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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of September 14, 1998 on ATWT
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Monday, September 14, 1998

Lily has had the baby. It is a girl. David has her and she is turning blue. Julia says to him that he should have cleared out the airway and he says that he did. Julia goes to the first aid box to find something to get the baby to breathe. David gets the baby breathing. Julia wants to check the baby out to make sure that there is no birth defects. David won't let her hold the baby. She has to check the baby while he is holding her. Julia tells Lily that the baby girl is perfect. Lily asks David if she can hold the baby and he tells her that she is not fit to raise the child. He is going to take care of the baby. She asks him what he wants, she will give him her house, money, whatever he wants. He tells her that it is too late for all that. He can never go back to Oakdale. Somebody else will be raising her baby. Lily wants to know who will be taking her baby and David starts to talk to the baby. He is saying, "Daddy is here, daddy will take care of you." Lily has a look of panic on her face.

Jack is visiting Carly in the hospital. He is questioning her about where David could have gone. She can't think of anything. Jack accuses her of not wanting to help. He tells her how Julia put her life on the line so she could save Carly's. Carly gets all hot under the collar and throws a tantrum. She tells Jack that Julia is all he cares about. Jack says and Lily and getting David. Carly tells Jack if she had only walked away from the money and Hal sooner that they would not be in this predicament now. Jack asks Carly why she was out at the farmhouse in the first place. She turns away. He tells her that he knows that she was there to stir up trouble between him and Julia. Then, another cop sticks his head in the door and tells Jack that two women have been spotted out on the highway. Jack ask if it is Julia and Lily and he shrugs his shoulders. Jack rushes out and leaves Carly standing alone. Jack comes back in a while and tells Carly that it wasn't them. She is indignant with him. She tells him that it is not too late for them and he tells her that he no longer wants her. She says that she knows and drops her head. Jack tells Carly that Hal knows that she was at the farmhouse to make trouble for him and Julia. She says to him, "that is it, Hal said if I went after you one more time, he was going to leave me." Jack leaves her room and Carly goes to her bed and lies down. Hal opens her door and looks in.

Emily is having a nice daydream about her and Tom kissing on the rooftop. Molly comes flying in and interrupts Emily. Emily asks her if she ever heard of knocking? Molly tells Emily that David is still alive and she wants to go on the air and plead with David to come back to her. Emily says that she can't let just any wacko on the air. Molly leaves in a huff. Emily gets a phone call and Tom walks in. When he sees Emily all relaxed back in her chair and talking on the phone, he has a flashback of the kiss on the rooftop. Emily hangs up and says she is glad to see Tom. She tells him that he is the new anchorman at WOAK. Tom is speechless. He tells Emily thank you. The phone rings again and Emily answers it. When she hangs up she tells Tom about Molly coming in earlier and telling Emily that David Stenbeck is still alive. Emily says that she didn't believe her at first, but that was her source down at the police station and they confirmed it. David has hostages, too. Tom says that he is ready to go out on assignment and he is ready to leave now. Emily says lets go for it.

Lisa is visiting with Margo. Margo isn't feeling well. Lisa is talking to Margo like her and Tom are going to divorce. Margo says that they are just going through a rough time and everything is going to be OK. Lisa says whatever you say. Margo asks how Adam is doing and Lisa says that he is quiet. Margo tells Lisa not to let him be that way, make him talk out his feelings. The doorbell rings and Margo answers it. A pretty blonde girl steps inside and closes the door behind her. She asks Margo if the front door is locked. Margo says that she thinks so and the girl says that she will go and check. When she is gone, Lisa asks Margo, "who is that?" Margo answers that is my sister, Katie. Katie comes back in the room and Margo asks her what she is doing there. Katie tells her that she had left her apartment to go to a class and when she returned her place had been broken into and trashed. They had taken her stereo and some other items. She was scared, so she headed for Margo's place. Lisa asks her how long can she be away from her classes and she says maybe forever. Margo and Lisa both look at her and she says that she thinks she might just move to Oakdale. Lisa says, "when it rains, it pours." Lisa leaves and Margo and Katie sit down to talk about what she is going to do. Katie starts talking about the yucky gray hot dog that she had on the train and it makes Margo upset at her stomach and she runs out of the room. When she returns, Katie asks if she is OK and Margo tells her that she has had this thing that just comes and goes. Katie asks Margo if she would like a massage, that always helps her when she is not feeling well. Margo agrees to it and she tells Katie that it usually subside in the afternoon. Katie suggests that maybe Margo is pregnant.

