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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of June 15, 1998 on ATWT
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Monday, June 15, 1998

Ben talks to the surgeon and he agrees to delay the surgery for ˝ hour so they can spend the time together. Ben encourages her to fight and to survive the cancer. Camille tries to explain to Ben about why she ran away but he says it's not important right now. Ben tells Camille that he had a vision of her wearing a white wedding gown Camille is taken away to be prepped for surgery. Ben and Sara Ruth both cry as Camille is wheeled away for surgery.

Julia answers the phone at the farm and is startled to find out it is Jack. She hurries and disguises her voice and says she is the babysitter. Jack tells the babysitter that he will be over there to visit tonight. Julia immediately calls the train station and makes plans to leave on the next train which leaves in 1 hour. Emma tries to talk her into staying but she has to go she says. Emma takes her to the train station. Julia is in line waiting to buy her ticket the same time Jack is waiting outside on police business. Emma gets a call from Cal who says Luke won't go to bed unless Julia tells him a bedtime story. Emma convinces Julia to stay another night.

Carly tells Hal that she did slap Nikki and would do it again. Carly tells Hal that she didn't tell him about the slap earlier because she was afraid that he would leave her. Carly suddenly has a pain in her stomach and says she is nausea. Nikki gets Jessica to be her lawyer and tells Carly she will need a lawyer too.

Eddie walks into his room and is surprised to find some changes done and that Margo is there. Eddie lays down to take a nap and Margo sets the alarm for 1 hour. Later Margo notices that Eddie did not wake up so she goes to his room and wakes him up. He sleepwalks again and goes to Margo and kisses her.

Emily is looking at Tom as he is changing his shirt and is fantasizing about him when he asks her what is she doing. She quickly comes up with a story. Tom looks for his watch but cannot find it. Emily later finds it and sets the time back a couple of hours. She then gives it to Tom. He notices that he has a couple more hours to work with Emily.

Tuesday, June 16, 1998

Wednesday, June 17, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Meredith Thompson

Kim comes upon Lisa as Lisa is exiting John's hotel room, muttering that Barbara had "better watch out." Lisa tells John she's not responsible for John's "tension." A cranky John hears the noise and opens the door, wanting to know what's going on. At Fashions Molly emerges from the dressing room in a tight black dress that David deems inappropriate. Lucinda, herself in the dressing room, bemoans her own attempt to get back at David by using such a "hare." A waiting Sara Ruth regrets that Camille didn't want her to take care of her. As Camille is wheeled back into her hospital room, Ben tells her mother that all that's important is to tell Camille she loves her.

Emily overhears Margo telling Eddie that Tom doesn't need to know what happened last night. When Emily walks in on the uncomfortable duo, Emily and Eddie exchanged baited comments about his new job at Java. She looks at Margo as she asks Eddie how his sleeping went. Margo covers for him. Eddie escapes to the front porch and through the open door hears Margo praising Emily for making Tom "a new man." Emily tells her that the reason she came over was to invite Margo to lunch. The two rifle through their appointment books and settle on a lunch date at the Mona Lisa. After Emily departs, Eddie tells Margo that Emily is not the kind of person you want to turn your back on.

Molly gets upset when she thinks David's telling her she lacks taste. Lucinda catches her as she is walking out and surprises Molly by agreeing with David that the dress is "too too". She tells Molly that she should thank him for telling her so, that he's trying to protect her because he has an emotional involvement with her. She grabs tissues when Molly starts to cry. Ben and Sara Ruth position themselves on either side of Camille's bedside as she asks them if she's going to die. Kim talks to John about Andy, how he quit teaching so he could date Nikki. John growls that it's no big deal-he's an adult, not her "little Andy" anymore. Kim walks out huffily, but not without a parting shot-who's responsible for his mood, she asks, Lisa or Barbara?

Barbara gives David a pink ruffled gown for Molly to try on because it matches her...eyes. Lisa asks Barbara why she left John last night, telling her "a man deserves to have his patience rewarded." Lucinda advises Molly to let David teach her, a la Pygmalion. Sara Ruth and Camille remember being there for each other through crises-Camille for Sara Ruth's stroke, Sara Ruth for Camille's tonsillectomy. Reverend Dansby enters and notices the flowers-they're from Brad, Sara Ruth tells him. Camille tells them how she met Brad and how good he was to her. The Reverend calls Brad an angel. Camille wishes she could help him the way he did for her. Just then, Brad enters her room.

