Another World Recaps: The week of December 31, 1969 on AW

Bruno helped Cindy keep her memory recovery a secret. Marley attacked Vicky. Chris and Toni agreed to take some time apart. Josie worried she might be pregnant with Cameron's baby. Vicky found Marley's letter to Jake. Marley told Vicky that Donna had run Marley down while trying to kill Vicky.
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Another World Recaps: The week of December 31, 1969 on AW
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September 28, 1998

Monday, September 21, 1998

Before her surgery, Marley fantasizes about having the operation complete and getting her old face back. In her fantasy, Jake told her she's the most beautiful woman in the world and that he loves her. Vicky gets upset and leaves.

Paulina and Remy apologize to each other again about the incident with the photograph. They relate stories about how they used to carry around pictures of celebrities and pretend they were their mothers. But Remy tells Paulina that she's better, because she was real.

Toni discusses her feelings about Chris and the Love Lady column with Tyrone.

Cindy tries to convince Bruno not to tell Grant that she has her memory back. She told him Grant will be angry that he let her get away from him twice, so it would be in his best interest not to say anything.

Donna reminds Jake that he can't be Marley's whole world, because he has a commitment to Vicky. Jake says he's made Marley aware of that fact.

Marley and Vicky talk about when they first met. They remember what it was like when they finally met their "other half". Marley gets upset when Vicky says that now they are more distinct from each other and how maybe that's a good thing. But she cheers up and says that after the surgery, her life won't be missing anything anymore.

Toni, Tyrone, Remy and Paulina all agree that the advice of the new Love Lady was too harsh. Toni says she's confused because when she mentions to Chris that the new Love Lady was terrible, he flies off the handle. She told Tyrone her idea to write to the Love Lady and then tell Chris she's going to follow the advice. She thinks that will make him see how bad that writer is.

Cindy hints to Bruno that Grant was responsible for her not getting her nursing license back. He's a powerful man with connections who can do such things. Bruno was pretty convinced by what she told him.

Marley's doctor told Donna, Vicky and Jake about her wish to get her old face back. He told them that she may be expecting too much, but Vicky says she thinks Marley knows they'll only be removing the scars that day.

Bruno and Cindy continue their debate over whether he should tell Grant that Cindy has her memory back. Cindy does a good job making Bruno realize how Grant could and would react over Bruno's mistake. Then Grant arrives home with Kirkland.

Marley was very excited just before surgery, and Donna asks her what she's expecting. Marley doesn't give a direct answer. Donna feels guilty again because she was responsible for Marley being there, but Marley happily says it's over, I forgive you. Donna still wants to tell Vicky the truth, but Marley start crying and begs her not to, so Donna promises she won't tell.

Tyrone, Paulina and Remy help Toni compose her letter to the Love Lady. She writes about her problems with Chris lately.

When Grant and Bruno are alone, Grant asks for a progress report on Cindy. He wants to know if she has her memory back. Cindy listens in. Bruno keeps her memory recovery a secret and Cindy breathes a sigh of relief.

Before Marley went into surgery, she and Jake remember the night of the fire. She reminds him, "I came back for you, just for you."

Cindy tries to get Kirkland's stuffed puppy, Puffy, but he grabs it just before she does. She tries to get him to give it to her, but he refuses.

As Jake, Donna and Vicky are waiting, Vicky says how she was going to make Cindy pay for doing what she did to Marley. Donna tries to get her to forget about it and move on, but Vicky won't do that.

Remy warns Toni that maybe she will hate the Love Lady's response to her letter, but that Chris will agree with it. Toni says that won't happen, but Remy insists she shouldn't mail that letter.

Cindy tries to wrestle Puffy away from Kirkland and he screams for his dad. Grant runs in and asks Cindy what she's doing. She says she's trying to teach Kirkland to share. Kirkland begs Grant not to let Cindy take Puffy, and Grant reassures him that she won't. Cindy acts hurt, so Grant tries to convince Kirkland to just let her hold Puffy, but he refuses, and says it's because he hates her. Grant told him to apologize, and the three of them start wrestling over Puffy. The dog goes flying through the air and behind the couch Cindy was using to hide the spot in the wall where she ripped the wallpaper. Grant gets the dog and notices Cindy's secret compartment.