James show up at Holden's. Holden grabs him by the jacket and asks him where his wife and child is. Holden explains to James that the baby is overdue and they have to find Lily so they can induce labor. James tells Holden that he does not know where David is. James suggest that they work together to try to find David. Holden tells James that the only plan that he had so far was trying to talk sense into a crazy man. James says that he is the only person who loves and cares about David. Molly walks in and says, "that is not true." Molly tells Holden that she is trying to find David to tell him how much she loves him. James does not want her involved. Molly says that maybe she will call and tell the police where James is at and Holden says, "be my guest." She goes into the other room, so she is not disturbed. James tries to tell Holden that if the police get involved that there could be bloodshed. Holden tells James if he would have turned David in, in the first place, they would not be going through this right now.

Nikki is upset with Andy because he is moving into a new apartment that has a pool "a la Melrose". She thinks that Andy is trying to write her off and get rid of her. Andy says that he could move to New Haven with her, but she does not need a college groupie. He explains to her that she needs this time to be on her own. He tells her that he has a photo shoot scheduled in New York for one month from now and he will come to see her. He tells her that he has something for her. He gives her a roll of film. She asks him what is this and he tells her that it is film that has pictures on it already. He tells her that if she gets homesick, she can go to the darkroom and develop the film. It has pictures of home and family and friends and even some pictures of him. She hugs him and says that she is really going to miss him and he says that he will miss her more.

Tuesday, September 15, 1998

Katie tells Margo that she knows a little of what has been going on. Margo, playing dumb, wants to know what she means. Katie tells her about a reporter that came to her and ask if Margo ever hit on any of her boyfriends. She didn't know what he was talking about until he explained everything about Eddie Silver. Margo corrects her, Silva, and none of it is true. Katie says that she knows that and is there anything that she can do. Margo says that with everything that has been going on no wonder she didn't realize that she missed her period. Katie wants to know if this has anything to do with Eddie. Margo jumps to a conclusion and thinks that she is accusing her of being with Eddie. Katie tells her to calm down, that is not what she meant. Katie tells Margo that she thinks that she should call Tom and tell him. Margo agrees and Katie leaves the room. Margo calls Tom on his cell phone. She asks Tom if he could come home. He tells her that he is on assignment. She says that it is really important and he says that he can't do it right now. She understands and says that it can wait until later. He wants to know if it is one of the boys and she says not to worry, they will talk about it later. She hangs up and Katie comes back in the room. She asks Margo if she told Tom about her suspicions. Margo tells her no, she has to do something else first. She needs to take a pregnancy test. Then, she blow up again and says that she can't go out to buy one, one of the reporters might spot her and they would blow the whole thing out of proportion. Katie tells Margo that she will go and buy one for her.

Tom is in a hotel room with Emily. He has just hung up the phone from talking to Margo. Emily wants to know if everything is all right. Tom says he doesn't know, she didn't want to talk. Emily thinks that all the publicity is getting to Margo. Tom thinks maybe they should go back to Oakdale. Things seem to have died down and he doesn't think that anything is going to happen. Emily thinks they need to stay, maybe even all night. Tom says that she may be right. They decide to change clothes and get something to eat and go and talk to Carly. Tom tells Emily that he will meet her in the lobby of the hotel. Emily says that with David on the loose that she would feel safer if Tom came back to her room and picked her up. Tom agrees and leaves. Emily gets that smirk on her face again. She goes to her door and opens it a little. She walks over to the bed and takes off her clothes and walks into the bathroom, leaving the door ajar.