Eddie is persistent, so Margo lies and him that in his sleep he called her a peace officer. She dismisses it as being "nobody's business." Eddie tells her she has all the answers. Emily meets Tom at Java and Tom notices that she's distracted when he tells her about the James Stenbeck investigation. She tells him she just saw Margo at the house, and that she was acting distracted-by Eddie. She asks him if he's sure that nothing really happened last night with Eddie. David tells Molly he's not trying to hurt her and that he doesn't want to lose her, then exults when she goes off to try on the new dress. Lisa tells Barbara that John is not a monk. Why is Lisa so concerned about her husband, Barbara spits as Kim looks on.

John arrives at Margo's with an anniversary gift of romantic candles to keep the fires burning. Margo ferrets out that her dad's bad mood is because nothing is happening with Barbara. He asks about the "happy" marriage and she tells him about Eddie being diagnosed. She dismisses his worry-they're a part of each other's lives now, she affirms. Tom chats with Eddie as he buses nearby tables. Emily tells Tom that Eddie ticks her off. Tom tells her to stop holding back information. Brad tells Camille that though a wanderer by nature, he had to stick around to see how it turned out. Camille and Sara Ruth talk alone after Ben, Brad and Reverend Dansby leave.

Ben tells Brad he remembers him-they've met before, when Brad got Camille's records at the hospital. Brad tells Ben he's a construction worker so he'll likely be moving on. Reverend Dansby offers Brad a job rebuilding the church, and Brad promises to think about it. Brad allows that he knows some people from Oakdale. Brad turns around when he hears Ben calling Jack Snyder on his cell phone. Lucinda tells Molly that if she's learned nothing else, she knows that Lucinda's advice has always been right. David over hears her and asks what she's talking about. Ben and Sara Ruth muse about Brad after he leaves-Sara Ruth wonders if he's too good to be true.

Ben checks in on a worried Camille and insists that she's still the same person. Lucinda covers, telling David that she told Molly to stay away from him. David gives Molly a pearl necklace as Lucinda looks on in triumph. Barbara explains to her aunt Kim about Lisa accusing her of leading John on. An excited Lisa leaves Fashions to pamper herself and get ready to go to the ball with John. Tom tells Emily he has a right to know. She tells him that she overheard Margo swearing to Eddie that she would keep secret about what Eddie did in his sleep.

Thursday, June 18, 1998

Jack discusses his concerns about Eddie with Margo. Carly and Hal arrive at the police station frantically looking for Nikki, who did not come home last night. Margo questions Hal about what happened and Hal informs her that Carly slapped Nikki. Margo is alarmed to hear that, but Hal assures her it was not child abuse, that Nikki antagonized Carly and that Carly is very sorry for what she did. While Margo and Hal are talking, Carly suffers a twinge in her stomach and Jack comforts her.

At Java, Emily plants the seed in Tom's mind that something did happen last night with Eddie's sleepwalking and that Margo and Eddie are keeping the truth from him. A suspicious Eddie interrupts their conversation, accusing them of talking about him. Tom warns Eddie to back off. Angry, Tom tells Emily he plans to get the truth from Margo. Emily begs Tom not to tell Margo he heard anything about this from her. As Emily is preparing to leave, Eddie warns her that he's got her number. Later, at the police station, once confronted by Tom, Margo comes clean that Eddie did have another sleepwalking event, but she doesn't tell Tom about the kiss.

Emma the matchmaker sets into motion her grand plan to get Jack and Julia together at the Charity Ball.. She enlists Holden as her assistant, getting him to be Julia's escort. The plan almost fails when Julia has a severe allergic reaction and breaks out in hives. However, after applying one of Emma's home remedies, Julia is able to get ready for the Ball

At Java, Nikki thanks Andy for letting her stay in his parents' guest room. They discuss the pros and cons of Nikki filing charges against Carly. Andy is supportive of Nikki when she decides to press charges and accompanies her to the D.A.'s office. When Nikki, Andy and the D.A. arrive at the police station with a warrant for Carly, Jack is the only one there to serve it. After a heated discussion between Jack and the D.A., Jack finds Carly at Java and informs her must take her in for questioning.

