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Donna was partially paralyzed and couldn't speak. Marley took a frightened Donna home with her. Paulina convinced Remy not to leave town. Josie told Cameron she was going to have an abortion but then reconsidered. Cass and Matt argued over Lila.
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Another World Recaps: The week of October 5, 1998 on AW
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Monday, October 5, 1998

Matt was upset that Lila has been in the hospital and he didn't know. He checks his beeper and notices the battery was missing. He asks Sofia if she's responsible for that.

Lila was told that her baby was fine, but that the baby was in breech position. She was told that if the baby doesn't shift position again before delivery, she'll have to have a C-section. Lila starts freaking out until Cass told her to shut up and listen.

Remy overhears Joe and Paulina arguing about her.

Marley and Vicky wait for Donna to regain consciousness. Marley suggests that Vicky take a break for a while and that she'll be there for Donna if she wakes up. But Jake enters the room and says no to Marley's idea. Jake explains that he doesn't want to leave Marley alone with Donna because they've only heard Marley's version of events, and they want to hear Donna's before Marley can speak to her alone. Marley tries to get Vicky to leave the room with her, but then Donna opens her eyes.

Lila complains that Cass was picking on her, but he says she's one of the strongest women he's ever met, that even though she's scared, she can take this news. The doctor reminds Lila that the baby was OK. Lila hugs Cass briefly, but then pulls back. Cass told her that what was really upsetting her was the fact that she tried to force Matt to marry her, and she thought the gods were punishing her by taking it out on the baby. She says that's ridiculous, she told Cass she hates him, but she doesn't sound sincere about that. Cass translates that to mean that she's grateful he was there for her.

Matt believes Sofia took the battery from his beeper, after all, she made a comment to that effect earlier. She claims she was just joking. She's hurt that Matt thinks she'd do that.

Zak reports to someone that everything was going according to plan. However, he doesn't look very happy about it.

Joe doesn't want to let Remy come between him and Paulina. But she's angry, because Joe doesn't trust her judgement. He's waiting "until" Remy screws up, not waiting to see "if" she screws up. For Paulina, that's not trusting her judgement, it's waiting to prove her wrong. She insists that she knows all the tricks and scams and that Remy isn't going to pull anything on her.

Donna's eyes are open wide, staring at Marley, but she doesn't speak. She doesn't respond to the doctor's examination either, and he clears everyone out of the room. In the hall, Vicky says Donna squeezed her hand. She hugs Jake happily and says that Donna will be OK. Marley says she hopes there was no permanent damage.

Lila and Cass are joking around when Matt finally shows up at the hospital. Lila explains the situation to him, as Cass was moved aside. Matt told his baby he won't leave his/her side through all this, and he kisses Lila's forehead.

Rachel has a heart-to-heart talk with Sofia. Rachel told Sofia that the one thing that will never go away about Matt's baby was that it was Lila's baby, too. She talks about her own past and says it will be very difficult and that she doesn't want Sofia to get hurt. Sofia says Matt wouldn't hurt her, but Rachel says he already has... not intentionally, of course, but the baby will always come first.

Vicky leaves to call her boys, and Marley and Jake talk alone. She says he's been giving her weird looks all night. Jake says that Marley's story doesn't ring true, and that even if Donna did write the letter, it was Marley who arranged the romantic dinner for Jake and who kissed him. As Vicky walks back, Jake says to Marley that Donna wasn't responsible for what Marley was trying to do that night. Vicky asks what's going on... she wants peace between the three of them at least until they know that Donna will be OK. But Jake was angry, he doesn't want to drop how Marley behaved with him after he got her letter. She blames that on Donna, too, saying that Donna told her that Jake wanted her. Jake doesn't buy it; he told Marley that it's not true.

Sofia leaves and rushes past Zak. He has some papers for Matt or Sofia, he told Rachel, but Sofia seemed to be in a hurry. Rachel explains briefly what happened, but doesn't go into details. Zak says he doesn't like to see people like Sofia get hurt.