Margo comes downstairs holding the box that the pregnancy test came in and she doesn't look happy. Katie asks her how the test came out. Margo?

Tom comes back to Emily's room. The door is opened so he comes in and asks if she is ready to go. He hears the shower running and sees all of Emily's clothes on the floor. He turns to leave, stops at the door, turns around and looks at the bathroom door.

At Lily and Holden's house, Holden is still at it with James. Molly is watching them and Jack comes in to tell them that Carly is in a hospital in Indiana. Holden wants Jack to arrest James, he thinks that he is helping David. Jack says that he can't do that, Carly confirmed that James was trying to stop David, not help him. James says that is what he was trying to tell everyone, now they better listen to what he has to say. Holden comes back with, "oh yeah, let's all worry about David while my wife goes into labor." Jack gets in between Holden and James. James tells Jack that he is trying to help. Holden tells Jack not to listen to him. James says that he wants to make an appeal to David. Molly says that she should be the one to make the appeal. She tells Jack that she went to WOAK earlier and ask to be put on the air, but they wouldn't listen to her. Holden asks her if she thinks that with David holding hostages that he is taking time out to watch TV. Jack tells Holden that it might not be such a bad idea.

David is still holding the baby and telling her that she belongs to him. Julia tells David that it is not possible for him to take the baby. He doesn't know how to take care of a baby. Lily tells her that he is just trying to scare her, he is not going to take off with the baby. David points the gun at Lily. He tells her that this is the perfect revenge on Lucinda. Lucinda's grandchild is now his little girl. He tells Lily that it is fate. He was meant to save Lily's baby and to raise her as his own. David starts to fiddle with the TV. Nothing is coming through but snow. Lily tells David that he will not get away with taking her baby. David turns and start yelling at Lily. The baby starts to cry. Lily tells David to give the baby to her and he says no. Lily says that the baby is hungry, she needs me, David. David reluctantly gives the baby to Lily and orders her to feed her. As Lily is feeding the baby, David is telling Julia and Lily that he is going to take the baby and leave them behind. Lily tells David that the baby needs to be with her. She was not born in a sterile environment and she needs Lily's milk to survive. David finally agrees and tells Lily to give the baby back to him. Julia steps in and tells him that it is cruel to keep them apart. The baby needs her rest. Lily and the baby start to go to the other room. David is telling Lily not to do any bonding with the baby. As he is saying this, Molly's voice comes out of the TV. David turns and says, "Molly". Molly is on Patterns and Kim is interviewing her. She is telling Kim how much she loves David and she hopes and prays that he is still alive.

Hal tells Carly that he was worried about her. The doctors told him that the baby is OK. He says, "we got lucky again." Carly says that she needs for him to understand and she needs to explain. Hal says, "I need you.....get some rest." Carly says that she needs to explain to him and Hal comes back with that is all you do is explain. She tells him that when she was locked in the trunk with James, she did a lot of thinking. She did everything she could to survive. Hal tells her to stop, they have only one problem in their marriage and it is Jack, you can't get over him. He tells her if they are going to stay together, there will be no more crying, no more fighting. He tells her that she needs her rest and she says, "but you still think that I love Jack." Hal yells at her to stop bringing that up. He tells her that he hasn't given up on their marriage, or the baby, who needs two parents to love. Carly says to Hal, "I have hurt you haven't I." Hal turns and walks out the door. Lisa is waiting in the hall. Hal tells her that Carly is ready to go home. Lisa can tell that Hal is down and tries to give him a pep talk. Hal tells Lisa that he just asked Carly for another chance and he is the biggest door mat there is. He goes on to tell Lisa that he still loves her. He asks Lisa not to say to much to Carly, they have a lot of loose ends to tie up. Lisa walks into Carly's room. Carly can't believe that Lisa came all that way to visit her. Lisa informs her that she is going to take her home. Carly says, "because Hal won't". Lisa tells her that he has to go and look for David. Lisa asks Carly if she knows how lucky she is and she is getting another chance, so don't blow it.

