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Palmer learned that he had been a pawn for the Nazis. Erica turned to Dimitri for comfort. Kelsey landed a job away from Pine Valley. Gillian and Raquel forged a tenuous friendship.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of October 5, 1998 on AMC
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Monday, October 5, 1998

His wife missing, Mateo set out to find Hayley and make her understand why he'd kept Raquel a secret from her. When he finally tracked down Hayley, he told her that it wasn't like her to "cut out on problems." Hayley countered by noting that it wasn't every day that she learns that her husband really isn't her husband. Hayley explained that her decision to find a quiet place wasn't her way of running and hiding. It was, however, the only way she could avoid Ryan's feeling sorry for her and Gillian's constant sarcasm. Mateo tried everything he could think of to show his wife, uh Hayley, that he loved her. He claimed that Raquel meant nothing to her, a statement that didn't exactly help his cause. Hayley had one burning question that she needed answered: Why did Mateo take her to the cove in which he first made love to Raquel? While he later admitted that he had thought of Raquel when they returned to the cove, Mateo said that he knew that the cove would provide Hayley with an out-of-the-way spot to elude Lee Hawkins. Hayley thought about the cove and realized that it was the perfect place to hide. Even though he'd thought about Raquel, Mateo didn't feel a need to tell Hayley about his first wife. "I wanted to be with you," Mateo said softly. Hayley embraced Mateo and told him that she understood. They both agreed that something had to be done to get Raquel out of the picture---and bribing her wasn't the answer. Mateo decided that he had to go to the Pine Cone Motel to confront Raquel. Hayley wanted to help too, so she offered to head to her Uncle Trevor's house and ask him for legal advice.

Tad roughly removed the priceless artwork from their protective cylinder. Either he didn't care or he forgot that the paintings he was tossing across the room were worth a mint. On one of the paintings, Tad found what he'd been searching for: a fake canvas backing. With a little help from Dixie, Tad peeled back the canvas and found the secret Nazi list. The list reeked of authenticity. At the top of the parchment was a small swastika and an "SS." The list mentioned the names of several well-known Nazi operatives. Palmer's face dropped. He turned his back and slowly walked away from the artwork he'd gone to such lengths to protect. Palmer realized that he'd been an unwitting pawn in the Nazi's grand scheme. By supposedly "saving" the paintings from destruction, Palmer had kept their list of top informants hidden from world authorities for decades. "I was a fool," Palmer grumbled. The beauty of the paintings blinded him, Palmer said. "I betrayed my comrades [and] my entire country," he sighed. Dixie assured her uncle that no one would judge him by his actions. Palmer didn't believer her. Without such much as a final parting glance, Palmer ordered Tad to get rid of the paintings. Dixie asked for a few moments alone to speak to her uncle. Braden and Tad gladly obliged. In private, Dixie told Palmer that Tad had arranged for a deal in which he would not receive any jail time---provided that he turned over the paintings. Palmer was thankful that he wouldn't have to spend time behind bars, but he feared that things wouldn't be as easy as they sounded. He was certain that Opal would never take him back. Dixie tried to convince him that he was mistaken, but it did little good. Tad returned to the room and announced that he had to take the paintings to the authorities. Dixie informed Tad that she was going to lag behind for a few days while she helped her uncle come to terms with a few things. She thanked Tad for once again keeping his promise. They looked at each other with puppy dog eyes, but Tad knew that he had to be going.

Dimitri sat at a table in the bar section of The Valley Inn. As his meeting ended, Dimitri noticed Jack walking by in a huff. A few seconds later, Erica scurried over to his table and asked if he'd seen Jack. Dimitri barely gotten the words "to his room" out of his mouth before Erica dashed off. When Jack arrived outside his room, he found an uninvited-and unwanted-guest. Jack rolled his eyes and wondered if his horrible night would ever end. Unbeknownst to either Kit or Jack, Erica was lurking around the corner. Kit told Jack that she wanted to talk to him and get to know him a little better. Jack wanted nothing to do with Kit. Kit begged Jack to undergo a DNA test so that they could find out the truth once and for all. Jack's anger started to boil over. He warned Kit that she'd better leave before he forgets that he's the "district attorney and [commits] a serious crime on [her] person." Kit got the hint and hurried off. A few seconds later, Jack heard a knock on his door. He called out and told, who he believed was Kit, to leave him alone. For some reason, Jack still opened the door---and he came face to face with Erica. Erica told Jack that she was unwilling to let things end on such a bad note. "I'm finally ready to commit," Erica smiled. Jack was cold and told Erica that he didn't want to hear any more of her explanations. Erica shifted her weight to one leg and smiled slightly. She knew that Jack was angry at her and that he was speaking irrationally. If that's what Erica believed, Jack said he felt exactly the opposite. Jack claimed that it was "a relief" to finally be over Erica. He likened it to fighting "tooth and nail" for something---and then when finally getting the object one one's desire, realizing that you really didn't need or want it. "Why are you saying these terrible things?" Erica gasped. She dared Jack to look her in the eyes and tell her that he no longer loved her. Jack couldn't do it. He knew that he still loved Erica but that didn't mean that he wanted to be with Erica. "I'm over you," Jack stated calmly. "You are incapable of the kind of love I need." The bitter truth continued. Erica, Jack said, was an addiction. He concluded his arguments by saying that he could no longer "eat, sleep, and drink Erica Kane." Erica touted her ability to change into a woman that Jack would want to love. Jack shook his head. "No, you can't," he replied. Jack told Erica that she is not capable of change. She is who she is---and said that there was nothing wrong with that. Hurt and backed into a corner, Erica had to lash out. She accused Jack of secretly dating the "bleach blonde" she'd seen outside his door. Jack chuckled slightly and told Erica that her assumption was typical behavior for her. "I don't hate you," Jack said in spite of Erica's unwarranted tirade. "I wish you the best---just not with me." He asked Erica to leave before she embarrassed herself any further. Fighting back tears, Erica left the hotel room.

