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Lee's reign of terror ended. Brooke was cleared of all charges. Gillian and David shared an intimate encounter. Myrtle suffered an irregular heartbeat. Liza's home pregnancy test was confirmed. Palmer locked Opal in the secret room.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of September 7, 1998 on AMC
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Monday, September 7, 1998

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Some severe weather pounded the Pine Valley area---yeah, I really do live in Pine Valley!---and the last few minutes of the show were knocked out along with the power. I have pieced together the information from my other source and managed to include this material in today's summary.

It came out of nowhere and hit Belinda squarely between the eyes. No, it wasn't a homerun baseball---it was Adrian's seemingly spontaneous question. "Will I miss you when you're gone?" Belinda said after swallowing a mouthful of wine. She mused that she hadn't even gotten the chance to dish the date with her girlfriends or wonder if Adrian would call to make a second date. Adrian nodded and said that it seemed like Belinda had asked for a "continuance." Belinda smiled broadly and said that she would retire to her chambers and make a verdict. Adrian took Belinda's hand and gently kissed it. Belinda closed her eyes and took in a deep breath. She told Adrian that things were moving just a tad too fast for her. Adrian wasn't offended nor was he put off by the message that he needed to slow down. Adrian said that they should focus on eating some great food and possibly sharing a few laughs. Maybe something pleasurable would come out of the evening, Adrian said with a slightly smile. "You never know," Belinda said slyly.

Things in the holding cell area at the police station turned very ugly. Adam braced himself against the steel bars of the cell and twirled the cell keys tauntingly. "What are you staring at?" Lee snapped angrily. "Evil," Adam replied. Lee grabbed the sides of his head yet again and demanded that Adam leave him alone. Lee's eyes widened substantially and his face turned redder and redder by the minute. Adam grinned fiendishly as he told Lee that he'd won. Lee called out for the guards, but none came running to the cellblock. Adam explained that taxpayer money pays the guard's salaries and that recent budget cuts have created a scarcity of police offers. Besides, who would want their tax money to pay guards to "watch garbage decay?" Lee still clutched his head. He demanded to know what Adam was going to do to him. Kill him, perhaps? Adam shook his head. He said that he had something "more creative" in mind than merely killing Lee---something "much worse." "Go to hell," Lee snarled. "No," Adam replied with a slightly smile, "Hell is too crowded." Adam turned up the heat by telling Lee that he'd managed to beat him once again. First, he took Joy away from him, then he watched as Lee had killed his own daughter, and now he was going to have the pleasure of seeing Lee go down for the count. Lee insisted that he and Joy were happy together until Adam came alone. His voice grew in intensity and each word echoed the pain he must have been feeling. Adam urged Lee to calm down before he gave himself an aneurysm. Of course, he hoped that Lee would continue his tirade. The last straw came when Adam issued a stunning revelation. Joy, he said, would come back from the dead if she had to just to dance on Lee's grave. Only a "cowardly thug" would beat an innocent woman. Lee's pain grew. He begged Adam to get him a doctor, but Adam refused. He reminded Lee that he had offered to get him the best doctor's on the planet if he'd released his children. Lee failed to live up to his end of the deal and therefore he'd shot himself in the foot, so to speak. "Are you going to stand there and let me die?" Lee asked. Adam's brows rose a bit. "You're smarter than I thought," he responded. Lee tried to sit down on the edge of his cot, but he slipped off the edge and plopped down on the concrete floor. He told Adam that he wouldn't get away with letting him suffer. "I already have," Adam grinned. He explained that a little bribe could go a long way. The guards were not going to come running back, he assured Lee. Lee rocked back and forth, all the while pressing against his head. "I hate you," he snarled. Then, he fell forward... face first. Adam looked on for several seconds, perhaps thinking about his latest business ventures. When Lee showed no signs of moving, he crouched down and reached through the bars to check Lee's pulse. He took a deep breath, straightened out his suit, and then called out to the guards. "Come quick!" Adam yelled, noting that the prisoner needed help. On his way out of the cellblock, Adam looked down at Lee and remarked, "My children are safe, Lee. My children are safe."

Adam's youngest daughter was still in serious condition at Pine Valley Hospital. Mateo still sat by his wife's bed and offered her encouraging words that he hoped would make a difference in her condition. After having a brief discussion with Jake, Edmund entered the room and gave Mateo an update on Hayley's condition. The results of the blood tests were not back yet, so it was too soon to tell what was going to happen to Hayley. Mateo felt helpless. Before, he had visions to guide him through the attacks on his loved ones. Now, there were no more visions, no more dreams. He was left to play the waiting game, a game he feared he might not win. Edmund left Mateo to have some more time alone with Hayley. Mateo held his wife's hand and talked to her about the happier times. As he talked, Ryan stood in the doorway and listened. Mateo was unaware that Ryan was there. Mateo even talked about what type of business they'd go into next. None of them, incidentally, were remotely related to the restaurant business. "You're my heart," Mateo said softly. "I'll never love anybody else." Hayley's eyes flickered and she slowly regained consciousness. Her first words were to her husband, "I love you." Jake entered and was pleasantly surprised to see that Hayley was awake. He asked Mateo to step out of the room while he gave Hayley a checkup. Outside the room, Ryan pulled Mateo aside and offered him a sincere apology. He said that for months he'd thought that Mateo was on overbearing louse of a husband. Now, he realized that Mateo was only trying to protect Hayley the best way he knew how. Mateo accepted the apology and told Ryan that they needed to move on. Jake exited and told Mateo that Hayley appeared to be making a full recovery. He had no idea how Hayley had not been killed by the high level of toxins that were in her bloodstream. Mateo rejoined his wife, but their time alone with short. Adam burst into the room and was overjoyed to see his daughter's beautiful blue eyes. Adam told Hayley that he was sorry that he'd failed to protect her from Lee. He assured Hayley that Lee would never hurt her again. "He's dead," Adam said coldly. "I saw him die in his cell." Hayley wanted to know why. Adam, in a slightly whimsical voice, said that the way that Lee died "doesn't really matter." Mateo and Adam stepped outside of the room for a few seconds. "You killed him, didn't you?" Mateo asked Adam. "No," the billionaire replied. "God killed him. I helped a little." In what could be the start of mended fences for the pair, Mateo smiled broadly. He placed his hand on Adam's shoulder and simply stated, "Good for you."

