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Port Charles Recaps: The week of September 7, 1998 on PC
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Monday, September 7, 1998

A distraught Kevin admitted to Eve that he had been having horrible visions of his dead brother Ryan. Eve comforted Kevin and Lucy witnessed their innocent embrace. Later, Lucy had a nightmare ala a Japanese monster movie in which she battled Eve, and lost. Lucy went to visit a recovered Victor and they devised a plan for Lucy to make Kevin jealous. Frank gave Garcia the box containing the syringe and vial and said that they had been found in Eve's old room. High on DL56, Frank confronted Eve, who denied that the vial and syringe belonged to her. Frank then stalked Eve but she refused to back down. Eve later learned from Garcia that her fingerprints had been found on the box and that the vial contained cyanide, the same poison that was used to kill Dr. May. Neil overheard Joe telling Courtney that the Scanlon house might not be the safest place for a child. Courtney attempted to arrange an evening alone with Joe and Neil, but her plans were ruined when Joe invited Karen to join them.

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Tuesday, September 8

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Lucy enlists Victory to make Kevin jealous. They agree to find Lucy "the perfect date" and have Kevin run into them. Later, Victor reminds Kevin of all the fun and good times Lucy has brought into their lives. He mentions that Lucy is dating again, but Kevin pretends not to be interested. They agree to go to Mario's for dinner. Meanwhile, Lucy cons Ellen into helping her because her date backed out at the last minute. Lucy shows up at Mario's--dressed to kill--and exchanges a few words with Kevin and Victor. She heads for the bathroom where Ellen is waiting. They frantically change Lucy's appearance to look like a man who is supposed to pass as Lucy's date. "He" returned out and sit at Lucy's table. Victor speculates to Kevin about "Doug's" intentions with Lucy. Kevin gets upset and leaves to pay the bill. Lucy returned out and explains to Kevin and Victor that "Doug" got called away on business. Kevin leaves in a huff.

Garcia questions Eve about the needles and cyanide found in the Scanlon house. She suggests that Frank planted them to frame her and clear Julie. Joe sticks up for Frank. Later, Joe told Karen that Eve's fingerprints were found on the box of drugs and that Eve claims that Frank set her up. Karen proclaims Julie's innocence. If Julie is so innocent, why have all the murders stopped since she's been in jail? Joe asks.

Frank approaches Eve and told her that he's on to her. She threatens to get a court order against him if he doesn't stop stalking and harassing her. He laughs her threats off. Later, Eve orders Chinese food. It arrives--filled with human body parts.

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Wednesday, September 9, 1998

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Eve told Chris about the human body parts she found in her take-out food the previous evening. She suspects Frank of being responsible. Later, Eve becomes even more worried when she receives a threatening phone call. Eve decides to find out where the body parts came from so she and Chris go to the autopsy room in GH. Chris gets a page and has to leave to go to admitting. Eve finds her access card and went in. As she is looking around someone wearing gloves grabs her from behind and throws her into the morgue cooler. The door is locked from outside and Eve can't escape. Scott calls her cell phone when he can't reach her but her purse is outside the freezer. Eve is sure she will die in there but finally Chris comes back and rescues her. She fears Chris may have been responsible but he is shocked she could even think such a thing. She then suspects Frank. Eve tells Chris that Devlin, Grace, Jake, and Dr. May have all been murdered so she isn't sticking around here. She leaves in a hurry.

At Julie's trial, Lee casts suspicion on Eve by making Garcia testify about Eve's bracelet she threw in the harbor and about the shoe box found in Eve's room at the Scanlon house containing cyanide. Dr. May was killed by cyanide poisoning. Eve's fingerprints were found on the shoe box. When Lee finishes questioning Garcia, Julie looks very pleased.

Chris runs into Frank and asks where he has been. He told Frank what happened to Eve but instead of being worried about Eve, Frank says this is good news for Julie. The killer must still be out there. Chris is appalled Frank is so cold and told him to stay away from Eve.

Karen, having run into Chris and Frank and learning of the murder attempt on Eve, told Scott what happened. Scott went to Eve's apartment to find her but Chris told him she has packed her suitcases and all her clothes are gone. He doesn't know where she is. They argue and Scott says if anything happens to Eve he is going to come back and throw Chris out the window. Chris is tired of Scott's threats. He told Scott if he wants to threaten someone he should go after Frank Scanlon because since Lucy told him Eve and Chris have a phony alibi he has become a complete maniac.

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Thursday, September 10, 1998

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Frank testifies at Julie's trial. His testimony is damaging as he is forced to admit that Julie was extremely angry just before her father's murder.

Scott and Chris frantically search for Eve. They go to her old neighborhood where an ex-neighbor told them the Lamberts have moved to Texas.

Meanwhile, Eve was called to the stand at Julie's trial. Since she wasn't there she was charged with contempt and a warrant was issued for her arrest. After court had let out for the day, Scott confronts Frank. He is sure Frank has something to do with Eve's disappearance. He threatens Frank, saying Eve had better be all right.

Matt, Ellen, and Lucy go to lunch at Mario's. Lucy discusses her strategy for making Kevin jealous. Matt admits he wouldn't like it if an ex-flame of Ellen's came back into her life. Lucy is determined to win Kevin back with Ellen's help but Ellen warns her to give up her scheme.

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Friday, September 11, 1998

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Scott and Chris continue to search for Eve. Chris searches on the Internet and comes up with Eve's sister's phone number. They call her but she hasn't talked to Eve. Scott later learns from Serena that Eve called him and said she would call back later when she has a chance.

Chris later makes a shocking discovery while searching for clues as to where Eve could have gone. He finds a cut out piece of wall in the back of her closet. When he removes the wood, he discovers newspaper clippings of all the murder victims. He fears Eve is the killer and starts to call the police but then sees a photo of him and Eve together. He puts the phone down and instead burns all the evidence in Eve's closet.

Frank is thrilled Eve is missing. He believes this only proves her guilt. Courtney accuses Frank of threatening Eve to get out of town or maybe he has her locked up somewhere. After trading insults, Frank and Courtney end up on the kitchen floor, half dressed. Neil and Joe come home and almost catch Frank and Courtney making love. Courtney later threatens to tell everyone Frank is still using DL56 if he even suggests he is going to tell anyone about their affair.

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