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Port Charles Recaps: The week of September 14, 1998 on PC
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Monday, September 14, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Kristi

The show opens with Chris sitting on his couch, wearing rubber gloves, sifting through the burned remains of the shrine he found in Eve's closet. He flashes back to finding the shrine in a hidden compartment in Eve's closet. The shrine consisted of pictures from the newspaper of each of the victims, plus post-mortem photos of the victims. There are also "trophies" from each victim - Grace's keys, Dr. May's engraved comb, Jake's hospital badge (not sure what was there for Dr. Devlin - possibly a nameplate). Chris tore down the shrine and burned everything. Back to the present. Chris has an incredibly sad look on his face. He thinks that Eve is the killer. Chris has sifted out things that didn't burn - the keys, the badge, the comb. He picks up everything and is trying to figure out what to do with it. He sees an empty pizza box in the trash (personal pizza size), and takes it out. He puts the remains of the shrine in the pizza box and puts the box in a brown paper bag, along with a can of soda and an apple. He then takes the bag and leaves his apartment. During this entire scene, Chris is agitated and nervous.

Frank comes into the room with Julie and Lee. Frank thinks that Eve's disappearance means that Julie is in the clear. The jury will all think Eve's guilty. Lee dissuades them of this notion - the jury needs to see Eve caught in her own lies, or they'll never believe that she could be the guilty party. Also, Victor is testifying that day. He's going to tell them about seeing Julie kill Grace.

Frank heads over to Scott's to try and find out where Eve is. He thinks Scott is hiding her. Scott told him that he doesn't know where Eve is. Serena comes in asking about Eve. Frank talks to Serena and she told him that Eve called the night before. Scott is angry that Frank dragged Serena into it. Scott told Frank that he's glad he's not Julie's lawyer, because it's hard to defend someone you know is guilty. Frank leaves, telling Scott that when they find Eve, Scott will be tried as an accomplice.

Victor is waiting outside the courtroom. He's nervous - and is reading the biography of Kato Kaelin, so he'll know what *not* to do. Lucy is upset Kevin isn't there - he's at a conference in Rochester. Victor's testimony was moved up because Eve didn't show. Victor is very nervous and thinks they're going to make him look like a fool. Lucy can't go in to give moral support because she's also going to testify. Victor went in to testify after getting a pep talk from Lucy.

Matt and Chris are talking in the hospital - Matt had to give some medication to one of Chris's patients, Chris thanks him. Chris has the bag with him. He then says that he's surprised to see Matt there, since the trial is still going on. Matt says he wishes he could be there today, since Victor is testifying. Matt says that he's pulling a double shift because of Eve's disappearance. He then asks Chris if he's heard from her. Chris says no, and says some joking remarks. Matt is worried she might be hurt or worse. He then says, "What's the matter, concern for a friend a foreign concept for you?" Chris thinks that Eve left town because the morgue incident was too close to the way her character died in the book. Matt thinks she would have at least said something to someone at the hospital - Chris doesn't think so - Eve thought anyone could be guilty. Matt takes this opportunity to accuse Chris of covering for her. He's surprised that she didn't tell Chris. Chris then says if he hears from Eve, he'll do what's best. But for now, he's going to go eat his lunch. (I thought it was interesting that during the entire scene, Chris would make sure that the bag with the evidence was always close to him. He was subtly moving it around, making sure that Matt was never too close to it.) Chris leaves, and we see him walk into a corridor. He stops and looks around, and then takes the apple out of the bag. He throws the evidence bag into a medical waste container and walks off, eating the apple. Matt comes around the corner then, a suspicious look on his face. He went over to the container and looks in, confused.

The prosecutor questions Victor about the events the day Grace was killed. He brings Victor through everything that happened, up to when he went into a patient room that was a dressing area to use the bathroom. He was about to leave, when he heard Grace come in and start crying. Victor waited until it was quiet again, and when he opened the door, he saw someone strangling Grace. The prosecutor shows Victor the sketch that he described to the sketch artist. Lee makes a pointless objection. Victor says it was the sketch, and that was definitely a picture of Julie. Then the prosecutor pulls out a photo of Julie Devlin and compares the two. Victor says that is the person he saw strangling Grace.