At Wildwind, Eugenia> found her granddaughter sitting alone in her room with tears in her eyes. Eugenia, naturally, wanted to know what was bothering Gillian. "Everyone despises me," Gillian sobbed. She told her grandmother that she had owned up to her mistakes and that it did no good. Ryan, she said, looks at her with "eyes so cold." Eugenia knew that if Gillian was hurt by the way Ryan was treating her, she must really care deeply for Ryan. Gillian admitted that she cared for Ryan and that she wanted him to always be in her life. "Then you are ready to learn." Eugenia smiled softly. "You two," Eugenia stated, referring to Ryan and Gillian, "could be gloriously happy." Ryan opened the door and stepped into the room. He told the two women that Hayley had woken up and that she was on the road to recovery. Gillian said that she was glad to hear that, but Ryan doubted her sincerity. He reminded Gillian that Hayley wouldn't be in her current mess had Gillian not acted like a jealous child. Eugenia knew that she'd received her cue to leave. Before dashing out, Eugenia reminded her granddaughter that she had to be willing to learn in order to get Ryan back into her life.

The woman's claim that she was Jack's late sister, Christine, caused Jack to hit the roof. "My sister died in a boating accident," Jack growled. "I know this is hard to believe, Jack," the woman said. She urged Jack to believe her. Jack wasn't about to do that. "My sister never called me Jack," Jack noted. He called the woman, who goes by the name of Kit, "a liar with very bad taste." Kit insisted that she would never make up such a story and that she was telling the truth. Jack urged the woman to walk away before she ended up in big trouble. Kit, however, didn't budge. Jack was now beginning to doubt Kit's carjacking tale as well. Kit must have seen Edmund's photo somewhere and decided that he was fair game for a carjacking story. Imagine Jack's surprise when the door swung open and Edmund stood in the doorway. Kit and Edmund stared at each other for several minutes, neither saying a word. Finally, the woman asked Edmund what he had done with her car. Edmund told the woman that the car was parked outside and that there were no scratches---and he'd even filled up the tank for her. Kit was relieved, but she wasn't about to give Edmund a round of applause. The district attorney couldn't believe his ears---did Edmund really carjack someone? Edmund turned his attention to Jack and explained that the woman's claims were true. He went on to assure Jack and Kit that he never would have taken such drastic measures if it wasn't "a matter of life and death." Jack excused himself to answer the phone. He learned that Lee Hawkins had died in his jail cell from a "preexisting condition." Kit was indifferent and neither Jack nor Edmund seemed fazed by the news. Edmund asked Jack if there were any pending legal charges against him. Jack looked for the mysterious blonde, but she was nowhere to be found. Jack signaled that Edmund was free to gone. Edmund asked Jack to thank the woman for him if he saw her again. Edmund turned and walked away. Knowing that the woman had told the truth about the carjacking now made Jack wonder if her other bombshell was the truth. "I hope I never see her again," Jack said quietly to himself.

Tuesday, September 8, 1998

I apologize for the brevity of today's summary. Mother Nature pulled another of her tricks today. There was no severe weather, but the strong winds knocked over a tree and I lost power and cable during today's show. Luckily a friend has a satellite and I was able to see most of what I missed.

For the most part, people really do not like going to the doctor. It usually means that someone isn't feeling well. But when Harold's appointment rolled round, the entire Dillon Clan showed up. The veterinarian, a short, stocky gentleman, seemed surprised to see Tim, Amanda, Trevor, and Janet waiting to speak to him. To demonstrate Harold's atypical behavior, Janet and Trevor waved a squeaky toy in front of the family dog. Harold didn't even give it a second look. Amanda claimed that at breakfast Harold had eaten her entire bowl of cereal. That must've meant, she figured, that her furry pal was on the mend. No one saw Harold down the cereal, so Trevor and Janet weren't certain if Amanda was telling the truth or not. The vet gave Harold the once over without once showing an ounce of emotion. After the examination, Trevor asked to speak to the doggy doctor in private. He told the vet to "spare no expense" in finding out what was ailing Harold. "Give it to me straight, what's wrong with the hooch?", Trevor asks the vet.

While his mother napped, Jamie went to work and planned a surprise party. The party didn't feature a cake or even a lot of guests. It was a special family gathering. Brooke woke from her nap and called out to Jamie. The young boy met his mother at the steps and told her to cover her eyes because her had a surprise for her. Brooke obliged her son and gave him her hand. Jamie led his mother past a bouquet of balloons and towards the fireplace. Over the fireplace, he'd hung a homemade banner that said, "Mommy's free ." Brooke nearly broke down in tears, but she managed to piece it together. A few stray tears managed to escape and gently meandered down Brooke's cheek. The doorbell sounded and Jamie dashed off to the door. Brooke instructed her son to ask who was there before opening. Jamie completely disregarded her advice and opened the door, saying that he knew it was going to be his father. He was right, but he had still taken an unnecessary risk---and Tad made sure to let his son know that he should always ask "who's there" before opening the door. Tad wondered what type of party Jamie could possibly be having. "Jamie wanted to celebrate," Brooke said somewhat coldly. Tad pulled Jamie aside and told his son that while he should "keep the faith" he should also not be overly optimistic. Jamie reminded his father that he had promised him that Brooke would not go to jail. Brooke flashed Tad a menacingly glare. The phone rang and Brooke's face turned ghostly white. It was not the call she'd expected---the jury had not reached a verdict. Phoebe was just checking in to see how her niece was holding up. Brooke found a flyer in Jamie's books promoting a pancake breakfast. Jamie thought little of it and told his mother that he'd already reserved placed for all three of them. Brooke sat her son down and reminded him that she might not be able to make it. She said that she'd always been there for Jamie---when he lost his first tooth and when he headed off to kindergarten; he'd always been very independent. Tad asked Jamie to head to the kitchen and rustle up some food for the party. Jamie opted to make some microwave popcorn. Jamie dashed out of the room and Brooke walked over to the mantle. She ripped the banner down and looked angrily at Tad. "This is what happens when you make promises that you can't keep!" Brooke yelled. Tad became equally as forceful and demanded that Brooke keep her emotions in check. Later, Brooke got the news that she'd been nervously anticipating---the jury had reached a verdict.

