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Port Charles Recaps: The week of September 28, 1998 on PC
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Monday, September 28, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Meredeth Haley

Chris and Courtney
Chris and Courtney's date ends up at Chris's house drinking martinis and exchanging compliments. The Courtney diverted the conversation towards Eve. "It must have be creepy living in this apartment knowing that a shrine to all of the Port Charles victims was hidden behind Eve's wall. Courtney then asked Chris if he slept with the lights on. He replied, "No, I only sleep with a clove of garlic around my neck." She then asked, " Aren't you afraid that you were living with a murderer. Chris professed Eve's innocence than proceeded to turn the conversation towards a more interesting and less morbid topic, Courtney.

Eve, Kevin, and Victor
Eve reminisces on Scott's and her first date. She can not imagine going back to PC with out him. Victor enters the house and informs the others that the fog has lifted and they can go back to PC. Victor sees little point of going back since life will not be the same without Lucy. Kevin consoles his father who feels responsible for Lucy's death. Eve is now determined to go back to PC to help comfort Serena. Kevin tries to talk Eve out of it. He reminds her that the killer is still out there.

Garcia and Mr. Judson
Garcia is interrogating Eve's mother's ex-boyfriend. Mr. Judson is asked if he lived with Eve's mother, Barbara. He claimed that he used to live with Barbara and her two girls. He described Eve as being an angry kid. Garcia asked Mr. Judson if Eve ever committed a violent crime. He told a story about a time he had argued with Barbara. He was really drunk and had to put her in her place. He then fell asleep on the sofa. When he awoke, he had a bullet hole in his leg. He then pulled himself into the kitchen and there he found Barbara standing there with a gun and little Evie was standing next to her. Mr. Judson was convinced that Evie shot him in the leg. Barbara eventually did time in prison for that incident.

Lucy and Scott
Lucy is trying to get Scott out of a very tight place in the cave. Lucy is agonizing over how Sigmund must be feeling with Lucy being away. Lucy then starts to feel sorry for herself complaining that Sigmund is the only one who still loves her. Scotty reminds Lucy that Serena still loves her. They can not give up because Serena needs them and they can not let her down. Scott and Lucy reminisce about Dominique and Serena's birth. This gives them the strength needed to fight.

Eve, Victor, and Kevin
Eve decides not to go back to PC. Victor agrees that she needs to be safe. Kevin told Eve that he will call her when he arrives in PC. Kevin and Victor leave Jasmine Island.

Chris and Courtney
Looking over various CD's, Courtney selects some swing music. Chris asks Courtney some personal questions that she answers nonchalantly. Their conversation is cut short when the phone rings. The caller is Eve. She is checking in with Chris. He informs her that a warrant has been made for her arrest and that he was arrested trying to protect her. She claims her innocent and warns Chris that who ever placed those pictures behind the wall has access to his apartment. Meanwhile, Courtney is snooping around and sees a folder labeled Lance Pharmaceuticals.

Garcia Garcia is on the phone trying to get further information on Eve and her sister when an officer interrupts. The officer has just received the location of Eve thanks to a phone tap placed on Chris's phone.

Lucy and Scott
Lucy and Scott finally get out of the hole only to realize that they are back where they started. However, now the batteries of the flashlight go dead but not before they see all of the red and black poisonous snakes all around them.

Kevin and Eve
Kevin phones Eve to warn her that Garcia is on his way, so that she should leave the house immediately. He asks her to go to a local motel and call him when she is safe. As Eve is about to leave, she opens the door to find no other than Frank standing there.

Tuesday, September 29

Frank appears on Jasmine Island. He traced the call Eve made on his police scanner and tracked her down at Kevin's house. He grabs Eve, but she manages to wrench away. Frank catches her and throws her down. She tries to reason with him, but he's got that evil look in his eyes. He grabs her again and propels her outside. Once he gets her in the truck, he takes off. Eve manages to slam the gearshift out of gear and the car immediately stops, knocking Frank out after his head hits the steering wheel. She jumps out and runs away, looking for help.

