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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of September 21, 1998 on ATWT
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Monday, September 21, 1998

Emily has put together a package of material on abortion. She puts it with some work for Tom and heads off to the Hughes. When she gets to Tom and Margo's, they are having a party to celebrate Adam returning home. Adam greets Emily outside and invites her in. When she comes through the door, Tom looks at her and then he has a flashback of the hotel room scene. Tom asks her what she is doing there and she said that she has brought him some things to look at, they need him to do the morning news. The morning anchor is sick. She also hands him the package of information on abortion and says that it was on the walk outside, someone must have delivered it. Tom says thanks and sets everything down on the counter. Emily ask if he is going to open the package and he says later, they have a celebration going on right now. Tom leaves her and she takes her cell phone out of her purse and steps outside. She calls an abortion clinic and acts like she is Margo. She tells the receptionist that she wants to make an appointment to talk to a doctor about an abortion. She tells the receptionist what time she wants to come in and which day and tells her to call back and confirm after she talks to the doctor. Emily also tells her that if she has stepped out that she can give the information to her husband. Adam yells at everyone and tells them the food is about ready. He is telling his mother about a hot dog with mustard and catsup oozing from it. Margo gets sick and runs from the room, Tom follows. Emily mutters under her breath that Margo will tell Tom about her pregnancy before her plan is in place. She goes outside again and calls the abortion clinic again and asks the receptionist why she hasn't called her back yet. The receptionist tells her that she hasn't talked to the doctor. Emily gets huffy with the receptionist and tells her to call her back with the information. She hangs up her cell phone and mutters under her breath, when she turns around Andy is standing right behind her. Emily wants to know why he is sneaking up on her and Andy asks her if he was. He wants to know why she is making a call on her cell phone, she could have used the phone inside. She says that she knows that, she didn't want to disturb the family. Then in a huff, she says that she needs to talk to Tom. When she is gone, Andy says, "you always have to talk to Tom." As Emily enters the room the phone is ringing, Emily tells Margo to let Tom answer the phone, she is way to busy. Margo shoots her a look. Tom answers the phone, it is his father, Bob Hughes. Margo asks Emily what right she has to dictate who is going to answer the phone in her home. Emily makes up an excuse that she wanted to spend some time with Margo, catching up. Lisa gets Emily cornered and is accusing her of using her old tricks. Kim walks in and interrupts them. Emily walks away. Kim heard what Lisa was saying to Emily. Kim asks Lisa if she is upset about Emily, because she may be doing the same thing to Barbara. Barbara walks in. Barbara looks across the room and sees John. Later, everyone is eating, except Margo. Tom and John are sitting together. Tom is telling John that he is concerned about Margo, she hasn't been able to keep anything down and she is always eating saltines. Then the lightbulb comes on. Tom says to John, "do you think she is pregnant?" Emily hears this. She goes over to the counter where the package with the abortion information is laying and knocks it to the floor. The contents spill on the floor and the phone is ringing again.

James and Lucinda walk back into the cabin where David and Lily and Julia had been. They have been searching the woods looking for David and Lily. Holden comes walking in and James wants to know why he is there. Lucinda tells him that she called Holden earlier because he needed to be there to help look for Lily. Holden tells James that he called Jack and he has some of the police force to help search the woods. James is not happy and he says that there is going to be a blood bath. Holden asks Lucinda why she is with James again. She says that they have an alliance, their children. They are there searching for their children. Holden tells Lucinda that James had threatened Lily's life, if anything happened to David. Lucinda looks at James and wants to know if this is true. Holden tells James that while he explains to Lucinda about threatening Lily's life, he is going to go help Jack search the woods. James tells Lucinda that he only said that to get Holden not to call the police, otherwise there was going to be a blood bath.