Gillian did her best to follow her grandmother's advice to reach out to Ryan. The only way Gillian could think of to convey this message was to tell Ryan that she loved him. Ryan was taken aback by the news and urged Gillian not to ramble on before she said something that she'd regret later. Gillian told Ryan that she wanted to be with him and planted a kiss on his lips as proof. Ryan told his wife that her attempt to win him back wouldn't work. Gillian said that she was sorry for all the things that she'd never said, including the night that she failed to tell Hayley that Lee was on the Wildwind grounds. Gillian wanted desperately to make things better for her and her husband and said that she'd do anything for him. "I don't want anything from you. I'm sick to death of you," Ryan said coldly. The man she had eyes for---and married---turned and left her standing alone in her room. Gillian was devastated. She knew that there had to be something that she could do to melt Ryan's icy heart. She dolled herself up in a very revealing dress and set out to find her husband. On her way, however, Gillian ran into someone she hadn't expected to see: Dr. David Hayward.

After Edmund had left the station, Jack placed a call to Travis and warned him that someone was claiming to be their late sister. Kit followed Edmund back to his Tempo office and told him that he "owed" her for the way she'd bailed him out with the district attorney. From experience, Edmund knew that the woman must have had something in mind already. He was right. Kit finally introduced herself and said that she had a story that Tempo might want to print. The story, she said, was about one of her friends. In the tale, Kit spoke of a young girl who had been washed away at sea while boating with her two old brothers. A storm hit while the siblings were sailing and the young girl was thrown overboard. One of the brothers reached out to his sister, but he was unable to hold on to her. The girl's body was never recovered and she was presumed dead. Edmund could see that Kit's "friend" was actually Kit. He was skeptical of her story, but the tale was so spellbinding that he soon found himself wanting to know more. Kit said that she'd found newspaper clippings in her parents home and always wondered if she was the girl in the story. When she confronted her father (her mother had already passed away), he became defensive and acted very peculiarly. That led Kit to believe that she was the girl mentioned in the articles. Edmund wondered what he could do to help Kit. She explained that Edmund's friend was her brother. Edmund thought hard for several seconds before realizing that Kit was referring to Jack. Edmund asked Kit if she had any proof to back her claims. Kit shook her head. Edmund was just about to go along with Kit and help her develop an open dialogue with Jack when Tad appeared in the doorway and warned Jack not to believe a word that Kit was saying.

Wednesday, September 9, 1998

Tad and Kit had meant once before, in a past life if you will. During his amnesiac days as Ted Orsini, Kit and Tad had apparently met, although the details of the meeting were never addressed. Kit still knew Tad only as Ted and was unaware that he wasn't the real Ted Orsini. Tad briefly explained that Kit was a con artist and urged Edmund to disregard anything that she might have said. He then turned towards Kit and told her that she should do everyone a favor and leave town. Kit mused that she and Tad should have a duel at high noon since the town apparently wasn't big enough for the both of them. Edmund listened quietly as the two bickered back and forth. When there was a pause in the argument, Edmund stepped in to ask how the two knew each other. There was a momentary pause before the two began telling their tales simultaneously. Only a few words were decipherable, notably Tad reiterating that Kit was a con artist. The phone interrupted the discussion. Edmund learned that the jury was ready to deliver its verdict and he and Tad knew that they had to hustle to the courthouse. Edmund assured Kit that they'd talk later. Tad looked at Kit one last time before leaving the office and told her to refrain from stealing any office supplies.

