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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of September 21, 1998 on GL
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Monday, September 21, 1998

Vanessa tells Dinah the truth about Cassie being pregnant with Hart's child. Dinah breaks down and is convinced that Hart will not love her anymore, and will focus on his child with Cassie. Vanessa tries to comfort her. Dinah hints that if something were to happen to the baby, Hart would pay more attention to her. Vanessa warns her not to do anything to harm her child intentionally.

Matt goes to the Towers, and finds a drunk Beth. They dance together and Matt offers to drive her home, so she doesn't have to take a cab. She invites him in, and tries to pour another drink. Matt stops her, and suggests that he take her to her room. They end up sitting on the sofa together, when Beth pins him down and kisses him.

After receiving her own obituary, Cassie and Hart are fearful staying at the Lewis house. Hart hears a noise outside, and investigates. He sees that there is someone in the bushes, and when he leans down to see who it is, he is sprayed in the face with mace. He goes back inside, and tells Cassie to pack her things, and he will take her back to his farm. The doorbell rings, and Hart throws open the door in anticipation of the stalker being there, but it is Dinah. The door has hit her in the abdomen, and knocked her out.

Ross finds Ben at the Towers bar, and they eventually meet up on the balcony. Ross lunges at him and threatens to push him over the edge. A bartender finds them and breaks up the fight.

Blake tries to walk, and finds that she is still unable. Meta comforts her and assures her that she doesn't think of her as a bad person. Ross walks in later, and Blake is elated, thinking that he has come back to her.

Tuesday, September 22, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Joyce Rose.

Today was a real tear-jerker! Here goes...

Ross comes in and Blake says she knows what she did was wrong, but they can get passed it. He says, "what in the hell are you talking about? I only came back so I could get out for good!"

Vanessa comes into the club to meet Matt for dinner, but he's not there. An employee tells her he left some time ago. She asks if he left a message as to where he would be, but he tells her he didn't. She says, "that's not like him".

Matt took Beth home to her apt. because she was very drunk. Beth tells him she thinks he's sweet, and sexy! She kisses him, but he pushes her away. She starts to cry and tell him how sorry she is. He tells her she's just drunk, and to forget it. She tells him she feels sick to her stomach, and cries on his shoulder.

Cassie tells Hart she would feel much safer at his place. They hear a noise outside, and think it's the stalker. Hart tells her to stay put, and opens the door really hard, to knock the person down. He knocks someone down, alright, it's Dinah! She's barely conscious, and is bleeding from the side of her head. She has a note in her hand. Cassie takes it, and after looking at it, tells Hart that Dinah wasn't stalking them, she was trying to slip the note under the door. The note said she's done a lot of bad things in her life, and she promised not to insinuate herself upon them any longer. Hart carries her inside and lays her on the couch. Then he notices she's hemorrhaging! Hart tells her how sorry he is and tries to get her to speak to him. Cassie calls Rick; Rick tells them an ambulance is on it's way.

Bill asks Michelle what's wrong. She tells him about her weird encounter with Mick outside of the diner. He asks her if she knew the guy, but she says she doesn't, and doesn't want to.

Mick walks in on Drew who is setting up for the next day. Says he wants to talk business with her. She says that after she paid him off for mugging Jesse, their business was over. He tells her it isn't over, and threatens to tell Jesse all about their arrangement(s). She counters by threatening to anonymously calling the police and telling them about his robbing and assaulting Jesse. Jesse walks in.

Ross is packing his things. Blake begs him to stay. He says he stopped by the police station, and the charges against her "lover" will soon be dropped. She says Ben is not her lover. She says she made a terrible mistake that night, and assures him that all she wants is him and the boys. He tells her it's too late, and he doesn't believe a word she says anymore. He tells her he saw Ben, and tried to kill him. He said that Ben is the only one who has been telling him the truth all along. He says Ben told him that he "truly loves Blake" and that they are soul mates that are destined to be together! He says the only thing that kept him from killing Ben was the realization that he wasn't worth it, and "God knows, neither are you!"

Vanessa gets a phone call and thinks it's Matt, but it's the hospital telling her Dinah's in the Emergency Room. She rushes out, and asks the employee to tell Matt, if he comes by or calls, that he should meet her at the hospital, it's important!

Beth apologizes to Matt again. She says she's been going a little crazy lately. She said she trying to accept that she and Phillip are through, but sometimes it's hard. Matt asks her about other men, even Ben. She says that no one is available, except for men that are either really old, or really young! She starts to get down on herself, and Matt tries to cheer her up. He makes her some kind of a concoction to settle her stomach.