Downstairs, Dimitri flagged down Kit on her way from Jack's room and asked her to join him for a drink. Kit obliged and told Dimitri that her latest run-in with Jack had gone badly. Dimitri smiled and said that he out in a good word for her with Jack---but realized that it mustn't have done any good. Dimitri hoped that Kit would someday know the feeling of being a part of a family. He explained that Edmund and Maria had made him feel loved. Kit delicately asked how Maria had died. Dimitri explained the condensed version of the tale. Kit nodded understandingly and said that she now has a better understanding of why Edmund "is the way he is." Kit suddenly came up with a brainstorm and dashed off. Moments later, Erica stomped over to the bar and ordered a "Virgin (Bloody) Mary." Dimitri slowly approached and asked Erica if she was okay. Erica turned and rested her head on Dimitri's chest and began sobbing.

Across the room, Kelsey waited for Ryan to arrive. Beaming from ear to ear, Kelsey had great news for Ryan. She told him that somehow an affiliate station in Duluth, Minnesota had gotten a copy of her weathergirl audition. They liked her so much, they hired her without even giving her an interview. Kelsey was psyched about leaving Pine Valley behind her and said that she would continue her education at a local college. Kelsey had never submitted her tape to the station and wondered how they'd obtained a copy. Ryan bowed his head and sheepishly admitted that he'd been the one to send the tape. Since Ryan had done something nice for her, Kelsey wanted to return the favor. She urged Ryan to give Gillian a second chance. Gillian, she said, was not the type of woman to put herself out by telling someone that she loved them. If she said it, which Gillian had, she must mean it. Kelsey gave Ryan a hug and told him that she had to run back home and back her bags. Soon after Kelsey left, Gillian strolled into the room.

Things at the Dillon House were slowly altering from their normal route. On a usual day, Harold would never given table scraps. Janet caught Amanda feeding Harold from the table and said nothing. In fact, she gave Harold some of her food too! Tim knew that something was up and told Amanda that she could play his new pinball game in order to get a few minutes alone with Janet. Tim got right to the point and asked Janet to tell him the truth about what the vet had said. It took Janet a long time before she could spit the truth out. She even did her best to minimize the negativity of the news, saying that Harold could simply be getting old---or suffering from cancer. Tim hoped that there was something that they could do to help Harold, but Janet told him that there were no guarantees. Later, Hayley arrived at the door and told Janet that she needed help in getting a divorce.

Meanwhile at the Pine Cone Motel, Raqueli's eyes lit up when Mateo called to her through the thin green motel door. She told Mateo that she'd be with him in a minute and then checked herself in the mirror to make sure that she looked her best. Raquel let Mateo into her room and listened carefully as he told her that they needed to talk. Raquel smiled coyly and told Mateo that they'd done enough talking. She slowly walked up to him and planted a kiss on his mouth.

Tuesday, October 6, 1998

Since he'd just been thinking about her, Ryan was both shocked and pleased to see Gillian enter the bar. Gillian observed Ryan's reaction and wondered if he was trying to prevent her from leaving home. Ryan assured Gillian that he was doing no such thing. In fact, he said that he was hoping that they could "start over." Gillian was silent. Her hair was pulled up and back, not Gillian's usual choice for a hairdo---and her low-cut blue dress also didn't fall under the run-of-the-mill category. Ryan asked Gillian point-blank if she had a date. Gillian remained silent. Gillian's silence signaled that Ryan must be on the right track. "Yes," Gillian snapped. "Don't act so shocked." Gillian sassed that unlike Ryan, some people actually enjoy her company. That person stood just a few yards away. When David entered, Ryan's mouth dropped. He had thought that Gillian was going to "keep up appearances" so that Immigration would not get suspicious. Gillian blew off her husband and walked David to a nearby table. David laughed slightly and praised Gillian's "in your face" attitude. Gillian explained that she was not trying to rub her relationship with David in Ryan's face. Having an affair in public, Gillian explained, was the only way to make sure that people don't think that you're having an affair. In short, when you try to hide the fact that you're having an affair, someone is bound to find out. Ryan bolted towards the table and plopped himself down. He told the pair that he was "famished" and told them that he'd pay for the first round of drinks. Gillian tilted her head to the side and remarked that she and David hadn't planned on eating. Gillian tried to minimize her relationship with David, stating that she wanted to thank him for saving her life. David could see that he was the odd man out, so to speak, and said that he'd be turning in for the evening. Before he left, though, he told Gillian that if she really wanted to thank him for saving her life, she should make a donation to the Pine Valley Hospital in his name. Gillian was not happy that Ryan had caused her date to leave. She stomped off, oblivious to Ryan's attempt to start things anew.