Scott has called the phone company and is trying to find out where Eve called him from. They won't tell him.

Outside the courtroom, Frank is talking with Lucy. He told her that he's certain that Scott is hiding Eve. Lucy says she doesn't think so, but Frank says that Eve called Scott at the Lighthouse last night. Lucy is upset.

Garcia is talking to Matt at the police station, wondering why he was called down there (btw, I think Garcia got a haircut). Matt says because of this, and pulls out the bag Chris had thrown away (let's hope he put gloves on first before throwing it out - ewwwww. The bag is also free of any medical waste stains - yeah, right). Matt shows Garcia the evidence bag. Garcia looks in the bag and gets an "ah-ha" look on his face.

Lee cross-examines Julie and has it come out that Victor described the make-up, not the person. Lee suggests that Victor was confused because he saw so many clowns. Victor said it wasn't possible. Lee then brought up that Victor suffers from a mental hospital. Victor stresses that he is perfectly fine when he takes his medicine. Lee says that when Victor doesn't take it, he's delusional. Lee suggests that after two days of not taking his medicine Victor was confused, and that he didn't see anyone strangle Grace Sullivan. Really made Victor look like a fool - I don't know if there will be a joint Baldwin/Collins Thanksgiving this year!

Outside the courtroom, Frank is wondering what is taking so long. Lucy hopes Victor is okay, Frank says no offense, but he hopes Lee tears him apart on the stand. Victor comes out then - he's upset because Lee made him look like a fool. He knows he saw Julie strangle Grace. He wants to be alone and leaves.

Garcia asks why Matt followed Chris. Matt says that he was acting suspicious, so he followed and saw him throw the bag away. Garcia asks if that's normal. Matt says definitely not - the bags are sealed and incinerated - says it's a very smart way to get rid of evidence. Garcia then says that Matt doesn't like Chris very much. Matt's honest - and he says nothing about Chris would surprise him. "I want to see him get what he deserves."

Cut to Scott - he's gotten his private eye to find out the number. He writes it down, but before he finishes he realizes he recognizes it. 555-0115. Scott asks if he's sure, then thanks him and hangs up. Lucy knocks on the door - she walks in and wants to know where Eve is. Scott says he doesn't know. Lucy says she knows that Eve called last night - she wants to know how he can be protecting her after everything she's done to him and Serena. Scott says, "So, if I were protecting Eve, I would be a lousy guy in your book, huh?" Lucy says he would. So then Scott drops his bombshell - Eve called from Kevin's.

Tuesday, September 15

Scott and Lucy rush to the lighthouse and confront Victor about Eve's phone call. Victor swears he knows nothing about Eve being at the lighthouse and that Kevin wasn't even there--he's away at some conference that came up suddenly. Lucy and Scott are suspicious and call the conference site. They leave a message for Kevin to call home immediately. Lucy makes Victor promise to call her the minute Kevin checks in.

Meanwhile, Kevin and Eve arrive at Kevin's house on Jasmine Island. Eve expresses her gratitude and concern about Kevin being involved in harboring a fugitive. He told her not to worry, that nobody who knows him would ever think of looking for him there. Eve went to take a nap and Kevin makes an appearance at the conference. He comes home and sees a shadowy figure in the dark. Mother? he asks. Actually, it's Eve, who comforts him after Kevin told her about his past and his horrible memories of the island. Later on, Kevin calls Victor and told him that he's fine. Victor asks if he's taken Eve with him. At first Kevin denies it, but eventually admits that they are together. Victor figures out that they are at Jasmine Island after hearing the loons in the background. Kevin makes Victor promise not to tell anyone where they are--especially not Lucy or Scott. Victor starts to protest, but Kevin hangs up. Victor ponders both promises and decides to call Lucy.

