One Life to Live Recaps: The week of September 21, 1998 on OLTL

Becky Lee arrived. Jessica confided to Todd. Blair drugged Max in order to search for the tape. Bo dreamed that Drew was still alive. Kelly believed that anyone who had loved her had been cursed. Blair made a promise to Sam. Todd threatened Roseanne and Will.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of September 21, 1998 on OLTL
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Monday, September 21, 1998

(This is a long one, but there is no way I can do justice to the marvelous performances which took place today, particularly at the Buchanan Lodge. I have also included the lyrics of Becky Lee's song, "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry" by Hank Williams Sr.)

I. (i): Todd's Penthouse

In the midst of the shattered remnants of Todd's tantrum, Sam asks "Tom" what happened, to which Tom lamely claims "sometimes, I get clumsy and I bump into stuff." Sam is there to talk to Blair, and wonders why she's not there. Tom fumbles that he was having trouble sleeping, not realizing that Sam knows about the herbal sleeping powder. When Sam asks why he didn't take it, Tom lamely says that it smelled funny. Sam settles in to wait for Blair.

(ii): Tough guy Max's house

Max has fallen into an herbal drugged sleep, right on Blair's lap. She hefts him off of her, and searches his place for the tape.

(iii): Hospital

Kelly tells Joey that Cassie is in recovery and is doing better. Joey notes how calm Kelly is, to which she replies that being hysterical won't bring Drew back, so she'll deal with it her own way. Joey doesn't want her to shut people out, but Kelly worries that anyone who loves her is cursed.

(iv): Lodge Family Room

Nora wrings her hands, as Asa and Renee worry along with her. Lindsay stridently enters, informing them that she couldn't get a hold of Clint, who is on an oil rig somewhere with Cord, then asks if she can do anything to help, even suggesting that Bo might speak to her. Nora fumes, wondering what makes her think she could reach Bo when Nora hasn't been able to.

(v): Lodge Bedroom

Bo plays with the fishing lure he made for Drew years ago, sitting on the foot of the bed, while we see Drew's pale face in the background. Bo puts the lure in a box, then all the lights go out, while Bo's face is put into sharp relief in the light of a strong spotlight. Drew, standing in the doorway, asks Bo why he's not ready yet. He reminds Bo that they will be late for the fishing trip. Bo stands, questioning, gesturing toward the bed, hoping the death was all a dream, but Drew says not to mind that. He's here, and they're going fishing like they planned. Bo and Drew happily shake hands, and next we see Bo's face, in normal lighting, with his eyes closed and a smile on his lips. He wakes, turns, and sees Drew's pale, dead face. Bo's face is disappointed, resigned, and tremendously sad.

II. (i): Lodge Family Room

Nora and Lindsay bicker bitterly, until Asa tells them both to "Shut up!" Renee gently suggests that Lindsay should leave it to immediate family, to which Lindsay glassily glares that "immediate family" shouldn't include Renee, then, since she's not even married to Asa, so Lindsay has more of a right to be called immediate (and therefore be there).

Meanwhile, Nora panics over the time, because Becky Lee should be there by now. Asa tries to comfort her. Nora admits to him that she's scared. She doesn't know what Bo is doing, what he's thinking, in there with the body, and she's afraid that he's losing his mind. Asa agrees, noting it's hard enough losing a grandson. Nora immediately apologizes for being so thoughtless, not considering his loss. Asa eloquently dismisses her apology, noting that he's been around long enough to understand death, but that it's hard when the one who dies is so young. He calls Drew a good kid, and that he cant be replaced, "but God willing, maybe we'll have a new baby in the family soon, and maybe Drew can kinda live through him." He asks Nora if she got the test results back, to which Lindsay looks concerned, and exits.

(ii): Hospital

Joey argues that Ian and Drew chose to put themselves in danger, and their deaths had nothing to do with Kelly. Kelly tears up, asking the unanswerable "whys." She reveals to Joey that Drew was going to propose to her that night, and that she was going to say yes. Joey admits he doesn't know how to respond to that, but he's there for her, and Kelly hugs him.

Cris and Jess arrive from the elevator. Joey fills them in on Cassie's condition, noting that Barbara saved her. He thanks Cris for supporting Jess, and then Jess and Cris exit to see Cassie. Kelly asks Joey for his camera, realizing that Drew is "in there."

Blair can't find the tape anywhere in the living room, so searches Max's body, and in the process manages to get pinned by him, as he tosses around in his sleep. But she frees herself and finds the tape in his back pocket, which is Todd's ticket to freedom, her ticket to the Sun, and her road to Sam. She happily jets.

III. (i): Todd's Penthouse

Sam is impatient, so Tom says that it's hard to find what he wants, which is a chocolate bar. Sam finds the idea of Blair running around town at this ungodly hour to find a chocolate bar for Tom so he can sleep unbelievable. Tom suggests that Sam doesn't know Blair so well, then chides him for not spending enough time working on his case. Sam insists that Tom is his number one priority.

Tom asks Sam why he's there, so Sam informs Tom that he's there to give Blair some bad news from someone she trusts. When Tom hears that Sam trusts Blair, he asks, "so you wouldn't get mad if she told you something, like, -totally ridiculous-?" Sam laughs that Blair has changed, while Blair breezes in, exuberantly proclaiming, "Todd we are back in..." (sees Sam) "... business."