Marley wakes up from surgery thrilled that it was over. Then she touches her face and realizes something was wrong. She looks in the mirror. Vicky can hear her scream from the hallway. She and the nurse run in but Marley orders them to get out. She told Vicky that it's all her fault. She says, "you did this to me!"

Tuesday, September 22, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Amber Downs

Grant found the secret compartment in Kirkland's room. Cindy first tries to blame it on Grant moving the couch, then on Kirkland. Grant sends Kirkland to play with Bruno.

Cameron arrives at the Cory Mansion to give Rachel a file. Joe takes the file to Rachel, leaving Cameron and Amanda alone together. Cameron says that he and Josie never had an affair. It was just a one-time thing and it did not mean anything. Amanda says that she needs to go pack. She was going to visit Alli.

Josie went to see Gary. Josie told Gary that Cameron did not stay with her while she was sick.

Marley attacks Vicki. Jake and Donna come in and break up the fight. Marley drew blood! Marley apologizes to Vicki. Jake says that he and Marley are going to have it out. Marley was very bitter and angry with everyone. Jake wants to talk to Marley alone. Vicki accuses Jake and Marley of having more secrets. Vicki and Donna leave. Marley admits that she thought that she was going to get her face back. Jake says that he cannot feel that way that he used to, no matter how Marley looks. Marley asks if Jake wants to hear that she has done all of this to get him back. Jake says that he just wants to hear the truth.

Cindy suggests that mice may have caused what looks like a secret compartment. Cindy starts trying to seduce Grant again. Suddenly, Kirkland hollers for Grant. Grant went into the hallway where Kirkland told him that Vicki has called and that she would like Kirkland to come home now. Grant order Bruno to watch Cindy and then ushers Kirkland out the door. Cindy told Bruno that she was leaving. Bruno tries to stop her, but Cindy threatens to tell Bruno that he let her escape twice while he was out of town. Cindy leaves.

Cameron says that he could never lie to Amanda because he loves her. Amanda refuses to believe him. Cameron says that he did not believe what he saw going on between Scott and Amanda, so she should not believe what she saw going on between him and Josie. Amanda says that she will never forget what she saw that night on the beach in Boca Lynda. Cameron says, "Fine. Have a nice life." and walks out the door. While Amanda was straightening up Cameron's (old) room, she has several flashbacks to her and Cameron kissing. Amanda picks up a book and finds a letter in it. Cameron wrote the letter before they fell in love while he was still just watching her.

Cindy walks in on Josie and Gary at the hospital. Cindy says that she needs Gary's help. Cindy, Gary, and Josie argue back and forth about Gary helping Cindy. Gary agrees to help Cindy.

Jake told Marley that she needs to quit blaming Vicki. Marley says that she only blames herself. Jake told Marley that Vicki thinks she hates her. Marley begs Jake not to tell Vicki. Marley asks Jake to tell Vicki that she was sorry. Jake meets Vicki in the hallway outside of Marley's room. Vicki wants to know what was going on with Marley and Jake now. Tyrone discovers Marley at the hospital.

Kirkland told Grant that he liked Venice but the best time that he had on their entire trip was the time that they spent alone together.

Cindy takes Gary to the chapel to talk to him. Cindy says that she was afraid of Grant but that the tape was safe inside Puffy. Gary lights a candle for Cindy's future and for his and Josie's future.

Amanda went to the hospital looking for Josie. Amanda tries to give Josie the letter from Cameron, saying that the letter was probably meant for Josie since Cameron spent as much time with Josie as he did with Amanda. Josie says that Cameron wrote the letter to Amanda and that Cameron only spent so much time with Josie because they were working together. Josie further explains that she kept warning Amanda away from Cameron because she did not know that he was Gary's brother and because she thought that he had shot Carl. Amanda slaps Josie! Amanda says that she should spread her pain around and put it where it belongs.

Tyrone told Marley that she looks great. Marley assures Tyrone that she had the surgery for herself, not for her man. Marley sees Donna bringing her flowers so grabs Tyrone and runs off.

