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Lindsay was concerned about a depressed Bo. Todd and Téa were divorced for legal strategy. Sam didn't believe that Todd had been faking his disorder. Bo was lost in a storm at sea. Kelly attempted to buy the Sun.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of September 28, 1998 on OLTL
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Monday, September 28, 1998

Joey took Barbara to the carriage house and told her how much he loved her. Barbara was intrigued to learn that Cassie and Kevin used to live in the carriage house as well. Sykes wasn't happy when Congressman Graham put the pressure on him to protect Barbara in the murder investigation. Lindsay was alarmed by her conversation with Bo when he mentioned "ending it" and "finding some peace." Nora and Clint showed up at the gallery and Nora took Bo home. Nora tried to reach out to Bo, but he remained distant with her. Bo started to write notes and packed a box of Drew's things. Bo worried Nora when he suddenly took off. Bo went to Club Indigo and called Sam and asked him to meet him there. Meanwhile, Will and Roseanne argued about Cristian and Jessica. Todd showed Will that he had the painting. Téa arrived and in the confusion, Will took off with the painting. Will returned home and attempted to call Cristian, but he stopped himself. Roseanne arrived and during another argument with Will, they ripped the painting in half. Back at the penthouse, Todd slipped into his Rod personality and was happy to see Téa. Téa said that she had an idea to help Todd's case and nervously told him that they should get a divorce!

Tuesday, September 29, 1998

As the pressure mounted for Dorian, Mel decided to write the endorsement in order to help her. Dorian's victory was short lived when she realized that she might be losing Mel's affection in the process. Kevin and Kelly reviewed the events on the night that Drew was murdered. Kevin and Kelly realized that Kevin was the actual target and it appeared that Drew knew the shooter's identity. Kelly and Kevin went to question Dorian at the gallery and found out that Drew had called that night looking for Kevin. Kelly got angry with Dorian for not telling Kevin about the call. Nora decided that a baby might help Bo cope with Drew's death. Nora confided to Asa that she hadn't opened Bo's medical results. Asa took it upon himself to look at the results and was stunned to read that Bo couldn't father a child. Asa took the results and hid them from Nora. Bo met with Sam at Club Indigo to make sure that Nora would be taken care of. Bo returned home and he and Nora made love. Later, Nora discovered Bo had gone, but what she didn't know was that Bo had left on a boat. Meanwhile, Téa tried to explain to Todd that her need to divorce him was just legal strategy. Todd worried that without a legal bond, he would lose Téa. Todd seemingly agreed to the divorce in front of Téa, but he later told Sam that he didn't want a divorce.

Wednesday, September 30, 1998

The Liars become Truth Tellers and It's Hard to Find a Reason to Believe

Indigo-R.J., Max and Blair

Max is downing shots of Bourbon and then smashing the shot glasses. Max tries to draw an analogy between the broken glass and he and Blair. He says that if they sweep it up, the recycling plant can take the shattered glass and with the right pressure and enough heat they can make it into glass again. He and Blair are shattered, but the same can be done with them. Blair arrives and asks what is going on. Apparently R.J. had called her to end this little crises. Max is lovesick. Can she please keep him away from the stemware. R.J. leaves and Max accuses Blair of playing him for a chump. She was helping Todd and pretending to feel something for Max. He knows she is not totally heartless. She cared about Bo and the loss of Drew. But with him, it is the 20 pieces of silver or maybe she has her eye on the prize- a lawyer (Sam). Blair wants outta there. She says she has a funeral and a cousin in the hospital to attend to. Max feels he is last on a long list...Cassie shot, Kelly grieving, Dorian in trouble with the law, Todd...Max is thinking it would be better to out Todd and then Todd will go to prison and she will lose Sam. To Max, it is a no-brainer.

Penthouse- Todd and Sam

Sam says that Tom made a wise decision granting Téa a divorce. Todd (playing Tom) says that was Rod. Tom didn't want that, but he did want Sam to be proud of him. Sam replies he is proud of the odds he had to overcome. Todd says he hurt people. Sam blames that on Pete. Todd wants to know if Sam will still be there for him if Pete were to come back. Sam says, "We can treat Pete". Todd replies that there is no "we". Téa won't stick around with the divorce. Sam tells him that it is just a legal maneuver so he can be helped and not punished. Sam blames himself for not being there for him when he was being abused. Todd says that it is not Sam's fault. Sam swears that he will support him until judgment day. Todd looks at him and replies, "Coach, I think there is something I have to tell you. The truth."

