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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of September 28, 1998 on GL
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Monday, September 28, 1998

Dinah recovers from a brief plunge in her blood pressure. Seeing that her daughter is upset by Cassie, Vanessa asks Cassie to please stay away from the hospital. Cassie persists in waiting on Hart to finish visiting with Dinah, but Vanessa insists that she leave right away.

Vanessa takes some blood pressure pills in front of Matt, Dinah and Bill. Bill questions whether her illness is back or not, but Vanessa assures him that it is only minor hypertension problems.

Dinah sees that everyone makes a fuss over her when she is ill, and decides to prolong the sympathy by taking some of her mothers blood pressure control pills.

Ben promised Blake that he would help her get her children back, and takes her over to Rick & Abby's home. Abby is reluctant to let them in, since she is alone and the kids just went to sleep. Blake comes in and Abby gets the children up to see their mother. Ben whispers to Blake to hold on to her children and he will take care of the rest. He then tells Abby to get the children's things together so they can go home. Abby is upset by this and tries to prevent it. Seeing that she can't stop Blake and Ben, she runs out of the house to find Ross at the hospital.

Abby finds Ross at the hospital and tells him what is going on. Ross comes over to find Blake and Ben in the process of leaving with the children.

Detective Teri thinks that she has found Annie, and cuffs a blond woman, and drags her up to Harley's apartment, where she and Phillip have been waiting for Annie to make her next attack. It ends up that Teri has actually caught Reva, who was out looking around for Annie also. Teri asks Reva if she would like to help with the efforts to look for Annie.

Tuesday, September 29, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Kathy Parker

Back from their trip to Hawaii, Reva announces to Josh that she is tired of being Annie's victim and has agreed to help the police trap her. Josh doesn't like the idea but Reva reminds him of the terrible things that Annie has done to control her life. Marah shows them a note from Annie left for her at school.

Harley and Phillip make plans for their wedding.

Ross confronts Blake and Ben at the Bauer house and accuses her of scheming to take her children. She denies it but Ross calls her a liar and demands that Ben stay out of it when he butts in with his own comments. Outside, Ben tells his brother that he's sorry for taking Blake from him.

Dinah pops her mother's pills to drastically alter her blood pressure in hopes that Hart will stay near her bedside. Sean brings her some presents from the gift shop downstairs but finds her unconscious. When she comes to, she mistakes Sean for Hart.

Hart confesses to Cassie that he feels that he killed Dinah's baby even though it was an accident. When she asks how he would feel if she was pregnant, he misinterprets what she is asking and tells her that she is not to blame for what happened to Dinah.

Realizing that she left her wallet at the hospital, Cassie sends Hart to the farm and heads to Cedars. Before leaving, he assures her that they will have babies but claims that it will take some time.

Wednesday, September 30, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Kathy Parker

Ross worries when he realizes that Blake took the kids and left the Bauer house. Ben admits this wasn't the plan and helps his brother look for them, starting with Holly's house where they find an angry Ken waiting.

Though Josh urges her to stay safe for the sake of the family, Reva tells Josh that Annie has made this personal now. She calls Teri and hands her the note Annie left for Marah and offers her a way to trap Annie.

Holly dresses to leave the hospital but finds Rick blocking the door. He warns her that she is not ready to be released but when she hears that Blake is with Ben, she turns to Michelle for help getting out of the hospital. Though Michelle doesn't like the idea, she finally helps her. When she goes back home after her stint in the hospital, she is shocked to find Ben there, accusing her brother Ken of being the nursery rhyme stalker, thanks to the herbicide he found in the basement.

When Dinah pleads with her to find Hart before she dies, Cassie swallows her pride and does as she asks. Harley warns Cassie to stay out of Dinah's troubles. Tired of Sean spoiling her plan, Dinah then tries to figure out Sean's interest in Reva.

Thursday, September 1, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Kathy Parker

Dinah has a close call when Cassie walks in on her taking a pill, but she covers quickly and keeps everyone thinking she's at death's door.

Mick blackmails Drew to keep his job, while Jesse and Michelle discuss living together.

Holly and Ken become closer as they try to protect each other. We see that Hart, not Ken, is the person who spirited Blake away to a Springfield hotel with the children. Hart is concerned when Blake tells him she plans to run away to California and stay with Roger in order to keep the children from Ross. With his own situation informing his words, Hart convinces his sister to do what's best for the children.

Unable to find Blake, Ross and Ben each return home, hoping Blake will be waiting. Ross is relieved when he walks in to find Blake in their home.

Ben returns to his apartment to find a bottle of brandy and a note from Blake that she'll be back soon. However, we know it's from the stalker, who is watching him.

Friday, September 2, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Angela Overmyer

Dinah's condition worsened as she enjoyed all of the attention from Hart. Fearing that the blood pressure pills would start to wear off, she took more. Vanessa told Bill and Hart that no one was to leave her alone and that whatever she wanted, she was to get. Meanwhile, Reva came up with a "plan" for Cassie to tell Hart about the baby.

Blake made a promise to Ross that she wouldn't allow Ben into their sons' lives, in exchange for joint custody. Their conversation was interrupted when Ross received news of Dinah's condition and he left. Blake decided to call Ben and warn him to leave her and the boys alone. When Ben didn't answer, she decided to go to the Towers to see him.

Ben drank some of the tainted liquor left by the Nursery Rhyme Stalker and then passed out in the shower. The Stalker snuck in, plugged the drain, and left Ben to drown. Blake showed up and found him, but wasn't able to help him.

Back at Cedar's, Hart promised Dinah that he would marry her...

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