The atmosphere in the courtroom was anything but light. Phoebe and Brooke both fought back tears as they shared an embrace. Phoebe urged Brooke to keep her chin up and stand tall when the verdict was read. Ryan arrived at the courthouse and wished Brooke well. He was surprised when Brooke smiled and thanked him for being there to support her. Ryan had figured that Brooke would hate him for the way that he'd tried to weasel his way on the jury. Brooke told Ryan that everyone makes mistakes. She was more interested in knowing where Ryan was when he heard the news that the jury had reached a verdict. When he said that he was at Wildwind and not WRCW, Brooke's voice softened. She wondered if Dimitri had heard the news too. Ryan shook his head and said that he hasn't seen Dimitri in some time and assumed that he was out of town on business. The look on Brooke's---although she tried very hard to hide it---showed that she was upset that Dimitri would be unable to be there with her. Just when all hope seemed lost, Dimitri appeared in the doorway. Brooke smiled meekly and told Dimitri that she thought that he'd gotten too busy and would not show. "Whatever happens today," Dimitri replied. "I want you to know..." Brooke cut him off before he could say anything more. "I know," she said nodding her head. Brooke, while still very fearful about the verdict that could be rendered, looked much more at peace now that her friends were starting to show up. Jack walked into the courtroom and told Brooke that he wishes her the best of luck. After he left, Dimitri grumbled about Jack's attempt to be nice. Brooke began to think about all of the things that she could have done while she awaited the verdict. She regretted not being able to spend more time in her garden. "There's still the rest of this summer," Dimitri said reassuringly. Tad and Edmund arrived next. Of course, they asked Brooke how she was holding up. "I feel like I'm standing on quicksand," Brooks said softly. "Been there, done that," Edmund laughed, a reference to an adventure they'd had at Willow Lake a few years ago. Jamie burst into the courtroom and gave his mother a big hug. He'd somehow eluded his babysitter. Tad scolded Jamie for running away, but Jamie insisted that he had a good explanation. Jamie handed over his mother's good luck charm, a golden ring. Brooke gently rubbed Jamie's head as the three men discussed how they would get Jamie back to the babysitter. In a surprising move, Brooke announced that she wanted Jamie to stay in the courtroom. Janet stepped in to temporarily distract Jamie. Tad asked Brooke if she was sure that she wanted their son to be there when the verdict was read. Brooke blasted Tad for his part in keeping Jamie's hopes raised. Brooke told Tad that he should have thought about how Jamie would accept a guilty verdict before he'd promised him that she'd never go to jail. Dixie stepped in and said that she'd be more than happy to sit in the corridor with Jamie while the verdict was read. Everyone liked the idea and thanked Dixie for her help. Everyone took their seats as the jury entered the courtroom. Within a few seconds, the judge was gaveling court to order. The foreman handed over the verdict sheet to the bailiff, who then presented it to Judge Foster. After the judge reviewed the paperwork, he asked for the verdict to be read. On the charge of murder in the first degree, the foreman announced that they'd found Brooke "not guilty." The gentleman made sure to enunciate each word careful so as to avoid any misunderstanding. On the charge of murder in the third degree and illegal possession of a firearm, the jury delivered the same verdict. The courtroom erupted in applause. Judge Foster banged his gavel and demanded that there be order. He thanked the jury for doing their duty and then announced that Brooke was free to go. Edmund approached the foreman and asked him, off the record, of course, how the deliberations went. The foreman reluctantly stated that it was "touch and go" for a while. The photos that had been found in Jim's safe deposit box, he added, turned out to be Brooke's saving grace. Dixie happened to overhear the foreman as she was walking across the courtroom. Phoebe wheeled up to Keith and told him that now that the trial was over, he should "get lost." Dimitri stood at the back of the courtroom and announced that he would be throwing a celebratory bash at The Valley Inn. Keith congratulated Belinda on her win and asked her if it was possible that they could get together for dinner now that they were no longer on opposing sides. Belinda wasn't so sure that they weren't still on opposing sides. She let it be known that she despised Keith's antics during the trial especially his insinuation that Brooke killed Jim because she believed that he was carrying on an elicit affair with Laura, her daughter. Tad lingered around the courtroom after everyone else had left----well, almost everyone. Dixie saw down next to Tad that he'd kept his promise to Jamie. She told Tad that she'd overheard the foreman telling Edmund that the pictures helped clear Brooke. She again told Tad that he'd done good when he planted the pictures in Jim's safe deposit box. Tad quickly noted that he could get into serious trouble if Dixie's wild accusations ever became public. Dixie got silent very quickly and told Tad that she would never mention her "unsubstantiated" claims ever again. Tad asked Dixie if she wanted to go to Brooke's party. Dixie said that she had planned in going home to spend time with Junior. Tad understood and offered to give her a ride home. Dixie was stunned by Tad's offer. She told him that she could get home fine by herself. Tad knew that Dixie was still angered over their encounter at the hospital. Tad again urged Dixie to get past their problems and move on. Dixie remarked that she'd been the one hurt by Tad's infidelity---not him. She also said that she would "get over it" when she decided that it was time to get over it and not a second sooner. Dixie stormed out of the courtroom. Tad plopped back down on the bench and looked up at the ceiling. Jack entered a short time later and asked Tad why he wasn't off celebrating with Brooke. Tad rose to his feet and walked over to the district attorney. He warned Jack that there was a con artist in town by the name of Kit Fisher. He said that he wasn't sure what the woman was up to, but he was sure that it was nothing good. Jack told Tad that he'd already met Kit and that he was also familiar with her game---she was claiming to be his dead sister.

Gillian and David sat together at a table at The Valley Inn. The sipped champagne and spoke openly of their past sexual conquests. Somehow, they got to talking about the most exciting places that they've ever made love. David said that he'd made love on a cable car going up the Matterhorn. For her part, Gillian said that she'd made love in a private box at a Paris opera house. Gillian wanted to partake in an old European custom with David: the breaking of the champagne glasses. Gillian explained that people used to toss their champagne glasses into the fireplace to make certain that no one else could ever drink out of their lover's glass. In lieu of a fireplace, she explained, they could simply snap the glass' stem. David received a page from the hospital and had to phone in to see if he was needed. While her pseudo-date was occupied, Gillian began daydreaming. She imagined that Ryan caught her dining with David. In the dream, Ryan barged over to the table and yanked Gillian away. He proclaimed that no other man could ever have her and then kissed her passionately. David asked her where she'd drifted off to, but Gillian assured him that she wasn't thinking about anything in particular. In the real world, however, Gillian's dream just didn't play out. Ryan and Kelsey entered the dining area to help celebrate Brooke's court win. Ryan didn't barge over to the table nor did he even acknowledge his wife. Kelsey mused that Gillian and David were a perfect couple, she called David "the prince of darkness" and referred to Gillian as "Vampira." Ryan snapped at Kelsey and told her not to "trash" Gillian. Kelsey was surprised by Ryan's reaction and asked him how he could still be nice to Gillian after all she'd put him through. Ryan said that he didn't want to be dragged down by Gillian any longer. Kelsey reminded Ryan that he was still married to Gillian and that he had no other choice but to be dragged down. David told Gillian that he was going to call it a night because he could tell that he was not the one on her mind. He gently kissed her hand and then adjourned for the evening. Edmund waited until everyone had arrived before proposing a toast to Brooke and her legal team. He thanked her for keeping the world safe, perhaps a bit of an overstatement. He went on to say that he was glad that Brooke didn't get punished for doing the right thing.

Erica dropped by Cortlandt Manor to have a serious heart-to-heart talk with Opal. She told her gal pal that she had tried to convince Palmer to turn over the paintings, but that he'd rebuked her. She also informed Opal about Jack's offer to arrange a deal so that Palmer would get little more than a slap on the wrist. Opal said that she couldn't help Erica because Palmer was refusing to listen to her too. Erica worried that Palmer would be seriously injured or even killed if the roving gang of rogue art "collectors" caught up to him. Palmer walked into the room and told Erica that she was not welcome in his house. Opal groused that Cortlandt Manor was her house, too, and that Erica was her guest. Palmer insisted that there was no reason for him to accept Jack's deal because he hadn't stolen any paintings. Erica asked Palmer who would protect him when the "collectors" came after him. More importantly, she asked who would look out for his family. "I've heard enough," Palmer growled. Erica rolled her eyes and called Palmer "impossible." She told Opal that she would only be a phone call away if she needed her.