(ii): Lodge Bedroom

Bo stands at the window, describing the fall colors to Drew. Autumn is Bo's favorite time of year, "when Nature puts on her bright colors just before she goes to sleep." Sitting beside the bed, with a tear lingering in the corner of his eye, he guesses that Drew probably preferred summer, but he'll never know now... never know any of his son's favorites. He asks Drew directly, "What were your dreams? That's important to me. I need to know." In the hall, Nora approaches the door. She knocks, and weeps when there is no reply, then sadly returns to the family room.

(iii): Lodge Family Room

Asa asks Nora if she had any luck, but Nora shakes her head. She can understand why Bo won't talk to her, since she never really trusted Drew, and didn't give him much of a chance, so she can't share in Bo¹s grief. She becomes angry, insisting that Asa go talk to him, to break down the door. She wants to do something, not just stand around. She thinks they can't wait for Becky Lee any longer, and starts to physically lash out at Asa, who pulls her into a strong, loving embrace. Becky Lee, quietly beautiful in black, gently enters. Asa approaches her, and gives her a big, grateful hug.

IV. (i): Lodge Family Room

Nora touches Becky Lee, noting that she must be exhausted. They sit for a moment at the poker table, and Becky Lee reveals that she can't believe it. She talked to Drew just last week, and he sounded so happy. Nora assures that he was. Becky Lee wants to see her baby, but before she leaves, Asa fills her in on the current crises with Bo. She asks Nora to take her to her son, so Nora takes her hand and leads the way.

(ii): Todd's Penthouse

Tom grabs Blair's purse, calling her a life saver. He helps her out of her dilemma, while behind Sam¹s back, telling her that Sam knows about the chocolate bar. He pulls the tape out of her purse, puts it in his pocket, and then discovers a chocolate bar in there as well. (good thing!). He rips it open, stuffs some in his mouth, then jumps up and down with glee. "You're the best! It's got nuts!"

Sam agrees that she's amazing, getting chocolate for her ex-husband. Blair asks Sam why he's there. Sam sadly tells her what he knows about the shooting, and Blair immediately wants to go to the hospital. Todd seems momentarily taken aback when he hears of Drew's death, but recovers in time to grin at Blair that he hopes Cassie feels better. Sam and Blair depart. Todd is joyous. He tosses the chocolate aside, spits what was in his mouth to the floor, and prepares to listen to the tape.

V. (i): Tough guy Max's

Max groggily wakes, to R.J.'s urgings. Momentarily, he confuses R.J. with Blair, calling "oh, baby", and reaching for him, but R.J. throws Max back. R.J. has come to Max for help because, though it's surprising to both of them, Max is the best person to help him.

(ii): Hospital

Sam and Blair arrive, and he offers to wait for her as long as it takes. Blair melts, then turns to see Kelly standing sadly. They are both quietly somber. Blair is so sorry, and though they've been at odds lately, stresses that Kelly didn't deserve this. They embrace, and Blair tenderly puts her hands to Kelly's face, telling her to hang in there. Blair goes upstairs to see Cassie.

Kelly tells Joey that she never thought a camera would mean so much to her. Joey hugs her, and assures her that she can have a whole set of copies. She leaves to "take care of something."

Lindsay arrives, frantic. She needs in the mail room, but is told it doesn't open until 9am. Lindsay tries to persuade the nurse by relating that there are test results for Nora Buchanan which would make her very happy, and Lindsay wants to be the one to give them to her. The nurse will see what she can do. Alone, Lindsay verbally berates herself for changing the records. But she is not alone. Sam turns a corner, asking "what records?"

(iii): Lodge Bedroom

At the door, Nora, with Becky Lee, hesitates before knocking. She asks Becky Lee to tell Bo that she loves him, if he lets her in. Becky Lee grips Nora's hand and agrees. Nora knocks, calling to Bo that Becky Lee is here to say goodbye to her son. Becky Lee moves to the door, asking Bo to open it. He does, and sighs gratefully when he sees her. They embrace, and Becky Lee moves to Drew. Bo pauses to thank a pained Nora for bringing Becky Lee. Nora bravely tells him that she will let them be with their son. Bo bows his head and closes the door.

VI. (i): Hospital

Lindsay flusters about paperwork for the Gallery, and is worried about Dorian. Sam informs Lindsay that he's there for Blair, and can't help but think about Bo. He can't imagine losing a child. This prompts Lindsay to worry about Will, and Sam assures her that Will is safe. He advises her to put all her animosity toward Nora aside. Lindsay claims she's trying, smiling too brightly. Sam wonders what's wrong, and she relents that she can be so petty. Sam comforts everyone, even he, can be petty, and that she just thinks differently, which doesn't make her bad, but interesting. She tries to digest this while Blair returns, and Sam leaves Lindsay's side to go to her.

Andrew avails himself to Jess any time, and leaves. Jess is still blown away by what happened, and is firm about living every day, every night, and not putting things off. Cris flounders that they shouldn't rush, and when they finally "do it," her first time is going to be magic. Jess looks guilty.

Blair thanks Sam for waiting. Sam says they¹ll have to learn to trust each other. Blair makes it clear to him that she thinks she's falling in love with him too.

Lindsay happens to see them kiss, but the nurse she spoke with earlier walks by. Lindsay asks about the records, and the nurse scares her by telling that they were already mailed. After one last look at the kissing Sam and Blair, she leaves.

The kiss ends, and Blair feels like the luckiest woman in the whole world. She promises Sam that from this day forward she's going to do things differently. Starting today she will love him the way he deserves to be loved.