Vicki wants to know what Jake and Marley talked about.

Cindy and Joe arrive at Vicki and Jake's house. Cindy hides outside while Joe knocks on the door. Joe obviously does not want to talk in front of Kirkland, so Jake sends him upstairs. Joe says that Cindy was insisting that the tape to convict Grant was in Puffy, all the while Kirkland was listening.

Josie told Amanda that she has to forget what she did because she cannot forgive herself. Josie told Amanda that Cameron loves Amanda. Amanda leaves to finish packing. Cameron walks in. Josie told him that Amanda was just there. Josie told Cameron that he should go find her before she leaves because she may never be back. Josie says that she thinks that Amanda still wants him. She told him that Amanda found the letter that he wrote and that the look in Amanda's eyes has changed. Cameron dashes off to find Amanda.

Amanda, at the Cory Mansion, asks if she has received any calls, she has not. Still holding the letter, she walks out of the house, into the waiting limo.

Joe told Vicki and Jake that he wants to believe Cindy. Kirkland returned downstairs and Joe asks him about Puffy. Kirkland says that Puffy was gone. Puffy fell out of the car window on the ride from Grant's apartment. Cindy bursts in, acting all crazy again and almost threatening Kirkland. Joe tries to calm Cindy down and told her that the evidence was gone.

Marley and Tyrone go to the chapel. Tyrone says that he could tell that Marley was a good person the first time he met her. Marley talks about not being the person that she wants to be. Marley says that being good does not win out in the end. Marley asks Tyrone if he was tired of being pushed around just because he was a nice guy. Tyrone replies that he was not. Marley promises that she was going to take back everything that was hers, everything that she deserves.

Grant gets home and starts looking for Cindy. Grant asks Bruno where Cindy is. Bruno says that it was a long story.

Kirkland takes Puffy to the attic and told him that he could get Kirkland's dad into trouble so he needs to hide there forever. Kirkland stuffs Puffy into a hole in the floor and covers the hole with the floorboard.

Cameron was back at the hospital; he missed Amanda at the Mansion. Josie confides that she was nervous about Gary coming home. How was she supposed to face Gary when all she can think about was what she and Cameron did in Boca Lynda? Cindy manages to overhear that Josie and Cameron had sex together.

Wednesday, September 23, 1998

Toni and Chris read the Love Lady's advice column. Toni still has no idea that Chris was Love Lady. Toni confessed that she wrote the article. After arguing over the article, Toni decided to take Love Lady's advice and break up with Chris. Toni stormed out running into Tyrone. Tyrone talked Toni into making up with Chris. They did, but their argument heated up again when their conversation turned to Tyrone and his place in their relationship. Toni also wanted to know about Chris and his relationship with the Love Lady.

Grant scolded Bruno for letting Cindy out of his sight.

At the hospital, Cindy overheard Josie and Cameron talking about their affair. Then she ran into Gary. Josie and Cameron tried to convince themselves that things are back to normal, but knew that their affair was hanging over their heads. Josie feared Gary will be able to tell that something was wrong.

Cindy took Gary to the hospital chapel to tell him about Josie's infidelity. Just as she was ready to tell him, Josie walked in looking for Gary. While Gary and Josie exited the chapel, Cindy warned Josie, "Take care of him. If you don't know how, take lessons."

Gary convinced Josie to invited Cameron to dinner since Gary was released from the hospital. At dinner, Gary thanked both of them for keeping the faith. Just then Josie left the table. Gary questioned Josie for her abrupt departure from the table. Josie convinced Gary that it was nothing. Cameron begged Josie to get on with her life. Gary was happy that his brother came for dinner. Gary wanted to be intimate, but Josie was reluctant. After Cameron left, Gary and Josie began to make love. Josie pulled away because her conscience was getting to her.

Cindy ran into Grant on her way out of the chapel. Grant brought Cindy home and had a candle lit dinner planned for the two of them. Grant dressed in a tux and played Barbra Streisand songs. The two acted loving towards each other but had opposite thoughts for each other. Cindy eventually gave into Grant. All the while the two still remained to have hateful feelings towards each other, but pretended to love each other. Cindy stopped in the middle of their love making claiming it was wrong, since she doesn't remember being married to him. She now has him where she wants him. Grant was upset.