Across the room, Erica apologized for sobbing on Dimitri's shoulder. Dimitri wanted Erica to open up to him. He asked her to tell him what had happened between her and Jack. Erica was surprised that Dimitri was able to pick up that her problems involved Jack. Dimitri explained that he'd seen Jack storm in earlier and put two and two together. Dimitri advised Erica not to be too rough on Jack because he's having a hard time dealing with Kit. In true Erica fashion, she once again jumped to the conclusion that Jack and Kit were involved in some sort of hanky panky. Dimitri shook his head and clarified the situation. Even though she'd just gone through a similar situation with Mike, Erica refused to believe that Kit could be Christine. She was, after all, killed in a boating accident. "Monstrous," is the word Erica used to describe Kit's off the wall claims. She then decided that she needed to run back up to Jack's room and help comfort him. Dimitri chased Erica down the hall and convinced her that running to Jack's room wasn't the way to handle things. Dimitri still wasn't sure exactly what had gone down between Jack and Erica. Using their past relationship as a reason for total honest, Dimitri asked Erica to explain everything to him. Erica did just that, but she did it in her own unique way. Erica said that Jack had reacted poorly when he'd learned that she was letting Mike go from her life. Dimitri scratched his head and wondered if Erica was leaving something out of her explanation. Erica sighed deeply and admitted that she wasn't being completely forthcoming. Finally, she dropped the details of her "goodbye" to Mike. Dimitri fought the urge to chuckle---barely. He noted that it wasn't like Mike was going off to war and failed to see a necessity for the actions he and Erica had taken. Still, he knew that Erica was just being Erica. Using a horrible pun, Dimitri agreed that Mike and Erica were "imbedded" in each other's lives. Erica was certain that Jack no longer wanted her in his life. The tone he used, she explained, was unlike any he'd ever used before. Dimitri urged Erica to give Jack a few days' space so that he could come to terms with Kit's claims and his feelings for her. Dimitri told Erica that he is positive that Jack loves her. The problem, he said, is that Jack is fearful that Erica will once again break his heart.

Jack's heart, however, was already breaking. He found an envelope tucked under his door. Inside the envelope was a short note from Kit. Also enclosed in the envelope was a small cross pendant and chain. Kit wrote that she felt that this piece of jewelry was somehow related to her past, but she wasn't sure how. Jack looked longingly at the cross. He phoned Kit and asked her to meet him in his room. A short time later, Kit arrived with a slight smile on her face. She seemed pleased that Jack had contacted her. Kit explained that the cross brought back memories of a woman playing piano and singing, "Because God Made Thee Mine." The woman, she said, was their mother. Jack recognized the cross, a Celtic Pendant given to many infants. "Did your sister have [one]?" Kit asked pointedly. Jack nodded. "Was she wearing it the day that happened," Kit asked referring to the day of the boating accident. Jack warned Kit that most con artists eventually trip up when they overlook or misrepresent details. He was certain that she'd soon fall flat on her face. Kit asked Jack about the song she'd mentioned. Jack responded by saying that he wasn't up on the titles of the songs that his mother sang. Travis, however, knew them all. Jack phoned his brother and learned that his mother often sang the song that Kit had mentioned. This wasn't enough to prove that Kit was telling the truth---at least in Jack's eyes. Travis had told him that the "servants" used to sing the song with their mother. Kit nodded her head and let out a deep breath. She quipped that she must have gotten the name of the song from the same servant who'd given her the Celtic Cross. She turned and stormed out of the room, leaving Jack to contemplate what had just transpired. Jack sat alone in the dark, holding the cross and staring off into space.

Hayley assured Janet that she wasn't looking to divorce to Mateo. What she wanted, she said, was for Mateo to be able to divorce his first wife. Janet looked on in confusion and decided that it might be better if she let Trevor handle the problem. Hayley asked Janet to carry on with her business, saying that she would wait for Trevor. Hayley sat on the sofa and tried her best to keep busy, but as soon as she heard a sound at the door she raced towards the door. She opened the door suddenly causing Trevor to nearly tumbled into the house. Hayley made quick small talk, asking Trevor where he'd gone and how he'd like his trip. She didn't want for an answer and somehow Trevor knew that Hayley really didn't want to hear his answers. Hayley wasted no time in telling Trevor what was wrong. Trevor couldn't believe his ears and, like Janet, initially assumed that Hayley meant that she wanted to divorce Mateo. Hayley sounded just like Mateo when she defended his decision not to tell her about his first marriage. She said that the time had never been right to break the news. Trevor got a kick out of his niece's admission that she "took it like a lady and pitched a fit" when she learned about Raquel. Trevor figured that it wouldn't be too hard to get Mateo out of his fix. He asked Hayley to give him a few minutes to put down his bags and say hello to his family. When he returned, Trevor got the rest of the story and again said that he was sure that he could get Mateo a divorce. Janet entered the room with a ham sandwich and told her husband that he should eat something. Trevor passed on the sandwich, instead handing it over to Hayley. Hayley admitted that she couldn't recall the last time she'd eaten. Sandwich in hand, Hayley decided to call it a night. Trevor ordered his niece to get some sleep and said that he'd take up matters with Mateo in the morning. Finally alone, Janet knew that she had to tell Trevor the truth about Harold. Trevor was crushed. "I can't believe I'm getting misty over a mutt," he sniffled. Trevor wanted a magical cure to take care of Harold's condition, but he and Janet both knew that things weren't going to be that easy. Harold pattered into the room and sat down by the sofa. Janet and Trevor broken all the rules, inviting their furry friend to sit with them on the sofa. They then took turns feeding Harold chunks of ham sandwich and oatmeal cookies.