Sofia arrives at Lila's hospital room as Matt was tucking her in. Lila apologizes for ruining his evening with Sofia. They see Sofia standing there. She asks if the baby was OK. Matt takes her out to the hallway and asks her what she's doing there. She's hurt, and says she was just worried. He says he can't talk; Lila can't be alone right now. But Sofia demands to know what was wrong. Matt explains, but Sofia still insists he doesn't need to be there for Lila... Cass was there for her. Cass isn't the father of this baby, Matt reminds Sofia. They argue, and it's obvious that Sofia was having a difficult time dealing with the situation.

Remy confronts Joe. He let's her know that he doesn't share Paulina's sympathy for her. He doesn't believe she's going to change. She says Paulina makes a difference in her life, that she listens to her because she know that Paulina's been where she is. She promises Joe that she will not hurt Paulina.

Vicky asks Marley if it's true that she tried to make a play for her husband. Marley reminds her that he was her husband once, too. Vicky says she's not going to fight her for her own husband. Marley blames Donna for all her actions. She reminds Vicky of how controlling Donna can be, and claims she pushed her to do what she did. Jake still doesn't believe her, but Vicky seems to. The doctor comes out and says that Donna isn't responding to verbal commands, and that her right side appears to be paralyzed. They don't know if the injuries are permanent or not. Jake asks about her speech. They are told that at the moment, Donna can't talk.

Cass stops off at Donna's room. He's shocked that she was so injured and can't speak. She motions for him to give her paper and a pen. He leaves to get Vicky for her. Donna struggles to write with her shaky left hand.

Paulina asks Remy what she's doing at Carlino's on her day off. Remy says it feels more like home there. She went on to say that Joe and Paulina look really good together. Paulina says it's because they love each other. Before Remy leaves, she says she will not let them down. After she goes, Paulina admits to Joe that Remy might still be trying to pull a scam.

Lila told Matt that she feels much better now that he's there with her. She says she was worried when she paged him and he didn't show up. Matt tells her that from now on, she'll never have to wonder where he is.

Zak calls in a report to the mystery man. He's at the hospital, checking on the situation. Matt blamed Sofia for the missing battery, as planned. Now he's taking care of Lila. Mystery man asks about Sofia. Zak says he doesn't know where she went. He hangs up and was walking away when he bumps into Sofia. The beeper battery falls to the floor.

Vicky and Marley rush back to Donna's room. Donna has scrawled "MAR LIE" on the paper.

Tuesday, October 6, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Amber Downs

Matt and Lila see a sonogram of their baby. The doctor says the baby was still in breech position, but he was healthy. The doctor says she wants to keep Lila overnight just to be safe and Matt promises to stay with her all night.

In the hall, Sofia bumps into Zak and he drops the battery. Sofia does not see it and told Zak how Matt accused her of taking the battery out of his beeper. Zak suggests they go to Carlino's and Sofia says okay. Just then, she sees what was under his foot. Zak moves his foot and Sofia asks why he stole the battery from Matt's beeper. Zak says he was just trying to help her, that he did not mean to cause trouble. Sofia was angry with Zak and cannot believe he did this and went off on him. Zak says he will admit the truth and walks into Lila's room. Zak admits to taking the battery and Lila says she thought he was her friend. Matt thanks Zak for coming forward, but says that Matt and Sofia are not Zak's problem. Matt and Zak leave Lila's room and have it out. Matt told Zak to stay away from Lila. Back in her room, Lila told Sofia she was sorry she ruined her evening with Matt, but Sofia says that, no, she was not. Sofia leaves Lila's room and hears Matt tell Zak that nobody will keep him from Lila. Matt apologizes to Sofia, who says she understands and leaves.