(ii): Todd's Penthouse

Todd announces his ticket to freedom, hits play, and screams when the Sesame Street theme song fills the room. Over the music, Max chimes, "Sorry Blair! Wrong tape."

(iii): Tough guy Max's

Max tries to blow R.J. off, but R.J. insists on help. He wants to prove to Det. West and Sykes, who want to nail him for Drew's murder, that he was at the Club every day and every night for the past month, and needs Max there to verify whatever proof he finds.

(iv): Lodge Bedroom

Becky Lee and Bo stand over Drew. Bo tells her that Drew was a hero, and she replies that "He is his father's son." She finds it strange that she's not crying, and comments that it looks like Drew is sleeping. She remembers all the summer nights in Tennessee, when she would stand over him, fanning him. She touches his cheek, and mentions that Drew would ask her to sing to him. Bo asks if he had a favorite, and Becky Lee sings gorgeously:

Did you hear that lonesome whip-poor-will
He sounds too blue to fly
The midnight train is whining low
I'm so lonesome I could cry

I've never seen a night so long
As time goes crawling by
The moon just went behind a cloud
To hide her face and cry

The silence of a falling star
Lights up the purple sky
And as I wonder where you are
I¹m so lonesome I could cry
I¹m so lonesome I could cry

While she sings, Bo leaves the room. He walks into the family room, past the compassionate Asa and Renee, pauses to hold Nora's hands and look deeply into her eyes, then leaves her to go outside, where Kelly approaches, and they stand arm-in-arm.

While they stand there, the bright lights come onto them, and Drew walks out of the lodge, fishing gear in hand. He pauses beside Kelly, and looks at her and Bo for a moment. Drew takes a deep breath, and walks away, leaving Bo and Kelly standing alone, as Becky Lee sings the last "I'm so lonesome I could cry."

Tuesday, September 22, 1998

The Hospital

Sam arrives and asks Blair how Cassie is. Blair tells him she's going to be o.k. Sam begins talking about Bo and how badly he feels for him. He doesn't know what he'd do if it were Will. Blair asks if Sam wants to go see Nora, he says no, he's right where he wants to be. Meanwhile, inside Cassie's room, Kevin is standing over Cassie telling her she's got to get better so they can write a great story about their ordeal. He leans over and kisses her and of course, Cassie opens her eyes. Dorian pushes Kevin out of the way to coo over Cassie. They go to find the doctor and tell her that Cassie is awake, as the doctor is heading for her room, he calls for the nurse and tells her the patient is awake. Barbara comes around the corner with an evil look and says "Then she'll be needing my help."

The Gallery

Lindsay arrives at the Gallery to find a flock of reporters shouting questions at her. As she tells them off, Renee is listening at the Lodge. Asa is worried that Lindsay will tell them where Bo is. Lindsay doesn't and Asa is proud of her. Outside of the cabin, Kelly asks Bo how long they have with Drew. Bo tells her as long as they need. Kelly goes to be with him. Nora tells Bo they need to make arrangements while Bo just stares off into space and tells her "It's going to be an early fall." Meanwhile, inside, Kelly is crying over Drew's body and fussing with his uniform when she comes across the ring box. She lays down next to him and kisses him.

The Gallery

Mel manages to get Lindsay inside and away from the reporters. He asks her if she know why Dorian hired R.J. Lindsay admits it may have been for more than catering. She tells Mel that she is uncomfortable talking to him about her business partner. Just then Will arrives and notices that Cristian's painting is missing.


Carlotta asks Roseanne why she arranged to show his painting. Roseanne said because it is good. Carlotta explains to Roseanne that Cris loves her as a sister, not the way he loves Jessica. Carlotta tells Roseanne not to make Cris have to hurt her. Roseanne says, I live here, I can't help being around him, I see him all the time. Carlotta says, "That's the problem". Roseanne asks her if she's throwing her out.

The Hospital

Sam and Blair are still at the hospital w/ Jess and Cristian. Sam gets beeped and Blair tells him to go, just promise he'll be back. They kiss and he leaves. Inside Kevin is telling Cassie the details of the shooting and she realizes Drew has been killed. Dorian tells Kevin that it's enough, she doesn't need to hear anymore now. The Dr. tells everyone that Cassie is lucky, she had a good ER nurse who helped find the bullet. Cassie wants to thank her. The Dr. says, "She's right here, she volunteered to help with your case". Just then Bibi turns around and says, oh so sweetly, "I'll take very good care of you". To which Cassie answers, "Over my dead body". Dorian, Cassie and Blair demand that she leave the room. Barbara asks Kevin if that's what he wants and Kevin, looking all tough tells her, "You heard my fiancée." At that Barbara turns and leaves. Dorian tells the doctor that Bibi is to be nowhere near "her daughter" and Barbara graciously agrees to leave the case. Just then, a Llanview P.D. officer arrives to bring Dorian downtown. She stalls him and tells him she has to make some calls. She calls Lindsay at the gallery and Lindsay tells her "people" are asking questions (she doesn't mention Mel) then Dorian asks her to destroy any cancelled checks to R.J. as well as the register. Lindsay tells her she doesn 't think she can and Dorian blackmails her with Bo's medical records. After she hangs up, Lindsay asks Mel if Dorian is in trouble, Mel tells her she can help him find that out, but Lindsay doesn't have any information for him. After he leaves, Lindsay finds a check and rips it up.