At the Pine Cone Motel, Raquelrefused to listen to Mateo's claims that their relationship was a thing of the past. "You can't forget me," Raquel argued. "Because we had it all, 'teo." Raquel wanted Mateo to imagine what his life would have been like if they'd never been forced to split. Mateo said that he couldn't do that because he doesn't know what would have happened had they stayed together. Again, Mateo insisted that he no longer loved Raquel. "That's because you won't let yourself," snapped Raquel. Needless to say, Raquel grew more and more angry when Mateo mentioned Hayley's name and the love he feels for her. Mateo was about to leave when Raquel reminded him of a time when he'd promised to give her the moon and the stars. Raquel had her own celestial display to show Mateo. With one fluid motion, Raquel unfastened the belt on her robe. Her robe gently slid to the floor. Mateo was unmoved. "Get dressed," he snapped. Raquel didn't move. She wondered if she'd lost some of her beauty. Mateo assured her that she hadn't, but he still wasn't going to fall for her seduction scheme. The corners of Raquel's lips turned up as she asked Mateo if Hayley knew that he was with her. Mateo nodded and informed Raquel that Hayley was seeking legal help from her uncle. Raquel was miffed that Hayley had a lawyer in the family. Mateo begged Raquel to look towards the future rather than dwelling in the past. Something finally clicked for Raquel. She agreed that it was time to move on, but never said what that implied. Mateo smiled and told Raquel that he was glad that she was finally coming around. He told her that he hopes she finds someone special to share her life with. As he left, Mateo told Raquel that his lawyers would soon be contacting her. Soon after Mateo left, Raquel's phone rang. Raquel picked up the phone and instantly recognized the person on the other end. "Of course it's me, darling," she smiled. "I miss you so much. You know how much I love you." She ended the call by telling the person on the other end that she was going to look to the future from now on.

Wednesday, October 7, 1998

Janet and Trevor were able to schedule an immediate appointment for Harold to be seen by the veterinary oncologist. Calling the cancer scare "hooey," Trevor remained adamant that Harold wasn't sick. The vet felt Harold's glands for a few seconds and then calmly stated that he believes that the first vet's diagnosis was correct. Trevor was perturbed that the vet came to such a quick decision merely by "feeling [Harold's] backside for two seconds." The quick feel wasn't the only procedure that doctor was going to utilize before coming to a final analysis. He suggested performing an ultrasound to look for pockets of cancer. The Dillons agreed to the ultrasound. While Harold was gone, Trevor wondered how he would tell the kids about Harold's illness. Janet called Harold "the glue that holds the Dillon family together." Now, though, Trevor worried that the glue was coming undone. While Trevor was deep in thought, Janet did a little thinking of her own. She remember that when she first returned to Pine Valley, she was not exactly Harold's biggest fan. That's because Harold "knew" that Janet, using the name Jane Cox after her experimental plastic surgery, was Janet. Janet remembered that in her attempt to get rid of Harold she fed him some tranquilizer laced ground beef. When the vet returned to the room, he confirmed the first vet's diagnosis: Harold was suffering from cancer. Janet asked the vet if it was possible that Harold's cancer had been brought on by the pills she'd fed him. The vet shook his head and cleared Janet of any responsibility. The vet announced that Harold's condition was quite serious. He had two possible courses of action for the Dillons. The first, which did not appeal to them, was to take Harold home and let him live out his remaining days. There would be good days and bad days, the vet said rather unsympathetically. Eventually, the bad days would far outnumber the good and Harold would have to be "put down." The option that Trevor and Janet opted for was the have the cancer biopsied to determine if it could be treated with chemotherapy. The vet asserted that he strongly believed that Harold's cancer was one of the few types that would not respond to chemotherapy. That didn't influence Trevor's decision to do everything possible to save Harold's life.

