandlers in Scott's room. Once gathered, both Adam and Hayley asked for Jack to hurry up and explain his big news. Jack turned the stage over to Tad. Adam remained restless and asked Tad to get on with it. With little in the way of an introduction or opening monologue, Tad announced that he'd managed to find out who was buried in Joy's grave.

Dimitri had just gotten back to his newspaper when Stella, one of his housekeepers, announced that he had another visitor. Thinking that Tad had returned to yell at him again, Dimitri said that he was busy and did not have time to talk. Erica slowly entered the room and asked her ex-husband if he was too busy for her. Dimitri quickly dropped his paper and offered Erica a seat. Erica explained that she'd rather stand. She asked Dimitri if he'd been honest when he said that he thought of Bianca as a daughter. Dimitri worried that Bianca's condition might have taken a turn for the worse. Erica assured Dimitri that Bianca was well on the road to recovery, but she could face a major setback if she were to learn that she and Jack were separated. Dimitri said that he was sorry to hear about the separation, but claimed to understand what Erica was going through. Erica said that Dimitri couldn't understand her predicament. Her predicament? She was in love with Jack, but she still had strong feelings for Mike. Dimitri was taken aback by the surprising confession and asked Erica how he could help. There was only one way that Erica could see for Dimitri to help her and that involved revealing whether or not Mike was really on a secret mission. Dimitri told Erica that he had promised not to reveal anything about Mike's mission because Mike had helped Dimitri find Edmund when he was trapped in the viaduct. Erica begged Dimitri to return the favor by saving the relationship that could be the one true love of her life. Dimitri pursed his lips and nodded his head. Dimitri confessed that Mike was on a mission, but clarified that it didn't involved international espionage or even a life and death situation. "The sole purpose of his mission," Dimitri said, "is to win you back. His mission is you, Erica."

Thursday, June 18, 1998

Now that he'd learned that Marian was a pipeline, of sorts, to the Chandler family Lee told Marian that he was looking forward to getting to know her a lot better. Marian had probably heard that line many, many times in her colorful past. She quickly noted that she had not asked Lee for any time of extracurricular activities. Lee insisted that his intentions were innocent and that he only wanted to take her home. He did comment that he would be more than happy to replaced Stuart if he "passes over" her. Marian defended Stuart's honor, explaining that Adam was the only Chandler who treated people badly. Lee identified with Marian's loss. He said that he'd lost his wife. Lee appeared to tear a bit, but it was only momentarily. Liza, on a last ditched effort to track down her mother, showed up at The Pit and asked her what she was doing with the strange man. Marian insisted that Lee had offered to take her home. "For a twelve hour horizontal goodbye?" Liza quipped. Marian argued that she no longer has one-night stands because she's changed. Lee could see that he was causing a bit of a rift between mother and daughter. He frowned noticeably until Liza glanced in his direction and then he flashed a quick smile. He told Marian that he was going to get on his way. She handed him her business card and told him to keep in touch. After Lee was gone, Liza scolded Marian for focusing her attention on the wrong things. She told her mother that she would need her full attention and support because she was going to have a baby. Marian's mouth dropped open. She wasn't thrilled with the concept of artificial insemination, saying that it sounds "so... artificial." Nevertheless, Marian offered her full support to her daughter. She assured Liza that she would be an excellent mother. Liza seemed surprised by her mother's warm words. Marian ordered a bottle of the house's best champagne. Being that dive that it is, the best bottle of champagne was hardly anything to get excited about, but it was the sentiment that really mattered. Marian found herself apologizing yet again to Liza for not being a good mother to her. Liza took her mother by the hand and refused to discuss whether her mother had been a good mother or not. Instead, she told Marian that she had gotten everything she needed from her. Her mother's form of maternal care had made her who she is and for that she said that she would always be thankful.