Buchanan home- Nora

Nora is still clutching the rose Bo left for her. She realizes he is no where to be found. He left their bed and he is not in the living room or outside. Suddenly she notices an envelop and she reads the note from Bo. It says that by the time she reads this, he will be on his way. Bo watched her sleep and it reminded him of Drew. When his son died, something turned to stone. He can't let this rub off on her. He will find his way back when he can bear to love someone again because he does love her.

Gallery-Lindsay and Clint

Clint woke up to find Lindsay gone. Now she is sitting at her work desk and visibly troubled. Lindsay tells him she is just butting out. Maybe Nora is right and she has not earned her place in the family. But she is worried about Bo. He is in so much pain nad she is afraid he will not bend so much as he will break. She begins to cry and Clint is willing to stay and keep her company. He is sure it is just because Nora hurt her feelings. Lindsay explains that Bo came to the gallery because this is the last place he saw Drew alive. She wishes Clint could have heard him. Clint is certain his brother will come through it. Lindsay replies that Bo did not seem like life was worth living, but she is staying out of it because Nora wants it that way.

Sam's house- Roseanne and Will

Roseanne says she wanted to keep Cris from going to New York. She did not want to ruin his life. Will tries to put back the painting together, but Roseanne frets that it does not look the same. Will suggests they go to the gallery. His mother always has art supplies. Roseanne tells him that Cris paints with his soul and together Roseanne and Cris made the painting with his soul and her body. Will reminds her that Cris is in love with Jessica, not her. Putting the painting together will not change that, but he will try anyway.

Club Indigo-Blair, Max and R.J.

Max tells Blair that she is afraid that Sam will find out how scrappy and down and dirty Blair really is. He will sacrifice the ownership of the Sun if he outs Todd but Blair, she will get out under the Sword of Damocles and find out if Sam is willing to accept her as she is. Max knows how she hates to be without a man. Blair lies and says that it is Sam she is stringing along and not Max. Max would love to believe it. Blair and he kiss several times and then he pushers her away because he can feel she is not answering his passion. Blair says he just caught her by surprise. He knows her mind is in overdrive right now wondering if she has to sleep with him. Blair tries to divert him with talk about how he is a gambler and that he won't tell on Todd because when the chips are on the table, he can have the Sun. Max replies that if the chips are on the table she should stay with him tonight. Blair says that he has had too much to drink. Max promises to shower. It's now or never or he will go to Sam. R.J. overhears and sees Max manhandling Blair. He tells his partner that No means No in his club. Max warns Blair that she may find out he is the only game in town and he may not want to play any more. She leaves.

Penthouse-Todd and Sam

Todd backs away again and says he does not know what the truth is anymore. He is worried if he disappoints Sam, he will split like Téa. Sam replies he is not going anywhere and he does not think Téa is either. Todd says that he needs Sam because he does not want Pete to win. Pete is like his so called father. Todd (Tom) wants to be like Sam. Téa could learn to love someone like Sam. Sam informs Todd he is not the poster boy for a successful marriage. Todd goes for a hypothetical. What if the trial is over and Pete came back, would Sam give up on him. Because Tom wants to apologize for anything he might do. He knows that Sam did his best for him. Sam assures him that he must trust him because he is not going anywhere.


There is a knock and Lindsay and Clint is are at the door. Nora shows the note to Clint. Bo just needs time alone. She does not think there is anything to worry about. Clint urges Lindsay to tell Nora why she thinks there is. She explains to Nora that Bo came by the gallery and spoke about endings and doing it right. Nora replies he was talking about his son's funeral. Lindsay is sure he did not mean it that way. Nora is not appreciative of all the "dirty details" and Lindsay insinuating herself. Clint explained that he had to drag her to come over. The phone rings. The man from the crematorium says that Bo already claimed the ashes. He knows the funeral is tomorrow but Bo made it seem like he was going on a long journey.

