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Rachel agreed to let Lila sell Mac's art collection. Vicky wanted to know what secret Jake and Marley were keeping. Amanda agreed to work with Cameron to get the Cory money back. Felicia warned Lila not to break Cass's heart.
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Another World Recaps: The week of December 31, 1969 on AW
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September 21, 1998

Monday, September 14, 1998

Due to pre-emptions across the country on Friday spurred by The Starr Report, NBC opted to rebroadcast Friday's episode.

Tuesday, September 15, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Amber Downs

Amanda sees Cameron holding Josie on the couch Josie and Gary's apartment and wonders why she was not surprised. Cameron sees Amanda and tries to explain, but she says she knows what she just saw. Amanda accuses Josie of doing it with Cameron in her husband's bed while Gary was in the hospital. Josie told Amanda to get off her high horse and listen to what Cameron was telling to her. Josie told Amanda that Cameron loves her and she was driving him away. Josie tries to explain what happened in Boca Lynda and says if she cannot forgive Cameron for what happened then she was a fool. Amanda says that they make a very convincing argument, but now she knows that they have been doing it for the months. Josie starts laughing and Cameron told Amanda that he loves only her. Amanda says she knows what she saw before Josie and Cameron went to Boca Lynda and that Gary saw it to. Josie panics, but Amanda says that she kept Josie's secret. However, Amanda says that Gary suspected them of having an affair. Amanda told Josie that all those times she warned her to stay away from Cameron it was really about jealousy. Cameron and Josie try to explain everything again but Amanda wants to know why Josie and Cameron did not stop making love when they figured out that they were not dreaming.

Vicki starts pounding on Marley's door and asks to be let in. Jake wants to let her in and tell her the truth, but Marley says Vicki cannot know and swears Jake to secrecy. Marley lets Vicki in and Marley sees the mess and asks what was going on. Marley says she freaked out and it was all Jake's fault. Marley says that did not come out right, Jake was not here when it happened. Marley says that Jake has been trying to convince her into having her final plastic surgery and she finally decided to do it. Marley says she was making a special dinner to psyche herself up for the surgery, but she was scared about going back to the hospital and freaked out. Marley says she called Jake at a meeting and he came he to help her calm down. Vicki says she understands and says she has had panic attacks too. Jake does not say anything, which arouses Vicki's suspicions and she asks what was really going on. Marley says she just did not want her to find out about the dishes from Jake. Vicki says that perhaps she should talk to a professional. Marley says her sister was right and she should do just that. Marley told Jake and Vicki that they can go, so they do. Marley chuckles that Vicki thinks she has become some poor little thing, but just she wait.

Vicki and Jake go home and Vicki told Jake that she has to tell him something. Vicki told Jake that they are not pregnant. Jake says that they are just starting out and there will be more chances. Vicki and Jake are kissing and Jake wants to go upstairs. Vicki says that she heard about a thing that the Chinese believe in called "fen-chi." There was a "fertility chi" and she would like to find it in their house because it may increase their ability to make a baby. They decide that the "chi" was in the kitchen.

Marley went to see Tyrone at The Lucky Lady. Tyrone apologizes to Marley for giving her bad advice. Marley says that she has been feeling like a loser, but that everything was going to change. Tyrone told her that she will get what she wants. Marley says that she has decided to have her plastic surgery finished and that then she will be a force to be reckoned with. Marley told Tyrone that the night was not a total loss because "the man that she loves" admitted that he hurt her and she can tell that he still cares about her. Etta Mae brought the bottle of champagne that Marley ordered and complains about a drunk at a back table. Marley says that she would like to feel the fresh air on her face while they sip champagne. Tyrone says that if Marley can find the first star that she saw when they went outside that she should make a wish. Etta Mae comes out and asks Tyrone to play bouncer and get rid of the drunk. "Marney" shows up in a mirror that was in the trash and makes fun of Marley for wanting to celebrate. "Marney" told Marley that Jake does not love her, that he pities her instead. "Marney" says that Marley will never have Jake. Marley gets mad and says that no one will stop her, not Vicki and certainly not "Marney." Marley throws her champagne glass at the mirror and went back into The Lucky Lady.

Marley went to the cemetery with flowers for Michael's grave. She says that she was there to talk to Michael because he always has all the answers.

Cindy went to see Gary at the hospital, but Bruno catches her. Cindy says she just came to see Dr. Perkins, so Bruno says he will take her to Perkins. Meanwhile, Gary wonders what Cindy was up to. Cindy manages to drug Bruno and went to see Gary and told him about the evidence she hid in the dog. Gary asks Cindy to hand over the dog, but Cindy says Grant gave it to Kirk, who took it to Italy. Gary told Cindy she will help her find the proof.