The Lodge

Nora tries to get Bo to call the station and let them know where Drew is. They need Drew to help catch whoever did this. Drew will be treated with love and dignity she promises him. She hands him the phone. At the police station, Sam and Hank are talking about R.J. Hank thinks they are getting ready to charge him and asks Sam if he'll take the case. Sam says if Hank will lessen the charges against Todd, he'll have time to defend R.J. Just then Bo calls in to tell where they are. Sykes is about to send a bunch of people there but Hank & Sam convince him to let them bring Bo & Drew back. Sykes reluctantly gives them a ½ hour.


Carlotta assures Roseanne that she is not throwing her out, but she just doesn't want to see her get hurt. Will arrives and tells them about the stolen painting. Carlotta leaves to find Cris. Will tells Roseanne that she doesn't seem all that concerned. He is accusing her of stealing the painting. Will says yes, he is. She's not going to stop Jess and Cris from being together. Cris just painted her body, he doesn't know what's inside it, Will says. They kiss. Roseanne stops. Will tells her to give up the fairy tale, he cares about her and knows her, Cris doesn't.

The Hospital

Just then, Carlotta show up at the hospital to tell Cris about the painting and he and Jess leave to go find it. Dorian asks Carlotta to please tell Mel where she went. Meanwhile, Barbara is watching Kevin fuss over Cassie. She's groggy, probably from the medication the doctor says. Kevin is going to turn out the light and let her rest. No, Cassie says, she doesn't want to be in the dark. Kevin and the Dr. leave the room. Barbara sneaks in and unplugs Cassie's oxygen.

The Lodge

Nora is telling Renee that she's afraid the connection is broken between her and Bo. Sam & Hank arrive. Hank promises Bo that they will get the guy that did this. He tells Bo that Sykes thinks it's R.J. but Hank knows he had nothing to do with it. Kelly comes out and announces that Drew is ready to go. Nora asks Bo what she can do, he tells her there's nothing she can do. Bo asks Sam how Will is and tells him to take good care of him.

The Gallery

Lindsay, Will, Jess & Cris are talking to a cop about the painting. Just then Roseanne enters and she acts surprised that the painting is missing. Jessica says that she hopes whoever did this regrets it. Will answers, he's sure they do, while he's looking at Roseanne.

Police Station

Dorian is mouthing off to Sykes as Mel and R.J. enter. R.J. tells Dorian to "come clean"

Cassie's Room

Cassie begins to thrash around on the bed, calling for Kevin or someone to "help her". She leans over the side of the bed and falls out as Barbara stands over her.

Wednesday, September 23, 1998

Penthouse - Todd and Blair

Todd plays the tape for Blair. She hears the Sesame Street theme song and then Max's voice saying "Sorry Blair! Wrong tape!" Blair is livid at the trick. Todd scolds her for having abandoned her killer instincts and going mushy for the love of Sam. He knows she doesn't want Rappaport to learn the truth. So why didn't she do her job right? Blair says she was at the hospital with her family. Todd replies that she should have been covering the shooting for the Sun. Now he has to write a story and it will be submitted under Blair's byline. Tom can't do it, he can't spell. Blair makes the mistake of telling Todd that Bo is with the corpse of his son and no one can find him. Todd gloats, that is a story!

Lodge- Sam and Nora

Nora is concerned that Bo will put up a fight when Drew is sent to the morgue. She has never seen him act this way. Sam replies that when you lose a child, you can act any way you feel. Nora recalls the despair she felt when the night before Rachel left for prison and how Bo was there for her. Now she feels that the thread between them is gone. The person Bo is has gotten up and gone someplace Nora can't go. She is looking for reasons Sam can't offer her. She feels defeated like everything is gone, not just Drew, but she and Bo and the baby they decided to have. And there is nothing she can do about it. Sam replies,"Oh yes there is."

Police Station- Dorian, R.J., Sykes, Max and Mel

R.J. warns Dorian the more she tries to dodge Sykes questions, the guiltier they both appear but she persists in her story (and she is sticking to it) that she paid for food and music, that is all. Sykes asks R.J. if the murder was to cover for the muggings. Max shows up and gives Sykes papers showing that R.J. was at the club during all the mugging incidents. R.J. says he owes Max one. Max tells Sykes he is willing to swear this under oath.

Mel takes Dorian aside and wants to know why R.J. was there on the night of the murder unless she hired him to kill Kevin.

Hospital- Barbara, Kevin, Cassie, Kelly, Joey

Kelly tells them how she went to the Lodge for one final goodbye. Joey replies that he would have gone with her, but Kelly says it was peaceful and quiet. She is sure that Becky Lee singing to Drew soothed Bo and got him to leave. Kelly knows about Drew's bad childhood, but is certain from the way Becky Lee sang to him, that his mother truly loved him. Kevin hopes that the coroner finds something to nail the guy.

Meanwhile, Cassie is lying on the floor moaning. Barbara quickly puts the plug she pulled back in and turns the lights back on to make it look like she was never there. She backs out of the room.

Kevin tells Joey and Kelly that Cassie has a chance of a full recovery. She has a lot to live for and he will not fail her again. Kelly replies she hopes not. Joey tells his brother that the shooting was not Kevins' fault. Kevin is not sure that the incident was random.

Barbara makes a great show of the call light being on and no one responding. She goes back into Cassie's room and says that she needs Dr. Lange, Stat. The patient has fallen. Kevin sees all this and runs to Cassie. She tells him that it was dark like on the docks and she was scared for him.