Bill asks Michelle if she told Jesse about the guy that accosted her in the back of the diner, but she says no because he had just gotten mugged. He tells her if she ever sees the guy again, or he ever tries to speak with her or touch her in any way, to tell him right away. Just then Dinah is wheeled into the emergency room! Bill asks what happened. Hart tells Rick that he thought she was an intruder and hit her hard with the door. Bill gets angry. Hart tells Rick she was only conscious for a few seconds. Then she closed her eyes, and he noticed she was bleeding too! They wheel her away, while Bill glares after Hart!

Hart tries to talk to Dinah. She opens her eyes, and asks about the baby. Hart tells her the baby is fine. Rick takes him aside and says, "not another word, okay?"

Drew says Mick just came by for a visit. Mick mentions to her that Jesse got mugged, and she acts horrified, like this is the first she ever heard about it! Mick reminds Jesse he still owes him the money he borrowed, with interest, and Drew tells him to give Jesse a break. He tells Jesse to watch himself, as the streets can be a dangerous place! Mick leaves. Jesse warns her about Mick, and then asks if the job offer she gave him still stands. She (overjoyed) says, "of course". He tells her he really needs the money to pay back his debts, and tells her she's his last resort. She asks him about Michelle, but he says his finances are desperate. She tells him fine, she could really use his help tonight. He says, "Tonight, I was supposed to meet Michelle." She asks him if it's a problem, but he says no, and asks her what needs to be done.

Michelle is meanwhile wondering what happened to Jesse. She talks with Cassie. Cassie tells her she feels like an outsider. She says she isn't needed or wanted there at the hospital, and says that Dinah hates her. She says she feels that all of it is her fault for trying to fit in somewhere she doesn't belong. She tells Michelle all about her endless string of bad luck growing up as an "orphan" in various foster homes. Michelle tells her to hang in there, Dinah and the baby will pull through, and she and Hart will get back to normal. Cassie tells her she hopes she's right, but she has a feeling that things will never be as they were before, ever again!

Blake continues to beg Ross' forgiveness, and tells him that Ben is nothing to her. He tells her to stop lying, and that he saw the tape, and saw what she wore, and how she looked. He tells her he knew that she wanted Ben. He tells her he's not going to keep fighting this emotional battle with her anymore. She tells him it's not possible to just stop loving someone; he says "I used to think that too, until now!"

Matt tells Beth that after a divorce things are difficult, but after some time passes, you meet someone new, and get on with your life. She gets a little unsteady on her feet again. He lays her down on the couch and tells her to just go to sleep. She asks him to stay until she falls asleep. He says he can stay for a little while longer, but then he has to leave. He sits down on a chair and starts to read a magazine.

Vanessa rushes into the ER. Bill tells her that Dinah was knocked down by Hart and is bleeding and barely conscious. He tells her Rick is doing everything he can. Dinah's yelling about how much it hurts, and asks Hart to stay with her. Rick tells her he's going to give her something, but promises it won't hurt. She begs Hart to not let them give her anything, but Hart promises her he won't let anything happen to the baby.

Jesse asks Drew for a cash advance to pay back Mick. She gives it to him, and he leaves. Mick returns and again tells her to pay him off; $1,000 per week! She offers to pay off Jesse's debt instead, but he says no.

Blake tells Ross to scream at her, but not to stop loving her. He tells her she threw away their love when she slept with Ben. She says she told him the truth because she didn't want anymore secrets between them. He says she just wanted to keep Ben from going to prison. She says, "I love you, and I know that you love me too!" He tells her, "you were the love of my life" and she replies, "you still are the love of mine". He says, "Every morning I would wake up and say, how did I get so lucky, but now I curse the day of our marriage!" He tells her she destroyed him, and he would have done anything for her, but that wasn't >

Transfer interrupted!

hat there are cruelties that even love can't conquer." She tells him that he just can't stop loving her, but he says, "yes, I can, and I will". He tells her that unlike her, his children come before his desires, and starting tonight he's going to give them the healthy, happy life that they deserve!

Hart wants Vanessa to go into the room, but Vanessa tells him they have to wait for Rick to come out. Meanwhile, Dinah tells Rick that she and Hart are going to name their little girl Laura, after the mother that he never knew. Rick asks her to get some sleep, but she says she can't sleep until she knows that her little girl is o.k. Hart, Vanessa, Bill and Cassie hear Dinah scream and Hart tries to get to her. Vanessa says, "where can Matt be?" Matt is asleep on the chair in Beth's apartment!

Ross comes out with some bags and the boys in the stroller. Blake asks him what he's doing and he tells her there is no way he will leave the boys there with she and Ben. He tells her if she has any shred of decency left, she will not cause a scene in front of them. He leaves, and she starts to scream and cry.