Adam snapped that he didn't "give a diddly damn" about who was buried in Joy's grave. Tad felt that the news would help them learn more about the person who had been attacking Adam and his family. Adam rolled his eyes and commented that he already knew who was attacking his family---Camille. Mateo, a bit late for the gathering, walked in to the room and asked Tad to announce his big news. Tad stated that he'd received the results from the DNA test and that there was virtually a zero percent chance that the body in the coffin belonged to Joy. A DNA test had shown that there was no possible way that Camille could have been the daughter of the woman in the coffin. Also the age of the decomposed body didn't coincide with the date of Joy's death. Tad then confessed that he had the lab run a DNA comparison between the body and Adam. Adam knew that he had not agreed to a DNA test and asked Tad how he'd obtained a sample. Tad admitted that he'd acted irresponsibly and even illegally when he'd taken a sample of Adam's hair for use in the test. But the test had been done and he wanted to reveal the results. There was an eighty percent match between Adam's DNA and the DNA of the corpse. That meant that the body most likely belonged to a sibling---Lottie Chandler. Adam was aghast that Tad would bring up Lottie's name and ordered Tad not to defile his late sister's memory. Tad didn't want to upset Adam, but it became apparent to him that someone had to have moved Lottie's body. Tad explained that he'd been shown a schematic of the cemetery plots and that Lottie's gravesite wasn't but a few yards from Joy's grave. Jack wondered why someone would have moved Lottie's body---and more importantly who. Stuart knew of only one person who could have done such a thing: Lee Hawkins. A bit of confusion surrounded the conversation because Lee's deathbed confession (in the form of a letter to his daughter, Camille) was the only proof anyone had that Lee was actually dead. It was determined that Lee must have moved Lottie's body sometime before his death. Jack and Tad proposed that Lee might have dug up Joy's body to try to eliminate any evidence that he'd be responsible for her death. Of course Lee had no way of knowing that Joy wasn't really dead! Then when he found the stone-filled coffin, he panicked and decided that he needed to place a body in the coffin to alleviate suspicion. It just so happened that using Lottie's remains was not only a way to clear his name, but also a way to stick it to Adam. Tad pulled Stuart from the room and asked Stuart to tell him where Camille was hiding. Stuart worried that Camille would be angry if he told Tad. Tad explained that he needed to ask Camille a few questions. Stuart realized that the only way to find out who was really behind the "accidents" was for Tad to do some investigating. Adam decided to form an alliance with Mateo to better put an end to the incidents. Mateo and Adam hadn't had the smoothest relationship, but they both shared a common interest and, as they say, sometimes war creates the most unlikely allies. Mateo explained that they couldn't solely focus on Camille as the attacker. By doing so, they'd be turning their backs on everyone else---and quite possibly the real danger. Adam placed a call to Dixie and begged her to hop on the first plane to Pine Valley so that he could keep an eye on Adam Junior. Dixie doubted Adam's tale of peril and accused him of trying to tamper with their custody agreement.

At Wildwind, Erica was furious that Mike had blatantly led her astray. She wished that Mike had been honest about his feelings for her because she could understand why he still might have feelings for her. "I mean no man really stops loving me," Erica boasted. "It's your humility that hooks us," Dimitri smirked. Mike burst into the room and asked Erica what she was doing, Stella, the housekeeper, apologized profusely to Dimitri for allowing Mike to enter the house. Erica told Mike that she knew the whole story about his return to Pine Valley. Mike's face lost its color and Erica allowed him to dangle for several minutes before she stopped toying with him. Actually, she merely moved on to another game. She claimed that Dimitri had told her all about Mike's life-threatening mission and apologized for having doubted him. Mike breathed a sigh of relief as he mistakenly believed hat he was off the hook. Dimitri added his two cents to the conversation by assuring Mike that he had said nothing that would compromise his safety during the mission. Before the trio could discuss anything more, Brooke entered the room and asked if someone could explain to her why they were all talking to a dead man. "That's quite a question," Erica mused. "Are you asking as a journalist or as someone who [just] took a life?" Brooke wasn't about to let Erica's snide remark go unchallenged. She nonchalantly commented that first-degree murder carries a life sentence and noted that if she were to commit another homicide it would be like "a freebie" because she'd already be in jail for life! Dimitri swore that Mike had been a government agent and that he and Mike had met in Budapest some years back. Somehow, Dimitri had managed to save Mike's life. Brooke was amazed that Mike had gone from a writer to an undercover agent---quite a leap in her book. Erica said that "only the terminally naïve" would buy into Mike's magical transformation. She then asked Brooke if her attorneys had considered entering an insanity plea on her behalf. Again the remark was batted back to Erica. "They did," Brooke replied, but said that "the jury pool is still tainted" from Erica's trial the year before and her claim that she was temporarily insane when she kidnapped Maddie from Maria. "What a pity," Erica countered. "A nice puce straight jacket would really offset that nice... what is that hair color that you have?" Dimitri and Mike couldn't help but smirk at the two women's discussion. Erica then remarked that Brooke should concentrate less on learning the story behind Mike's resurrection and focus more on her own situation. Erica felt that Brooke's tale could become a best seller---a lover who shot her fiancé instead of simply writing a Dear John letter. "If only I had the presence of mind to call you," Brooke sneered. "I could have borrowed that letter opener that you used to stab Dimitri." Brooke casually strolled over to Dimitri's desk and picked up a letter opened. Brandishing the object, she walked back towards Erica. "This one will have to due for my second homicide," she smiled. Mike put his arm around Erica and told her that it was time for them to go. "It's amazing what passes as humor to some people," Erica gasped. After Mike and Erica were gone, Dimitri and Brooke shared a hearty laugh. Dimitri filled Brooke in on the situation brewing at Linden---how Mike planned on getting Erica back and how Erica now knew all about Mike's plan. Brooke smiled and announced that Mike had better had a good insurance plan---because he's going to need it when Erica gets done with him!