Todd wants Blair to write the story, but she does not want to exploit Cassie or Bo. Todd tries to say that this will make the whole town feel sorry for Bo. Blair replies that this won't bring back Drew or help Cassie. Todd says Cassie loves Kevin, which makes her an idiot. When Blair brings up Kelly, Todd has no sympathy. "Let her cry on the stack of money the other dead guy gave her", he states. Then he dangles the Sun in front of Blair and implies he is thinking of selling it to Kelly, who wants badly to buy it. This does not sit well with Blair and she tells Todd to go play traffic. Max arrives and lets Blair know that he is aware that she slipped him a sedative. Blair defends herself, saying it was only herbs. Max tells her the next time she wants to do a body search, just ask. He puts some physical moves on her and she backs away. Todd has been listening. He informs her he came up with the perfect headline: Body-snatcher Bo. Todd upbraids her for losing her tough as nails attitude. What has happened to her? Max thinks he has the answer. Sam Rappaport is what happened to Blair.

Lodge-Sam and Nora

Sam advises Nora not to tell Bo life goes on, but to show him. She has to be the champion of the people she always was. R.J. needs help and Sam can't give it because he is preparing for Todd's trial. Both of them know Sykes only has circumstantial evidence and a bad reputation to charge R.J. with. Nora thinks back to all the arguments she and Bo had last time she defended R.J. Sam says all that has changed. Wasn't the celebration of Rachel's plea bargaining held at Club Indigo and wasn't R.J. part of it? Nora does consider that her daughter will need Uncle R.J.'s support when she is released from prison. "And Bo will need to know who shot his son", Sam adds. He reminds her that R.J. and Bo both need her help and what she does about that, is entirely up to her.

Penthouse-Max, Todd and Blair

Blair argues that her feelings about the story are about integrity and not exploiting Bo's grief. She hisses that Max doesn't feel anything. Todd assures her he can make the story sympathetic. Blair lashes out at her former husband. Todd the invincible doesn't think anyone can take anything away from him because he can split in 50 different personalities and directions and no one can track him. Max asks Todd to give him a moment to straighten Blair out. He leaves and Max wants to know if she drugged him because of Sam or because he was exerting control over her. Why doesn't she just write the story for Todd? Blair insists it is wrong. Max tells her only because Sam thinks so and she is afraid Sam will dump her. Now he understands! She really thinks she is in love with Rappaport.

Police Department

Sykes tells Dorian that he believes she is behind the shooting because of the threats she made. She told Joey that she would not give his brother a break until he was 6 feet under. And at the hospital, she told Kevin that he should have been shot instead of her daughter, Cassie. Dorian claims those were figures of speech. Sykes brings up the check R.J. says was a bonus for following Kevin around. Dorian repeats that was for catering and music. More people showed than she thought so she gave R.J. a bonus and this is how he repays her generosity. R.J. yells at Sykes to get her to tell the truth and Detective West tells R.J. to zip his mouth up. Dorian takes this to mean the police are more on her side than R.J.'s and tells Sykes that R.J. is lying through his teeth. She asks Sykes to have R.J. stop glaring at her. Sykes wonders if this is her guilty conscience making her uncomfortable. Mel cuts in and demands that Sykes stop badgering her and that he look up the lead he gave him on that fence. Surely that would help Sykes find the owner of the gun. Nora shows up and Dorian gushes how generous Nora is being considering what her family is going through. Nora ignores the comment and requests Sykes give her time with her client. Dorian says she wants to confer with her attorney and Nora corrects her. Dorian is not her client, R.J. is!


Barbara has cleverly set it up to make it look like the Nurse at the desk, Miss Dixon, was guilty of not answering the on call button. She rebukes her and Lange believes her. Joey says if it was not for Barbara, Cassie would be lying alone in pain. Barbara demurs that she is trying to make up for the pain she caused Cassie.

Meanwhile in Cassie's room, she and Kevin go over what happened. Cassie says that the lights were out. The doctor said they would be left on. She was in the dark, like on the docks, alone in the dark. She thinks she got up to put on the light and fell. Kevin replies the lights were on when he came in. Kelly believes that the pain killers made her cousin groggy. Kevin says it does not matter. She just needs to rest. Kelly finds Nurse Graham's name tag in the corner of the room far from where Cassie fell. She picks it up.

Police Department

Nora lets R.J. know that she will not defend anyone who killed Drew. R.J. replies he would not ask her too.

Mel tells Dorian to speak not another word until she gets an attorney. Dorian asks if he doesn't have faith in her and he answers with his own question, "Should I?"

Nora goes over to Sykes and demands to know what he has on her client. He itemizes that R.J. is on probation for a felony, that he was at the docks with a gun in his hands. Nora says that is all circumstantial. Then Sykes mentions that Drew was the best eyewitness to his own murder. He drew in the dirt the name of his killer. He will show her the photo.

Sam's House

Sam is typing away when Will comes in the room ready for a tennis game at the country club. Sam offers to accompany him.


Blair lies and tells Max none of this has to do with Sam. She could wear herself out to be everything Sam wants. She is not right for him. Max asks when she saw the light. "Sam is into trust and as you pointed out, I can't be trusted and you like that about me", she replies. Max says he likes that about both of them. Blair remarks that there is no reason to stick around with Sam, when she can have Max. Todd is listening for a while before he makes himself known. Max asks if he wrote the story. He answers that he did. Max thinks that Blair should file it for tomorrow's paper.