Holden meets up with Jack in the woods. Jack is giving the other men instructions. When the men leave, Jack tells Holden how worried he is. Julia is just a few feet away from him and she is hearing Jack sing to her. She starts to hum. As Jack is talking to Holden, he hears something. Then, he hears the humming. He takes off through the trees and finds Julia laying on the ground. He picks her up and hugs her close and says, "thank God." They get her awake and she says that she heard Jack singing. Jack sees that her ankle is bleeding and he yells for the paramedics. Julia says to Jack that the bullet only grazed her skin, it is not serious. The paramedic says that she has to go to the hospital. Julia wants to stay and look for Lily. Jack says that he will take responsibility for her. They take her back to the cabin. Julia sees James and asks about him and Carly. James tells her that they both made it out of the trunk. Julia tells Lucinda that Lily had the baby, a little girl. Lucinda gets emotional. Holden takes off for the woods again.

Jack and Julia are talking about everything that had happened. Julia says that she had to send him away from the farm that day in order to save Carly. Jack says that he can't believe that she had put Carly first to save her life. They share a kiss and Jack says that he is never letting her go again.

David has the baby at a cottage somewhere. He is talking to the baby and telling her how he is going to take care of her. She starts to cry. David puts the baby down and goes to a door and opens it. Lily is tied up outside on the porch. She wants to know what David is going to do now. He tells her that the baby is hungry and she is going to feed her. While Lily is feeding the baby, she is asking David about where they are. He tells her that he owns this cottage. He had bought it for Molly. Lily wants to know what happened to Julia. David is getting tired of her questions and tells her the same thing is going to happen to her. He takes the baby from Lily and ties Lily up. The baby is crying and he can't make her stop. He is telling the baby that they are going to take a nap together. Lily suggests that he sing to her. David flashes her a look, but he tries anyway. The baby is not stopping. Lily says that maybe she should sing since she is the baby's mother. David tells her to try but she is not holding her. Lily starts to sing and the baby quiets down and David starts to fall asleep. Lily, while still singing, is trying to get free from the ropes. Soon, she is free. David is fast asleep. Lily gets the baby and heads for the door.

Holden is walking in the woods, talking on the cell phone to his mama. He is telling her that Lily has had the baby, but they are still searching for her. He tells her he just wanted to keep her posted and hangs up. The phone rings, Holden answers, Lily's voice in on the other end.

Tuesday, September 22, 1998

At the Hugheses', the party is in full swing. The phone is ringing, Emily is asking if anyone is going to answer the phone. Tom is looking at Margo, it has hit him that she could be pregnant. The phone is still ringing, it is really bothering Emily that no one is picking up the phone. Tom walks over to Margo and asks if she is OK. She says that she is and Tom tells her that just a few minutes ago you were as green as the guacamole. The phone is ringing and Emily is yelling by now, "isn't anyone going to get that?" Margo says, "I'll get it." It is Susan and she wants to know if Margo got the package that she sent over. Margo tells her it must be here someplace but she hasn't had time to look at it. Susan hears Emily and asks if Emily is there. Margo tells her that Emily brought some work over for Tom and stayed for their party.

John tells Tom that if Margo is pregnant that it might be good for them right now with everything that has been going on. Tom says that maybe he is right.

When Margo hangs up with Susan, she goes to Emily and asks Emily if she has something about their telephone. Emily tells a lie and says that she left their number with the station in case someone needed to get hold of her. Margo asks her way she would want to hang around their boring family party. Emily tells her that Adam had invited her and she didn't want to disappoint him.

The party is starting to wind down and Tom asks Katie if she would take the boys to the movies. She says that she will. Margo tells Emily that she should get back to work, see ya, bye. Emily doesn't want to leave, she is standing by the phone, saying under her breath, "ring damn it." Finally, everyone is gone and Margo and Tom are left by themselves. (Except Emily is looking through the window at them from outside.) Eddie walks up behind Emily and wants to know what she is doing. She says that it is none of his business. Eddie wants to know if she is spying on Tom and Margo or just Tom. She goes off in a huff. Margo is telling Tom that maybe it is good that she has lost her job. Tom agrees. Margo thinks that she could give a lot more to her family. Tom agrees. Margo is just about to tell Tom about the pregnancy and there is a knock on the door. Tom answers it and it is Eddie. He apologizes for interrupting them but he needs to speak to Margo. Margo tells him that he shouldn't be here. Tom says that it is OK and he will go outside so they can talk. Margo thanks him. Eddie tells Margo that a reporter was at the hospital asking him questions again. Margo says that he should not let them bother him, everything will die down. Eddie says that she doesn't understand. They were asking about Margo being pregnant and they think that he is the father.