Zak follows Sofia and Sofia says that everyone has been trying to warn her about getting involved with Matt while another woman was carrying his child, but she ignored all their advice. Sofia was still angry that Matt suspected her of sabotaging the beeper and says that what they had before the baby makes no difference now. Zak told Sofia he was sorry, again, and Sofia asks why this matters to him. Later, Zak calls the Mystery Man and told him that Matt and Sofia are almost finished.

Marley, Jake, and Vicki run into Donna's hospital room to see what was wrong. Cass told Vicki Donna wanted to see her and Marley refused to let them be alone. Donna covers up the pad of paper she wrote Marley's name on. Vicki eventually sees it and Marley says she must have wanted to see her as well because she wrote her name down. Vicki asks Donna what she wanted to tell her, but Marley grabs the piece of paper and says that Donna probably was just thinking of her. Jake was skeptical and asks Marley to give him the piece of paper. Marley gives the paper to Jake and the doctor shows up to talk with them all. Marley and Vicki talk to the doctor, but Jake stays behind with Donna. The doctor told Vicki and Marley that all the tests show there was nothing physically wrong with Donna, so her condition might be psychological. The doctor asks how Donna was before the fall and both Vicki and Marley say her life was a mess. The doctor says he would like Donna to see a psychiatrist. Marley looks into the room, sees Jake with Donna, runs off, and says, "I can't do this anymore." Vicki runs after Marley, who was crying that it was all her fault. Vicki asks what she did and Marley went off about how Jake hates her now. Vicki told Marley they all made bad decisions, but if Donna feels guilty, it was because she has a reason to. Vicki told Marley that they are sisters and she loves her and will not lose her. Vicki also told Marley that if she ever makes a pass at her husband again she will kill her in her sleep. Marley laughs and hugs Vicki.

Back in Donna's room, Jake tries to get through to Donna by asking questions and having her squeeze his hand, but a nurse walks in and asks what was going on. Jake says he was only visiting, but the nurse kicks him out and says he was tiring her. Vicki and Marley return and Vicki told Jake that she wants to go home and rest, but Jake doesn't want to leave Marley alone with Donna. Vicki eventually convinces Jake to take her home and Marley went in to see Donna to say goodnight. The nurse does not want to leave, but Marley talks her into leaving for a moment. Marley told Donna that she and Vicki talked and decided that Donna will come home with her, because Vicki has Jake and the boys.

Cass runs into Felicia at the hospital and they talk about Donna. Felicia knows that Donna was not the only thing worrying him, and Cass admits that he was concerned about Lila.

Amanda and Gary meet each other at the Harbor Club. Gary told her that he wanted them, Cameron, and Josie to meet in a neutral place to talk about what happened in Boca Lynda. Amanda asks why and Gary told Amanda that a man wants to write a story about them. Amanda thinks that was a bad idea, but Gary thinks this will help Josie get over her odd behavior and he feels she was keeping something from him. Cass and Felicia show up and Felicia hears Gary and told him that not all secrets are bad. Gary and Amanda continue to talk about Josie. Gary was troubled that Josie has not moved on because Cameron has.

Felicia and Cass sit down at their table and argue about Lila. Felicia told him that he and Lila are being ridiculous by not admitting their feelings for the other. The waiter stops by their table and gives Felicia a note that was delivered for her. As she opens it, the mystery man from the Lumina Foundation predicts that she was getting her present just about now. In the envelope was a mysterious golden key with a radiant sun symbol on the end, the man at the Lumina Foundation has a similar one. At first Felicia thinks that Cass sent it, when he says that he did not, Felicia decides that a fan must have. Ignoring Cass' warnings about the last time that she started receiving anonymous gifts, Felicia stands up and thanks the restaurant in general.