Bo's Boat

Bo is out of the channel and the wind is picking up. He is thinking of dropping anchor in fishing grounds or heading out toward the horizon. He asks Drew where he is that he seems so far away. He knows that he is not coming back. He is all gone except the ashes in the container. Bo needs Drew's spirit in his heart and soul. They were just connecting, now he can't feel that anymore. Bo needs to feel Drew close by. He wants Drew to stay in his heart and soul because if he is not there, he is lost.

The Gallery- Roseanne and Will

Will wants to know about Roseanne's family and whether she feels alone. She tells him not to analyze her. He laughs that that is what he tells his dad and does that mean he sounds like Sam. Too scary. Roseanne smiles and says that he is Ok. She begins to talk about the fun she and Cris had. Will understands that life would be nice if it stayed that uncomplicated. He asks if Cris knew her mom. Roseanne replies that Cris was the only one she could trust through that time. She can trust Cris with her life an her dreams. Will is a little jealous of something so deep. Roseanne says Cris is the only one who understands. Will reminds her that she can keep her dreams and make them come true. She can do that for herself.

Club Indigo- R.J. and Max

R.J. pours coffee for Max and tells Max to clean up the broken glass. He is just lucky Blair did not call the cops. Max has to get her to forgive him before he messes up things between Blair and Sam.

Sam's House- Sam and Blair

Blair comes over and he tells her he has lots of homework to do. Maybe it was not a good idea for her to come, she says. They kiss and Sam tells her that he can't devote the time to her just now. Blair replies that she really wants him and Sam wonders what this is really about.

Penthouse-Todd and Starr

Brigs, Todd says, hold the line. Todd does his frat boy binge slug and empties the beer bottle. Pretending to be Tom, he tells Briggs that Blair is not there right now but she really likes the headline. BO STEALS THE STIFF. Starr comes down the stairs and Todd hangs up the phone. She tells him she had a bad dream. She was all alone and they made her stand in the corner. She couldn't see him or Mommy or T. Todd questions who "they" are. Starr doesn't know but she is afraid that she will be punished. Todd says that isn't going to happen, not even if she is naughty. Starr tells him that it is hard to be good. Todd agrees. Starr bets he could do anything. Even be good all the time. Todd tells her that even Daddies make mistakes. "Not my daddy", Starr says and throws her arms around her. Todd looks as if he is having second thoughts about his situation.

The Gallery- Will and Roseanne

Will points to the painting. The Roseanne in the Painting can take care of herself. Roseanne can see where Will mended it and he admits it is not perfect. They will have to reframe it but there is no way Cris won't know what happened. Roseanne says she will tell Cris but she will need Will with her when she does. She will need a friend. Will replies that she has got one.

Club Indigo- R.J. and Max

Max says that he just put Blair to the test an she flunked. R.J. laughs and says a stinking drunk like you and what could the woman be thinking. Max says he will give her another chance or maybe her will not . He can knock her out of the water with just a few words to the right man any time he chooses.

Sam's house- Blair and Sam

Blair makes Sam feel like he can do anything even win Todd's case. He asks her to sit down. "Is that all you want me to do", Blair teases. Sam admits he would like nothing better than to throw her down on the sofa and make love to her but he has to be 100 percent focused. Blair questions what he sees in her. They are so different. Sam says that different is good and she makes him feel alive and bring an element of surprise to his life. So does a pie in the face, Blair reminds him. Sam says he was becoming cynical and jaded before they met. Life would be dull without her. He could get cheap thrills from a roller coaster ride too, she counters. He laughs. This is what he loves. Her blistering honesty, like when they first met and Blair told him about marrying Asa for the money. That kind of honesty is rare. Blair replies that she was probably protecting herself so he would run before he had the chance to hurt her. He mentions Todd. All he can do is talk about being a good husband and father. Blair decides to go with the gusto and tell Sam the truth. "Todd is faking it", she says. "What?", Sam asks disbelievingly. "He's faking it", Blair insists.

Nora's house- Lindsay, Clint, Nora

Lindsay says she is damned is she does and now she is damned if she doesn't. Clint says Nora is worried. Lindsay can't figure the rules for this family. But she hopes it is not too late for Bo. Nora launches into her routine that Bo would not tell Lindsay what he would not tell his own wife. He is coming home to her like he said in the letter.


