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Port Charles Recaps: The week of September 21, 1998 on PC
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Monday, September 21, 1998

Due to ABC News coverage of the release of the President's grand jury tapes, Port Charles was not shown today. Today's show will be broadcast tomorrow so that no episodes are missed.

Tuesday, September 22

Chris and Frank meet in a diner to do the DL56 exchange. While Frank is in the bathroom shooting up, Courtney shows up. Chris invites her to join him, but Frank returned and interrupts their plans. He joins them for dinner, uninvited, and says many cruel things to both Chris and Courtney, who are trying to ignore him. Frank is getting more and more steamed. Chris asks Courtney out for "another night, when it's just the two of us." Courtney happily accepts, much to Frank's dismay.

Neil is visiting Serena, who is being taken care of by Lee and Gail while Scott is away. They all play games until Lee convinces the kids to go to bed. Serena is concerned by the fact that Scott hasn't called. After the kids are asleep, Lee expresses his concern to Gail about not hearing from Scott. Lee calls Scott's mechanic, who told him that Scott's plane never reached its destination and that Lucy was with him. Later, Lee gets a call telling him that Scott's plane went down and has yet to be recovered.

Still handcuffed in the burning cabin, Lucy and Scott try without success to free themselves before the entire building went up in flames. Lucy is hysterical, and starts reminiscing about their past escapades. She tries to unlock the handcuffs with a pin from Scott's sunglasses, but it doesn't work. They start to realize their inevitable fate, and talk about how important each of them is to the other. Lucy suddenly realizes that the bed railings are melting and they manage to free themselves of the bed. Lucy starts to collect her shoes when a beam from the ceiling crashes down on her. She's unconscious for a short while, but Scott shakes her awake and pushes the beam off of her legs. They try to leave but realize they are surrounded in flames. Lucy told Scott how much she loves him and he thanks her for giving him the best thing in his life--Serena. Flames shoot up everywhere. "I love you, Lucy," Scott says.

Wednesday, September 23, 1998

On Jasmine Island, Victor expresses his concern about the adverse effects of Kevin's memories, but Kevin demands to hear the whole story about what happened the day of the picnic. Victor told Kevin that he remembers hearing some screams coming from the bluff and running toward them. Reluctantly, Victor admits that he found Kevin, covered in blood and holding Marcia's baby. Victor says Kevin looked like he was about to throw the baby into the river.

At the firehouse, as Serena and Neil finish their breakfast, Gail waits nervously for Lee to return with some news about Scott. Gail send the kids upstairs to pack Neil's things, and Lee returns. He told Gail that Florida police report finding two bodies, which they believe to be Scott and Lucy, in the burnt wreckage of the plane crash. Lee explains that the bodies will be matched against Scott's and Lucy's dental records, but told Gail not to hold out much hope since the area is remote and Scott and Lucy were the only two people known to be in there.

Courtney and Karen arrive at the firehouse with muffins, and Karen senses that Gail is hiding something. After Courtney leaves with Neil, Karen presses Lee and Gail for information. Lee breaks the news to Karen that Scott and Lucy were killed in the plane crash. Shaken by the news, Karen's first concern is for Serena.

Victor shows Kevin a clipping from the local newspaper recounting Marcia's death on Jasmine Island. Victor explains that Kevin didn't want to let go of the baby, but he managed to take it from his arms. After reading the clipping, Kevin decides to go to the bluff where Marcia died, despite Victor's objections.

Lee, Gail, and Karen grapple with how they should tell Serena about Scott's death. They decide that they have to be forthright with her, just as Scott had always been.

On the bluff, Kevin becomes agitated and insists that Victor tell him in detail all his memories of that day. Victor says he remembers seeing Ryan running down from the bluff saying that Kevin had just killed Marcia. Kevin recalls playing with Ryan and arguing that he didn't want to play knife-throwers. To help jog Kevin's memory, Eve holds her jacket in her arms like a baby and stands near the edge of the bluff just as Marcia did. She loses her footing and begins to slip, but Kevin lunges forward and grabs her, saving her life. In that moment, Kevin remembers vividly that Ryan threw the knives at Marcia, that Marcia lost her footing, and that he, himself, tried to save her but could only save her baby.

After Kevin's revelations, Victor apologizes for believing Kevin was responsible for Marcia's death. Ryan appears to Kevin again, and Eve and Victor return to the house. Kevin confronts Ryan with his realization that he isn't like his brother after all. Before helping Kevin work out the connection between their childhood and the General Homicide killings, Ryan vanishes, telling Kevin that he won't be seeing him anymore.