Cameron finds Josie working out at the gym and told her that they have to go meet Gary at the Harbor Club. Josie refuses to go and told Cameron to tell Gary a lie about why she cannot be there. Cameron told Josie to forget about Boca Lynda, but Josie says that may not be possible. Cameron asks what she means and Josie says actions have consequences. Cameron says they just have to get past this, but Josie says it was not that simple for her. Cameron says nothing good can come out of what they did and that they have to do whatever it takes to keep Gary from finding out. Josie told Cameron he was absolutely right and walks off.

Josie went to a woman's clinic and Cameron follows and confronts her. When a guard told Cameron that protestors are not allowed in the clinic, he realizes what the clinic was for and figures out that Josie was pregnant. Josie asks Cameron to leave and forget that he ever saw her there. Josie talks with a doctor who counsels her about thinking before making this decision. After going back and forth several times, Josie finally says she does not have a choice. Josie eventually leaves the office and Cameron asks her what she decided.

Wednesday, October 7, 1998

At Carlino's while they were getting ready to close, a cop came in and informed Joe that Russel, the man who was bringing up charges against Remy for scamming him out of $500, dropped the charges because he got his money back. Joe was surprised that he got his money back just like that.

In the Kitchen at Carlino's, Nick gave Remy an expensive pair of diamond, stud earrings. Remy first rejected them because she didn't want Nick to think that she was after his money. After he assured her that he didn't think that, she accepted his gift. When Paulina entered the kitchen, Remy confided in her about Nick and asked if she could be the person she turns to for advice. Paulina, naturally, was honored.

Joe confronted Remy about the missing money from the cash register. Remy tried to explain, but Joe wouldn't give her a chance. He told her to pack her things and get out of Paulina's life for good. Joe told Paulina about the missing money from the cash register. He told Paulina that Remy admitted to taking the money and that he told her to leave town tonight. Paulina told Joe that Remy was lying to cover for her. Paulina admitted to Joe that she was the one who took the money to pay Russel off. She blasted Joe for doing what he did. She ran out determined to find Remy.

Remy went to Sofia's apartment and packed her things. She asked Sofia to give a note she had written to Paulina and the earrings back to Nick. Sofia refused. She told her to do it herself. She then tried to convince Remy to stay because she was her friend. Remy left anyway.

Back at Carlino's, Sofia went to see Joe. They spoke about Remy. Joe said that Remy stirred something up in Paulina and he was determined to find out what it is.

Paulina caught Remy leaving Sofia's apartment. She brought her back inside and, after a lot of begging, pleading, and crying, convinced her to stay. Paulina told Remy about her "miracle", finding out that she was a Cory. The miracle part of it was finding people she could love and would love her in return. Remy was more impressed with the fact that she was a member of the wealthy Cory Clan. After Paulina left, Remy thought about Paulina rolling in the big bucks, but then convinced herself that she was not that kind of a person any more. Sofia returned and expressed her happiness that Remy was staying.

At the end of the day, Paulina and Joe retired to their home. Joe tried to figure out why Paulina feels for Remy the way she does. Paulina told him that part of her was still that scared girl on Gold Street. Later that night, Paulina had a nightmare about being in a bed, fighting to get out, but couldn't. When she woke up, she said, "Joe never has to know."

At the hospital, Josie told Cameron that she decided to have an abortion. She wanted to do everything possible to prevent Gary from finding out what happened between them.

Once Cameron and Josie got to the Harbor Club, where they were to meet Amanda and Gary, Josie called Gary on his cell phone to stall a little longer. She didn't want to face him just yet for fear that he would see in her face that something was wrong. When Josie and Gary said goodbye, Amanda told Gary to order an appetizer while they were waiting and she will go powder her nose. When she passed the windows, she saw Josie and Cameron standing outside talking. She confronted both of them and let them have it with both barrels. She told them to get over it already if they don't want Gary to know about the affair. She informed them that Gary was wondering why Josie seems so distant.

