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Sunset Beach Recaps: The week of September 28, 1998 on SB
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Monday, September 28, 1998

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Tuesday, September 29, 1998

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Wednesday, September 30, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Jami.

Sara gave Meg a pair of pearl earrings that their Nana Gave to her before she passed away.

Ben invited Annie over for coffee and asked her if she is a part of Tim's plan concerning Maria. Annie denied having anything to do with it. Meanwhile Tim gave Dana/Maria a dress to wear to Ben and Meg's wedding Ben told Annie that he cannot get Maria out of his mind. Annie told him that maybe it has something to do with getting married again.. Annie gets nervous when Ben told her that he thinks he saw Maria.. Annie is about to tell Ben about Maria when Meg walks in and decides there is no reason to ruin Tim's plan now.. Dana/Maria is shocked when she learns Tim is going to the wedding. Dana/Maria faint when she looks in the mirror and starts to hear voices.

Vanessa thanks Virginia for all the help with Michael and hopes that they can be friends.

Carmen told Ricardo that Maria is alive and nearby.

Thursday, October"1, 1998

Desperate to dismiss any erotic thoughts about his brother's girlfriend, Antonio is dismayed to bump into Gabi at seemingly every turn. Tim breathes a sigh of relief when Ricardo misses meeting "Dana" by scant seconds. Certain he recognizes Maria's style, Ben asks Annie what she knows about the sketch which mysteriously appeared on top of a pile of wedding gifts. Virginia concocts a scheme to impregnate Vanessa with Tyus' sperm sample during the wedding reception. Carmen's conviction about her daughter's imminent return grows stronger with each passing hour. "Dana" explains to a puzzled Meg how strange she felt when she saw her kissing Ben. Later, Meg succumbs to panic when another last minute disaster with her gown threatens to ruin her wedding day. Virginia brews up a special cup of herbal tea for a grateful Vanessa. "Dana" repairs Meg's ripped gown. Ben angrily accuses Annie of dragging out a piece of Maria's artwork in an attempt to destroy Meg's happiness. After the drugged tea takes its toll on Vanessa, Virginia loads her turkey baster and slips into her rival's bedroom. Ben presents Meg with the completed string of pearls, which suddenly breaks and scatters all over the floor.

 Friday October 2, 1998

Tim and Annie begin a frantic search for the missing Maria. Meanwhile, "Dana" wanders down to the water and is dazed by the sight of the "Mariah" resting in her slip at the dock. Carmen warns Meg that her broken necklace is an ominous sign proving that the marriage was never meant to be. Though an angry Ben orders his former mother-in-law to leave, Carmen hisses that lives will be destroyed if he went through with his wedding. On the waterfront, Quint expresses his disapproval to Antonio about Ben's impending nuptials. Ricardo wonders why his brother has suddenly begun avoiding him. When Michael catches her leaning over a sleeping Vanessa, Virginia hastily hides the turkey baster beneath the sheets. Ricardo cautions his mother to keep her distance from Meg and Ben. Amazed to recognize Maria, Quint rushes off to find someone who can verify his sighting. Determined to stop Meg's wedding at all costs, Carmen arms herself with a pistol.

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