At a table in The Valley Inn, Kit silently ate her breakfast. Her tranquility was shattered when Erica stomped in and sat down at her table. Kit forced a smile and informed Erica that she wanted to dine alone. If she expected Erica to apologize for the intrusion and walk away, she was terribly mistaken. Erica called herself Kit's "worst nightmare come true" and warned her that "shoddy research won't get [her] a place at the family table." Kit put down her spoon and asked Erica why she was so hostile. Erica explained that Kit's attempt to pass herself off as Jack's late sister were hurting the man she loved. Erica lied and said that Jack had asked her to talk to Kit on his behalf. Kit didn't back down from her belief that she was, in fact, Christine Montgomery. Until this point, Kit had been slightly intimidated by Erica. Now, though, she was ready to fight back. She told Erica that her problems were with Jack, not her. She went on to ask Erica what would happen when it was learned that she was, in fact, Christine Montgomery. How would Jack react when he learned that Erica had been verbally accosting her? Edmund happened to be walking by and overheard the tail-end of the conversation. Erica warned Kit that as District Attorney, Jack could make Kit's life a living hell. Edmund strolled over and took Kit under his wing. He told Erica that she was out of line and asked her to back off. Erica was stunned that Edmund had been taken in by Kit's scheme. Nevertheless, Erica retreated. Kit filled Edmund in on the parts of the argument that he'd missed, notably Erica's comment that Jack had sent her to do his bidding. Jack found it hard to believe that Jack would ask Erica to intervene on his behalf. Kit mentioned her Celtic cross and Jack's admission that Christine was wearing a similar cross at the time of her "death." Edmund came up with one plan that could end the mystery once and for all. If Jack was unwilling to take a DNA test, Edmund had an idea that might spur him into action. Before even suggesting it, Edmund told Kit that she had to be one hundred percent sure of her claim to be Christine. "I have no scientific proof," Kit said with conviction, "but I know in my heart that I am Christine Montgomery."

In his hotel room, Jack tried to place a call to Kit but being that she was downstairs eating breakfast, he got no answer. As Jack hung up the phone, Tad entered toting the cylinder which contained the stolen paintings. Tad forgot about the paintings for a minute as he asked Jack why he was trying to contact Kit Fisher. Jack held up the cross Kit had given him and said that his sister had been wearing a similar necklace the day of the boating accident. Tad's face turned a pale shade of red as he listened to Jack question whether or not Kit was really his sister. Tad couldn't believe that Jack was actually falling for Kit's scam. He explained that a successful con artist uses props and carefully researched information to win over a victim. If Jack wasn't careful, Tad said that he could stand to lose a great deal to Kit. Tad spoke with a high level of animosity. Jack asked Tad why he felt so strongly about Kit. Tad dodged the question by announcing that he'd recovered the stolen paintings. Jack was flabbergasted that Tad had managed to get his hands on the artwork. Jack's awe changed to rage when he learned that Tad and Dixie had taken the law into their own hands. Jack's anger was short-lived as he came to the realization that drama had finally come to an end. Well, almost over. Jack was surprised to hear that Palmer had refused to return to Pine Valley. Tad sort of shrugged and said that he wasn't sure when or if Palmer would return. Tad turned and started walking towards the door. Jack once again tried to find out why Tad was so biter towards Kit, but again Tad dodged the question. Calling her "the plague personified," Tad warned Jack to steer clear of Kit.

Back downstairs, Erica placed an urgent call to one of her employees and ordered them to put a rush on their latest advertising campaign. She hung up the phone and abruptly turned around. As she did this, she came face to face with Mike. The meeting was awkward, to say the least. Mike told Erica that he had to go to Jack's room and talk to him about the now recovered paintings. He assured Erica that he would keep his visit short so that he would not take time away from her and Jack. Erica bowed her head and said that she was very busy with work and unable to spend much time with Jack. That set off sirens for Mike: He knew that something wrong. Erica tried to deny it, but she knew that she couldn't fool Mike. Erica told Mike that Jack had found out about their "goodbye." Mike looked Erica in the eyes and told her that he would talk to Jack and take care of everything.

Tim tried to get Amanda to do something outside on their day off of school, but Amanda wanted to hang around inside and work on "repainting" Harold's food dish. She reckoned that sprucing up the food bowl would make Harold want to eat more. She also scheduled a play date for Harold and a new lady dog in the neighborhood. Janet and Trevor moped home without Harold. They knew that they had to tell Amanda about Harold's condition. Amanda was surprisingly blasé when she learned that Harold had cancer. She chirped that she was positive that the vet would cure her furry little friend. She scurried off to finish her refurbishing job on Harold's food dish. Janet wanted to chase after Amanda and make sure that the young girl understood the implications of Harold's illness, but Trevor told Janet to let Amanda go. He announced that it might be better if they were all more like Amanda---optimistic.