Serena realizes from the sounds of their voices that something is wrong with Karen, Lee, and Gail. She asks Karen why she is crying, and Karen explains that Scott has been killed in an accident. Serena refuses to believe that Scott is dead at first, but breaks down and cries on Gail's shoulder.

Thursday, September 24, 1998

Detective Garcia told Julie about the evidence he found in Eve's closet. Julie told him she has already heard about it from Lee and Frank. Garcia told her he is beginning to believe that she might be innocent.

At the firehouse, Karen and Gail talk about notifying Scott's friends and business associates about his death. They begin to go through Scott's address book, and Karen finds her mother's itinerary for her trip to Europe. She told Gail she is worried about telling Rhonda about Scott's death.

On Jasmine Island, Victor told Kevin and Eve that they have to return to Port Charles to explain the "shrine" to the murder victims Garcia found in Eve's closet. Eve told Victor and Kevin she has no idea what he is talking about and refuses to return to Port Charles.

Garcia encourages Julie to think about anything of importance she might be able to tell him about the time she and Eve were roommates. Julie thanks Garcia for finally listening to her.

Karen calls Rhonda in Germany and breaks the news about Scott's death in the plane crash. Rhonda is shaken but tries to comfort Karen. Rhonda decides to stay in Germany until she finishes the business transactions she was doing for Scott. She told Karen she will return to Port Charles soon. After talking with her mother, Karen confides to Gail that she is afraid Rhonda might start drinking again.

Gail told Karen that she has tried to contact Kevin to tell him about the plane crash before he hears the news elsewhere. Gail begins to talk about Eve and confides to Karen that she holds Eve responsible for all the damage she has done to their family.

Kevin agrees that Eve shouldn't risk returning to Port Charles, but volunteers to go back himself and look over Garcia's evidence in hopes of helping identify the killer. Victor insists on stocking the fridge for Eve before he and Kevin return to Port Charles. When he leaves for the grocery store, Eve expresses her gratitude for all Kevin's help. He tells her is grateful to her for helping him regain his memory. Eve realizes she will miss Kevin when he leaves.

Julie told Garcia that Eve once told her about a time she had to live with an aunt because her mother was in prison. Garcia promises to track down the lead.

Gail told Joe and Karen that Scott and Lucy's bodies will be returned to Port Charles and asks their help making plans for the memorial service. Serena wakes from a nap and comes downstairs, telling Karen she had a dream that Scott had died. Karen told her that it wasn't a dream, that Scott is really dead. Serena told Joe she regrets not having given Scott her lucky ring to protect him.

As they make phone calls and plans for Scott's memorial, Karen and Joe find a picture of Scott and Serena. Karen told Joe she plans to move into the firehouse with Serena to give her some stability. Joe tells Karen he thinks it is a good idea and told her he hopes they will be able to adopt Serena after they are married.

Garcia told Julie that Eve's mother served time for the attempted murder of her boyfriend, a circus barker. He explains that both Eve and her sister once worked for the circus. They begin to believe that the circus was the event that sparked the General Homicide killings and begin to suspect that Eve may be the killer.

Victor returns to the house, obviously distraught and without any groceries. Kevin asks him what has upset him. Victor explains that he sent Lucy off to Columbia looking for him and told Kevin that he's heard a report on the radio that Scott and Lucy were killed in a plane crash.

Friday, September 25, 1998

In Port Charles, Ellen attempts to reach Kevin at the conference, hoping to break the news to him about Scott and Lucy's plane crash before he hears about it elsewhere. She told Matt she is worried about how the news will effect Kevin.

On Jasmine Island, Victor and Eve wallow in guilt over their feelings of responsibility for the crash. Kevin told them they can't believe that the crash was their fault. Victor tries to get Kevin to deal with his grief.

In Florida, Scott and Lucy awaken in a bootlegger's cave beneath the cabin. Scott explains to Lucy that the floor caved in and sent them down below the flames. They begin to look for a way out.

Courtney and Chris meet for dinner at the rib joint. Courtney tells Chris how upset she is for Karen and Serena. She told him she doesn't know how to tell Neil that Serena's father is dead. Ellen and Matt come in to the restaurant to order food to take to the firehouse for Gail and Karen. They stop to talk to Courtney, and she picks up on the tension between them and Chris. Courtney asks Chris why he destroyed the evidence Garcia found in Eve's closet. He explains that he wanted to give Eve a chance to explain it before the police found out. He tells Courtney he doesn't believe Eve could be the killer.