Thursday, September 24, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Amber Downs

Matt was sitting on the patio at the Cory Mansion drinking a beer when Sofia comes out and takes his beer. Matt told Sofia that he was okay even though Cory Publishing was going down. Sofia shows Matt the play list, showing that Billy's song was getting top play all over the country. Sofia told Matt that she arranged a business meeting at the Mansion for tonight. Matt was surprised because he thought that Sofia did not like the house. Sofia says she loves the house, it was Lila that she cannot stand.

Lila was inside scheming when Zak shows up and startles her.

The Love Lady printed a retraction to the letter that she wrote to Toni yesterday. Toni told Etta Mae that she thinks that Chris was having an affair with The Love Lady. Chris shows up and told Toni that he does not want to lose her. Toni says that she wants to meet The Love Lady.

Jake rushes into the house to answer the telephone. Marley was calling because she needs a ride home from the hospital. Marley says that she would never think of asking Jake, except she cannot get in touch with Donna and she really does not think that Vicki would give her a ride after what happened yesterday. Jake was uncomfortable so Marley says that she will call a taxi. Marley says that she feels like she can get on with her life with or without Jake and Vicki. Jake gives in and asks if she wants two wheels or four. Just then Vicki walks in and wants to know what was going on. Vicki refuses to let Jake go get Marley.

Josie and Cameron meet in the park. Josie wants Cameron to leave town forever. Cameron says that there was no reason to because, "Gary will never find out that we made love." Gary walks up and yells, "You did what?" Gary attacks Cameron, hitting him and them rolling around on the ground. Josie was screaming for them, mostly Gary, to stop. Josie wakes up. Gary was there to comfort her and wants to know what it was that she was dreaming about. He says that it sounded as though she was scared of him. Gary asks what happened in Boca Lynda and says that Josie has been different since they got back. Josie says that they are both different. Gary says that his feelings for her have not changed. Josie says that nothing could change the way she feels about him. They start to kiss. Once again, Josie pulls away, Gary leaves, saying that he needs time to think. Josie says to herself that she will never be able to tell him the truth.

Zak asks what Lila wants him to do. Lila says, get rid of Sofia. Matt and Sofia walk in. Zak's new idea was to have press coverage on Billy's tour. Roscoe Burns, very big in the industry, wants to do a feature on Billy and C-Squared. Matt and Sofia are very excited and agree to leave for Chicago right away.

Vicki was very upset that Jake seems to be keeping things from her again. Jake defends Marley. Vicki realizes that Marley wants Jake. Vicki says that she will pick up Marley and that then the two of them will have a chance to talk.

Chris refuses to let Toni meet The Love Lady, saying that she was a very private person and that only a small handful of people know who she actually is. Toni says that she wrote the letter as a joke. Chris gets mad about that.

Cameron was out running and stops at the park. Gary shows up. Cameron asks if Gary and Josie had a fight. Gary says that something was eating at Josie. Cameron tries to reassure Gary that Josie loves him. Gary says that he was going down to the docks to clear his head.

Jake wants to talk to Vicki about Marley. Jake says that nothing was going to come between Jake and Vicki. Vicki walks out the door. There was a close-up of the letter from Marley, still in the notepad and now in a box.

Zak says that he needs to talk to Rachel before they all leave. Matt says that he cannot do that, Rachel was tied up in meetings all night, regarding Cory Publishing finances. Zak says that the art people are itching to buy, but it has to be tonight. Lila refuses to show the collection because of what happened last time she did. Matt decides that he should stay and show the art collection. Zak and Sofia will go to Chicago and meet with Roscoe Burns. Zak and Matt leave the room. Lila, obviously feeling guilty, told Sofia that she had nothing to do with this.

Cameron went to warn Josie about Gary finding out. Cameron told Josie to make Gary forget that anything has been wrong.

Vicki arrives to get Marley. Vicki says that they need to talk and for once, they are going to leave Jake out of it.

Jake, on the telephone, grabs the notepad. The letter falls onto the floor.