At the cabin at Willow Lake, Tad told Camille that he wanted to clear her name. Camille was surprised that anyone cared enough about her to want to prove her innocence. She conceded, this the first time that she did so aloud, that it is possible that her father really was the man that Adam had described. No one was aware that Lee lurked in the shadows outside the cabin.

Erica had a plan to pay Mike back for lying to her. She waited until they returned to Linden before starting with the first stage of her plan. She acted unusually enamored and teased Mike with sexual advances and gestures. She leaned in for a kiss and then pushed Mike to the sofa. She told him to be quiet---she'd just heard a car door slam. Mike, who knew that there were no evil agents out to get him, couldn't understand why Erica was so concerned for her safety. She dashed to the door and looked outside to make sure that no one was getting ready to break into her house. Convinced that the coast was clear, Erica decided to go upstairs and freshen up. On her way up the stairs, she mumbled a warning under breath. "Compared to me, The Evil Empire was just a bunch of Muppets!" When Erica returned downstairs she asked Mike how he'd been able to find her a Wildwind. Mike reached into her purse and removed the tracking device that he'd planted. Erica promised to always hold on to the device so that Mike could find her at all times. Mike looked into her eyes and told her that he doesn't plan on ever being that far away from her. Erica urged Mike to go upstairs and wash up. He obliged her and unknowingly gave Erica the leg up she needed to spring her trap. While Mike was in the shower, Erica messed up her livingroom---she knocked books off the shelves, smashed a vase, and tossed some sofa cushions on the floor. She then set off her security system and called out to Mike for help. Mike, wearing just a bathrobe, dashed down the steps and, finding the room a mess, worried that Erica really had been kidnapped. He raced back upstairs to get dressed. Erica, meanwhile, smiled viciously and told herself that, "nobody messes with Erica Kane."

Friday, June 19, 1998

Jake summoned Allie to the hospital to join him in an important mission. No, neither had been recruited as Mike's new partner. Jake had heard that Jack was at the hospital on business and he felt that it was a good time for Allie to approach Jack about the charges that had been filed against her. He knew that it was the district attorney's job of reviewing each case and deciding which should be taken to trial. Jake explained that Allie might be able to approach Jack and plead with him to toss out the case. Allie knew it was a long shot, one that would require her to get her hopes up---and she feared that those hopes would be dashed. Allie would rather have devoted her time to something constructive like planning her wedding ceremony. Jake didn't want to be a wet blanket, but he quietly reminded Allie that if she cannot convince jack to toss out the case... she might have to plan the wedding from behind bars!

Erica casually strolled down a hospital corridor. As she rounded the corner, she bumped into Opal. Opal was acting a bit more frantic than usual. Apparently, Erica had asked Opal to meet her at the hospital under the guise of needing help with a secret mission. Erica held Mikes' tracking device in her hand and showed it to Opal. To Opal the device was little more than a pen. Erica never divulged exactly what the pen did, but she made it a point to tell Opal that the object was very valuable. At one point Opal worried that the pen housed some type of mini-nuclear warhead. Erica handed the pen to Opal and warned her not to let the pen fall into anyone else's hands---even Palmer's. Opal held the pen at arm's length and looked as though she was carrying a test tube filled with a deadly virus! Erica assured Opal that no one would try to hunt her down to get the pen back. She did, however, ask Opal to make up a story about how she'd found the pen.