Garcia takes Chris down to the station for questioning after finding the collage in Chris' closet (even though Chris had tried to paint over it). He refuses to answer any questions until he gets a lawyer--and then immediately calls Scott. After Garcia agrees to let them speak alone, Chris and Scott discuss the collage that Chris found. Why did you try to hid everything? Scott asks. You think Eve is the killer. I care about her, no matter what she's done, Chris replies.

Wednesday, September 16, 1998

Today's recap was provided by L.A. Smith.

On Jasmine Island, Kevin once again confronts his demons in the form of Ryan reflected in the mirror. Ryan taunts Kevin about his sexual repression, suggesting that Kevin has brought Eve to the island either to seduce her or to kill her. Eve interrupts the exchange between Kevin and the image of Ryan, and Kevin told her about his memories of the day Victor's mistress died on the Island. Despite the story, Eve told Kevin she feels safe with him.

Lucy meets with Victor and attempts to convince him that he has to tell her where Kevin has gone. Reluctantly, and a bit regretfully, Victor weighs the consequences of breaking his promise to Kevin and told Lucy that Kevin and Eve have gone to Florida en route to Colombia.

At GH, Karen, Matt, and Ellen discuss the ramifications of Ramsey's destruction of evidence in the General Homicide murders. They agree that Ramsey should not be allowed to return to the hospital. Ramsey appears, trades a few caustic remarks with them and went about his rounds. Ellen told Matt how strongly she feels about keeping Ramsey out of the hospital and resolves to take the matter up with Monica Quartermaine.

Eve asks Kevin about his reasons for not marrying Lucy, and he explains that he feels he must be able to trust the people close to him because his sanity depends on the truth. He admits to Eve that he misses Lucy terribly.

Lucy told Scott she knows where Kevin and Eve have gone, but refuses to tell him unless he agrees to take her along with him on his quest to bring both Eve and Kevin back to Port Charles.

Ramsey complains to Karen about the effect all the gossip around the hospital is having on him. Karen asks him bluntly if there was a shrine to the murder victims in his apartment. Arguing that Eve is not around to defend herself, Ramsey refuses to talk about it. Ellen gives Ramsey a letter from Monica Quartermaine relieving him of his duties at the hospital for two weeks so he can take care of his legal troubles. Ramsey objects, but eventually accepts his suspension.

While Eve is out of the room, Ryan appears to Kevin again, resuming his taunts about Lucy, Kevin's sexual repression, and his hostility toward women. Ryan suggests that Kevin vent his hostility on Eve, and Kevin screams at Ryan to leave. Just then, Eve returns to the room, catching Kevin off guard. Clearly upset by the hallucination, Kevin excuses himself and says he ought to put in an appearance at the conference.

In Scott's plane, bound for Boca Raton, Lucy tries to convince Scott that she really has Serena's best interests at heart, something Scott is unwilling to hear. Lucy turns the conversation to Eve, and told Scott that Victor has said she and Kevin are headed for Columbia. Scott, recognizing the implications, admits to Lucy that he may have some doubts about Eve. Suddenly, the plane begins to lose oil pressure and Scott begins looking for a place to land.

Alone in the house, Eve reflects on Kevin's memory of the murder on Jasmine Island and is startled by a noise, which turns out to be a banging screen door. Just as Eve is satisfied that she has no reason to be afraid, the lights go out. As she begins to look for candles, she hears another noise, takes up the fireplace poker and yells for the intruder to show himself. Kevin appears and says, rather ominously, "I had to come back.

Thursday, September 17, 1998

Today's recap was provided by L.A. Smith.

On Jasmine Island, Kevin confesses to Eve that he is haunted by hallucinations of Ryan and plans to stay on the island until he has exorcised his demons. Despite both their fears that digging into Kevin's past may have an adverse effect on him, Eve decides to stay and help him. Kevin struggles with his fear of discovering the truth about the day Victor's mistress died, but Eve convinces him to take his time and work out the details. Eve accidentally drops a plate, and the sound of its crashing triggers Kevin's memory that there was a baby at the picnic that day.