Wednesday, September 16, 1998

Eddie and Georgia's peaceful moment is shattered by the arrival of Lucinda, who pronounces herself Georgia's fairy godmother, ready to take her home to the "fairy castle," courtesy of Fenwick. On "Patterns," Molly tells Kim she yearns to do things over with David, as Holden looks on in disgust. At the cabin David watches the broadcast and throws the TV against the wall.

Margo's home pregnancy test turns out positive, and she numbly accepts the congratulations of her sister Katie. Tom peeps into the bathroom where Emily has just stepped out of the shower and follows her out. The baby wails as David rails against Molly. No one has ever cared about him, he tells Julia. After the broadcast, Holden and James squabble while Jack tries to maintain the peace. Molly invokes Holden's ire when she slips up and worries aloud about David hurting Lily.

The Snyder men commiserate over their missing women and halfheartedly plan a celebration for when they get them back. Lisa drops off Carly at WOAK, who promptly spots Jack across the studio. Emily turns around and covers up, but Tom is drawn to her, and they embrace.

Lucinda tells Eddie that she now knows the two of them were telling the truth, and allows as to her making mistakes--occasionally. She vows to be Sam's surrogate, to pay Georgia's medical expenses, hire John to be her heart surgeon, and in the meantime to take her home. Georgia is not drawn in, however, and orders her half-aunt out.

Margo wants to go to the hospital for a blood test, then worries about it being plastered in the paper--she can't go to her father because he's still out of town, and Bob would only tell his son about it. Katie surmises that Margo doesn't want to believe the pregnancy test is true. Tom carries Emily to the bed.

Lucinda refuses to leave--she doesn't abandon her family. She finally does, though, after trading one-liners with Georgia. But she warns her niece--she's her worst nightmare, and she won't go away.

Julia steers a pistol-waving David away from the baby's room. She shares with David the tale of her own lonely childhood, and how she was eventually befriended by another girl named Julia. He can't go through life holding everything in and not trusting anybody, she warns.

Carly badmouths David to her cousin, then she and Molly bemoan their taste in men. When Jack yells at Molly, Carly tells him not to take it out on her cousin--she got his message and will stay out of his way. Tom finally backs off from Emily.

Tom tells Emily he can't take advantage of her--it is a mistake, because he loves Margo and his kids. Emily accepts this and tells him their friendship matters the most. She urges him to pretend it never happened. Margo makes an appointment to see Susan, making her vow secrecy. She apologizes to her sister for pushing her away, and admits to Katie that she hopes the test will be negative.

James brushes off Lucinda's greetings at the mansion and informs her that David is alive and has taken Lily. Jack's not interested in hearing Carly's update on Hal and their marriage. Carly vows to Molly that she's not going to waste her time where she's not wanted. Bull, Molly retorts.

Lucinda declares to Jack that she's going to find her daughter herself, and not wait around to hear from David. James informs Lucinda that he's her only chance of finding their children. David orders Julia to bring him the baby, and she brings in an old football wrapped in swaddling clothes.

Emily slams the door as she returns to her own hotel room. Remembering her lovemaking with Tom, she begins destroying her room, vowing to a broken mirror that Tom "belongs" to her, not Margo. Margo is startled when Tom returns home with a huge bouquet of flowers. He asks her why she had called him earlier and asked him to come home. She clutches the home pregnancy box in her hand.

Holden is irate when he spots James in the Walsh mansion, but Lucinda insists that James is their only shot at getting Lily back safely. David points the gun at Julia's head when he realizes the deception, and that she planned the whole thing to help Lily to escape with the baby. It's just the two of them now, she agrees.

Thursday, September 17, 1998

David goes berserk. First, by Molly's words on the television and second when he realizes that Julia has helped Lily and the baby escape. Julia tries to convince David that he is tired and he should give up, but a struggle ensues and David gets the upper hand. Julia offers David money, but he says he only wants the baby. He threatens to shoot Julia, but she punches him out. As she runs away, David groggily fires a shot in her direction. Later, as Julia struggles to find her way out of the woods, she collapses to the ground.

Holden is appalled to find Lucinda allowing James to help them find Lily. James finally realizes where David may be hiding.