Erica returned to Linden House and found Mike sprawled out on her sofa drinking a bottle of beer. She accused Mike of breaking and entering and felt like a heel when he said that Coral, her housekeeper, had actually let him in. He explained that he wanted to talk to Erica about Palmer and the stolen paintings. Erica told Mike that she'd just come from Cortlandt Manor and that she'd had no luck in trying to get Palmer to return the paintings. Erica wondered how Palmer could be so thoughtless about his family's safety. She thought for a second and determined that Palmer's behavior could be chalked up to only one thing: he's a man. Erica noted that all of the men in her life had, at one time or another, let her down. Erica announced that she would rather be a "spinster" than get involved with another man. Mike gave her a funny look and remarked that Erica was the "Jane Eyre of the new millennium." To that, Erica replied, "maybe if she had a makeover." Mike one-upped her and said that all she needed what the right man in her life. The two exchanged longing glances. They looked like they might kiss, but the kiss never materialized. Erica left the room to get herself a glass of iced tea. While she was gone, the doorbell rang. Mike took it upon himself to answered the door. He expected to see Jack on the other side and appeared at least mildly pleased to see Kit. Kit introduced herself and said that she wanted to speak to Jack Montgomery. Perhaps thinking that Kit was a potential love for Jack, he invited her into the house. Erica went nuts when she saw Kit and snapped that Jack could be reached at the office during normal business hours. Kit said that she needed to talk to Jack about personal matters. Mike was eating it up and told Kit that she should have a seat and wait for Jack to return home.

Back at the Valley Inn, rebuked by Ryan, Gillian headed upstairs to David's room. David wondered why she'd dropped by when she could be partying it up with her husband. Gillian said that the party was boring. She reminded David that he'd said that he was never boring. Gillian stepped into the hotel room and she and David started kissing very passionately.

Downstairs, Dimitri finally managed to get some time alone with Brooke. He told her that it had been a long time since he'd seen a smile on her face. Brooke took a deep breath and said that she hadn't truly been herself in over a year. She thanked Dimitri for all his support and that it was nice to have him as a friend. "That's a start," Dimitri grinned broadly. He told Brooke that Keith had been right when he hinted that he might have feelings for her. "I can't get you out of my mind," Dimitri said. He asked her if she would give him the chance to love her

Things at Cortlandt Manor became very heated. Palmer told Opal that she should pay Erica little mind because she'd been brainwashed by Jack and Mike. Opal wasn't so sure. Since Palmer had already admitted to having the paintings, she wondered why he just couldn't give them back. She and Petey were Palmer's family---the paintings were just, well, just paintings. Palmer nearly fainted dead away when he heard Opal speak so lowly of the priceless pieces of art. Palmer claimed that he wanted to rebuild his marriage. Opal nodded in agreement and told her husband that she wanted nothing more than to get back to where they were. In order to do that, she said, Palmer had to accept Jack's deal. Palmer didn't like Opal's ultimatum and told her that nothing she could say or do would make him change his mind. "Oh yeah," Opal sassed, "watch this." Opal headed over to the phone and dialed several numbers. Palmer leaped from his chair and demanded to know who Opal was calling. "The police," she responded. "I'm having you arrested."

Thursday, September 10, 1998

Since her daughter still had not chosen a name for her baby, Marian leafed through a baby book searching for possible names. She found a name that struck horror in her heart: Henrietta. She was so disgusted by the name that she actually tore the entire page out of the book! She was still frustrated when an orderly wheeled in a late night snack. Unaware that the orderly was actually Stuart, Marian told the man to take his gruel back to the kitchen. Stuart came bearing gifts: cheddar cheese-flavored Goldfish>tm crackers. Marian was overcome with emotion as she thought about her pending grandmotherhood and how lucky she was to have Stuart in her life. Marian felt awkward about crying, but Stuart admitted that he cried when he noticed that she was missing---and then again when he found her. Both wanted desperately to admit their feelings for each other, but neither felt comfortable expressing their feelings that way. "My forevers are with you," Stuart said softly. "Because I love you." Marian's eyes welled with tears. "I love you too," she replied, "with all my heart." Stuart crawled into bed with Marian and the two cuddled and kissed until Stuart realized that it was time for him to go. Before she'd let her beau leave, Marian asked Stuart if he'd tell her that he loved her one more time. He did and tossed in at least three other repetitions just for good measure.

"Give us a chance?" Brooke asked. Her voice cracked in the middle of her sentence. Dimitri said that he wanted the chance to write Brooke love letters, buy her flowers, take walks with her on rainy days, and go horseback riding at sunrise. "I care about you more than I ever thought possible," Brooke said softly. She admitted that her heart lifted and her confidence soared when he walked into the courtroom. Still, there was reluctance in Brooke's voice. "I'm not asking you to marry me," ribbed Dimitri, perhaps hoping to lessen the tension. "I know," Brooke nodded. "I just can't." Dimitri didn't press. He found it hard to accept that had he not mentioned his romantic intentions, Brooke would have thought nothing of occasional dinners and outings. Brooke explained that her past relationships have all blown up in her face. She was beginning to wonder if she was doomed to a solitary life. Would Brooke date again? According to her, "not in the foreseeable future." She said that she wanted to get her homelife in order and catch up on work at Tempo. Dimitri wondered if perhaps after that time Brooke would reconsider. Brooke said she could make no promises. Dimitri nodded and asked Brooke if she could do one more thing for him. Without warning, he leaned over and gently kissed her on the lips.

Tad told Edmund that he'd met Kit Fisher while living with Nola Orsini, the woman he called his "third mother." He said that Kit had tried to convince Nola that she was her long-lost best friend. Nola, he said, nearly signed over the vineyard to Kit. Kit, he said, is "as bogus as they come."
Brooke returned to the dining area and thanked everyone who had helped her. While she gave the speech, Myrtle patted her forehead with a napkin. Edmund observed Myrtle's actions and asked her if she was feeling okay. Myrtle wiped her brow and said that she was going to sit down for a minute. Edmund flagged down Ryan and the two men determined that something might be seriously wrong.