Sam's house

Sam says he will throw a party for Will and invite Jessica and Cris and all his friend who are going to New York for school. Will explains that someone stole Cristian's picture, just sliced it right out of the frame. Sam remarks that Lindsay must be very upset. Then he asks Will if he ever tells him how much he loves him? Will replies, yeah, right before he grounds him. Sam hugs his son and says he wants him to know he is very proud of him. He is a fine young man and he loves him very much. This is a father thing and he will understand someday when he is a dad. Will replies that he hopes it doesn't happen soon and his look, undetected by Sam, shows the worry he has about having unprotected sex with Jessica.

Police Department

Nora rebuffs Sykes for always having it in for Drew when he knew he was a dedicated cop. Sykes replies he never said otherwise. Oh, Nora counters, but he behaved otherwise. She implores him to find the murderer, it is not R.J. and he does not have enough to indict. She looks at the photo and informs Sykes that Drew died before he could finish the name of the killer, maybe before he finished the first letter. Maybe the letter he etched in the ground is not an R but a B (looks like Nora got her brains back from the body snatcher who has been inhabiting her for the past 9 months or so.)


Kelly gives back the name tag to Barbara and tells her she found it in the corner of Cassie's room. Barbara replies that maybe it was kicked there when they put Cassie back in bed. Lange asks Kevin to reconsider hiring Barbara. Kevin replies he is sorry. Joey puts his two cents in and tells his brother that Barbara saved Cassie's life. Kevin explains that Cassie does not want her around and he will honor that. Barbara says that Kevin is doing what he thinks is right and thanks Joey for taking her side. They stroll away arm in arm.


Max demands Blair fax the story. She can't believe he doesn't understand what Bo is going through. Max had thought his kids were dead and didn't Bo help find them? She doesn't know how he can live with himself. But she will send the fax. She just wants Max to know that she will never love him. He is so dead inside. Max relents and grabs the story as it is about to go through the fax. "You make me somebody even I can't stand", Max says. Todd tells them they are both certifiable, fighting over a newspaper neither of them has the guts to run. Blair looks at Todd and says"Not the way you do Todd. Never!" and heads upstairs. With Max gone and Blair safely out of his way, Todd takes the crumbled piece of paper and runs it through the fax machine.

Police Department

Despite Nora's protests, Sykes has Detective West arrest R.J., who says his rights are being violated. Nora is cool and informs Sykes that she does see through his game plan to let R.J. cool his heels until Dorian furnishes him with the information he is seeking. She turns to Dorian and asks if she recalls wheat it felt like to be accused when she was innocent. What was it like on Death Row?

Mel is becoming more and more convinced that Dorian is a liar. He says that Lindsay told him that Dorian paid R.J. for extra favors,what were they? Dorian becomes irate. "Are you asking me if I paid R.J. to kill Kevin? Don't go there, Mel, cause the day you go there, that is the end of our marriage".

On Call room

Joey says that Kevin should forgive and forget. Barbara replies that Kevin is just supporting Cassie and she does not want to come between them again. Joey is certain that the crime was random and that the shooter could have gotten him, or Kevin or even her. His point is that a person can regret wasting his time and he doesn't want to do that anymore. He kisses her and she kisses him back. He dos not want to wait anymore. He waited all through her nursing his brother back to health and through her loving Kevin. He wants Barbara to know that he loves her.

Hospital Corridor

Kelly advises Kevin not to hire Barbara if Cassie doesn't want it. Kevin is beginning to feel bullied by Joey and Dr. Lange. He thanks Kelly for being there for him. Then goes into Cassie's room.

Cassie talks about the pain going away and that seems to be a good thing, until she realizes that she can't feel her legs and begins to panic.

Thursday, September 24, 1998

Dorian accused Lindsay of getting her into trouble with Mel. Lindsay gave Dorian some advice and suggested she use her influence with Congressman Graham to get Sykes off her back. Lindsay wanted Dorian's help in return when she told her that the test results that Lindsay had tampered with were already in the mail to Bo and Nora. Dorian recommended that Lindsay try to steal them back. Nora later caught Lindsay red handed sorting through her mail. Meanwhile, Kevin vowed to Kelly that he would find out who killed Drew. Nora tried to get Bo to open up, but he was still distant and distracted by Drew's death. Kevin and Kelly showed up and Nora told them about R.J.'s arrest and Sykes' suspicions about Dorian. Carlotta revealed to Bo and Kevin that Drew questioned Munk a few hours before the shooting. After Joey and Barbara made love, Barbara said that she felt responsible for the shooting because the mugger had stolen her gun. Sykes met with Congressman Graham at the country club and said that he suspected that Barbara was the shooter. Graham told Sykes that they had to find Munk before anyone else did. Graham later confronted Barbara with the evidence against her and she vaguely confessed to the crime. Dorian interrupted and started to tell Graham about her little problem. Roseanne showed up at the penthouse to see Téa. Todd caught Roseanne hiding the stolen painting and agreed to keep her secret. Todd agreed to Roseanne's bizarre request to move in to the penthouse because he thought it would make him look good to Téa.

Friday, September 25, 1998

Country Club dining room

Dorian is speaking with Congressman Graham, trying to convince him to help her. She does admit to him that she hired R.J. to follow Kevin, but she certainly didn't want Kevin killed. She also points out that it would be harmful to the Congressman if the story about Kevin and Barbara's affair became public, what with the election for Senator coming up so soon. Graham does agrees to use his influence to keep Dorian out of the investigation, but he wants something in return. He wants Dorian to use *her* influence to get Mel to endorse his candidacy in the Banner.