Fashions is a buzz with people picking up their last minute gowns for the Charity Ball. Lisa is all aglow whisking away with her new gown to prepare for her date with John. Meanwhile Kim and Barbara discuss the squabble between Lisa and Barbara earlier. When Barbara admits to Kim that she and John have not made love since little Johnny was conceived, Kim speculates that maybe Barbara is associating intimacy with loss. Realizing that Kim may be right, Barbara makes a last minute appointment with Dr. Lynn Michaels in hopes she can work things out.

Lisa, back at her penthouse, fantasizes about her and John. John arrives to tell Lisa that Barbara has asked him to take her to the Ball. Hiding her disappointment, Lisa tells John she understands, realizing that the two may finally be making some progress towards reconciliation. John offers to give Lisa a ride to the event, but Lisa tells him she may be coming down with a migraine and doesn't really feel like going. Later, decked out in his tux, an elated John leaves for the Ball, just missing a phone call from Barbara that she won't be going with him tonight. At the same time, Lisa decides to attend the Ball after all.

After Margo tells Eddie that Tom somehow found out about his sleepwalking last night, Eddie informs Margo it was Emily that told him.. After tracking her down at Fashions, Margo confronts Emily.

Friday, June 19, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Meredith Thompson

Margo snipes at Emily that she expected her to be better at lying after all her years of practice. Emily wants to know why Margo lied to Tom in the first place. Holden thinks he sees Jack at the ball and goes to introduce Julia to him. Julia smells a setup-he and Emma don't think she can resist Mr. You-Know-Who, do they? Jack brings Carly to the station for questioning. When the DA's arrival is delayed, Carly tries to leave so she can "get pretty" and go to the ball. Jack puts her in the interrogation room. When he tells her he's going to get ready for the ball, she makes disparaging remarks about his date with Emily, then begs him not to leave her, as Hal is on the plane to Buffalo to get Nikki and is not answering his cell phone or beeper. Jack tells her they'll be other balls and other dresses-in fact, she can buy all the dresses she wants with her $50 million. Carly accuses Jack of enjoying seeing her squirm.

Emily tells Margo that Tom just "pulled it out" of her. Margo tells Emily to come directly to her in the future. Emily tells her she has a problem with Eddie-he makes her uncomfortable. Margo reassures Emily-Eddie is nothing like Diego. Emily asks Margo to keep mum to Eddie about her being the one to tell Tom. Too late, Margo says. The two part as friends. Margo gets a call to report back to the station. Meanwhile, Tom's already at the ball waiting for her. He spies Eddie working as a waiter and Bob senses the tension between them. Tom tells Bob, Kim and Nancy that Margo has dropped everything lately for Eddie.

Julia assumes that Xavier is the one Holden is waiting for. Holden reassures her that he and Emma would never rat out her whereabouts to her former fiancé. Julia tells Holden about Carly trying to convince her to leave town. Holden calls Emma, who's still waiting for Jack out at the farm. He tells her what Julia said about Carly, and Emma threatens to go to the station and drag Jack to the ball-in handcuffs. Carly accuses Jack of volunteering to the DA to go get her. Jack tells her how he tried to get the DA to drop it and instead had his job threatened. Carly then worries about having her baby in prison and begs Jack not to leave her alone as Emma walks into the station and spies them together.

While Carly leaves to go call Molly, Jack tries to back out of going to the ball, explaining that Carly's in trouble. So what else is new? Emma retorts. Carly explains to Molly abou the charges and asks her to come down to the station. Emma tells Jack that he doesn't owe Carly anything-they're even on the saving lives scorecard. She promises him a night of magic and he remembers Julia. Julia is distracted while dancing with Holden. He convinces her to stay until Emma arrives. Tom thinks that Margo's duckin gout is purely payback for his comments about Eddie earlier. When she tells him otherwise, he says he's going to leave as soon as he finishes his interviews. Margo urges him to stay as Emily appears in the background. Susan runs into her daughter before she can get to Tom and inquires as to the whereabouts of her date. Oh well, Susan says, she knows where Emily will be until Jack shows up.