Erica quipped that Mike, while acting like her butler, was only a guest in her house. She again told Kit that she should take up business matters at Jack's office. Mike enjoyed seeing Erica squirm a bit---and he did his part to turn up the heat. Kit said that she had to speak to Jack immediately because her business was of an important personal nature. Mike grinned. It was obvious that he was hoping that Kit and Jack were a past or present item. Erica looked at Kit and said that Jack had never mentioned her in conversation. Kit claimed that she and Jack went "way back." The final remark really had Mike approaching a fit of giddiness. The door swung open and all those questions appeared to be on the threshold of answers. Mike stepped out of the way and allowed Jack to walk over to Kit. He told Kit that she was unwelcome at Linden and ordered her to hit the road. Kit apologized to Erica with a bowed head and then headed for the door. Jack took his cellphone out of his pocket and made an cryptic phone call. He told the person on the other end that the "problem" he'd mentioned had appeared at Linden. Jack then headed out the door after Kit. By now, Mike was ready to burst. He mused that he had pegged Jack wrong when he'd said that the attorney was "a bore." Mike pressed his ear against the door and hoped for at least a piece of the conversation between Jack and the mysterious blonde. Erica told Mike that it was tacky to eavesdrop. She then proceeded to press her own ear against the door. Erica mustn't have been able to hear anything because she decided that she'd wasted enough of her time. She told Mike that she was going to take a bubble bath and that she would find out what went down in the morning. Mike was amazed, but he wondered if Erica was just putting on an act. Outside, Kit told Jack that she meant him no harm; In fact, she claimed that she wanted to help him. Jack couldn't see how the mystery woman could possibly think that she was helping him by parading around and claiming to be his dead sister. Kit had what seemed to be a selfless reason for showing up in Pine Valley: She wanted Jack to know that she hadn't died. Jack, she said, was the one who had reached out to her when she was washed overboard. Since he was unable to hold on, she knew that he must have been haunted by the nightmare ever since. A police officer arrived on the scene and asked Jack if he had phoned for assistance. Jack nodded and ordered the officer to arrest Kit. Kit's eyes nearly popped out of their sockets. She demanded to know why she was being arrested. "Your [car] registration is expired," Jack growled. He said that he would have the Department of Motor Vehicles run her plates and see he she really is. Kit said that Jack's actions were not fair. The officer took her by the arm and escorted her away. Jack returned inside and got slightly better news from Mike. Mike received a call from the lab that had analyzed the canvas taken from Cortlandt Manor. The canvas was shown to be of the same era of the missing paintings. They knew that they had to proof to get their man.

David and Gillian wasted no time in getting down to business. David wondered why Gillian wasn't schmoozing with her husband. "What husband?" purred Gillian. "I'm not a child, doctor," Gillian said. "And I'm not your doctor," David replied. Gillian smiled seductively and said that while David might not be her doctor, she was sure that he had the cure for what ailed her. David wondered if Gillian's only ailment was a broken heart. Her heart may have been broken, but her hands were full. She and David turned up the heat and laid down on the bed. After they'd finished making love---or having sex---David fell fast asleep. Gillian laid awake staring at the ceiling. She stayed still for a few seconds before crawling out of bed and reaching for her clothing. David noticed that Gillian was missing and asked her where she was going. Gillian reminded David that he was slated to operate on the governor in the morning and said that she wanted him to get enough sleep. David smiled and thanked her for her thoughtfulness. As Gillian was getting dressed, a knock sounded on the door. Ryan called out to David and said that they had an emergency in the dining room. Gillian went into panic mode. She didn't know what she was going to do. David kept calm and even managed to crack a smirk at Gillian's breakdown. He told her to hide in the bathroom until he left. Gillian nodded and ducked into hiding. When the coast was clear, Gillian sat down on the bed and began brushing her hair. She began thinking about what she'd just done. Her mind was filled with visions of her wedding night escapades with Ryan. She fell back on the bed and asked herself what she'd done.

Back downstairs, David gave Myrtle a quick checkup and found no signs of anything wrong. He did, however, recommend that she head to her doctor in the morning. Janet and Trevor overheard the discussion and offered to drop Myrtle by the hospital on their way home. Belinda stepped in and said that she'd go along with Myrtle just to make sure that everything was okay. Myrtle bowed the pressure and agreed to get checked out. Ryan thanked David for leaving his peaceful evening at home to check out Myrtle. David smiled and said that he's a man who "[believes] in sharing." Ryan had no idea what the comment meant. David, however, left with a big smile on his face. Ryan headed out of the party, which was just about over, and bumped into Gillian in the lobby. He asked her why she was still hanging around. He didn't ask it in a mean way, more surprised than anything else. Out of nervousness, Gillian became defensive and told Ryan that it was none of his business. Ryan did offer to take Gillian home, but she turned him down flat. Brooke, Tad, Jamie, and Phoebe gathered their things and prepared to head home. As Brooke was leaving, she took one look back at Dimitri and smiled. Dimitri told Edmund that Brooke had turned down his request to be more than casual acquaintances. Edmund told Dimitri that he was sorry that things didn't work out for him.