Josie and Cameron agree never to tell Gary what happened between them in Boca Lynda. Josie says that she will never be able to forgive herself for what she did. Josie asks Cameron to leave and he says that he will call her in the morning.

Bruno went into Gary's room looking for Cyndi. Bruno does not see Cyndi because she was dressed as a nurse and appears to be doing something with Gary's IV.

Vicki told Jake that after Marley has the plastic surgery that everything will fall into place. Jake asks how Marley's accident has affected Vicki. Vicki says that it was weird. It was like looking in a mirror and seeing someone else's face looking back. Jake wants to know about their psychic link (the twin connection). Vicki says that it was still there, she can tell that Marley was still in a lot of pain.

Marley, still talking to Michael, says that Vicki has always been after Jake. Vicki told Marley to hate Jake after he raped her and then Marley went off to China and left the two of them alone together. Marley says that she knows exactly what she has to do.

Cyndi was still in Gary's room, wearing the nurse's uniform, when he wakes up. Cyndi says that she stayed because she needed to thank him for believing and helping her. Gary's telephone rings and Cyndi offers to answer it. It was an angry Josie. Cyndi says that she was just telling Gary thank you for helping her and told Josie how lucky she was to have Gary. Josie agrees, with tears in her eyes, that she was very lucky.

Amanda was sitting alone in the park.

Jake, still in his robe, sneaks downstairs, takes the cordless telephone outside, and calls Marley. Marley, of course, was delighted that he has called. Jake says of course he called, he still cares about her. Vicki comes downstairs looking for Jake and hears him say, "I didn't say a word to Vicki."

Wednesday, September 16, 1998

At Carlino's, Joe overheard Nick confiding in Chris about Remy and her mysterious past. Joe insisted they fill him in on what they know about her since she was working in his restaurant. Joe said if they didn't find out what Remy was up to then he would. Nick convinced Joe and Chris that he would get to the bottom of the situation.

Nick tried to talk to Remy while they were at Carlino's. Paulina approached them and asked if they could babysit for Dante since his usual sitter was sick. They joyfully agreed. Nick suggested the park. He thought that would be a perfect place to talk to Remy.

Once they got to the park, Nick suggested playing a game. The object of the game was to ask questions of the other person regarding their personal life. Remy fell for it! She asked the first question. When it was Nick's turn, she tried to change the subject and switch games. Nick asked her why she avoids talking about her past. Remy got very defensive and left to take Dante home.

Once Remy arrived at Paulina and Joe's, she started looking through a photo album of Paulina and Dante. She took one of the pictures out and took it with her. Joe walked in and questioned what she was doing. She apologized if he thought she was invading their privacy. Paulina came home and thanked Remy for bringing Dante home. Remy left but listened to what Joe and Paulina were talking about. Joe expressed his distrust towards Remy. Paulina defended her. Remy walked away smiling.

Sofia ripped up the invitation that she thought Lila sent her. Sofia asked Joe's advice on how she could get Lila out of her life. Joe suggested that the best way would be to bury the hatchet and make Lila her new best friend. When Sofia arrived at the studio to follow through with Lila's invitation, she was surprised to see Matt their instead. The invitation was from him. Once again, the happy couple pledged their love.

Chris went to see Etta Mae and Toni at the club. They were joking around about the articles in the Herald written by the Love Lady until Chris made a remark that Toni was like "one of the guys." Toni got offended and left. Later, Toni decided to follow the Love Lady's advice to see if she's right.

Lila wanted new baby furniture. Matt tried to tell her that the Corys are broke, but she refused to believe him. He told her there was baby furniture in the attic. She said she didn't want hand-me-downs for her baby. He told her to think of it as heirlooms. Lila apologized for sounding selfish and offered to help in any way. Matt assured her that there was nothing for her to do except to take care of their unborn baby.

When Matt left, Lila started looking around the room at the expensive decorative pieces in the house. Just as she held up a burgundy, pink floral vase, Rachel entered the room. Lila was startled and dropped the vase. Luckily, she caught it before it hit the floor. Rachel quickly and carefully grabbed the vase away from Lila and informed her that this vase was the finest of its kind. Lila asked Rachel what its value is. "Priceless," Rachel declared. "It has been around for centuries and has survived decades in this house. And since you've been here, it's been in danger of being destroyed." She told Lila to think of the house as if it were a gallery and admire everything from afar.