Marley tries to apologize to Vicki for calling Jake. Vicki says not to bother. Vicki told Marley that she thinks that Marley wants Jake. Vicki says that they need to resolve their problems and so Marley can go back to Jake and Vicki's and recover.

Tyrone shows up at the hospital to see Marney. Since she was not in her room he asks a nurse about Marney Stone, she says that they have not had anyone in there by that name, and suggests that he try another hospital.

Zak and Sofia are driving. Sofia asks about Zak and Lila's connection. Zak does not know what she means. Sofia wants to know why Zak and Lila are trying to keep them apart. Zak begins to look really uncomfortable.

Josie told Gary that she wants to tell him the truth. Josie says that she believed them when they told her that he was dead. Josie says that she gave up on Gary getting out alive. Gary says that maybe that was what saved them. The tunnel was very shaky and if they had kept digging it may have caused another cave in and killed him and Amanda.

Zak says that he did not arrange these interruptions. Zak says that if that was the way Sofia feels, then he will resign and will take her right back to Bay City. The car makes a weird noise and stops running.

Vicki says that she will warm up the take out Chinese that Jake brought home. Marley starts picking up stuff in the living room and runs across Vicki's doll. It turns out that Marley had the exact same doll. They discover that both dolls were named Lucy, that they got them for Christmas when they turned seven and found them lying on their beds. Marley asks Vicki for forgiveness. Vicki says that they are sisters and always will be. Jake comes in and Vicki went to hug him. Marley rips Lucy's head off.

Zak cannot get the car started. Sofia gets very angry and storms off, Zak follows her.

Chris and Toni agree to take some time apart. Toni says that she was going to go on vacation to see Judy. Chris gets upset, they were supposed to go see Judy together.

Josie and Gary are in bed. Josie, again, does not feel well; maybe it was still the flu. Gary reminds her that she got the flu when he got out of surgery. Gary falls asleep extremely quickly. Josie gets out of bed, grabs her purse, and sneaks into the living room. Looking at her date book, Josie says that she was late. "I can't be pregnant. It would be Cameron's."

Marley says that they need to have chopsticks for the Chinese food. Vicki starts looking for chopsticks and sends Marley out to tell Jake that supper was ready. Marley told Jake that she wants to forget that she ever wrote the letter. Vicki picks up the letter and starts to read it. Jake and Marley agree that they do not want Vicki to get hurt. Vicki finishes reading the letter and gets this bad look on her face.

Friday, September 25, 1998

Sofia tries to leave Zak in the middle of a storm, but she falls and gets all muddy. Zak says he can't leave her alone there, so he picks her up and carries her away.

Vicky confronts Marley with the letter she wrote to Jake. She told Marley that she's on to her now and she will not steal her husband. She orders Marley out of her house and out of her life. Marley tries to convince her that it was over between her and Jake and has been for years, but Vicky isn't buying it. She says Marley used to be the one person she could trust, but now all she does was lie. She told Marley that as much as she loves her, she loves Jake and her children more, and she will not let Marley destroy her family. Marley shifts the blame from herself by telling Vicky that she didn't write the letter, Donna did.

Zak finds shelter for himself and Sofia from the rain. There they argue. Sofia accuses him of trying to ruin her personal life. He denies it, but she's not convinced. Zak reminds Sofia that he's responsible for getting Billy Rush played and her company off the ground. Then he told her, "I quit."

Lila reminds Cass of their bet. Lila and Matt discuss naming the baby and Cass looks uncomfortable.

Vicky asks Marley why Donna would write the letter. Marley says it's because she doesn't want Jake and Vicky to be together, but Vicky says she seems just fine with Jake and herself being together. Marley tries to leave, but Vicky told her she can't just drop a bombshell and then walk away. Marley says Donna told her if Jake got that letter that he'd leave Vicky, but that she wouldn't write the letter, so Donna did it herself. Vicky was starting to believe her, but when Marley says, "I did not write that letter to Jake, Donna did," Jake walks into the room and says, "that's not what you told me."