Palmer snatched the phone away from his wife and said that he would not allow her to turn them into laughing stocks. Opal reminded Palmer that the Feds were closing in on him---they had pieces of canvas from the paintings. Palmer quickly noted that the snippets of canvas had been obtained without a search warrant. A mere technicality, Opal replied. The "art freaks," as Opal called them, were closing in on them. Opal sighed and said that she wanted to come before the paintings in Palmer's life. "But you didn't!" Palmer gritted his teeth. He said that he'd gotten the paintings long before he met Opal and even before he met Daisy. Opal struggled to deal with the pain she was feeling. She told Palmer that she loved him, but said that he had to take Jack's deal. "I love those paintings," Palmer said in a near maniacal tone. His mouth pursed tightly together and his eye's became very wide. He insisted that he had not stolen the paintings; He said that he'd saved them from destruction. Opal, he said, uses the term "love" to describe her feelings for so many things. "Why won't you let it," Palmer said of the same term, "mean something to me?" Opal lowered her head and walked back towards the phone. She picked up the receiver and held it out to her husband. She wanted Palmer to admit his wrongdoing. Palmer told Opal that by forcing him to call the police she was destroying their marriage. "I'm trying to save it," Opal argued. Palmer couldn't see how Opal was trying to save their marriage---she was pushing him into admitting that he'd committed a felony. Opal told Palmer that it was wrong, "plain wrong," to keep the paintings. She told him that he speaks of his paintings with such passion, a passion he fails to exhibit when talking about his family. Palmer took a deep breath and said that he'd accept Jack's deal, but only if he could see the paintings one last time. Opal nodded and asked if she could see them too. Palmer smiled and told Opal that he'd been hiding the paintings in the basement the whole time. As Opal and Palmer headed to the wine cellar, Opal remarked that Mike had searched the lower level from top to bottom without finding the paintings. Palmer chuckled and informed Opal that he'd carved out a second hiding place within the first secret compartment. Opal entered the secret room with Palmer just behind her. Palmer pointed towards the secret compartment and asked Opal to get the paintings for him. Opal agreed and walked across the room. When she turned around, her husband was gone. Palmer closed the double doors leading the to secret room and locked his wife inside. Palmer left the key in the lock as he made his way out of the room. He then pushed his button on his remote control, thereby sealing the secret room behind the safe door. Inside, Opal pounded on the door and demanded that she be let out. "I'm sorry Opal," Palmer said, "But you gave me no other choice."

Friday, September 11, 1998

After leaving one love locked in the secret room at Cortlandt Manor, Palmer headed to the hidden passageways at Chandler Mansion to be with another of his loves. Palmer removed the paintings from their hiding place, what appeared to be an old air duct. As he skulked around, he overheard voices coming from the other side of the wall. He pressed his ear to the wall and listened in on an argument between Adam and Dixie. Adam had promised to take Junior on a fishing trip, but now he'd decided to back out of that commitment. Adam decided that he'd pitch a tent in the backyard and camp out with his son. That wasn't a fair compromise in Dixie's mind. She wanted her son to get away from Chandler Mansion, a place that struck fear in the boy's heart. Dixie explained that ever since his ordeal at the Wildwind mausoleum and with Lee, Junior fears that evil spirits are lurking everywhere---including within the walls at Chandler Mansion. Adam urged his former wife to bring Junior downstairs so that they could roam the walls of the mansion and prove that nothing was lurking inside. Adam opened the secret door in the wall near his desk and he and Dixie gasped simultaneously as they saw Palmer standing on the other side. Adam demanded an explanation as to why Palmer was trespassing on his property. Adam thought about it few a split second and decided that there was no explanation that would satisfy him. He walked over to the phone to call the police. Dixie quickly jumped in and said that she had asked Palmer to stop by and help ease Junior's jitters. Adam was perplexed by Dixie's statement, but he seemed to buy it. If Palmer really was there to help Junior, he certainly didn't want to be outdone. So Adam decided that he would go on the fishing trip after all. Before he left to finalize the plans, Adam told Palmer that he'd better be gone by the time he gets back. Dixie waited until after Adam left before letting her Uncle Palmer know that she'd just saved his hide. Palmer offered a simple thank you and went back on his way. Dixie stopped Palmer before he could get too far and let it be known that he was going to have to do a much better job than just saying thank you.

At Pine Valley Hospital, Liza and Tad sat on the sun porch and brought each other up to date on their lives. The talk lacked any real depth. Tad gave Liza a brief update on Hayley's condition and Liza told Tad about her argument with Dixie a day or so earlier. Tad explained that Dixie's bad attitude had been generated by her inability to forgive his adultery. Liza wondered if Tad had forgiven Dixie for the way that she'd run out on their marriage. Tad tried to dodge the question, offering a bland and scripted response. Liza asked him when he'd last let loose without regard for the consequences of his actions. Tad smiled and said, "I'm looking at her." Jake strolled into the room and asked the pair what they were up to. Liza reached into her purse and produced a well-folded piece of paper. The paper, she soon revealed, was a document given to her by Dr. Clader. The doctor confirmed what Liza had suspected for several days: she was "absolutely, positively, undeniably" pregnant. Jake leapt from his chair and gave Liza a big hug. Tad looked on uneasily. Liza said that she was headed to get a sonogram and asked Jake if he'd like to tag along. Jake puckered his lips and told Liza that it might be better if Marian went with her. Liza dashed off leaving Tad to ponder what had just taken place. In the hallway, Allie listened to the conversation between the two brothers. Tad wondered if he should congratulate Jake on his pending fatherhood. While Jake admitted that for a "nanosecond" he almost agreed to go with Liza to the sonogram, he remained adamant that he would have no feelings for the child. Tad asked Jake if things were "still on" between his brother and Allie. Jake nodded rather unconvincingly and said that he and Allie were still slated to be married. Jake headed off to do his rounds and Tad decided that he'd go check up on Hayley. Before Tad could leave, but after Jake had already split, Allie entered the sun room and demanded to know what Tad was trying to do. Tad looked at Allie with a confused look on his face and asked her what she was talking about. Allie insinuated that Tad was pushing Jake and Liza closer together. That was not the case. He explained that he wasn't crazy about Jake's decision to father Liza's child any more than she was. There difference, he noted, was that he could still support and love Jake and Liza even if he didn't agree with their decisions. "You can't keep him on a leash," Tad informed Allie. Allie understood what Tad was saying, but she wanted to know how Jake would feel, or more importantly how he would react, when he held Liza's baby in his arms. Tad told Liza that he was sure that Jake would not act irresponsibly because he had promised not to seek an active role in the child's life. He told her that Jake had flatly turned down Liza's offer to sit in on the sonogram. Allie knew that that was really not the case. After all, she overheard the entire conversation. Allie looked like she was going to explode. She pursed her lips tightly together and clenched her hands into tight fists. Somehow she managed to keep her rage bottled up and when she turned around to face Tad she flashed a smile. She told him that he was right. Tad decided that he'd finally get a move on to see Hayley and Allie claimed that she had other business, too. Allie hung around the sun porch even after Tad left. She dwelled on the relationship that she believed could develop between Jake and Liza and got closer and closer to the breaking point. She told herself that she had to be "an end to this" before it was too late.