Tom is outside going through the stuff that Emily brought to him and he finds the package of information about abortion. He calls the clinic and asks about his wife's appointment. The receptionists tells him that they have to reschedule the appointment. Tom takes the phone from his ear and looks at the house.

Susan and Alison are at home and Susan sees that one of Alison's toys is broken. She asks her how that happened and Alison tells her that Emily did it. Alison tells Susan that she doesn't think that Emily likes her anymore. Emily walks in and Susan tells Alison to go play in her room. Susan asks Emily where she has been and Emily tells her at work. Susan says that she is a liar because she talked to Margo earlier and Margo had told her that she was there. Emily flies off the handle at Susan. Susan tells Emily about the story leaking out about Margo being pregnant and Emily plays dumb. She says that she didn't know. Susan says that she knows that it was Emily that leaked the story and she knows about her getting the footage of Margo and Eddie. Susan asks her if she knows how much she has hurt Margo and her family. Susan tells her that she is tired of covering for her and she wants her out. Emily can't believe that her mother is making her leave her home. She tells Susan that she doesn't need her anyway, Tom wants her so much that he can taste it. And she leaves.

Lily is on the phone with Holden. Just as she is about to say something else, David takes the phone. He tells Holden that it is time to hold a business meeting. Holden tells him whatever he wants, just tell him. David tells him that he wants two million dollars and he wants Julia to deliver it. Holden says that is impossible, Julia had been shot and she can't walk. David says that he doesn't care if she has to crawl, he wants her to make the drop. David tells Holden that he will be in contact as to where to drop the money and hangs up on Holden. Holden goes back to the cabin and tells Jack that he needs to speak to him. Lucinda and James wants to know what Holden has found out. Holden and Jack go into the cabin and Holden tells Jack about the call from Lily. Holden says that he wants Lucinda and James out of there, he doesn't want them to know what is going on. They go back outside and Jack tells James that he and Lucinda have to leave. James agrees, only of they are the first to be notified when they find David or Lily. Jack agrees. Jack, Holden and Julia go into the cabin. Lucinda wants to know why James is taking orders from Jack. James says that they can do so much more on their own. Inside the cabin, Julia tells Holden if he wants her to go she will, also. Holden says that they need her help and Julia says anything to help find Lily.

Wednesday, September 23, 1998

An apron-clad Carly delivers a stern lecture to herself--she must hang on to Hal, he's all she's got left if she wants the $50 million. Hal is irritated when he arrives home for Carly's "emergency" and finds a candlelit dinner instead. John tells a remote Lisa that he couldn't stop thinking about her. Margo confirms to Eddie that the rumor is true--she is pregnant. Tom is devastated when he calls the clinic and confirms that "Margo" called to get an abortion. Katie chatters to Tom happily about the pregnancy until he mentions the abortion. Eddie realizes that Margo really loves Tom. Katie admits to her brother-in-law that Margo was "freaked" when she first found out about the pregnancy. She also breaks the news to Tom about the newspaper story about Eddie as the father of Margo's baby.

Hal grudgingly stays for dinner and updates Carly on Jack's having found Julia. She shows no outward reaction but he stops her from walking away. Margo is pleased to learn that Eddie's sleepwalking has ceased. The two share a friendly hug. Katie tells Tom how she refused to answer the reporter's questions, thereby making the story all the more substantial. Tom walks back inside to see Margo and Eddie holding hands.

Lisa commands John to go back to his wife but he says that it's not that simple. Barbara walks in to hear John professing that he has feelings for Lisa, and she promptly walks back out. Hal refuses Carly's coy invitation to go upstairs. They get into a fight when Carly worries about his police force searching for David and Hal assumes that it's Jack in particular that she's worried about. Hal wonders aloud if they'd be better off apart.