Cass stopped by the Cory Mansion to drop off papers Rachel needed. When Rachel left for her meeting, Lila told Cass that she didn't understand why the Corys were crying poverty when they have so much priceless artwork around the house. She then told Cass that she was going to solve the Cory financial problem no matter what they think of her. Then the Corys will be indebted to her forever. Cass demanded to know what her plan was. She wouldn't tell him. She just went over to the phone, called someone, asked them if they make housecalls, and introduced herself as Mrs. Matthew Cory.

When the doorbell rang, Lila made Cass leave. Cass still wondered what she up to. A man and woman from an art gallery came in describing their enthusiasm towards purchasing the artwork from Mac Cory's collection. They looked around with great pleasure. Lila assured them that Rachel entrusted her to the entire collection and to sell whatever the gallery was willing to buy. Just as Lila was ready to make a deal, Cass re-entered the house and put a stop to it. He told the interested buyers that they were already in negotiations with another potential buyer. The art dealers offered to double it if necessary and left. Once they were gone, Cass tried to make Lila realize that what she did was stupid. Just then Rachel arrived home. She met the art dealers in the driveway. Rachel told Lila to pack her bags and get out.

Lila yelled at Rachel because she was not appreciative of her for trying to help. Rachel was disgusted that Lila was trying to sell the artwork until Lila showed her what the art dealers were offering. Rachel considered it for a split-second. She quickly realized though that she couldn't sell the painting because it represented her life with Mac and Carl. She thanked Lila before leaving the room. Lila assured Cass that she will create a place for herself in the Cory family.

Thursday, September 17, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Amber Downs

Amanda was in the hallway at the hospital listening to Cameron and Gary talk and has a flashback to seeing Josie and Cameron making love on the beach in Boca Lynda. Amanda busts into Gary's room and says that Cameron should tell Gary the truth.

Rachel says that she has changed her mind about selling Mac's art collection. Cory Publishing just had to lay-off another 25 people. Rachel gives Lila permission to call the art collectors.

Matt and Sofia are kissing.

Marley's doctor told her that she will have no scars after this last surgery. Marley shows the doctor a picture of Vicki and says that that was how she wants to look after surgery.

Jake brought Vicki lunch. Vicki was obviously upset with Jake. It takes him a while, but eventually he catches on. Vicki asks if Jake remembers when she lied to him about being with Shane in the cabin. He says that of course he does. Vicki continues, about how many problems that it caused and that Jake and Vicki decided never to keep secrets from each other. Vicki wants to know what Jake and Marley are keeping from her. Jake implies that if Vicki knew the truth that it would hurt her. Jake admits that there was a secret. Vicki continues to pry. Jake finally says that he can't tell her. Vicki says that the last time she checked, Jake's vocal cords worked, so it boils down to that he will not tell her. Vicki says that she knows what the secret is.

Cameron manages to get Amanda out of the room before she told Gary. Cameron says that he and Josie do not want to hurt Gary. Telling Gary will only make things worse for Gary.

Jake says that he does not want to talk about it anymore and just wants Vicki to forget about it. Vicki told Jake that husbands and wives can have secrets between them. Jake still refuses to tell her. Vicki leaves to go ask Marley what the secret is. Jake tries to call Marley to warn her.

Marley told the doctor that she will not be whole again until she has her face back. The doctor told Marley that the surgery that she wants was radical, life threatening, and will take many, many surgeries, not one. The doctor finally agrees to think about doing the surgery to give her back her old face and leaves to reread her files. On the way out, the doctor reminds Marley that she was lucky that she even has a face. "Marney" shows up to taunt Marley some more. Marley thinks that once she gets her face back that she will win Jake.

Lila was gloating. Cass reminds Lila that Matt could have married her. Lila leaves a message for an art collector. Cass bets Lila $100,000 that Matt will not marry her before the baby was born. If Lila loses, the penalty was Cass' choice. Lila accepts the bet.

Matt promises Sofia that the baby will be a part of his life and that Lila will not.

Amanda does not understand why Cameron continues to lie to Gary. Rachel shows up, on her way to visit Gary. Amanda finally agrees not to tell Gary because she does not want to hurt the man that saved her life. Amanda says that she never wants to see or talk to Cameron again. Even going so far as to say that if he walked into a restaurant that she was in, that she would walk out.

Rachel told Gary that Amanda and Cameron always seem to be arguing. Rachel told Gary that they still have not found the Cory money. Gary says that he was not sure how much help he can be. Gary told Rachel that Carl was always very careful with the words that he used and how much he told Gary. Gary reassures Rachel that the money will be found and says that he will send a man over to Cory Publishing to help her. Rachel leaves as Cameron returned in. Before Gary will tell Cameron anything, he wants to know what it was that Amanda thinks that he should know.