Somewhere else in the hospital, Marian greeted Stuart with a smile when he returned to her room. She told him that he was cold. Wanting to help, Stuart offered to get her a hot water bottle or another blanket to help keep her warm. Marian smiled devilishly and told Stuart that neither of those would help keep her warm the way that his body curled up next to her would. Stuart had just slipped under the covers when Adam entered the room. Adam took a deep breath to keep his anger in check. "You're back in the pink, I see," Adam snapped at Marian. Marian was still quick with the wit. She told Adam that she actually wasn't as recovered as he might think and added that Adam should leave because she was allowed only one visitor at a time. Of course, that was not the case---Marian just wanted some time alone with Stuart. Adam reminded Stuart that he had promised to tag along on the Chandler family fishing trip. Stuart said that he wasn't going and Adam blew his top. "You don't rule the roost," Stuart snapped. Adam was stunned by Stuart's display of rebellion. Adam explained that the trip was important for the family and that it would help them heal the wounds inflicted by Lee Hawkins. Marian looked at Stuart and told him that he had to go on the trip because family was more important than anything else. Now Adam was stunned that Marian was actually on his side of an argument. Marian suggested that every night that they are separated, they should choose a time to sit and send their thoughts to one another. Stuart grinned innocently and said that he couldn't wait to leave so that he could start missing Marian! Adam stepped out of the room and bumped into Liza. Liza was positively glowing. Adam smiled and told Liza that she looked "happy." Liza smiled back and said that she had every reason to be happy. Liza stepped into the room and immediately noticed that she'd interrupted a romantic moment. She told Marian about her test results and Marian broke into tears of joy. She offered to tag along to the sonogram with Liza, but Liza wanted her mother to stay and enjoy some time with Stuart. "I think I'll be in good hands," Liza smiled. "And you will too."
On his way down the corridor, Allie bumped into Adam and told him that it was time for him to tell Liza the truth about the switch he'd done at the fertility clinic. Adam refused. Allie knew that there was only one way to spur Adam into action. She led Adam down the hall to the room where Liza's sonogram was taking place. At the time, they had no idea that the doctor who was slated to perform the sonogram had canceled---and Liza had asked Jake to step in and perform it instead.

Sometime while en route from Cortlandt Manor to the passageway at Chandler Mansion, Palmer had phoned Erica and told her that Opal was locked in the secret room. The scenes that took place in the secret room can best be described as Emmy-worthy. Erica raced to Cortlandt Manor to help her longtime girlfriend. Erica slowly unlocked the door and stepped into the room. Opal sat in Palmer's red chair, her legs sprawled over the arm. Her head, turned slightly downward, rested against the chair's back. Erica scurried over to Opal and asked her what Palmer had done to her. Opal said nothing and showed no signs of life. Her eyes were glassy and her cheeks were moist with tears. Erica took a bottle of water from her purse and dampened a handkerchief. She gently patted Opal's face with the damp cloth and finally Opal showed some movement. She blinked her eyes and struggled to sit up in the chair. "Palmer deserted me for the paintings," Opal sobbed. Erica said that Palmer's decision made no sense and asked Opal why Palmer would give up his family and freedom. Opal corrected Erica. She said that Palmer would not get caught because he was "too smart." "He's in love," she added as she painted a picture of what it meant to be in love. Opal said that she failed to measure up to the beauty of some priceless painting. "I'm not exactly Mona Lisa," Opal said softly. "I'm clown art." Erica blasted Opal's negativity and told her that she's a "one of a kind" original. Opal kicked herself for pressuring Palmer towards a confession. She now felt that she should have played dumb and allowed Palmer to keep the paintings. Erica told Opal to forget about Palmer because he was not worthy of her love. "I thought he was," Opal said remorsefully. Opal said that after her daughter, Jenny, died, she thought that her life could not reach a lower point. "God just says 'Deal with it,'" Opal said of the pain she felt. All she wanted to do was to run and hide. But "you can't hide when the hurt is in your heart." Jack and Mike arrived at Cortlandt Manor and instantly knew that something was wrong. Jack phoned the police and told them to set up a dragnet so that Palmer could not get out of town with the paintings. "Love is like a magnet that pulls two souls together," Opal weeped. Mike asked Opal not to sell herself or Palmer short. The comment let loose a flurry of rage from the woman scorned. "I don't expect any of you to understand [how I feel]," Opal yelled. She blasted Mike and Jack for running around "like teenagers" vying for Erica's attention. She then turned to Erica and said that it was irresponsible for Erica to be playing "eenie, meenie, miney, mo" with the men in her life. "You can't choose love," Opal snapped. "You're chosen." Opal stormed out of the room. No one chased after her. Instead, they all stood pat and realized that what Opal had said, no matter how scathing, was right. Mike and Jack decided that they were not going to play any more games when it came to "winning" Erica's affection. They both admitted that they'd long forgotten about the end reward---they were only thinking about winning the contest. Erica also agreed that it was time to "cut to the chase." She then added, "You both love me and I love you---both." It's time, Erica said, that she make her final choice.

Palmer finally admitted his wrongdoing to Dixie. It came as no surprise because Dixie had suspected her uncle had stolen the paintings from day one. Palmer claimed that Opal was about to "betray" him and turn him over to the police. Dixie was appalled to learn that Palmer had locked Opal in the secret room. Palmer quickly let it be known that he'd sent Erica to free Opal. "I had to get my paintings," Palmer said eerily. "This is goodbye. I'm leaving Pine Valley." The news floored Dixie. She knew she had to do something to prevent Palmer from walking out of her life. She demanded that Palmer call Jack and accept the deal he'd presented. "I love you so much," Palmer said as he gently kissed Dixie on the cheek. Dixie threatened to "six Jack on [Palmer]" if he didn't freeze. Palmer turned and smiled at his niece. He pointed to the phone and told Dixie to call, all the while knowing that Dixie would never turn him over to the authorities. Dixie told Palmer that he was "taking a piece of [her]" with him. Palmer smiled meekly and walked back into the secret passageway to retrieve his paintings.

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