Back at the house, the police have surrounded the place and storm inside. Kevin and Victor demand to know what has happened when they return. Garcia told them that he knows they've been hiding Eve and that she apparently left not of her own free will. Kevin and Victor decide to look for her on their own. They come across Frank, who's waking up in a rage. He and Kevin argue, and Kevin punches him out. Across the way, Eve is hiding in the bushes. She sees a car's headlights and begs them to stop. Too bad for her that it's Garcia. He grabs her and places her under arrest.

Karen tries to figure out what to say at Scott's memorial service. Joe suggests writing Scott a letter. Karen does and is reading it to Joe when Serena comes down. Joe and Karen try to convince her that there is a huge, bright star right next to her mother's, and that both of her parents are looking down on her. Later, Joe brought up the subject of Karen adopting Serena. They discuss it, but don't realize that Serena is listening at the top of the stairs.

Stuck in the underground cave, Scott and Lucy discover snakes. He told her not to worry once he realizes that they're garden snakes, but she's panicked regardless. After much prodding, he convinces her to start digging their way out. Scott reaches ground first, but as he's pulling Lucy out, she catches her foot on something. They realize it's a trip wire too late and the ground explodes, sending them flying. They wake up, brush each other off and realize they have no idea where they are. They start walking and come upon a sign telling them they are on a wildlife preserve--of alligators.

Wednesday, September 30, 1998

In custody in the Port Charles jail, Eve told Garcia that she suspects Frank may be the General Homicide killer. Garcia told Eve that she will be charged with criminal contempt of court. As Garcia escorts Eve from the interrogation room, they cross paths with Julie and Frank. Julie flatly accuses Eve of being the killer.

Trekking across the wildlife preserve in daylight, Scott and Lucy begin to scout for food. Lucy finds a nest full of eggs, which Scott tries to persuade her to leave alone. Lucy refuses to go another step unless they build a fire and cook the eggs.

Lee visits Julie in jail to tell her that he will continue working on her defense despite Scott's death. He told her and Frank that the District Attorney has agreed to meet with them to discuss dropping the charges against Julie. After Lee departs, Garcia has Julie taken back to her cell and reprimands Frank over his kidnapping of Eve. Frank grows increasingly agitated, and Garcia told him he'd better watch his step.

Kevin finds Eve at the jail and told her he has retained an attorney to work on her behalf. Eve is grateful and promises to pay Kevin back. Kevin explains that he is using the proceeds from General Homicide, and paying for Eve's attorney is the least he feels he can do.

Scott builds a fire, but before he and Lucy can cook the eggs, one of them begins to hatch--a baby alligator. As its mother appraoches, Scott and Lucy make tracks for safer territory.

Frank runs into Kevin at the jail and attacks him verbally for hiding Eve on Jasmine Island. In response, Kevin accuses Frank of stalking Eve and trying to set her up to take the fall for the General Homicide killings.

Eve calls Serena from jail and tries to comfort her. Serena told Eve that she feels terribly sad and asks Eve to come to the memorial. Knowing she might not be out of jail in time, Eve told Serena that she will try.

Lee and Julie meet with D.A. Pearson to discuss dismissal. Despite all the compelling evidence they offer to suggest that Eve may be the killer, Pearson refuses to drop the charges against Julie.

After running away from the alligator, Scott and Lucy spot the roof of a building in the distance and head for it, hoping they'll find food and and a telephone.

Kevin told Eve that the judge refuses to release her from jail because he wants to ensure her appearance in court when the trial resumes. Crushed that she won't be out in time to attend Scott's memorial, Eve asks Kevin to seek Mac's help in getting her released. Angry that she won't be released, Julie conspires with Frank to find more evidence implicating Eve.

Scott and Lucy arrive at the house only to find it deserted.

Eve and Julie find themselves in adjoining cells.

Thursday, October 1, 1998

Jailed in adjacent cells, Julie and Eve trade threats and accusations. Julie accuses Eve of killing Bennett and told Eve she blames Scott for helping Eve destroy evidence. Eve defends both herself and Scott then points out that no one has died since Julie has been in custody. Eve takes great pleasure in mentioning that Julie is still on trial for murder and that she, herself, is only being held until after she testifies. Julie told Eve she'll never get out of jail alive.