When they went to the table, they toasted friendship and getting back to normal. When the appetizers came out, the waiter placed one of the platters in front of Josie, for lack of room on the table. The sight of it made a pregnant Josie sick to her stomach. Josie excused herself to the lady's room. To put Gary at ease, Amanda went after Josie to check on her. In the lady's room, Amanda blasted Josie once again for upsetting Gary. Josie tried to convince Amanda that she loves Gary more than anything. Amanda said, with disgust, that she would cover for Josie. Another woman entered the lady's room and asked Josie to hold her baby for minute. Before Josie could say no, the lady handed Josie the baby and called her "a natural."

Amanda told Gary that Josie was okay and would be right out. Gary asked Amanda to dance. Determined to enjoy the rest of the evening, she said yes. In the meantime, Josie told Cameron that she had morning sickness. "At night?" he questioned. "It happens," she said. Josie then told Cameron that she decided to have the baby. Cameron told her to make a choice, either tell Gary the truth and ruin his life or lie...forever.

Thursday, October 8, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Amber Downs

Marley comes to see Donna at the hospital, but she learns Donna still cannot speak. Donna's nurse told Marley that she can take her home, where she will continue her therapy. Marley and the nurse leave the room and Tyrone shows up and asks Donna how she was doing. A nurse comes in and Tyrone learns that Donna has aphasia. Tyrone decides to sit with Donna until her daughter comes to pick her up. Donna begins to write Vicki, so Tyrone told a nurse that Donna wants her daughter. The nurse says that Donna's daughter was on her way. Tyrone does not know it was Marley, and told Donna that Vicki was on her way. Tyrone wheels Donna down to the lobby to wait for Vicki, but it was Marley who shows up.

Cindy tries to sneak out of the penthouse, but Grant catches her. Grant asks where she was going and Cindy says she just wanted to take a walk. As Cindy was about to leave, Marley shows up. Marley asks Cindy to tell Vicki that the woman who was in the car with her when she tried to run her down was Donna. Cindy says Donna will deny it, but Marley says Donna cannot talk because she has aphasia. Marley also asks Cindy to help keep Donna quiet. Cindy agrees to help her, but she needs a favor. Cindy learns Kirkland was at the park with his class, so she asks Marley to stay here and keep Grant from following her. Cindy leaves and Grant shows up and asks Marley where Cindy is. Marley says Cindy was in the tub and that she has come to see Grant. Marley told Grant about Donna's condition. Grant begins to worry about Cindy and went to look for her.

Cindy finds Kirkland playing in the park and again wants to know where his dog is. Kirkland says he does not know where Puffy is. Grant shows up and Cindy says she ran into Kirkland. Kirkland told his dad that Cindy was a wicked stepmother and still wants to know where Puffy is. Grant asks Kirkland where Puffy was and Kirkland says he was gone forever and ever. Kirkland went back to playing with his class and Grant warns Cindy never to threaten his son again. Furthermore, whatever she had was in that dog, and the dog was gone! Grant smiles and says he was finally rid of her.

Grant and Cindy go home and Grant told Cindy that she will file for divorce and will wave any rights to alimony. Cindy says she does not accept his terms. Cindy told Grant that she remembers everything and she will tell anyone who was willing to listen. Grant laughs and says without her evidence or Donna to back up her story, she was powerless and will do what he says, which was to get out, immediately. Cindy packs her stuff and leaves, but warns Grant that the war just started.

At the Harbor Club, Lila and Matt are together, but are leaving messages on Sofia and Cass' answering machines. Later, Lila told Matt that this arrangement was not working out. Lila told Matt that she feels bad she was wrecking his relationship with Sofia. Matt told her that he knows she does not mean to and that she has changed for the better. Lila says her scheming days are over because she wants her baby to be proud of her.

Rachel finds Cass and Felicia in Carlino's and she asks Cass why she let Lila believe that she could ever marry Matt. Cass asks what she was talking about and Rachel confronts Cass with the bet he and Lila made. Cass apologizes and says he will tell Lila that the bet was off and apologizes to Rachel.