Nancy hears them playing Dan's favorite song and Bob offers to dance with her. John asks Kim where Barbara is and she has to break the news that Barbara's not coming, but refuses to tell him the reason. A grumpy John is on his way out but Lisa spies him and when he tells her Barbara stood him up she swoops him out onto the dance floor. Susan divines the source of Emily's distraction and tells her yes Tom's still alone-but he's still waiting for his wife. As Emily flounces away she runs into Eddie. He waylays her, wanting to know why she keeps claiming to be Margo's friend-what's her game, he asks? Eddie watches as Emily pulls Susan away from Tom's arms and onto the terrace. John tells Lisa that he knows Barbara left him a message on his machine, but he's afraid to listen to it. Kim looks on as Lisa comforts John.

Julia waxes poetic about Jack's skill during the storm in Chicago, and how he didn't care about Xavier's money. Margo arrives back at the station and Jack tells her about Carly being brought in for questioning. Margo promises to watch over Carly and orders him to the ball. Emma thanks Margo. Emma gets Carly alone and tells her to stop running to Jack with her problems and let him get on with his life. Oh, and stop running to run Julia off, too. Let him go, Emma tells her. Emily accuses Susan of talking to Tom about her. Susan invokes the unsuitable men of Emily's past and Emily defends herself by invoking the name of Jef Hamlin. Susan admits after Emily's jab that she knows all about unavailable men, telling her daughter that she deserves better. Tom walks over and agrees with Susan.

Tom assumes she's talking about David, that Emily still has feelings for him, though Emily reassures him that she is completely over David. After Susan leaves, Tom and Emily bemoan the absence of their respective dates. John asks Lisa-is he wasting his time with Barbara? Lisa tells him that any girl would be lucky to have him, and that when you're in love, no amount of time is "too much." Carly denies not wanting Jack to be happy. She portrays Julia as being a poor choice for Jack and on the rebound from Xavier. Anyone would be an improvement over you, Emma tells her. Stop the insults, Molly says as she enters, though blurting out about Carly being "arrested." Emma promises not to ruin Carly's "spotless" reputation. A suited Jack arrives and thinks Carly's in good hands with Molly and leaves with Emma.

The D.A. arrives and Carly tries to slip out while he's busy talking to Margo. She's determined to go to the ball. Margo spies them and Molly covers that Carly feels sick. Margo leads her back to the interrogation room, but Carly refuses to say anything without a lawyer. Margo and the D.A. leave the room to confer. Molly says that no party is worth going to jail. Carly calls Emma "mother to the biggest bunch of losers this side of the Mississippi" and Freudian slips that she's upset Emma doesn't consider her to be good enough for Jack. She worries that Emma will spill the news of her mess to everyone at the Lakeview. Carly says she has to go to the ball to prove she's as good as anybody. She has a plan, she says with a gleam in her eye.

Susan asks Bob what he thinks of Tom's new job, hinting at the "long hours" for the "family man." But Bob thinks it's no more time-consuming than when he was D.A.-he's just glad to see Tom happy again. After Reverend Dansby thanks Lisa for her contribution and leaves, John confesses that he couldn't wait for him to leave so that he could dance with her again. Holden tells Julia that he knows Julia still cares for her. How? Julia asks. Jack and Emma finally arrive at the ball. Jack dismisses Emma's idea of there being a "Cinderella" there for him.

Emily tells Tom that the date with Jack and getting dressed up for the ball made her feel like a woman again. Tom reassures her that no matter what she does, no one will mistake her as being anything other than a beautiful woman. They dance alone on the terrace as Eddie watches them. Molly arranges to spill coffee on the D.A.'s lap when Margo has to leave the room. While his back is turned, first Carly and then Molly sneaks out of the station. Margo comes in and finds Carly missing.

Julia climbs the steps to the ballroom to leave and spots Jack across the room, who also spots her. He hurries off and Julia thinks he doesn't want to see her. She tries to leave, but Holden waylays her, and Jack reappears at the foot of the steps. He reaches for her gloved hand, and she puts it in his.



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