Tom takes the wind out of Margo's sails when he reveals that he already knows she's pregnant. Lisa refuses to play "Scarlett O'Hara" to Barbara's "Melanie." At the Mona Lisa, Ben and Camille recall the good times earlier in their relationship, before her cancer diagnosis. They hearken back to their first dinner together. John perks up when Carly walks in and Lisa begins chastising her for being out and about after being stuffed in a trunk.

Tom grills Margo about why she hadn't told him yet. Margo wonders why he's gone into "prosecutor mode," then is horrified when she thinks he believes that Eddie is really the father. Camille wishes they would skip dinner and just go home. Ben's only reply is to pull out a wad of bills. They stroll out of the restaurant. John forces Carly to let him take her home by threatening to tell Hal of her "$50 million secret." Lisa turns down a flirting customer, saying she's not available.

Hal returns to find an upset Barbara waiting for him in his office. Exasperated, he sits her down and listens as she tells him John has been seeing one of her friends. Hal commiserates. He doesn't know what to believe, Tom admits to Margo. Her words trip over each other as she tries to convince him, though she can't deny that initially she wanted the blood test to prove her wrong.

Tom shoves the reporter and her trusty cameraman back out of his house as Margo cries. Hal tells Barbara that Carly was trying to chase after Jack--again. The ex-couple bemoans the folly of having a marriage because of a baby. Carly needs someone to tell her what to do, John decides. John calls Barbara to cancel their dinner date so he can take care of Carly and child, and Barbara informs him that she heard what he said to Lisa. Furthermore, she doesn't want to hear his explanations.

Eddie and Katie ponder life separately as the fog rolls in at the park. Ben pulls back and tells Camille that he still wants her, but he wants to wait--he wants it to be perfect this time around. He wants them to be married before they make love again. Camille is limp as he embraces her. Carly jumps up when John mentions that Barbara has run to Hal. The two of them argue even as they rush to the station to reclaim their respective spouses.

Margo tells Tom that she wants to have the baby. Then why is she having an abortion? Tom asks. From far off Eddie spots a blond beauty and can only mouth, "Wow!"

Thursday, September 24, 1998

Margo is stunned when Tom asks her why she didn't tell him sooner about the baby and why she has an appointment for an abortion. She struggles to explain to Tom that she thought briefly about aborting the child, but has no intention of doing it now. Tom accuses Margo of carrying Eddie's baby. Margo stands in horrified disbelief and is unable to convince Tom otherwise. Meanwhile, Emily lurks outside the Hughes' household and overhears their argument. A very pleased Emily is almost caught by Katie, but manages to escape unseen. Emily who has returned to her new apartment with a brand new red negligée in anticipation of a rebounding Tom, is surprised by Andy who suddenly realizes that Emily has the hots for his brother-in-law. Piecing it all together, Andy warns Emily that he plans to tell Margo and Tom about her intentions. Later, Tom runs to WOAK looking to bury himself in work, but instead finds comfort in Emily's arms. Emily lures a vulnerable Tom back to her apartment.

While walking along the pier on a foggy, moonlit night, Eddie is mesmerized by the angelic Katie. Thinking it an apparition, Eddie runs to Ben seeking a medical explanation. Ben assures Eddie that what he saw was probably real.

After a disappointing evening with Ben, Camille seeks solace on the church construction site. Looking to God for answers, she is comforted by Brad.

John is upset to learn that Barbara overheard his conversation with Lisa and is now at the police station with Hal. He tells Carly he's going to the station to talk to Barbara. Carly warns John that she and Hal just had a huge fight and she intends to go to the station as well so she can help "peel" Barbara off of Hal. Hal is disgusted when Carly tries to convince him she was scared by a peeping tom and another argument about her ability to tell the truth ensues. When the baby kicks, Hal refuses to participate believing Carly is just up to her old tricks. However, when he gives in and touches Carly's stomach the baby is quiet. John and Barbara are arguing outside in the corridors. Barbara questions how John could profess his love for her one minute and be involved with her best friend the next. John, unable to explain his feelings for Lisa, is further at a loss for words when Barbara wants to know if he still loves her or is he just hanging on because he just hates to lose anything. As John and Carly stand and watch Barbara and Hal leave together, the baby kicks again. John places his hand on Carly's stomach and shares the moment while Carly asks aloud, "Why does the baby kick for you and not Hal?"