After Todd tucks Starr back in he comes downstairs clutching her teddy bear and then he throws it to the side and picks up the phone. He tells Briggs that Blair decided that she does not like the headline. Obviously it is too late to pull it. It is already on the trucks. Todd says that he will tell Pete to come out and he'll tell him to take each one out of every one's hands, no matter what.

Sam's House- Blair and Sam

Sam says it is a fine time to start believing Todd is faking it. She should save that for after the trial. He hates to do this but he will have to throw her out. Blair can't believe she is being dismissed. It is not that Sam wouldn't love to stay with her all night long, but... Blair says if this was Nora, he would listen. Blair feels she is learning a lot about Sam (and it's not so good). Sam says he has a deadline. Blair becomes huffy. She suggest that if doesn't want troublesome interruptions, he should not answer the phone or the door.

Nora's house

Nora tells Lindsay to remove herself from the center of this little drama she has created. Clint asks Nora not to take this out on his wife. Nora accuses Lindsay of worming her way into the family one way or another. Clint reminds her she is already in the family and she came tonight because he asked her to and because Lindsay cares about Bo. Nora is certain that Lindsay cares only for the Buchanan name and the Buchanan's money. He realizes it is time to go. Nora promises to tell him when she hears from Bo. Clint says that if he was wrong letting Lindsay come to her house tonight, he is sorry. Lindsay is upset that he apologized to Nora.

Bo's Boat

The Coast Guard is calling on the radio. There is an all craft warning. They are telling Bo to head for land. He should not continue on his present course under any circumstances. Bo chooses to ignore the warning. Behind him and unseen to him, we can see a silent Drew look on in concern.

Thursday, October 1, 1998

Gallery (Will, Rosie and Cristian)

Will and Rosie discuss their portrait paste up job. Cris walks in, sees the painting and begins to tell them how great they are and asks how they found it. Rosie admits that she stole it.

Buch House ( Clint, Lindsay, Asa, Renee, Kev & Kelly)

Clint and Lindsay discuss the missing Bo. Lindsay tries to convince Clint that Bo isn't just missing, but that he took off with Drew's ashes and he is despondent. Clint leaves and Lindsay walks over to Asa's desk. On the desk she sees an envelope from Llanview hospital addressed to Bo. The letter contains Bo's test results. As she picks up the envelope to read it, (what is with this girl and other folks mail?) Asa comes in and asks if she is in the habit of reading other folks mail. Asa read my mind. Lindsay quickly turns the tables on old Asa and asks why Bo's mail was on his desk opened.

Kevin and Kelly discuss Cassie's test. [hey what happened to Kevin while I was gone? did someone give him a nice pill?] Anyway, Kev offers to get Kelly a sandwich, insisting that she needs to keep her strength up. After he leaves, Kelly finds a copy of the Sun and her mouth falls open as she reads the headline "Bo Steals Stiff"

Todd's Penthouse (Blair, Téa, Sam, Nora)

Todd lays on the sofa laughing as he reads his story about Bo. The phone rings and he hilariously asks no one in particular "who should answer the phone Tom or Rod". Then he breaks off into the equivalent of eeny meeny miney mo. Rod or Tom, Tom or Rod. Too funny. Well Rod wins and when he answers the phone, Téa is on the other end. She tells him that she's found a judge that will grant her a divorce based on the fact that the man she married no longer exists. Todd sounds disappointed and Téa asks if he's alright with it. He replies that he's not happy. Téa reassures him that she's not abandoning him. After he hangs up, Blair comes down stairs and gives him a hard time about his alters and how his charade has screwed up her life with Max and Sam. Blair tries to get Todd to confess and get things over with. He tells her to give him a week. The doorbell rings and it's Sam. Both Sam and Blair apologize to each other and make a date for the country once the trial is over. As they hug and kiss the doorbell rings again. This time it's Nora and she is not a happy camper. Nora shoves a rolled up Sun into Blair's stomach.