Rachel arrives at Cory Publishing; the air conditioner was broken. Amanda called to have the air conditioner fixed, but they require a certified check to begin work. There are no funds for the certified check, so the air conditioner will not be fixed. Amanda says that she still does not want to talk about what was wrong.

Cameron says that there was no point in keeping it a secret. Cameron and Amanda are not getting along. Cameron says that it was the commitment thing. Gary told Cameron that Amanda was the best person that he has ever gone out with and not to let her get away. Gary told Cameron that he has something for him to do.

Lila was at the art studio looking in the windows, looking for Matt so that she can start winning the bet. As she was looking in one window, she sees Matt and Sofia making love on the floor.

Marley was home. "Marney" starts harassing Marley again. Marley blames Jake's lack of love for her on her new face. The doorbell rings, it was Vicki. Vicki wants to know what the secret was or she will never talk to Marley again. Marley wants to know why Vicki needs to know. Marley lies and says she scheduled plastic surgery for this Friday. Marley apologizes for making Jake keep it a secret. Vicki says that she cannot understand why Jake kept that a secret from her. Vicki does not want Marley to push her away. Marley seems surprised that Vicki still feels the phycic connection. After Vicki leaves, Marley says again, that after she has her face back that everything will be fine.

Amanda's secretary comes in and told her that Cameron was there to see Rachel. Amanda says to tell him to leave. Amanda says that Cameron never gives up. Cameron walks in. Gary sent Cameron to help find the missing Cory funds.

Lila was upset about having seen Matt and Sofia making love. Cass says that she just got a dose of reality. Lila says that if Sofia "wins" then the baby and her will be out in the cold. Cass says that he understands. Suddenly, Cass remembers that he has a meeting and drags Lila along with him.

Matt and Sofia are both happy. Sofia says that she was prepared for him to go home to Lila. Matt restates his promise to keep Lila out of his life.

Cass and Lila meet Charlie at the park. Lila gives Charlie advice on how to deal with snobs. Cass thanks Lila for giving Charlie the advice.

Jake walks in and Vicki asks him how his day was. Vicki says that she went to see Marley and that Marley told her what the secret was. Vicki says that she was not mad at Jake anymore. Vicki makes Jake promise not to keep anymore secrets from her. Vicki told Jake about Marley's surgery. Jake realizes that Marley lied to Vicki. Jake leaves to go see Marley.

Jake lets Marley know that he does not like that she lied to Vicki again. Marley says that she could not tell Vicki the truth. Jake says that he does not like keeping things from Vicki. Marley says that her and Jake should wait to try to resolve their unfinished business until after her surgery.

Matt promises Sofia that they will always be together.

Cass and Lila watch Charlie play soccer and both agree that she was very good. Lila talks about how life has taught her to always work to get what she wants and never to give up. Cass says that sometimes you need to give up, just like in poker, know when to hold and know when to fold.

Amanda promises someone the check was on the way and hangs up the telephone. Cameron apologizes for making her tense. He says that he thought that he was going to be working with Rachel and that if he had known that he was going to be working with Amanda that he would have refused. Cameron starts to leave, when Amanda says, "Cameron, wait. Don't go."

Friday, September 18, 1998

Charlie, Cass and Lila spend time together in the park. Cass still wants Lila to back off from trying to marry Matt, especially after they saw Matt and Sofia together, but she was still determined to do it. When Lila sees Felicia in the park, she tries to make a hasty exit, but Felicia stops her.

Paulina tries to warn Sofia that it may not be as easy to get away from Lila as she and Matt seem to think, and told her she knows what it's like to be hurt.

Remy was cutting the picture she took from Paulina, but Joe catches her and demands to know why she was doing it.

Amanda agrees to work with Cameron to get the Cory money back, but she says it will be strictly business, and for the time being, she will put her feelings about what happened between Cameron and Josie in Boca Linda aside.

Felicia heard Cass and Lila talking about a bet and demands that Lila tell her about it. Lila tries to get out of answering, but eventually tells her that Cass bet her $100,000 that she couldn't get Matt to marry her before the baby was born.

Sofia told Paulina about the great day she had with Matt, but Paulina still tries to tell her that since Lila was the mother of Matt's baby, they can never get Lila out of the picture. Sofia refuses to believe her.

Remy claims that Paulina gave her the picture, but Joe won't believe her and eventually gets her to admit that she took it. He sees she's hiding something in her hand and demands to see what it is. It's a locket, and Remy swears she didn't steal it. She says it's her mother's and it's all that she has left of her.