Mike raced onto the sun porch and asked Jack if he knew where Erica was. Jack rolled his eyes and seemingly yawned in Mike's face. Mike told Jack that Erica had been kidnapped---for real this time. Jack didn't bat an eyelash. Even though Mike swore up and down that he was not up to some kind of game, Jack didn't believe a word he'd heard. Jack remarked that it was a little too convenient for Erica to have been kidnapped for a third time. The first two being fake, Jack deduced that Erica must have been behind the latest abduction. The discussion was cut off abruptly when Mike's tracking device started beeping. He looked at the tiny monitor and then dashed out of the room. Erica watched as Mike dashed down the hall unaware that he was actually following Opal. Erica strolled onto the sun porch and asked Jack if she could talk to him. Jack groused that he was a very busy man and urged Erica to make an appointment with his secretary if she wanted to speak with him. Erica told Jack that "the world has completely changed." She assured him that he'd soon see that, but until then she asked him to believe in her. A puzzled look crept over Jack's face. He knew that Erica was up to something, but he didn't know what was going through her mind. Erica confessed that she was scheming, but she said little more. Jack asked his fiancée when he'd know what she was planning. "Soon," Erica said with a slight smile. She told Jack that she loves him and then walked away. Only a matter of minutes later, Allie and Jake filed into the sunroom area. Once Jake began asking Jack if he had the power to decide which cases were tried, Jack knew that the topic of the charges against Allie would soon be popping up in the conversation. Jack spared Jake from having to get to that point and brought it up himself. Jack agreed with Jake in that Allie had already been punished enough. He explained that his hands were pretty much bound by protocol and public opinion. Public opinion, he explained, has a definite impact on what his office does. He spoke off the record and hinted that he would deny ever mentioning such things. Jack offered a bit of advice to the couple: swing the pendulum of public sympathy into Allie's court and he'll toss out the case. Jake and Allie decided that the best way to get Allie's story out was to go to WRCW and have Liza help them.

Liza found herself being forced to endure Gillian's audition for the weathergirl position. She didn't actually have to sit through the audition---she did at one point tell Gillian and Ryan to hit the road. Ryan reminded Liza that the audition was an "open audition" and that anyone could try out for the part. Gillian, dressed in a yellow rain slicker that barely dropped below her waist, put on quite a show for Liza. She pouted excessively and asked an imaginary viewer if he was "in the dumps" because of the constant rain. She then ripped open her slicker to reveal a low-cut black bathing suit. She then pranced and strutted around the office as she told the viewer that the skies were going to clear up. At the end of Gillian's routine, Ryan hooted and hollered wildly. Liza, who had fought back laughter during the audition, assessed Gillian's performance. She berated Gillian's obvious "lack of understanding of the topic" and her "lack of taste." Her credibility was zero and her talent was on the negative side of the scale. Liza also pointed out that Gillian's "grating" accent would drive viewers crazy. Ryan came to Gillian's rescue and demanded that Liza not speak to his wife that way. Ryan decided to circumvent Liza's authority by going to Tad for Gillian's audition. Since the weathergirl spot would air on The Cutting Edge, tad would have final say on who was chosen for the spot. Liza booted the couple out of her office. As the couple walked down the hall, Marian passed right by them. Marian had undergone a bit of a metamorphosis. Her usual garb had been replaced by much more conservative attire. She wore a black jumper with a starchy-and-lacey white blouse underneath. She also wore a pair of red, round-framed glasses and her hair was pulled straight back. Liza looked on in amazement as her mother entered her office. Liza commented that her mother looked like a nun. Marian claimed that she'd worn the outfit as a disguise for their trip to the clinic. Then Marian thought about the donation process and suggested that Liza ask Ryan to help her get pregnant. The thought of having Ryan's child disgusted Liza and she tossed the idea in the garbage. Marian's outfit also had a second purpose because the outfit seemed to fit her new role as grandmother. Liza and Marian headed off to the clinic together. As they passed Ryan in the hallway, Marian turned around and waved hello to the "gorgeous hunk." Liza had to yank her mother by the arm to get her to continue walking. Marian remarked that if she were a few years younger and "not so hung up on Stuart" she might consider going after Ryan! Gillian and Ryan waited for Tad in his office. Gillian wondered why Ryan had defended her to Liza. Ryan praised Gillian's talent and told her that she'd be a great on-air presence. The situation turned very romantic, but just as things heated up Ryan's cell phone rang. The clinic called to inform him that he'd been given the green light to become part of the donor program. Gillian called Ryan's decision to be a sperm donor "common" and felt it was a turn off for him to father a child that he'd never know.