Opal summoned Adrian to Cortlandt Manor saying that she wanted to brainstorm with him. She hoped that they could put their heads together and come up with a list of places where Palmer might be hiding out. Opal was extremely kind to Adrian---and oddly nervous. She offered Adrian cookies, cake, and coffee. As she sipped her coffee, Opal asked Adrian if he'd phoned his dad and mentioned that she'd asked about him. Adrian shook his head and explained that he and his father do not talk very often. He did offer to make a special call if Opal wanted him to do so. Opal smiled and told Adrian that it wasn't necessary. Opal told Adrian that Palmer has a business associate, a Mr. Zen, in Japan. She wondered if he could have fled the country and took up residence with him. Again the conversation took a strange turn, with Opal asked Adrian why he opted to become a secret agent. Adrian, who Opal mused has "enough letters after [his] name to start [his] own alphabet," said that in the end he chose a profession that he enjoyed. Opal feared that Adrian's parents were nervous about his dangerous line of work. Adrian stated that his parents were very supportive of his decision. Opal lowered her head and said that she was glad that Adrian "grew up the way a boy should" and expressed her regret over never having had a chance to raise Tad or Jenny that way. Tad entered the mansion fresh from his visit to Jack and immediately asked Adrian why he was hanging around. Adrian didn't know about the paintings' return and was just a livid as Jack when he learned that Tad had taken matters into his own hands. Adrian actually hollered at Tad---and Tad hollered back. Opal scolded the men for acting like children. Tad wondered why his mother had taken a liken to Adrian again. Opal simply stated that she and Adrian had settled their differences. Tad noted that Adrian's mission was now over and motioned towards the door. Opal worried that Adrian would have to leave town. She claimed that Adrian's departure would break Belinda's heart. Adrian explained that his boss would decide whether or not he'd be leaving town, not him. Adrian dashed towards the door, but a few seconds later he was screaming out in pain.

Jack sat alone in his room still fixating on Kit's necklace. A knock sounded on his door and Jack slowly made his way towards the door. When he opened the door, he found Mike standing in the hallway clutching a small revolver. "So, do I shoot you or do you shoot yourself?" Mike asked.

Thursday, October 8, 1998

I apologize for the brevity of today's summary. Something of important popped up at the last minute and I have been running around like a madman trying to get everything in order.

Mike was furious with Jack for dumping Erica. He wasn't quite as blasé as Erica when referring to the way that he and Erica has said goodbye. Neither man knew that Erica was eavesdropping from the hallway. Erica waltzed into the room and asked the two men to stop fighting. Erica looked longingly at Jack and told him that their relationship was not over. Jack chuckled slightly and told Erica that she could not force him back into a relationship. Mike quietly left as Erica and her on-and-off fiancé bickered. As he left, Mike secretly blew Erica a farewell kiss.

Even the toughest and most agile of secret agents can have their moments of klutziness. On his way out of Cortlandt Manor, Adrian tripped over a duffel bag Tad had left in the foyer. He came down pretty hard on his ankle rendering him unable to walk. Opal quickly scurried to Adrian's side and did her best to ease his pain. Opal didn't want Adrian to move around on his injured foot, so she asked him to stay with her at Cortlandt Manor. As Adrian rested, Mike entered with some important news. He told his partner that now that the stolen paintings had been returned, he had decided to return to active duty. That meant that he would be leaving Pine Valley---for good. The two exchanged their farewells and Mike headed off into the sunset. Soon after Mike left, Palmer made his much anticipated return and found Adrian relaxing in his chair.

At Wildwind, Dimitri figured out that Edmund was working on a plan to get Jack to submit to a DNA test. Edmund was somewhat reluctant to spill the beans, but ultimately he did unveil his grand scheme. Edmund told Dimitri that Kit was going to be going public with her story. In short, she was going to be holding a press conference to tell the world that she is Christine Montgomery. Dimitri tried to warn Edmund that he was pushing the envelope---and possibly pushing Jack further away from Kit, but Edmund was determined to move forward. In an odd display, it almost seemed like Edmund was once again reliving the time when he had to prove that he was really Dimitri's brother. Edmund and Kit scrambled off to WRCW to put the wheels in motion. Mike arrived a short time later and told Dimitri that he was leaving Pine Valley. He also asked Dimitri to keep an eye on Erica because he could see that she and Jack would not be together much longer.

At WRCW, Liza pulled the statue Adam had sent her out of her desk drawer. She looked at the statue and recalled the happier times she'd spent with Adam. She paged through her address book and stopped at Adam's entry. She told herself that she should call Adam and thank him for the gift, but she worried that calling Adam would somehow set herself up for more grief. Tad entered the office and caught a glimpse of Liza's anguish. Liza admitted that she was thinking about Adam. Tad rolled his eyes and told Liza that even thinking about getting back together with Adam was a huge mistake. Tad changed the topic, bragging about the way that he had recovered the stolen paintings. He smiled broadly as he mentioned that he'd managed to impress Dixie. Tad and Liza learned that Edmund was holding a press conference, The pair scurried down the corridor towards the exit.

Edmund informed the press that Pine Valley's very own district attorney would soon be served with a court order demanding that he undergo a DNA test. Edmund had just finished introducing Kit as "Christine Montgomery" when Tad burst in front of the cameras and denounced Kit as a worthless con artist. Dimitri filed in and helped disperse what had turned into a media circus. Kit worried that she might be doing the wrong thing. She had little time to think about what she was doing. Tad approached her and blasted her for trying to scam Jack. Kit flashed an angry glance and looked coldly at Tad. She dared him to go to Edmund and tell the truth about why they were at odds.

Back at The Valley Inn, Erica insisted that she still loved Jack. As proof of her love, Erica said that she'd confronted Kit about her claim to be Christine. Jack couldn't believe his ears. Suddenly, Liza and a cameraman burst into the room as Jack was served with a court order to undergo a DNA test. Jack turned angrily to Erica and accused her actions of pushing Kit into legal action.