A thick fog shuts down the ferry service from Jasmine Island, preventing Kevin from returning to Port Charles. Victor went to bed, leaving Kevin and Eve alone. Kevin begins to grieve for Lucy. He told Eve that he never stopped missing Lucy after he broke up with her and is stunned by the thought that he will never see her again. Eve says she feels the same way about losing Scott.

Scott and Lucy take off down a passageway looking for a way out of the cave. When Scott sees a narrow tunnel he believes will be the way out, Lucy told him she is too afraid to squeeze through it. Scott convinces her that she can.

After their dinner, Courtney told Chris she wants to go home to Neil, but Chris convinces her to come back to his apartment for a martini.

At the firehouse, Matt and Ellen comfort Karen. They share their memories of Scott as a tenacious advocate and a good friend.

On Jasmine Island, Kevin and Eve also share more memories of Scott and Lucy, each growing more grief stricken as they talk. As Kevin begins to cry, Eve moves closer to him and puts her head on his shoulder.

In the tunnel, Scott realizes that his foot is stuck, and Lucy begins to panic when she realizes they might be trapped.

Friday, September 18, 1998

Today's recap was provided by L.A. Smith.

Joe told Karen again that he wants to marry her immediately. He explains that Brenda's death has had a profound effect on him, too, and he doesn't want to wait any longer to be her husband. Karen hesitates, suggesting that their wedding day should be something special and memorable. Joe points out that people place too much emphasis on the ceremony and not enough on the marriage. He told Karen he would be happy to marry her in a bowling alley. Overwhelmed by Joe's enthusiasm and sincerity, Karen agrees to elope. Courtney overhears their plans.

On Jasmine Island, Kevin's memories of the picnic become more detailed and vivid. He told Eve that he recalls hearing the baby crying. Eve suggests that some other family might have been with them on the picnic that day, but Kevin insists that he remembers his mother picking the baby up and feeding it. Kevin begins to wonder if the baby could be his younger sibling.

Held captive by the drug dealers in the Florida swamp, Scott and Lucy find themselves handcuffed together at the foot of a metal-framed bed. The shipment of drugs the dealers have been waiting for arrives, and they make plans to leave in Scott's plane, which they have quickly repaired.

Distraught over the notion that his father is still lying to him, Kevin calls Victor and leaves a message asking him to call back as soon as he can. Kevin told Eve about his fears that he cannot trust Victor.

In the drug dealers' shack, Lucy nervously shoots off her mouth about being the owner of Jax Cosmetics, knowing the Port Charles police commissioner, and Scott's reputation as an attorney. Just as the drug dealers start to figure them for big shots and plan to kill them to keep them quiet, Scott intervenes and explains that they don't want to risk adding murder to their list of crimes since Florida is a death penalty state. The drug dealers see the sense in Scott's argument and leave the shack, setting their truck on fire to prevent Scott and Lucy from having any means of escape.

Courtney approaches Karen with a bridal magazine and tries to get her to talk about the elopement plans she overheard earlier. Karen simply says that she and Joe aren't planning a big wedding. Courtney told Karen that she regrets having eloped with her ex-husband, telling her that his mother never forgave her for cheating the family out of a big wedding. Courtney's story gives Karen second thoughts about the effect her eloping with Joe will have on Mary.

Ryan reappears in the mirror and taunts Kevin with the memory of the baby. He told Kevin that he wants to help him remember everything. Much to Kevin's horror, Ryan materializes outside the mirror and sits on the couch. As Kevin tries to explain to Eve that his visions of Ryan are becoming more vivid, Victor arrives and is overwhelmed by the memories in the house. Kevin asks Victor about the baby, demands to know if it is his younger sister or brother. Victor told Kevin that the baby belonged to his lover, Marcia, but was not his. He told Kevin that Marcia was holding the baby when Kevin threw the knife that killed her.

Without mentioning her conversation with Courtney, Karen told Joe about her concerns over Mary's reaction to their elopement. She told Joe she wants family at their wedding, wants Scott to walk her down the aisle. Joe agrees to forego their elopement plans and wait for a real wedding.

As Scott and Lucy struggle with the handcuffs that have them trapped together on the bed, the truck outside blows up, throwing flames onto the shack.

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