Friday, September 25

Jack expresses reservations about Julia being the one to give David the money. Holden arrives with the $2 million in cash but refuses to let Jack clue in Hal. Eddie informs Georgia that Margo is pregnant. Georgia allows Lucinda into her room. Eddie calls WOAK's rival TV station from the hospital and promises them his side of the story. Andy starts to tell Margo about Emily's bad deeds but Margo's face freezes.

At Emily's new house Tom is captivated by her and they embrace. Margo knows there is something wrong with the baby but is reluctant to let Andy call Tom. Tom hears his cell phone ringing. Julia confesses to Holden about David's desire to keep the baby and raise it, which makes Holden determined to go with Julia to drop off the money. James shows up at the farm, spies the money and deduces that his son has called.

Lucinda informs her niece that she won't be at her side post-surgery because of a family crisis. All she'll tell Georgia is that it doesn't concern Samantha. Eddie orders the reporter to turn off the camera--it'll be on his terms or not at all. Tom is irritated by the repeated ringing and smashes his phone to bits.

The pain worsens and Andy takes his sister to the hospital. Tom repeatedly tells Emily, "I have to go," but doesn't stop kissing her. Lucinda tells Georgia that it's Lily who's in trouble. Georgia threatens Lucinda not to go through with her plan to have Eddie thrown out of her room.

Eddie delivers a speech to the camera as Lucinda and Georgia look on. Eddie orates that he's in the hospital because of Georgia, someone whom he cares about very much. Eddie warns the newswoman not to edit the tape. Susan is calling around, trying to figure out where Emily is staying, when Andy brings in Margo. Margo admits that Tom doesn't know she's in trouble--he's working late with Emily as usual. Susan and Andy exchange a speaking glance at this. Meanwhile, Tom and Emily make love.

Lucinda and Eddie spar, and he informs her that where Georgia goes, he goes. Outside Georgia's room, Lucinda warns him not to try to cozy up to her niece just to get close to Lucinda and the Walsh fortune. Eddie sets her straight--he likes Georgia so much that he's willing to overlook her heritage. Georgia hears this and grins. Margo denies the severity of her spotting, until Susan breaks the news--she's miscarrying.

As the Snyder cousins are trying to shoo James out, Lucinda bursts in. David calls Holden to give him the details of their exchange, warning him not to tell anybody.

Margo struggles to accept Susan's diagnosis, recounting how she found out and eventually talked to Tom about it. She tells Susan her hope of it being a little girl. Susan comforts her and advises her to talk to Dr. Samuels, because she may want to perform a D & C on her. Andy comes back into the room and Margo doesn't want to talk to him about it. In the aftermath of their lovemaking, Tom and Emily lie on the bare carpet, Tom staring at the ceiling.

Holden advises David that he knows David intends to raise the baby, and it'll never happen. David agrees to exchange both Lily and the baby for the money.

Eddie emphasizes to Georgia that he meant everything he said on camera about her. He sets up a vigil at her bedside. Jack takes Julia down to the fruit cellar. She reiterates that she's become too involved with the baby to stay out of the affair. Holden agrees to let Jack drive a safe distance behind them when they go to drop off the money.

David decides that Lily is becoming too attached and takes the baby away from her. Andy backs down and tells his sister merely that Emily is ambitious. Once left alone, Margo curls up on the examining table. Emily wakes up alone to find Tom staring out the window. Emily begs him to stay with her. Jack traps Lucinda and James in the fruit cellar and locks the door.

Lily figures out that David plans a double-cross. He demands her wedding ring and warns her to say goodbye to the baby.


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