Also at Carlino's, Zak was on the telephone with the mystery man at the Lumina Foundation, who told them their plans are progressing. Zak overhears Rachel and Cass talking and went to see Lila.

Lila asks him what was wrong and Zak says everything she has been working for was about to blow up in her face. Zak told Lila that Rachel knows about the bet, so Lila realizes that she has to tell Matt first. Lila went to talk to Matt, who was with Rachel. Lila told Matt about the bet she made with Cass. Rachel says that she knew about the bet and was going to tell Matt today, but it seems Lila conveniently beat her to it. Lila says it was all Cass' idea. Lila says she was very sorry, but Matt was furious with her. Cass walks in and Matt lets him have it. Lila told Cass that their bet was over. Matt told Cass to leave him and Lila alone. Cass looks at Lila and told her she was a real pro. Matt leaves and Cass asks Lila how she could lie at his expense. Cass says he was on his way over here to call off the bet to save her butt. They end up in a huge argument and Cass told Lila that deep down she does not want to be a Cory and that she took the bet as a way to get out. Cass asks Lila to look him in the eyes and tell him that she wants to marry Matt. Lila told Cass that she will make a life with Matt and he will not be a part of it. Lila then stomps out of the room.

Later, both Rachel and Lila receive the mysterious Lumina Foundation pins. The same pin that Felicia received. Rachel recognizes the pin from an advertisement in the newspaper.

Cass tries to explain to Matt that he did not mean to hurt him. Cass says that Matt does not know Lila as well has he thinks he does and he was giving up an incredible woman. Lila was listening to all of this from behind a wall.

Friday, October 9, 1998

Cass and Matt have it out over Lila. Matt asks Cass why he's even so concerned. Cass says it's because Lila was his friend. Matt says Lila told him Cass was in love with her and now he believes it. Cass says he's only been there for Lila because Matt wasn't. Matt asks Cass why he didn't ask Lila to marry him. Cass laughs, and Lila, who has been listening in, rushes by. They stop her, but she's hurt. She says she wouldn't have either one of them.

Jake receives a Lumina logo keychain in the mail. Vicky finds out that Donna has been released from the hospital and that Marley picked her up. Jake was worried; he told Vicky he thinks Donna was afraid of Marley. But Vicky sticks up for her sister.

Tyrone was on his way to take Donna to be picked up by Vicky, but he was stopped by Marley (who he still thinks was Marnie). Marley told him Vicky sent her to pick up Donna for her. Donna looks scared and won't let go of Tyrone's hand. Once they're alone in the elevator, Marley taunts Donna, and warns her to stop fighting her every step of the way.

Jake and Vicky fight over Marley. Jake just can't trust her after the things she's said and done, but Vicky thinks Marley was just an innocent victim in all this.

Cass and Matt continue arguing until Lila told them both to shut up. She says they've both made her feel like a burden and a joke. Cass says that's not true. Lila threatens to go back to New Orleans again, but Matt reminds her of the court order forbidding her to do that. She says to hell with that and runs away from them. Go after her, Cass prompts Matt, and Matt goes. He finds Lila crying. Matt told her he never meant to hurt her, but she says she set herself up to be hurt. Matt comforts her and asks her to stay. She agrees to stay until the baby was born. Matt asks Lila to talk to Cass; he told her Cass really does care about her.

Cass asks Lila why she's angry with him; he only said nice things about her. She says he just feels sorry for her. She says she doesn't want to be his problem anymore, but he told her she was never a problem.

Mystery Man and Zak talk on the phone. Everything was in place now; it's time for lightning to strike.