Friday, October 9, 1998

With Mateo off at Trevor's house getting legal advice, Hayley tried her best to pass time. As hard as she tried, Hayley couldn't help but get frustrated by her predicament. She threw a magazine across the room. Ryan heard the magazine hit the wall and poked his head into the room to make sure that everything was okay. Ryan offered Hayley an ear, but Hayley didn't want to talk about her problems---at least not with Ryan. Ryan wondered if Mateo could resist Raquel's advances. He smiled deviously as he thought about having two women fight for his attention. Hayley frowned and assured Ryan that Mateo wasn't like him. In fact, she proudly noted that Mateo was working on getting a divorce even as they spoke. Ryan claimed that was impressed that Hayley was so calm. Hayley tilted her head to one side and asked Ryan if he had any idea what it was like to be in love. Ryan shook his head. He explained that he'd grown up in a basically loveless home. He chalked up the frigid childhood to his parents drinking problems. Hayley could relate to Ryan's pain and assured him that "life does get better and love does exist." Ryan looked down momentarily before asking Hayley a difficult question. He asked Hayley what she would think of someone who's never said "I love you" to anyone. Hayley began laughing, responding that she'd call someone like that "pathetic." She assumed that the person Ryan was referring to was Gillian and began making some disparaging remarks about the icy princess. When Hayley glanced over and noticed that Ryan wasn't laughing, she quickly composed herself and ask Ryan who he was talking about. Ryan quietly noted that he was the one who'd never expressed his love to another person. Gillian, he noted awkwardly, had told him that she loved him. Hayley was flabbergasted. She apparently misjudged Gillian's ability to experience emotions. Hayley wanted to discuss the situation more, but she told Ryan that she had to dash off to the mall to meet Mateo.

Gillian was trying on sexy lace lingerie when the door to her changing room suddenly swung open. Raquel, holding the same item, looked at Gillian and gasped. Raquel turned around and was ready to leave. Gillian told Raquel that she shouldn't run off because she had a feeling that they "might get along okay."
Raquel rang out on Gillian, but the two met up later in the mall's food court. Gillian smiled curiously and asked Raquel who she planned on seducing with her new lingerie. Gillian plucked the lingerie out of Raquel's shopping bag and began jiggling it in the air. Raquel snatched the lingerie back and told Gillian that it flashing lingerie in public was gauche. Raquel said that she was not used to talking to other woman on a personal level. Gillian wondered if she was too "forward, honest, or charming" for Raquel. Gillian leaned forward and told Raquel that she has a feeling that they could both help each other. After listening to a rather vague plan, Raquel told Gillian that she did not need any help in getting Mateo back into her life. "Mateo wants me," Raquel stated confidently. "He just doesn't know it yet." Downplaying the lingerie, Raquel informed Gillian that "when two people are in love, seduction isn't necessary." Gillian encouraged Raquel to try to get Mateo back, but she warned her that she shouldn't expend too much energy in doing it. Mateo and Hayley, Gillian remarked, are a "supercouple" that have endured many, many problems. Gillian smiled sassily and told Raquel that she should focus on finding another man. Gillian boasted that she is married and still has a fling with a wealthy doctor. Raquel nearly keeled over when Gillian made her suggestion. She said that she could never even think of having an intimate relationship with another man---especially not while married. Gillian said that she needs to have sex in order to feel like a woman. She even touted sex as being able to give her a certain "glow." Raquel seemed equally fascinated and appalled by Gillian's carefree attitude. Gillian suddenly realized that Raquel had not been intimate with anyone since she and Mateo broke up. "That's not natural!" Gillian gasped.

No one expected Palmer to swagger into Cortlandt Manor. Likewise, Palmer didn't anticipate seeing a fallen secret agent sitting in his favorite chair. Palmer wasted no time in order Adrian out of his house. "What the hell are you doing in my house?" Opal snapped back. Opal was furious that Palmer had not called her to let her know that she was okay. Nonchalantly, Palmer remarked that he'd "knew the authorities would inform" her. Being told by the police wasn't the way Opal wanted to hear the news. She told Palmer that she'd been worried sick that he might have been killed. Palmer turned his back to Adrian and told Opal that he didn't feel that they should be discussing their private affairs in front of a stranger. Opal argued that Adrian was not a stranger, but Palmer insisted that Adrian leave. Adrian, his ankle wrapped, struggled to get out of the chair. Opal scurried over to him and pushed him right back down in the chair. Opal noted that Adrian was one of the reasons that Palmer was still alive, convinced, apparently, that Adrian's duties had shielded Palmer from thugs. Opal than blasted her husband, who she called "Bub" for disgracing his family and country. "Don't call me Bub," Palmer groused. Palmer told Opal that he wanted to start over with a clean slate. He explained that they'd both made a series of mistakes and that it was time to move on. What Palmer had done was to place his deeds on the same level as Opal's. Opal complained that Palmer had wronged more than she had---way more. Palmer told Opal that she had every right to be angry at him. He apologized for having locked Opal in the secret room, but told her that she'd also betrayed him by threatening to contact the authorities. Palmer beamed proudly as he announced that he was not facing any charges. While Opal didn't want to see her "Love Bug" locked up in jail, she wasn't pleased with the way Palmer was minimizing his wrongdoing. Opal told Palmer that the only reason she crawled out of bed while he was missing was Petey, their son. Palmer had deserted his son, Opal remarked, and for that she wanted him to pack his bags and leave. Petey suddenly dashed into the room and gave his father a big hug. Opal waited until her son left the room before warning Palmer that he'd better not use Petey as a weapon against her. Palmer told Opal that their house was named Cortlandt Manor---and that it was his house. Opal argued that Palmer gave up his claim to the house when he walked out. Palmer replied that they'd reached "a stalemate." Frustrated, Opal threw her hands in the air and told Palmer that he'd be sleeping in his secret room. She dashed out of the room in one direction and Palmer headed in the other direction. Adrian sighed deeply and wished that he could reach the bottle of brandy sitting on the liquor cart across the room.