Lila and Matt practice Lamaze and talk about the baby. Lila told Matt that she's worried about her future. He told her that the baby was a part of his family and that means she is, too. They hug, as Cass walks into the room. Matt leaves, and Lila rubs it in to Cass that she's closer to winning her bet.

Sofia told Zak that she doesn't want to lose a good producer over a stupid fight about Lila. He says he expects more of an apology. She tells him Lila drives her crazy. They talk, laugh, apologize, and Zak "unquits". Then he told her to take her clothes off, so that he can dry them off on the stove. They hang a sheet between them for privacy. She was impatient for her clothes to dry, so he told her to imagine being in a happy place. She talks of being in New York with Matt. She asks what his peaceful place is. He says the studio. She asks if he has anyone special in his life. He says he hasn't met her yet, or maybe he didn't notice. Sofia talks about meeting Matt and how you know when you meet that special person. As she's talking, her towel falls off, and Zak looks at her silhouette through the sheet.

Jake told Vicky everything he knows about the letter and Marley's feelings for him. He says he didn't tell her because he was trying to protect Marley. "What about protecting me?" Vicky asks. Marley continues to insist that Donna wrote the letter. Jake asks her if this was all Donna's idea, why did she kiss him the night of her planned dinner with him? Vicky says, "oh, you kissed Jake?" Marley answers, "yes, I did." Vicky throws water in her face and then Jake's. Marley says she's sorry to Vicky. Vicky says she's sorry about all the bad things that have happened to Marley, but that it doesn't give her the right to steal her husband and mess with her children's heads. She orders Marley out of her house, and Jake agrees that would be for the best. She starts to leave, but returned and says she's sorry for what she's done, but that they have no idea what it feels like to be nobody's priority, to not be chosen by anyone. She said for one instant with Jake, she felt like she was home and not a stranger anymore. But she continues to insist Donna wrote the letter. Vicky says Donna wouldn't do that. She couldn't hate her that much. Marley says she has no choice but to tell them everything Donna has been doing.

Matt and Lila discuss baby names, and Lila suggests Mackenzie Cory II. Listening from behind a wall, Cass laughs and says "Oh baby, you are good." Matt likes the idea. Matt leaves, and Lila asks Cass if he's feeling nervous about the bet yet. Cass says Matt won't marry her, he loves Sofia. Love has nothing to do with it, Lila told him. Cass says she deserves a man who really loves her. Lila looks at him and asks him if he's talking about himself...if he loves her.

Zak and Sofia get dressed when their clothes are dry. Sofia's zipper on her skirt was stuck, and she asks Zak to help her with it. Zak does so quickly and says he wants to get going. He's not in a very good mood after listening to Sofia go on and on about Matt. He told her the evening didn't go as he had expected.

Cass denies that he loves Lila, but she says that's why he doesn't want her to marry Matt. Their faces are just inches away from each other. Cass asks her, what if he did love her? She says, "well, if you said it..." They almost kiss, but Lila breaks away. She accuses Cass of trying to trick her so he could win the bet. He acts nonchalant, and says, "yes, that's it. You caught me." Lila looks disappointed. Cass says, "me? In love with you? That's a good one!" And he laughs. "What's so funny about that?" Lila replies, looking quite hurt. Cass stops laughing. Lila orders Cass to get out. He asks why she was so upset. She told him never to look at her, never to call her, and never, ever to kiss her again. "Never again?" Cass asks. He leans close to her and they nearly kiss again. Then Cass says, "forget about it, baby," and walks away. Lila was furious. She yells that she hates him and that she's going to win the bet.

Sofia and Zak return to the Cory mansion. Zak reports on his phone to someone that he spent the day with Sofia, and he's sure Lila made the most of her time with Matt. He says when the time was right, everything will go according to plan. They'll get what they want, and so will Lila, even if a few people get hurt along the way.

Marley tries to put the blame on Donna for all the stunts she's pulled to come between Jake and Vicky. They ask why Donna would do this. Out of guilt, Marley told them. Then she drops the bomb that it was Donna who ran her down, not Cindy. Why would Donna do that, they ask. Marley says it's because Donna thought she was Vicky. "She was trying to kill you," Marley says to a stunned Vicky.


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