At GH, Karen told Joe about Brenda's death and recalls how she and Brenda struggled through adversity to become friends. Faced with the prospect of mortality, Joe and Karen swear to stay together forever. Karen told Joe that she doesn't want to waste any of the time they have together. He agrees and suggest that they elope.

Scott lands the failing plane in a small field, and just as he and Lucy realize that they've survived the landing, a man and a woman wielding machine guns appear at the windows. The armed couple, who turn out to be drug dealers, take Scott and Lucy to their shack at gunpoint. Scott and Lucy try to convince the drug dealers to let them go, but the drug dealers refuse.

Friday, September 18, 1998

Today's recap was provided by L.A. Smith.

Joe told Karen again that he wants to marry her immediately. He explains that Brenda's death has had a profound effect on him, too, and he doesn't want to wait any longer to be her husband. Karen hesitates, suggesting that their wedding day should be something special and memorable. Joe points out that people place too much emphasis on the ceremony and not enough on the marriage. He told Karen he would be happy to marry her in a bowling alley. Overwhelmed by Joe's enthusiasm and sincerity, Karen agrees to elope. Courtney overhears their plans.

On Jasmine Island, Kevin's memories of the picnic become more detailed and vivid. He told Eve that he recalls hearing the baby crying. Eve suggests that some other family might have been with them on the picnic that day, but Kevin insists that he remembers his mother picking the baby up and feeding it. Kevin begins to wonder if the baby could be his younger sibling.

Held captive by the drug dealers in the Florida swamp, Scott and Lucy find themselves handcuffed together at the foot of a metal-framed bed. The shipment of drugs the dealers have been waiting for arrives, and they make plans to leave in Scott's plane, which they have quickly repaired.

Distraught over the notion that his father is still lying to him, Kevin calls Victor and leaves a message asking him to call back as soon as he can. Kevin told Eve about his fears that he cannot trust Victor.

In the drug dealers' shack, Lucy nervously shoots off her mouth about being the owner of Jax Cosmetics, knowing the Port Charles police commissioner, and Scott's reputation as an attorney. Just as the drug dealers start to figure them for big shots and plan to kill them to keep them quiet, Scott intervenes and explains that they don't want to risk adding murder to their list of crimes since Florida is a death penalty state. The drug dealers see the sense in Scott's argument and leave the shack, setting their truck on fire to prevent Scott and Lucy from having any means of escape.

Courtney approaches Karen with a bridal magazine and tries to get her to talk about the elopement plans she overheard earlier. Karen simply says that she and Joe aren't planning a big wedding. Courtney told Karen that she regrets having eloped with her ex-husband, telling her that his mother never forgave her for cheating the family out of a big wedding. Courtney's story gives Karen second thoughts about the effect her eloping with Joe will have on Mary.

Ryan reappears in the mirror and taunts Kevin with the memory of the baby. He told Kevin that he wants to help him remember everything. Much to Kevin's horror, Ryan materializes outside the mirror and sits on the couch. As Kevin tries to explain to Eve that his visions of Ryan are becoming more vivid, Victor arrives and is overwhelmed by the memories in the house. Kevin asks Victor about the baby, demands to know if it is his younger sister or brother. Victor told Kevin that the baby belonged to his lover, Marcia, but was not his. He told Kevin that Marcia was holding the baby when Kevin threw the knife that killed her.

Without mentioning her conversation with Courtney, Karen told Joe about her concerns over Mary's reaction to their elopement. She told Joe she wants family at their wedding, wants Scott to walk her down the aisle. Joe agrees to forego their elopement plans and wait for a real wedding.

As Scott and Lucy struggle with the handcuffs that have them trapped together on the bed, the truck outside blows up, throwing flames onto the shack.

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