Buch House (Clint, Kevin, Kelly, Asa, Lindsay & Renee)

The clan discusses the Sun headline and wonder which one, Blair or Todd, wrote the headline. Kevin walks into the study and sees Kelly reading the Sun. A very upset Kelly storms out gunning for Blair. Meanwhile, Asa tells Lindsay that he doesn't want Nora or Bo to know about the test results. Lindsay, lighter in hand, offers to burn the report. Asa politely tells her that he will take care of it.

Gallery ( Cris, Will, Rosie)

Cris asks Rosie why she stole the painting (the better question is why did they bring it back, it's God awful and speaking of awful, is there some acting workshop this boy can attend? I'll pay) Rosie proclaims her love, he discovers the painting is ripped, he rips into her yada yada yada. Boooooooooring.

Todd's Penthouse (Nora, Blair, Sam, Todd)

Nora goes off on Blair big time. She accuses Blair of feeding on the dead. Well gee, Bo stole the dead and nobody thought anything of that. Blair however, has no clue as to what Nora is talking about. Nora hands the paper to Sam, who reads it and quickly joins the list of folks waiting to be-head Blair. Blair denies writing it and looks over at Todd and boy he's sure lucky looks don't kill otherwise he'd be as stiff as Drew. Todd however, smiles sheepishly.

Diner (Téa & Carlotta)

Carlotta tells Téa that she's glad she's divorcing Todd. Téa explains that it is just a legal maneuver. Carlotta tells Téa that she needs to recover as much as Todd and that both she and Rosie have a knack for picking the wrong men.

Gallery (Will, Rosie and Cris)

Will (I'm really beginning to like this guy) calms Cris down and explains Rosie's motives and the whole ripped painting saga. Rosie listens from around the corner.

Buch House (Kelly, Kevin, Asa, Renee, Lindsay, Clint)

An extremely upset Kelly tries to convince Asa to call off the police funeral and have a private ceremony instead. Her reason is to avoid a circus that might be created because of the Sun headline. Kelly tells Asa that she wants to buy the Sun right out from under Blair. She has the money and she's tired of giving Blair second chances. Well that's was just preaching to the choir cause you know how Asa feels about Blair.

Todd's Penthouse (Todd, Blair, Nora, Sam)

Blair approaches Todd and he mutters under his breath for her not to do something she'll regret. So Blair turns back to Sam and Nora and says that as editor of the Sun, she takes full responsibility for the story, but insists that she did not write it. Neither Sam nor Nora believe her. Nora leaves and Sam goes after her to see if she's alright. In the lobby Nora asks him to tell her what he and Bo discussed before he left. Sam tells her that Bo asked him to do Drew's memorial and to take care of her. This news visibly shakes Nora as she realizes that Bo isn't coming back.

Gallery (Cris, Will, Rosie)

Cris thanks Will for taking care of Jess and extends the hand of friendship. Will asks Cris to forgive Rosie.

Buch House (Kevin, Kelly)

Kevin offers to go with Kelly to get Todd. Kelly with her new found backbone, tells him that she's tired of being sweet little Kelly. Kevin tells her that he likes her being so tough. She replied "what else has life given me". She goes on to tell him that she doesn't need him or his help, she's a Cramer and as such she will use anyone and anything including him to get what she wants. Kevin tells her that she never will get over the fact that the bullet which killed Drew was really meant for him. She turns and leaves.

Todd's Penthouse (Blair, Todd, Sam)

Blair rips Todd about the Sun story and asks why he wrote it since it has nothing to do with him personally. She accuses him of making her look bad in front to Sam so that he can keep Sam to himself and not have to share him (hmmm food for thought, nice insight Blair). She threatens to go out into the lobby and tell Sam everything. Todd in defense tells Blair that Sam loves Nora and that he will always choose Nora over her.

Diner (Téa, Carlotta)

Téa and Carlotta continue to discuss Todd's alters and their marriage.

Gallery (Will, Cris, Rosie)

Cris apologizes to Rosie and admits that he wasn't totally clueless. Deep down he knew that Rosie wanted to get with him but he just didn't want to deal with it. They make up.

