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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of September 28, 1998 on ATWT
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Monday, September 28, 1998

by TV Guide

Andy and John bring Margo home after her miscarriage. All are surprised to find that Tom has not been home all night. Margo starts crying when she explains why her mistakes have sent her husband away from her. Upset to see his sister crying, a suspicious Andy calls WOAK and asks where Tom is. Secretly searching the forest while Holden and Julia make the ransom drop, Jack manages to find David's car and shoot out a tire. He then rescues the baby from inside. David meets with Holden and Julia and boasts that he has killed Lily, the baby and Jack. Holden jumps him and the two struggle for the gun which suddenly goes off, hitting David. Brad finds Molly with a couple of bags filled with her belongings and asks how she's doing since he bought her lunch. He urges her to think positive about her future. A guilt- ridden Tom gets dressed after making love to Emily and watches Eddie's announcement on TV in which he denies fathering Margo's unborn baby. Molly and Brad spot Tom leaving Emily's place and wonder why he was there. Feeling guilty for making love to Emily, Tom returns home and is shocked to hear that Margo miscarried and lost the baby. Lily escapes the cabin and runs into the forest, looking for her baby.

Tuesday, September 29, 1998

David realizes he's dying after being shot accidentally by Holden and warns Holden that James will get revenge. After David crumbles to the ground and dies, Holden convinces Julia to keep secret his death for fear that James will seek revenge by going after his family. Reminding Julia that David killed Lily, the baby and Jack, he then buries the body with her help. James and Lucinda finally escape from the cellar and rush to find Lily and David. Shocked to hear that Margo miscarried, Tom tries to comfort his emotionally shattered wife but she points out that she thought he didn't want anything to do with her or the baby. He assures her that he cares about her and adds that he wants them both to forget about all that happened last night. When her mother confronts her about a missing Tom, Emily boasts that Tom spent the night with her last night. Later, after warning her mother not to say a word, Emily is shocked to realize that Molly also knows Tom spent the night at her new apartment. Brad can't believe it when Molly decides on a career as a TV talk show host.

Wednesday, September 30, 1998

Molly advises Emily to rethink her hasty decision not to hire Molly. Else, Molly just might have to tell Margo that Emily slept with Margo's husband. Margo wants to know where Tom was when she was miscarrying, and he admits that he was with Emily. Georgia dreams that she has a successful surgery and she hears a quickening heartbeat, which Eddie claims as his own. She wakes up just as the dream Eddie is kissing her. The real one tells her that her surgery went fine.

Holden cradles his baby and tells Jack that Lily may not be with David. She is alive, though, Holden believes. Holden and Julia try to dissuade Jack from looking for Lily by looking to find David. Holden tries to dodge his cousin's questions about the exchange, even as he remembers struggling with David for the gun. Holden is insistent--David won't be found. He's successful in getting Jack to search an area away from where they buried David. Holden explains to Julia that if James were to find out the truth, everybody in Holden's family would be at risk from his wrath, including his infant daughter.

Margo assumes that Tom went to WOAK with Emily, and Tom doesn't deny it. Tom blames himself for not being there for her, when everybody else was. Molly asks Emily not for her own talk show, but to be hired as a roving reporter. If Molly's allegation were in fact true, then why would Emily want to keep it secret? Emily wonders. Molly warns her not to call her bluff, or else Tom might think that Emily deliberately tried to sabotage his marriage. When Andy wanders out into the courtyard wearing only a pair of shorts, Emily agrees to do Molly's "favor." Andy informs Miss Stewart that Margo lost her baby.

Ben comes in to check on Georgia and through him Georgia learns that Eddie stayed by her side all night. The pair is enthralled as they take turns listening to Georgia's new heartbeat. Georgia is disappointed when Eddie has to tell her that neither Samantha nor Lucinda showed up to be with her in recovery.

At the hospital, Holden urges Julia to go along with the deception. Julia worries about being able to lie to Jack--he's always been able to see through her before. James and Lucinda stride in and James demands to know where his son is. James listens from afar as Holden tells the lie to Lucinda, then James castigates him for not letting him handle it. Meanwhile, a dazed Lily continues to run in circles and collapses to the ground.

Georgia overhears Eddie talking to Ben about his mystery girl at the park, and thinks that the physical description fits her. Margo answers the door to find a contrite Emily armed with a bouquet of flowers, in condolence. Tom stops dead in his tracks when he spies Emily. Margo is polite but firm when she asks Emily to leave. Alone, Tom demands an explanation for Emily's presence.

Andy emerges from the pool to find Molly practicing to be a fashion reporter in front of an invisible camera. Andy is suspicious of how Molly got the job.

Lucinda asks Holden point blank if he's leaving something out and he denies it. James corners Julia and asks for her version of what happened. Julia refuses to add any more information, insisting it happened "just as Holden said." James backs away when Julia asks him what he would do if someone were to hurt David, admitting that he wouldn't know how he would react.

Lucinda goes from La Walsh to proud grandmother when Ben presents her with her healthy granddaughter. Andy grills Molly about why Emily would hire her over everybody else, and advises Ms. Conlan to watch her back around Emily.