Margo asks Susan to perform a blood test to see if she is pregnant for sure. Tom returns home and apologizes to Margo for being so angry and assures her that he wants their marriage to get back on track. Margo almost tells Tom that she thinks she is pregnant, but is interrupted by Katie. Tom tells Margo he doesn't mind if Katie stays with them as long as she remembers to take time for just the two of them

Lisa confronts Emily. She warns Emily that she knows all the tricks of how to steal a man. "Did you use the 'there's only one hotel room' ploy or did you conveniently step out of the shower while he is in the room." Lisa tells Emily she's going right over to Tom and Margo's and tell them exactly what she is up to. Frightened, Emily runs after her. They both arrive to find Tom alone. As Lisa lets it rip, Emily continues to defend herself. Tom asks Emily to leave so that he can speak to his mother in private. Emily reluctantly agrees. Tom tells his mother to trust him and have faith in him and that he loves Margo and wants their marriage to work. He asks his mother not to interfere, that it would only make things worse. Lisa apologizes to her son and leaves.

Friday, September 18

A homeless Molly is roused from her park bench perch for an unsympathetic police officer. She realizes her duffel bags, which has all her possessions, is gone, and orders the cop to look for it. Camille gets up to find Ben has set up breakfast. A package arrives, and Ben assumes it's a surprise present for him, but she informs him it's a wig. Ben tells her he can't stay--he has to go to the hospital about his reinstatement. At Fashions Barbara and Lisa both get the message that John is to arrive home today.

A playful Alison disrupts Emily's viewing of the videotape of Tom's acceptance speech at the awards show, and she has her toy smashed as a result. Susan comes home to see the "all-Tom network" being shown on TV. Emily tells Susan that Tom almost "had" her at the hotel in Indiana. Katie interrupts an intimate moment between Tom and Margo, and further flubs when she mentions that soon they'll be needing more room. Emily informs her mom she can't stop--it's Tom who's crossed the "invisible marital line".

Tom witnesses one of Margo's dizzy spells. Molly spots Adam playing basketball in the park and covets his chocolate bar. After he leaves, she rummages through the garbage can. Andy sees her picking up scraps of food from it. She tells him about the loss of her duffel bag, which included the baby footprint of Abigail that she treasures. Andy invites Molly to come home with him.

Camille is surprised when Brad visits. He immediately recognizes the name on the wig box. Margo convinces Tom not to call his father for medical attention for her. Katie finds a picture of Eddie with Santa and his mom. Tom tells her not to save it--he won't be coming back to get it. Brad divines that Camille is worried about Ben--he's already turned off from her, she admits.

Eddie and Adam clash in the park. Eddie urges Adam that if he's going to hate anybody, hate Eddie, not Margo. Emily answers the phone when Margo calls for Susan. When she finally hands the phone over to her mother, Emily picks up the extension and listens in as Susan tells Margo she's definitely pregnant. Lisa and Barbara see one another trying on new outfits. Lisa chastises her friend for having talked to Margo. Barbara senses something is going on.

Eddie warns Adam to enjoy the time with his mom while he still has her. Emily phones in an anonymous tip that Margo is pregnant and Eddie's the father. Andy shows Molly her duffel bag, which he recovered from the lost & found. She is grateful, and tells him she won't stay long. Camille queries Brad if he made love to his friend with cancer after she started her chemo treatments, because Ben hasn't touched her since.

Adam goes back home and is welcomed by a startled Margo, who rejoices when he accepts her invitation to move back. Lisa hides John's message from Barbara's eyes and hurries home with her new outfit. Brad assures Camille that yes, they did make love, and it was better. Camille is encouraged by Brad's advice, and determines to prove to Ben that she is ready. Adam tells his mom only that a talk with a friend helped him change his mind.

Emily intercepts the package of pamphlets about midlife pregnancy that Susan is having sent to Margo, and doctors it to make it look like Margo has made an appointment to have an abortion. Meanwhile, Tom and Margo revel in having Adam back. Margo tells her husband that she has to talk to him--but later.



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