Buch House (Lindsay, Clint, Asa, Renee, Nora, Sam, Blair)

Lindsay eggs Sam to tell Asa what Bo said. Sam tells Asa that Bo asked him put his affairs in order. Lindsay chimes in and says that she knew Bo was crumbling. Everyone dismisses her and her theory. A messenger comes in with a package for Asa. In it are letters from Bo addressed to the entire Buch clan. Nora refuses to open hers and asks Asa to do the same. Lindsay however, insists that they deserve to know what's inside and accuses them all of living in denial. Renee tells her that the letters are a decision for Bo's wife to make. Lindsay keeps at it, and insists that something has happened to Bo and that he is not just off on some fishing trip. The words fishing trip trigger the light bulb over Nora's head and she instantly knew where Bo went. She made a phone call to the marina, found out that Bo had been there and all the Buch calvary rode off to save the day. While they were all about to mount their horses, Blair comes by and asks to talk to Sam. She again tells him that she did not write the article and asks him if he'd still love her if she did.

Gallery (Will, Cris, Rosie)

Rosie asks Will if she can tag along with him. Will tells Cris to give Jess a call. Cris says that Jess is sick with the flu. Will looks sick after hearing this news. Now I don't know about you all but if Jess is have instant presto pregnancy symptoms after just doing the deed day before yesterday, I am going to scream so loud. See ya next week.

Friday, October 2, 1998

Written by: Meredeth Haley

In the opening scene, Mel is sharing his Dorian problems with Carlotta. Mel resents the fact that he has to endorse Graham for re-election. However, Dorian arrives before he can get into the details of this situation.

At Club Indigo, Max is ecstatic at reading the headlines of the Sun. The headlines, "Bo Steals Stiff" under the by lines of Blair Cramer suggest to Max that Blair has chosen him over Sam. He does not realize that Blair did not write the article.

At Sam's house, Blair and Sam are having an argument about the article. Blair starts off the argument with, "Sam, will you love me no matter what? Yes, or No, would you still love me if I wrote the story?" Sam just stares at Blair saying nothing. Blair in her erratic state exclaims, "Why do I even bother? I am going to lose no matter what I say!" In a consoling voice, Sam just asks for the truth. "I told you the truth," she exclaimed, "but you do not believe me." "No, you need to tell me the whole truth." "Why is everything so black and white with you. You are a lawyer Sam, everything is not that simple" cried Blair. "Sometimes everything is that simple. Truth is that simple. I am a lawyer; I know when I am getting a snow job! All right look, You kick a man when he is down, Blair, that is wrong! When you write an article like this, when some one can not defend himself—that is wrong! Do I have to go on." "What about Todd?"questioned Blair. "We are talking about you!" "Yes, we are" but Todd had pulled every filthy trick in the book, "rape, hostages! But you love him, you stand beside him, you protect him!" Blair complained. "Todd is another matter." "To you, but it is obvious to me that I do not warrant the same unconditional love, Do I Sam."

The next scene takes place in Todd's penthouse. Kelly is about to give Rod/Todd a suitcase of money for the sale of the Banner. Kevin tries to prevent Kelly from doing this. He believes that Todd will use the money to leave the country. During this conversation Rod responds to Kevin by saying, "Kevin, you do not know me, I am a lover, not a fighter!" Kevin realizes that he will not be able to dissuade Todd from taking the money, so he tries to verbally persuade Kelly against this by suggesting that Todd had something to do with Drew's death. Téa enters the penthouse and puts a stop to Kelly's attempted business transaction claiming that Rod/Todd is in not condition to make such a business arrangement. After Kelly and Kevin leave, Téa tells Todd that the divorce has come through.

The scene shifts to Carlotta's diner. Mel, Dorian, and Congressman Graham are having a discussion. The discussion is about Mel's endorsement of Graham in order to protect Dorian. "Congressman," Mel asks, "You are getting what you want, why can't you try to show some class and don't blow it." "Who's gloating," replied Graham smugly, "I am enjoying one of those moments when the press, shall I say, cooperates." "Well, I guess I could not expect civilized behavior from someone who would stoop so low as to blackmail." Angry, Graham responded, "I am doing what ever I have to do. The same way that you have to do! Unless, you and your lovely wife would like to take your chances with the police commissioner, but, somehow I do not think that you have the guts to do that!" At this point, Dorian can not remain silent any longer. "Congressman, my husband has more guts in his little pinkie than you have in your entire body. Furthermore, My husband in not going to write one more word of endorsement for you. The deal is OFF!" "Well if you do that," threatened Graham, "you will be making a big mistake." "No, my husband and I have nothing to hide. Where as you, the way that you operate, it is going to turn around and slap you in the face!" Mel is proudly smiling at his wife when Graham addresses him. "Well you, Mr. Conscientious of the community, are you going to let your wife pay the price?" "You heard the lady, the deal is off!" "You will regret this, the both of you."