Dorian offers to throw a fund raiser for his campaign, but Graham will settle for nothing less than Mel's endorsement. Dorian tells him it will never happen, Mel would rather be "torn apart by wild dogs" than support Graham. "Then you could be facing some very tough times ahead", warns the congressman.

Llanview Hospital

Kevin is impatiently waiting for the results of Cassie's tests as to why she can't feel her legs. He's talking with Kelly out in the hallway, she can't believe that Dorian would hire R.J. to hurt Kevin. Barbara rushes by and Kevin stops her to ask if she has any word on Cassie's condition. Don't ask me, I'm not allowed anywhere near her remember, Barbara says rudely before heading out the door. Kevin heads after Barbara to "set things straight with her once and for all".

Kevin follows Barbara into the on-call room. She demands that he get out, but he tells her he just wants to apologize. Emotionally, he's been all over lately because of Drew's death and Cassie's shooting, and now Cassie can't feel her legs. She can't, Barbara asks, surprised. Kevin wants to put things in the past and Barbara gets upset because Kevin first ordered her to stay away and now he seems to want her help. The two start yelling at each other until Joey arrives and pushes Kevin away, telling him to leave Barbara alone. Barbara tells Joey that first her father and now Kevin is bothering her, all she wants is to be alone with him. Kevin grabs Joey by the arm and forces him out of the room into the hallway. Are you sleeping with her, are you falling in love with her, Kevin questions Joey, who refuses to answer. Can't Joey see that Barbara is using him to get back at Kevin, Kevin asks. Joey accuses Kevin of thinking the world revolves around him and the two look like they're about to fight when Kelly arrives and asks them to stop, for Drew and Cassie's sake. Kevin backs off and leaves with Kevin. Joey hugs Barbara.

Joey invites Barbara to come with him over to Bo's house. She doesn't want to go, insisting she wouldn't feel comfortable, but Joey insists, he wants everyone to know that they're together now. Barbara wishes she had met Joey first, but he feels the timing was perfect. He had to get over Kelly and she had to get over Kevin, but it's their time to be together now.

Bo and Nora's house

When Nora steps outside and finds Lindsay looking through her mail, Lindsay manages to hide the letter with the test results. She hands the rest of the mail to Nora and evades Nora's question as to why she was going through the mail. Lindsay goes inside to see Bo, and Renee and Becky Lee arrive and follow her inside. Asa arrives and asks how Bo's doing. Nora, very upset, throws herself into Asa's arms for a hug.

Bo comes down the stairs, dressed in a suit, but unshaven. Nora asks if he's OK and he says that he is. He looks around the room where everyone has gathered, Renee, Max, Asa, Andrew, Becky Lee, Mel, Lindsay, Will, Hank and Blair. Bo looks sadly at a picture of Drew sitting on the mantel, surrounded by candles.

Nora asks Mel how Cassie is and he reports that she made it through surgery, he's just waiting for Dorian to arrive with an update. Max offers his condolences to Bo. Blair also offers her condolences and says that she understands why Bo did what he did, if something happened to Starr she would want every minute with her she could get. Nora sits down on the stairs next to Becky Lee, who tells her she has to leave in the morning, but will be back for the services. Nora thanks her for being there for Bo, it's hit him very hard. Me too, she says sadly. Asa goes over to Hank and starts making a scene, accusing R.J. of being the killer. When Hank defends R.J., Renee and Nora rush over to break up the argument. Not in my house and not with Bo like this, she warns. Bo stands by himself by the fireplace, near Drew's picture.

Lindsay leaves to go to the gallery and Will goes at the same time to run some errands. As they are leaving, Kevin and Kelly arrive. They go over to Bo to see how he's doing. Bo asks if Kevin has any news on Munk, but he doesn't since they've been at the hospital. Kelly asks Hank if it's true that Dorian hired R.J. She hired him to follow Kevin, Hank replies. Just then, Dorian arrives. Mel rushes over to her, relieved to see her. Kelly also rushes over, demanding to know why Dorian hired R.J. Kevin comes over with the bad news that Cassie had an accident at the hospital and has lost feeling in her legs. Upset, Dorian, Mel and Andrew head over to the hospital. In the corner, Asa is upset with Nora for defending R.J., she should be there for Bo right now. Nora explains that she's doing it for Bo, to help find out who really killed his son. Bo overhears the conversation and heads out the door. Nora follows and wants to go with him, but Bo refuses, he wants to be alone.

Blair is now standing outside when Max walks out the door. Blair tells him that she hates the way things are between them right now. "At last we agree", Max says and walks away. Inside, Kevin is talking to Asa and saying how he(Kevin) doesn't belong here. He was never even nice to Drew and Drew gave up his life for him. How am I supposed to live with that, Kevin wonders. He goes over to look at Drew's picture and Kelly joins him. You wonder how something like this could have happened and wonder if you could have done anything to change it, she says quietly. For so long she was mad at Kevin because he wouldn't forgive Drew, but Drew forgave Kevin and now she has too, even if he can't forgive himself. Suddenly, Joey and Barbara arrive and Kevin can't believe that Joey brought her there. Kevin and Joey glare at each other across the room. Kevin comes over and the two start arguing until Hank comes over to break it up.