Opal headed back to Cortlandt Manor. She was a nervous wreck and immediately handed the pen over to Palmer for safe keeping. If you'll pardon the pun, safe keeping entailed Palmer placing the pen in his secret safe. Palmer looked at the pen and told Opal that she should write with the pen, not lock it up. Opal claimed that the pen was an electronic marvel, but she didn't know why. The object failed to have the same effect on Palmer as it did on Opal... until Mike burst into the mansion and demanded to know where Palmer has stashed Erica. Of course Palmer had nothing to do with Erica's "abduction," but because the tracking device was somewhere on Cortlandt Manor's grounds Mike assumed that Erica had to be there. Unlike Opal, Palmer did not know that the pen was supposed to be top secret. Mike caught a glimpse of the pen and demanded to know where Palmer had found it. Opal stepped in to announce that she'd been the one to find the hospital. Opal claimed that since Stuart's elevator accident she has been taking the steps more frequently. Opal said that she found the pen in the stairwell. Mike asked her if she found anything unusual about the way in which she found the pen. Opal pursed her lips and stated that she might have heard a faint scuffle from further down the stairs. Mike demanded more and more answers from the pair. Fortunately, Adrian entered the room and escorted Mike into the foyer. There he told Mike that he had to believe what Opal had said. Sure, Opal might not be a saint, but Adrian knew that Opal would never lie. Adrian wondered if Erica was pulling one of her famous stunts by kidnapping herself. Mike shot down that idea because Erica did not know, so he believed, that he had staged her kidnapping. Palmer poked his head through the doorway and was ticked to see that Mike was still on his property. He ordered him to hit the road or face the local police. Mike's cell phone rang. Erica was on the other end frantically pleading Mike to help her. Opal heard Mike utter Erica's name and became very concerned. Erica told Mike that she was taken to an old warehouse near the wharf. Mike hung up the phone and dashed out of the house. Opal was still hopelessly lost in the matter. She truly believed that by taking the pen from Erica, she had cost her best friend her life. Adrian offered to get Opal a shot of brandy. He had to go down to the wine cellar to retrieve it. While down there, he saw Palmer's wall safe slowly sliding back into the locked position. Adrian moved in for a closer look.

Marian and Liza looked over hundreds of potential fathers, but none seemed to be a perfect match. Either they were too small, or too tall, or their field of employment wasn't suitable. Then along came entry 517: a man with two degrees. Both Marian and Liza approved of the man and they asked the nurse to enter the donor's number on her chart. Across the hall, Ryan signed his name on the dotted line of a contract that enrolled him into the donor program. The nurse assisting him broke the rules when she told Ryan that someone had just selected him as a donor---but she had never seen someone be selected so quickly. Liza and Marian filed out of their room and Ryan, his ego even more inflated now, exited his cubicle. They all bumped into each other in the lobby. Simultaneously, Ryan and Liza asked each other, "what are you doing here?"

At the warehouse, Erica paid the on-site manager to rent his property for a few hours. Erica must have offered the man a huge sum because he told her that she could rent the property for a year with the amount of cash she'd plunked down. Minutes later, Mike dashed into the warehouse and called out to Erica. Erica screamed out to Mike and begged him to rescue her. Erica was locked inside of a huge cage. The wire cage was shaped like a large square, but it was divided down the middle so that two distinct cells were formed. Mike looked all around for a way to get Erica out of the cage, but he could see no easy way to rescue her. He stepped into the front cubicle (Erica was in the second one, in the rear). As he struggled to find a way to break the cage down, Erica bent over and pulled a previously unseen cord. The door to Mike's cell closed. Mike was distracted by the noise and did not see Erica leave her side of the cage. Finally Mike did see Erica on the outside and asked her what was going on. "Gotcha," Erica smiled proudly.

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