Sofia was looking in the newspaper at an ad for the Lumina Foundation. There's a knock at the door. She thinks it's Remy, but when she opens the door, there's a man wearing a mask there. Sofia screams and slams the door shut. She orders him to go away; she's going to call the police. She picks up the phone, but Matt says that it's him. He gives her flowers and an apology. She told him she loves him and they make up. Matt notices the ad for Lumina. He comments that they're everywhere all of a sudden. Matt begins to get suspicious of Lumina; he says people who buy rare art collections don't usually advertise it in the paper. Sofia reminds him that Zak turned him on to Lumina. Matt decides to do a little investigating to see what Lumina was up to.

Lila told Cass that she's tired of everyone treating her like something to be tolerated. Cass says he doesn't treat her that way, and he'll prove it. Trust me, and don't ask any questions for a few hours, he says. She went along with that. Outside, it was cold, and Cass offers Lila his jacket. He notices her Lumina pin and says Felicia has one just like it. Lila says Rachel has one, too. Zak, who was watching them, reports on his cell phone that Lila was wearing the pin.

Matt and Sofia run into Zak. They ask about the logo pins and keychains. Zak says he doesn't know much about the foundation, just that they are doing some sort of scientific research.

Cass takes Lila to the park and says it reminds him of a place he used to go to when he was a kid. She asks what he was like then. He says he used to imagine himself in far off exotic places. She says she used to do the same thing. Cass says that they can dream any dreams they want, and now that they're grownups, they can make these dreams come true. They tell each other about their childhoods. Cass puts his arm around Lila and asks about her mother. Her answer was evasive; she says her mother wasn't a bad person, just a weak one. They also talk about Shane. Lila says she still loves him. Cass says a part of him still loves Frankie, too, but he was ready to love someone else now. He says maybe it's different for her; maybe she doesn't have room in her heart for another man.

Tyrone stops by Vicky's house, but there's no answer at the door. He leaves a note for her to call him.

Marley tries to explain her rationale for her actions to Donna, and tries to convince her to keep the truth secret. Cindy arrives to be Donna's private nurse. Donna looks quite scared.

Matt tries to get more information about Lumina from Zak, but Zak remains evasive. He does say that the research they're doing has something to do with the paranormal.

Cass and Lila talk about love. Lila asks about Frankie. Cass told her that Frankie was magic, that every day with her was a miracle.

Marley and Cindy burn all the paper in the house so Donna can't write any notes. Cindy starts to taunt Donna, but Marley makes her stop. They work together to try to convince Donna to remain silent forever.

Vicky and Jake arrive at Marley's house. Vicky says if she has a few minutes alone with Donna that she will know if Donna wants to stay with Marley. Marley sees them at the door, gets Cindy to hide, and warns Donna to behave. Vicky and Jake talk about moving Donna to their place, but Marley says that with the boys and everything, she thinks it will be easier for Donna at her house. Vicky wants Donna's opinion; she asks Marley for some paper. Jake told Marley to give Vicky some time with Donna, and says he wants to speak to her alone. Jake lets Marley know that he's not buying her story. He thinks she's lying and that she took Donna to keep her quiet. Vicky asks Donna to raise her left hand if she wants to go home with her and Jake, but Donna can see Cindy shaking her head no; she doesn't raise her hand. Marley comes back, she found something to write on, but Vicky says Donna made it clear that she wants to stay. However, she and Jake will visit every day. They leave, and Marley told Donna "now you're all mine." Donna has tears in her eyes.

Zak reports to Mystery Man that Matt and Sofia have made up and now Matt is curious about Lumina. Mystery Man orders Zak to put a stop to Cass. He says to find Lila and take care of this. Zak says he'll report back when he's done.

Lila told Cass it was a wonderful afternoon. Cass told her to remember it, and never again question how he feels about her. She says she won't question it again. Cass told her, "this was what caring was all about." He says they could make every day like that one. Then he asks Lila to marry him.

Cindy puts the telephone down next to Donna. Then she tries to feed Donna soup, but she won't open her mouth. Suddenly, with her good hand, Donna knocks over the bowl of soup. While Cindy and Marley are distracted, Donna reaches for the phone.


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