Outside, Kelly stands nearby as Kevin wonders aloud why he gave Joey and Barbara such a hard time. Barbara means nothing to him now and she even helped save Cassie's life in the ER, why did he order her to leave. Kelly thinks he's being a little hard on himself, but Kevin says he's just being spoiled. He hates it when things don't go his way and he can't control everything. Kelly feels the same way, that the world is just one mass of confusion. Kevin takes Kelly by the arm and asks her to come with him.

Inside, Hank tells Asa that he is sorry, he knows that Asa misses Drew a lot. Asa goes over to sit on the couch to talk to Nora. He's afraid if they don't do something now to bring Bo back, it will be too late, and Nora's the only one that can do it. Nora can't figure out how. "Have that baby", Asa suggests.

Llanview Hospital

When Dorian, Mel and Andrew arrive at the hospital, Cassie still isn't back in her room. They stop a nurse to ask about her, and the nurse promises to try to find someone to talk to them. Andrew goes with the nurse and Dorian and Mel go into Cassie's room to wait. Dorian asks Mel for his help and promises to tell him everything, he's the only person in the world that can help her. She admits to him that she hired R.J. follow Kevin. Mel thinks she has to tell the police everything, but Dorian claims it's too late for that. The only way for her to get out of this is if Congressman Graham keeps Sykes away from her. And what does he want in return, Mel asks. He wants you to endorse him for Senator, Dorian finally gets up the nerve to tell hem.

The Gallery

Back at the gallery, Lindsay realizes she made a mistake. The letter she took from Nora's mail isn't the test results, it's only a bill. She hears a noise and hides the bill, it's Bo. This was the last place he saw Drew alive and Lindsay tells him to stay as long as he wants. If I'd just taken him fishing, none of this would have happened, Bo says with deep regret. He recalls being up at the cabin and giving Drew the lure and then later when he and Nora arrived at the gallery, Drew looked so sharp in his uniform. He complained to Sykes about giving Drew this detail, but he didn't do anything about it. "All I remember is my boy", he says sadly.

Todd's Penthouse

Todd changes the Sun's headline to read "Bo Steals the Stiff" before faxing it back to Briggs to print the story. Roseanne is sitting on the floor near Todd's desk, looking at Cristian's painting. Outside in the hall, Jessica hesitates before knocking on Todd's door. Putting her hand to her stomach, she says to Cristian that she must be more nervous about this that she thought. It's the first time she's seen Todd since the incident at the lodge and since they found out he has DID. Jessica is about to turn around and leave when Todd opens the door and says Hi!, with a big "Tom" grin on his face.

Roseanne quickly shoves the painting under the couch as Jessica and Cristian walk in. Cris is upset that Roseanne moved out of his mother's house and wants her to change her mind. He takes her outside in the hall to talk to her about it, leaving Jessica alone with Todd. Todd immediately knows that something is wrong and asks her about it. He thinks maybe Jessica is uncomfortable with his DID and doesn't want to be his friend anymore. It's not about who you are, she tells him, it's what he did, he hurt their family. "Didn't you ever do something and then as soon as it was done, you wanted to take it all back?", asks Todd. "If only I could", Jessica. Todd asks Jessica to tell him about it, he's a very good listener. She confides to Tom that she slept with Will.

Outside in the hall, Cris is upset that his painting was taken, maybe it's a sign that he should let it all go and not try to be a painter anymore. Roseanne tells him that he can't do that and she looks very upset. When he asks her what's wrong, she says that this is all her fault.

Back inside, Jessica stops talking and Todd encourages her to continue. She tells him about being jealous of Roseanne and Cristian and about going up to the lodge with Will and drinking. She thought her first time would be beautiful, but instead it was ugly, and with someone she hardly knows. It's not Will's fault and he feels as badly about it as she does. Jessica just wants this feeling that she made the worst mistake of her life to go away. Todd reaches out to touch her shoulder, then her face. He doesn't know what to tell her, but he's glad that she talked to him. Jess isn't so sure telling Todd wasn't another big mistake.

Todd assures her it wasn't a mistake to tell him, she can trust him. But I don't even know you(Tom), you're just a little boy in my uncle Todd's body, she replies. No, I'm not, he tells her and when Jessica looks surprised, he amends that to well, I am, but I've seen a lot and I'm more on the ball than everybody thinks.

Out in the hall, Cris tries to tell her it's not her fault that he's giving up his art and tries to get her to come back home. You won't want me to, not after you find out what I've done, she says and heads back inside the penthouse. She goes over to the couch and bends down to pull out the painting from underneath it. As she's doing this, Jessica stands up and nearly falls over. Cris steadies her and insists on taking her home right away. Todd promises to call Jessica and tells Cris to take care of her. Cris asks Roseanne to consider coming home, but she doesn't reply. Just before they leave, Todd reminds her that he's there if she needs someone to talk to. After they walk out the door, Todd turns around and says, "So, this painter guy that you're in love with is really my niece's boyfriend. So who does Cristian love, Jessica or you?"

In Roseanne's opinion, Cris thinks he's in love with Jessica, but he's really in love with Roseanne. Todd warns her to be very careful, "because if anything bad happens to Jessica, you have to answer to me." The doorbell rings and Todd answers it, it's Will looking for his father. Will introduces himself as Sam's other son, his biological son. Todd motions for him to come in and mentions that they have a few other people in common, like Roseanne, here, and Jessica. Todd would hate it if anything bad were to happen to Jessica, he threatens Will.

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