Rick comes out and tells everyone that Dinah's going to be watched very closely over the next 24 hours, as she's lost a lot of blood. Hart asks him about the baby. Rick says nothing, and Hart breaks down. Rick tells him he's sorry. Hart cries and says, "Oh, my God, what have I done! I've ruined her life!" Rick says Dinah has been told also, and Vanessa rushes in to be with her. Cassie tries to tell Hart how sorry she is, but he just keeps saying, "Oh, God, what did I do to her?" Meanwhile, Vanessa tries to comfort Dinah and tells her everything will be o.k., but Dinah says, "No! Did they tell you? I lost my little girl! I have nothing, nothing..." Hart is leaning against Dinah's hospital room window with his head in his hands. I can't stand Dinah, but my heart broke for her! It was a very heart-wrenching thing, watching her fall apart and say, "I lost my little girl! I have nothing!" She and Blake's day of reckoning has arrived, and it was horrible for them both!

Wednesday, September 23, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Kathy Parker

Margaret examines Dinah and reports to Hart, Vanessa, Ross and Cassie that Dinah's fever is dangerous. Cassie is hurt as she watches Hart assure Dinah that she will be fine even though she has lost their baby.

After Ross leaves her, Blake blames Holly and blasts her for encouraging her to lie to her husband about the rape.

Hearing Vanessa's message on the answering machine about what happened to Dinah, Blake hurries to the hospital in hopes of helping comfort a worried Ross.

Alan walks in on a hungover Beth and Matt together and threatens to tell Vanessa.

Rick is surprised to find Ross and the boys at his place and is shocked further to hear that Ross has left his wife because she lied about Ben's attack. Rick leaks that Dinah lost the baby which sends Ross to Cedar's.

At the hospital later, Ross and Vanessa comfort each other outside Dinah's hospital room. Vanessa confesses to Cassie that she told Dinah about Cassie's pregnancy.

Teri and Frank question Cassie about her troubles with the stalker. Shown the newspaper story quoting Harley badmouthing Annie, Phillip's upset when Harley reveals that she has agreed to act as a decoy to snare the Nursery Rhyme Stalker. When Frank confronts his sister too, Teri urges Frank to back off and allow Harley to help.

Selena helps a relieved Rick with the twins. When Selena admits that she's anxious to find her own child, Rick offers her some advice.

Thursday, September 24, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Kathy Parker

Jesse is jealous when he spots Michelle in a close moment with Bill who talks about Dinah's loss and complains about how difficult his life is now that he's an adult.

Jenna is unnerved when she receives a mysterious letter from Jeffrey Morgan.

Cassie returns home and is unnerved to find the door open. She's relieved when Reva reveals herself. Reva can't believe it when she claims that Annie is the most likely suspect as the Nursery Rhyme Stalker and is disappointed to learn that Cassie has yet to tell Hart she's pregnant.

At the hospital Holly falls apart as she realizes that she has helped to ruin Blake's marriage. Ross steps in to help Holly which encourages Blake. However, Ross assures Blake that his helping her mother in no way means that he is interested in working on their relationship.

Vanessa is clearly upset when she discovers that Matt wasn't home when she needed him because he was with a drunk Beth at the Spaulding mansion, helping her sleep it off. Matt defends his actions but his words only serve to make Vanessa angrier who accuses him of staying away the night because he was mad at her for leaving him to talk with Dinah.

Dinah is furious when she comes to and finds Cassie in her hospital room.

Selena talks with Harley about hiring her to find her daughter who was taken from her by the state at the age of one.

Friday, September 25

Waking to find Cassie in her hospital room, Dinah accuses her rival of wanting her baby dead and suggests that Cassie might have known she was on the porch. Cassie denies it but Dinah continues to ramble about wanting her rival to suffer the same pain that she is feelings. Outside, Bill orders Hart to leave Dinah alone unless he is sincere about his feelings for her. Jesse upsets Michelle when he reveals that Drew is the owner of The Millenium, the new club where he's working. He asks her to come look at the apartment he's going to rent for them but she refuses to live in a place paid for by Drew's money. Drew is upset when Mick blackmails her again. Holly wakes to find Blake talking to her about her mistakes. Ben interrupts and finds Holly gloating that his scheme didn't work since Ross has forgiven Blake. Ben confronts Blake out in the hall where she admits that Ross has not forgiven her. However, she claims that she is going to wait for Ross to come back to her. Offering to fight Ross in court for custody of her twin boys, Ben warns her that Ross is out of her future. Holly talks with her brother Ken about losing her grip on reality. Ken apologizes for not visiting her sooner but hints that he's been very busy. David reports to an upset Dahlia that his West Coast investigation shows that Marcus has been sleeping with another woman.

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