Kevin visits Gail at the fire house to pay his respects, and the two of them begin to share their grief and their memories of Scott and Lucy. Kevin asks Gail whether they have received positive identification of the remains, but Gail doesn't hold out much hope that the bodies are not Scott and Lucy. Karen and Serena return from a walk in the park, and Serena told Kevin how much she misses Scott and Lucy. She told Gail that she has decided to place some objects in the coffins: her Serena power ring and Dirty Kitty for Scott, and a sweater Lucy knitted when she was pregnant with Serena. Gail begins to cry, and Serena comforts her.

In Florida, Scott and Lucy discover a storage chest in the abandoned house. It is locked, so Scott finds an axe and cuts the lock open. Inside they find only empty cans, one of which contains an old Spanish map, which Scott pockets. Just when they begin to think things can't get worse, a storm kicks up and the roof begins to leak. Scott uses the axe to cut the handcuffs, and he and Lucy split up to look for food. Lucy finds some canned goods in one room, and Scott comes up with a can opener. They devour the food with unbridled enthusiasm.

As Julie works on documents she thinks may help her case, Eve taunts her with insults and memories about Bennett Devlin. When Eve told Julie that her father once said he was disappointed in Julie, Julie loses her temper and drops her pen. Eve picks the pen up and uses it to taunt Julie further, pointing out how odd it was that Bennett bought identical pens for his daughter and his mistress. Angry, Julie reaches through the bars and grabs hold of Eve's arms. As they struggle, Julie pulls Eve toward her and Eve stabs Julie in the shoulder with the pen. Julie screams for the guards, who come to take her to the infirmary and take the pen from Eve.

As Karen and Kevin share their concerns about Serena, Gail receives a phone call from the coroner confirming that the dental records do not match the bodies found in the plane crash. After a moment's elation over the realization that Scott and Lucy are alive, Gail, Kevin, and Karen become concerned for their welfare since they haven't heard from Scott since the crash. Kevin volunteers to go to Florida to look for them, but Gail told him that the area is being evacuated because of an approaching hurricane.

As Scott and Lucy finish their impromtu feast, the storm around them begins to grow more intense.

Friday, October 2, 1998

Kevin visits Eve at the jail and told her that Scott and Lucy's dental records don't match the bodies found in the wreckage. At first, Eve is elated but soon begins to worry when she realizes they haven't heard from Scott since before the crash. Kevin told her that the search for Scott and Lucy is being hampered by the hurricane. Kevin asks her about the tight security at the jail, and she told him about her fight with Julie, insisting that she stabbed Julie by accident. Before Kevin leaves, he told Eve that he has to find a way into central Florida to search for Scott and Lucy. Knowing the kind of danger he may be facing, Eve told him to be careful.

At the GH emergency room, Matt treats Julie's wound while she told him and Frank about the stabbing. Julie insists that Eve is the General Homicide killer and begins to convince Matt that she is right. Chris enters the exam room and defends Eve. When Chris and Frank meet later for Frank's daily dose of DL-56, Chris warns Frank that he should curb his enthusiasm for pinning the killings on Eve. Chris points out that he could easily slip some cyanide into Frank's daily dose. Chris departs, and Lark shows up. When Frank told her about Julie's stabbing, Lark seems to be upset. She visits Julie in the emergency room and brought her some magazines. They trade apologies for suspecting each other, and Julie suggests they join forces as "friends." Later, Frank and Julie persuade Matt to keep Julie in the hospital for observation rather than sending her back to the jail.

When Eve's attorney, Miriam Yang, meets with Eve and Garcia, the detective explains that Julie's stabbing makes things look very bad for Eve. He suggests that the D.A. might be inclined to drop the charges against Julie and try Eve for the General Homicide killings. Garcia offers not to pursue the death penalty if Eve will confess to the killings. Eve refuses and told Garcia he can expect the killings to start up again if Julie is released from jail. Later, Chris visits Eve and told her is certain she was not responsible for the evidence he found in her closet. Eve told him that it looks as though the D.A. might drop the charges against Julie.

Kevin contacts television stations in Florida trying to buy air time to help in the search for Scott and Lucy, but the hurricane is growing too intense. A reporter from the National Inquisitor calls him looking for a story, and Kevin agrees to give him one in exchange for front page photos of Scott and Lucy and a story offering a reward for help finding them. As the hurricane becomes more severe, Kevin finds an airstrip several hundred miles from the crash site where he might be able to land. Victor insists on accompanying him to Florida and helping in the search.

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