Tom returns Emily's button to her. Margo is irked when she returns and still finds Emily there--isn't it enough that she had him all last night? Margo asks. Eddie confesses to Georgia that he doesn't feel the same way about Margo anymore--he's over her. Georgia chickens out when it comes time to tell Eddie about her dream. Georgia is in a fog after Eddie kisses her on the forehead.

Emily is taken aback by Margo's bluntness in telling her to stay away. James coos over Lily's baby and recalls the baby boy that he and Lucinda had that didn't live. Holden and Jack leave to join in the search as Lucinda and Julia admire the baby.

Lily comes to when a deadly spider crawls up her leg.

Thursday, October 1, 1998

by CBS Television

Despite Carly's pleas, Hal packs his bags to leave her, refusing to stay with someone who he can't trust or believe. Carly is devastated but, determined to hold onto her trust fund, she picks herself up and heads off to find her sister. Barbara confronts Lisa about her feelings for John. Tom tries to quit his job, but Emily convinces him to stay. Molly's first stint as the weather person is a disaster. Camille is devastated by her hair loss and her growing fear about her relationship with Ben, while Brad hides his feelings for Camille.

Friday, October 2

Margo seems wistful when Katie tells her that Tom went out on an errand. Emily tries to referee the war of words between Tom and Molly, and pulls Tom aside to urge him to leave Molly's blackmailing to her. Molly exhorts Emily to "give it up, girl." Eddie stands toe to toe with the nurse when she won't let him go near a sleeping Georgia, admitting defeat and then getting a crafty look in his eye. Jack discerns that Julia is remembering something--little does he realize that she's recalling helping to bury David.

Molly tells her boss that she can see that Emily is head over heels for tom, but it won't work--she'd do well to learn from Molly's experience trying to wrangle away Holden. Emily chides Ms. Conlan for coming off as "desperate and insane" with Holden--Emily is going to be Tom's friend. James startles Molly when he shows up at the station. He backs her to the wall and then grills her about what her plans with David were after the wedding. Under pressure, Molly reluctantly recalls seeing a magazine for a dream house in Indiana, and telling David that they should get out of Oakdale and move there.

Holden walks in as Julia is stammering about David and his gun. Jack wonders if David hasn't gone "underground." Holden derails Julia's desire to tell Jack that David's dead. Armed with a lead from phone records, Jack and Holden split up, Holden heading for an area in Indiana. Meanwhile, a hallucinating Lily sees Holden and goes to embrace him, but finds herself hugging only air. Tom arrives home just as Margo is about to call him. Katie steps out as the Hughes enjoy a mini-reunion. Adam suggests they play "Truth or Dare." It's Adam turn to test his father when Tom finds Emily at their door.

Eddie sees his dream girl at the park again. Katie conducts a one-way conversation with her father as she struggles to remember him and wishes she had known him for longer. Eddie watches her depart.

Emily invites Adam and Casey on a tour of the studio--it's to give Tom and Margo some time alone, she explains. Tom is uncertain--it's Margo who gives full approval to the idea. Tom wants them to make the most out of it. Margo admits than when she lies down she thinks of the baby they'll never have, but she doesn't want to dwell on it.

Jack wonders to Julia why David would make a hotel reservation and then never show up. He then promises to stop asking her questions about the details of the ransom exchange, since remembering David's actions obviously upsets her. Lucinda interrupts their tete-a-tete to tell them that time is running out to find Lily. Holden wanders into the cabin and spies the remains of the rope. He also spots James and corners him, accusing him of knowing all along what David was doing.

Molly shows up at the station to help, but won't tell them anything until Jack promises with a straight face that she won't be prosecuted for stealing the magazine from the library. Jack sees the connection to Indiana and is off and running, with Lucinda at his heels. Julia can only watch and listen.

Holden is still suspicious, even after James explains getting the clue from Molly. When Holden won't let James aid him in the search, James huffs that if anybody should be worried, it's him, knowing Holden's temper. If Holden finds David and hurts him, Lily and the baby will suffer, James warns. Lily hallucinates that David is in front of her.

During Emily's tour, Adam wanders over to where Molly is practicing her weather forecast and asks her if the "skit" is going to continue. Emily quickly calls him away and talks to him about his movie aspirations. Molly later compliments her boss on her strategy--getting to Tom through his kids. Emily denies it, but can't help smiling as she looks over to Adam and Casey.

Margo is insistent that they finish their game of Truth or Dare. Tom and Margo both express regret about how they handled her pregnancy. Margo promises to be completely honest, and urges him to do the same.

When David seemingly comes after her, a crazed Lily attacks him with a branch, even as James tries to disarm her and calm her down.

Eddie picks up a handkerchief that Katie left behind and realizes that his "angel" is real. Katie comes home and asks her sister to tell her what she remembers about Katie's father. Margo's stumbling to explain about Casey is interrupted when Emily brings the boys home. Tom and Margo both notice when young Casey makes reference to "Aunt" Emily.

At the cabin, Lucinda spies the rope and calls Jack and Julia's attention to it. She must be in the area, Lucinda cries. James stands over Lily with the branch. Holden hears Lily's screams and comes running.


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