Zak went to the Cory mansion looking for Matt, but finds Rachel instead. He notices one of the paintings that she intends to sell and comments on it. Rachel was impressed that he knows the painting. She told him that it might be sold soon, but that the art market isn't very good right now. He told her that with a painting of that caliber, once word gets out that it's available, there will definitely be interest in it from buyers.

Cameron and Amanda work at getting the money back, but Cameron was distracted by his feelings for Amanda. She suggests that maybe all the money wasn't in Boca Linda, then realizes Cameron was staring at her but not really listening. She gets upset, but then Cameron spots something she missed that may help them get the money back.

Felicia keeps asking Lila about the bet. Lila fills her in on all the details. Felicia says the bet was insane. Lila was still angry that Felicia stalled her wedding long enough for it to be stopped. Felicia tells her Cass made her do it. Lila tries to claim that as proof that Cass doesn't care about her. Felicia insists that he does, he just can't face his feelings and Lila can't face her feelings either. Felicia told Lila she won't let her break Cass's heart.

Remy told Joe she wanted to put Paulina's and Dante's pictures in the locket. He softens up on her because she was crying and tries to give her back the picture. Paulina arrives and asks what's going on.

Zak calls someone saying "this could be our way in" and told the person to contact Rachel. He says he'll cover the other side of the road, he's going to visit Sofia.

Rachel gets a call; it's an inquiry about that painting. The person claims to be from a gallery called the Lumina Foundation. Rachel has never heard of them, but says she will consider all offers.

Sofia fantasizes about life with Matt, while wearing only a towel. She has an imaginary conversation with Lila. Lila intimidates her, and Sofia told her to go away, as Matt knocks on the door. "Lila" put some doubt in Sofia's mind, but Matt kisses her when he sees her in, and then out of, her towel.

The lead Cameron found didn't work, and Amanda gets frustrated. The air conditioner was broken, so it's very hot in the office and there's tension between the two. There's attraction as well. Amanda worries that they'll never find the money, but Cameron told her not to give up. She complains about the heat, and Cameron puts some ice on her neck and asks "does this help?" He tries to get close to her, but she pulls away. She told him she thought he was different from the other men in her past. He says he's not perfect, but he does love her. She says she wishes that was enough, but it's not.

Lila says she's not capable of breaking Cass's heart. Felicia says she is and asks her to call off the bet. Lila refuses. Felicia says that Cass lost the love of his life, and if Lila hurts him, she'll have to answer to Felicia for it.

Paulina gets filled in and Joe apologizes for coming down so hard on Remy. Paulina forgives Remy for cutting the picture and Remy gives her a great big hug.

Zak shows up at Sofia's and told Matt that Rachel needs to see him right away. Matt told Sofia he has to leave. Zak stays though, and gives Sofia good news about Billy Rush being on the top playlists. She thanks Zak, but then says, "don't do this again."

Felicia told Cass that she spoke to Lila and that it's obvious that she cares about him. She told him that just because he denies his feelings doesn't mean they aren't there. He gets defensive, and told her to stop telling him how he feels and just butt out. But Felicia just smiles at his reaction.

Rachel told Matt she's trying to sell the art collection and that it was Lila's idea. She told Lila that if this buys her more time she'll be very grateful. Matt told Lila it was a good idea and that he's impressed.

Amanda visits Gary. He asks how she and Cameron are doing finding the money. She told him she doesn't think they can work together. Gary encourages her to work things out with Cameron, that it can be a new beginning. She says, "or the end of everything" as Cameron walks into the room. "What do you mean, end?" Gary asks.

Felicia says if Cass wants to be alone, that's fine with her. She told him he's so in denial of his feelings for Lila he's willing to pay her to marry Matt. Cass agrees to tell Lila the bet was off.

Lila told her baby that if the art deal works, Matt will be so grateful that he'll want to marry her. And, as a bonus, they'll have the $100,000 from Cass. Then they'll have a wonderful life, the baby will be a Cory and so will she.

Sofia asks Zak why he didn't show the playlists to Matt. Zak makes excuses about the fact that Matt had to leave, but Sofia points out that Zak told him he had to go. She told Zak that she and Matt are a team and that they call the shots together.

Amanda says she just meant it could be the end of all their troubles. Cameron takes Amanda out to the hall and reminds her that she agreed not to tell Gary about him and Josie. He's not perfect, he says. All he can do was love her, and if that isn't enough, then there's nothing else he can do.


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