Graham walks away. Sykes overheard the entire conversation. Graham asks Sykes, "What's up?" Sykes tells Graham that he has Monk in custody. Graham wants to speak to Monk alone. Sykes tries to warn Graham of the possibility of real trouble for Barbara. Graham replies, "Don't worry about her, I am handling this," As the two are about to leave, Barbara and Joey enter the diner. Sykes wants a word alone with Barbara. After a few comments, Barbara storms away leaving Sykes standing there.

Back to Sam and Blair. At this time, they are still in the midst of a heated argument. Sam asks Blair, "How can you compare my relationship with Todd to my relationship to you?" Blair responded emotionally, "Why not, we are both two people that you care about?" "In completely two different ways, I have known Todd since he was a kid!" Blair is angered at this point and screams, "Todd is not a kid, Sam. He is a grown man who has been taking you for a ride since you came to town."" Sam quietly responded that Todd was damaged. Even more angered that before, Blair rants, "Yea, Todd is damaged, what about me, Sam? Do you even know what my life was like? I came from nothing! I had to marry a man old enough to be my grandfather in order to take care of my sick mother! Yes, I married Asa for his money!! Oh, but I am not damaged, I am not for you!!! I am not worthy of your compassion." Sam took a long hard look into Blair's eyes and said, "It is not my compassion that you need, but my respect. I am finding it very hard of respecting someone who is capable of writing that article." "I did not write that article!!!!" screamed Blair. Sam responded, "Your name is on it." Blair takes a breath and reflects about this situation. Calmly Blair says to Sam, "But it does not matter if I wrote it, because the question is whether you could forgive me if I did? Oh Sam, let me tell you something, I am capable of it. I can be as manipulative, deceitful, in playing all kinds of games - or is the real truth here 'Hey - I am not Nora!'"

Back at the diner, Mel and Dorian share a heartwarming moment. Dorian apologizes for placing Mel in this predicament. She reassures Mel, that she has another way of getting this situation resolved. Dorian's eyes glare at Barbara as she says this. At this point, Kevin and Kelly enter the diner. They were arguing about the Todd situation when Barbara interrupts them to offer condolences to Kelly for Drew's death. However she does not waste the moment to smear Kevin and Kelly's face when she puts her arm around Joey and becomes all lovey dovey.

Back to Blair and Sam. Sam is starting to get angry. He thought Blair was past this jealousy over Nora. Blair admits that deep down she is a jealous and insecure person. During the argument Blair after pouring her heart out, requests Sam to make a choice. She wants Sam to choose her over Nora and Todd. By this point, Blair is in hysterics. Sam grabs Blair and kisses her passionately. At the end of the kiss, Sam whispers, "Don't ask me to make a choice right now. Todd's trial is about to begin. Nora's life is a nightmare right now" Blair interrupts him, "Right, you do not have to tell me anymore, I will get my dirt on Bo somewhere else because I am sneaky and unreliable. You know, Sam, it is really too bad. I thought we really had a good thing going." Blair quietly exits the room leaving Sam standing there.

Back at the Diner, Dorian calls asking a favor of Carlotta. She wants Carlotta to give Barbara a fake note saying, "Meet me at the Gallery, Kevin". Barbara makes excuses with Joey in order to meet Kevin. When she arrives, it is not Kevin that she finds, but Dorian.

At Club Indigo, R.J. set up a meeting with Monk for Mel, Kevin, and Kelly. Monk told them that he sold the gun to a real classy lady named Dorian. I guess Graham found a way to get back at Dorian after all.

To find out what happens next, stay tuned for Monday's One Life to Live.

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