From the information he'd been given, Trevor inferred that Mateo should have no problems in getting a divorce from Raquel. Since the two had been separated for more then twenty-four months, Trevor said that seeking the divorce would be simple. There was one glitch. By allowing Raquel to spend the night at Wildwind, Mateo sort of "reset" that twenty-four month period. The law, according to Trevor,. States that sleeping under the some roof with someone voids the separation period. Even if Mateo did not sleep with Raquel---or even sleep in the same wing as Raquel---Raquel could testify in court that something of a more amorous nature took place. If the court believed her story, then it was back to square one. There was a second option: Having Raquel agree to the divorce. Mateo told Trevor that Raquel would never sign off on the marriage willingly. Trevor advised Matt to lean on his wife or risk having to wait another two years before being able to legally marry Hayley. Trevor was somewhat distracted and he made occasional glances at the telephone. When it rang, he scurried over and answered it after just one ring. Belinda had called for some help. Trevor answered her curtly and told her that he was waiting for an important call. Mateo asked Trevor why he was so upset. Trevor explained that they were waiting for a call from the vet. Mateo was saddened by the news that Harold had cancer and wished Trevor the best of luck. The vet did call and told Trevor that Harold had come out of surgery and that he appeared to be doing well. Trevor got back on track, asking Mateo if it was possible that he might still be carrying a torch---even a small torch---for Raquel. Mateo shook his head and vehemently denied having any feelings for Raquel. He insisted that he could never loved another woman the way he loves Hayley.

After the press conference folded up, Tad told Kit that he didn't need to waste his time telling Edmund about their past encounters in California. Both Tad and Kit looked at each other will cold, calculating stares. Jack suddenly burst into the room and announced that Kit "almost had" him. He said that her decision to call a press conference proved that she could not be related to him. A family member would never embarrass another in that way. Edmund tried to get a word in edgewise and explain that it was his idea to pursue legal action, but Jack kept rattling on and on. When Jack had to pause to breathe, Edmund jumped in and told Jack that Kit had opposed the idea. Kit chimed in that while it was not her idea to go the legal route, she had ultimately decided that it was the right thing to do. Under his breath, Tad sarcastically commented that he was not surprised that Kit had agreed to the idea. Kit ordered Tad to keep his nose out of her business. Tad noted that Kit had sealed her own fate by getting a court ordered DNA test. Since she was a con artist, Tad stated, the DNA would prove one and for all that Christine Montgomery was not alive. Tad referred to Kit as a "conniving, duplicitous parasite." Edmund and Jack watched on in fascination as Tad and Kit's conversation grew more and more hostile. Kit hauled off an prepared to smack Tad, but Tad caught her hand before it made contact. Jack smiled slightly and warned Kit that he'd have her arrested for assault and battery if she wasn't careful. That prompted a strange reaction from Kit. She said that she was hurt that Jack was treating her so poorly, so hurt that she wished she wasn't related to him. That was all Jack needed to hear. He told Kit that if she didn't want to be his sister, she could pack up and leave town immediately. "I've come too far," Kit responded. Edmund asked Jack what would happen if he found out that Kit really was Christine. How would he feel about the way he was treating her? "That's a question I'll never have to answer," Jack sneered. Kit stormed out of the room with Edmund hot on her tail. He eventually caught up to her and assured her that she was doing the right thing. He also told her about some of the wacky things he'd done while trying to prove that he was Dimitri's brother. Edmund asked Kit to tell him why she and Tad hated each other so much. Kit called her woes with Tad "old news that shouldn't be brought up anymore."

Elsewhere in the sprawling mansion, Gillian returned from her shopping trip and wondered what David would think of her new outfit. Ryan entered the room with a look of urgency on his face. He told Gillian that he wanted to talk to her and tell her how he feels.

Still hanging about at the mall, Raquel headed to a bank of pay phones and placed a call presumably to the same person she'd talked to the night before at the Pine Cone. Hayley happened to be passing by and saw Raquel, so naturally she hide behind the phones and listened to the conversation. Hayley heard only snippets of the conversation, but the parts that she did hear were interesting. "We'll be together soon, sweetheart," Raquel smiled.



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